Friedrich Delitzsch's
'Assyrisches Handwörterbuch' (1896)

John Bjarne Grover

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It happened one day I sat leafing in F.Delitzsch "Assyrisches Handwörterbuch" (1896) that I came across the assyrian form for the BAL.RI.AN: According to Delitzsch's book, BAL.RI is the same as assyrian 'ebirti/ebirtu' which means 'das jenseitige Ufer eines Flusses' - and 'AN' = Himmel. No sooner had I seen this variant and the relevance of it for the name of who made the exhibitionin Bergen I discussed in my PhD dissertation 'A waist of time', I had to wonder whether there could be any links to the present streetname complex of Vienna discussed in the article 'Rudolfsheim' - in which case, if that should happen to be the case, it is very possible that there could be no other conclusion to be drawn from that than the idea that the book of Delitzsch has a very special role to play in the history.

I had bought the book in a bookshop in London in 1997 or 1998, as far as I remember it was not far from British Museum - could be I bought it at that LUZAC Booksellers who also had been involved in the publication of the book in 1896 - as tells the first inside (title) page - here in larger detail the three publisher names in the lower part of the title page:

'LUZAC' backwards could clearly be that CATULL who sings his hymns to HYMEN - and that could have been just a reason why the book could have been assigned a role in the mythological history.

reads backwards

'TIRSDAG' = 'Dienstag' - TIRG-STA?
OCA CAZUL - could associate with the idea of Rome 1983?

I computed further on from other aspects of the myhological structure - the idea that my two official sisters should be systematically connected mythologically with the deaths of Mao (1976) and Indira Gandhi (1984) - that the origin of this idea of a link between the sisters and these high-level deaths could perhaps come even from this book. I tried to find out of LUZAC whether it had any interesting cuneiform connotations on background of this 'assyrian' idea of BAL.RI: LÚ.ZAH is a LÚ = in cuneiform plus a ZAH = = AxHA = the sign A = = water = with the HA = inside, 2 * 2 verticals plus one big, and this HA can be pronounced 'kua' which means 'fish'. In norwegian, 'kua' = 'the cow'. Hence 'fish in the water' = 'water in the cow', and the cow has 4 bellies = 4 big wedges = = 4 * 20 = 80 = publication year 1896 + 80 = 1976, the year of the death of Mao. I have here considered the numeral value of the big wedge to be '20' - while glossaries normally consider it '10'. Why? Is there a link to the norwegian concept 'snes' which means '20 eggs'? The word is used only for this count of eggs and for nothing else. Like 'tylft' means '12 logs of timber'. French has a similar role for '20' - as in this 'quatre-vingt' = '80'. Without this assumption of the meaning of '4 bellies' of the cow, the year 1976 is not reached by this computation.

The sign ZÁH = HA.A = = kuar, kuara, sah6, saha6, záh, záha can be transformed to ZÀH = AxHA = = sah7, saha7, zàh, zàha, zàhe if one of the vertical wedges is moved backwards - hence V-backe = Grøver?

The norwegian pop group AHA was launched with their big hit 'Take on me, take me on' - which arguably resembles this movement of the mid element a little.

But this was only the ZAH - there is the LÚ = before it: 3 horizontals to the left = = eš16, 2 horizontals plus 3 verticals across the lower one = = sa, ša10, plus 2 horizontals on top = = HAL, didli, man, min5. Hence if one reads eš16 = 'es16' as 'cina' in handwriting, and ša10 = sa10 as 'sa io' = 'sa jo', and finally 'man' as 'Mao', the LÚ = goes ChINA SA JO MAO = 'but China said Mao'. Grøver/'Mengele' spent a year educating in social medicine at Harlem's institute 'SAO' in Oslo in the late 60's (1968 or 1969). It is true - China said Mao. And when this code is written in cuneiform = KILE-skrift = TICKLE-script, the LÚ plus following ZAH = LUZAH told that it was V-backe Grøver who tickled Mao in China - because China had told her to, so to speak.

Hence the rebus tells Vibeke Grøver 1976 as an 'interpretation' of LUZAC bookseller who published the book in 1896. This could make sense, if the book is sufficiently important for the history - and it could explain why the idea of my elder sister should have been associated with the death of Mao in 1976. (It was not long after Grøver/'Mengele' had been to SAO that Mao invited Nixon for a visit to China - a sensation in those days - and probably exchange of info could have been on the agenda).

Sister = sumerian 'nin', elder sister = 'nin-gal'. When Vibeke returned on ferry voyage from Aberdeen in 1976, she brought with her 'Nick' who was reading the diaries of Anais Nin. NIN = , GAL = ('Gal' is norwegian for 'wrong'). 'Ana' = AN = , 'is' = GISh = . Which means that if you push the 'Ana' into the 'is', between the two horizontals, there is only one superfluous vertical wedge that makes it differ from 'gal'.

The conclusion is that Mao died in 1976 and such patterns as this could then have been planned since long to match the name of my elder sister - but since clearly one could not plan in advance that she would take the job, it only means that Mao died as the west could have planned and her name is associated with some patterns. (But I dont know whether these things really are active in politics - it is only things I have found, could be somewhat coincidentally).

Now for the question whether this book by F.Delitzsch and the 'significations' in the beginning of it is more than just a coincidence.

