The US democrat party and me in the 2020 US election

John Bjarne Grover

I here tell some details which are otherwise hard to get hold of. There are reasons to believe that John F.Kennedy masturbated (with his 'junior') on my newborn brain in july 1957 - and that seems to constitute a factor of considerable dimensions even in current democratic elections: It is probably the deep confusion of subjective identity that is obtained thereby - the possibility of swap the voters of democracy cannot understand or protect themselves against and they are profoundly cheated thereby. My person may have been engineered through decades (before my birth in 1957) in order to be constituted by a genetic-historic Stammbaum (in accordance with the PTRSIM PIK scheme) which makes me look like an artificially engineered Messiah (NT fulfilling the OT scriptures) as an easy target of swap by John F.Kennedy, as goes my hypothesis. Kennedy was thereby elected for his party as Messiah.

There are reasons to believe that this 'Messiah' gradually - for each new generation of PTRSIM PIKs - is turned into a beast of terror.

I mention some examples:

I went into an estate agency and asked for an offer 600 per month that was in their window, but it turned out to be exclusively for transitory contract and could not be used for residence. However, I had the feeling that there could be a solution in the following days. A few days later there was the news that syrian foreign minister Walid al-Moallem had suddenly died. I looked over the offers on the web, and there are many offers for flats 600 per month in the Venice region, but most or all of these were transitory and could not be used for residence. There was, as far as I remember, only one (relevant) offer with 4+4 years indicated, which means a proper residential flat. Why is it necessary to footwalk to the agency mentioned on the web - isnt it enough to call or email? That is because you cannot know what it is without going there. One agency had some good offers, even in the window, but for the time being there is nobody there and if you go in there comes a man and takes up position at a desk which holds a number of stacks with documents. He cannot help you for the moment but if you leave your contact details you can get in their archives. It is, that means, not usable - but it is not possible to find out without going there. I went for checking out the one and only 4+4 in the town and that should be an agency in San Marco 5527, according to the web. I made three attempts before I found it, footwalking with more and more heavy feet towards the location I had first found approximately on a map - first ah here is the 5527 which, though, turned out to be the nearby Cannaregio 5527 which seemed to be a private house, thereafter I made the same mistake again at 5527 of Castello, and finally I found, after detailed studies of the map, the 5527 of San Marco: These three 5527 lie in close succession in an area where the three regions of the town meet (just east and north-east of Rialto). The last address - which was the one given in the announcement for the 4+4 flat - showed not any signs of an estate agency but was in a dark and murky backstreet behind the public toilets of Rialto. There was a brass sign rigged on the door, though, telling the code CO.GE.FO. S.R.L.: I recognized the story potentially in the name of Walid al-Moallem (who then had just died) by 'CO-walid' = cow of lid = the gynaecomasty from 1957, 'GE-al' = girl - by the same logic of the scissored lobe, 'FO-moallem' = foam of Allahm = a hypothetical Kennedy spurt on my cortex. I could recall also a story from Vienna at the lower loop stop at the Parliament of tram #49 Hütteldorf, some 2-3 years ago a man shouting 'Allahu Akbar!' This could come to my mind also after the Vienna terror at the root of Rothenturmstasse of 2 november 2020, the evening before the polling stations opened for the US presidential election. Indira Gandhi, whose hairdo showed white striations on the top of her head, was shot on her way to an interview with Peter Ustinov in Akbar Road. ('A like hu Akbar' could thereby mean 'Gorbatchov' in the sense of Ballot, Beirut). The sum of this seems to suggest that the three occurrences of 5527 could be about a certain T-262 for the triadic 'twined' complex invoking the triadic sign with a gap on one side. It is seen that my role since 1957 could have been intentionally designed to be the meaning of that gap - as a 'secret liaison' of Hitler type between Berlin and London.

