The burglary and Hableany

John Bjarne Grover

From story told earlier - on the burglary of my house in Szolnok in the spring 2019:

A burglar had broken into the house and carried out a number of items - mainly what could be converted into a little money, however small. I think it was the same day that I had come and discovered it and reported it to the police (and then the burglary could already have been days or maybe even weeks ago) that the sightseeing boat 'Hableany' crashed with a 'Viking' sth boat and sank in the Danube in Budapest and probably more than 2 dozen south korean tourists drowned. The captain was later arrested, told some news.

'Hableany' ('foam-girl', 'skum-pike') means 'Mermaid' (cp. the Meroë and Märzstrasse elements).

I recently wondered if my palm eczema were related to Palmyra in Syria in light of the Lattakia Style hairdresser in Goldschlagstrasse visavis the coronavirus checkbox there - since there seems to be some structure in the distribution of the coronavirus checkboxes around town. (And, coincidentally or not, the annotation on the vehicle registration number which told of 'Bosphorus 1453' also had a logo annotated which resembled the new logo to that hairdresser shop, so there could be some redundancies in the air). I now observed on the map that the axis Khartoum-Meroë is very similar to the axis Damascus-Palmyra - and then Palmyra-Lattakia corresponds to Meroë-Kurti. Märzstrasse-Kurz it could mean, in the present context. In the Nubian desert, at the Nile. This clearly could relate to my palm eczema. It was very strong for a while - it calmed down at night but when I sat down to work in the morning, if I looked at the righthand palm the skin sort of unfolded like a red rose and started bleeding from slits cracking open in the skin. The harder I looked, the more it unfolded in red - untill I started treating it with a salve (and now it is much better). The ISIS terror on Palmyra, including the tragic destruction of the ancient temple and the triumph arch, could then be the background of my eczemas. In addition, it seems that the arabic for 'Palmyra' or its modern name looks a little like 'gori' (the name of my childhood fantasy friend) to a norwegian mind.

It was in Szolnok before the burglary that I a few times had stopped to look in a furniture sellers shopwindow at a good chair ('lene-stol') for sale, but it was too expensive. One day I suddenly was caught up with a thought - that if I go to the Fortuna second hand shop maybe they had something similar. I so did, and, indeed, there it stood waiting for me, the perfect chair, and not expensive was it either. As I rolled it home, the story arose in my mind of the poor lonely woman who had had it before it suddenly disappeared and eventually landed up at this Fortuna for me to come and find it - it wasnt a trap? But that is how it always has to be with second hand things, I said to myself.

It was while I some days ago studied the 'Proem' to the Decameron that I noticed a strange parallelism with the Ostarrichi document which thereby even could be seen as related to the burglary - in light of the this story with the chair from 'Fortuna' - italic types used for what is interesting here:

Essi, se alcuna malinconia o gravezza di pensieri gli affligge, hanno molti modi da alleggiare o da passar quello, per ciò che a loro, volendo essi, non manca l'andare attorno, udire e veder molte cose, uccellare, cacciare o pescare, cavalcare, giucare e mercatare, de' quali modi ciascuno ha forza di trarre, o in tutto o in parte, l'animo a sé e dal noioso pensiero rimuoverlo almeno per alcuno spazio di tempo, appresso il quale, o in un modo o in uno altro, o consolazion sopravviene o diventa la noia minore. Adunque, acciò che per me in parte s'ammendi il peccato della fortuna, la quale dove meno era di forza, sí come noi nelle dilicate donne veggiamo, quivi piú avara fu di sostegno;

The Ostarrichi document exhibits a notable similarity:

Ostarrichi in marcha et in comitatu Heinrici comitis filii Liutpaldi marchionis in loco Niuuanhova dicto, id est cum eadem curte et in proximo confinio adiacentes triginta regales hobas cum terris cultis et incultis pratis pascuis silvis aedificiis aquis aquarumve decursibus venationibus zidalweidun piscationibus molendinis mobilibus et immobilibus viis en inviis exitibus et reditibus quesitis et inquirendis omnibusque iure legaliterque ad easdem hobas pertinentibus super gremium Frigisingensis aecclesiae ad servicium sanctae Mariae sanctique Christi

in translation:

Ostarrichi heißt, in der Mark und Grafschaft des Grafen Heinrich, des Sohnes des Markgrafen Liutpald, in dem Ort, der Niuvanhova genannt wird, das heißt mit eben diesem Hofe und dreißig in seiner unmittelbaren Umgebung liegende Königshufen mit bebautem und unbebautem Land, mit Wiesen, Weiden, Wäldern, Gebäuden, mit Quellen und Wasserläufen, mit Jagden, Bienenweiden, Fischwässern, Mühlen, mit beweglichem und unbeweglichem Gut, mit Wegen und unwegsamem Land, mit Ausgängen und Eingängen, mit erzielten und noch zu erzielenden Erträgen und mit allem, was nach Recht und Gesetz zu diesen Hufen gehört, dem Schöße der Freisinger Kirche, der jetzt unser getreuer Gottschalk, der ehrwürdige Bischof, vorsteht, zum Dienste der heiligen Maria und des heiligen Bekenners Christi

Now it is easy to see the link in this 'peccato della fortuna' to the Ostarrichi document and the apparent indexation of Sebastian Kurz in 'id est cum eadem curte'. The burglar had apparently even left a chair just inside the door to the annexe with an item on it - as if it should mean something.

Would even 'omnibusque iure' be part of the story - from the tramstop in Märzstrasse and the naked woman in the window?

This could also explain the strange feeling I had that the burglar maybe could have resembled me somehow (of course it wasnt me - but it could have been one intentionally similar if it were political). And, strangely enough, Generali hasnt paid the insurance money yet...

