More details on the Covid-19 curve

John Bjarne Grover

As I showed in the previous article 'How to construct a medication against covid-19: What happened on 14 april 2020?', it is likely that there is a direct function from Hitler's death camp program (Auschwitz, Sobibor, Treblinka, Belcez, Chelmno, Majdanek) - which seems to have claimed nearly half (2.7 million) of the jewish lives during the holocaust - to the mortality of the covid-19 pandemic - depending on which country I reside in: If I be inside Austria, then the death rate goes up (to 20-30% as in France-Italy in the spring 2020, including surplus compared with annual average), if I be outside it goes down to zero. That is quite a difference. In this article I bring some further evidence.

It is very possible that Hitler's three death camps Sobibor, Treblinka, Belcez = 'Aktion Reinhardt' were constructed for the specific purpose of the postwar politics related to my official mother 'Eidsvig Ragna', as was the birthname: In Hungary (the eastern half of the 'Austria-Hungary' power-generator), there has for many years been the tradition of the socalled 'édes-anya' = 'sweet-mother' which consists in the regulation of identifying people by the birthname of the official mother, which has to be put on all official documents relating to a person. The hungarian society is otherwise not of that kind in its name structure - married women are otherwise identified as the wife of the husband's name ('Mrs.George Hansen', 'Szabó József-né) - plus the birthname of the mother. (The own name seems to be strangely uninteresting for the official identity of married women). This means that to my official identity in Hungary there will cling a certain 'death camp' aura - whether Adolf Hitler was my official mother's official uncle (Aron Eidsvig) after the war or not. The 'hardon' AIDSHIV pandemic could perhaps be indicative of the idea that 'Aron Eidsvig' is something in this story.

As I showed in the article 'Why did the global covid-19 curve decline after I left Austria?', it seems that the global coronacurve (of new infections) had been rising constantly while I remained inside the closed borders of Austria in the spring 2020 untill it suddenly flattened and started declining when I left Austria on 27 july 2020.

The global infections curve was then going down untill 9 august when it suddenly started rising again - to see a possible explanation to this renewed rise relative to my life, I tell the following details: In the weeks before I left Austria on 27 july (I think it started around 20-21 june), there had been a more intense 'stalking' than usual in the form of males (and one woman) starting the parked car motor in the moment when I walked past, or they stepped out of the car just when I passed, or they stood behind the car and stuffed things into the back room. The 'stalking' was in the sense that this was more frequent than normal and I had to notice it as apparently organized. It seems to have been mainly in the district from Zinckgasse up to Johnstrasse. If the Annaberg terror were organized in 2013 in response to my daily walks from Zinckgasse beyond Johnstrasse and down towards Penzing, normally with a tram ride back again with #49, it could have been for the formula 'Oppe på bruket' = 'Rudolf Brooke' and 'Baruck Obama' etc (the story from Annaberg even included the anti-terror group 'Cobra' using an armored vehicle which they repeatedly drove into the house for getting through the wall = 'Hussein' where the wildly shooting man Alois Huber had fortified himself with 256 or so guns). The austrian newspapers had this story on the front page for several days and showed images of 'bruket' - the now socalled 'Transport-Unternehmer' Alois Huber was then said (the newspaper 'Österreich', if I remember right) to be running a woodware firm with 3-4 employees in a nearby building (I think it was this story and not another) - they were storing and selling planks and other woodware - this 'bruket' (norw.) seems to have fallen out of the fresher accounts - the newspapers also showed photos of his basement where he stored the 250 or so guns. The reference could have been in the Johnstrasse district in Vienna as 'Bruket' - and hence the district around could be seen as described in the articles 'Cuneiform and hieroglyphs in the political construction' and 'Friedrich Delitzsch's 'Assyrisches Handwörterbuch' (1896)'. I used to walk across the Johnstrasse district and down on the other side but sometimes met a person I wondered could have been in a 'stalking' role, but maybe that could have been due to other factors. However that be, the concept in combination with the hungarian name forms could have been 'mis-bruket' = 'the ab-use', such as abuse of alcohol. It was in the summer 1977 that Ragna Grøver gave me some tablets of 'antabus' and said I should use them against pressure for drinking alcohol. I did not drink much (and my tolerance was quite low) but I was quite a few times down on the pub 'Karjolen' or the restaurant 'Bjørnen' where there were people drinking beer and talking with sometimes interesting catches which I may have been in desperate need of - I recall the artist Magne Rudjord using (that was a little later, but the principle seemed the same) the word 'spare-bluss' or the formula 'fudlemann i gadå'. This summer 1977 was also around the time when Ragna Grøver leaked the professional secrecy that one of her clients in the hospital suffered from a bloodbulb in the brain that could explode at any time - the pale young man came by for a hello where I lived and some time later I was told that he was dead - the bulb had burst. Alcohol has a similar effect on the brain. This could have been for making me accept the antabus - which I swallowed one or two of. However, if it is today registered that I was on antabus as early as 1977, the conclusion could be that I must have been rather strongly sick with alcohol abuse = 'mis-bruket'. Now if one wants to travel across Johnstrasse, there is tram 49 or bus 12A available - plus U-Bahn. (Bus 12A goes from Schmelz out to the last stop at the lost-and-found office where I repeatedly searched for my notebooks - they had moved out there some time before). If a stalker were the problem, '[h]an ta[r] bus' = 'he takes the bus', or 'anta bus' = 'accept the bus', 'choose the bus' - take the bus instead. More alarming is the phonological similarity of 'Annaberg' with 'antabus' - in particular when Annaberg is in the district of Melk (!) where the famous Benedictine monastery also is (theme of Eco's 'Name of the rose'). 'Antabus terror' will be when an alcoholic on antabus nevertheless drinks alcohol due to excessive dependency. The Annaberg terror could have been designed for plans of future stories of me as excessively alcoholic. (Such plans are not related to any reality - I do not drink alcohol and the bottles of red wine I consumed in my youth are very countable).

