The mortality curve of covid-19

John Bjarne Grover

This article sums up (from previous articles on this page) briefly why the mortality of covid-19 went up to maybe 20-30% (in Italy, France, Belgium) in the spring 2020 when I lived in Austria and why this mortality fell to nearly zero in the autumn 2020 during the second round of the pandemic when I was out of Austria. It suggests that the mortality of this pandemic is perhaps even identically the same as my presence inside or outside Austria.

The article should have been a very short summary but grew to length even this time. A very short summary (one eighth of the present article) is found in 'Why I have stayed outside Austria since 27 july 2020 '.

1) It can be proven that I most probably was opened in the head soon after birth on 29 june 1957. The proof is in the file 'The left side' - the magnet resonance scan which shows that the lower occipital lobe on the righthand side is shortened (apparently 'scissored') while the cranium is intact. One guesses also that a masturbator sent a spurt on my exposed cortex.

2) One guesses that this was a part of the construction of me as a PTRSIM PIK.

3) One furthermore guesses that the masturbator could have been John F.Kennedy who came for this errand to my first residence in Sandveien 4, Molde, Norway. i) His wife's name Jacqueline Bouvier means something like that address, which could serve as a proof that he was not there, if he should have needed such a proof. ii) The sons of Indira Gandhi were Sanjay and Rajiv - which perhaps is a better proof. iii) Mao's 'Hundred Flowers' campaign could have served to index this story.

4) The data in this file prove that my person is indexed in high-level politics.

5) Finally, the idea makes sense that Hitler's Ausch-witz could have been established for making a power pump to USA from Austria with the Burgenland border shared with Hungary. The Burgenland border is characterized by the 1919-defined 'tooth' of Pamhagen which probably (my guess) is the reason why the 1943-built US defence center is called Pentagon. The Auschwitz power pump is in the form of the cartoons in 'The New Yorker' = the USA-witz. The article on the New Yorker data presents the evidence that ÖVP, the biggest political party (currently in government) in Austria, is constructed in an apparently strict dependency relation to my person via John F.Kennedy's hypothesized masturbation in 1957. ÖVP was founded or rather opened (only 80 days after Auschwitz was closed) 12 years 2 months and 12 days plus a week or so before my head was opened. This interval seems to be constitutive of the main activities in ÖVP relative to the USA-witz cartoons in 'The New Yorker' 12 years 2 months and 12 days earlier. Which suggests - if this be right - that ÖVP could be a puppet party controlled by Kennedy's party - after the war and still so. To me it seems that the rest of the stuff in 'The New Yorker' (beyond the cartoons) is but camouflage. The cartoons in 'The New Yorker' for the day when ÖVP was opened in 1945 seem to index the persons that could have been present in 1957 - JFK, his 'junior' (= his erection), my official parents and me, while the cartoons in 'The New Yorker' for the day when I was opened in july 1957 seem to be the names of those people who were present in the constitutive meeting of ÖVP in 1945. A recent example is the cartoon of 'The New Yorker' 8 february 1999 which was 12 years 2 months and 12+ days before Sebastian Kurz - austrian chancellor since january 2020 when England brexited - was included into the government of Werner Faymann in 2011. My theory is that ÖVP thinks of itself as me, in a big monkey business construction - and that people vote for them because they take confidence in me. I am not involved in politics, and particularly not in monkey business.

6) There are furthermore reasons to believe that Hitler's entire death camp program (Auschwitz, Majdanek, Sobibor, Treblinka, Belcez and Chelmno) could have been about creating such a politically controlled mortality of a trivial epidemic - as a way for exterminating certain genetic subgroups. A theory tells that Adolf Hitler was agent for the allieds (England that could be) and changed identity to my granduncle Aron Eidsvig after the war. The only proof I know for this theory is in the epidemic 'hardon' AIDSHIV (veneric) for 'Aron Eidsvig'. Eidsvig was my official mother's uncle. The three death camps Sobibor, Treblinka, Belcez constitute a unit called 'Aktion Reinhardt' which could have been for my official mother's birthname (also during the war) which was 'Eidsvig Ragna'. These three death camps - which seem to be deep jewish mysteries on the sources of life which Hitler wanted to turn into terror as a source of death (and hence victims of covid-19 breathe death instead of life in their lungs) - seem to index the names of her three children - my name on the form 'jump-jarnegg-grover' means precisely 'treblinka' in norwegian language (the forester who with his axe leaves a white spot on a tree trunk as a sign telling that it is to be cut down). It is even possible that if Hitler designed his death camp program relative to my person, it could be even have been for the case of me living in Zinckgasse in Vienna - but this is a more speculative aspect.

