The earthquake of the Philippines

John Bjarne Grover

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Yesterday I had been to the shop and was on my way home when two gulls landed next to me at the canalside - one of them had a sugar-cube-sized item in the mouth, cubic, with a red band in the upper part and white in the lower. It made the traditional gull cry as for setting big wheels agoing and then swallowed the 'pill'. The two gulls took up position and would like to have some, as if they said. I had bought 'semmel' in the shop and started throwing pieces to them, but only one of them should have, they said, the other waited in the background. Then after some time this gull stepped back and the other took over. The gulls showed great competence in catching the bits I threw.

Now I read in the news today that there was a magnitude 7.0 earthquake last night in southern Philippines, in the sea not far from Pondaguitan. The nearest place seems to be Gemeh. It struck at 12:23, so it clearly could have been about what happened yesterday, with the gulls.

What was that red-white 'pill' she swallowed? A love-enhancer?

'Joy of Beiden' could have been the theme. 'Throne of John Temp'? Hence 'Joy Briden'? But I am not the PTRSIM PIK program qua Macht-Wurst from England.

Makt-pølse, Jakt-pølse, Bakt-pølse. Akt-pølse?

Such a gull can reportedly fly 11000 km without resting or eating.

News report today that US epidemiologist Fauci tell after Trump left White House: 'Now I can finally say what I want'. There seems to be some confusion around. Tegnell in Sweden, or was it his colleague Björn Olsen (Uppsala), said some days after I published my epidemiological theory: 'Now I can finally say what I want'. With this I thought he meant that if a means against all viruses be found, then the silencing threat from biological virus-weapons - people rattling delicate flacons with deadly virus in their pockets - loses its force and then people can start talking again.

But would this have been the effect of Trump? Wouldnt it have been the other way round?

Fauci pretends to be a proponent of science against Trump's hydroxiklorokin, as he said - or what it was - which seems to be a sort of 'joke' on perhaps 'high drugs of chloro-co-Kinn' or sth like that - the idea of 'semantic' medication based on the idea of 'farmaceutic industry'. But Fauci may have been an opponent of such 'semantic medication' - pretending that they are un-scientific and based on superstition. Or does he mean the same as me?

My TEQ proves that an acoustic logic probably exists - by way of the 'mirror logic' in the acoustics relative to the distributional semantics of function 14. Some would say that this is old news - of 'mama' and 'papa' and onomatopoetics. But that is the naive 'imitation of meaning in sound'. That is of course not what I mean. Of course the 'nazis' could have developed a medicine which 'looked like' PTRSIM PIK - a universal simsalabim of 'Kinn-dust' type against all viruses - the very Redeemer which can be taken for the 'farmaceutic industry'. If that is what experts have told Trump or Fauci that my theory is - a mere onomatopoetic idea of 'meaning in sound' - then one can understand that he did not want it since it would obviously be 'unscientific'. I dont know what Fauci means - this or that way. What was the intentions or activities of WHO which Trump opposed by pulling USA out of WHO?

PTRSIM PIK in its logical metaphysical format is a variant of such a medication - but only via the fundamental theorem. My semantic theory is based on the distribution of 3 or more items, that is 'history', while PTRSIM PIK is based on a quasi-theology of 2 items (2 and only 2 words in Genesis), that is supposed to imitate 'eternity'.

'Astrakan' - was that the name of the fantastic Kinn-dust that the 'intelligences' had constructed? Made from peanut butter and 'skråtobakk' - for looking like me? 'Astrakhan' is the russian city - russian spelling resembles 'aktpølsaM'. Could be the 'balsam' which Nelly Sachs wrote that she had received in the hospital? Could be old news this - but certainly it is not what my theory is about.

The earthquakes at Philippines at 12:23 last night could suggest that the medical tests (plus temperature) needed for boarding a train to Austria - or a fast train in Italy (Frecciarossa etc) - have their origin in this 'Throne of John Temp' - now in the White House changed into Joe Biden - cp. Benjamin Britten, as was the name of the author (composer) of the book I got for christmas in Molde in the late 60's. The temperature measurements on all italian train platforms some weeks/months ago could in principle have been for that program of getting Biden into the White House on the basis of the idea that I look like PTRSIM PIK the power-sausage from England. Mr.Heir to the british Throne, that sounds like. But of course that power-sausage from England is not me - I am only a private individual who am not involved in any way.

Is it representatives of the International Secret Intelligence Services in Italy who organized the temperature tests? Cp. the story of the xylophone and dog complex related to my work. The controllers used to stand on the train platforms with gunshaped thermometres which they directed towards the temple of the traveller and pulled the trigger - and there was the temp. If it were more than 0,5 celsius or so beyond normal temperature the traveller was not allowed to enter. Russian Roulette = Astrakhan? Maktpølse towards the temple? A threat against your security?

Temperature and other tests on the platform is therefore a quite strong power field for the english interests - and one should believe that Italy would be better served without: This is also what happened when they put up the temperature test in the post office around 13 december - then the italian death rate went right up: The death curve (here without annotation and here with) should have been down to zero now but there are still 500 italians who die from covid-19 every day. There is probably one and only one trick for turning it around to make it look the opposite - and that is the claim that I am PTRSIM PIK the power program from England. It only that simple trick and nothing else: Say, if you call a person NATO, you can throw him out because NATO is a threat to the national security. This is probably the reason why this PTRSIM PIK intrigue is held secret - because otherwise everybody would have seen through the intrigue immediately.

All this can now (after I have explained it without secrecy here on my homepage) be explained clearly and easily for all voters to understand - and that turnaround trick with the single PIK being blamed for the bad politics of the program PIK (like NATO for NATO) can easily be explained. Then italian people would not believe that a thermometre in the post office helps against the coronavirus - on the contrary it drives the mortality up but this can be taken as help against the corona only if it be alleged tacitly that I am a heir to the british corona - and if people do not have a chance to understand these things.

Have the intelligence services provided the URL to my article about these things for the health or post or transportation authorities?

The power PTRSIM PIK which is a threat against Italy is not me. It is the political interesters who are that PTRSIM PIK. Could be my name is 'NATO', sort of, but dont blame me for the pressure from NATO! It is that simple.

One must follow the rules. There are probably lots of film festivals and art biennales and bestsellers and businesses etc in Italy who could have been based on my literary work without paying for it. They have perhaps asked in the 'intelligence' if they should pay for it and have got the false answer that 'he is a part of the intelligence project and you need not pay' - which could be precisely where the dog is buried. I am not a part of the program - I am only a victim of abuse and have never been asked or informed about it. If they had paid for it (by normal decent behavior) then I could probably easily have bought a house and my housing problems were solved - and I had a place to quarantine if necessary - but then the 'power' would not have such an easy grip on my person and the power potential in swapping the roles of the PTRSIM PIK around.

I am still waiting for a place to live outside Austria.

If my presence in Italy instead of Austria is the reason why 2-300.000 italians survived instead of dying from the second wave of covid-19, then there are many who could want to swipswap that role into own favour including the pretention that I am a threat to the italian community - such as that Porto of the post offices. It is not the story that I am Mr.Evil who makes lots of italians die - on the contrary it is the political history that is the problem - the political organizers of the intrigue. NATO, sort of, not the person called NATO and whom intrigue-makers perhaps want to label 'maledetto'.

If I am born to the name 'NATO', dont blame me for bad things the military organization NATO could have done! "We dont want NATO here!" - and so they can take over my role and harvest honor and glory from my work - without paying for it - while I am thrown out! The PTRSIM PIK intrigue is as simple as that - there are no deeper mysteries therein. Isnt it time understand how trivial it is?

But if I cannot be in Italy then it may be that 2-300.000 italians will die from the disease instead. But dont blame me for that!

Added on 29 january 2021:

The vaccinations have now been going on for a month but there seems to be little effect on the number of deaths so far. The 7-day average global curve reached its highest value ever of 14321 deaths yesterday. However, the global 7-day average curve of new infections, which had continued upwards after vaccinations began on 27 december 2020, started bending downwards around 11 january, though, and on 27 january 2021 had come down to rather exactly the same number as on 27 december 2020, so the vaccines are probably not without effect. Hopefully the effect is not that the fatality age is pressed downwards.

Today I looked over the data from some countries (source probably Johns Hopkins) on the socalled 'worldometer'. The electronic thermometres were installed in the post offices in Venice around 12 december 2020 (professor Giandomenico Porto died a few days earlier) and it could have meant that I could have been forced to go back to Vienna (as if it were my fault that Porto died, which of course it was not). My postal connection (PO Box) is in the post office, over the counter. It seems that the curves of deaths and new infections got a sudden jolt upwards around 12 december 2020 in Italy and in Austria, but other countries I looked at did not seem to have any notable changes around this time. However, with the current quarantine restrictions in Austria it would not be wise of me to go back to Vienna. Would the curves have been down towards zero now without these thermometres in the post?

Curve of daily new infections in Italy
Curve of daily deaths in Italy
Curve of daily new infections in Austria
Curve of daily deaths in Austria

Added on 12 february 2021: From my 'More on the 2020 US election:

The ballot was sent by post to their identity and this ballot could be filled in by the voter and sent back by post to the election office where it would be compared with the initial request for ballot and signatures matched etc. This voting guide for Pennsylvania tells how this was done, but it does not inform about the one and only essential matter - whether the voter's delivery of ballot had to include a registration by identification of person at a counter in the post office - or whether the ballot in the envelope could just be thrown into a mailbox. It seems to me that it probably could be just dropped anonymously into a mail box.

For once, a vaccine is a small and temporary infection which is quickly battled by the body's immune system. Secondly, what counts in a mass vaccination program is to just get the vaccine under the skin, like dropping a ballot in mailbox or delivering a letter on the counter in the post office, not to administer authority. This means that the panic of the US election was the essential question

'...whether the ballot in the envelope could just be thrown into a mailbox...'

This is probably the crisis at the post offices when they installed the thermometres around 12 december - and the curves for infections and deaths went right up - and they still are and it seems that they refuse to go down. They feared that people could come into the post offices and just throw the viruses into the 'mailboxes' (aperta) where the employees were working. The alternative would have been that

the voter's delivery of ballot had to include a registration by identification of person at a counter in the post office

which means a 'their-mom-etre' at the entrance, checking the hands. Mama mia! Onanism on the newborn brain! With this alternative in 'Centro Storico' - to the 'Mestruation' on the inland - the deplorable effect could be that 'Frau Grøver' gains the upper hand again in Italy - and that could well be the governmental crisis.

Throw the thermometres out - and the curves go down. Instead of turning up again into a third wave - wherein the mortality could go high up again if I have to give up my italian project.

This story tells once again how important it is to come to grips with the problem of political power by way of child abuse, in particular the assumed problem of pre-presidential onanism on a child brain. I sent on 14 december an email to IMF suggesting that two political parties with or linked with this potential problem could be outlawed for preventing a global economic crisis (recession and/or depression) - and it seems that it was the day after I sent this email that there came the news from England (where they have the p-und) of a new mutation of the coronavirus which now throws shadows on the prospects of battling the pandemic by way of vaccines. Onanism on a newborn child brain seems to 'steal the election' (the future) from the child by turning things and roles around - and this story of the paradoxical effect of the thermometres in the post offices is a good example: The panic installs the thermometres for getting the curves down and therefore the curves go up - just because the real problem could have been 'onanism on a newborn child brain'.

There are some reasons to believe that John F.Kennedy could have sent a 'silberstrahl' on my newborn brain in 1957 - and at least the official version tells that he got a 'silberstrahl' on his own brain 6 years later. Could be, if the party really wants to prevent exclusion from legal representation in public administration (for the common interest of rescueing the world economy), they could consider sacrificing this 'mythos-heavy' presidential glamour and (instead of governmental crises elsewhere) tell the true story of Kennedy and the PTRSIM PIK? That at least could be a good beginning. The gla-mour isnt my brain presidentially 'mythos-heavy'.

It is possible that the US election was determined via this old story with me and possibly JFK in 1957 - and that is why this post office story matters.

(It is the same everywhere nowadays, it seems, if you go for an errand you often meet a sign telling 'join f.hendy' - you need prenotazione by telephone or self-one for getting to what you need there).


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