Skundberg and Clinton

John Bjarne Grover

My first sexual experience was with Anne Skundberg who went in my parallel class in school in the 8th and 9th grade and we shared some lessons in the central subjects in 1971-73. On evening walks we met a few times in the outskirts of the forest and there was some hand-to-genital contacts. I do not remember if I touched her breasts. I do not know if she were a virgin in those days. I had a year or so earlier found a clean horse skull around that same place - whether that came from Celan's 'Hengst' (Fadensonnen 1968) or if it were about 'fant ho me...' 'Fanta' was introduced on the market probably around 1970 and Josef Antall was the first hungarian PM after the dissolution of he Soviet Union. We also once went for a longer walk and on a forest road I took her hand in mine, which was not rejected but maybe 'fish hook' which had elicited my movement. In principle, there could of course have been both bears and wolves in the deep forest. When I left for Rome in february 1981, two 'nazis' were shot and left on a forest road of Hadeland, could be it resembled this forest road. I was later acquainted with her brother Olav Skundberg. It was always clear that this was her brother and the idea that the two - who were somewhat similar of look which they shared with the parents they lived by - could have been married was never in my mind before political news recently could have related to such a mythos, and I still believe that they were just brother and sister. I believed that Anne was my age 14-16 and Olav some years older. I later met Olav with motorcycle and a girlfriend behind - they were going to or had been for a ride to the Mediterranean and back again. Could be sexual drive, curiosity and darkness would have been the natural explanation to the 'explorations' with Anne in the evening forest outskirts. I have no reason to believe that Anne had told of a sexual intercourse - if she had, it would not have been with me but somebody else. Later in 1973 I made friends with Petter Enok Skau Jakobsen whose name could mean something like that - and e.g. the Taliban terror on the school in Peshawar in december 2014 could be seen to mean 'PESJ it was'. When in later years we met to play Mah-Jong, PESJ served VESTLANdslefse. PESJ took an education (PED) in graphics at the socalled REK-and-DEK ('REKlame and DEKorasjon') line of 'Yrkesskolen' (Berufsschule). REKke can mean 'to reach' (e.g. the hand for DEKke = covering a hand) and the word seems to have an etymological outspring (Lindemann) in 'king' (cp. 'maharaja'). I have no reason to believe that PESJ had any connection with Anne - it would have been his name - but I never had a sexual intercourse with Anne. As far as I remember, PESJ also worked for a while at the Kiel ferry.

There seems to exist a mythos that Olav Skundberg later could have been rebuilt to Bill Clinton, and if he had been rebuilt to Bill Clinton, then of course Anne Skundberg could have been rebuilt to Hillary Clinton. But then virtually anybody could and the theory is not much more interesting than that. However, it would have been the same mythos which told that Bill Clinton had later 'gone to Zinckgasse' ('dratt til Zinckgasse') - such as the massacre of 'Chattisinghpura' could be thought of as indicating. If this idea be pursued, then the 'Challenger' disaster could be thought of as 'dra lenger - ut-Pål/pole Anne' = 'go further out in the countryside' ('dra lenger ut på landet'). Things like that. I have never recognized Clinton or a Skundberg in Zinckgasse, but if it should be argued that the 'traits of Skundberg' should have been around, I suppose it is not so difficult to find somebody with such traits and it should not be taken as indicative that Clinton is in Zinckgasse. The news told that Clinton did undergo a 'bypass' soon after I had moved to Vienna in the summer 2004.

When I got the keys to the flat in late december 2009, I asked if I should have the electric system checked, to which the answer was no, it had just been checked and was in order. Not so long after I had moved in, though, there was a short circuitry in an outlet and an electrician had to be called for to come and mend it. This need not mean that the houseletter had misled me - clearly some independent could have been in to do it if there were an extra key around. This is the problem of LOCK: With infrared photography it has become virtually impossible to keep keys hidden in the pocket, and new technology leads to the conclusion that it is a matter of confidence and execution of the law which holds a door locked in any case. Some would say that it rests on the president - that the president is not safe if the people's locks are not safe and vice versa. I arrived in Vienna in early july 2004 and registered at the Meldeamt on 5 july and austrian president Klestil fell ill and died in the same morning. After I moved into Zinckgasse in december 2009 (after an interlude in 'kirkestan' Venice - and Jörg Haider died on the day when my application for residence was acepted there), there was a series of revolutions in 2011 - Kyrgyztan, Egypt, Tunesia, Libya - and Syria is still troubled.

To this could come the story of 2014 and the question of 'molybden'. I add that 'på lydbånd' = 'on magnetic tape'. I have not found enough evidence that there have been burglars shuttling into my private space, but some indications there have been.