7) This is the reason why covid-19 could be rising when I live inside the borders of Austria under ÖVP legislation and governmental authority. This phenomenon I felt very strongly in the spring 2020 when the borders were closed and I could not get out of the country - and my meagre economic resources did not allow for taking the chance to cross the border but not being able to return and then having to live in hotels etc. When the border closures were relaxed, there was one train from Vienna to Venice on 22 june and one back again on 23 june, then the next went on 11 july and back again on 12 july, and thereafter it was announced that the train traffic would start following the normal schedule on 24 july. I left the country on 27 july and have remained abroad since then (today is 4 december 2020) - and the panic-shaped global covid-19 curve (according to the data of Johns Hopkins) that had seemed to be steeply rising suddenly started flattening out on 28-30 july.

8) Since then the mortality has fallen well below 1% both locally and globally while the average mortality for a normal winter flue in Italy in the years 2013-2017 was one fourth of 1,29% (according to 'International journal of infectuous diseases' vol.88 nov.2019 pp.127-134). This means that if I stay outside Austria, the covid-19 pandemic is a very mild flue or even only a normal cold (the mortality has sunk to less than 0,5% in several countries - in France which had a mortality of nearly 20% in the spring it is currently only 0,2%), but if I stay inside Austria it is turned into a very dangerous disease. This phenomenon seems to have been Hitler's program by the death camps.

9) From the article 'Andrea della Robbia' I quote:

Sebastian Kurz started his second austrian government in january 2020. Here are the global curves for new cases and deaths - source - both of them start around 3 february:

The natural explanation to this is in the guess that the 2-3 poetry notebooks that I lost in a rucksack in the Barnabiten church in Vienna in the summer 2019 - followed by the shooting massacres in El Paso and Dayton in USA - could have been abused for the election campaign of the US democrat party.

The curve of covid-19 rose a lot during the election campaign of the US democrat party - the election was considered as ended 'some days after 3 november' - see below for the curve for Austria after the US election was over: The hyper relevance of this phenomenon is seen in the impeachment of Trump on basis of his inquiries into what happened in the ukrainian presidential election really - it was on the same day as the bombings of Sri Lanka started in Sebastian Church, cp. Sebastian Kurz starting his second government in january 2020. It may have been as simple as this: If the US democrats knew that Sebastian Kurz would start a new government in january 2020, the bombing of the Sebastian Church on the day of the (ukrainian) presidential election could have been organized for the sake of the election of the US democrat party - on basis of the assumed masturbation of John F.Kennedy onto my newborn brain in 1957. This masturbation could have been the origin of the shooting spree in downtown Vienna (close to the lower end of the Rotenthurmstrasse) in the evening of 2 november (before the ballot stations opened in USA early next morning) - spreading panic among folks determined to remain on their 'republican' Sitzfleisch for a 'better get out of here'. One sees the simple patterns in the cases of sensational media-covered terror in Sri Lanka ('you-crainium' presidential election), El Paso, Dayton and Vienna. Therefore the curve of covid-19 closely followed the election campaign of US democrat Biden. It seems to be John F.Kennedy's ejaculation ('shooting') onto my newborn brain which is the 'heart of the story'.

10) It must be recalled that the name of 'Barack Hussein Obama' seems to be about that 'Vikebukt' story which seems to be closely related to the 'Apenes murder' - mythologically that seems to have been by then pope Paul VI who did it 3 months before his own death. I have not studied Obama's cabinet but his 'Kriegsveteranminister' Eric K.Shinseki was replaced with Robert McDonald 2-3 days after I had smeared the very harmless eczema salve 'Sensicutan' on my arm and it led to horror eczema (much worse than it was) which could have been about a secret story about my life if the contents of my penis once upon a time had been replaced with another penis contents ('K. in the skin-sacki'), in which case it would have been the 'sense of cutting' which caused the effect. I have guessed that Obama's name was the mythos of Josef Mengele rebuilt to pope Paul VI (murdering Apenes) while his cabinet could have been composed of such 'secrets of my life' which I myself have not got access to - but this I do not know much about and therefore cannot tell of - and hence while this point 10 - typically - in this exposition should have been a very brief one-sentence statement, I have only this tedious 'probably' and 'possibly' by telling and longextended examples. Clinton's vice president Gore could have been about my childhood fantasy friend Gori whom I could have met at age 3 when I probably met Paul Celan - if I met him, but that may be a piece of classified info which I have not access to. This style seems to have been present in the US democrat party since John F.Kennedy (although I know little even about this).

(If 'O-ba-ma' is supposed to mean 'she asked me', what could Apenes have asked him with her throat? Were it 'brexit' - say, anglicans splitting off from other protestants? Is this an idea going back to Rafael? Chirac chose coffee-seller Raffarin as PM. But I am only guessing).

