Austrian politics

John Bjarne Grover

Austrian politics seems to be something different from other countries' politics, for some reasons:

There is, tells my conception, one and only one factor which is the unspoken element in all politics and that is the philosopher's white stone ('lapis philosophorum') which seems to have gone classified after the european immigration of America and the pogroms on the indians. This stone came to be the definition of secret intelligence power since about those times, and it seems that all evidence and knowledge of it has been collected and classified and withdrawn from public knowledge.

There arose a counter-movement against this dangerous development and that was materialism - communism, marxism - which provides a philosophical tool for telling that the stone probably exists. More recently chomskyan grammar can be seen as a new effort to gain theoretic control with the conditions of the white stone - something which likewise will drain the terrorist politics of its rationales.

The stone-fanatic 'services' created Hitler who on behalf of the 'secret services' declared war on almost every legal government in the world - and it was the destructive forces who won the war. Communism was high in protest against it for a few decades.

What is the stone? On some condition, it provides divine sanction for terror - which means that the 'services' could expand their 'Lebensraum' without fearing that it would collapse later or that they would have to pay for the damages. An eldorado for terror, that means.

What is the condition? It is that one had found a 'magic power' hidden in the correlation of 1) egyptian hieroglyphs, 2) a character on the stone, and 3) the socalled HYMEN phenomenon of hungarian language and culture. It was this which provided the divine sanction, and therefore Hitler's government had names after the places just behind the hungarian HYMEN (border) at Hegyeshalom. Here are 1) the woman on the white stone, pointing towards her own HYMEN (ambiguously: It could also be a masturbating man), 2) how the outlines are recognized therein of 3) the hieroglyphic owl (which means the sound 'm'):

'Hungarian' means here that she is sexually mature, HYMEN means that she is a virgin. Combined is this the 'Virgin Mary' whose flushes of blood is the very condition for the birth of the Saviour to take place and thereby provide salvation to the humans: That is what Heaven offers - and the terrorists probably think that the running blood is sanctioned by heaven. Nixon resigned in the 'Watergate scandal'.

This seems to be the essence of the magic of anglophony: That the sexually mature minor (or virgin) is recognized in the linguistic redundancies of just hungarian language against the etymologies of a mystic cultural consciousness which preserves just this old document from AD 1200 and not that document from AD 1100. If the cultural consciousness had preserved the one from 1100 and not the one from 1200, then the linguistic redundancy would not have applied and then there would not have been a 'sexually hungry' character in the etymologies of hungarian as seen from an anglophonic viewpoint in terms of line 1 of my blue metre. One adds Christ who 'hung in the air' on the cross. There is so far not much data on this issue - but it seems that the polish language likewise provides for a 'cosmic harmony' in the comparable formats of derivation - that is, where the world turns at the poles - and for the italian language there seems to be a comparable christian symbolism. But this applies probably only or primarily to the english language - and hence anglophony has an upper hand in the cultural history and this is what provides for not only the divine sanction for global leadership but also for use of terror therein.

Put differently, this phenomenon is a part of what I call the blue metre and it may be that the blue metre (and the other metres) is sufficiently important to be the factual reason behind the whole story. But there is no element of terror in the metres - that element comes in only from the viewpoint of political power struggle among the nations.

There is an old tradition in saying that the white stone comes ex nihilo from heaven - it is Heaven who sends it to the Earth to tell of the Christ who is both human and god - it is a message telling of the role of the Virgin Mary and the mythological story in general. Some mystics have claimed that the white stone is the same as Jesus Christ and that the bread of the holy communion is the same as a white stone. The old vedic rites of India are said to have been in the form of the making of a white stone, the crushing and consumption of it (this is told of in the Rigveda), like the Holy communion in church, and that is the reason why Hitler used the indian swastika as his logo. Therefore, if the 'International Secret Intelligence Services' manage to be the one and only holders of the knowledge of the white stone, they will be the one and only political power being endowed with a divine sanction for use of terror.

This has been seen as an unbreakable magic force which has granted divine sanction for the use of terror - probably primarily american (anglophonic) terror. Therefore there has (probably) been a massive pressure on Austria ever since this phenomenon developed after the european settlement in USA - and that pressure is called 'International Secret Intelligence Services' who want to use Austria as a tool against the borderland of this hungarian HYMEN - such as when Hitler was constructed as austrian who went up into Germany with a government whose names were just across the border at Hegyeshalom.

This pressure has probably been massive and it is - for these reasons - likely that no other country experiences such foreign interests. It would have been about the 'International Secret Intelligence Services' on behalf of american (anglophonic) interests.

Now I have solved this riddle after 25 years of work and in particular the austrians and jews should rejoice. Austria can now look forwards towards a future with less international pressure and more freedom for self-government.

The solution is that the hungarian HYMEN is a result of a very special anglophonic redundancy that recognizes this HYMEN in the hungarian language - but it took 25 years of work to find it and it was a hard riddle to crack. But now the magic is gone from this and the terrorists will hereafter have to pay for the damages they do and the Lebensraum they have gained with their terror will not last.

There will therefore not be another Hitler. The plan was to make another Hitler but the basis for it is now gone.

The relevant 'services' probably do not like this, of course, and may perhaps claim that they have made the study themselves and that it means the opposite of what it means and that I should leave the country - because the 'family is terrorists' - in order to retain the old magic and pretend that the solution is not found at all and that one can continue with the old plans as before.

That one cannot.

There is this single problem which could be quite essential that the austrian country could contain foreign agents who are educated to be austrians and even may have taken the place of real austrians. That can be a very serious crime, of course, and it may be that this is a way which the socalled 'International Secret Intelligence Services' conduct powermaking via the white stone magic. It is difficult to find out whether this is a real problem since the people look normal and have austrian biographies. Hence it is difficult to talk about and it is normally classified as a mythos which rules the minds more or less from time to time: Spreading doubt about the integrity of normal serious people is not good, of course.

