The Endmorgan

John Bjarne Grover


Exodus 13.4: Today, in the month of Abib, you are leaving.

The Endmorgan
when I led
time that is moved,
expert mountain...

But I mean 'entschuldigen'.
But there is:
Let me just consider the kind nature of your inquiry, and

But I saw
but twice other academics:

Wergeland [sic]
who were the metre, where I've come
my serial time.

          Nearly George

stuffer/staffer: said while the glass on the wrist-watch hits something
but twice other academics: said while sitting in a bath-tub which is filled up with water
Pyckoue: 'Ruskoie' in Russian handwriting

In Padova there is a church called "Chiesa di Santa Maria dei Servi", and in this church there is a 'pearl of Padova' - a painting by 'R.Maluta', as says the handwriting in the lower corner. Padova told me that - in spite of apparent lack of documentation of the artist - it is authentic and not made by the 'servizi'. I discovered it on 14 july 2014 and photographed the canvas on the wall probably soon after 15:00 local time on 17 july 2014

I wrote the poem, which is in my 'Birds to Saladin', on 15 October 1998.

The verse from Exodus is from the New International Version, 1984

John Bjarne Grover
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Last updated 20 july 2014