Did the Annaberg terror function for or against Obama? 'Hallo i Schubert' could give a sympathetic association for me since the Schubert-looking Trygve Madsen upon meeting Ragna Grøver in the early 70's - he was for afternoon coffee at my official parents - talked of the plumber who in a garden party was asked to repair the kitchen sink. This could to my young ears have sounded like a correction because of a 'trans' (cp. the socalled 'Transport-Unternehmer') condition, which of course would have given him a rising star in my esteem. (Not so long thereafter he suffered a bleeding stomach ulcer and a part of his stomach had to be removed - a hero that looked like). When Indira Gandhi was shot on Halloween, there is the additional 'hello, Wien' when I came to Vienna in 2004 and president Klestil died (fell unconscious and was pronounced dead on the following day) so to speak in the moment when I went in the doors to the Meldeamt for registering my new residential address. 'Transport-Unternehmer' could also apply to this visit of Madsen in Labråten in the early 70's - I recall that I stood in the window and watched the taxi arrive - the back door went up and Madsen's left leg was moved out and down onto the ground before he himself also appeared out of the car. If 'oppe på bruke[t]' is the story, the official parents' house could be recognized as 'bruke[t]' - cp. 'mis-bruke[t]' = 'the abuse'.

The 'car-car-car' 'stalkers' of june-july were mainly in the Rudolfsheim district up to Johnstrasse and could have been a direct offspring from Ragna Grøver's antabus of 1977, which I had to 'accept' = 'anta'. The stalking from 20-21 june onwards was too impressive - I could not easily take them since their appearance were only somewhat above average and they were too many - it seemed that each appeared only once - and if I should make claims of stalking it could look paranoid. (But everybody knows the phenomenon - if a parked car starts in the moment when you walk past it, you know if it were started with attention to you - and if this happens too often you start wondering). I speculated if they used computer analyses of my behaviour for predicting my choices - and if I turned around a corner for avoiding some people down the street, there stood one stuffing things into the back of his car. This happened not long before the travel restrictions were eased and the borders were re-opened and I could travel down to Italy on 27 july. It was on this background that I, after some happy days in Venice, was quite taken back when the same happened again when I walked along a canal in the Cannaregio district and a boat motor was started in the same way. I stopped and waited - the motor was stopped and restarted with some attention towards me - untill the owner left the boat. This was the moment when the covid-19 curve started going up again - as if 'Austria' had been briefly reinvoked. It was a singular case which could have been coincidental - but it triggered a panic in me which only slowly went down again.

