Andrea della Robbia

John Bjarne Grover

Andrea della Robbia

In the early part of the 1980's I sent from Firenze a postcard to my official grandmother Laura Eidsvig - it showed the photo of a white-and-blue ceramic work (relief) by Andrea della Robbia plus a comment (appr.) that this was the best thing I had seen on the trip, soemething like that. (It is possible that it could have been a photo of a work by Luca & Andrea della Robbia). I am not certain if I can recognize it among the works reproduced on the internet, but it may have been from the Uffizi Gallery. It could perhaps have been this work but I think it was perhaps in a circular frame. It was something like that - white and blue. On the background of the idea of 'symmetrier' (from this file), I played with this name of Andrea della Robbia yesterday on the form 'Randi Øra Broccoli' (a variant of the idea of 'fylkes-sekretær for fakultets-sammenslåinga') and observed the relevance of this in today's announcement (by Berit Reiss-Andersen) of the Nobel peace prize for 2020, which was given to World Food Programme (WFP) "for its efforts to combat hunger, for its contribution to bettering conditions for peace in conflict-affected areas and for acting as a driving force in efforts to prevent the use of hunger as a weapon of war and conflict". There was also something in a handwritten manuscript of mine.

(Continued 12 october 2020:) It was probably in late july (if not early august) 1998 that I received the letter with the rejection from the committee (Jens-Erik Fenstad, Jens-Erland Braarwig, Anders Holmberg) that had evaluated my PhD dissertation for the doctorate degree. It was while I was writing the appeal (for which I think I had a 3 weeks time limit) that the US embassies in Dar-es-Salaam and Nairobi were bombed with a 10 minutes interval on 7 august 1998. Some days later, on 15 august, a peace conference in Omagh trying to solve the northern Ireland conflict was bombed as well - it was the biggest bombing in the entire history of the Northern Ireland conflict. It was after the bombings in Dar-es-Salaam and Nairobi that the concept of 'Al Qaida' = (arabic for) 'The Base' led by Osama bin Laden surfaced in the news - being headlines at least up to 11 september 2001 with the attack on USA.

In 1982 I studied literature at the university in Oslo and was befriended by co-student Pernille Lønne Christiansen whose mate was Petter Andre Syversen. Christiansen and I met now and then for a meal in the vegetarian restaurant 'Den lille grønne', she visited me once and I her in her home which she shared with her 'sambo' (partner, mate). He was in a back room most of the time but he was briefly out for a handshake and brief encounter in the kitchen. The later story is mentioned in several articles of mine - such as Moeringg.10-12 or the ABC. Briefly, it is probable that Petter Andre Syversen = PAS at least officially died on 7 august 1986 in Botswana, where the capital is Gabarone, and that this was in mid point between the very similar cyanide GAS disasters of Bhopal and Halabjah. For the computation of the mid point, see the ABC, search for 'ligaturizes', where it is suggested that 2-3 december 'ligaturizes' to 23 december. 'Halabjah' suggests 'ha[r] labb ja' = 'has a lab/paw, yes' which again could mean 'Harlem', the name of Gro Harlem Brundtland who in 1986 had just started as PM when PAS died. 'Harlem' in New York was on the other side of the attack on 11 september 2001. 'Har[d] lem' suggests 'hard-on' (cp. the name of 'Aron Eidsvig' which could have been Hitler's identity after the war, possibly for the 'hard-on' AIDSHIV epidemic), while 'har lab ja' could mean that one has a laboratory, for example a virus lab. This cluster could be suggestive of a strategy of dumping the blame for such things on me if a general strategy of swapping me with Hitler is around. I do not have any opinion on the matter whether my official mother Ragna Grøver was a trans with penis installed ('har lem' = 'har labb, ja'), and I likewise have no opinion on whether Christiansen could have had anything such but I would doubt it (or at least such an idea never came to my mind). In contrast, I once danced with Solveig Hansen and can report that she most probably is not a trans.

With the theory of the 'ligature' of december 2-3 turning into 12/23 = '1223', there is the indexation of this '1223' in the twin bombing of the US embassies in Dar-es-Salaam and Nairobi on 7 august 1998 - 12 years on the day (according to the internet search engine sub-index of ALEX) after PAS officially died in 1986. As I have later shown, it is likely that this 1223 (via 3771) serves to index the foot 'cushion' region of the Madonna of Guadalupe. ('Go[d]e til å løpe' = 'good at running', cp. the article on the Omagh bombing with the photo of the man with the child on his shoulders next to the car bomb - these survived but the photographer died - and the 'good at running' could have applied also to the exit of Adolf & Eva Hitler in the bunker 1945). If so, this Bhopal 1223 with the 'Halabjah' of the GAS-PAS-GAS could have applied for a general strategy of putting a trans penis on the Madonna - for a 'new religon' and such nonsense. If the story of my 'octogon' were organized, it could have been for dumping all blame on that 'penis' and then creating the new 'religion' by shifting the penis onto the Madonna.