Covid-19 started when England brexited. It is possible that PTRSIM PIK is the program of an anglican war against the catholics - and therefore some people seem to frown upon me (my jewish genetics?) as a PTRSIM PIK in the misconception that I am the source of the threat against their culture and creed. That is a potentially dangerous mixmax misunderstanding which could add to people's problems of breathing. I do not support the PTRSIM PIK program - on the contrary, I am a victim of its abuse. Do not blame the jews for Hitler's holocaust - even if there were many jews who lined up outside Auschwitz in an apparent attempt to get into the camp.

Clearly those who support Hitler and Mussolini etc do not like that I stay outside Austria - those people want me to remain inside Austria for studying the details in the mortality - and these people could want to make it difficult for me to find a place to live outside Austria. However, if the world can help me find a place to live outside Austria, preferrably a solution wherein I do not have to renew a contract every now and then (since me in a state of application puts all the global market forces into play again), it is likely that the mortality of the pandemic will be so low that the world can return to normal economy again - and a global recession or depression can be avoided - and totalitarian regimes do not have to rise again.

November 11-12-13 was the first days when I could start searching for a flat in Italy without risking to exert influence on the US election - and that could be why the curve of daily new infections in Austria went sharply down that day - but it was also the day when Walid al-Moallem suddenly died (the day after I had inquired in an estate agency) which meant that it could be difficult for me to find a place by own efforts (since it meant that those people who want me to be inside Austria could try to make it difficult) - and the next time I inquired in an estate agency Valery Giscard d'Estaing died the day after. Since this means that unless I get help to find a place to live outside Austria, I may have to go back to my residence in Zinckgasse - and hence the mortality curve in Austria has gone steeply up again - but do not show signs of flattening so far - source for today 4 december 2020:

Why has there been so much restrictions and lockdown and economic slowdown around the world in the autumn 2020 when covid-19 (in many or most countries) has not been much more dangerous than a normal common cold? That is probably because if they let it spread unhindered and the mortality suddenly should attack again (that is, if I suddenly should come to travel back to Austria again), the mortality could come to shoot up to dozens of percentages and half the population could suddenly die from sheer lack of breath - breathing Hitler's death camp evil rather than the normal inspiration and elan vital from the deep mystery sources of life.

I have also made a suggestion to how to stop the virus pandemic and it may be that the giant 'meisler-and-crusaders' bomb at Pasteur Street in the Port-au-Beirut was an attempt to prevent that I be credited with this discovery. Charles Helou ('Hebdo') Avenue, Pasteur Street, El Arz, Berberi = 'El Paso Erberi', Gouraud Street ('god råds treat, 'Goris trådd'), Rizk, Sursock Street etc.

Clearly the politicians do not have the people's support if they do not want to solve these matters. It is also getting a little urgent for me since my housing contract in Vienna entails that I have to be there most of the time unless I have a goodenough reason to be away (this letting contract type is because the house is built or refurbished with official economic support, which means that it is for primary and not secondary residence purposes only - which means that I have to move my residence). Could be there never was a better reason - but I have never got enough data on my status to prove this. I hope I do not find my home there opened and the things thrown out on the sidewalk when I eventually come to get them - or if I have to give up the attempt to move out of Austria. I am convinced that I will succeed, though, if only I can get a little help. It is too childish to let the intrigue continue that can allow some people to tremble with indignation while accusing me of the bad economy and danger to our society - in the same style as those who could try and blame me qua PTRSIM PIK for the threats against their culture and creed. It is not necessary to continue this farce.

The complex is discussed in more detail in the article 'What is covid-19?' -

and it must be understood that the 'gunsmoke' quasi-religion (by the assumed 'CHurch of International Secret Intelligence Services') described in that article could be nothing more or less than Hitler's future dreams - and that could have been as an agent for England (I mean, if he were Aron Eidsvig after the war he was necessarily agent for some allied forces). Covid-19 broke out when England brexited. It is possible that the european continent generally share a front against this new 'gunsmoke' religion which they identify as PTRSIM PIK (and is it assumed to be the Pope-William-matrix sin PIK?) - and then the temptation is near at hand to grab the opportunity to uphold normal relations with England and dump the blame on me - pretending that the threat is in PTRSIM PIK and take that to be me. Such a scapegoat role assigned to me will be the strategy of new nazism and faschism. If I go into an estate agency and ask for how are chances (to find a place outside Austria) and some famous name suddenly dies within the following hours, that could be for just this strategy which could be compared with british interests. It is not smart to postpone the day of enlightenment when one suddenly (after having accepted much scapegoating) understands that it is too late - it is better to see the facts as they are. It is well possible that a high mortality rate can be avoided and the world economy rescued from a collapse by finding a place for me to live outside Austria - even if some could try and prevent this for reasons of using me as scapegoat. But for me to find a place outside Austria, it is necessary that somebody helps me - I cannot continue being the cause of the fall of famous names while the indignation against this 'terrorist' is rising for every case. It is quite amazing to observe the inertia in the present situation.