The curve then went a little up but when it did not happen again, the curve went down again. But then something must have happened on the 21st of august when the global infection curve turned and went upwards once again. What was it? I could not solve the mystery untill 20 september when I called my norwegian bank who could tell me that Ragna Grøver had put 10.000 NOK into my bank account on that day 21 august. (Is that a scandal - that the norwegian society allows for such a stalker to do this once again? I have not really had a telephone since the telephone terror 1986-88 but a bank account I must have). Since the bank data have not been available to me, I could not discover it before a month had passed. (It is not impossible that this was a co-factor in the effect of the film festival).

Something seems to have happened on 6 september when the curve made a sudden temporary turn down - I have not found out of that yet.

The conclusion could be the following: On basis of the preceding articles I have published here, there seems to be little doubt that Ragna Grøver was involved in lifting the 'corona' of my skull off my head possibly for letting a masturbator send a spurt of semen on my cortex - conjecturally on 8 july 1957, 12 years 2 months and 3 weeks ('1223') after the constitutive meeting in the founding of ÖVP in 1945 - only 80 days after Auschwitz was closed.

If, as goes the theory, she also turned 'trans' for sexually abusing me in 1970-71, the year when I turned 13 and the school dentist 'Aulie' (not 'oldie' like my behind) destroyed all my healthy teeth by drilling and amalgam stuffing (into the 'back of the car'?), the combination of these two cases could perhaps be called 'corona-virus'. There are some reasons to see the pandemic develop in parallel with her role.

It is a theory that the nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were for preparing for the abuse ('mis-bruke[t]') in the year 1970-71 - in extension from Wittgenstein's box on the pupil Josef Haidbauer's ear in 1926. The question seems to remain open what happened to the student - whether he woke from the coma or not. It is well possible that his name on the form 'jose-faid-bauer' has been used for constructing the 'oppe-på-bruke[t]' phenomenon.

In short, the corona curves seem to follow aspects of my life:

1) The global curve of new infections seems to follow by abuse (assuming 'mis-bruket' evidenced by this scissored occipital lobe) of Ragna Grøver, relative to my residence inside/outside Austria. (What has Ragna Grøver to do with Austria? I dont know).

2) The global curve of new deaths seems to be a direct function from Hitler's death camp program relative to my stay inside or outside Austria.

The purpose with recognizing a quasi 'Madonna' function on Ragna Grøver could be just to connect these two functions into one - to create the false idea that the mortality is a function of my person. Which it certainly is not.

The 1940 Glomstua incident

An interesting question is whether Hitler's extermination camps index the norwegian 'national symbol' of the photo of king Håkon and crown prince Olav taking shelter under a birch tree at Glomstua in Molde during a german bombing raid of the town. (Photo by 'Per Bratland' - not 'Armando Rattolini'). Bombs were more innocent in those days. The famous photo went around the world and the tree has been sawed down (by 'rebels') and replanted a number of times. The photo was taken in late april 1940 while the king and crown prince were waiting for the ship 'Glasgow' to come to their rescue - they eventually went on board with the national gold reserves and travelled out in open sea ('rom sø') heading for London - but suddenly changed their mind and went far north to 'Tromsø' where they stayed for a few weeks, reading and relaxing, before they continued down to London. The question is whether Hitler's extermination camps (all of them established after this incident) served to index this birch tree story - with a link to the later 'cartoon of The New Yorker 8 february 1999. I myself was born in Molde 17 years after the birch tree story, probably a few hundred metres away, and I recall well my schoolclass of 'Sellanrå school' in the 1960's being for a visit to this memorial, admiring the birch tree where the king and prince had been standing.