Now the clue of all this story is that while I talked with Christiansen in her home and PAS was in the back room, she once used the word 'forpult', could be in an eastern (Oslo) dialect 'forpurt'. This is a word meaning that something has gone wrong, the word being a derivation from the fourletter word for sexual intercourse. It was the only time she used a word of that value - a phenomenon which could resemble the story of Grøver/'Mengele' using the word 'pisse' only once - it was the last thing he said to me and he never used words of that street language value. Were the word 'forpult' the last thing PAS said to me (I mean, it she who pronounced it)? I dont remember if it occurred before or after I briefly met him with handshake and a few words in the kitchen, but of course it could have been after. If so, it could have been considered a 'linguistic trans penis' - cp. the idea of Chomsky's 'trans-formational grammar'. 'Pult' can also mean a 'desk', and a 'for-pult' can therefore also mean e.g. a conductor's desk - in the front (like Ragna Grøver's car accident in 1981). It is possible that this can have been part of a linguistic strategy of moving the high back vowel of 'political' in norwegian ('politisk') - in english this word form has a low back 'o' - to the front or at least fronted to central for what the IPA alphabet notates as 'u' - this is high central and written 'u' in norwegian. The form would then be 'pulitisk' = 'pulitical' which is nonsense in norwegian but innate speakers would associate with the four-letter word for sexual intercouse, and a certain english or maybe rather italian orientation is needed for interpreting it as 'purificationist'. With the dialect form 'forpurt' probably used by Christiansen, it would come out more 'pured', and with the associated ideas of sex, the concept of 'pure woman' = 'pur kvinne' would associate naturally. Hence the bridge is short to the socalled 'Purkinje' effect - which seems to be suggestive of the idea that light which is reflected in the white of the human eye - when seen from outside or photographed - is not only an immediate reflex of the surrounding lights but seem to reflect other effects as well: Hence one could expect to find ideas of an archetypal format of reality reflected in the eyes - which could be contained in the claims of Tonsman who magnified the eyes of the Madonna of Guadalupe for this 'Purkinje effect' and concluded that he could see reflexes of the people present in the scene in 1531 when the 'tilma' attained the image of the Madonna. ('Light in the archetype' = Glaci-sgata = the skate of economic depression? 'Co-vid-nitten' = 'ko-neb-hytten'/'kone-bytte' = 'wife-swap' from 'kne-bytte' = Tiepolo's 'knee-swap'?)

If this be an 'intelligence project', the program could be to convert the idea of 'forpult' woman into 'forpurt' = 'purified' - for example for those 'intelligence services' who could be out for constructing a new quasi 'religion' based on e.g. Frau Grøver, if that be the story.

A part of such a construction could be contained in the twin bombing of the US embassies on 7 august 1998 for the formula 'rejected on a political basis' attached to the appeal which I was writing just then - in reply to the rejection of my PhD dissertation for the doctotate degree. The idea would then be that I 'har labb, ja' = 'has a paw, yes' in the sense of 'has a penis' which then could have been involved in the octogon. I have conjectured that there could have been an 'intelligence'-constructed history which should have lent quasi-sufficient basis for explaining why I seemed to be the object of attention in international media - the reason should then have been that Gro Harlem Brundtland was PM and chief of WHO and had taken up the challenge (cp. the 'Challenger' moon lander possibly indexing me) against my person inherited from my official father relative to Gro Harlem Brundtland's parents - the story could then (guesswork only) have been that the wife of Harlem before the war and in student environments could attested (on basis of evidence from e.g. a walk in Frognerparken) about then John Jensen that 'he has a paw, oh yes' = 'Halabjah'. See the ABC, search for the name 'Inga Brynolf Danderyd' - here is the excerpt:

Gudmund Harlem was a contemporary of Grøver/'Mengele'. John Jensen was born on 27 October 1916 and Gudmund Harlem on 24 July 1917. Harlem, who married Inga Brynolf Danderyd (born 26 march 1918), took his medical exam at the university in Oslo in 1946 while Jensen changed his name to Grøver in 1946 and took his medical exam in 1954, which means that Jensen (officially) had dropped out of the studies at the time of the war when he went back to Aalesund while Harlem continued in Oslo where he was one half of the Gran/Harlem student committee which seems to have been the undertext of #3 on the Oslo Report list. After the exam Harlem went for specializing in rehabilitation medicine in UK/US while Grøver studied (or while Mengele orientated himself in norwegian environments in Oslo, if that is the story). No sooner was Grøver/'Mengele' a doctor and got a job in Ålesund in 1954, Harlem was appointed minister of health in the government of Gerhardsen in 1955 and could control Grøver's continued career, which made slow progress untill he had accepted to take a specialization in rehabilitation medicine at Harlem's own institue SAO in Oslo 1968-69, after which he finally got a chief doctor job in Fredrikstad in 1970. In the first years, he was half time chief doctor of the geriatric department and half time of the social medicine department - and if his real name was Mengele one can imagine the combination to amount to a construction of sending old people out of the reality for replacing them with fresh naturalized blood from abroad. I don't know if this really was the principle but it suggests itself from the context. This lasted for a few years and then he went over to full time at the social medicine department. Harlem was minister of health in the norwegian government untill 1960 when he changed to minister of defense 1960-65 - which also means that he was 'minister of guns' when Kennedy was assassinated and Jens A.Boyesen was appointed to the same norwegian government on 22 november 1963, the day of the shot in Dallas. One guesses that there could have been a story pretext for Jensen's 1946 namechange hiding behind these details - some ideas about a story with Danderyd and Jensen (shaking hands or whatever) which could have been enough pretext for letting Mengele continue under new Jensen Grøver student hide for some years after the war. The years soon after WWII was over includes the Dead Sea Scrolls with the hypothetical sandblasting technique used for simulating the ancient character of the (hypothetically) modern bedsheets. This role of the 'sand-blaster' could have been the reason for the murder of Aung San in Birma on 19 july 1947 - in which case the sand-blaster as an agent for England would have been the purpose of it. This was also the year when the possible story with Ragnar Thoursie and Nelly Sachs with her first book began - which could contain even the beginning to the George Bushes - with the birth of jr on 6 July 1947. Mahatma Gandhi was shot in 1948.

