The philosopher's white stone and distinctive feature theory

John Bjarne Grover

I have shown in the article The philosopher's white stone that it seems that modern secret intelligence service power - also as possibly infiltrated into politics - is fundamentally based on the phenomenon of lapis philosophorum, the philosopher's white stone - which is a material ex nihilo counterpart to the human psyche or semiotic endowment.

Interestingly, it seems that the stone exhibits features that can be compared with the distinctive feature theory of Jakobson, Halle and Fant in the postwar era. This Halle/Jakobson theory is acoustically oriented (based on aspects of the auditory spectrum of speech) in contrast to Halle/Chomsky of 1968 which is articulatorily oriented - and hence the two theories make also different emphases relative to the cortical areas of Broca and Wernicke in the brain.

The 12 distinctive features of Halle/Jakobson are the following (the order is given a little differently in Jakobson / Halle "Fundamentals of language" (Mouton 1980):

1. consonantal / non- consonantal
2. vocalic / non-vocalic
3. nasal / non-nasal
4. diffuse / compact
5. grave / acute
6. voice / voiceless
7. continuant / abrupt
8. strident / non-strident
9. checked / non-checked
10. lax / tense
11. flat / non-flat
12. sharp / non-sharp

There are probably various ways to apply these to the 'head' of the white stone - I have made the following tentative demarcations myself:

1. consonantal / non-consonantal could be about the difference between the big rainbow head itself and the smaller curve over the beak and eyebrow curves of the lamb - the two lilac curves

2. vocalic / non-vocalic could be the two halves on either side of the vertical light green line

3. nasal / non-nasal could be the formant structure arising from the beak of the eagle - the blue curve of the natural logarithms

4. diffuse / compact could be the main red diagonal with diffuse or rough surface above and compact or smooth surface below. The length of this diagonal is the mathematical constant e = 2,718 cm - a counterpoint to the nasal logarithms.

5. grave / acute could perhaps be the dark brown diagonal on top. This feature (could be combined with 'diffuse') sets the man to the right off from the couple to the left - and the man off from the woman in the smaller consonantal half-circle

6. voice / voiceless could probably be the yellow-marked indentation or NOTCH on the bottom mid - right under the vocalic / non-vocalic division line. In normal speech spectra, 'voice' is a heavy line in the lowermost part of the spectrum. In the smaller consonantal / non-consonantal half-circle, it would be appr on the place where the leg of the woman transcends the diffuse line - unless it simply is a latrine heap there under the diagonal.

7. continuant / abrupt could be the notable eye of the sleeper or the eyes of both men?

My guess is that the features strident, checked, lax/tense, flat and sharp apply to the woman in the mid - various aspects of her socalled 'nuts' (I dont find the term interesting but it seems to be around, could be because of the small head and the two semi-circles) behaviour, breasts, arms, legs, crescent above etc. But I do not have any knowledge about what is perhaps a common way of thinking in these matters.

What this means is that it is possible to control somewhat the political landscape by way of manipulating the acoustic features, for example for finding names of candidates for parties, and in elections people give their votes or VOICES - which seems to correspond to the yellow-coloured NOTCH at the bottom of the big part and hence the dung-heap (or what it is) under the smaller consonantal part. If the female is considered 'nuts', there is a joint reference to this in this NOTCH and in the apparently reduced size of her head corresponding to the reduced consonantal part (lilac half-circle) relative to the full form.

I received a letter from Ragna Gröver some time ago - such a letter is a burden on my life and the unwanted letter was as usual returned unopened to Norway. (It is not impossible that the 'services' consider the triad of she, her husband Gröver/'Mengele' and me the three persons on the white stone - with me in the role of the man to the right who is also the boy who pulls the man-on-wagon - here the innocent lamb, who would be Dr. Gröver/'Mengele' in such a construction - after him in a rope in the male archetype - clearly such constructions are not welcome with me). The letter had the stamp upside down - and publisher Hugh Hefner died on the same day as the letter was poststamped. Next there followed a tragic stampede in India (on some 'elephant' metro station) on the day when the post-'stampede' letter arrived, and then there was the mass shooting in Las Vegas. The Jakobson / Halle distinctive feature theory was originally made after WWII in collaboration with the phonetician Gunnar Fant - and hence there is the triad

1. Roman Jakobson          
2. Morten Halle
3. Gunnar Fant
= Hugh Hefner, big romantic diagonal
= stampede in India, people squeezed together
= Las Vegas mass shooting

This combination of news thereby invokes the acoustic distinctive feature theory which can be compared with the white stone and hence a certain 'service control' thereby.

There was a story in my life (told somewhat in this file which perhaps is not totally up-to-date) - could it be seen to relate to one of the critical turning points of an octogon? - in the winter 1972-73 and nearly a year later I met a friend called Petter Enok Skau Jakobsen whose name could be seen to tell of an element of the 1972-73 story - his name could mean 'petter is probably a forest yes-cupson' - but if the girl I had met in the dark forest outskirts had had a sexual intercourse with somebody (a mystic Mr.X - pretending to be me?) in the darkness, it wasnt me - our relation was very innocent petting only - and if this story were applied for octogonal power, one could perhaps notice the name of president Bill Clinton from the US democrat party. However, the name of my friend from the autumn 1973 could be seen to add some relevance to the names of the theorists:

Enok Skau          
= Gunnar Fant (Last Vegas etc)
= Morten Halle (for the idea of 'holy host')
= Roman Jakobson (Hugh Hefner etc)

If this is used in politics and 'service activities', it could be that the abbreviation PESJ could be related to ideas of a latrine heap under the female - below the 'diffuse/compact' diagonal line. There is also the text on the Miraculous Medal of Madonna in Paris 1830.

I notice that there is a potential resource for harvesting votes or 'voices' in the idea that the dung-heap is not the female's leg transgressing the diagonal demarcation line - and hence the idea of a dung-heap (PESJ?) can be seen to relieve her of the burden of sins and guilt - ideal for those voters who also struggle with thoughts of the last judgement, doomsday etc. That is why the 'nuts' or 'notch' (my name 'John' backwards) could be interesting for those who use the white stone in politics.

It must be noticed that the apparently prominent role of this stone in secret intelligence service constructions is that these may have gained illegitimate control with the white stone mysteries while having no right to classify them as secret. The level of knowledge which the stone means is fundamental to any insight into the metaphysical mysteries and if people think that this means that they have to go via the International Secret Intelligence Services and their control for reaching to the metaphysics, that is a total mistake. The mysteries have probably been annexed by the 'services' from traditional religious mysticism - and modern power manipulation by means of terror cannot be seen to have much in common with or be in harmony with the philosophy in the white stone.

There seem currently to be males in many traditional female work positions in Vienna or Austria - is that about the theory whether the female on the white stone even could be a man?

Added on 10 october 2017:

In the interpretation of the features suggested above, I guessed that the features checked, strident, tense, flat, sharp could apply to the woman in the middle of the stone. On a closer inspection it is reasonable to believe that these are features that can be seen to play on the interaction between the woman and the man on the right - such as the crescent above her head relative to his forehead (see this photo from the book by Krarup Nielsen - which by the way seems to contain many cues to the white stone), her shoulder or head relative to his big eyebrow, her left arm and elbow relative to his nose etc. One reaches the conclusion that his traits are what constitutes the man-on-wagon as this rests inside the bosom of greek THUMOS of the woman - her two breasts and his two eyes could be the four wheels on the wagon etc. There are also reasons to speculate whether these features apply to the principle of foetus in mother's womb.

This means that if my address ZINCKGASSE in Vienna was given me in 2009 for reasons of these DISTINCTIVE features of Jakobson etc acoustic type, and if these features have been used to model the relation of Ragna Gröver to me, then one can find a possible interesting and tentative explanation to my collapse in march-april 2014 by the phenomenon that Jens Stoltenberg was appointed chief of NATO on 28 march 2014 - on basis of the effect that his name (and maybe one could add citizenship) could have relative to these features:


Princess Margareth had died on 9 february 2002 and I got what could have been a cerebral stroke on the left hand part of the brain on 23 february 2002 - rather immediately after I had read the news of the abduction of Ingrid Betancourt. The day was the birthday of my younger official sister Tone Helene Gröver. When I collapsed in april 2014, it was about 4444 days (looks like bha-bha-bha-bha in devanagari) after the collapse in 2002, and in march-april 2014 the right hand curled up like the left hand had done in 2002 - and I have speculated whether the collapse in 2002 could have been due to a laser beam hitting my cortex. I dont think that was the reason in 2014 - but there was the story with the innocent salve SENSICUTAN which I smeared on eczema on the right underarm - causing bubbly wabbles to emerge where I had smeared the salve on. Obama's Kriegsveteranminister Eric K.Shinseki resigned a few days later and was replaced with Robert MacDonald.