My letter to Dora Deliyska

It was in 2013 that I bought a record with Dora Deliyska playing Schubert's Impromptus and some other things. The 'Gramola' music publishers and record sellers in Graben in central Vienna had published it and ran an ad for it in their shopwindow - a video of Deliyska playing on a grand piano. I was puzzled by the apparent difference between this video and the photos in the CD - some of which resembled vaguely another person I knew. I was quite impressed by her recording but wondered why she apparently was so shy with pressing the keys down - dont be so timid, I thought (that was before I had heard her authoritative Liszt and Chopin), and I sent her an email with thanks for her recording, being convinced that it was no 'service computer' who played. (I wrote the article on 'anomalistic esthetism' wherein I mentioned her playing as well - and I do find her 'space beyond space' phenomenon convincing for the question whether it is a human or a machine - I dont think a computer could make that 'archetypal' effect). A couple of days later I was out for an afternoon walk - I used to go up to the church and down towards Penzing on the left of the church and the Johnstrasse hill - when suddenly a woman sprang untimidly out from some bushes and asked me if I knew where Kardinal Rauscher Platz 4 was. I did not, said I, and she went on - and I was left there with (and I had no explantion to it myself) my index finger pointing slantingly up in the air - for whatever reason. (Could be Kardinal Rauscher and his Platz would have been up there somewhere?) It was later that I understood that the address was just the place where we were standing. From her similarity with the photos on the record or was it in the shopwindow, I guessed that it, by more or less sheer coincidence, could have been Dora Deliyska herself who had asked me. The former Elisabet Spital on the lefthand side was either then just in the process of being pulled down - if that was not little later - and the new giant Pflegeheim was built in its place - with some strange 'offsprings' up on the wall where she had turned and look at me standing there with my index finger upwards. Some days later, or was it already the next day, there were the news that dominated the newspaper front pages for several days of the 'Wilderer' who went amok in Annaberg in Melk in Austria - his name was Alois Huber and he had shot a number of police and a sanitarian worker in the shootout - including himself after he had locked himself into the basement room, poured petrol on and around himself and put fire to it before he shot himself and the body burnt to unrecognition. That was just before the antiterror group COBRA managed to bang themselves through his housewall with a PANZER Wagen - I noticed this since the person who had administered to me my residence flat since 2009 was named just 'Panzer'. The news told that the 'Wilderer' called Alois Huber had hidden hundreds of more or less illegal guns in his basement and he used to shoot wild animals in the forest with them. The parliament held a one minute's silence to honor the fallen police - it was said to be the heaviest loss of police in such an action since WWII.

Now the main reason for asking whether there was a connection here was perhaps in the 'hello in Schubert' on Kardinal Rauscher Platz 4 - and I had to wonder whether the person I had spoken with really was Deliyska or if it were just one as similar to her as Alois Huber's name was to the story. And perhaps one could speculate whether it really was Huber himself who had gone amok - or if it were only a 'similar' terrorist who then allegedly shot and burnt himself in the basement while the COBRAs were occupied with banging themselves through his housewall.

Put differently - was this to say that it was all about 'the door to Delitzscha' - the opening pages to the book of F.Delitzsch? The title page with the LUZAC and so forth? If so, did the parliament even mark the event to tell that it was about a catastrophe without comparables since WWII?

There was also the story with the 'rippings' of the garbage bags in Szolnok - a sort of 'jack the rippings' on the 'loo-sacks'?

But there exists another interpretation of this story which is not so appealing - and that is the idea that the story from Annaberg was outright terror for making an efficient divide-and-conquer between me and a person whose field of interest presumably is neither in politics nor in terror but simply esthetics and the arts in general - and then it would have been of much value for me to find that my letter had reached her and had been taken and understood seriously. I want to communicate with the world about arts, poetry, music - not think in terms of the world of politics, security, terror. The terror could in principle have had that simple function - to go inbetween on that field of interest of mine for turning it into a resource for unconstitutional power for the 'services' of whatever kind to serve to the government and other politicians who could be interested. The effect of such a 'divide-and-conquer' on my personal and professional life would then have been maximized drastically by the effect of the LUZAC in reference to my elder official sister. The socalled 'Wilderer' in Annaberg - was that about an 'elderer' sister?

The Johnstrasse complex

I have formerly pointed to the potential role of the three streets Wurmsergasse, Gstaltmeyrgasse and Selzergasse at Johnstrasse to represent the three chemical components of 1) (incombustible) sulphur, 2) mercury and 3) salt that are assumed to constitute the 'lapis philosophorum'. These three streets are the three corners of a rectangle the fourth side of which is Hütteldorferstrasse that runs from Hauptbibliothek across Johnstrasse nearly up to Hütteldorf - it is a quite long road. I have pointed to a potential significance in the shopname of Juwelier Neuwirth shop at Johnstrasse to the streetnames going from Johnstrasse down to Neubaugürtel - but that was before I discovered some more significant references to the beginning of Delitzsch's book in that same area - and then Juwelier Neuwirth looks like a drop in the ocean only. On the back page to the title page of the book there is the single line

It was via this line and the shop next to Neuwirth that I 'cracked the code', if that is what I have done: If 'vorbehalten' is the Juwelier, the shop next to it is 'Eissalon Isabelle' - an ice cream seller. It was via Bergman's film 'Smultronstället', norwegian 'Jordbærstedet' ('Strawberry Place/Field'), that I discovered the possible reference to 'is a belt and a helm' - Bergman's film opens with a strong bell sound and the old man with quasi 'grand danois' - which also could be contained in China's 'Belt and Road' initiative. Beatles has a 'Strawberry Fields' and it can be argued that the french actress 'Hüppert Isabelle' has a name which invokes associations to the 'Hüttel-dorfer'-Strasse. In short, this could be the 'Übersetzung' = 'Y-bers-setzung' = 'Jord-bærs-stedet' - that is, about the helm and the place. Maybe austrians cannot avoid the notice of the tragic story of the 'Eisbaronin' (= 'insbesondere'?) who dominated the news some years ago. Next, after the Eissalon, there is the 'Bäckerei Konditorei Yildiz', and one thinks of the 'Wilderer', followed by 'Blanka' or is it 'Blonko' Änderungsschneiderei: Norwegian 'blomkål-øre' = 'cauliflower-ear' is that special sort of deformation of the outer ear which pugilists can suffer from after having received enough of 'Alle Rechte'. 'Löhrgasse' is between Neubaugürtel and Pelzgasse-Zinckgasse. (At Seiersten school 1971-73, I had a gym teacher called 'Rikheim' - as far as I remember, he had an outer ear which perhaps could resemble somethink like a 'blomkål-øre').