It must be understood how immature the basis for the 'secret intelligence' ideas about human spirituality seem to be: 'Purke' = 'she-pig' constructed in 'PTRSIM PIK' is probably about the 'contact details' (as in 'The Real Historical Grip') of the face of the 'Lamm mit dem redendem Blatt' (Rilke) in the region of Berlin-Stettin on the map of Europe of photo 2 from my 23 black-and-white photos. The terror-driven politics could have couped this from my semiotic studies (but my studies have nothing to do with terror!) when the shooting of 2 november 2020 started in Seitenstettengasse. Do they have 'gunsmoke' to offer - the 'gunsmoke philosophers'? I certainly have no agreement with them - neither from 'Skaret' in the 1960's or any other form of agreement.

Is this 'the real historical grippe'? Is it the 'is-lamb-ic terror'?

The story from the assumed masturbation of 1957 (by Kennedy's 'junior') could have served to turn the roles - and so the blame for the death of al-Moallem (if it were not natural, of course) could be dumped on me while the accumulation of political profit by terror-and-monkey-business is harvested by the US democrat party - due to the old story from 1957. Even more: If the story told in this file about the three twining strands in the mooring rope of dogs paradox holds good, then the credit for the 'secret liaison' between Berlin and London (in the righthand side of the triangle) could be ascribed to me - that is, what could be the secret connection between a future Hitler and London. But I certainly do not support that. England should not have brexited again for those gunsmoke philosophies, is my opinion.

The file with the Introductory remark tells:

In late july 1998 I received the letter with the (according to me view - unjust) rejection of my PhD dissertation 'A waist of time' in 1998 - and the bombings of the US embassies in Dar-es-Salaam and Nairobi plus the peace conference in Omagh - these three bombings make for the formula 'rejected on a political basis' - followed soon thereafter and took place while I was writing the appeal to the rejection - and in principle I could have made the claim that the dissertation had been 'rejected on a political basis' - as if I thereby were credited with the bombings while somebody else ran off with the credits for my PhD work. This happened at the time when Labour politician Gro Harlem Brundtland was appointed chief of world doctor organization WHO after many years of prime ministry in Norway - she was appointed before the bombings but after I had delivered the dissertation to evaluation in december 1997 - I did not get the philosophical doctorate but was driven to forced hospitalization in psychiatric custody 'instead' - on Kennedy assassination anniversary 22 november 1999.

This was not long after the Air Egypt and John F.Kennedy jr airplanes had fallen down on the same place outside Long Island ('up-Air-Egypt' = PTRSIM no longer up, with PIK = JFK's 'junior'?) - and Clinton (then US democrat chief, 36 years after JFK) had been to a historic visit to Norway - could be the first highlevel visit since the alleged Kennedy assassination 1963.

The theory has arisen whether my childhood as PTRSIM PIK included the injection of horror chemicals on probably 20 january 1959, which would have been "just in the middle of Eisenhower's period". (The official parents have admitted that I nearly died from an allergic attack but claimed that it was from a walnut I had found on the floor and put in the mouth myself). At that time my address was in Hammerfest. The theory is that the three Kennedy bros John, Robert and Ted had names (and perhaps careers, like Robert F being minister of justice) for three assumed brute abuse stories from my childhood: John F. in july 1957 in Molde, Robert F. for rape at christmas 1957 in Brinken, Kampen, Oslo, and Ted for 'tight' horror chemicals of january 1959 in Hammerfest. The theory also goes that Edward Moore Kennedy had performed some finger movements in the air before my view before he put in the injection - and the speculation also goes that he did not have the time to inject it all but only 0,71828 of it because he got such a terrible erection - not election - told in the 'Chappaquiddick' story with Mary Jo Kopechne. ('Very low cranium' could mean my 'lapis philosophorum' which is 2,718 cm long). Gro Harlem Brundtland studied medicine at Harvard in the 1960's (could be since 1959?) and the theory that she was (closely associated with) Ted Moore Kennedy from Hammerfest probably comes from her own acceptance speech at the beginning of her 5 years as chief of WHO 'What is our Key mission?' - which seems to tell 'This is Edward Moore Kennedy speaking'. Of course it does not tell so - but there is a reason why I could get such ideas: Gro Harlem Brundtland had a few months as PM in 1981, approximately those months when I was in Rome, but her real ministry started in 1986 in temporal relation to the Chernobyl meltdown at 01:23, a time point which could be telling of a horror injection as a third child abuse element. This was also the time when a project MUSIKUS was planned and arranged at the university of Oslo and I got involved for formalizing music notation by working in the premises of the new institute of informatics. It was during 1988-89 that I underwent a crisis which consisted in the feeling of a terrible 'meltdown' inside, as if the inside of my body dissolved with a horrible feeling. Later I could ascribe this to some ideas of a possible rape followed by later chemical injection in childhood. I also developed problems with walking: While walking in a street I could suddenly feel how the electricity in the body shot down into the earth (the 'perma'?) and I had to stand on that spot waiting untill it came up again. This blocking of bodily impulses (which also could attack me e.g. when I tried to lift a cup for drinking and the impulse was stopped and I could have to repeat it many times before I succeeded) lasted for some months. I can add that for a few months (or weeks) I shared office with 'Dag Diesen' ('This/Misty Day') who perhaps had a vague resemblance with Wittgenstein (in which case the PTRSIM PIK could have been the 'ground', also in 1959).