This could have been part of a general strategy of those 'intelligence services' to dump all blame for History on the role of the penis. In the present context, that could mean that my PhD dissertation was rejected because of the 'octogon' - and this 'forpult' story of 'pulitical' would then (by big intrigues such as these twin bombings etc) be turned into the 'forpurt' of 'political'. By mix of languages, which could be about the norwegian constitution of 1814 as 'united and loyal until Dover/Dovre falls', it would mean that my PhD was 'rejected on a political/pulitical basis'. That it was rejected is contained in the rejection letter and my writing of the appeal, while the 'basis' is in the news of the 'Al Qaida' = 'The Base' which surfaced in the news after this 1998 story.

The bombing of 'OMAGH' would as 'BASIS' then be a pre-heralding of 'OBAMA': One of the things he did in 2011 (the year of the 5 socalled 'revolutions') was to hunt down a person recognized as 'Osama bin Laden' (in a house in a 'Nazim Street' in Abottabad). If it be right that many of Obama's activities were concerned with turning/swapping ('revolute'/'revolve' - as in the 5 revolutions) the assumed Hitler (that is, in assumed form of my granduncle Aron Eidsvig) with me, as for dumping the blame of hitlerish activities on me while crediting nazis with my work, then the bombing of Omagh could have been for such a role-turning by way of Obama - who also got the peace prize - in the formula 'rejected on a political basis'.

This would then have been in reference to me sitting there writing my appeal when the bombings took place in Dar-es-Salaam and Nairobi and Omagh.

Now for the indexing of this in the name of 'Andrea della Robbia': '[h]An-drea-del' could mean 'har labb, ja' = 'Halabjah' in the sense of 'Dar-es-Salaam' = 'there is the salami', while 'La-Robbia' or 'Na-Robbia' would be the 'Nairobi'. It means that the twin bombings of 1998 even could have been based on this postcard which I sent from probably Firenze in the 1980's to Laura Eidsvig io Fjellgata 72 in Ålesund in Norway - the house where I also met Aron Eidsvig (possibly Adolf Hitler), such as in the context of 'julekaka' - a word which also can suggest 'wheel-cake' or 'turnaround-cake'. Is this the 'jule-kaka' of the 5 revolutions of 2011 - and is the 5 for the idea of Laura Eidsvig as the wife of Aron's brother? Zipporah was the wife of Moses.

Ålesund = Abottabad? It would have been very 'bad' if I were sexually abused in my 'bottom' - if 'eel' = 'ål' had gone through the 'strait' = 'sund' of my bottom - and it could have been possible to think of a terrorist such as bin Laden as having the original reasons in such a story. But the shooting in Nazim Street in Abottabad would here have been turned around - to the US interests shooting.

In 2013 I completed the 3 first volumes and gave them to libraries. One of these was the Zentralbibliothek in Zürich - and very few days (2-3 or so) later there followed the massacre on mountaineers on Nanga Parbat in the Himalaya. This attack was on the socalled 'BASE camp' - and soon I was contacted by the library who did not want the books after all. Could be the 'Zentr-Alp-i-Blut-ek' felt the effects of the news of the Himalayan massacre. This story would have lent much weight to the BASE which also is found in 'Al Qaida' = 'The Base'. I think I remember that I saw the 'della Robbia' postcard (which I had sent) standing in the Eidsvig bookshelf on a later occasion. I dont remember this clearly but I may have been in Fjellgata 72 in the mid 80's, could be 1984?

In short, the effect of the twin bombings of Dar-es-Salaam+Nairobi (cp. 'Andrea-del-laRobbia') and later Omagh could have been to turn it around on me - such that the terror indexed the line 'rejected on a political basis' which could have been precisely what I was writing in my appeal - as if my handwriting were the (sense of the) terror.

The postcard had the photo of the artwork of della Robbia on the front page while my handwriting was on the back page. A closer study of 'Hitler's postcard' which I found in Paris in 2002 reveals that the '666' of the addressee even could have been planned as me already then - or at least when Hitler made his death camp program in the 1940's. I have speculated that if the postcard (signed 'Nelly X or '8ell4'' = 'Hitler'?) really were written by Hitler and intended for his coup of Lenin's revolution, that is, as a responsibility claim on the death of Lenin some days after the postcard had been sent, in particular in view of the idea that Laura Eidsvig could have travelled with Vidkun Quisling from Paris to Gorkij and shot Lenin (the bolsheviks had confidence in Quisling at that time), then it is even possible that the postcard of Hitler had been posted from Hamburg by Laura Eidsvig herself - travelling from Norway down to Paris for meeting Quisling there. (Quisling was sent in the first half of january 1924 from Paris to Russia on a mission for the League of Nations and Laura could have accompanied him, travelling under the identity of Quisling's young wife Alexandra).

If so, this background story of the coup of Lenin's revolution could even have been the background of the 5 revolutions in 2011, in the year when Obama was US president, on background of the postcard which I had sent to Laura Eidsvig from Firenze. If that were the case, then the 5 revolutions culminating in the long terror of Syria = 'the Levante' cp. 'le Robbia'. The revolutions were basically mediterranean - I think it was Aron Eidsvig who told the rhyme of 'en nisse skulle pisse' at the dinner table in Fjellgata 72 - 'midda'-terranean = 'dinner'-terranean.

If Osama bin Laden's attack on 11 september 2001 were to be considered as 2/3 through the year in time (by some method of computation), it could have been about the addressee of Hitler's postcard. 'Rue de la Folie Regnault' could then have been about the 'folie Ragna-[p?]ult' - the theory of the man who had become a terrorist because of such abuse by 'Ragna'. See also the numbers 8/11 * 1067 = 776 and 9/11 * 1067 = 776/948 * 1067 relative to the date of the poststamp on the postcard).

But all this about Hitler and Laura and Lenin and sexual abuse is speculation.