Leafing over to the title page itself, there is this publisher triad of Leipzig-Baltimore-London referred to above. Leipz-ig = Pelz-ig? Next to Blanka/Blonko there is 'sem's kitchen - burger & schnitzel', at least the 'kitchen' is as anglophonic as the bookseller (on Caravaggio's '7 works of mercy', there is a big 'Uncle Sam' to the left), and next to this is 'Palmers' (bras, underwear), a name which resembles 'Baltimore', followed by C((o))ngar handy (teleshop) - the 'bulls eye' of the ((o)) could associate with the Hinrichs'sche Buchhandlung. Finally, 'Germania Apotheke' would then be the name of 'Dr.Friedrich Delitzsch' himself:

And then, with this apothecary, we have reached Johnstrasse. There is the U-Bahn and the shopping centre with many shops inside including a Conrad Elektronik which has its facade and entrance out into Hütteldorferstrasse - on the corner to Wurmserstrasse.

Beyond 'Dr.Friedrich Delitzsch' there is the word 'von', and I once had a neighbour who was a wellselling author called 'Jan Deberitz'. The logo 'hB' right under the author name - would that be the HP Computer? The pop group 'AHA' also seems to spell it 'AhA' or sth like that. The abbreviation 'hB' is probably for 'Hinrichs'sche Buchhandlung':

In front of the 'door' or beginning of the book, by its title page, there is the inside rough paper glued to the cover cardboard - there is the signature to the once owner of this book "E.Stefana Drower, Baghdad 1938" - and I speculate whether 1) this is the reason why browsers are called so and 2) whether my name 'John Bjarne Grover' is supposed to mean the 'One And Only' who has this book in his possession. The antiquarian has added the annotation with pencil "from the library of Margaret Drower". (I notice also the film 'Australia' about a 'drover'). £30 it tells, probably what I paid for it in 1997. And then in the upper left of the same page with pencil 'Roerick' under a cross. On the same place on the back cover, in the other end of the book, the underlined annotation 'idranu' - which could mean 'I leave now' as well as 'hydro no' = 'some hydro' - that could mean the moment when the chemicals are injected and the soul immediately withdraws under the pressure of this 'total power'.

'Roerick' = 'rör ikke' = 'dont touch', 'noli me tangere' = 'the needle with the tongs'. Could be the 'political' project behind all this - and I notice the possible symbolism when 'Nin Ana-is' is turned into 'nin-gal' by pushing the horizontal wedges of 'ana' into the 'is' - as with the thumb of 'Pressburg'. Roerick + idranu = 'Y-ber[s]-setzung'? The cover to the book is brown like some sorts of 'bers' = 'excrements'. (It is now just 18 years since Erik Berstad, whose tenancy flat I had just rented before I went to London in 1997, was involved in the forced hospitalization of me - in norwegian that could be called 'la in en').

Finally, on the inside of the cover cardboard itself, in the lower lefthand corner, the label attached by the antiquariat or original bookseller onto this brown cover stuff:

Finally, the front page is this:

The question is then whether these mysteries are supposed to be recognized as the 'lapis philosophorum' in the triangle with the streetnames.

But what about the other way - down from the Johnstrasse hill ('fool on the hill'?) - from Juwelier Neuwirth down towards the centre of the town - do the shops follow the text of this book? I will not make any attempts to reach a detailed study or comparison of this here - only be content with mentioning a few telling cases in the beginning. Could be many would discard the idea of such a parallelism with the book as nonsense - while others will say that there is a clear correspondence.

Next to the Juwelier (on the other side of the 'Eissalon') there is the 'Barber House' which then should correspond to the 'Vorwort' of the book - Barber = Vorwort, okay. Click here for the first page of the preface, and click here for the second page. The preface then starts with the line 'Das vorliegende Werk hat viel Arbeit gekostet': Next to the 'Barber House' there is an e-smoke seller - selling electronic cigarettes - which could be about 'diese[r] Spuk' = 'Dieses Buch' = 'Das vorliegende Werk'. Next there follows a 'Restaurant Meisel' = 'hat viel Arbeit' followed by 'BAWAG Post Bank' = 'gekostet'. The next sentence in the Vorwort of the book starts 'Das Kollationieren des ganzen grossen Londoner Inschriftenwerkes, das Kopieren...': After the bank there follows 'Mode Aktuell' = 'Das Kollationieren', next 'Massmöbel P.MAX' (a sort of 'd.Max' = 'climax'?) = 'des ganzen großen Londoner Inschriftenwerkes', followed by something called 'Wollinsel' - probably the name of a former wool article seller, now the premises are apparently used by a shop selling auto equipment (water for cleaning front window etc) and 'N.B.C. Handy World (callcenter)' = 'das kopieren einer weiteren Menge'. But here there are shops also on the other side of the street - and although it is possible to find links, it is not so easy to point to a parallelism with certainty. 'Babylonisch-assyrisch' could be 'BIPA' on the one side of the street or it could be 'Bandagist Podolsky' on the other. I will not make any claims on this - nor on the idea whether the rest of the Vorwort follows tram #49 'Hütteldorf' down to the Parliament, but I refer the reader to the preface text itself. The 'Vorwort' is signed 'Breslau am 12.Mai 1896, Friedrich Delitzsch'. Ragna Grøver was born on 12 may 1929, Nelly Sachs died on 12 may 1970. Immediately after the Vorwort there follows 'Zum Verständniss der Citate' - 9 pages with source references. If it is right that the crash on Wall Street in 1929 started with the first uncertainties not long after 12 may 1929, the depression which lasted onto 1933 could have meant this 'Zum Verständniss der Citate'?