The 'Simula language' (of Musikus-leader Ole-Johan Dahl) was developed in the 1960's and was considered pioneering in the development of object-oriented programming. I have speculated if there could have been an 'intelligence' (!) program on me in the form of 'blocking of impulses' when I should enter the 'mission' of pressing a key on the Sauter piano which the family bought (first piano in the family) in probably 1964 in Volda. I have furthermore speculated that this could have been a background (at least temporally it was) for Indira Gandhi acquiring the property Safdarjung Road 1 in New Delhi, her later PM premises where she also died probably when walking towards Akbar Road. (There is this trivial phonological link between Sauter-Johng Rover and Safdarjung Road, but if this also was the reason for Gandhi's acquisition then it is perhaps no small matter in my life). I remember 1964 also from the Kavli Primula Cheese on tube - it could be accessed by pressing the tube and we children sometimes got one such each for sucking-by-pressing when running around in the garden. Kavli was the name also of our neighbour in 1964 - an old man with a nice garden and model ships he had built himself. Primula-Simula - could suggest WHO-Moallem-Brundtland?

My studies of Wittgenstein's 'Wörterbuch' suggest that the theory could be considered seriously that the Kennedy siblings were constructed after 1926 on basis of the typography in that book - which could mean that their identities were not even proper. It could have been a secret intelligence agent who was president, that could mean - and that could be the basis for the power of the ISIS = International Secret Intelligene Services. I have to mention this explicitly since my identity is not false (unless I were replaced with another child before the age of 8 months, which is my earliest memory - but I probably was the same identity since birth). It can be added that the construction of the Kennedys could have been the same as the construction of the idea that Wittgenstein murdered a schoolboy with a powerful box on his ear: That theory likewise arises from the typography of his Wörterbuch and it is highly improbable - just like the theory that I should have murdered Inger-Johanne Apenes. Of course I did not do that. But maybe somebody else were constructed?

The conclusion to all this is that it may be possible to understand why it could be the ISIS = International Secret Intelligence Services who constructed Hitler and who could be planning another Hitler and why these constitute a very real power in the political world. The Kennedy factor - if the Kennedy siblings were constructed by this ISIS - could be an attempt to construct a JUDGE (of their CHurch) for the ultimate day of the voters - for the J-ISIS and the theory that this Jesus is the Messiah - an old theme. Wouldnt it be nice to be admitted into Heaven - instead of that other place?

All this contributes to the idea that there is a close 'political' link which could exist between Edward Kennedy and Gro Harlem Brundtland - and of course it could be this she invoked in her acceptance speech at WHO. (The theory naturally also arises whether the norwegian society wanted to find out what this apparent link of their new chief really were by way of this Musikus project - but it cost me some public image and I eventully had to move away from the capital).

