Cuneiform and hieroglyphs in the political construction

John Bjarne Grover

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Is there a simple meetingpoint for the two codes? I have shown in the two articles Egyptian hieroglyphs, lapis philosophorum and 'Stillhetens åndedrag' and Cuneiform, the fundamental theorem of linguistics and 'Stillhetens åndedrag' that it is likely that cuneiform and hieroglyphs meet in the white metre, in my "Stillhetens åndedrag" of 64 poems, a total of 1344 lines - interpreting the 64 columns or subgroups of a total of 1344 alphabetized words, and of these 1344 logically ordered words, every 56th word interprets one of the 24 standard hieroglyphs. Therefore the white metre can be seen to interpret the hieroglyphs and cuneiform. The blue metre, in comparison, interprets the hebrew script while the yellow seems to be about chinese and possibly also devanagari.

But this is a meetingpoint of the two codes in the white metre at the end of the 8 year long poetic descension (2008-2016), after having climbed to the top of the Mount of Enlightenment through the 11 years of writing of The Endmorgan Quartet (1997-2008).

There seems to exist a simpler interface between the two codes that could have been used for constructing the political mythology intended for the present time. That is based on the three fundamental cuneiform graphemes - the horizontal, the vertical and the slanting or big wedge - which combine to the form GÍDIM (horizontal and vertical cross on their middles and to the horizontal is attached a big wedge on the righthand side) which means 'Totengespenst'. In german it could be called 'durch ein od': The horizontal is 'durch' the vertical which is 'ein' and the slant is an 'od'. DUR Schein [n]OD = the emblem on the pirate flag. DUR = Gesamtheit, Nabel, Aufenthalt, Sitz, Wohnung, Fundament, After, Hinterteil, furzen, einfassen, Kiste, Nachlass. DUR China 'd': The role of China's annexation of Tibet which produces a sort of hieroglyphic 'd'. There is the character of 'Sitz' on the tip of the eagle's beak.

The white stone can be seen to be the basis for the british flag with its two diagonals, and one can speculate that the emblem on the pirate flag is made as a mock of the british. It anyhow contains a skull = white bone head with two diagonal bones under. Therefore, if you take the 'AFTER' as a sort of backside 'hymen' cuneiform and paste onto it the meaning of the white stone, you get the pirate flag, sort of, or even the british flag.

Hence the flags can be seen to be such 'semiotic' meaning-form interfaces between hieroglyphic and cuneiform, but of course it is not so interesting. It seems to be based on the idea of flatulences in the flags etc.

The attack on the Theater Nord in Moscow in 2002 - which had to be taken by gases - could have been about this 'DUR China NOrD'. Hopefully the FIRMA stamp on Norway is not that sort of exploring seamen. Was Ole 'Uteligger' Ellefsæther from Toten in Norway? No, he was from 'Furnes', tells internet. But then he could have been about a 'Totengespenst' when he got his skis 'gespenst' on his shoes. Ah, that is the 'ski binding' in politics?

But now my TEQ and the four metres have opened up a new semiotic space and we can leave that world of secret intelligence behind - all that tragic 'world of flatulences'.

Then it is important that the book be published to reach the people and not be stopped by the angst-ridden secret intelligences trying to prevent the info from leaking out.

The role of the hungarian 'hymen' in political history seems to be about the attempt to find 'another way' than that 'after' and 'narrow escape' and all that: It is clear to everybody that the way of the anus and its struggles cannot be the way of philosophy for the human community and only silly and tiresome jokes come out of it. Therefore it may have seemed right and just and the optimal solution to try and base it all on the 'hymen' membrane instead - and that was the reason for the choice of the habsburg Austria-Hungary as the central locus of politics: Austria would then be the ANUS-tria and Hungary would be the 'kislány', the young woman with the hymen. This seemed right and just for at least England and USA and it was explained with the mid character on the white stone - the apparent female pointing towards her own genital region.