There are (by Johns Hopkins at Worldometer) currently nearly 760.000 sick with covid-19 in Italy but only 3500 of these are in a serious or critical condition - that means that of those 760.000, those who die with covid-19 viruses in their blood are not much more than those who would have died anyhow from natural reasons. But if I should go back to Austria and the mortality rate should shoot up to 30% of more, as seems to have been the case in the spring 2020, that means that 2-300.000 people could die - and then of course the entire country would have be locked down in panic for months and the economy could go totally off the rails. This is not because of me - it is because of Austria-Hitler's work - possibly as an agent for England - and it seems that covid-19 broke out when England brexited. Dont blame me - blame England if they are to be blamed.

What is totally incomprehensible for most people is that the politicians seem to accept this situation. But, of course, they have only the information which their intelligence services can provide - so maybe that is the reason.

So, if somebody could help me find a place to live (preferrably without having to apply for new contract every now and then - since that is just when the famous names start falling untill I have found a new place), I will perhaps not have to continue to live in Austria - and the world economy could be rescued.

(By the way, most countries in the world probably owe me some millions due to extensive abuse of my works in culture, business, media, advertisement, politics - probably also with much illegal pirate copies in the intelligence services - they do not have the copyright - and that could be the real reason for the problems with understanding the situation. That I should be a socalled PTRSIM PIK is no reason at all - on the contrary that is just the scapegoating function which can lead the continent into the abyss. The game of every country pointing to Norway - established in 1814 not the least on basis of 'Heimskringla' and credited with the responsibility due to my norwegia citizenship - for finding a solution is probably not going to lead to anything - and so it continues and continues).

There was in the beginning of may 2020 (on 7 or 8 may, I think) the news that former french president Valery Giscard d'Estaing during an interview with the young german jornalist Ann-Kathrin Stracke 3 times had groped for 1 of her 2 buttocks. (I notice austrian politician Strache who resigned from vice chancellorship and party chairmanship 1223 days after I started the work with my book 'Stillhetens åndedrag' - he resigned after Süd-deutsche Zeitung on 17 may appr 1814 had published a surveillance video of Strache). If 'anka tri' should point to my appeal to the rejection of my PhD dissertation - a piece of science - while 3 pieces of terror took place (Dar-es-Salaam, Nairobi and Omagh), the background could have been in my article on my epidemiological theory ('e-pi-demi...') which could lead to a medication against viruses generally - hypothetically not only covid-19 but other difficult epidemics as well. That would of course have been no small matter if it were the case - it would have been aligned with the discovery of e.g. penicillin. (Some - possibly much - work is needed for having it verified). I dont know what happened after the turbulence in late april - if somebody else ran off with the theory without crediting me or what it was. Giscard d'Estaing had no memory of the incidence, told the news. (It is indeed interesting to observe that the global curve of mortality got a sharp turn downwards around 18 april - only few days after I published the idea, and I have ventured the theory that my method could have led to the quick finding of a harmless substance that could stop the epidemic by being mixed in small amounts into the drinking water or as fine 'pollen' in the air - although of course it could have been a general calming of nerves that had the effect). 'Valery' is his first name - cp. also the potential relevance of the 'matrix of Williamses' relative to England on the map as a PTRSIM PIK in my 23 black-and-white photos. See also my article on the chinese sign WO. It is noticed that I applied for political asylum in France in 2002 - due to what I believed was persecution of me in Norway.

When Wittgenstein did not get his 'Tractatus' published, he gave his large fortune away (instead of financing a publication himself) and took an education as teacher and worked as such untill his 'Wörterbuch' was accepted and published in 1926 with official stamp from the austrian ministry of education - and then he quit. My career is rather the opposite - I had no fortune to give away and have continued working in spite of what I believe has been massive abuse and no publication. If I had been as restrictive as Wittgenstein, it would perhaps have been more difficult to abuse my work (Wittgenstein's 'Tractatus' and 'Wörterbuch' were hard to abuse - although the latter could perhaps have been abused by 'intelligence'?) Is 'brexit' (which seems to have triggered or been coordinated with covid-19) an attempt to hijack the historic support that my work should have lent to me after decades of work? Is it that England do not want me to surface to public attention because they do not want to confess Hitler as their agent and pay reparation money to Germany (an underearth panic that could be)? If Adolf Hitler really were Aron Eidsvig after the war - how could he if he were not an agent for the allieds?