It is seen that the al-Moallem factor applies potentially to both these stories - like a 1 and 3 of a 1-2-3. The mid 2 could then be the partly missing third side in the triangular political sign (could be with links to the chinese radical). These triadic structures again could apply to the 'twined' complex. (In Zinckgasse in Vienna there could be the antrium is telling of natrium-wolframat = dentist story - the stuff binds all molybden needed for brain cell walls to be intact, atrium-olfamat = window, triumvirat by troika etc).

Are there signs of a third element - a Robbed? There is - in the recent story of the stolen notebooks. I forgot the rucksack with my poetry notebooks in the church and discovered it after I had come - and when I ran back I entered the church appr 80-90 minutes after I had left it - and it seems that the shooting in a Walmarts supermarket in El Paso started in the moment when I entered the church. One of the notebooks was only half written, the second half was blank pages except for an internet password on the last page = 'El Paso' on the US border to Mexico. The other notebook had poems with dates of writing annotated - there followed a similar shooting a few hours later in Dayton in USA. The El Paso shooter seemed to be a volunteer along with his sister - she lined up before the cameras and was the first to be shot with a smile and her brother continued shooting people untill he himself was shot dead. Of course it is not possible to find such volunteers in the course of 80 minutes - and I read a report in Indian Express from one of the victims in a hospital - it seemed to confirm that it was not a piece of fake news. All this means only one possible conclusion - if it were my lost notebook that were the real reference - and this is the conclusion that the notebooks had been studied by surveillance in advance and had been 'robbed' from me by way of sophisticated mind control by which I left the rucksack behind on the church bench when I left. The idea arises that this mind control could be the missing link in the third side of the political triangle - and perhaps that a sexual rape could be the basis for the factors put into play. There was a 'Kreisleriana' concert in that church and it is true that there had been a wave of 'gyroscope' playthings a year or two before - people were sitting on benches spinning the little wheel in their hands - could be the 'mind control' by leftsided 'gyro-co-manty' had been planned through several years. A man with apparently bowed spine seemed to be making movements forth and back with his arm, for which reason I moved forwards in the church, and then another man came and sat down just in front of me - as if to be 'in the ray of my love' - and when I therefore moved for a third time, I may have forgotten ('ejaculated') the rucksack from the position behind that newcomer. Then I could be considered a sort of 'Robert' acting by way to 'sophisticated mind control'.

These notebook stories with terror in El Paso and Dayton could add a third 'Kennedy' factor to the situation before the election in USA 2020 - potentially via a rape of me in late 1957, if that were the story.

To this comes the bombings of Sri Lanka on easter sunday 2019, same day as the presidential election in Ukraina. It started in Sebastian Church - and I dont know if some reflexes of these Sri Lankan bombings could be recognized in the Sebastian Kurz government in Austria from jaunuary 2020? ('Sri Lanka' could refer to 'finger language' before my view in 1959 if that were the story). One could see these as symbolizing a 'sophisticated mind control' of the voters in 'Ukraina' = 'your cranium' where the choice is made. This choice in USA in the presidential election on 3 november 2020 could then have been planned to be 'remote-controlled' by the shooting spree starting in Seitenstettengasse in downtown Vienna in the evening 2 november 2020 - in the area close to the root of the Rothenturmstrasse: People had come for restaurations and refreshments on their 'Sitzfleisch' when they suddenly had to make a quick choice (by the arrival of the 'robert' to the 'polling station') and most people probably chose to get off the re-publican Sitzfleisch in a hurry and find an alternative solution.

It can be added that the story of my epidemiological theory seems possibly to have been that it could have led to very promising results by a first lucky strike: I still dont know what happened but it is very possible that a reasonably harmless but efficient medication was found by some early tests and if this were produced and spread ('illegally') over cities in the form of 'pollen' in the air as an 'intelligence project', it would have been about the 'redeemer' in the 'polling stations' of 3 november - and it is indeed notable how rather abruptly the global mortality rate of covid-19 stopped rising and turned rather abruptly down only a few days after I had published the theory. If this 'pollen' were the story, then of course it would have been known - but the fact is that the curve looks as if it could have been the story, not the least since the mortality comes from respiratory problems.