All this is but a theory of mine - it is not much more worth than what I have reported here and the reader can evaluate on own basis - and it could even have the slightly gloomy corollary that the imitation of the book of Delitzsch could be an intended imitation of conditions that could have led up to the formation of Hitler's government in Germany in 1933. I dont know if that be the case.

But why the 'homo' parametre? - Entelechies and pitfalls

But even if all this should be the case - why should there be the 'homo' parametre? I do not have the overview of this logic at all - but can present some ideas that could be of some value for understanding the complex.

The 'indian' - the illustration on the cover to my 'Stillhetens åndedrag' (2016) - is a case of aristotelian entelechy: I rubbed the 'transcendent' speck of dirt off the bathtub enamel and smeared it out over a microscope glass and it showed a series of meaningful images (see under 'graphics'). One of these was 'The Joyce of reading'. I left it there and it dried up and crystallized and much of it fell off - and the indian is the remains of the 'The Joyce of reading' mirrored (and here colourturned). It is massively 'meaningful' - but would you say that it is coincidental? If it is meaningful beyond coincidence, one can say that aristotelian entelechies have guided the crystallization and fall-offs. There is an inherent human logic and meaningfulness in it which allows for turnings 90, 180 and 270 degrees as well. Here are some interesting observations which are telling of the egyptian hieroglyph called 'forearm' - supposed to be a pharyngeal articulation - in order to explain certain connections between nazi 'homo' philosophy and the phenomenon of HYMEN:

A study of the two diamond shapes and the two forearms and two christian crosses shows the impressive symmetries and crystal forms that can be obtained if one assumes that the anus can be conceived as a stigma - that will be 'homo' philosophy which makes it possible to turn the indian 90 degrees and there - voila! - is the young female spreading her legs out for Quisling to enter into his study of the HYMEN - on the hungarian border:

The two diamond shapes are built on the idea that there exists a 'homo' stigma that can develop as a darker circle about the size of a 10-20 cent coin right under the sternum. It means that the body is turned around and that the sternum is the turned-around spine - under which there is the normal anus. On the indian that will be the lower circle - and there will be a corresponding circle right under the sternum of the mid character of the white philosopher's stone if the head of the indian is taken to be the head of that stone:

That is the uppermost 'stigma' on the indian. With these two turned-around 'anuses' included, you can fold around the lines which intersect where the legs of the young female unfold - consider it her knees or maybe the mid of her femur (in which case the 'folding' gets more abstract). Her lefthand knee folds around the uppermost line, that which follows the 'scalp' of the indian, her righthand folds along the lower line. With this latter folding, the lower 'anus' folds up to the shoulder of the indian - to create correlates to the real stigma point on his hand and the corresponding 'anus' on his cheek. By this, the 'shoulder' foldover stigma will become the foot stigma of the bigger cross. Two diamond shapes arise by this - pointing in opposite directions - both containing isomorphic christian crosses. The lower and smaller one will also contain most of the upper and lower arm and hand of the egyptian hieroglyph called 'forearm' (denoting a pharyngeal articulation) - the diamond shape intersects just on the hand stigma point. If one draws a line between the upper and the shoulder stigmas, it will go in parallel with the main big diamond line - and joining two right angles to it for a rectangular box leaves a 'formalized' forearm shape going the opposite way - here in pink compared with the green normal arm:

A reason why one can recognize this formalized 'forearm' is that there is in fact a small stigma point on the figure corresponding to the stigma point of the normal arm.

Notice that there is also a white spot on the cheek of the indian.

Now the net result of all this is that one gets very symmetric and 'cognitively' transparent and 'meaningful' forms if one postulates 'homo' stigmas - that is to be 'analytical'. There will be one forearm forwards and one formalized forearm backwards - and it is when it is something backwards that there occurs this 'anus' under the sternum.

The whole thing is rooted in the foldout or foldin of the legs of the young female - and it is this which makes it possible for 'Quisling' to come to the study of her HYMEN - which seems to be the essential concept for the nazi philosophy and government.

There is the simple forearm of the mid character on the white stone. If one assumes that these two anus 'stigmas' are not counted, then the whole structure turns out very different: While the anus stigmas create one natural forearm and one formalized one, with foldover of the violin snailhouse to reach the pharyngeal region, and thereby creating an 'identity' of the HYMEN with the eardrum, the omission of the 'anus stigma' will leave two forearms in the same forwards direction: The one of the mid character on the white stone and the one of the indian. That is one small and one big - and it is rather by these means that one can postulate a human linguistic competence based on the capacity to evaluate a metaphysical distribution as the same as an ontologically real one. That is how heterosexuality is transcendent while homo is immanent. It is to go in the trap to believe that the homo solution is right - however much human 'rationality' could suggest that it is the optimal way of understanding.

The fundamental theorem of linguistics tells that the innate human linguistic competence is the same as the ability to recognize a metaphysical distribution (among angels or whatever) as the same as an ontologically or epistemologically real distribution - and to incorporate this identity among distributions into the linguistic reality in such a way that it makes it possible for humans to navigate through history without crashing into tough metaphysical redundancies. Two and only two words in a corpus is then an imitation of the metaphysical distribution being the same as the historically real distribution. This recognition of sameness in distribution is what lends to humans (or vice versa) the capacity of psychological expectancy - and it can be said to be a part of the essential definition of the human psyche. My white metre suggests that the faith (which is metaphysical knowledge) is 'hetero' while the knowledge can be more analytical and 'homo'.

The entelechies that created this indian shape - what are they telling? Are they expressions of the pitfalls and temptations of the human nature on its mystic quest - and hence is created by the cheap homo solution? My view is that this is precisely what the indian is not - since such aristotelian entelechies naturally are closely akin to the reality of metaphysical distribution - and therefore intrinsically tells of the hetero solution which can sense what is beyond the senses by way of the linguistic competence. Humans are not the same on either side of the brain. The analytical solution tells of sorted boxes but cannot understand the metaphysics beyond the human reality - such as the entelechies that guided the formation of this 'indian' figure.