The extermination camps were the following - see also my socalled 'ABC' - here annotated with a commentary on the theory:

Auschwitz Birkenau - if 'Auschwitz' is the 'USA-witz' of the cartoon, 'Birkenau' is the 'birch-now' ('birk' is older form of modern 'bjerk' or 'bjørk' = 'birch') - the photo of the king and prince. 'Birken-av' = 'the birch off/down'.

Sobibor - 'så by-boer' = 'saw a towns-fellow', cp. the 'saw down fell-low' of the 'birken-av'

Treblinka - the name in norwegian means a wound in the bark of a tree made by the forester for signalling to the loggers coming after him that the tree must be felled - that is 'jump-jarnegg-grover'.

Belcez (pronounced 'beu-zhets') - the 'Glasgow' ship would be throwing 'jets' of water from its 'bow' when it came 'gow-ing' to their rescue. Birke-ts?

Chelmno - the look of the 'clown' on the cartoon can in norwegian be called 'skjelm-sk' = 'Chelm-sk' in NO-rwegian = 'Chelm-no'? The word 'skjelm-sk' can be used (particularly about the eyes and glances) also about flirting - making 'kur'. 'Chelmno at Nerem' = at the river 'Nerem' is an often-used epithet - 'nerem' associates in norwegian by 'on the lower side' = 've-ne-sia', cp. the 'Piccolo' church dome in the window in the righthand side of the cartoon - as well as the 'lower' hand for the handshake.

Majdanek - the word sounds to a norwegian ear like 'mai-dagene' = 'the days of may' - that is, when the royals left with 'Glasgow' going north to Tromsø.

The conclusion to this is the obvious observation that the name of Sebastian ('Sobibor' - 'bor' = 'resides', 'stian' = 'path', cp. Kennedy's Vietnam war and Shijing #37) Kurz ('Chelm-no' etc) in combination with my name ('Treblinka') and the 'Auschwitz-Birkenau' cartoon in the context of Kurz' second government that started in early january 2020 could be seen as related to the phenomenon of the rising global coronavirus mortality curve as long as I remained inside Austria - and the rather immediate flattening and downturning of the global infection curve from the day 27 july when I left Austria. This is also on the background of the phenomenon of '1223' in the apparent relation between the foundation of the party ÖVP (leader = Kurz, currently in government) and me via John F.Kennedy 1957.

Of course I should not live in Austria under such conditions. I hope the world can help me find another solution.


The data seem to suggest that even Hitler's death camps could have been organized with a specific view to my role and 'birth' (cp. 'birk') in 1957 - the 'birth-now' with '1223'. I have concluded that this role is called 'PTRSIM PIK'. There seem to have been some PTRSIM PIKs throughout recent centuries - I have suggested that Wittgenstein and Rimbaud could have been such PIKs, and more recently I have found that also Tschaikowsky could have been - to US democrat president James Knox Polk: Pjotr = PTR, Ilyich = SIM, Tschaikowsky = PIK[e].

As soon as one looks a little at Tschaikowsky's bio, the story comes up in the back of the head (near the wavelength of Radio Free Service) about Tschaikowsky's problems with being a peeper (wasnt this also a comment by Ragna Grøver?) - one sees in the inner mind the footsteps in the rosebed and the squeeking door ajar - it is not very closed but stunning sounds make it necessary to check if somebody needs help etc. Is it Peter with the neighbour woman? However, having listened a little to the propaganda station, it soon dawns to the listener that it sounds like themes spun on the name of US democrat president James Knox Polk - the Fort Knox flat, the Knux Pulk and all those. It is said that Tschaikowsky was homo, like Kavafis, but this is likely to be variants on the same theme - services making power by such intrigues on people's love relations. Tschaikovsky wrote a polka for children. Polka is a czech dance based on half-steps. Tschaikowsky was officially born in Votkinsk, cp. Polk Knox, but one could speculate that he was born in USA and transported to Russia later. His father was an iron magnate, like Wittgenstein's father was a steel magnate. [25 sep: My own official father could perhaps be called an 'irony magnate'].