Somehow it seemed, therefore, that there was divine sanction for this interpretation - if the white stone is Jesus Christ himself, the bread from heaven. But for some further less obvious reasons, it also seemed that Heaven could be in need of some assistance for driving Justice through to reality: Today, after my blue metre PEB was completed in 2010, it can be shown that the line 4 is the same as governmental power by way of name structures in the global space, and line 6 is concerned with the politically essential difference between custody and genetic parental authority to the upbringing of the child - and even line 6 is name-based, it seemed, with a strange role for a tabulator function. This, although probably not described before my book was completed in 2010, could, since it probably is about a reality in the human world, have provided for the intuition that the name-function had to be driven down even into line 1, and since the Lord had been a little absent-minded when he constructed these parts of reality, there was the need for a little extra human violence for reaching the goal which the Lord nevertheless seemed to prefer. In short, it meant that since a 'flatulence and after'-orientation had to be wrong but clearly was the logical corollary of the history of the script technology, the right solution was the hungarian HYMEN on the other side, and for making this a lasting solution in the political reality, terror seemed inavoidable. It meant that those who preferred the HYMEN solution had thereby been granted also a divine sanction for use of terror in government of the world - and it seemed that it was the anglophonic world of England and USA who had received these privileges for government from Heaven.

Therefore Hitler was constructed - as the Ultimate Violence from the ANUS-tria bordering onto the hungarian HYMEN.

But now all these paradoxes seem to be solved with my poetic works (in particular the blue metre in line 1) and the idea of divine sanction for terror will fall apart: It was only a matter of a more or less coincidental linguistic structure that produced this gap between the english and the (from an anglophonic viewpoint) 'gibberish' hungarian and that was the whole story. This means that what is acquired with terror will not last - it will fall back again and the perpetrators will by hunted down by Bad Conscience but can hurry to church and hope that the clerical forgiveness that can be obtained there will be heard and sanctioned even in Heaven.

The construction of a new Hitler?

I have shown how the white philosopher's stone seems to be the most important element in modern political intrigue. I have also suggested that the chemical components of this ex nihilo matter represented in three streetnames at Johnstrasse in Vienna (!) was the background for the formation of Hitler 100 years ago: The socalled Bermuda triangle is constituted by the three streetnames Wurmsergasse, Gstaltmeyrgasse and Selzergasse - for the three chemical components (incombustible) sulphur, mercury and salt. It it possible that the 8 names of the females in the octogon of mine conspired on the three professional roles of Seelsorger, Dechant und Pfarrer of Franz Gstaltmeyr. There is a certain name-relation between Obama and me, and when Obama is 'negro' = 'the darkskinned' = 'mörkhuden', the phonological distance to 'mercury' is short. It was under Obama that the norwegian Stoltenberg became chief of NATO. It may be that Golda Meir was PM in Israel for telling of this little street up at Johnstrasse. Was even Himmler's GESTAPO about this little street?

When this Bermuda triangle opens to a Bermuda rectangle, the Wurmser- and Selzergasse intersect with Hütteldorferstrasse - which could have been the trick which opened up for Hitler in Germany. At Johnstrasse there is the Juwelier Neuwirth, a few metres from Wurmsergasse.

If there are or have been efforts to make me homo, that could have been in the hope that I would make the triangle open for a rectangle (like turning front to back) and hence welcome Hitler in Germany. Then they could dump the blame for a new Hitler in Germany on me - qua jewish genetics.

2014 was the year when I experienced a real collapse which I am only gradually recovering from. I had suffered from lack of sleep for some time and decided to try some means and got 'Calmaben' and 'Baldrian' at an apothecary - the first night I tried these I woke up the next morning with flaming red spots over the legs and speculated that it could have been an effect of the 'Calmaben' pill - the skin has not yet totally recovered. I read the news later in the day that the austrian entertainer Thomas Neuwirth had won the european song contest that night. There are some reasons why I could allow myself to speculate that it even could have been this song contest which was the reason - but then the reason is complex and is explained below.