Intelligence projects

I have guessed that the international intelligence services maybe consider me an 'intelligence project', as part of the bigger 'intelligence projects' of the type discussed here (such as putting the concept of a 'trans penis' on a Madonna etc). I am not an 'intelligence project', though - I have no connections or involvement with any such things, even if I met my official granduncle a few times. What is such an intelligence project? Intelligence is about collecting (and thereby probably also necessarily interpreting) data needed for the administration to function in accordance with reality. I know little about this but have made the following theory (which perhaps could be around in the undertext of media nowadays):

'Intelligence' is about collecting data, but 'intelligence projects' is often only a method for collecting administrative sanction for crimes towards the own society and for lending a shade of legtimacy to them by the pretext of 'security of the state': That, however, cannot be a paragraph justifying crime (except perhaps once in a century or decade) and therefore it normally functions as a threat against 'your state' = your erection, your uprightness - unless you agree to the terms defined by the 'intelligence project'. This could mean that 'intelligence projects' is nothing but the name of a mafia enhancing their own powers (in confict with the interests of the society) by way of crimes quasi-supported by public administration - and as these expand their control via crimes and threats, they necessarily come to aim at gaining control with the state powers. Hitler was possibly such an 'intelligence project' which had the effect at the end of the war that more power was controlled by the intelligence services than before the war. It is this international mafia which now apparently aims at another round of Hitler - for further increase of their powers on a global scale. It would be this mafia which could be trying to swap me with Hitler.

Final comment

Clearly if this role-turning (for making another Hitler possible) is based on an abuse story of mine (such as this idea of the peaceful man turning terrorist because of a background as victim of sexual abuse), then a solution to this looming threat of a new Hitler could be in form of an apology and reparation money paid from the state of Norway to me. This could stop the entire historic wave.

Why isnt there a massive people's movement all over the world demanding that Norway apologizes and pays these money to me?

Could be there have been some people thinking so and these ask in the intelligence what was the story really and get the answer that 'Mr.Grover is an agent only pretending to be a victim of abuse' etc - and if people do not understand the role of the 'intelligence', it stops there - and the building of a new Hitler empire continues unhindered day by day.

Of course the police must arrest the criminals and not accept their organizations and networks as 'intelligence projects'. Politicians must dissolve all such 'intelligence projects' - before these 'projects' have gained too much power and have got too many agents and representatives into the parliaments and governments - where they could be working as politicians turning roles and preparing dreadful viruses spreading out from the handwriting of the scapegoat. Hopefully it is not too late.

Why do people turn terrorist? It is because they have been infidel in the heart. Why have they been infidel? Because they believed that a human was God. Which human? Ah, the monarch.

The 'trans Madonna program' could be an attempted (perverse) way of making a human divine.

If Obama tells 'I'm your uncle', the swap program could be about a way of attempted acquisition of the Messiah glory which has been constructed via the PTRSIM PIK tables. The smart trick is that people are cheated to recognize a God in the mix of indexes in the PTRSIM PIK and then they turn infidel in order to get out of the cheat of the double. Does the Statue of Liberty play fidle?

'Madonna' sounds well in italian but could be conceived a little more dramatic ('my donner', or like 'Beijing' = 'Lone done') in english. Could be the reason why she is called 'Our Lady'.

There seems to be little doubt that there are secret water pipes installed into the adobe walls of my house in Szolnok - and I have guessed that it could be for imitating the vague traces of an apparent 'pipe' visible on the dress of the Madonna of Guadalupe. 'Water in the pipe/chimney' could then mean 'water in the vagina' of the Guadalupe Madonna. The water in my house seems to come from a region close to the chimney. It seems that the taps controlling the water flow in these are elsewhere - which could mean that if somebody outside my site opens the taps, the water can flow in the walls and the house will collapse under its heavy stone tile roof. I have guessed that this is an 'intelligence project' (potentially made for my acquisition of the house in 2015) from about 1970, and I have noticed that the socalled 'Oslo terror' in 2011 seemed to index the address. Of course it is not possible to use it as long as long an there are water pipes in the walls controlled by others, and if it is an 'intelligence project', it follows that it will be difficult of impossible to find people who could help me plug the pipes. Of course the police should have stopped such a 'project' but when they could not even help me find out of the two burglaries there have been and the insurance company Generali have not (as far as I know) paid the loss (which could mean that the police could have told them that 'he had done it himself'), it follows that if the police supports the power mafia in the 'intelligence', then it is not possible to use the house. This could be a good example of crimes conducted under the state protection of secrecy and exemption from persecution by the police - under the possible pretext of 'security of the state'. I do not believe that this is a normal and traditional custom of house construction in the area. The 'Visegrad group' has its name allegedly from 1991 - but it is notable that 'víz' is hungarian for 'water'. 'Eger' is the not so faraway town known for its 'Egri Bikavér' = 'Egeri ox blood' red wine, while 'ad' means 'to give'. (For the 'ox', cp. the 800.000 refugees that flooded Europe after an overflow of sperm from my penis in the summer 2015 - and there has been some blood in my urine - in 2018-2019 I was in hospital for 47 days for retention and related problems). See the article 'Continental police and the construction of a new Hitler' search for 'Johan Borgen' for another mention of this Visegrád Group. To this can be added also the role of 'Vikebukt ferry station' mentioned in the same article - adding sense to 'Bukt' for 'Boko' Haram. It is for this reason that one can see a link from such a theoretic 'intelligence project' on a state level to the plans of a new Hitler swapped with me via what looks like Obama politics. Clearly the story from 'Vikebukt ferry station' (in the shed/house = 'Hussein', cp. also 'Saddam Hussein' for 'I'm your uncle') could also find similarities with the story from Nazim Street in Abottabad of 2011 a couple of months before the Oslo terror. There seems to be water installed inside the walls of the house but not inside the house itself and it has so far turned out to be a little difficult to have that done. (The water in the walls of the house but not in the house itself would perhaps resemble a RÖNTGENSTRAHL a la july 1957 'in the house' = 'Hussein', cp. also 'Saddam Hussein'). Clearly if there are too close contacts between international mafia and US democrat politics, it could be alarming.