With PTRSIM PIKs in Russia, France, Austria, Norway - why Norway? One could fancy that a socalled 'goodenough reason' (if that can exist) for such a tradition could be in the need for solving certain problems in the global cultural space needed for the development of the new logic of the collective consciousness. Is France significant of 'triangular' problems? What is Norway significant of? Is it that they 'grab the opportunity' - including the top of a newborn's skull with a nearby masturbator?

Could be the problem of the culture - if it be of that type - can be seen today - when there should have been a blossoming culture in arts and sciences - and there is monkey business everywhere. If the cause of this 'problem for the development of a logic for a collective consciousness' is in the project on my person as PTRSIM PIK, the overall program would be the apparently very paradoxical one that support and sympathies are flushing to the norwegians untill they stop grabbing the opportunity - and as soon as they stop grabbing the opportunity, the sympathies will cool down. Will they ever learn? They must change their deepest inclinations, that could mean.

Is every Hollywood film a plagiarism of some of my works? If the norwegian state formation in 1814 is the issue, the role of a state is to slam the fist in the table and say: 'Now we cannot agree to more international abuse of one of our citizens - we have to say that enough is enough'. What else should the state (formed in 1814) be for?

Why do they not slam the fist in the table? Because of massive international pressure? The pressure is perhaps not massive - it is probably even so small that it nearly looks the opposite - it could look as if the world supports the wrong way including abuse of my work.

But this is for reaching the goal - that people do not grab the opportunity. If the state slams the fist in the table with an 'enough is enough grabbing, now we must pay a compensation for telling the world that there must be an end to the abuse', then there may be hopes for the logic of the new millenium. But if this project fails, if in the last analysis people still grab the opportunity - are there signs of an 'Endlösung'? (There is this idea of a 'Wannsee' rising from an exploding gas field in the North Sea - high enough to cross over 'Finse' - not 'Wannsee' - and down towards Oslo). I did notice the royal massacre of Nepal soon after the british visit to Norway. This could look like an 'Endlösung' - not in Norway, though, but on the other side.

This english-norwegian link could have its origins in one single linguistic connection called 'love-me' = 'Lamme[t]' = 'the Lamb'. The Beirut bomb could be an example - if the teapot-banknote pair releases the banknote in Brooke's 'an old song's lady, a fool in fancy dress', the conclusion could be that the Beirut bomb serves to be a 'love-me' bomb (same as a 'sex-bomb'?), a 'Lamme[t]' = 'the Lamb' bomb - a paradox that has public appeal in the sense of calling forth sympathies for the terror. It may be that this problem cannot be solved by normal accusations - but that it is tentatively solved in a chinese way by the name-transcription-change (pinyin) of Peking into Beijing - that is, what is 'lone done', as in the toilet. The problem would furthermore be tentatively solved by claims of existence of socalled 'is-lamb-ic terrorism' - telling that it is the lamb which is the terrorism.

All this seems to boil down to the single english-norwegian word-pair 'love-me' = 'Lamme[t]', as in the 'revelation of Knock'. Since this is a phonological pair in a probably ethnologic parametre, postulated to be 'the same', one could expect a parallel to this political form not only in semiotics but also in immunology. The reason why terrorism takes pleasure or comfort in this is, though, probably that it functions as 'sameness' in the physics and not in the metaphysics and thereby rather serves the function of plugging attacks from bad conscience - more than functioning as a stop for virus multiplication. Briefly, you cannot stop a virus epidemic with bombs, but you can perhaps scare ghosts away therewith.