PTRSIM PIK seems to be a program rooted in the anglican 'protestatism' against the catholic church. It seems to have a rooting in the phenomenon of 'Williamses' that surrounded Alexander Pope - see mention of this in my article on 'Heimskringla'. It is noticed that the elder prince of England is called 'William' while the younger is 'Harry' - which could associate with 'Heim' qua 'Harri'. The form 'skrin-gla' = 'box-glad'. A 'box' for the 'heim' = 'home' could then also mean a 'coffin' for 'going home'. 'Heimskringla' - with its ideas of Norway as a once global superpower based on people trembling in their pants (like covid-19) when they saw a viking ship in the horizon - seems to have been the historic basis for the opening of the state of Norway with an antisemitic constitution in 1814 - the antisemitism being one reason, the 'superpower' status being the other. It seems that covid-19 could have been triggered by the british Brexit and is ultra relevant to the US presidential election campaign of the US democrat party - on background of John F.Kennedy's assumed masturbation on my newborn brain in 1957. On this basis, one notices the terror in Sri Lanka, El Paso, Dayton and Vienna as apparently contributing directly to the US democrat campaign. If the theory should apply that every US democrat candidate for presidential election has masturbated on a newborn brain and correlates this ejaculation onto the technical 'Messiah' with terror (shooting bullets etc), that means that such terror-driven politics could be essentially the same as the anglican 'protestantism' against the catholic faith in Jesus. It may even be that this is the one and only lasting basis for a 'union' or at least unpronounced liaison between England and the US democrat party - and when the two world wars created a power pump called Auschwitz from Austria to USA, the liaison seems to be this triadic form interpreting chinese as explained in this article. The role of austrian Hitler in Berlin would then have been to imitate this chinese sign 厶- radical 28 in the traditional 214 system - meaning originally 'private' or 'self' as well as 'certain' - hence the confusion of identities on the 'private' brain. Modern websites which prompt you for privacy accept is likely to be on that propaganda.

The conclusion, on background of these assumptions, is that the US democrat party is probably not a legal party and can be outlawed on basis of principled and systematic violations of human rights. This problem (which could find its 'rationale' in the history of troubled territorial rights in USA) could be the direct cause of such election fraud as has been reported in the 2020 election. This fraud could find its party accept basis in the fear that unless they show their raison-d'etre by winning, they risk being outlawed.

The trick is that masturbation on a newborn cortex seems to hijack the historic support lent to this child - that is why one can assume that the newborn is Stammbaum-engineered to appear like a Messiah - and hence the US voters really vote for me (or 'Messiah', that means) when they vote for the US democrat party - hence the possibly large number of plagiarisms of my works in US culture, business etc (although this number may perhaps have gone down during Trump's period) - and then they are badly cheated: It is not my politics. This is likely to be the story of covid-19 on background of 'Brexit'.

I think it is time to realize that one has to respect the value of human rationality enough to understand that the mortality of covid-19 is high when I am inside Austria and low when I am outside - and then one must not leave it to my humble budget economy to rescue the world but must help the little Johnny with finding a lasting solution outside Austria. (It can be noticed that the polarity in politics in Norway through more than a decade was between Willoch and Brundtland - which could mean the border between Austria and Italy). For the time being I am outside Austria and then the mortality is much lower than an ordinary winter flue - but there are still temperature tests on travellers (people are not allowed to enter a train if they have a slight fever) and people dare not travel for fear of being prevented return - and where do they find a place to quarantine for 14 days in winter cold if they test positive in foreign land? - and so the national economy is about to crumble. That is only because the authorities pretend that these factors are not relevant - or even because even the authorities are tricked by the historic-support-hijack of the newborn child and hence if they prevent every traveller from the safe chance to return, then they will also prevent my return to Vienna and that could rescue the world. It seems to have been on 11 november that the train connections from Venice to Vienna were closed and my return was made impossible - and that is when the curve for Austria dived abruptly downwards.

Stop being so badly cheated - start thinking instead.

