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John Bjarne Grover seems that John F.Kennedy masturbated a spurt on my newborn brain in 1957 and that this can have determined the US presidential election as late as in 2020... (quote from the front page).

Some reasons why the US presidential election of 2020 could have been determined or at least influenced by way of the old 1957 story are discussed in this article.

See also the article 'The data in The New Yorker' as data of empirical value for the idea of JFK relative to me in 1957 - and for the idea that the US magazine could be just 'camouflage' for an Auschwitz power pump, one can perhaps consult relevant periodicals (The New Yorker? Modern Language Review?) 12 years 2 months and 3 weeks before the Charlie Hebdo shooting. Would 'Charlie' have 'said' that the idea of 'camouflage' is but 'quatsch'?

This apparent fact is the reason why the US presidential election by 24 december 2020 is perhaps not really settled yet: It seems that for 3 days after the polling stations closed there were mail-in ballots coming in and being accepted in alarming amounts - such as in Pennsylvania where there are more than 9 million legal voters - in the official count Trump was ascribed 3.377.674 votes against Biden 3.458.229, that is a difference of 80.555. Voting by post was allowed and even posted ballots without legible postmarks and seemingly ballots from 'undocumented immigrants' (!) were accepted - which means that swindle ballots produced after election day expectedly would be an easy game. The system seems to have been that for voting by post, people had to pre-order a ballot normally via internet and this ballot would be filled in with name and other identity marks by the authorities and sent to the ordering voter - it would be usable for only the person who had ordered it. The ballot was sent by post to their identity and this ballot could be filled in by the voter and sent back by post to the election office where it would be compared with the initial request for ballot and signatures matched etc. This voting guide for Pennsylvania tells how this was done, but it does not inform about the one and only essential matter - whether the voter's delivery of ballot had to include a registration by identification of person at a counter in the post office - or whether the ballot in the envelope could just be thrown into a mailbox. It seems to me that it probably could be just dropped anonymously into a mail box. Now for the clue: It seems that the authorities had sent out 1.8 million such pre-requested mail-in ballots to legal voters in Pennsylvania - but more than 2.5 million postal ballots were coming in with truck spurts to be counted after the closing day and some 2 million or so of these were for the democrat candidate. (As usual, the essential fact is hard to find - I think I saw on Trump's Twitter that Biden got some 2 million of those late-in postal ballots but cannot find the exact number on the web - one page tells that Biden got 3 of every 4 ballots sent by post, that is 75% of the post votes). It means that by simple math some 700.000 votes (2.5 million minus 1.8 million) necessarily had to be swindle but were accepted by the supreme court nevertheless - and if 75% of those were for Biden, it means appoximately 525.000 votes that presumably had to be swindle - and then the difference of 80.555 votes between the two main candidates cannot be taken seriously. It is so highly probable - if these numbers are right - that Biden won by swindle that his authority has to be shaky. It is most probable that Trump won, tell these numbers. If this phenomenon applies to the other states balancing on a small difference, the election is not really serious. Trump claims that he won a landslide victory.

But how on earth could these surplus mail-in ballots be accepted in the counting, in the 'cortical convolutions', even by the supreme court of Pennsylvania? The pre-ordered mail-in ballots were to be put into an inner 'anonymous' envelope which was to be included into a bigger envelope containing identity, and if the ballot itself was in only the bigger envelope without being enclosed in a smaller anonymous one inside, it was called a 'naked ballot', like my 'naked brain' could have been in july 1957 when the coming US president could have been for a visit. Such 'naked ballots' were not counted, tells the web. One notices the obvious relevance of 'convolution' to 'envelopes': 'Konvolutten' is norwegian for 'the envelope'.

The accept of such an election could be because it could still apparently be accepted (albeit tacitly) that JFK masturbated a Silberstrahl on my newborn brain as a 'legal strategy' (since the once president was not arrested - but he was shot, that is true, at least officially) for winning the election. Therefore he may still be accepted as 'divine sanction' of such an election due to a 1957 'Messiah' swap - and therefore his 'anonymous Silberstrahl' seems to have been accepted for the counting in Penn-sylvania, possibly because they feel that they cannot reject Messiah. There are human beings even in the supreme court.

This is the reason why Norway should apologize - if, that is, there were such an abuse story.

It seems that JFK himself organized an 'Apollo'-gizing program under NASA - for going to the 'moon' (my cortex, that could mean) - I dont know the details of this but guess that it would have been for receiving a global accept of the probably hilarious stories about 5-6 'travels to the moon' in 1969-71 and the 'turnaround' effect that could lead to. Even today it is probably premature to try and land a person on the moon, and even more difficult to send the person back again.