I add that I sent my new poetry book, which is in norwegian language, to the norwegian national library in november 2016. In february 2017 Kim Jong Nam was murdered with the nerve agent gas VX on Kuala Lumpur airport - Kim Jong Nam was the half brother of state chief of North Korea Kim Jong Un. It is interesting to observe that the presence of Kuala Lumpur in the book by Krarup Nielsen in principle could apply to the question whether the woman in the mid of the white stone has a leg crossing the diagonal line or whether one rather should consider it as e.g. a heap of dung - which could be called 'kua la lumpur' = 'the cow laid lumps'. This could suggest that this question could be old in the business. See also this photo for the idea of 'being outside' and this photo for the idea whether the woman even could be a man. I do not know whether these photos really are about the white stone - but I certainly find the parallelisms interesting.

In the worst case, Hitler's 'Aktion Reinhard' (Sobibor, Treblinka, Belcez death camps with some 2 million or so jewish victims) could even have meant 'Eidsvig Ragna' (Eids-VX?) and hence my name for 'Treblinka' - unless, of course, these correlations could have arisen later. However that be, if my presence in Zinckgasse - approximately 666 metres from Wurmsergasse which is a part of the socalled 'Bermuda triangle' along with Gstaltmeyrgasse and Selzergasse - for the three alleged components of the white stone as incombustible sulphur, mercury and salt - a 'Bermuda triangle' which eventually could open up to include Hütteldorferstrasse for a 'Hitler-Adolf-Strasse' fourth element in a 'Bermuda rectangle', then it is clear that the 'coincidences' at play in this construction look alarming. In particular if the name of Stoltenberg is part of this (evidence possibly in my 2014 collapse) - in which case the 'G-stalt-meyr'-gasse looks like just what could be needed to activate the whole complex from Hitler. Golda Meir in Israel could have been PM for striking the alarm already then - or for telling what Hitler was made from before the war. Stoltenberg was called to NATO when Obama was president (Bha-Bha-ck o-Bha-bha could have been the 4444 days between my two collapses).

Of course, for me to receive yet another letter from Ragna Gröver - it is about a decade since my lawyer sent her a letter telling that further communications were unwanted, and it is more than 20 years since I opened any letter therefrom - is a very unpleasant experience, in particular if it invokes this whole political complex possibly including Hitler's holocaust.

See also this file.

Clearly on this background to have my registered residential address in that Zinckgasse is perhaps not optimal neither for me nor for History - and I would not have moved in here if this had been known to me (and what a lot of work it took me to find it - had the organizers hoped that I would never find out of it and then they could dump the blame on me? - the fact is that they have never told me a single word about this history - and I am not an agent, if it were the plan to pretend so), although it is likely that much of the effect would have applied anyhow even without this 'di-Zinckgasse' feature theory. Could be the address in Zinckgasse was given me by the austrian administration as a way of telling it?

I add once again that I have only my own guesswork as information source - and it is very possible that my collapse in 2014 was due to overworkedness - I have been resting much since then and do feel that I my condition is improving. As it was in 2014 and even in 2015, I was rather totally unable to do much physical work.

Conclusion is that the overall impression is alarming - and indeed it looks as if the european political landscape is about to construct a new hitlerish sinkhole once again. That is not smart. Is this why England pulls out of EU? Considering the apparent fact that the diagonal on the white stone seems to be the length e = 2,718 cm exactly, that suggests that a centimetre is defined in terms of this white stone - in contrast to the old system of inches, feet, yards in England - which suggests that England could be less dependent on the white stone for their historic ontology. Could be this is the reason - along with that role of the anglophony.

Europe should not participate in the construction of new hitlerish nazism.

I have done what I can for avoiding new nazism - in books such as The Endmorgan Quartet, POLAKK English Bloggi, Der Dornenstrauch and other works. I think it is high time to have these books published - and hope to get a letter from a publisher who could be interested. To use the books for constructing political or business complexes is exactly what they are not for.

PS - If some politicians feel that there is no other solution than to follow up the plans that have taken shape in Europe throughout a century or so, and therefore this development is inevitable, could be they simply feel that the structure of language cannot be much different from the human mind's semiotic form. Indeed that is likely to be true - so why not try something new? Ah yes, that is just the reason for the anglophony!

© John Bjarne Grover
On the web 8 october 2017
Last updated 10 october 2017