Added 13 october 2020: After I published the above around noon italian time yesterday 12 october 2020, which is 3-6 in the morning US time, the US stock market index went right up throughout the day: It was the best day for US economy since many months! It means that the rescue for US and world economy is to get the facts on the table - even if that could include the conclusions that the US democrat party were behind the terror against US embassies in Dar-es-Salaam and Nairobi 1998, the attack on USA on 11 september 2001, Saddam Hussein for the walls of the ferry station shed and my Szolnok house for Barack HUSSEIN Obama ('your uncle'?) - and could be much more. Get the facts on the table! That can rescue the US and world economy from the recession which even now could have been planned as a form of 'economic terror' for scaring people into accepting a new Hitler.

I add also that it is possible that I was in Fjellgata 72 in 1984 - it seems that Laura Helene Eidsvig died in 1984 - and I may have been in her funeral: If so, I could have seen the della Robbia postcard standing in the bookshelf on that occasion - and I remember that I saw the postcard in the bookshelf and looked closer on it. (It is probably only I who can tell this detail in a relaxed fashion). I notice - for Moses' wife 'Zipporah' - that german for 'zipper' is 'Reiss-Verschluss'. Berit Reiss-Andersen is current leader of the norwegian Nobel peace prize committee.

I add also to the above the IPA notation of the 'u' that it resembles the new occurrence of 'https://www...' apparently for a socalled 'insecure connection' on the internet. 'Back to safety' could then mean back from 'pulitical' to 'political'. This phenomenon seems to have arisen or at least suddenly started to spread on the internet some weeks ago.

The coronavirus case is now a farce: While it is now on a global scale milder than a normal winter flue, and less people die from it than from normal flue, there is still alarm in the news - with every day numbers on the front pages: Yesterday another 39 people died from the terrible threat. That is less than a percentage - which means less than normal flue. It was only after the outbreak of high mortality in the spring that one started making tests for finding out who had the virus: My guess is that the corona virus always has existed, since Adam and Eve, and occurs in the form of normal flue in all countries all over the world. This means that the socalled 'pandemic' always has been around. But what happened in the spring 2020? My guess is that what happened was that my book "Stillhetens åndedrag' = 'the breathing of silence' is the cause of the extreme rise in deaths due to respiratory problems in the spring 2020 (people were 'silenced' due to breathing problems). Why? Because the book should have been published instead of me sinking into the boghole of Adolf Hitler's death camp program with Auschwitz as a power pump for the US democrat party. The terrible alarm is therefore that some people still exist who want Adolf Hitler more than you. Could be this fact is called the Obama administration - and if Obama worked for 8 years in the White House with swapping me with Adolf Hitler, that is where the reason is. This is the alarm. In fact the panic and mortality skyrocketed around the time when the news occurred that Obama's vice president would run for presidency. The Sri Lankan bombings (and ukrainian presidential election) took place on 21 april 2019 - starting with a bomb in the Sebastian Church - and Biden announced his intention to run for nomination on 25 april 2019. The 2020 democrat party presidential nomination ran from 3 february to 11 august 2020. (Sebastian Kurz started his second austrian government in january 2020). Here are the global curves for new cases and deaths - source - both of them start around 3 february:

The natural explanation to this is in the guess that the 2-3 poetry notebooks that I lost in a rucksack in the Barnabiten church in Vienna in the summer 2019 - followed by the shooting massacres in El Paso and Dayton in USA - could have been abused for the election campaign of the US democrat party. Why hasnt the world given me a surveillance copy? That would have solved the problem. (Maybe the police could help me with that?) The shooting in El Paso meant just that - that a surveillance copy already existed but they wanted the artifact. The US economy seems to have been happy with getting the facts on the table yesterday when I brought a piece of my authorship (the above 'art') on the internet.

What was Hitler's 'art-i-fact'? That was about 50-85 million dead people, a fifth or sixth of the US population. That is a substantial threat against the security of your state.

That is an dread of the robbia. ('Randi Øla Breccoli'?) And what is the robbia? That could be the technical 'Messiah' of the PTRSIM PIK. And who would that be?

Of course it is possible to continue to have covid-19 numbers on the front pages for another year since pandemics is assumed to take two years and then declare the pandemic for ended - but that would be only ostrich policy which cannot hide the real danger. Hopefully the panic will calm down already in november with another four years with Trump. Clearly the world does not want another round of Hitler-swap. This is also what the sudden up-swing yesterday in the US stockmarket meant.

I add the story from some 3-4 years ago when there was a Kreisleriana festival of music (by Fritz Kreisler) in the Barnabiten church by students of the 'Akademie Orpheus' - I attended one or two concerts. This was also the year when the gyro toy was around - everywhere people were sitting spinning these gyros in their hands - these were 'Kreislers', sort of. In the summer 2019 I saw that the same academy organized another music festival in the same church and went for a concert there - that is when I forgot the rucksack. The background for this could have been in my submission (in probably 2005 or maybe 2006) of my TEQ book 15 'Gentlemen' to Jüdische Verlag in Berlin: I sent it at daytime and in the evening news there was the sensation that Mercedes and Chrysler (cp. the later 'Kreisler Festival') would merge. Whether this new 'Meisler & Crusaders' were the reason or what it was, a terrible toothache soon attacked my jaw - it felt like a devil had acquired a hydraulic drill and would not give in before I had withdrawn the submission. This 'Meisler & Crusaders' could have been the background of the Beirut bomb in august this year - the 'Meisler' left remnants of a tooth in the port which could be associated with the Pamhagen border and hence possibly 'Pentagon', the US defense centre from 1943. (There is also a 'Meiselmarkt' at Johnstrasse). In short, if the poetry notebooks in the rucksack I lost in the church after the concert with students from the same 'Akademie Orpheus' should be the substrate of the current Covid-19 pandemic mortality in the spring from 3 february onwards, it is very possible that the Beirut bomb could have served to lend 'election punch' to the effect of the pandemic.