The story of the problems of the wrongway forearm is something which I can attest from personal experience - with late night hours with desperate brushing of the skin of the forearms in an attempt to get rid of an insane intch. It is because the forearm goes wrong way - with enough rubbing one hopes to get it forwards again.

The reasoning follows the logic that the entelechies talk not of homo but of the human linguistic competence - evidenced in the big and small arms - the arm of the indian, the arm of the 'invisible' mid character of the white stone head. Why is this telling of the human linguistic competence? If the white stone is involved, it could be about the boy running in front of the wagon being the same as the man on the righthand side - the diagonal being the rope. But why is this the competence? Because it is the same person.

The claw

Now the egyptian forearm is a hieroglyph with a CLAW at the end. Ragna Grøver once told me that the difference between humans and apes is that the humans have a counterpositioned thumb which closes like a claw against the other four fingers - while the apes do not have that facility but have to grab around the whole object in a more primitive manner. This story told by Ragna Grøver was the first thing that came to my mind on 23 february 2002 when I, after having read the newspiece about Ingrid Betancourt, closed the computer and a prickly numbness feeling started to spread from the lefthand index finger - down the hand and gradually it filled the whole lefthand side of my body. I later learnt that it could have been a cerebral haemorrhage - but why was it triggered just then, after I had read the newspiece about 'inngrep i tanker' = 'ingrip in thoughts'? The theory that I had been hit by a laser beam that triggered the bleeding is not easy to stay totally clear of. It certainly is a possible theory. (23 feb 2002 was a saturday, not a tuesday a la 'TIRSTEL LESUR TIRG OCA CAZUL').

What should it have been for?

My lefthand side was rather numb and lame and the left hand curled up and was useless for a longer time - it happened just 14 days after the death of princess Margaret (not the Drower, though, whose library ended partly up with me) and her will was probably opened when this happened. But the damage gradually healed and even if the left hand is still not totally recovered, it functions somehow nevertheless. However, rather exactly 4444 days after 23 february 2002, the same happened with my right hand! And now I dont think that it was a laser beam - I speculated a little that it could have been gases that attacked the neural system but the most appealing theory is that this is what 4444 days is about - that the left (or right) neural side is shifting over onto the contralateral side in the course of this time cycle. 'Barack Obama' is a name which resembles 'baba obaba' which in indian devanagari script will look somewhat like '4444'. My book 'Der Dornenstrauch' investigates some strange cyclicities in the rigvedic substructure - and it is part 3 of this book which led to the formation of the white philosopher's stone later in the same year 2014 - I had then suffered from problems with my right hand for approximately half a year when I found the white stone.

If so, it sprang out from that 'forearm CLAW' phenomenon in 2002.

If left turns over to right in the course of 4444 days, and if this even is the secret of the name of Obama, it is the 'Corpus Callosum', the big white matter commissure which unites the left and right hemisphere, which is the story. It rests there on top of the head - and the two damages of 2002 and 2014 would then look like two strokes vertically onto the horizontal 'Corpus Callosum'. This makes for what is an element in many chinese signs - the top horizontal line with two small cross strokes.

On the internet page Top 10 Most Influential Chinese Poems in History I found some poems which I translated and it was while I translated Wang Wei's poem that I found a sign group which could not be cracked with the lexical facilities available to me. It is the combination CHA ZHU YÚ - which is an intranslatable group of signs - there exists a SHAN ZHU YÚ = 'Kornellkirsche' tree and SHI ZHU YU = 'Gelbholz' tree, but one searches in vain for CHA ZHU YU. (Is it interesting to compare it with the corkoak cross as the innermost secret of the third secret of Fatima?)

Both ZHU and YU are chinese signs that have that crossbeam element resembling a 'Corpus Callosum', including the paralyses of my left and right hand - and removing this crossbeam element from the signs of ZHU and YU leaves the meaningful form 'vermilion territory' - one thinks of the vermilion colour on the first colour film of Marilyn Monroe which was called 'Wie angelt man sich einen Millionär' - 'How to marry a millionaire'. Vermilion was the colour of the twin towers before they fell for and onto the Manhattan territory.

Hence the poem of Wang Wei (cp. my index finger pointing up) could in theory be subjected to political abuse for being about the brother who left Austria for partying up in Germany when he gets a letter from his austrian brothers who sends the 'go' to him: It's all up in Johnstrasse. Is that the meaning of the CHA ZHU YU?

CHA-Z turns with 90 degrees of Z to N into = CHA-N - adding JIEDAO = street - hence CHAN-street, John-Strasse - sjanse-treaten, kjempe-sjansen.

Street = jie-dao

JIE = 'knot', 'knut'-e = joint node, sort of 'jump'
DAO = knife, 'jarnegg'
street = sort of 'rover', 'röver', 'Beingasse'

Hence JIEDAO - street = jump jarnegg röver - but 'röver' in the sense of 'homo' is one way, in the sense of 'jo-handsen' holding the female around her buttocks or upper thighs in a sexual intercourse is the hetero the other way. Cluching with a CLAW her buttocks in the course of the sexual intercourse (4444?) - that is not 'homo' and it cannot be. 'Homo' would then have to mean the other one, the other way.

Stone = 'shí-tou' which phonologically resembles 'jié-dao' somewhat. Another JIE looks like another DAO - plus that crossbeam of the 4444?

Streetcar = tram 49 etc.

The sign 'mò' = last stadium, near the end, mean, significant, dust, PULVER - and could apply to the washing complex. The washington?

Friedrich Delitzsch
Freddy Chedelitzsch
Cold     egium 1704
Cole & Kursk 2000

Finally, the chinese poems probably have the status of national literary treasure, a la norwegian 'Du ska itte trø i graset': 'Spee spira', 'spees pira', 'gebyr pira', 'robert pira' etc.