Collegium 1704 is a czech music group under conductor Vaclav Luks who can provide truly heavenly music and sang-tion: I bought a record with such heavenly music of theirs by the three czech composers Tuma 1704-1774, Orschler 1698-1767 and Zelenka 1679-1745 - three names that seem to make for the same formula - TUMA-SNOI-WIRTh. Is it this 1704 that is found in the name of the Collegium? (It is believed - by me at least - that Zelenka was suppressed through decades or even centuries for being the name of the outbreak of the american involvement in the Vietnam war).

When I lived for some months in Budapest in 1991, I first rented a peripheral flat but soon found a much better and more central alternative and moved over there. I went to the small norwegian institute for finding somebody to exchange language with and was acquainted with one of the few students there who studied norwegian language - she was already quite fluent - she had the same family name ('Grapely', so to speak) as my new houseletter. She and her husband took me for a car drive around the Danube bend.

These names TUMA-SNOI-WIRTh contains a SNOV = SÖVN = SLEEP which I do in bed which I could share with a female (but not a male) - and when Neuwirth was launched in the media when he won the european song contest, I lost my sleep. How could I get it back? By going to an apothecary and ask for some BALDRIAN - which, though, seems to be a possible intermediate code between his and my names. TU-BAL-AN-V-DRI as well as JUM-BJAR-NE-GRO-VER. DUR-BAM-AN-DRI-VER etc. DURN-BAL-AN-DRI-VER in Nanterre 2002?

This BAL-d-RI-AN exists in sumerian cuneiform in the meaning 'arriving in heaven at the shore on the other side', such as when falling asleep.

The missing 'd' is the symbol of the hand in egyptian hieroglyphic - which even could mean TIBET annexed by China.

The first man arriving on the heavenly shores of the moon was Neil Armstrong, the second was 'Buzz' Aldrin - a sort of 'US baldrian'?

There have been news of a rather recently discovered artwork allegedly by Leonardo da Vinci called 'Salvator Mundi' - it contains a 'bal' and a 'dri' and an 'an'. Some authors refuse to accept it as authentically Leonardo. ('Salve a tarmen din' = 'salve from your intestine'). The painting sold for a record 450 million dollars recently - an anonymous bought it over (bakelit?) telephone.

The cueniform for BAL-RI-AN is the following:


Counting wedges takes it to 14 - same number as streets from Wurmsergasse down to Zinckgasse:

Benedict Schellingergasse

The missing 'd' that turns BAL-RI-AN into Baldrian would be found between Huglgasse and Preysinggasse. (There is a new giant Pflegeheim in Huglg.). Reading these streetnames upside down in handwriting takes it to P-reysinggasse = approximately Neuwirth-d and Huglgasse = approximately Thomas. This seems possibly to be the real reference in this 'Neuwirth' phenomenon - that the name of the entertainer is used as a 'secret code' for summing up things relating to this streetname phenomenon in such a way that the real reference is hard to discover - and clearly the upside-down reading is not unambiguous - could be one could not crack this riddle without having seen the name of the entertainer in the newspaper. Going these streets up to Hütteldorferstrasse takes it to Juwelier Neuwirth at Johnstrasse. Reading Hütteldorferstrasse upside down in handwriting makes it look like Breysinggasse Huglg. Which then probably could be the name of the new 'Hitler' qua 'Hütteldorferstrasse': Bracing for huggles - the storm is coming, terror has struck, whatever. Bracing as a huggle - that could be the two angels under the ceiling of Caravaggio's '7 works of mercy' - one of them reaching down towards a black form in the mid point of the canvas.

There seems to be two ways to reach Johnstrasse beyond the white stone area - either up Märzstrasse or Goldschlagstrasse along the 14 intersecting streets (that is cuneiform) or up the Neubaugürtel = the white stone with its diagonal to the Hauptbibliothek at Urban Loritz Platz where one can turn left up Hütteldorferstrasse and reach Johnstrasse that way. Was Hitler's swastika a symbol of these formations on the map? Hitler himself lived for a while in the intersection Beingasse / Felberstrasse, which means that one can make one half of the swastika by going from Hauptbibliothek up Hütteldorferstrasse down Zinckgasse to Felberstrasse and then walk up to the intersection of Beingasse, where the Führer once lived, and another half by going from Westbahnhof up Neubaugürtel to Goldschlagstrasse or Märzstrasse and up there to Wurmsergasse to Johnstrasse / Hütteldorferstrasse.

