Three curves

John Bjarne Grover

There is an interesting observation to be made once again on the italian data of covid-19: That is what happened with the curves in the moment when thermometres were installed in italian post offices for measuring the temperature of the customers.

The intuitive idea could have been that this would help against the disease covid-19 and that could have been the intention - to stop the disease. But the facts seem to tell the opposite - that the curves were in their optimal form and were then just about to dive right down towards zero when the thermometres were installed around 12 december 2020 - and from that day on everything went wrong, it seems - the curves jolted right up again and are still refusing to go down:

Curve 1

Curve 1 shows the number of new infections per day - it had been declining and the second wave was just about to follow the first for a smooth declining towards zero when a thermometre suddenly was put into the 'post office' and jolted it up again. The disease seems to wait for this to be pulled out again.

Curve 2

Curve 2 shows the number of dead per day - it behaves quite similarly.

Curve 3

Curve 3 shows that the difference between new recoveries (green) and new infections (orange) was at its optimal condition around 12 december 2020 - it means that the two curves above would have come to dive steeply down towards zero under normal circustances.

The conclusion is likely to be that contagion by viruses hidden in small droplets spitted from person to person is not really the only factor of importance - the political situation or rather the mythomania factor is perhaps equally important.

My guess is that december was the time when a homo wave which I had succeeded in running away from was about to break through the travel restrictions put up on the border - and the society tried to get it under control by the thermometres.

Of course it was wrong to put the thermometres up.

Was it wrong of me to be in Italy during the second wave? It seems from the statistics that if I had remained in Austria, some additional hundred thousand italians could have died from covid-19. It follows that the society would not have turned homo from some aftermath - it would have been only a few days before it had calmed down again. But if the thermometres mean that the 'aftermath' were because of me or my presence, it may have given a wrong impression. In fact it is probable that my presence in Italy has lowered the mortality of the pandemic, not increased it.

19/2-21: Put differently: If in december I started getting nervous that maybe I would not succeed in moving out of Austria after all, that could have generated this effect. But then of course the thermometres would only have increased this effect, hence the curves turning up again.

The reason for the 'homo wave' is likely to be the 'Fischamend tooth' on the 'lapis philosophorum' being put up wrong way at the eastern border of Austria by the new borders of 1919. This 'tooth' is at 'Pamhagen' - could be represented in the earthquake of 'Bam' in 2003.

If this 'Pamhagen' is the same as the name of 'Pentagon', I observe the potential role of 'Aktion Reinhard' including possibly my name and person for this 'Pamhagen' with its possible 'homo wave' by being wrong wave on the lapis philosophorum But dont blame me for that!

Of course, if these assumptions have a basis in reality, it is not right that I live in Austria - so I need to find a solution outside Austria. If the thermometres were a setback for this, it could explain the curves. Is the whole covid-19 only this panic? But then there is no more urgent matter in the world than to help me find a place to live outside Austria - without time-limitations and without being an easy target of intrigue.

Hitler's nazism was perhaps just this: To find the deepest, most precious and beautiful mysteries in human existence and turn them into terror. (Example 'Treblinka'). Then people lose their breath. Some politicians think perhaps that this is impressive power, but most people do not. I do not support Hitler's program. (Are there political strategies on mixing me up with Hitler?)

See also today's observation on the 'Clayderman' element - and I notice the tag word 'Leirstad' (not 'Lauvstad') up right over the Eidsvig photo (source 'Romsdalsmuseet Årbok 2001 page 117).

Curve of daily new infections in Austria
Curve of daily deaths in Austria

Three aspects of my relations with Italy

21/2-21: It follows that this story puts some burdens on me - and I have not been able to look up the contents of my PO Box in Vienna for more than half a year simply because travel restrictions make it very possible that I could come to be stuck there for a considerable time and hence the mortality of covid-19 would rise again. If I had got some help to find a place to live permanently outside Austria, and some help to move, this problem could have been solved since long - could be the whole covid-19 would have been down then. Maybe somebody could give me exception from the travel restrictions so that I could just travel up and down for getting the contents of the post box - plus a chance to get an attestation of my state of being alive for the annual posting of it to the pensions office in Norway? It seems that the italian system does not allow for this if I am not a resident. The burden imposed on me becomes even more visible if administration feels that it is difficult to admit that the mortality of covid-19 depends on my location. It seems that if the thermometres had not been installed in the post offices, the curve would have been down and the travel restrictions would have been lifted, and then I could have travelled up and down for the post. Hopefully a third wave will not flush over the country before the vaccinations can be made (why dont they hurry up with mass vaccinations instead of going for prenotazione and termin?): If I should come to be in Austria during such a third wave, it could be quite disastrous - see the portuguese waves for daily new cases and for daily deaths. My view is that these tell of my unsuccessful attempts to find a place to live outside Austria. It is because I am dependent on a positive response to application that these fail. Cp. the story of the rejected doctorate degree of 1998 and the hospital story from 2018-2019 (when I suffered from diseases which correlated with the address of the application for housing). And this is also the reason why I need a permanent housing solution and not a time-limited contract. One sees how the european continent is steering towards the abyss and feel that it is okay if only we can find a scapegoat to blame: That seems to be the socalled 'intelligence project'. If the disaster of covid-19 is declared a success, then they may continue with global famines and stockmarket crashes and then the highway opens for new genocides. It is all this which should be avoided. England should have found a new place for me to live on the continent instead of brexiting.

28/2-21: For the issue of the potential role of the PO Boxes, search this file for 'Wuhan'.


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