The elements I have mentioned here do not suffice as a proof that there is a new Hitler in the planning, but of course if there should be such a Hitler in the planning, the scattered observations I have made here could perhaps be of some relevance - at least there is every good reason to mention the book of Delitzsch and point to some peculiarities around Johnstrasse.

It must be understood what the story is: The International Secret Intelligence Services seem to have developed from the secrecy stamp on the white stone and tried to accumulate enough unconstitutional power to get control with the world. This unconstitutional power resembles ordinary criminal and mafia power and considers itself a competitor to the governmental power: It is probably what developed Hitler which left the world in ruins and the postwar world gave the job of reconstructing it to the International Secret Intelligence Services - who probably believed that they got this task because they had won the war. Now they seem perhaps to be planning a new round - could be Friedrich Delitzsch was the key name and book 100 years ago - and then we must hope that the same story will not take place once again.

It seems to be this International Secret Intelligence Services who do not like the idea of my work being published - perhaps because they hope to have it reserved for their own power-making. Or is it that they want a 'one and only' jump-jarnegg-röver to be part of a construction which they hope to keep undiscovered by the public? Could be the Bad Conscience of USA after the indian pogroms have made them more or less infiltrated into these International Secret Intelligence Services and their power-making. The conclusion is anyhow that it is not right to let the publication of my books be restricted by such interests.

Finally, how could they be certain that I would buy the book at LUZAC in 1997? I did work with cuneiform ideas for my PhD dissertation and was into the London bookshop and bought some books, but today I cannot guarantee that it was just this book I bought, although I cannot remember to have been surprised by finding it. It is well possible that I bought the book there in 1997 - but it is also possible that some agent from the 'services' could have tiptoed it into my bookshelf at some point of time. Or is the story like my finding of Hitler's postcard? As far as I remember, British Library was in the same premises as British Museum and had been so for centuries - and it is well possible that the library was closed and moved over to Pancras as soon as I had bought the book. But of course that could not have been done on a sudden impulse. It happened once that I came to the library (in the old premises) and it closed unmotivatedly just before my arrival. I speculated if it was because I was coming there.

There has been a war in Syria and clearly if this book is of much importance for a planning of the future of Europe, it should be mentioned.

Added on 28 december 2017:

A closer study of the chinese signs involved in the construction as far as the unknown tree in Wang Wei's poem is concerned, reveals that the theory of John Fitzgerald Kennedy in Sandveien 4 in 1957 could have its origins in these forms ZHU YÚ - here quoted from 'Das neue chinesisch-deutsche Wörterbuch' (2004):

The dictionary tells that this combination exists in 'shanzhuyú' and 'shízhuyú' - but 'chazhuyú' I have not found anywhere. Both the ZHU and the YÚ have the top hat on.

Removing this top hat leaves the sign which also is called ZHU but with the more traditional meaning of 'vermilion' - here quoted from Mathews' 'Chinese-english dictionary' (Harvard 1931/1943):

Removing the top hat from YÚ leaves a form also called YU - here quoted from the same Mathews' chinese-english dictionary:

Considering the theory of what happened when the top lid could have been removed from my head in 1957, it would have been about a 'red moment' when a male erection ejaculated some semen on my brain. But there exists also a sign which looks as if somebody holds 'naily scissors' ('Nelly Sachs', so to speak) inside this brain when the top lid is still removed - here quoted from 'Pocket chinese dictionary - english/chinese chinese/english' (Oxford University Press 1999), glued in the spine:

It is this which means 'territory' as well as 'chair sedan' - a sort of 'Paul Celan'? But now it gets familiar! A Nelly Sachs inside a Paul Celan? But shouldnt it be the other way round - that Paul Celan could be inside a Nelly Sachs - that could have made the child. But this is just the 'evidence' - when the roles and genders are turned. That makes for the 'territory' - if it is the american president who ejaculates and scissors in the white matter of the newborn child - that could secure the territorial rights for the newcomers? (A sort of magic in such voodooish primitivism?)

This could in fact explain the idea that the vermilion is territory - that is, the idea that 'familien er terrorister' - 'the family is terrorists' - such as this story of the elder sister coming back from China, that Mengele in Auschwitz, not to talk of that granduncle who could have been Adolf Hitler. And was the grandmother in Russia and shot Lenin? Ah, she could have 'shot' the Quisling, of course - even down in Paris. I recall the photo of her with charleston or 'bonnet' style hat on Champs-Elysee from 1923 or 1924. Whose family? A 'horned Satan'? What a pity - it was only that his top lid was lifted in early days - and that octogon etc.

'Vermilion territory' - 'family on territory' - but that could be more about the very american Kennedys, firmly on the ground. (Renner De for president?)

The full article in Mathews on the YÚ is this:

'To urge', 'to egg on'. The last line in the poem of Cao Zhi is in fact rather more precisely translated 'It seems you cook on higher hurry?'

In short, if I should be split-brain or at least be altered somewhat with a Naily Scissor in the opened brain in 1957, that was not shown on the magnet-resonance scan I got some years ago in Vienna. If the theory nevertheless should be assumed that some change had been done which left a particular capacity of my brain to be sensitive to the interval 4444 days, that is interesting indeed. Look at that YÚ with the 'scissors' inside - it looks nearly like a numeral '4' inside the head. The occupation of the american embassy in Teheran lasted for 444 days. In short, if I should be split-brain or at least scissored somehow, it is of course possible that this condition is what makes that left-right shift (imitating the chinese sign 'hat') in the course of an interval of 4444 days possible to predict.

I add yet another observation of some potential value - that the essential sign group CHA-ZHU-YU perhaps could be identified as related to the name of Champollion - who deciphered the hieroglyphs - could be even in the form of 'Shampoo-lion'. Could be the secret is that the white stone was known first and was used as a template for the decipherment? That is of course possible - but the egyptian signs and their distributions will be the same anyhow and must be understood in conformity with the redundancies in normal language.