It may be that the bulk of pennsylvanian mail-in ballots were 'pumped in' after the polling stations closed and after the first count had been done. The official reason for accepting this was seemingly the covid-19 pandemic. I speculate that the reason why this was accepted could be traced to my epidemiological theory - which conceives of virus 'multiplication' as driven by a probabilistic vacuum pump on the border to the metaphysical reality. This is potentially a quite groundbreaking theory which, if shown to be right, could solve the problems of virus epidemics and possibly even cancer. (I did not get the theory from a 1957 Silberstrahl - and this can even be prove formally by way of my essential function-14). The reason why such a misunderstanding (in the procedures of the election, with new ballots being pumped in after ballot stations closed) could have been accepted is therefore possibly to be traced to the hypothesized 'pumping' of 'metaphysical reality' from the once president. I am still uninformed about what happened with my epidemiological theory - if it were stolen or what was going on. The story with once french president Giscard d'Estaing in early may 2020 (he had reportedly three times grabbed one of the two buttocks of journalist Ann-Kathrin Stracke during an interview, told the news, although Giscard d'Estaing could not remember it - sounds like 'e-pi-demi-o-logical') could perhaps be telling.

Added on 7 january 2021: After the storming of Capitol Hill in Washington, it seems that the story of the US 2020 election was that the authorities, including the courts, apparently accepted illegal votes - that is, plagiarisms. This could be the heart of the story: In his first period Trump probably did not stop plagiarisms (of my work, if there were any - and there are somebody who know something about that) in US business although there may perhaps have been less of them than before. The Weinstein case was not officially because of plagiarisms but because of sexual misconduct (which perhaps can tend to accompany plagiarisms - cp. also the assumed july 1957 story). But it may have been Trump's plan to impose stronger constraints on this phenomenon in his second period: If the courts have accepted 'illegal votes', that could also be because USA may feel some panic by the idea that the plagiarisms cannot continue. If there were a Kennedy spurt on my brain in 1957, that would have been a 'wet' = 'våt' which was illegal.

Added on 12 january 2021: The storming of Capitol Hill on 6 january 2021 came about a year after iranian general Soleimani died by 'capital' punishment on 3 january 2020 and ÖVP chief Kurz started his second government on 7 january 2020. I would say, in light of the current covid-19 which is a great burden to the world economy, that it should be a small matter really for the world to ask The New Yorker to close its cartoon department - that could perhaps be felt as a loss to its readers who like the funny drawings, but a very big matter it should not be. However, it is fully possible that it will turn out to be difficult to have the cartoons of this periodical closed - in particular if the cartoons are primary and the rest of the magazine is but camouflage - even now almost 76 years after Auschwitz closed - could be even some would say that this problem is the factual issue in the current theories on the possibility of a second impeachment of Trump. I mean, the urgent matter is to get this apparent 1957 story of 'illegal våt' up in daylight. See e.g. cartoon 4 and 5 for the themes of 'Bed, Breakfast and Basketball' which well could be seen as telling of the names of Baruck Hussein Obama and Joseph Robinette Biden - cp. also the Campo SS.Apostoli with Tizian and Tiepolo - but only if the interval of 12 years, 2 months and 3 weeks (of my role relative to Kennedy) be seen as defining for the political reality. But of course it cannot be the cartoons that are the problem - it has to be the politics.

Added on 14 january 2021: Maybe I should add also the observation that the global curves of Covid-19 started rising from 3 february 2020 onwards - both the global curve of infections and the global curve of deaths - that 3 february 2020 was the day when Joe Biden started his campaign for nomination in the democrat party. If the 'basketball factor' tells that 11 september 2001 is linked to Biden's name via my role as '1223, that suggests why my presence inside or outside Austria could be of importance for the mortality of the pandemic. It may be important to highlight the role of this '1223' factor to prevent that the political program be launched that 'a secret threat against the security of our society seems to come from jewish genetics'. It looks, though, all very transparent and obvious when this 1223 is included - so that should not have to be a real problem.

Added on 15 february 2021: Trump was acquitted in the impeachment accusing him of having sent a 'Leaderstrahl' (as it could be called, with or without thereby insinuating that there had been a 'Silberstrahl' at play) on the Capitol Hill. 7 republicans voted against. Michael van der Veen was an attorney.

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