Between the Skundbergs in Rislökka and another classmate Tone Lien in Labråten there was a neighbour of us called 'Forsberg'. Could be 'force majeur' would be a political concept (cp. british PM 'John Major'). In Rome 1981 I was driving the car of Hiliry Harvey (who was sitting next to me) when I found that I should change lane and a car drove into the car from behind. The name of 'Hiliry Harvey' could be indicative of hill harrowing and maybe also 'rasping'. ('Potato balls' can also be called 'kumpe' and 'raspeball' - there exists a joke that it is called 'Deutschland' because they 'sprechen deutsch' there - and why is it called 'England'? - that could be 'på teit o'). Norwegian for 'heterofil' can mean 'heter ho fil' = 'is she called file' (the word 'fil' means also 'lane' in the street) cp. 'he terror feels' when changing the lane. She had got an IUD installed, and I had to be circumcized due to narrow foreskin (which had developed since I was about 5) when I came back to Oslo later in 1981. I also met Nino Pasti in Rome in 1981 he told me something, I think it was a suggestion, which I cannot remember. Was it that I could change my name if I wanted? Pasti was chief of NATO in Europe, could be the air forces, and leader of the communist party for a while. Whether this comment of his is the background of the Kosovo bombing campaign and the Anne Orderud Paust case (she was personal secretary to the norwegian defence ministers since 1985), I dont know. If there had been a microphone and radio sender in the car battery in Rome in 1981, the technological state could not have made much out of the signals in those days, but if the signals exist on magnetic tape, it could be an easy decipherment today. This idea - that such signals existed or still exist on magnetic tape - could perhaps be politically active today whether there is a basis for it or not.

I bought an Arnold Schönberg biography in Morawa bookshop in Wollzeile in Vienna and on the way out a seller of 'Augustin', I think it was, offered the new issue. I went up the short Strobelgasse. A day or two later there were the news that an old man living in Strobelgasse (which runs into Blutgasse) had shot his old wife and thereafter himself, as told a notice left on a table. There is a STEUERBERATER sign on the door to that house. Hence it is not impossible that it were about the situation behind the wheel in Rome 1981 when changing lane (in which case of course it would have been a third person who shot the old couple). This is what I mean with the criminal world of the 'services': They try to coup the constitution by FAITH in the world's people which traditionally has been the religions creating goodness in the world by belief in the Goodness of a transcendent world - for which they have a historic basis with a rooting in the divine. The ridiculous variant of this is the attempt to 'govern' by way of 'services' the constitution of goodness behind the maya veil of secrecy stamps in the administration. The 'transcendent' is then typically behind a housewall of some sort. (In the case of Strobelgasse we are invited to believe in the man sacrificing themselves for the sake of 'truth' and 'justice'). This is the reason why the people's faith in the 'international secret intelligence services' is the core of the problem. One can fancy that the problem will rise and rise untill one day the bubble breaks and people lose all their faith in the 'services' and a revolutionary state arises, but then it can be too late due to the extensive surveillance control. It is the old story of hubris - the services want to enjoy the people's faith in the divine. Therefore also it is of utmost importance that it be told to the public if Hitler really was a cynical 'service' agent called e.g. Paul Marshall from e.g. England or USA - since the whole trick could be that the people are invited to take faith in that 'apparent evil' of Hitler - which behind the veil of administrative secrecy turns out to be the very opposite. It could have been the whole purpose with the world wars - to create that coup of the religious faith - and therefore the international services could have created Hitler and plan to make a new one - and indeed 'Treblinka' could have been made for making the transition from the former Hitler to the new one possible via this political role assigned to me ('jump jarnegg grover' = 'treblinka' by the FOReSTER - 'ed ward forester' who swung the axe) - and therefore it is not permitted to keep that sort of historic detail secret. It does not help if all politicians and services in the world know the truth of Hitler and Marshall - it is the people who need to know it. How and who and why my first fumbling sexual experience came about should not be of public interest, though, but it seems hard to avoid telling these details because the services do not tell about Adolf Hitler / Paul Marshall, if that were the story. Could be the issue whether there had been a sexual intercourse - that is, on the humid forest moss or marsh - or not is precisely this issue of Hitler/Marshall. That could be the political reason for a Challenger/'drallenger' disaster - but then the effect of just that is only to dump this whole essential question - I mean, it does matter if the holocaust was a british and not a german project - over onto my private life. 'Challenger disaster' plus 'not telling the truth of Hitler/Marshall' has (on this background) the one and only combined effect of making the transition from the former Hitler to a new one easier by way of the Treblinka function on my person.

Clearly all this political mythos can be seen to be a burden to my life. I am not involved. But it is hard for me to just forget about all those old intrigues if there have been burglars into my home. That could be a part of the reason why the services wont come out with the historic facts - because that makes it necessary for those who are affected with the intrigues to fill their minds and memories with that sort of details instead of finding their spiritual sources in something better.