The FATCA issue: I have bank accounts in several banks and have received questionnaires from most of them to be filled in - they are called FATCA and CRS issues - with mainly two types of questions: 1) What is your residence for tax purposes? This question is answered differently in different countries but seems to be an attempt to fuse to principly different questions together in one common lump: The two questions are i) in which countries do you have residences or have stayed for a longer time, and 2) to which countries are you liable to pay tax? 2) The other type of question is whether you have any sort of connection with USA - if, for example, you have a green card or have once been a citizen of USA but have forgotten it, then you are a resident of USA for tax purposes. You are asked to tick either this box or that - a US resident or not a US resident for tax purposes - but, beware, do not confuse these by ticking both. My situation seems to be particularly unsuitable for the first of these questions, since I am a resident of Austria but pay 15% 'withhold tax' = 'kilde-skatt' of my pension to Norway. I got a questionnaire from the hungarian bank and was detailed in these matters but they said that my residence for tax purposes is where I pay tax and hence it is in Norway. But I do not live in Norway and I have not been there for 15 years, I said. Never mind, it is in Norway if you pay tax there, said the hungarian bank: If it be about your residence only, then it is in Austria, but if it be about your residence for tax purposes, then it is in Norway. It is not impossible that the whole matter is very finely tuned against this complex with the 'kilde-skatt' = 'KILdE tax' - as if it were about a sort of 'kile-skrift' = 'cuneiform script'. Briefly, the 'AN' = 'Ana' = can probably mean 'the address' in akkadian/assyrian but tends to mean more divine authorities in sumerian - including their heavenly abode. The 'GISh' = 'is' = normally means wooden things and can probably mean the form from the bank - into which one is asked to press the address. But what if the address does not fit the squares and conditions of the form? Then it could be a 'WRONG' = 'GAL' = piece of information. But that looks just as if the AN has been pressed with the thumb into the GISh. It is possible that this will make the AN look more sumerian and hence switch the address to belong under more divine authorities. Sumerian 'nin' = 'sister, 'nin-gal' = 'elder sister'. In short, I hope the international initiative with the FATCAs and CRSs and all this (which officially could be a way of taking american agents in Europe, which of course would be a very good initiative) is not a way of channeling through the world of banking my person's intended SATAN status via my 'kildeskatt' taxation of my pension through the legislative system - for example to end up in the US democrat party somehow. The FATCA and other initiatives could have been planned under Obama and could have been intended for Clinton? Or is it the other way round?

29 december 2017: Two days ago I received from the norwegian bank such a FATCA / CRS form to fill in - the norwegian form makes notice of own authority in a way which perhaps the english does not? - and I sent it filled in yesterday. Today I received in the post the annual tax deduction scheme or 'explanation' telling that from the pension/benefit is to be deducted 15% tax, as usual. It is the second time I receive this info paper. It is a little superfluous, perhaps, and is sent as info only - not to be forwarded to those who pay the pension/benefit and draw the 'kilde-skatt' from it. Today 29 december I switched on the small home computer I have used for the microscope photos of ex nihilo matter and it seems that the FAT file is destroyed. At least it wont boot - this message came up at least once or twice when I tried various ways to open it. (Has somebody 'cleaned the disc'?) Is it about a FATWA-ile to the FATCA? I may have had the manuscript to a new and strictly unpublished poetry book in german language on this computer (luckily not the only store of it, though, and it may be that I myself had removed it from this computer earlier) - and I suspect that the 'biz' and smallcrook world has tried to hijack the authorship to this. I have seen reflexes of abuse of the title in several places - and indeed it would be a very great loss for me if the manuscript has got out of control. That is a very sad response to the work I have done here - and I hope that layer of the society is not in charge of the power needed to stop them. I feel the responses to my work are getting too miserable - there has not been many millimetres' progress in my career in the recent years, if any at all, and this sort of 'response' is not much encouraging. The computer functioned some days ago when I made the most recent photo of ex nihilo matter - the plastic item on probably 10 december or so. I hope the computer has not been sabotaged by burglary or remote control. (Is it an 'apolonö' they are trying to signify?) I emphasize that I have my full authority - and smartnesses in forms and questions cannot alter this in any way which could lend the authority to anybody else to allow for somebody to go in and 'clean the disc' (my disc, that is), for example, without me being asked. And of course I am in possession of the full authority to my full authorship.

Added on 29 december 2017:

One final observation seems necessary for understanding the full complex around Delitzsch - that is in the fact that the book is alphabetized according to the principles of the hebrew alphabet which probably could be somewhat special. If Hitler used this book for his intrigue, then one can understand the role of the list of heros at the end of the 'Vorwort' or rather 'Dedication' to his 'Mein Kampf' which he wrote in Landsberg am Lech prison after the Beer Hall Putsch: The list of 'fallen heros' is alphabetized but nevertheless seems to encode in the names the rules of conduct for burying a dead soldier found on the road, in according to the prescriptions at the end of the first part of Talmud Erubin. See this chapter of mine for details (search e.g. for the string 'Mein Kampf' to find it). Clearly this surprising correlation resembles aspects of my 'fundamental theorem of linguistics' in a quite interesting way - and one can speculate that the principles of hebrew alphabetizing of the book of Delitzsch could have been a part of the reason for its apparent role in that history. I suppose logic was concerned with just that theme in those days - the ideas of wellordering of sets and the question of relation between logical order and semantic assignment. If the book is used for political intrigue once again, one can guess that the purpose with using the 'Vorwort' could be to imitate the introductory dedication or preface to 'Mein Kampf' - the alphabetized list of 'fallen heros' which encode - by 'semantic assignment' - those fragments from Talmud Erubin. But this is guesswork from my side only. However, if this be the case, then of course it is self-evident that such ideas should not be used for political intrigue, in particular not of that kind, but should be used for decent rational studies without secrecy imposed on them.