The conclusion to all this seems to be the word 'POSTCARD' in big lettering. In norwegian, that sounds like 'på Skaret' = on/in the mountain pass. See this article for a mention of the walks with the official father on the region called 'Skaret' outside Molde in the 1960's. In one of these he showed me his palm and drew a circle around the fleshy thumb part of the palm and said that this was the favourite dish of cannibals. If that should have meant 'deal and Thomas', it could have meant that we had a 'deal' like Dylan Thomas who probably was not an agent but who wrote 'A map of love' with detailed description of the schimmel image on the bathroom wall. This is likely to be an 'archetypal' schimmel image which recurs in the same form under certain circumstances - and which maybe the secret intelligences considered 'high intelligence mysticism' which Thomas could not have got hold of if he had not been an agent. However, since this schimmel image could be seen as the name of US democrat president Woodrow Wilson, the name meaning that an archetypal 'will' determines the form of the image on the 'woodrow' wall, one can guess that even Dylan Thomas were a PTRSIM PIK - even if he officially was born the year after Wilson started his presidency. (The moon lander corresponding to Thomas would then be 'Orion' = the Kugel & Rollenlager of the Thomas image in Moeringg.10-12). Of course Thomas could have been born in USA a couple of years earlier and been taken to Wales for a swap with another child in early childhood - or he simply was transported early and was registered on a wrong date. It would be this story that tells that the schimmel image would be the secret of his life - and therefore his 'Map of love' traces this image with high precision. Of course it is rather improbable that Thomas was an agent. Likewise, I am not an agent but may share PTRSIM PIK status with Thomas - and that 'deal' I could 'agree with'. But I do not agree to any 'deal' that assigns ownership or authorship or copyright to any part of my work to the intelligence services or anybody else (except of course those who want to publish my work - after agreement with me). But if 'POSTCARD' is the secret of all this, it could have served to create the false idea that I have agreed to something like that which of course I have not. I am not an agent and have never been an agent. Could be the plan was that the 'deal' should be that I let myself be tapped and abused by the intelligence services against a pension - that likewise is nonsense: My pension does not include anything like that and I would never have agreed to anything like that. It is added that 'på Skaret' = 'on/in the mountain pass' could also apply to the cartoon in The New Yorker of 8 february 1999.

Do I hunt for this PTRSIM PIK secret? Well, I have after many years of work found 'the fundamental theorem of linguistics' which is the basis for the technical definition of the PTRSIM PIK. My TEQ function 14 = book 14 with its principle of distibutional semantics is a groundsolid proof that my inner poetic articulations (which totally constitute TEQ except for a few titles etc) are not constituted by any administrative or 'intelligence' interests. A further proof of this can be found in the book title 'Gentlemen' to book 15 which I sent to Jüdische Verlag in 2005 (or 2006): If this 'Gentlemen' is taken to mean a 'gentlemen's agreement' in the sense that you cannot in advance know with certainty which order of two will be the result, and if book 15 is about the principle of 'logical order', then it means that I knew already when I started writing this book in 2004 that book 14 would be about distributional semantics - long before this probably was discovered by computerized analysis of the entire corpus (after the 15 or maybe even 16 books were completed). For the idea of book 15 being about 'logical order', see e.g. the following The Endmorgan Quartet poem #1463 = TEQ book 15 poem #9 (hebrew fragment from Talmud Erubin, the classic Vilna edition, El Hamekoroth, Jerusalem 1947/48) relative to the Tiepolo matter discussed in the article 'The helicopters':

TEQ poem #1463
Book 15 poem #9:     שלשה לא אמרינן לבוד

The arms properly remain

Why do Israel set these things up when they want to destroy it?
Which again I thought could relate.
And who wrote in 2002:

prince's cooper is a cute"?

(There is also a concordance via the fragments from Talmud (in books 13-16) in vol.3 'Poetic semiosis' p.838-876 relative to 'The Dreamer' in vol.1).

This phenomenon of 'logical order' in book 5 with title 'Gentlemen' written in 2004 would add much force (or 'punch') to the proof that the inner poetic articulations of TEQ are not under any sort of administrative or intrigue control. Which also means that one cannot trace any sort of 'deal' with those interests in my work, and those interests have no rights in my work.