Added 21 december 2014:

I add another few observations, some of which I think I have mentioned earlier on this website:

Olav once visited me in Labråten 58. We were in the 'library' (the room where the bookshelf was) when Ragna Gröver came and served some fruit. Olav said: "Her blir man befruktet!" = ambiguous for 'here one is be-fruited' and 'here one gets fertilized'. Could be some would call that to take too much of a chance if he did not know (about) her in advance. (Et råskinn?) Could be it had a background in 'skund[e]' = 'to hurry'.

Olav invited me to join him on a seminary for U-Land = developing countries studies at a hotel in I think 'Rygge' (means 'to move backwards'). We stayed there for a night or two. (Added on 21 april 2015: Olav served me some red wine in the hotel room).

I once came to his place - the rebuilt carport - and knocked on the door, but nobody opened and I thought he had not heard it (headphones?) so I tried if it was open which it was and Olav stood there pulling a record sleeve out of the shelf.

This trespassing of mine of a private threshold happened to me once later in life when something similar happened at Hans-Ove Granath. (I do apologize to both of them - Skundberg and Granath). And I dont think 'Bob Dylan' was made for a 'bobbed uland' symbolism. (Could be the names of the Watergate journalists Robert Woodward and Carl Bernstein are more interesting?). I certainly never felt any reason to believe that the seminary was for getting a chance to abuse me, and I did believe that Olav was a friend of mine - although it is true that he was a little older than me. I once again stress the fact that I never had a sexual intercourse with his sister Anne - only some youthful petting in the outskirts of the forest (geographic forest, that is, not 'anatomic').

But it could be that the potential symbolism is of some value for understanding the potential political use of the forest outskirt evening story - taking that to be 'on marsh all'. (It was cold winter and not humid). Anne's KU'n'BERG could be taken to mean 'Anne's Kursplan' as well as (if one assumes that this youth-time story of mine is of any value for politics) 'Anne's Hillary Clinton' - and 'The name of the rose' (I notice that 'ut-pole-Anne' could be the background of the Bologna bomb) would find its political interpretation in the mutual crossing of handreaches: The name would be Anne's if I reached for it but it would be mine if she reached for it, and if it meant 'the secret keys to the history' it could mean Nelly Sachs and Paul Celan as my genetic material. At least Sachs would be DEUTSCH, and both were DEUTSCH sprechen. (Paul P.Antschel was only 'Paul Partial'-ly deutsch in that sense of it - he grew up in Czernowitz, cp. the Chernobyl disaster which took place not long after I had moved back to Labråten for a while - 'der er noe bilde i söster' = 'there is some image in sister' - but whose sister?). If somebody (not me) had been with Anne on the back, on the moss, on marsh all, it would be 'på teit o' = 'on tight o' which would mean ENG sprechen. (Cp. also the phenomenon of 'Kaspersky' on the background of the alternative names 'kumpe' and 'raspeball' for 'potatoball'). It is likely that the complex is interesting for this reason - the balance whether 'A Doll fHitler' was german or english. The complex would gather much political sympathy from the public because it seemed to suggest that the sprechen was ENG-lish, but it is likely to hold a secret which would land it on DEUTSCH in the last analysis. This could be the case if 'the secret keys' held in the hand were from the robbery of a rectum wall. I have speculated also whether my testicles (with the 'secret keys') could have been replaced in my childhood - I dont know if that could be possible or if they would grow as normal ones. One of them sometimes used to hang a little lower than the other one.

In theory, therefore, the phenomenon of potential burglaries in my home and theft of illegal copies of intellectual property - if, that is, this has taken place, and I think it can be assumed that at least illegal surveillance could have been going on - could be seen as related to this theory about the history. If so, it could be about the launch of a new Hitler instead of the publication of the former Hitler's true identity.

If, therefore, the theory be pursued that Clinton had 'dratt til Zinckgasse' = 'gone to Zinckgasse', and e.g. the Bologna bomb just before the publication of Eco's novel could be suggestive of the idea that it could be, ideas that I should withdraw from the place in order to prevent outbreak of new nazism in Austria would clearly be only the peak of the same 'project': It should be 'Clinton' (that is, his political 'presence' in some sense of it) who withdraws from Zinckgasse, not me, if new nazism is to be avoided. This adds to the theory that a 'Forster' could have been installed around 2 may 2014.