More specificly, my function-14 has shown that a phonological logic probably exists in human language, and my fundamental theorem ('2 and only 2 items can be considered the same across different realities') has shown that a new science can be established on the metaphysical realm - it models the formation of the human reality (its psyche) from the metaphysical - with corollaries on how the metaphysics can be explored in the reverse direction. The socalled 'british error' - which can be seen as evidenced in the role of anglophony for the power-generator of the Burgenland border - consists in a naive modelling of the metaphysics by 'reversal' of this: When 'love-me' and 'Lamme[t]' are considered 'the same', when these are annihilated by terror, the idea seems to be that this gives rise to metaphysical authority (probably recognized as 'majesty') - while in actual fact the effect is probably simple suppressive scare by destruction. It may be that this 'wrong way' is taken into the field and philosophy of 'security' which sometimes or often is given a negative taint: If it were the publication of my article 'The metaphysics' that caused the burglary of the house some days later, it could be that the perpetrators would have tried to call it 'security' - which then would mean that there was something valuable to burglar by intrusion. Likewise, the destruction of the jewish culture in the holocaust could have been simply because it was something valuable. The slogan for the making of the state of Norway in 1814 was 'united and loyal untill Dovre falls': 'Dovre' is the mountainous region on the border to Sweden and it could be that it was the phonological similarity with the white cliffs of Dover that was the idea with the slogan. It would have been the same as for the 'love-me' / 'Lamme[t]' pair of phonological 'near-sameness'.

This means that a 'good reason' for a PTRSIM PIK function on Norway (i.e., apparently my person) could consist in making a buffer against abusive use of surveillance data - for which it is particularly easy to grab the opportunity. If the collective consciousness is supposed to be interpreted in a healthy new logic, it is absolutely necessary that the opportunity to abuse surveillance data be not grabbed - and this could be the 'good reason' for a PTRSIM PIK function. The reason is that subjective integrity is the only workable truth metric for the collective consciousness, and the conscience needed for this cannot be annihilated by a magic wand, however much terror is used. However, since this mixes with the two important factors in a progressive development of new knowledge - the phonological logic and the fundamental theorem - in such a way that the logic goes wrong way, the net result could be that it could look like a 'good reason' to enhance the abusive factor in surveillance - that is, increasing the opportunity-grabbing instead of reducing it.

This is what appears to be the problem of administration increasing its power by way of attacks on people's love-relations, including their love for their work, by way of surveillance (which facilititates opportunity-grabbing). It is not impossible that this was the plan for my role as PTRSIM PIK.

Love is not the same as 2 perversities plus 1 genocide.

These aspects could be part of the reason why Peking now is Beijing and is accused of this and that, and why islambic terrorism is considered a problem.

Conclusion: After I left Austria in late july, the mortality of the covid-19 has sunk from 20% or so to nearly zero and can now be considered a normal flue. Only 1% of those who are sick reach a serious condition, 99% have only mild symptoms. It is probable that all restrictions can be lifted and the world return to normal life - if only I get the chance to remain outside Austria. It may have been the plans of those who organize the progress of the 'world drama' that I should live in Austria and the world should go through big scenarios of burning cities, people on the run, terrible epidemics and catastrophes. But those plans - cp. Glomstua and Hitler's extermination program - are not good. Why not make other plans instead? If I find difficulties with settling in e.g. Italy, not the least because my meagre economic resources could have been made intentionally low by the 'planners' because that would make it difficult for me to live anywhere else than in Zinckgasse in Vienna, it may be that some 'intelligence chief' could come to utter the opinion that 'Mr.Grover here? No he shall live in Austria' - because that was part of the plan they have been installing for a long time - a plan which also could come to lead to more influential services and control to the intelligences. But this is not likely to be in line with the wishes of the people - and sensible rationality generally.

24 september 2020: On the theme of the reason for PTRSIM PIK in the problem of 'grabbing of opportunity', it is likely that a social transistor for the global collective consciousness (my blue metre) can be made in poetic-phonological logic from a semiotic form that combines a 'genetic' (immunological) form with a 'political' form - balancing, say, on the border between 'generativism' and 'structuralism'. But it is well possible that for such a social transistor to function and be workable, it is absolutely necessary that people in the global collective consciousness do not 'grab the opportunity' (Norway - me as PTRSIM PIK) or keep up an honour code of similar format (France - Rimbaud as PTRSIM PIK). This phenomenon could be the reason for the PTRSIM PIKs.