PS on 8 december 2020: To the theory that the US democrat party could be concerned with my person, I included above a link to Jimmy Carter as a name meaning something like being in a state of application: The reason for this is that 'kart' is a norwegian word for 'map' as well as 'unripe apple'. Whether the indefinite plural 'unripe apples' will be 'kart' or 'karter' is perhaps not clear - could be norwegians will hesitate on this as far as apples is concerned - but for 'maps' it is normally 'kart'. When 'eple-kart' is norwegian for 'unripe apple', there is an element of 'onr-over papst' in the form (the idea that a man pretending to be pope Paul VI could have murdered Apenes while Paul VI was still pope - three months before he died). The death of Lady Di when I sent my application to the norwegian research council in 1997 seems to add to this idea of an application that was taken before it even arrived to its addressee (they said that it had not arrived and so I had to send it again). The then chairman Halvor Stenstadvold was also chief of Orkla ASA - which could have been the reference in the 'Oklahoma bombing' if this is considered a part of the rejection of my early book submission to publisher. For the details in the 'Oklahoma bombing', search my 'ABC' for the name 'Michael Noonan' who had written his rejection letter on 5 april 1995 - it reached me on 20 april after a probably one day forwarding delay (since I had changed address in the mean time, and the reason for the rejection was that I had 'not addressed enough of his reservations') - and the Oklahoma bombing took place on 19 april 1995 exactly 6 months after I submitted the manuscript. Then bird ('avian') flue broke out for probably the first time in history in Guangzhou on 1 february 1996 (I had then moved to Bergen) and I moved on to a new Bergen home on 1 june 1996 - could be it was the afterwaves from the 'Oklahoma rejection' that drove me on. The name of 'Jimmy Earl Carter' could suggest 'give me early application' in the sense of application before it is even ripe. If there have been plagiarisms of my manuscripts even before they could have been published in ordinary ways, such as the article in 'Language' by Nichols & Peterson could be suggestive of (as if telling that PTRSIM PIK was the unspeakable reason for the rejection), it could be about a program contained in Carter's name. Would this even have been contained in the bird flue? I showed in the article 'The reason for the corona epidemic crisis' (see also this article towards the end, at '25 april 2020') that there seemed to be a certain logic of the map ('kart') in the early spread of the corona virus - and hence that it was because of a 'Give-me Early Kart-er'. (The full name is really James Earl Carter, suggesting 'hjemmets' = 'the home's', hence it could mean early child opening - cp. also the syrian 'revolution' starting in Homs). It can be said that China on the map resembles poultry - and when the bird flue broke out in Guangzhou it would have been 'in the heart of the poultry' (or, say, near to the heart - in the chest it would have been). When my book 'Submorphemic signification' had been rejected, if this book also constitutes the theoretic basis for 'The Endmorgan Quartet' (made more specific in terms of the poetic-phonological logic that can be proven by way of book 14 = function 14 in my 'The Endmorgan Quartet'), it can be said that it was the heart of poetry that had been rejected: The cover to my book - back page, spine and front page - can even be seen to be well described in the three stanzas of poem #145 (search this file for #145) of the ancient chinese 'Shijing' (some 2500 years old or so) - which could lend reason to the idea that it was the heart of chinese poetry that had been rejected - and hence the bird flue broke out near the heart of the poultry on the map ('kart'-er). Here is my translation (from this file of the ancient chinese poem Shijing #145):

#145 - The slippery slope

That slippery of all times slope
with rush and lotus flowers,
it is the beauty of my hope,
inspects with dentist powers.
Awake, asleep, I reach and grope.
Tears run like rains in showers.

That slippery of all times slope -
it is a book with spine
that holds the beauty of my hope,
number, author and title line.
Awake, asleep, I reach and grope -
a chinese heart and mind.

That slope was truly slippery
with rush of lotus flower
and beauty of the departee
and angel tall in power.
Awake, asleep, without a stop
I rush towards heaven's hour.

The first stanza in poem #145 describes the back page of my book which also can be seen to be contained in the chinese sign GUANG = 'light' (the sign looks like the 'sunrise' on top of the column/pillar, the mid stanza tells the spine of vol.2, while the third stanza tells of the front page of vol.2 (the maxilla of the 'beast' rushing towards heaven with the good news is an angel and the mandibula is a young 'departee') which is contained in the sign CHOU - hence the ancient chinese poem and my book cover tells GUANG-CHOU (perhaps with a little adjustment in the inbetween spine). (See also the article 'The revelations in Vilnius and Eastbourne'). The application had been rejected - said the 2500 year old poetry in China after the Oklahoma bombing rejection - and mourned it with bird flue. I later sent the second of the four parts in the quartet - books 5-8 'Birds to Saladin' of the 16-volume work 'The Endmorgan Quartet' - to Sister Lucia of Fatima. Covid-19 could be about this same phenomenon: When the 16 volumes were finished in july 2008 and the work completed for publication in the course of the autumn, it was Obama that came on the market 'instead'. It is too bad if 'opposite' politics (which is perhaps not even legal) comes 'instead' - the world economy cannot take much more of it. I think it is time to have this book published (but I cannot send it as application to a publisher - however, I have made some copies by hand and donated to libraries and they can be inspected and recommended for publication there and thereafter the publisher can contact me for permission).