It is seen that it is fully possible that the US democrat party since Kennedy have been running a terror-and-monkeybusiness program which consists in swapping role with me for the democrat candidate being elected as a Messiah redeemer. This could also explain the possible (although I know little of how such things function) problem of the US republicans: If they provide explicit support to my person, the effect of this could be that it is the US democrats they lend their support to and these are elected 'instead'.

The propaganda seemed to be around before the 2020 election: "But Mr.Trump hasnt supported Mr.Grover at all - we cannot have more of this". I fancied that the republican intention had been to lend support to me more overtly after the election - but in such a way that it would not have led to progress for the terrorists. Also, Trump's politics seems to have been real progress for the public understanding of my poetry and work generally. Netanjahu was called to a meeting with Trump early in the period - and maybe the message was something like 'somebody else should provide more immediate support to Mr.Grover - why not find a jewish publisher for his works?'

The alternative would have been to tell the whole story out loud - so that people got a chance to understand who the terrorists really are. If it is not possible for Trump to win the second period, then it is the triumph of child abuse, it seems. Tell out loud the names and story of the PTRSIM PIK children onto whose brains the US democrat candidates could have masturbated - if, that is, this be the story which makes it hard to support such a child without supporting its (own) enemies. Also, it is very illegal to organize terror - and it must be admitted that if the PTRSIM PIK role is included in the overall evaluation, it looks indeed like the US democrats are involved in such in some way or other. This assumption rests on the idea that the Kennedys were immediately involved in child abuse - could be as an 'intelligence project'.

Briefly, if it is not possible for the US republicans to support a PTRSIM PIK (overtly or even indirectly) without losing the second period, then it is probable that the US democrat party must be considered illegal and could be outlawed. It could mean that the democrats win the election simply by way of terror - and that is not permitted.

But there is another element in this story - and that is the element that my works could be so needed for the cultural progress of the global society that keeping them unpublished in order to avoid an election victory for the democrats could in fact contribute to a justified claim that 'this suppression cannot continue!' Trump could have understood that he could not personally support the publication of my work without thereby pronouncing a tacit support to the democrats in the next election - but he could not explicitly keep it suppressed either without losing support which he otherwise would have got. Therefore his (and Xi's) call for Netanjahu could have been for finding a solution to this problem. The ado with the epidemiological theory could have been an example - and it is high time that the Endmorgan Quartet and the blue metre PEB be published. The two white-metre books could have been published in Norway - but are perhaps equally suited for (jewish or other) publication with parallel translation in some other country.

My conclusion is this: The only real solution is to have my works published and if that leads to an increased support to the abusers of my work, assuming e.g. that the Kennedys were involved (in some way or other) in heavy abuse of my early childhood for running off with a technical Messiah role intentionally engineered onto me, then one must downgrade as much secrets as are needed for stopping that wrongway growth. That is indeed a goodenough reason for such downgrading. Say, if a book of mine is published and that leads to increased voter support for the democrats because of terror-and-monkey-business on my work, then one can downgrade to 'public' the story of the Kennedys in their relation to me. Is it the dignity of the presidential role that is at stake? But that should be just another reason for the downgrade.

This is all the more important since nobody wants an ISIS = International Secret Intelligence Service power strong enough to create new Hitlers and Mussolinis for a global control by way of terror and 'gunsmoke philosophy'.

It is also extremely important that the fundamental theorem be released for the development of the new knowledge of the third millenium - which means that it should not be reserved for use as a political tool for controlling the public opinion which the PTRSIM PIK matrix seems to be. This matrix is but a special case of the fundamental theorem.

Briefly, if the democrats won the election because of terror which puts Kennedy abuse into a strong turnaround factor, whoever made that terror, if the terror were the cause of the election victory, then the US democrats should not take the power but rather defend their own legal status by not taking it. Or, that is, publish the details that make it possible to win by the terror - such as this apparent Kennedy story.