Added on 14 october 2020: It must be understood that the US democrat program looks like a 'dribble with tricks' and that they seem to support my person or rather indexes only to the extent that it is swappable with Hitler: But that could mean that it is Hitler they support, not my probably jewish genetics. If 'Biden' is phonologically close to but not identical with 'fidel', which rather suggests that 'biden' = 'in-fidel', that is when they could invite to vote for my 'octogon', presented as a 'human trait' in the bundle of indexes. But that is a dribble with the much deeper infidelity in supporting Hitler. I have called for a downgrading of the 'octogon' if it were a socalled 'intelligence project' or otherwise were organized in advance: If it really were such an 'intelligence project' planned and organized intentionally towards my historic person (the PTRSIM PIK), then a downgrading of it would probably lead to a quite unison evaluation of it for the conclusion 'but then it is not Grover who is the infidel, it only looks like on the surface: Then it is rather the other way round that it is Grover who is the victim of infidelity intrigues which has badly damaged his chances for a normal life' - cp. the above discussion of the doctorate dissertation 'rejected on a political/pulitical basis'. Most people would probably consider it this way (although some perhaps would say that if Grover were involved in the intrigues himself, then it is not so easy): This could be part of the construction with 'på Skaret' = 'postcard' - as if they try to create the idea that I was informed and involved in the history. That is not true: I do not have any 'deal' or 'agreement' and was never informed about this political history neither before nor after. This element could be quite essential in the current election in USA - if 'claims of the PIK being infidel are not really true - it is only a matter of a conpiracy which is made for creating the impression of infidelity' - if, that is, there were such a conspiracy - I mean, possibly involving names such as Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Sylvia Plath, Anne Sexton, Saul Bellow, Marianne Moore, whether the persons behind these names with a very broad public spread (resembling the current pandemic) were involved or not. Thereby the idea of the name of 'Biden' being phonologically close to 'in-fidel', plus a certain heavyweight 'semantic' rooting in Hitler's political history, the 50-85 million dead, could be suggestive of the idea that 'Biden is not really infidel - if some says that it looks like he is politically infidel, that is only a conspiracy created for making it look like he is infidel - in reality it is the other way round'. But that would be part of a swap-strategy on my person. This is the reason why a downgrading of the 'octogon', if it were an 'intelligence project' or similar organized program, could be of very much importance.

There is also the above-mentioned idea of people turning terrorist because they have been infidel in the heart, trying to make it look the opposite. Cp. also the phonological similarity of 'Obama and Biden' with 'Osama bin Laden'.

Alas, it is very possible that Adolf Hitler did not die in 1945 but now is up and going in politics under the disguise of new borrowed feathers, that is, with a rebuilt body and new identity. 'A Joe Biden' is phonologically close to 'A dol fitler', and that could be just the play with the 'fidel' or 'fidle'. A jo fidler? (Cp. the apparent Midori on the bridge and the later Beirut bomb). Obama's apparent program of swapping Adolf Hitler with me could be for such purposes - which of course is a dribble with indexes - but indeed it is not only indexes if the basis for a swapping program is in historic moments like the hygrometer or the 'julekaka' and things like that. Then it is Adolf Hitler (if he swapped identity with Aron Eidsvig after the war, such as the 'hardon' AIDSHIV epidemic could be suggestive of) and his political history which is the theme and not only his name. If Biden sails on the winds from a name-similarity with Adolf Hitler, then his close connections with Obama (being his vice during the years 2009-2017) means that this phonological similarity could have a quite massive support in the political history of Adolf Hitler.

Finally, if the 'Covid-19' mortality from about 3 february onwards is connected with my loss of the rucksack in the Barna-biten church (cp. 'Joe Biden' and the Sri Lanka church bombings) in the summer 2019, how could they have managed to preprogram me to leave the rucksack there? I should perhaps add that there were certain story elements which could be suggestive of the idea of an 'oto-acoustic emission', like a 'click' in the ear. I dont know to what extent this also could be telling of [perception of] certain phonological changes. An oto-acoustic emission would resemble the socalled 'Purkinje effect' in the eye. Oto-acoustic emissions resemble CLICKs in the ear: I have earlier described the 'telephone prefix' with the CLICK in the other end of the connection as possibly containing the idea that 'Grover had been informed about the story in advance' (in 1995 it would mean that I had been informed about the rejection of the dissertation/degree in advance, by this CLICK) - cp. the possibly vital role of this in the 'o[c]togon'. 'Purkene' = norw. for 'the she-pigs', a concept which could apply to the story from Matthew 8:32. It is possible that they had used the PTRSIM PIK matrix for this verse (the hebrew in this table is written left-right, not right-left!) to construct the 'emission' of the rucksack. I moved from the first seat to another and when 'one of the flock' - a male - came and sat down in front of me, I moved to yet a third and may have forgotten the rucksack on the second. This whole construction - including the Covid-19 - could then have served to create the idea that 'Grover knew the plans [or the rejection] in advance' on basis of that idea of 'click' in the other end of Persen's telephone in 1995: He had not put the receiver fully on when I on his request entered a second time through the door (the 'logical order' of these elements could be the theme - whether I opened/closed the door and conversation before or after the CLICK in the other end closed the telephone connection - while the 'orientation' or 'info' I thereby got was that it seemed that Perse intentionally waited with putting the receiver on the phone untill we had established contact and exchanged words: If the person in the other end of the connection thereby 'tapped' our beginning conversation, it could also mean, if the 'other end' were considered me, that I were in the 'secret intelligence', could be as agent, and that I thereby agreed to having the dissertation rejected - which of course is not true but the construction could have created that impression). In 2019 when I returned to the Barnabiten church appr. an hour and a half later, after having discovered the loss, it seems that the shooting spree in the Walmarts ('warln-arts' = 'art-i-fact'?) in El Paso started in the moment when I re-entered the church. One of the notebooks was completely blank in the second half but had a single internet password written on the last page: The suicide shooter was standing there shooting people untill he himself was shot, told the news. (A later report in Indian Express seemed to tell that the news were not fake news - and Trump had also spoken out strongly against the acts of terror). Of course it is not probable that they in the course of one hour only had found such a volunteer in El Paso after having searched through the rucksack and found this password on the last page of one of the notebooks: This is a proof that they had scanned the contents of the rucksack with electronic surveillance in advance - not that I was involved in the intrigue or had left the rucksack there intentionally. The other notebook had annotations of date of writing on the poems, something which I think was generally lacking from poems in the first, and the similar shooting spree in Dayton some hours later suggests that this was no coincidence. As I think I have mentioned earlier, I recall that probably Mai Kosberg (probably not 'Gro', whom I think mentioned 'Auschwitz' with a grin) in probably an intermission outside Frydenberg Gymnas in probably 1974 told me that my official father in his younger days (John Jensen) had been called 'emissæren' = 'the emissary' - which perhaps could be about such an 'otoacoustic emission'. (Cp. also 'Inga Brynolf Danderyd'). Elements like these could have been used for constructing the forgetting of the rucksack in the church in Vienna, and this again could have contributed to the effect of the Covid-19 with its high mortality in the months of the US democrat nomination process. This mortality lasted apparently untill I had left Austria, or at least it has not returned with the second round (I have been in Italy since 27 july). The poetry notebooks were 'written by hand' = 'sri lanka'. The name of the new ukrainian president 'Volodymyr Zelensky' could suggest aspects of the enigeneered forgetting of the rucksack in the church. I had not left it there on purpose!