Added on 9 december 2020:

I consider another two virus epidemics:

SARS = Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome was (according to internet) first detected in Foshan in China on 16 november 2002. Foshan is the neighbour to Guangzhou where the bird flue broke out in 1996 when the rejection mania started - which led to me being expelled untill I was 'dans la rue' in Paris throughout most of 2002. 16 november 2002 is probably a date around the time when it was decided in Norway to give me a disability pension - that would rescue my economy. However, the official status would be so low that it could be considered almost a criminal act for me to enter into conversation with people: Because of the apparently massive extent of abuse of my work, it would be criminal abuse which would be justified by the idea that the work was 'worthless' anyhow - an allegation which my low status could not refute and hence I would apparently (by rules of conduct in social interaction and conversation) agree to that if I were to converse with people and had to tell my official status, something which consequently would be forbidden or at least hampered by the law. It would be forbidden like it was forbidden to be 'dans la rue' in Paris. It is permitted so sleep outdoors, well, yes, that cannot be forbidden, but it is not permitted to be homeless sleeping in the nocturnal streets of Paris. Parks are closed at night. There is one chance, though, and that is in Bois de Bologne - that could have meant for me the chance in terms of a Boa de Constrictor = Boa de Ballong - which is that severe acute respiratory syndrome. The Boa de Constrictor is the PTRSIM PIK - or the Stamm-bois which imitates the PTRSIM PIK table for engineering a technical Messiah as a function from the old to the new testament - which then probably was the reason. But the social status would be so low that I could not enter into conversation with other people, alas, and so the PTRSIM PIK would remain secret. I got the letter from the friendly pensions office ca 12-13 days later, in the end of november.

This is the other side of the Guangzhou story - 6 years later.

Fo-shan can mean 'to be contrary to Bergen'. It can also mean 'Clark Gable' - a sort of 'Fred Astaire' who could have been the jet propulsion on Wittgenstein's career. The name could perhaps be in reference to 'Jørgen Sejersted' in rewrite as 'jeg er sørgenstedt' = 'resembling a grave' - he was in the neighbour ('contrary'?) office at the university of Bergen in Allegaten 34 (from 1995). His father was the leader of the Centre for studies in culture and technology in Oslo (Francis Sejersted himself told me that the center could have been intended for Dagfinn Føllesdahl but some felt that it had been 'couped' by Sejersted) where I had written what came to be the theoretic basis for the blue metre PEB in the three months from november 1992 to january 1993 - after which I got no new support and was unemployed for the two following years. 1995-1998 I was 'research fellow' at the university in Bergen and completed the theoretic basis for the red, yellow and white poetic metres - but at the end of the 3 years there I was once again thrown into unemployment for another 2 years untill I went to Vilnius and kept it going on a low budget there for another two years (while writing my 'The Endmorgan Quartet') untill I ended up in the street of Paris (I was then working on book 13) where I applied for political asylum in 2002 - could be it would have been a better solution with a french citizenship.

SARS made people tremble in their 'pants' in China.

The internatonal abuse of my work may have developed into a general problem of converting my poetic ideas into (viking?) power. (Recently a new 'epileptic' disease has broken out in Eluru in Andra Pradesh in India - what is that?) Example: Could be 'abusive' reading would conceive my 'water' poem TEQ #1477 as the ideas of a poet who had been raped with own penis? It is not about that - it is rather about the beauty of understanding the water in such a way that music arises.

Asian flue broke out (according to internet) in Guizhou in China in february 1957 - that is when I was still in the womb, not in the tomb ('not-e-kall-i-graf'). 'Gui-zhou' can mean german 'Aufwand fühlbar' (in a river) - it meant that I had discovered something 'on the wall'. I would have been 'fühlbar' in february 1957. Rilke 4th elegy:

Uns aber, wenn wir Eines meinen, ganz,
ist schon des andern Aufwand fühlbar.

This could be Gantz & Netanjahu in Israel. The story is likely to be that my poetic-genetic mother was jewish (Sachs) but my official mother would be non-jewish. What I felt was probably that there was something strange there - the metaphysics and physics did not make sense. (I dont know if I had a jewish surrogate mother - that can be but it would anyhow not have been Sachs). The asian flue was a pandemic that lasted for two years and affected as many as the spanish disease 1918 but with much lower mortality - something between 1 and 4 million people died.

10 december 2020:

Ebola broke out on 27 june 1976 in Nzara in Sudan on a cotton factory worker / storekeeper (this profession resembles perhaps the one of the father of Alexander Pope). If it should be about me, it would have been in the days when I had just completed high school and was facing the problem of making my own income. If the story be true that I was subjected to heavy abuse since birth (such as the idea of massive failure in the 8 most critical moments of development up to authority at age 18 - I turned 19 on 29 june 1976), it followed that I would be rather unable to make an income by way of applications - but I worked and paid tax for many years before I got the pension in 2002. If the society had abused me heavily for their international 'political programs' throughout my childhood, it could have seemed unfair that I should line up in competition with others for making a living.