The norwegian composer Geirr Tveitt wrote an orchestral work called 'Baldurs Draumar' ('The dreams of Baldur'). 'Straume' is a norwegian name which means 'streams'.

But it is just to realize that the whole logic behind Hitler now is taken by the root and there is no need to continue the old plans. It does not help to drive me and my logic out of the country: It is the reality which tells that there is no divine sanction for terror in the pointing female on the white stone.

Why did I live in Zinckgasse through these years since 2009?

It is possible that I was made for being the white stone, so to speak, in this construction around Johnstrasse. Therefore my career which made it so to speak the only possible chance to live here in Zinckgasse: My income is too low for England or Paris, for example - things like that. One can perhaps find reasons to speculate that there could have been identities like Sylvia Plath or Anne Sexton etc behind (or at least associated with) the 8 females of the octogon and that all these identities could have served to point towards Gstaltmeyrgasse in Vienna - between Wurmsergasse and Selzergasse. (I am mainly guessing about such identities, but some cues do perhaps exist). I was never told a word about any such plans but may have sensed that something like this was coming up when I lived on Simmering 2005-2008, and if there were attempts to make me find another place to live, for moving up to Zinckgasse in 2007, I moved out of the country instead - first to Athens and then to Venice in the early summer 2008. I had planned to settle there - but when in 2009 (some months after Obama had started his presidency) two neighbours (one immediately next to me, one immediately underneath - and it may be that I could associate the names of these two elder men with graffiti outside my home on 17 may 1983 in Oslo, the day when the investigations in the Arne Treholt espionage case started - I recall Treholt telling to the press that the investigators used 'Gestapo methods' - 'Gestapo-metoder') died at the time when a third neighbour, the filippino family, moved out and Corazon Aquino died on the same day, and it also seemed that the little Calle Pedrocchi was 'emptied' more generally and hence it could be wise to move out, it seemed clear that I could just continue moving around like that untill I reached Vienna again. When I therefore went back to Vienna, apparently on basis of 'free will', I was told by the housing administration that there was one and only one place for me to live in Vienna and that was the flat I got in Zinckgasse. It is a nice place to live and I also honestly believed that it was nice of the administration to let me live in this flat - and it was only after some years there that I started to find out of this 'Bermuda triangle' up the street. It is, therefore, fully possible that I was preplanned for the role of living in this district - but I was never told a word about any such role or plans for my life. I tried to buy a house in Hungary but it turned out to be difficult to 'move over' there.

I am not participating in the games and I do not take any role in the mythological theatre. I have made the solution to the problem with my work and that is a lasting solution to the best for the entire world and then it is not permitted to murder me or replace me with a copy because I live in that district: Why hasnt somebody produced a chance for me to move to another country if that were the problem? The strategy seems to be to construct a new Hitler in such a way that they can blame me for it afterwards. It is even possible that the homo wave has been made for whipping up hatred and aggression in the people who are getting tired to the bone of all that homo thing and then redirect it into antisemitism on basis of my probable jewish genetics.