But if it were political, then the burglar or those responsible for it should return the things and compensate for the losses.

Jose Maria el Finko is good at 'hablar' - and may even be about the fundamental theorem = PTRSIM PIK. 'Korea' in norwegian means 'where is she?' - cp. the contents of el Finko's cylinders. Esta una 'boat'-eras... Were the sinking of the Hableany known already 50 years ago? Or were it modelled on this old TV sketch? 'Who sees my real finger' = Lukemeir abootish, eh! backwards? (There is only an outdoor loo to the house in Szolnok - but there are reasons to believe that there are water pipes inside the adobe walls possibly leading away to some other location - very dangerous if the water taps be opened).

I have speculated if the house is an 'intelligence project' from about 1970.

The election in Steiermark was moved from 2020 to 15 november 2019 - which then would have been about half a year after the burglary. ÖVP won the election. The first coronavirus case was reported in Wuhan on 17 november 2019, two days after the election.

It arguably looks as if the current times could be about an unconstitutional level of administrative power preparing for nazism in Germany - as if this is how it was done 100 years ago (which I know little about). The drilling in the Lindengasse could be about 'Unter den Lindengasse'? In addition to this, there is drilling in the Mariahilferstrasse just outside Barnabitenkirche where I lost a rucksack with some poetry notebooks - and there is house demolishing in Schweighofergasse on the lower side from the police station in the Stiftskaserne where I reported the loss of the rucksack with the poetry notebooks. I mean, if the drilling in Lindengasse and Mariahilferstrasse outside Barnabitenkirche has no other function than to make the street (or rather what is under the street) 'mör' = 'tender' (about 'beef'), then there must be some reason for it. But of course maybe there is a good constructional reason unknown to me.

However, the drilling in Mariahilferstrasse is on the corner to Kirchengasse, and Lindengasse is the nearest parallel to Mariahilferstrasse - hence it is possible that the drilling up and down of large steel tubes into the foundations of these two streets is simply the fragment "dem Schöße der Freisinger Kirche" = "gremium Frigisingensis aecclesiae" of the Ostarrichi document. If this is recognized as 'il peccato della fortuna', there is a clear bridge from the 'Decameron' proem ('D.Cameron'? - with a sort of 'Eivind' at Hütteldorf?) to the Ostarrichi document - could be via this 'up and down into the foundations' of the poetry in the unretrieved notebooks of the 'Freisinger'? Is that why I am only self-published - to be the 'Freisinger'?

If this be about unconstitutional interests making Berlin 'tender'-gasse = 'möring-gasse' a decade or two in advance, as for a repeat of the story with a 'hitler' received with palm leaves in Berlin in 2033, isnt it better to stop it now before it is too late? And before a stockmarket crash and depression makes it even more 'Moeringgasse'? I at least certainly do not support monkey business on my life and work (here maybe the lost poetry notebooks - which, if kept by somebody else, could be planned to be the key opening the german doors years later?)

But that wouldnt be much unsimilar to Wittgenstein and Hitler a hundred years ago.

I have this idea that the secret intelligences plan and construct new elements of history decades in advance - and people listen to them and do what they say because they have confidence in them - and then it turns out that they are doing nothing but constructing new nazism once again! Nobody had believed that - and nobody would have listened to their 'extended authorities' if they knew what it was. It is fully possible that the 'omnibuses' that existed around in Europe some decades ago were constructed only for this little fragment with the 'iure' - for making their plans go - but the producers of these buses would perhaps not have called them so if they knew what it was for - and similar things. I emphasize that I know little about this phenomenon or who organizes these things but I have this idea that it is the secret state intelligences and that they use me for reaching their goals (who organized the burglary?) without anybody discovering what it is before it is too late. But then it is urgent with seeing an end to all their 'extended authorities' and stop all their plans before it is too late.

PS In Norway decades ago there was a health/social minister called 'Heløe', cp. the 'Meroë'. I have speculated that Norway by the Klipra connection is the 'archimedian point' which England uses in an attempt to gain global power and control - and that me as PTRSIM PIK in Norway was assigned that function of justifying this global control by a rejection of the 'jewish genetics'. But since England does not want that role, of harvesting global power via a rejection of the jewish genetics, it could be that Norway rejected my doctorate degree in that archimedian point. This could mean that british global power finds its justification if my work is considered 'not goodenough' because that was a part of the foundations of Norway in 1814, and then the archimedian point functions. That could mean that if norwegian administration tells about me (say, in telephone to somebody inquiring) that "we dont think his work is anything worth", it could have an impressive power and resonance on a global scale - could be because of british monarchic aspirations. Even worse so if this includes a quasi 'right' to abuse my work and surveillance data from my life - as if 'it doesnt matter' if it is only worthless matter. This could include the function of plagiarisms of my work: There seems to have been a lot of plagiarisms of my work but nobody does anything to stop the plagiarisms?

The Klipra connection is probably founded on basis of the 'historic evidence' in 'Heimskringla' which could have been a part of the reason for the establishment of the new kingdom of Norway in the constitution on Eidsvoll Verk of 17 may 1814. I dont know if 'Teresa May' would be a name for that Heimskringla with this function. 'Work' = 'Verk' - and the AIDSHIV epidemic could suggest that 'Eidsvoll' is 'not goodenough' in the foundations. 'AIDSHIV' could suggest 'Eidsvig' which again could mean 'Ostarrichi'.

Are there plans of antisemitism in Germany in a 10-20 years time? The 'bankado' and 'tariffado' could perhaps be examples of what in principle could be in planning. One of the corona checkboxes is in Alseggergasse with hydrant in the intersection to Hockegasse: 'