PTRSIM PIK and the current political-cultural landscape of 2021

John Bjarne Grover

Abstract: What seems to lead to new re-nazification of Europe is the simple propaganda mix of the single person labelled PTRSIM PIK and the at least 200 year old intelligence project (or something like that) called PTRSIM PIK: The single person PTRSIM PIK is persecuted by the criminal intelligence project PTRSIM PIK who blames the single person for the problems which the intelligence project creates ("There goes PTRSIM PIK - he is the reason for our problems!"), and since the architecture of the socalled PTRSIM PIK phenomenon is a secret of a semi-advanced kind, it is difficult for the public to unveil the intrigue for protecting themselves against the effect of the propaganda - and the world glides inevitably towards a new Mussolini and a new Hitler. Example: The PTRSIM PIK program (which rests on a theologic interpretation of the concept of 'son of God' fulfilling the scriptures) seems to have its historic rooting in Henry VIII's brexit from the catholic church and therefore is inherently anglican 'warfare' against the catholic cultures, and by cheating people to believe that the single persecuted person (of jewish genetics) called PTRSIM PIK is the root of the problems, the very hallmark of the enemies of catholicism, the roles turn around and a Mussolini envoy from England or USA will have an easy time in collecting the new 'fascies'. The problem is solved by publishing all details in the contruction - but the person who carries the label 'PTRSIM PIK' is seemingly the secret joker in top international politics - and this is the reason why it is difficult to just have it all published. The article tells the nature of the phenomenon of this PTRSIM PIK and how it is abused in politics.

PTRSIM PIK in politics

It seems that there is one philosophical tenet that completely dominates the cultural and political landscape. That is the tenet which can be called 'formal metaphysics': Assume that physical substance arises from a reduction of a metaphysical origin by way of the constitution of the human psyche - and assume that multiple metaphysical realities exist. The human psyche is created in such a way that it recognizes two items A and B in two different metaphysical realities as the same. They are not the same but the human psyche has such a bias that it recognizes them as the same and that bias is what the human species is - other species (birds etc) may see it differently. In this formulaic A = B the two items reduce to substance + meaning attached and this meaning is handled by the human semiotic or linguistic constitution. In principle, all matter is such 'ex nihilo' substance. The philosopher Wittgenstein can be seen to have this reduction as his one single main theme - which, though, I guess that he never mentioned explicitly. It could have been his 'business secret'. (See my reading of this business secret as the theme of his 'Tractatus'). However, the same business secret seems to have been adopted by Adolf Hitler from the same Austria - and his work was dominated by the theme of turning this philosophical stance into its negative by way of terror.

The other - which is 'the same' - theme that totally dominates (albeit unspokenly) the field of politics seems to be the socalled PTRSIM PIK phenomenon, which seems to have been discovered by Eusebius in the early centuries and adopted into 'aryan' philosophy. (That is probably why Hitler conceived of the germans as having an aryan origin - the aryan race). PTRSIM PIK is the implementation of this philosophical principle into a quasi-theological interpretation of the Bible - the relation between the old and the new testament is understood as a quasi-derivation that can be adopted into political strategy. The principle which seems to have been discovered by Eusebius (I have little empirical basis for this but pope Francis published his view on the footballer Eusebio as the 'Black Pearl' of football - I speculated that he could have made an allusion to 'PTRSIM PIK' thereby) is that one can implement the philosophical principle into a 'quasi-theological' interpretation by considering the phenomenon of those words which occur twice and only twice in Genesis (first book of Moses) as being about "two words being 'the same'". Of course two such words are a diachronic phenomenon and not the synchronic one of meaning attached to referent having its origin in two different metaphysical realities, but it is true that one gets something interesting extra by this 'smart trick': What one gets extra is that the principle of diachronic = synchronic is introduced automatically thereby - this amounts to the principle which I for my 'fundamental theorem of linguistics' call 'logical order is the same as semantic assignment'. However that be, if one agrees to conceive of words that occur twice and only twice in Genesis as a more or less relevant representation of the state of the art in Heaven, then one can construct a 'Messiah function' from the old to the new testament in the form of an alphabetized list of such doublewords in Genesis matched against the verses in the gospel of Matthew. There are 775 true doublewords in Genesis and 1071 verses in Matthew, but the number of doublewords in Genesis can be expanded by drawing a division line through the book and counting doublewords on each side of the 'fence' - and thereby one can, by a proper positioning of the division line, reach the desired number of doublewords in total being 1071. When these are ordered alphabetically and matched against the 1071 verses of Matthew, one gets an interesting technical model of Messiah or Jesus 'fulfilling the scriptures' of Moses. It is likely to be this principle which was discovered by Eusebius - and it seems to have been the secret backbone of lots of quasi-esoteric and 'secret intelligence' societies since then - I would guess that freemasons and rosicrucians - and their offsprings fancied to be into modern 'international secret intelligence services' setting their views through with hitlerish terror (I mean, isnt the fictional James Bond from 'british intelligence'?) - and all those have shared this fundamental idea that there exists a 'deep secret' about the nature of Christ which must be kept strictly secret since otherwise it could drain the faith out of the poor humans - and that is the secret that Christ can be quasi 'constructed' by this concordance table. The fanatics may have shared the fear that Christ was a piece of fiction created in this way by esoterics in the middle ages - and that 'the son of God' likewise can be constructed this way.

An example from politics: Through many years Norway and Russia were negotiating on the division line in the Barents Sea - and this division line was probably wriggled back and forth like the division line in Genesis for reaching 1071 doublewords. (Vadsø m/Vats = #536 = Matthew 16:8?) It was, if I understood it right, terribly felt in Oslo whenever Russia suggested a tiny adjustment - and a part of the reason for this could be found in the parallelism between the norwegian-russian border in the north and the austrian-hungarian border in the south. (Matthew 16:8 in greek could also tell of some involvement of 'Gnore' - Herdis Eggen used the word once - in the 'octogon'?) With the division line constituting the border in the north and the 'lapis philosophorum' (cruelly put up wrong way in 1919, leaving the austrians with a problem of 'homo' as a punishment for their Doppelmonarchie) in the south, these north-south border matters constitute an interesting comment on this philosophical principle in its relation to the 'matter par excellence' in the white stone.

I myself have tentatively constructed the table of such doublewords relative to Matthew. I have not had access to the canonical concordance table (which could have been established by Eusebius and been a precious secret ever since) but have made one myself on basis of experimentation on variation of the division line. The table is not to be considered 'official' or canonical but gives a taste of what it probably is. The table is found in this file. See discussions in this file. PTRSIM PIK is the word pair under entry 948.

As soon as one has understood this matter, a lot of 'mysteries' open up and primitive attitudes could perhaps tend to try and lock this secret down for esoteric control of the others who do not have access to it. That is the nature of secret societies - including the apparent network or 'liga' of International Secret Intelligence Services who probably have their representatives in all existing national intelligence services serving information to their governments and administrations. They have no constitutional power but the government cannot function without them and hence they have that sort of power. Only little wriggle in the division line between what shall be included in the intelligence report and what should not could be enough for the administration to tremble in their pants.

Where is the historic study which describes Adolf Hitler as a principle of installation of this 'formal metaphysics' into the world by way of terror? This description could come to land on the conclusion that Adolf Hitler is the primary guru of International Secret Intelligence Services.

The 'dirty trick'

There seems to be one single 'dirty trick' which dominates all intrigue and political strategies in top level politics - and that is the following double interpretation of 'PTRSIM PIK' and the possibility of mixmaxing them:

1) PTRSIM PIK as a single person: There has apparently existed a political intrigue on the PTRSIM PIK concordance table since Napoleon - and I have guessed that Norway was established in 1814 for the single purpose of installing the program into the world. The program consists in constructing such quasi or technical Messiahses which politics could 'hijack'. I have guessed that this is how it is done: The concordance table is imitated in the Stammbaum of the 'Messiah' child in its genetics (the 1071 hebrew words are used for selecting parents through many generations by name, nationality, placename and other indexical characteristics) in such a way that when the child is born, the world believes that it is a Messiah who can lead the flock over the mountain pass and into the green valley on the other side - and the hypothesis tells that a few days after the birth of the child, a US democrat politician designed to serve as presidential candidate comes as a 'wise man' to the newborn child whose skullcap is lifted and the 'coming president' masturbates a spurt of sperm on its cortex before the skullcap is put back in place. A terrible trauma this is for the child who thereby has experienced a 'second coming' out of an essential confinement (only days after the first coming out of the primordial 'economic paradise'), and the child has to sit for days while a caretaker holds the skullcap in place for reattachment. The theory probably goes that this 'second coming' is a way to hijack the entire future of the child - and the US democrat candidate returns to USA and is elected as Messiah and goes from the one victory to the next and is celebrated as the hope of our nation, the one and only whom History has chosen to lead the flock over the mountain pass and into the green valley on the other side. It is not the least for this role that the 'technical Messiah' is constructed as a gifted child from a selected Stammbaum prepared through centuries - since those 'gifts which History has granted the child' are hijacked by the coming president whose talents thereafter are celebrated everywhere. The strategy of 'terror-and-monkey-business' is perhaps difficult to avoid for such politics. Adolf Hitler seems to have been a european counterpoint to such a US politician - on basis of the then PTRSIM PIK called Ludwig Wittgenstein. Therefore Hitler talked warmly of the 'aryan race'.

The 6 US expeditions to the 'moon' (!) in the years 1969-71 seem to have told the story of the 6 PTRSIM PIKs since the program was started around 1808. I have guessed the following list of PTRSIM PIKs and their corresponding US presidents:

Henrik Wergeland
Pjotr Iljitch Tschaikovsky                
Arthur Rimbaud
Ludwig Wittgenstein      
Dylan Thomas
John Grover (= me)
US president
Knox Polk
Moon lander

2) PTRSIM PIK as a political program: The program has probably sprung out from the british victory over Napoleon - in the continuation from the brexit of Henry VIII from the catholic church. To what extent the austrian Doppelmonarchie were an integral part of it, I dont know - or whether the political program could have been a british attempt to control and reduce the austrian power factor in Europe. PTRSIM PIK as a political program seems to be based on the 'protestant' attitude to the dogma of transubstantiation of the holy host in the christian holy communion - the secret 'protestant' idea could be that this amounts to the formation of a 'lapis philosophorum' via the reduction of two metaphysical realities to one physical - while the innermost secret of this protestantism could be the cynical pessimism that the whole divinity can be 'constructed' by technical methods contained in the concordance table. Such pessimism naturally twins with the idea of a US democrat party's travelling candidate - since it could lend looming dimensions to the unworldly authority of the newborn child (as this authority is lifted over onto the politician). The political program is likely to be simply terror and monkey business on the PTRSIM PIK child - the most disastrous story being Hitler's second world war as monkey business on the life of Wittgenstein. For this purpose it seems that the program, which for such reasons probably is classified as a high secret, is constituted by a fictional quasi 'Messiah' in the form of an averaging over the series of PTRSIM PIK subjects - who in their biographies are distortedly described in such a way that they all seem to adhere to a common pattern. The characteristics ascribed to this series is therefore probably a series of lies from the 'secret intelligences'. One such notable one is the feature of HOMO assigned to the PTRSIM PIKs: It is said that Tschaikowsky committed suicide after a 'homo-erotic' experience, that Rimbaud was in a homo relation to Verlaine and that Wittgenstein was in a homo relation to a medical student - which probably are dirty lies all of them. 'Murderer' is another label apparently assigned to the PTRSIM PIK: It is said that Wittgenstein, when he worked as teacher, murdered a schoolboy by way of a powerful blow to his head - but that Wittgenstein's influential family tried to cover up the scandal and that Wittgenstein didnt want to talk about it. Some paper may have been found in police archives, though. It seems likewise that the famous Apenes murder in Norway has been ascribed to me - which would be an outright lie - I did not murder her - it probably happened in the same night as Aldo Moro was murdered in Italy and I was to a party in the neighbouring house. By some analysis, one can reach the 'hilarious' theory that my own official father was the same person as Josef Mengele from Auschwitz, in new postwar identity, though, who in the late 60's was replaced with a new copy while the original went to Rome for taking the place of pope Paul VI - and went by airplane up to Norway on 5 may 1978 for murdering the old mother ('aldo moro') of MP Georg Apenes, dressed in full papal vestiges including high hat, using a knife for slitting the throat of 'a-Penis' in a quasi-circumcisional act - while I (the PTRSIM PIK who thereby was 'circumcised' by terror and monkey business) was to a party next door. I dont think this is a sensible theory but it may be that quasi-'anglican' intrigue could have nourished plans of installing it in the historic substructure. The attempt on pope John Paul II could have been related to the idea of making this PTRSIM PIK idea attach to the pope.

In Vienna 2005 I was addressed by police who could inform me that I had been suspected of 'talking to children', which likewise was a lie: I had 'talked to' only one little child who stood outside a house and looked at me with big eyes when I was striding for reaching a train and I nodded a 'guten Tag' to her in the passing. (And of course I have never been in any sexual relation to a child). Tschaikowsky seems to have been suspected of being a peeper - but that is likely to be only the name of his corresponding president Knox Polk - as a joke on 'Fort Knox'. The false idea of me luring children behind a bush (for pedo abuse) would then be the same as the name of John Fitzgerald 'Handy'. It is likely that the plan is to assign 'perversion' character traits to all the PTRSIM PIKs. One quickly sees the plan - it is to assign to them the nature of murderers, homos, perverts, drug addicts, drinking and whoring, alcoholics, judases etc - that is, every vice which could be seen as being present to a bigger or smaller than average degree in the employees of the International Secret Intelligence Services and their corresponding network - for an intended swap mechanism by way of methods of dirty intrigue.

I have no such problems - and I think there are reasons to guess that the socalled 'octogon' of my youth could have been organized by the intrigue. I would guess that former PTRSIM PIKs were not burdened with such problems either - but their contemporary intrigue organizers could have had such problems.

I can also report that the years I lived in Vienna were felt as somewhat burdened with what I suspected were outright attempts to use administrative power for trying to make me homo - which of course would have been an extraordinarily disgusting program - but it is possible that the Burgenland border with its wrongway 'lapis philosophorum' could have been the real factor.

Now for the clue: The apparently enormous dimensions of the abuse program against the little person PTRSIM PIK could never have been justified and could have called for a unified international condemnation if they had not had a constructed pretext to hide behind - and that seems to have been the constructed idea that they should have been convinced by some involved informant that I should have made an 'agreement' with the official parents in the 1960's - which then should have meant that I was 'involved' and therefore would not protest against the abuse. For example, it is well possible that my workdesk in the years 2010-2020 was surveyed and the data forwarded to media such as the advertisement business who publish ads on large outdoor posters all over Austria. If I tried to learn a little language by learning 5 glosses in the morning, these could be on outdoor ads already in the evening the same day. Or the ideas I wrote on my computer seemed to pop up in some form or other in such adverisement - could be also in other media. This form of massively abusive mock would call for a giant economic compensation - but not if I had made an 'agreement' with the eavesdropping services. This ridiculous idea had never been presented to me - and I have only guessed that it has been active. When the dimensions are as enormous as this and the media could be not only austrian but international, should it be up to little me to use my small pension money to pay a lawyer for looking over the matter only for experiencing that 'security of the state' prevented him from forwarding the facts to me? Of course this problem would be of massive importance for the international development and therefore it is selfevident that political interesters who are not totally corrupted by power-craving would lend high priority to doing this invstigation on my behalf. In the years of unemployment in the 1990's I was obliged to apply for any work I could get and may have sent 200 applications which were rejected or (towards the end of the series) not even answered at all - before I got the pension in 2002. Of course to launch another 'application' for understanding is hazard for me and costs me all too much. It is self-evident that the world must do this on my behalf - and track down the criminals who abuse me and my work. Is the 'project' to high up in administration? Then of course it is even more acutely important and urgent. Any other conclusion is completely out of the question for a decent society.

The answer to the mystery why this has not been stopped by sensible independent people who see the enormous importance in stopping the nazification of Europe could probably be that the 'intelligences' tell outright lies. Such potential interesters who could have run the case on my behalf - including all the cases for arresting and wringing compensation money out of all the plagiarisms in film, bestselling novels, business etc - may probably have gone naively to the national intelligence services for inquiring about the matter and been told (by recourse to some info written on a paper) that 'he seems to have an agreement with the norwegian intelligences' and that is the reason. Aha, is that how it is, concludes the inquirer and goes home again.

The fact is that the abuse is probably so raw that the only chance I have is to minimize my interface with the society and work on with my things while there is still a little force left in me. I spent 47 days in hospital in 2018-19 due to complete exhaustion and 'acute anemia'.

Could be the 'intelligence' tells the inquirer that 'he has been in prison' - as for inviting to the silent thought that 'he was offered an alternative solution after the murder'. That would be a lie: I worked as prison guard throughout the summer 1978 or was it 1979 in the local and rather idyllic prison in the Old Town, with 20 cells or so, and then I was sitting in the guard's room most of the time (often at night) - that means that they could feel like telling the truth if they say that 'he has been [sitting] in prison', but it would have to count as a lie on basis of a half-truth. I had summer work also in a paint factory, a plastic factory, I worked in a bakery and as a postman etc.

The simple fact is probably that there is much crime in administration and they try to find smart strategies for escaping the law by swipswapping with me. That is the whole story.

When I come at the end of a long 'sausage' of PTRSIM PIKs who are suspected of being 'Messiah' and whose biographies are squeezed into a procrustean shape as one single long dirty beast, that is the basis for the simple program that claims that 'PTRSIM PIK is the threat against our society, our culture, our future'. It may be very true that the political program sailing under this flag is a threat indeed, but it is not true that I am. The danger of the intrigue becomes even larger by the dirty swap mechanisms - which includes the idea of the 'intelligences' as the new Messiahses or at least his disciples.

The whole story could tell that PTRSIM PIK is a program of anglican 'warfare' against catholicism - and then I am recognized as the PTRSIM PIK who is a threat against catholicism. It is easy for the program to make ordinary people believe so - and that could be the whole story. This mixmax leads to new Mussolinis and Hitlers - untill the story be told in explicit wording.

Some politically minded people could - on my behalf - try and cash in the reparation money from all the plagiarisms which are quasi accepted by the society under such service control since the plagiarisms serve to turn the roles around. The Weinstein case in USA could have been an example of how it should not be done if Weinstein's real sin was that he had earned a lot of money on my work - producing films based on plagiarisms of my literary work - while I have earned nothing from it so far.

Wittgenstein's first book submission was his Tractatus submitted to Jahoda & Siegel - who rejected it while Hitler later organized the sealing of judaism in the holocaust. My first book submission was rejected in concert with the Oklahoma bombing - the biggest bombing in US history. If somebody should try and make a support group for wringing the money out of the plagiarisms which seem to constitute quite a 'backbone' in this PTRSIM PIK program steering towards a new Hitler, they may perhaps feel a little taken back by the dimensions of the problem (world wars etc) - but it is likely to be a matter of getting to the basis for the whole problem - which seems to be just this PTRSIM PIK construction. If it be published and well known what this concordance story is, then the whole matrix of problems could come to calm down. The Concorde crash in Paris or the Costa Concordia in Italy could be ways of 'telling the story' in such a way that it gets only much more difficult to have it told.

The standard problem would probably be that the foremost interesters in such a 'stop the british power sausage' movement could probably be 'british intelligence', so to speak - and then the intended conclusion could be that the most important thing is to silence the PTRSIM PIK - the very 'Mr. Power Sausage' himself. But that is no solution, of course - what helps is to get the facts published, and, if needed, downgraded. But I suppose it is possible to have much done without access to secrets.

My conclusion is that the main political dimensionality in the world today is this triangle of US democrats in more or less visible liaison with monarchic England and the austrian 'Burgenland' power on the one hand, while the US republicans try to make a liaison with China - with China being assigned that unfortunate role of being 'the defining problem of the world'. If the US republicans thundered against China for the covid-19 pandemic, if that virus really came from England's second brexit (spontaneous or not), the accusations would have been for lifting the story off England and the republicans and China could share interests therein. But does this strategy lose its effect if it be told out explicitly - I mean, if people understand that 'China' is a mis-pronounciation of 'England'? If so, that only means that there is a need for a secret swap-mechanisms somewhere - and then even these could be in need of a PTRSIM PIK as a dumping place.

The problem is that if the personal PTRSIM PIK be taken as the same as the political program PTRSIM PIK, since the personal PTRSIM PIK is no problem and is not burdened under secrets of vices, then simsalabim all problems of politics seem to be solved by this identity function. Alas, it is quite the opposite: While everybody thereby believe that all problems are solved and there is only sunshine everywhere, the british power sausage writhes forwards towards new historic action - could be in the form of terror-and-monkey-business of a new Mussolini and new Hitler.

Constitutional vs unconstitutonal power

It may be that this principle has come to penetrate all administrations all over the world - and that it be articulated in the form of 1) the unconstitutional power by those who go for terror-and-monkey-business (which I fancy are mainly England, US democrats, the network of International Secret Intelligence Services all over the world) vs 2) constitutional power by those who go for the sunshine model of identity of the subjective and programmatic PTRSIM PIK. These constitutionals would probably claim that they do not go for such an identity, on the contrary they are the ones who distinguish clearly between the two and do not mix them up, but the fact remains that they so far have not grabbed the opportunity to downgrade certain secrets which could have clarified history considerably. Both Bush and Trump had to arrest an apparent madman who tried to break into the White House, could be for claiming his rights to be considered a part of the history. (I am not criticizing Trump). China certainly appears as my best friends but when I went to the chinese embassy in Vienna (for their cultural attache) to give them a copy of my blue PEB, asking if they would be interested in finding a publisher for it in China, I was met with a cold shoulder indeed and had the feeling thereafter that it was a highly inappropriate act of me to come around with such suggestions. The interesting question is therefore whether the constitutionals really are friends of me or if it is my role which they could come to fill in that they are friends of.

The constitutionals and unconstitutionals therefore could share a certain interest in keeping unsolved the mystery of my enigmatic status - as far as concerns the question whether I am involved in the intrigue or not. I am totally uninvolved, which is the truth (I am not involved and I am probably the victim of bad abuse only), then the constitutionals should have been more explicit on the claims of economic compensation to me and been more concerned with seeing my works published in a safe way. They probably are - but may lend priority to a 'unifying' and peace-seeking attitude and strategy whereby they hope to share umbrella (and even wellingtons?) with the unconstitutionals and therefore do not challenge them on this point. This may lead to the problem that the peace and harmony lasts as long as the cat is not out of the sack - for which reason the constitutionals are constantly tempted to accept the bribe from history of letting the subjective PTRSIM PIK go secret for yet some years. If the story of me and the '1223' be told publically, then it could be easy for the public to understand the character of much terror. Say, the attack on Charlie Hebdo in Paris could be solved by looking it up 12 years 2 months and 3 weeks earlier in the cartoons of The New Yorker - but this connection is available only if you know this interval between the foundation of the austrian ÖVP and the assumed Kennedy presence by the opening of my head in 1957.

Could be the plan is to let this continue with me as the secret joker - and then I risk getting in the role of 'enemy of the state' in nearly all countries - being blamed for the problems which the unconstitutional activities in the national secret intelligences could have led to. But that is not decent politics - it is conveniences they are out for then. Then there is only one single thing which can rescue the world from a new round of classic exploitation and abuse - all the classic 'capitalist' errors described by marxism - and that is to get the cat out of the sack. Nelly Sachs, who probably is my genetic mother in the PTRSIM PIK Stammbaum, was born 'Leonie Sachs' - the cat in the sack. (The mirror element to #948 PTRSIM PIK is #124 which has parallel Matthew 5:23-24 which perhaps can be seen to mean just 'le onie sachs'). When she was 16 her parents took her to a Kur-Bad holiday resort where she met a man - a theory goes that this is when she discovered that she had a closed vagina (I do not know if she had) and was thrown into a 2 year serious depression - which would mean the political role of the 'hymen'. This 'Kur-friend' could in norwegian language be called a 'kur-venn' - while 'kurven' = 'the curve' could be the name of the strategy of magic (see the end of this article) which tells that the more the PTRSIM PIK is mobbed and harassed, the stronger will the 'resilience' (?) of his historic 'curve' be that eventually will make his authorship rise like a phoenix bird from the ashes. But this is of course only a hypothesis, they cannot promise anything. (They point perhaps to Wittgenstein and his first book submission). The 'kur-venn' could also be telling of 'Kuruksetra', the holy land of 'king Dhritarastra', as the location of the story in Bhagavad Gita - which again seems to have been the template for the hypothetic construction of 'Heimskringla', a document claiming to be from 1225, telling the story of the proud series of norwegian kings who ruled the world from their viking ships and the stepping ashore here and there from them. I may have proven that this 'Heimskringla' is a falsely dated document from the time of Alexander Pope: Since it seems that the document is composed of stories constructed from norwegian-hebrew word pairs (a la the PTRSIM PIK concordance table) that mean 'excrements' and other similar undesirables from the human body, smelly toes etc, when the new state of Norway was established in 1814, the official reason was that the old 'superpower' had to be re-established for reinvoking the old glory, but then an antisemitic constitution was inevitable. Norwegian 'kuruk' = a cake of cow dung in the fields, while 'setra' is the summer fields where the cows are grazing around the simple timber loghouse where the milkmaids are living in the summer and wanderers now and then pass by. My PEB can probably be used to show that the Bhagavadgita probably is an 'acoustic-logical' parallel (a la my 693 fragments with Wittgenstein's 693, see below) with an offset of 2/3 which corresponds to the year of the Black Plague in 1347 - the worst pandemic in known history. The state of Norway was opened in 1814 - could be as a danish 'summer house' for this PTRSIM PIK program.

If Nelly Sachs could be my genetic mother, Paul Pessach Antschel ('Celan') could be my genetic father (see this file). There could perhaps be a 'pope is a chantschel' in Matthew 26:32 = #942 ('pote if a rantschinu'). 1071 * 2/3 = 714 = 'labour called lipstick'? These two examples - Sachs and Celan - could perhaps be telling of how a Stammbaum for a PTRSIM PIK is constructed in such a way that the genetics looks like the concordance table. At least this is a theory I have made myself but it looks plausible.

Therefore, if PTRSIM PIK is the secret joker of all international politics and it turns more and more into a convenience paper who 'carries the burden' of political administration, a very poor religious function could be assigned to it - a sort of 'new Jesus' function based on the poor theology of Jesus as a sort of 'loopaper' for humans who thereby can sin as much as they want since Jesus pays for our sins. (In fact there are traces of this poor 'theology' in the names of the PTRSIM PIKs - including 'Wittgenstein' as 'clay tablets for the toilet' and my name with 'shoeshine' for the 'negro' into 'jump bjarshe skin-over' - hence a racist skin-colour element therein). But then the story has come full circle round and when the anglicans accused the pope of having too much secular power with his connection to divine communications, the monarchic britons could now could have arrived at the same result themselves via this PTRSIM PIK.

My first taste of wine was in probably the autumn 1973 when I was with Olav Skundberg to an 'U-land-seminary' (seminary about developing countries) when in the hotel room in the evening we shared a bottle of wine along with a young woman. It may have been her or a similar one (a 'sister'?) that I met again in the street in Bergen in probably 1999 and she seemed to project towards me her little finger, I think it was. This was probably before the forced hospitalization in psychiatric hospital where I was forced to eat 'olanzapin' and two trains under the train authority of Osmund Ueland crashed at Åsta at 13:13 on 4 january 2000. Then there was the attack with the four jets on USA on 11 september 2001 and on 23 february 2002 there was the news of the abduction of Ingrid Betancourt (not 'f-inger-bet-han-kort') and I rather immediately after having read this newspiece suffered a brainstroke that paralyzed my left hand for months. In Molde in the 1960's I had a 'code lock' for my bicycle. It had code 1-4-4-1. I stood bent over the bicycle when I opened it and my body 'said it in the hands' (cp. 'Sri Lanka'). By the way, Olav's sister Anne is said to have married a swimmer, see the concordance #124 for this 'crawlsmukk' - possibly vs the 'smallcrook' associations to my name.

It is very easy to make new faschism in Italy with this 'project': It is just to use data from my life and glue the label PTRSIM PIK onto these data and recognize them as the PTRSIM PIK of the 'british power sausage', the 'intelligence project' called PTRSIM PIK - to which the public response in Italy could be "We do not want this anglican PTRSIM PIK attack on our catholicism, we want our state intelligence services instead" - and to the extent that this false identification of the anglican threat against italian catholicism is recognized as me, the PTRSIM PIK qua 'international intelligence' has its freedom to consolidate its positions and reinforce its strategies while I am kept totally uninformed about the whole thing.

The whole world can come to be nazified (i.e., turned into a society controlled by the international secret intelligence services) by a similar function in various countries - mixing person and organization. The attack on the country USA in 2001 could be recognized as the attack on the 'central nervous system' of mine in 2002, and the 'data' given as a finger in the street (like the 'data' going out from my body) is recognized as the train crash of 13:13 on 'Åsta[d]' = 'the place of a serious crime', cp. the bad theory of the Apenes murder probably at the same time as the murder of Aldo Moro in Italy.

There is only one thing which helps and that is to get all this sausage matrix up in full daylight - to make it more difficult to cheat the people by mixing me up with secret intelligence intrigues. Why isnt my TEQ and the poetic metres of mine published? Probably because the 'secret intelligences' want to use me as 'loopaper' for cheating the public to accept a new Mussolini and Hitler.

The most important reason for this need to have the data up in daylight is, though, that my fundamental theorem of linguistics, which can be seen as the foundation of the PTRSIM PIK concordance phenomenon, is all too important for the development of new knowledge to be kept secret - and such knowledge must be made available to everyone, not only for fanatics in 'secret labs' of various dubious nazi type. As soon as this is recognized as a valid basis for linguistic science, the PTRSIM PIK intrigue loses its force.

Grover Cleveland and Ludwig Wittgenstein may have been about a historic mid point between Wergeland and me - a 'Falconbridge'? (my elder official sister mentioned this name once) - and when the US republicans were founded in 1854, a year or two after my probably great-great-grandfather Ole Devold started his knitting factory in Langevåg at Ålesund, and the antisemitic paragraph was lifted from the norwegian constitution (not over onto Devold's factory?), it could have been for rescueing this 'sausage' of 'missing links' ('Abraham Lincoln'?) from getting under total control of the democrats in liaison with the royal England.

When my TEQ was finished in 2008, I discovered in the autumn a function between this and my 1995 novel 'The Dreamer' in terms of 693 hebrew fragments from the Talmud - and this I have later recognized as potentially paralleled to the 693 paragraphs of Wittgenstein's 'Philosophical investigations' part 1. I discovered this function probably just before or around the US presidential election 2008 when Obama won the election (and Israel bombed Palestine between the election and the inauguration). It is possible that politics may have taken this discovery of mine as an expression of a 'power sausage' (Wittgenstein's and my works being quasi 'the same') while in actual fact it is a new form of knowledge very alien to such political thoughts astray. It may be that Obama came 'instead of' my book, like Hitler 'instead of' Wittgenstein - and it could have been this which drove me from Venice up to Vienna. A pity it is with all this politics which cannot talk and takes everything to be an expression of mute and brute power. It is possible that the world does not (probably for lack of information) understand how identities are mixmaxed by abuse - it is fully possible that the abuse I could have suffered in Norway makes the norwegians believe that my mind is their mind and that I (therefore) have nothing to do there and had to flee, and now it seems that I have to flee from Austria as well (could be there has been abuse of my work in public advertisement for a decade). It is only that I need some money to finance a place to live. The world seems to go from the one ditch to the other instead of that simple solution of helping me with a little money. Why wont they? Maybe because they try to pretend that I do not exist. And why pretend so? Because then they do not have to admit the abuse?

It may be urgently important to get the story up in daylight and to have my role verified. It is possible that the whole story will end in a new 'technology' of acoustic logic - but then it is vital that the primary and most important principle of this logic - truth and crediting of the source - be understood on the most important point. Of extreme importance it is that any sort of mythomania be avoided - in particular that 'Jesus' or 'Satan' function of the PTRSIM PIK must be avoided - and it is only by telling the whole truth of this story that a sensible logic and technology can be developed which is not stained by that power struggle which prompts the need for pulling it all down again later by way of terrible warfare.

The intelligences say perhaps about me: "He is an intelligence project" - and claim perhaps even that I am a participant who is 'one of them' - and therefore the police could even frown at me. (I did not burglar my own house in Szolnok in 2019). But I am no intelligence project! It is probably criminal to define an innocent private disability pensioner as an 'intelligence project' who is involved in crimes and conspiracies against the state - and the police must of course arrest the crooks in the intelligence services, however high the 'project' may be located, if they are the burglars (is my house considered an 'intelligence project'?) and charge them with the persecution of little me. Ah, then we finally are on the right tracks! It may be that simple.

The conclusion could be that the state's national secret intelligence services could be the most pressing political problem - and it is (suggests my intuition) by reducing and dissolving these and their 'extended authorities' as much as possible that the society can get up on their feet again after this near knockout from the covid-19.

There should not be any 'intelligence projects' in a country. An 'intelligence project' is probably just another word for 'criminal activity' which is quasi legalized by being accepted under the quasi authority of a state institution and there protected by 'extended authorities' a la 'the security of the state' - as if a gang of criminals could have their criminal activities (planned 'under a naked lightbulb') quasi 'legalized' by being attached formally to the services via an accomplice who works there and perhaps even could be 'bonused' for successful attachments - and then swipswapping by the trick of the PTRSIM PIK. ('But isnt the intelligence serious poets and scientists? They are not murderers, perverts, adulterers, drug abusers etc? Shouldnt we have full confidence in the 'intelligence services?') I mean, if the sudden death of professor Porto before the temperature tests were introduced in the post offices could have led to the organizers being recognized as the 'serious poet' who calls forth xylophonic wonders in the air and rescues hundreds of thousands of italian lives by his sheer presence in the country, a veritable Redeemer, Saviour, Messiah sort of, then it must be understood that such a sudden death could be classified not in the category of the work of a serious poet or scientist. (But of course this sort of monologue as I am leading here does not immediately improve my relations with society - it looks arguably a little like a complaining bigmouth - but who should otherwise have pointed to the looming faschism that could develop from such possible swipswap mechanisms of the PTRSIM PIK label?)

In 2019, after I got out from the hospital, I tried to get in contact with the municipal housing administration in an attempt to find a place to live, but I got only a telephone number with which I could appoint a 'termin' - but since it turned out that all telephones I tried were out of order, I emailed the same services and asked if they had an email address through which I could appoint a termin, but once again got only a telephone number to contact - and all telephones were still out of order. I suspected that they were put out of order via surveillance following me around town - and I had to give up after some time. (I recall the terrible feeling that overcome me when I once again tried a telephone - in the middle of Campo SS.Apostoli - and it was out of order). I fancy personally (although the empirical basis is rather meagre) that if I had succeeded with finding a housing in Italy in the spring 2019, then maybe there would not have been a covid-19 at all. This time I hope for a positive response arriving into my 'casella postale' in the post office - but in order to get there I may have to pass a temperature test - which seems to have been introduced around 13-14 december 2020 (daily deaths in Italy in this period - here without annotation - here new infections in this period, here without annotation). I still hope that I will not have to give up this time as well - but I have speculated that the international political intrigue wants me to live in Austria since that seems to create more 'power'. The mortality of covid-19 seems to have sunk from 16% to 3% when I (in this discussion probably to be understood as PTRSIM PIK - but maybe 'serious poet' is more to the point) moved from Austria down to Italy. The sudden jolt upwards in the curves around 13-14 december could tell (in my understanding) that maybe I will have to give up this time as well. It is the serious poet who studies the xylophonic sounds in the air, but the garden was closed and professor Porto died and a thermometer was put up in the post office - if this means that the role of 'serious poet' for a new acoustic logic and technology plus the extra ('bonus') role of 'redeemer' of hundreds of thousands of italian lives are tentatively hijacked from the single person PTRSIM PIK over onto the political program PTRSIM PIK, then there is all reason for alarm. Is it really not possible to avoid a new Hitler this time? Hopefully I will not have to give up this time.

It is possible that the entire global PTRSIM PIK story is the anglican strategies against the italian catholicism. Then Italy is the country where I should live, since that downtunes the strategy maximally. But that means also that one should not allow the international 'intelligence' program to hijack my work here.

Could be my official status is too low. It is possible that my contributions to society through most of my life have been 'hijacked' instead of leading to progress for my own (still almost non-existing) 'career'. Could be the story from july 1957 could have made it all too easy to hijack such things from me. I am not an intelligence project! It must be considered criminal to handle me or my work as an intelligence project. It is probable that the xylophone sound was my intellectual work - and PTRSIM PIK and all the power circus around it is no excuse for hijacking my work. On the contrary, that is a good reason for not hijacking it. And if such hijack is going on, it must be considered criminal and should be investigated by the police.

The epidemiological nature of PTRSIM PIK

It is observed that the political trick which leads to new nazism and faschism is in the simple mix of the single PTRSIM PIK with the political program called by the same name. Why is it so difficult to understand these mechanisms and stop the new nazism thereby? One very good reason for it could be that there is a very good reason for it: If one studies the elements in my own epidemiological theory, it is clear that the essential point is the relation between substance and meaning which (as goes the hypothesis) can be used to stop or de-lethalize the attacks of an epidemic on individuals. The solution is to find a molecule (constructed from the one- or two-dimensional periodic system) which in its form can block for the vacuum-pump on the border to metaphysics where there is 'something strange about the causality'. If this substance can be created, that stops the epidemic - and the resulting tablet can be heralded as 'the redeemer of mankind' - a sort of chemical-technical Messiah, sort of. But this seems to be precisely the nature of the single person PTRSIM PIK relative to the 'distributed' program with the same name: The single person is constituted by elements which create in the material 'genetic' body of the person the idea of an ability to stop the progress of the criminal and destructive distribution of 'secret intelligences', the international network infiltrating the administrations like a cancer or a virus epidemic. It is probably this aspect which is abused in a 'nazification' program - when the 'intelligence project' by the PTRSIM PIK name-similarity hijacks the 'Messiah' nature of the single person for being the one and only thing which can stop the progressing 'nazi' or 'faschist' epidemics spreading in society like a dangerous virus infection. The political trick is then probably to first create the virus or cancer ('nazism') and then launch the one and only thing which can stop it ('Hitler', 'Kennedy') - that is, as long as there is 'something strange about the causality'. Hitler took seemingly the deepest and most beautiful mysteries of the human nature and turned them into negating terror - which could have been to hijack Wittgenstein's logic of the 'Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus' for turning it into a powerful vacuum pump called 'Auschwitz', apparently still in use in modern politics. And what is the socalled 'curve' that in its impressive 'resilience' shall jolt the work up after the destruction mania is silenced? That is the immunity that comes to the community after the 'false Messiah' (Adolf Hitler) - who made his impressive footprint in history by negating all the values of Wittgenstein's work - has been beaten to the ground by the british heros and the immunity drives the work up again on its angelic wings. But this is natural mythomania which now cannot be continued any longer - it is high time to come to the construction of the wonderful substance and understand the history-machine in its details.

As is seen, there is every good reason to believe that Adolf Hitler was a direct result of the hijack abuse that is oh so easy when the victim has been opened in the head in the earliest days of life. But that means that it should be considered forbidden to continue the abusive PTRSIM PIK program as a political program - to the same extent as Adolf Hitler's nazism is forbidden.

PS If this means that the single-person PTRSIM PIK is like the wonder-substance of my epidemiological theory, it can be noticed that this naturally will be made by 'farmaceutic industry'. 'Far-me-søy-tis[s]-kinn-dust-ri' could mean the tragic scene in the hypothesized Apenes murder (in 'Heibergs Gate'?). I recall Ivar Kinn (co-student of mine from 1982 - [22/1-21: and there was also another student called 'Kokkin']) wrote a short story in 'A-magasinet' in late 1990 (around the time when Grøver/'Mengele' died) about a 'private detective' called 'John Grøver': This could have been in reference to this scene with the 'kinn-dust' but the idea of farmaceutic industry as the 'Saviour' is not new. Could be the scene in july 1957 - with the opening of my head, the #37 etc - could have been a part of it. But I would guess that they did not have the 'acoustic logic' contained in my 'The Endmorgan Quartet', including function 14 for making the wonder-substance.

Added 20 january 2021: The Kennedy story from 1957-59 should suffice, if it be the case (and that should have to be published as soon as possible, I hope), for telling that the US democrats do not really support my case (PTRSIM PIKs), and it could then be that the US republicans were formed in 1854 for being an alternative to this, that is, to rescue the PTRSIM PIK - but since the hijack of the technical Messiah by the head opening is a strategy which is difficult to take, that is, the public are too easily cheated to believe that the presidential candidate is a sort of Messiah, the republicans put the countereffort very high - in the form of the natural immunity against a natural attack which 'democrat' bacteria or viruses constitute. But what happens if there is no immunity? That could be covid-19 - which could tell that there is no remedy against this disease except for one single solution - and that is to help the PTRSIM PIK to better working and living conditions instead of waiting for nature's own magic to start helping him. ('AIDSHIV' is also an immunity-relevant pandemic). In particular if the 'immunity strategy' even includes the method of active suppression untill the 'curve' takes hold and jolts the career up. Alas, what if there is no such curve for this authorship? Wittgenstein followed the 'publication logic' that he wrote one book and then waited for the world to accept it for publication before he started writing the second. He even took an education as primary school teacher in order to force a publication out of the world, and he gave away his large fortune which otherwise could have financed a self-publication, this being an inherent threat that maybe he would never write the second if the first were not published - and indeed he seems to have quit the work as teacher in the moment when his 'Wörterbuch' was published in 1926, with official accept from the austrian ministry of education, although dirty intrigue has since then claimed that he quit it because he had murdered a schoolboy. It is an interesting theory that the Kennedys could have been formed possibly even as an 'intelligence project', on basis of this 'Wörterbuch', and the assassin 'Oswald' on Kennedy in 1963 was the same name as 'Ostwald' who was the first to publish his Tractatus. Had the Tractatus not been published, then he would not have written his next, and therefore the world had to publish it. But in my case that strategy could not be used and my first book ('Submorphemic signification') is still unpublished - and so I have written many books since then without waiting for 'publication accept' - and therefore it is possible that the 'curve' will not function in my case. This 'Submorphemic signification' would not have been sufficiently interesting for such investments, and it contains no 'business secret' - it only tells that there probably is a signification below the morpheme arbitrarity and that could be a theme which resembles Wittgenstein's business secret. (But the interesting book which should be published is my 'The Endmorgan Quartet' - which also can be used to show that there exists an acoustic logic which applies below morpheme level in human language). Alas, it is possible that the world took this to mean that my first book had to be kept as a 'business secret' and therefore it is still unpublished. (I leafed in a book by Al Gore in a bookshop some years ago and believed that I saw traces of this book of mine - although there was no mention of it, maybe it was a 'business secret' - in his discussion of 'attachment'). Alas, if the 'curve' will not function in my case, that is, if there is no 'immunity springboard', what then? That could be covid-19, although time will show if there is immunity in it - or if the one and only real solution is to help the poet to better working and living conditions instead of waiting for that miracle that can counterbalance the abuse 'against all odds' by springboard resilience. When the mortality of covid-19 is much less when I am in Italy in the second wave, that could be this story: It helps against the epidemic to help the poet. It will not help to just increase the surveillance data abuse of the poet - that is what covid-19 tells: Such abuse will only make it much worse. Should I have stopped the progress of my work only for forcing out a publication of my first book? But that is really a too primitive world - it must be possible to understand that the books can be published anyhow and then factual cultural progress is indeed possible. But that is just to help the poet to better working and living conditions. Of course, if covid-19 goes down if one helps the poet but otherwise not, that means that the solution is not to continue the old immunity game which means that the artist has to be on the binge untill the next work is accepted: The solution is to stop the abuse. In Wittgenstein's days one could not trust face value since efficient swindlers were a problem, but now general surveillance is in fact something and it should not be used for harassing the poet but on the contrary for making face value a little more reliable - and then one does not have to rely on the 'curve' for having the work published - in particular not a curve which includes harassment by abuse of surveillance data. My short poem on 'water' (TEQ #1477) is not emptied with the discussion of the complex from Venice - on the contrary, it seems that such semiotic studies do not reach a bottom (which tells an end of the poem), and that is because the poem is 'prophetic language'. But abusive intrigue seems to try and create such a bottom for it - if one takes it that the poem should be about a puberty poet (as schoolboy) who is raped in drugged condition and there is something 'strange' leaning 'behind' which can have a 'cow' etc. That is likely to be just what such abuse is about: An attempt to create a bottom (!) for the otherwise prophetic language - and so it can be published in accompaniment from the grins of those who know the 'business secret' that makes for the 'needed bottom'. But this sort of abusive 'bottom to stand on' is of course no good way forwards.