The strategy could then have been to claim that I come from a nazi family background and that I had this job of being the 'white stone' which led to new Hitler in Germany via the Zinckgasse-Johnstrasse area. It is well possible that there were true nazis in the family background - candidates are my official father 1957-69 who could have been Josef Mengele in disguise as John Jensen Gröver - I believe that he was replaced with a copy in the late 60's. There could have been speculations that my official grandfather Bjarne Eidsvig was Adolf Eichmann during the war, and that his brother, my granduncle Aron Eidsvig, really was Adolf Hitler during the war. Those were really nazis, no doubt about it, and it is not impossible that it were those in the family, although I would likely be stamped paranoid if I made such claims in Norway, but I certainly believe that my genetic parents were Paul Celan and Nelly Sachs and I was certainly never informed with a word about any nazi affiliations or backgrounds in the family (on the contrary, it was said that my grandfather was in the 'resistance movement' and was imprisoned on 'Grini' concentration camp at Eiksmarka during the war, and it seemed that people believed in this reason for his absence during some years of the war) and it is fully possible that I was constructed as a naive Pinocchio among the foxes and wolves of history and sent off abroad for living as the secret crux in the Bermuda region of Vienna. The idea would then obtain that the austrian constitution of 1955 puts on them the obligation to terminate (by 'Liquidierung') all leftovers after the nazi regime if they want to retain their independence - and it is demagogy which claims that I am a 'leftover after the nazi regime' because I come from a family which could have contained such a super nazis as Hitler, Eichmann and Mengele. The demagogs would then claim that either I have to move out of the country or Austria is obliged to liquidate me in order to rescue their independence: That is the concerns of the 'security of the state' which grants permission on certain conditions to liquidate certain people - if the security of the state is at stake.

Clearly this is 'gesetz-gibberish' since it is nonsense to claim that my person is a 'leftover after the nazi regime' in this sense of it: What is a leftover is the construction of a new Hitler on basis of the white stone streetnames at the Bermuda triangle. They dont have to make it and it does not make itself by 'the magic of the white stone'. On the contrary, I have worked out the solution which makes new nazism unnecessary and superfluous and avoidable and there is no reason any longer to make claims that nazism develops on basis of magic white stone symbolism. The nazi problem is constructed for the 'ANUS-tria' and hungarian HYMEN regions because of old tragic 'flatulental' interpretation of cuneiform and hieroglyphic script - it is not there in this region by itself.

In short, if I live in this region, there will not be any nazism developing from my presence only. There can be nazism developing from organized intrigue around my person, but then the nazism comes from the organized intrigue and not from my person. There is no magic in the streetnames which makes my presence in this region create nazism in Germany some years later. The Bermuda triangle pulls the nails out of the ship hulls by terrible and evil magnetism and the ships sink helplessly and inavoidably into the Sink-gasse? That is not true. It is the faith in the divine sanction for terror by way of the white stone which produces these ideas of a 'magic' in these streetnames. But there is no factual basis for any such faith in such divine sanction, as my studies have shown. So there is no basis from this point of view for driving me out of the country for rescueing the independence of the state on basis of the obligations in the austrian constitution of 1955.

But I do not believe that there are any serious politicians who make such claims. However, it could be that some games (business, unserious politics, media) developed from abuse of surveillance of my person and work could be inclined to feel tempted by such formulations.

It is the 'bread from heaven' white stone with the character pointing towards own 'hymen' along with the unserious 'flatulental' interpretation of cuneiform which created the idea that ANUS-tria opposing the hungarian HYMEN border should be 'magic' imbued with divine sanction. But this is an illusion created from a phonologial adhesion between the english and the hungarian languages only.

There seem to have been lots of males in post offices and places where I normally would have interfaced with society by females - on places where one can put white paper into an opening or food into the mouth etc. That could be for making me 'homo' in order for me to open up for the Adoll Fitler - and then they can blame me for the rise of a new Hitler. Or would it have been a condition lasting only as long as I live inside the austrian or Vienna borders? The male-female ambiguity on the stone? There seems to have been abuse of surveillance data from my life and workdesk.

If I move out of the country, could be 'the problem is solved' and life returns to normal when this 'principle of evil' in the jewish genetics is out of the country. But that is exactly when the construction starts functioning. It could be a matter of 'personal challenge' on my person. And then the claim would likely be that my person comes from a 'nazi' family while the fact could be that I come from 'jewish genetis'.

But I may have solved their problem and reduced the Bermuda magnetism to zero, and then they should not persecute me. To tell the truth, I think there is little persecution around here - and what is could be organized from nearly anywhere, as far as I can know.