In short, it looks from my viewpoint that the US democrat strategy is

1) to swap me with Hitler
2) to present themselves as me (here by the notebooks, and could be Hollywood plagiarises my books, or 'democrat' media abuse surveillance data from my life and work etc)

for thereby

3) receiving quasi democratic support for Hitler' program

This looks like a strategy for power by terror and monkey business = 'robbia and real della' (the artifact is then the 'real part of' = 'real Edda').

Conclusion for USA: Vote Trump!

Added on 15 october 2020:I add that 'co-vid-nitten' as 'ko-neb-hytten' could be taken to mean 'på-sge-hytten' which could be 'påske-hytten' = 'the easter cottage' on the front page of 'Sanger av Bjarne Eidsvig' = 'songs by Bjarne Eidsvig' (published probably by the local newspaper 'Sunnmørsposten' - see the credits) containing also lyrics by Aron Eidsvig - and hence possibly also (in the context of political interests in swapping Eidsvig/'Hitler' with me) the potential idea that Adolf Hitler wrote my book. He did not! The 'rhyme' that probably uncle Aron told - about 'en nisse skulle pisse/nisse...' - was (as far as I remember) told by the dinner table in Fjellgata 72 - 'dinner' = 'midda[g]' and the 5 'revolutions' of 2011 were mainly in the 'mediterranean' area. This 'midda' could now perhaps be seen in the context of the 'postcard' for Laura Devold shooting Lenin? The dinner in Fjellgata was made by her - the shooting of Lenin (by the 'nisse' - Ole Devold's factory made 'nisseluer') could perhaps have been conceived as a 'dinner'. That could mean the 'midda-evil' or 'mid-Devold' = 'medieval', such as allegedly the ancient 'Edda' and things like that.

In 1993 or maybe earlier I wrote the poem 'North' - and when I now look over Aron Eidsvig's poem, I notice a certain thematic similarity and even structure with this 'gold' on the sea in the end of the two poems. Is this the reason for the 5 revolutions and much else under Obama? I mean, to create the idea that my poem or poetry generally is inspired by possibly Adolf Hitler? I agree to the thematic similarity but do not see it as any problem - the theme is rather normal.

'Nisse' in norwegian folklore corresponds probably to a 'leprechaun' in irish folklore. This suggests 'leprechaun' vs 'depression' for an L-D or Lone-Done. It is perhaps not impossible that modern international politics is of that sort of level! (It was Knut Stene Johansen who made me aware of this 'leprechaun' in probably the 1970's or early 1980's - which means most probably before I wrote my poem - in the context of I think it was a record or song by some then famous pop/rock group). I notice that Covid-19 is not 'lepra' but contagious it is - and it has led to at least a recession, if not (yet) depression, and hopefully the circus will be terminated before the global economy has come too low. If this crisis is for creating the idea that my poetry (could be on a jewish-genetic background) is 'like Adolf Hitler', it is time to end this crcus. I see from the article on the 'leprechaun' that there is mention of a 'pot of gold at the end of the rainbow'. Ach ja, I dont think it is worth it if this is a large-scaled intrigue for this comparison of my poem with Eidsvig/'Hitler's. The 'revolution' of Egypt in 2011 - was it for 'you/du ve[d] Nil, ja' = 'you at the Nile, yes'? 'Tunis' = 'tune is' by Bjarne? (I have earlier referred to a scene with Ragna Grøver using the word 'juvenile delinquency' not many days - could be the day - before Vibeke Grøver should have an exam in school). My 'silken rays are shed' could compare with the shed on Vikebukt, the very HUSSEIN, also in Szolnok. And then the 'revolution' of 'Libya' could be about the LIEBe in these shed silken rays - like that overflow of the summer 2015 which was followed by 800.000 mediterranean-middle-east refugees into Europe/Germany? (I normally do not masturbate, and this 2015 was not so either, but some 'silken' overflow it could perhaps be called). 'Syria' as 'syr, ja' could then refer to the act of 'sewing' after the removal of the foreskin of my penis in late 1981 or early 1982. I dont know who did it (but it may be that Anders Munthe-Kaas worked in the same hospital - but this I am not certain of). There were for some time some shadows on the 'glans' - could be even around the time when I wrote the poem - and I speculated who they resembled - it wasnt Hitler? Or was it rather a la the schimmel image - like Dylan Thomas' 'Map of love'? Of course it could have been around the time when I wrote the poem - my body is a little like that, cp. the white stripes on my nails and the later black stripe on my thumb nail. There is no 'deal and tom-as' of mine, though, in particular not relative to Adolf Hitler.

It is high time to blow off this farce if it be about international politics on the elements I have described here.

© John Bjarne Grover
On the web 10 october 2020
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