The very special political situation of Austria is probably what has led to the formation of what is called the 'Freedom Party' (FP): They have austrian freedom from such foreign control as their main interest and that is probably the reason why they are against immigration - that is, immigration of such foreign agent wolves who dress up as austrian sheep. (This does not mean that other parties are full of 'wolves' - but they may have differing views as concerns to what extent one has to agree to allow for foreign agents in the country - and clearly some will say that being too resistant to foreign agents can lead to problems for the country). But even if FP - as the name suggests - should be the possibly only politicians in the landscape who truly talk the interests of jews and anti-nazis, there have been occasions of jews and other socalled anti-nazis throwing dirt on FP for reasons of the historic origins of the party, which was on the constituting meeting on 3 november 1955 when the first Parteiobmann they elected was Anton Reinthaller - a former SS-Brigadefhrer. That sounds nazi, doesnt it? The secret is likely to be in the last line of the Oslo Report which tells

Die Firma heisst
Die Firma
Rein     thaller
        me-SS-er = MESSER

= the centimetre that was defined as international unit of length by way of Eulers constant.

This constant seems to have been chosen as unit in order to lend special weight to the owl of the hieroglyphs - the same as grants divine sanction to the use of terror via the hungarian HYMEN: The hieroglyphic owl (= 'me') of the hungarian HYMEN (= 'SS') on the white stone (= 'er'). Hence the constitution of the party tells that the innermost problem of austrian politics is rooted in that white philosophers stone OWL of egyptian hieroglyphs which is what seems to be the root of nazism - in the sense of the international service ligas. That is the theme of the Freedom Party, this probably means.

In addition, the last line of Oslo Report tells of that FIRMA which seems to be the other main ingredient in the formation of a new Hitler: The VERMILION TERRITORY which is the code word for probably american aspirations to gain territorial claims against the remaining indians in USA - by way of Hitler's destructive work. FIRMLY ON GROUND is the code word for that - firmly on american ground.

The Oslo Report was a spy (!) report delivered to the british naval attache in Oslo before the war - and as such it could be telling of a role for a 'Virgin Mary' in the story.

Some of those who criticize FP for their historic origins are likely to do it for reasons of pressing onto this single point of the owl. But that is no longer necessary - after my work it has now been fully possible to take the whole thing up in daylight.

Most of european politics still seems to be floating on an inflated mattress of what may be imperialist and capitalist hypocricy or at least paradox - created in the gap between 1) those who naively believed that it is a good christian act to do terror if only it is for the sake of Heaven against 2) those who satanically try to insinuate that Christ never existed but was constructed by a group of intrigue-makers on basis of the white stone - that is to have the choice between two evils - and that is the reason why it is so difficult to come to the point. Therefore it seems that some jews criticize FP for reasons of their constitution - which means just that MESSER (Euler's centimetre, probably) which tells of the quasi-divine sanction for terror and abuse.

The hypocricy (or paradox) is then that the politics may want to enhance their power by way of a new Hitler created via white stone mysticism in Austria, and do that by way of secret agents who pretend to work for the opposite.

It could be the systematic hypocricy (or paradox) which is the principle by which the 'international services' could want to swap roles.

It should be possible to come to the point by now, though, when the basis for the confusion is detected and can be neutralized.

This means that if e.g. jews want to endorse the freedom policy of FP, which should mean freedom from terror, antisemitism and nazism, they could be doing that by pointing to the SS-background of the first Parteiobmann and tell what was the reason for just that: The reason seems to be 1) that hieroglyphic owl (= 'me') of 2) the hungarian HYMEN (= 'SS') on 3) the white stone (= 'er') - which is what granted divine sanction for terror as long as it was secret and not understood - and marxist materialism was formed in opposition to that 'divine sanction for suppression and terror' - and the foundation of FP was probably an attempt to get this problem up in daylight.

I repeat this: It is my theory and work which is the friend of the austrian people - while the more or less 'International Secret Intelligence Services' who could want to abuse the country for making a new Hitler is not very friendly towards the people. Because of traditions of hypocricy or paradox based on the stone, the same 'services' seem to be running a campaign which claims that I am the ultimate danger against the country. What terrible nonsense that is! Of course it cannot be me who is a danger to the country - but maybe the services can.

I know little about details of politics and do not know much of where FP is in the practical landscape. What I have written rather leads to the question where politics want the white stone to be: Those who want to use it for making more power are likely to be 'nazis', while those who want to get it up in daylight are not. My own program is very simple - and tells that secrecies on the information of the white stone must be downtuned and the story and info of it turned into public knowledge.

I add that there could be a potential confusion when it comes to those judaist interests who want to keep parts of the jewish mystic philosophy esoteric and therefore secret. It is obvious that there could be a potential danger of confusion just there - if those who want to use the white stone for making power are easily affiliated with nazi interests while those who want to have the problemshift up in daylight are not. My view is that God reveals secrets to some humans in order for these to tell it on to the others - not for reserving it for closed cult purposes. It is the closure of the knowledge which is the danger - and which can make the distance to a 'satanic' international secret intelligence service power liga more or less short. It is easy to see how unnecessary secrecy on some mystic matter can come to lead to a quasi identification of judaism with those 'satanic' traditions which suggest that Christ wasnt really divine but only made up by intrigue-makers on basis of the patterns on the stone - and that could even be a natural explanation to some sorts of anti-semitism.

Downgrade the stone!

John Bjarne Grover
On the web 1 january 2018