I may have had a feeling of a sort of pyramid building up, a 'thriller' with more or less audible drum rolls accumulating up towards christmas and new year eve. Why hasnt he moved out of the country before this deadline? Are there plans for replacing me with a copy - so that the books finally can be published? Why werent they published before?

I am not involved at all in this mythomaniac construction of intrigue. I am doing my work for the best of the world community and I have absolutely nothing to do with the construction of the political intrigue.

It would not be considered good leadership if there arises the need for somebody to dump the blame on.

The 5 'revolutions' of 2010-2011 - Kyrgyztan, Egypt, Tunesia, Libya and Syria:

Kyrgyztan, Egypt, Tunesia, Libya, Syria
.....gesetz -     geb- erischen   maß-nahmen

= from austrian Staatsvertrag 1955: Artikel 10. – Besondere Bestimmungen über die Gesetzgebung: "Österreich verpflichtet sich auf die Liquidierung der Überreste des Naziregimes" - 'gesetzgeberischen und administrativen Maßnahmen' - and then the question is whether a majority of MAP-names in Syria could 'mean' 75% or so.

Of course, if the state is obliged to 'liquidieren' what is left after the nazi regime, they should take those who construct the new intrigue - not me.

Now there is a new tune coming up: "But, John, you are not the child of the jewish poets - you were swapped with another child some time after birth and this new child, which is you, had been opened in the skull but that was just the reason why he had to be given away". And where did the original identity go? It is the 'Cole & Kursk' = 'Cole-egium' (?) which is the evidence. That could perhaps be the story - it is true that I do not have much to present in favour of my theory that I am assigned a role in the mythos theatre but this 'Kursk & Cole' is so solid evidence that it normally suffices. But if the result of it be that everything turns around by a 'cole-egium', whatever that story element could be, it may be that this could be part of the reason why such solid evidence exists at all. But I must emphasize that I have not much data on this and it is guesswork from my side only.

I remember back to age 8 months and know that I have had the same identity since then. My first memory has remained clear and unambiguous - I remember very well the corridor when I stand on all four and look first into the floor and then into the end wall of the corridor, then lift the head and look into the round plastic lampshade (with some specks of dirt inside it?) in the ceiling before the memory fades. In 1993 I found the address of this memory via the public residential address register and went to look - the address was Brinken 2 and it was exactly as I remembered it, the same floor, even the same lampshade in the ceiling - only a fire hose had come up on the wall in the mean time. I had not been there since we moved out in the spring 1958 and went up to Hammerfest. Now the fact is that the memory is nothing else than the first poem which Nelly Sachs sent to Paul Celan - that was on 10 march 1958 and I would guess that my memory is from that day or the day after when Celan got the letter in Paris. The second memory of mine is in fact the same as the second poem she sent to him (walking between the parents outdoors in the Hammerfest darkness, I recall the presence of a person coming up in front of me but could not find out if it is myself or somebody else) and the third is probably the third poem (see also the back page photo of 'The Endmorgan Quartet'). To me this is sufficient evidence that I have been the same identity throughout my life - at least as far as this genetic origin is concerned.

So, it may be that it is better to terminate the Microsoft licence to Windows than to terminate me - if anybody or anything is to be terminated at all.

There seem to be many of these tip-overs of the balance and it is high time to credit me for my work - but the old plans could have been that I should be an alcoholic secrecy-burdened switch-board who eventually could be dumped and then everybody would be happy. It is not right to continue that old game.

I hope also that if there have been plans of erasing me from registers and archives, those old plans should be dropped.

What was the purpose with making me in the political mythos construction? My view is that the collective historic consciousness since long had understood that the history could not continue as before and therefore they made me to write the blue metre - which dissolves the cramp with the white stone.

Cuneiform fonts were updated on 20 december 2017 to ELLERMEIER/STUDT, Sumerisches Glossar, CD-ROM zu SG 3,3 - and returned to the present handwritten forms on 3 june 2018.

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