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TEQ #692

Checklist for this world
and to a bunny.

God, it came to you.


TEQ #693

But I have new resource.
This is an attempt to describe
     (how do I see it?)
official misources open,
will Definite Definity
while she and I will have to go
     into the third, leasing the time,
which are not numbered according to me.

And, in the present war, the conspiracies
     are levels of consciousness,
which thus gave the impression that the whole animal text,
the secret garden,
His Holiness would come:

"I am rather going to slay, and that will cause some action".

Ja. I do. I see.


The poem is the last in my "A deep ratch" which is book 10 in 'TEQ' = 'The Endmorgan Quartet' (the second book in 'A saga Hume' which is the third quartet of TEQ) and was written in Vilnius on 26 May 2000. The parallel text to my book is from Exodus leading up to these ten commandments. The first poem in the same book is the one called 'A deep ratch'.

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