Conclusion on the virus epidemics - here as quote from the introductory remark:

Sub specie eternitatis, why was the PTRSIM PIK program opened? Put differently, why was I as PTRSIM PIK born in Norway - like the first PTRSIM PIK - and why were Norway possibly established for reasons of this program? My guess is that the new global collective logic of what I call the 'blue metre' presupposes that certain local cultural difficulties must be transcended. Rimbaud may have been born in France because this collective logic cannot develop with such honour codes as have been a problem there. Hitler may have been rather untouched by the 50 millions that had to give up during WWII. What can have been the russian problem I dont know. The british could have been their willingness to grant power to the intrigues of secret intelligence ('Alice'). And what is the norwegian problem? The standard answer is perhaps that they grab the opportunity rather than letting it become a common resource.

Why do they grab the opportunity? If the norwegians should have invested hope and future into supporting the young poet and it later turned out that the poet was 'not goodenough', they would have been ridiculous (they would have appeared as spiritually shortcoming for the internationals if they had not been able to understand this in time but had believed that the young clumsiness hid great treasures) - therefore they prefer to turn such an opportunity into power instead, which is not ridiculous. The problem could go back to 1814 when the state was re-opened after it had been closed around the time of the Black Plague - but the official reasons for the re-opening were so ridiculous that they could be the heart of the problems today. The official reasons seem to have been that 1) Norway (which then was a part of Denmark) did not want to follow Copenhagen in granting civilian rights to the jews and therefore declared themselves independent as an antisemitic state, and 2) the once pre-Black-Plague 'superpower' (people trembled in their 'pants' - like covid-19 - all over the world when they saw a viking ship in the horizon) deserved to be re-established.(The mythological 'superpower' is attested perhaps mainly in the socalled 'Heimskringla'). The real reason could have been the PTRSIM PIK program for International Secret Intelligence Services (cp. certain possible 'liaisons' with Hitler). I developed around 1974 a 'pigment-displacement' - cp. 'PTRSIM PIK' - (for both skin and hair) at the root of my a-penis (my 'a-Rotenthurmstrasse', so to speak - the Vienna terror on 2 november 2020 was at or near the root of that street), and Indira Gandhi had a white stripe in her black hair, appr where Gorbatchov had a birthmark. It could perhaps raise protests in Norway if one assumes that this political 'pigment' could mean 'spiritual pigmys' rather than 'small pigs' (german 'Ferkelchen') in the sense of 'service-men' (on the background of my official father having been replaced with a copy at Vikebukt in the late 70's).

News: Today I found that it looks like the epidemics (or pandemics) follow my PEB.

The worst pandemic ever was the Black Plague that started in 1347 = PEB 243 line 10-11 = 'by walking past, my shirt / as white as I can afford' = black plague, white noise... First occurrence in Crimea 1347. The PEB 242-243 is where the Bhagavad-Gita wraps over from end to beginning - that is the Crimea - like the calibration point in poem 50 in the white-metre 'Stillhetens åndedrag'. I quote the article on just this ancient poem on 242-243:

How could I write such a work of genius - that its english follows even the sanskrit phonology of the ancient Bhagavadgita? It is not a joke. It took nearly 20 years of work - from I started in 1992 with the study of the parallelism of the history of linguistics with the history of information technology...

This shared phonology of english and sanskrit is the same as the phenomenon attested in poem #5 in Xiu - and it is probably the secret of the medication I have suggested for curing virus diseases generally.

Now the politicians had better shape up - this abuse of me cannot continue. I need better working and living conditions - without having to apply for renewal or new contract. If I have to make applications for finding or renewing a housing, then it is terror-driven politics that makes progress instead of my work. That should not continue.

Added 12 december 2020: I am well aware of the point that this could be a milestone in the history of science. But why is there so little progress in my life? Shouldnt I have better living and working conditions when it can lead to such progress in knowledge - and better health and economy in the world? (I mean, the years are passing and my work is about to stop up - wouldnt it rather pay off for the world to find a place for me to continue and drive my things thereto?) This story may be a good example of the problems which a person suffers when he has been opened in the early days - however convincing the results, it is somebody else who harvests the reward - or who wins the election. Could be I should not have paid that withhold tax - but that is not up to me to decide.


Rilke, R.M.: Sämtliche Werke (in 12 Bänden), Insel 1955.

Simon, R.: Shijing. Das altchinesische Buch der Lieder. Chinesisch/Deutsch. Übersetzt und herausgegeben von Rainald Simon. Reclam Bibliothek 2015.

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