Covid-19 is therefore not the desperate expression of the world telling that the poet really needs a more goodlooking career, he has deserved that after so much work - on the contrary it tells that the world cannot do without these poetic works of the poet and therefore they have to be published, with or without 'bottom'. But that is because the poet did not stop writing when the first book was not published. It is possible that the spanish flu was the story of the rejection of Wittgenstein's 'Tractatus' - which therefore had to be published nevertheless - by Ostwald.

(I must add that I have little knowledge of what the intelligence services really are doing or if they are involved in crimes - but notice once again that James Bond seems to have been in the service of 'british intelligence', if I have got it right. It is because I fancy that the whole historic complex is rooted in the phenomenon of 'intelligence services' that I use the word, but maybe that is not fair, could be 'administration' is more to the point).

Added on 24 january 2021:

To the comment above that AIDSHIV is an immunity-related pandemic: If the idea be relevant that the CURVE which lifted Wittgenstein out of the misery which post-WWI History seemed to have planned for him be considered more or less equivalent to the phenomenon of 'immunity', then the AIDSHIV pandemic could even have been put in circulation on purpose in order to drain the immunity-strength as far as < i>publication in the quasi sense of 'sex' or 'sexuality' is concerned out of the human species. Then it is noteworthy that 'hardon' AIDSHIV resembles 'Aron Eidsvig', my granduncle for whom there could have been speculations that he could have been a postwar Hitler in disguise. (And where does that strange word 'hardon' come from?) If there is such a close relationship between the curve-related aspects of AIDSHIV and Adolf Hitler, then the theory which perhaps could be launched that Obama's presidency was concerned with swapping Hitler with me (see some discussion in this file - search for 'if Obama worked for 8 years' - or for 'Vikebukt' etc) could mean that the pandemic could relate to my publication chances - that is, that it could function for the purpose of minimizing my publication chances. But if this be the story, then it can be observed how high priority such a strategy could assign to the interests of suppressing my work - and then indeed the question sails up - and indeed it could be a veritable fourmaster under full sails - whether such a witch-hunt of the work of a private person can be considered the activities of a legal party - I mean, whether such a party can be considered legal at all. See the ABC - search for 'MLR oct 1978' for the titles in Modern Language Review for that issue which immediately preceded the first round of test vaccinations which could have contained the AIDSHIV virus in Greenwich Village, New York (according to a web article by Kwame Ljungqvist, if I remember right). The 11 titles have the mid title "6. Sacred and profane in L'Education Sentimentale'. By D.A.Williams" which could be about just such a 'publication curve in human immunity' - and the 5 titles preceding it could be about 'publication' while the 5 titles following it could be seen to be about human institutions in the sense of anal coitus being locked without escape chances, thereby prompting the need for taxi to reach medical assistance etc - cp. Caravaggio's Salome I and Salome II (as far as I have understood, anal coitus can lead to unwanted cramp in anus with a swelled penis which then cannot be withdrawn except by medical assistance - and some may perhaps theorize that this aspect of human-body functionality is what a social or administrative institution is about) where it seems that they read a magazine together while waiting for the taxi. AIDSHIV started among homosexuals in New York and continued exclusively among homosexuals untill it mutated and went hetero as well. ('Homo marriage' could perhaps be a matter concerning these things? Cookie privacy on the web?) See also the recent articles on the quake on the Philippines and on South Shetland Islands and Chile as well as the quakes of Croatia which seem to be potentially concerned with my life and work.

I add the detail that the father of Grøver/'Mengele' was called Sigurd Jensen who worked as 'statsvraker' of fish - sorting good fish from bad fish, big from small: I now guess that this name and title could have been derived from the title of Wittgenstein's book 'Logisch-Philosophische Abhandlung' having been used for settling the eastern Burgenland border of Austria in 1919 to Pamhagen at Fischamend by way of the form "phische Abhandlung" = 'fish sorter' by the "Logisch-Philoso" = 'Sigurd Jensen' ('sville' = the sleepers of wood under the railway rails) - but if that should have been the case, it would have been quite a coincidence when his son John Jensen was born in 1916 and hence his father must have been a generation older. The story of this border - which put the 'lapis philosophorum' sort of wrong way in Austria by the 1919 border and hence could have seemed to allow for 'full gas' only under a certain homo attitude - seems to have been about a 'punishment' for the failure when Wittgenstein attempted to have the Abhandlung published in Austria by Jehoda & Siegel publishers - but the book was rejected. Today Austria may still be struggling with this problem, the afterwaves from that rejection. A pity it is if they try to dump that 'homo problem' on others.

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