Samples from Delitzsch's book, including the 'BAL.RI' = 'ebirtu' theme on page 11:

Page   11
Page 439
Page 440
Page 481

Added on 1 january 2018: I noticed some time ago that the fifth movement in Jan Dismas Zelenka's "Missa Votiva", the 'Gloria in excelsis Deo', could have been the template for the development of the genre of pop music, and I noticed that it seemed that this 'Zelenka melody' even could have been indexing the first involvement of USA in the Vietnam war. The story would then have been that no sooner had John F.Kennedy made some administrative moves that led to the american involvement in the Vietnam war, he was (according to the official version) assassinated and it was too late for USA to avoid the war - and the Zelenka melody was then coming to be the historic 'hook' or 'link'. It is only with this new notice of mine of the possible role of Delitzsch's book and the LUZAC mention in the very beginning that one can see this story as being about 'gloria in excelsis deo' = 'door to the excrement [colour]' (the colour of the cover to that book). Afterwards, not the forewords: We eat good thing (= 'vi et nam') in the 'forewards' - and then it comes out again in the 'after'-wards. Was this heavyweight indexation of the book even the reason for the US involvement in the Vietnam war? And is that indexation of the book also the reason for the genre of pop music? It is indeed high time to pack down the plans for the future as far as this book is concerned. It is perhaps not impossible that even Mao (I mean, Mao seems to have prepared for Hua Guo-Feng as his follower after Nixon had been to China - although of course that could have been just as much about telling the story as supporting the strategy), could be even Lenin (if the attempt on his life in 1918 had been organized by himself for 'telling things'), agreed to help the americans somewhat in their struggle with getting over those global problems which was said to stem from the american problems with 'territorial rights' to their country - but it is time to understand that the territorial rights cannot be stretched much longer with voodoo and magic on chinese symbols etc. Christ stepping down from heaven via the fertile virgin Mary - that lends territorial rights to people born this natural way of an innate citizen - and then the gained 'Lebensraum' will have had a lasting value - but as a method to gain territorial rights for the americans that would be only via a theory of divine sanction for the terror. It is not Christ who manifests himself in the terror! I would say that is more about the art of Satan - and that is not me! I am particularly not interested in swapping with those 'services' - who seem (possibly) to have tapped my workdesk and spread the material around to media, business, politics etc! It is only the 'art of terror' which comes to be 'refined' and developed with these means, and then it is since long being turned into an enemy of the people which it was meant to assist. I would say those 'territorial rights' gained that way would only become a larger and larger problem - untill they feel that they have no territorial rights left at all! That is why it could be urgently important to stop the progress of the plans.

Nixon resigned in the 'Watergate scandal' - after he had tapped the US democrat party.

This is the story - that if there could have been divine sanction on terror, then a terrorist policy could perhaps have solved some of the problems for the american society by creating such territorial rights to them, and then one could perhaps even have made an analysis which says that both Lenin and Mao withdrew from the public stage in order to make that possible - for solving the global problems of politics. However, if divine sanction for terror does not exist, then it is likely that the terror does not solve any problems but on the contrary only makes them much worse - and then it is not probable that Lenin and Mao would have withdrawn volunteerily for supporting american terror policy. It seems to balance on that single point - whether such sanction exists or not. That is why the austrian region could have special interest for that terrorist politics - since one could have had the feeling that there existed the chances for providing just that needed divine sanction which solved the territorial problems of the american society.

Some people say: The terror is sanctioned because the white stone always looks the same and tells the story of Jesus Christ and therefore the sanction of the terror is divine. The story is sent from heaven for telling that the Lord allows for the terror if it serves the right interests - and can there by any better proof than the divine sanction on the terror against Jesus Christ himself? To this other people (what is called 'secret intelligence') object: But, er, isnt it possible that it is the other way round - that the white stone is primary and that the story of Jesus Christ was constructed on basis of the stone? Then there is no guarantee that the stone is any sanction at all?

The latter view can be identified as Satan's way of thinking and it can be assumed that it is the 'secret intelligences' who offer a solution to the problem by this sort of logic. This is likely to be the real paradox which this story is about.

But now the solution is found and there is no need to believe that the white stone sanctions anything at all.

Final conclusion

The final conclusion is that the secrecy imposed on the white stone is likely to have been around since the europeans started settling in America - and the secrecy has been upheld in the hope that magic on alphabets and elements of things should suffice for gaining the rights to the continent by way of the convincing 'religious force' in the white stone. Of course all such twists and turns and overclever smartnesses cannot levitate the logic much beyond the ground - at least not as a lasting solution. It is time to face the facts and could be even the indians will agree that it is no longer possible to send the europeans back to where they came from. One cannot reach truth by way of lies. Nor can the moment in Sandveien 4 (!) in the summer 1957 be called a 'moment of truth' - however much his wife was born the address by name. (Chinese for 'sand' is 'sha' or 'shatan' - whether that be considered one or two ways). Nor can one hope to deform the whole reality of the human nature so much by yet another Hitler that the sense of truth be lost or deformed so much that the american territorial rights can be considered secured thereby. The american problem - which could be a problem for global government - could be that they have behaved violently towards the indians - and that problem cannot be solved by way of more violence. That is what the solution to the mystery of the hungarian HYMEN means: It tells that the human conscience will not disappear with the third millenium but of course will return to what it always was. Are territorial rights the same as the moral concerns for the fellow beings - in the same tribe? Could be global migrations and mobility will lead to new concepts of territorial rights and new concepts of moral concerns - but certainly the solution cannot be found in terms of annihilation of moral concerns for the fellow beings. Human conscience is the same as the linguistic competence - without it we will crash into metaphysical reefs and hidden redundancies. In short, the final conclusion seems to be:

Downgrade the stone!

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