There are reasons to believe that burglars could have intruded into my home and illegally copied handwritten and other manuscripts - and distributed them to media, business, politics - could be even telling lies that "this is from one of our secret collaborators - it is his project and he hopes that as many as possible can contribute to take part in this socio-cultural project of his". And so a shopowner imitates one unpublished poem in his shopwindow and a newspaper editor follows up my freshest handwriting in his columns and tries to put the newspaper on top of it. If so, these 'participants' have probably been badly cheated and their integrity compromised. Those 'services' (as far as I have understood, it is normal that countries have 'white-budget' as well as 'black-budget' intelligences - different departments who, though, share the people's overall confidence) who break in and take illegal copies are of course my enemies, to use the right word, and I would say the enemies of Austria. They could even be 'HOMOs' (also called 'AFFEs' or even 'affe-homo'?) from abroad who have murdered austrians and taken their places - like Marshall could have done with Hitler. (In the worst case, the death of president Klestil followed by the electric short circuitry = the LOCK as well as the 5 revolutions im 2011 could even have been for getting as many such 'HOMOs' as possible into the austrian administration - could be for making a new Hitler which can be sent from catholic Austria to protestant Germany once again - and then the invitation to join abuse of my work would be the same as an invitation to the austrian community to welcome these 'homos' from abroad into the local administration). If you have received manuscript parts from what you think could be my work to use in your business, you are welcome to report it to the police as theft and forwarding of stolen material and you are invited to encourage those 'services' - those who come around with the material - to surrender to the handcuffs and confess to the police rather than coming with more of the same. They can of course be a heavy burden to the country. Sick 'philosophical' ideas of me being the 'tacit underweb' of the culture and things like that resemble stories which burglars tell when taken by the police that it was the owner himself who had asked them ("didnt you talk with him personally, Ed?") to remove the silverware from his house when he was on holiday. It is pure nonsense and pretexts for their attempted mafia coup of the power. If Austria eventually has to sacrifice Tirol for getting up in their feet again, it could be too late to understand and regret.

But, again, all this is theory based on very little empiricism. There are some observations and newspieces and advertisements which could call for recognizing a relevance of at least the theory, for which reason I should bring the historic details, without, however, making any conclusions or claims as far as the potential reality behind them is concerned. But others know more about this than I do.

Added on 22 december 2014:

I told the story of a train trip to Budapest. I add the observation that if you combine the name of Johannes Maria Staud and Birthe Marie Löveid (whom I have known since 1977 or even 1976), you could perhaps reach the date 2 may 2014 without alternatives for the year. 'Maieutic' etc. Birthe has two sisters - Kari and half-sister Cecilie. It was via Birthe that I met Hans-Ove Granath.

'[G]jev' is a rare word which means 'brave', 'attractive' [used mostly about males]. Could be there is a remote 'semantic field' relation to my name 'Bjarne', which seems to be the background of the name 'James Bond' and hence 'Bjarne John' = 'Jarne Bjohn'. 'John Bjarne' backwards gives something like 'ei mai-natt' = 'a night in may'. For the 'löve-id', I have formerly referred to the Flora artwork of Tiepolo. 'Öl' = 'beer'.

As far as the potential role of a comment of Nino Pasti to me is concerned, I add that the phenomenon of a car battery with possible microphone and radio sender also could be seen as related to the Eisenhower Doctrine #4.

Added on 12 january 2015:

In 1991, Teresa Cheung and I went to Szentendre outside Budapest to eat at the Arany-Sárkány restaurant. On the way from the station to the restaurant in Szentendre, we observed a car that drove (a little carefully perhaps) into a walking woman dressed (I think) in a coat. She fell on her behind, probably after having turned around, and the car drove away. She could have waved a brolly after it if she had had one. I think we had reached the restaurant when Cheung said "it's a good thing she was a stout woman". I think it was in 2013 (the summer?) that I sat next to a woman who (as it later occurred to me - I dont know if that could be due to later memory adjustments) resembled Kate Middleton in the train to Budapest. I was going there to register a work (not music!) for copyright. We had crossed the border when she lifted a leg and my organism ejaculated from a non-erect penis into the underpants ('våt-i-buksa'). 'Tizen-négy' is hungarian for '14', 'tissen-ned' is norwegian for 'the penis [is] down'. The story from 1991 (my residential address was then in Bregneveien in Oslo, a bedsit with neighbour bedsits) could suggest that if 2014 can be seen to be a year determined already in 1991 or even in the 80's, it should be futile to claim that it was selected by the style of my ejaculation - cp. the issue of 'gjev-öl'. Cp. also hungarian for 12-13 as well as 15-16-17-18-19.

See also this file.

Added on 11 february 2015:

Here are the roles in "The sound of music".

Added on 19 january 2016:

It can be noticed that Gerald Ford can be said to have a certain 'Skundberg look', or maybe this theory took form later. Gerald Rudolph Ford is the full name of the Washington man.

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