What is it to grab the opportunity? A man comes with a wooden leg - you can become the center of everybody's admiration if you ridicule him well - 'ah, so even you had to give in (= 'fire' = '4') to the pressure' - and everybody laughed, it was such a success, and the joker was the star of the party, at least for a while. A workable social transistor will not function as long as the societies allow for such quick success-making. If the child goes through 8 critical phases in its development up to 18 years of age, those will be just when it is possible for the caretakers to 'grab the opportunity' and harvest much success without being 'taken' for it (the society will accept it as the caretakers' justified career property - and that is why it is a critical phase) - while if they do not grab that opportunity, the child will pass through the crisis intact and make this progress on its own. Children who grow up under such caretakers tend to be losers - and the society will say that they have only themselves to blame. The caretakers will defend themselves with the slogan that 'this is what business is about'. The evidence I have is in the scissored lower righthand lobe while the skull is intact - it means that my official caretakers must have opened my head in the early days of my life and scissored a little off my brain - but the official mother is still on the loose and has not yet been arrested by the police. This could be evidence that Norway has such a cultural problem.

Could be the political strategy of the Kennedys is to tease the people with just this cultural aspect - that it is better to have a Brundtland as chief of the doctorate WHO than Mr.Grover having his doctorate degree - that should justify a coup of the degree - and the people and their culture is duped when they accept it. Of course if they have such 'common social achievements' as their aspiration, they will do much better with not accepting it. That is the 'challenge' of the Kennedys - and they seem to drill people around (with borrowed feathers?) untill they have understood the point: That is when the people understand that, ah, the Kennedys were right after all - of course we must change our deepest inclinations, otherwise the social transistor cannot be constructed. This apparent political function of the Kennedys does, though, match the virus medication suggestion of mine (my suggestion for how to construct a medication against virus generally, covid-19 especially) since the political form resembles the immunological form in such a way that these can go together in a semiotic form that can be assigned a truth value. But this politics clearly will have a primarily heuristic value - as soon as one has understood the point, it is better to accept the theory arising therefrom than to dupe the discoverer (me) with yet another 'Arnuldo' trick for wrestling the reward for this out of my hands for winning yet another glamorous election.

A study in 'International journal of infectuous diseases' vol.88 nov.2019 pp.127-134 tells that in Italy in the four years 2013/14-2016/17 there were an average of 5.290.000 cases of ordinary flue (ILI = influenza-like illness) and 68.000 deaths attributable to flue epidemics - that is a death rate of one fourth of 1.29% - which is about the current death rate of covid-19 in Italy - a death rate that has been sinking constantly since april. The current death rate of covid-19 on a global scale (that includes the countries where it is still progressing) is now about 1,8% (number of deaths per day divided with number of new infections per day) and it is falling every day and will soon reach the level of flue in Italy. My view is that the simple reason for this constant decline in death rate is because I have been out of Austria since 27 july. If I should go back to Austria the death rate is likely to rise again - for reasons described above. Could the world please help me with a place to live outside Austria - in such a way that I am maximally invulnerable to new intrigues from those who wanted the coronavirus epidemic as a political resource? The newspapers write that the coronavirus now shows an explosive development in France and the panic is rising and will soon be gallopping - but among the 356.144 currently active cases (according to today's only 951 are considered 'serious or critical condition', the other 355.193 have only 'mild symptoms' (a little fever perhaps). These numbers are (rounded off to) 100% mild condition and 0% serious or critical condition. To continue with lockdown and 14-days quarantine is then madness - it would be only for reaching certain political goals spurred by panic due to a 'diffuse threat'. Is it me ('jewish genetics' = 'diffuse threat'?) they have in mind? In Israel the percentage is 99% mild condition and 1% serious or critical - but they are in the midst of a very expensive 3-week lockdown. Clearly that has to be 'political'. Could be the general strike in Israel concerns something else, though?


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