My personal view is that the triadic sign should be dismantled by downgrading of secrets as far as possible. For example, if a 'british challenge' is battled by way of China volunteering via a trick on the name by pinyin giving 'Beijing' (= 'lone done' at Waterloo) instead of 'Peking', it lends to the republicans the chance to oppose the royalist London by opposing China (but it should have been opposing the name?) and thereby avoiding the 'gunsmoke' challenge - the spewing out of 'lumps' that could go like ESP particles in and out of 'brains' holding the needed 'molybden' which otherwise only natrium-wolframat could drain out again - but that is an unfortunate complex simply because people like chinese and China is a sensible country with a very important cultural history. This whole problem may be rooted in some historic secrets which probably can be downgraded. However, if the secret is the 'fundamental' link between royalist London and the US democrat party in terms of a 'gunsmoke philosophy' which could resemble the basis for International Secret Intelligence Service power, it is perhaps not so easy. But it should be possible to describe this gunsmoke philosophy (potentially the essential link between London and the US democrat party) as the basis for plans of a new quasi 'religion' for pulling people by the metaphysical 'noses' with a power-sausage Messiah as a 'beast of terror' called PTRSIM PIK. It is noticed that both Trump's administration and Xi's China seemed to ask for some collaboration from Netanjahu's Israel early in Trump's period. This 'slippery slope' of the 2020 US election could also be compared with the 'slippery slope' of Shijing #145.

It seems that most countries could have this problem that if they should acknowledge that I am not just a very normal chap but relate in a special way to society and history (WWI was about the 'Klipra connection'?) which even could have some explanatory value for understanding the pandemic, then they have to face the fact that they could owe me quite a lot of money because they have been abusing my work (illegal copies in the intelligence, abuse of these for administrative, media, business and cultural activities) - and for preventing this discovery they prefer rather to not understand my situation. If I am 'zwischenpapier' in top international politics, that could make it even more difficult. And the epidemic speeds up. A new disease called mucormycosis ('Black Fungus') has just started spreading as covid-19-based in India - the bones in the nose and jaw disintegrate and the mortality rate is 50%, tell the news. (A sort of Kursk-and-Cole, is it - a sort of 'maledetto'?)

Added 19 dec 2020: As far as I know, most countries have law-regulations of house-rent prices, but in most countries the price on the privat market is higher, often much higher. It is probably because it is not possible to avoid this that it is accepted - although it looks like corruption (paying a little extra for getting the contract). If I am the 'zwischenpapier' for top international politics and pay 'schmiergeld' for the housing, it may be a much bigger problem for me than for others because the pressure in the 'squeeze' can be considerable - and clearly nobody is served with the solution of using me as 'scapegoat' for making politics which is against the country's own interests but can be made possible by way of a scapegoat. This problem of market price houserent could have been a part of the 'SOS' in my 2018 application. (In Vienna I pay rent by the law although this was probably the first time in my life - having moved appr 50 times in the course of my first 50 years, I lived in Vienna for 10 years with legal renting price without moving to a new place - before I now found the reason why I have to move on).

Added on 29 december 2020: I should add another little story which could be significant. I quote first from the beginning of the article (which is a brief summary of the present one) 'More on the 2020 US election': "See also the article 'The data in The New Yorker' as data of empirical value for the idea of JFK relative to me in 1957 - and for the idea that the US magazine could be just 'camouflage' for an Auschwitz power pump, one can perhaps consult relevant periodicals (The New Yorker? Modern Language Review?) 12 years 2 months and 3 weeks before the Charlie Hebdo shooting. Would 'Charlie' have 'said' that the idea of 'camouflage' is but 'quatsch'?" The question is whether the Charlie-Hebdo shooting in Paris could have been about the role of The New Yorker magazine as a mere 'camouflage' for the USA-witz cartoons encoding the hypothetical relation between the US democrat party and the ÖVP in Austria on background of Auschwitz. Counting 12 years 2 months and some 3 weeks or so back from the Charlie Hebdo incident in 2015 takes it to the october 2002 issue of Modern Language Review where one finds the first title "Frustrated readers and conventional decapitation in 'Sir Gawain and the Green Knight'" (by not 'Paul Marshall' but by 'MOLL Richard J.'). If one takes 'frustrated readers' to be about 'camou' and 'conventional decapitation' to be about 'flage', the difference between 'camouflage' and 'Charlie-Hebdo' could rewrite 'Sir Gawain and the Green Knight' into something like 'Kirkeveien and Moldeliveien'. The latter street was the address of the Grøver family in appr 1966 when I toppled the christmas tree on christmas eve before noon - my foot got entangled in the electric cord and the tree fell and the lights went out (but new lights were acquired in the course of a few hours). It may be that this story has been assigned some value in the intrigue. Around october 2002 I was homeless in Paris and got mail through the center for such - and there was in probably the autumn also a brief story with one of the employees who should show me something for my housing - we went a few streets and finally came to what could have been a home for retire pensioners. I did not see the point then but could later have understood it when I got a pension in the end of november. On the way, she also pointed to a church and commented "l'eglise!", which probably was only the personal enthusiasm of the christian woman. It is of course possible that the walk was surveyed. While I used the domiciliation address at the center, I got a postcard from my younger official sister Tone Grøver - she wrote that she would be coming to Paris for (I think it was) location studies for her next book. She has published as far as I know only one book, a children's book entitled 'Historien om Charlie' ('The story of Charlie'). Now I cannot remember when the postcard arrived - if it was before I got the pension or after, but in the latter part of the stay in Paris it must have been. There is no doubt that it was I who toppled the christmas tree with the star on top in Moldeliveien, but certainly I was not involved in the fire in Notre-Dame when the spire fell down (the spire had a weight of 750 ton, while the container that fell down on the ski lift when the austrian foreign minister Plassnik went to USA held some 750 kg be-ton, if I remember right - cp also the 'key mission' that could have landed on my 'lobe' in 1957). In Paris before I left France, I found also Hitler's postcard. Summing up these 'postcard' stories, there is the della Robbia complex - which could converge on the idea that I had agreed to be a part of the political intrigue e.g. on background of the walk with the official father 'på Skaret' in Molde wherein he showed me that palm ball of his thumb telling that this part was the favorite dish of cannibals. It could have meant 'deal and tom-as' for the idea that 'Dylan Thomas' as PTRSIM PIK should have agreed to collaborate, which probably is nonsense. It is high time to close down the entire PTRSIM PIK program and come out with the truth in time. The plan is perhaps to tell that these PTRSIM PIKs were all cannibals, secret agents, homos, murderers etc who partook in a program of doing the same as their 'forerunners' - cp. the boy in front of the man-on-wagon. That could mean plans of a total turnaround with the 'International Secret Intelligence Services' and their intrigues. I am certainly not involved and I do not agree to let things by swapped around e.g. by 'partial misrepresentation' or by crediting others w 'ith my work. I have never agreed to be part of any such intrigue or political program as this PTRSIM PIK or the like. A 'miss-representation' could mean a 'trans' and if there are plans of a 'trans Madonna', in Mol-deliveien or whatever, that is something I do not agree to be part of.

The discussion continues in the following article 'The curve'.

Added 4 january 2021: For the 'eglise', I notice that GLIS is norwegian for a slightly mocking grin or smile, could be it is hiding a little bad conscience, and it can also be used about a luxurious car (type Chevrolet, Buick, sort of). This reference makes also mention for the latin etymology of a meaning from mineralogy 'a tenacious kind of earth' - cp. the recent landslide in 'Romerike' (means 'the roman empire') in Norway. 'Glei' in norwegian means 'slipped' e.g. on a slippery slope - 'glis' will then be present passive 'it is glided'.


Mathews, R.H.: Chinese-English Dictionary. (A Chinese-English Dictionary Compiled for the China Inland Mission by R.H.Mathews, Shanghai: China Inland Mission and Presbyterian Mission Press, 1931). Revised american edition 1943. Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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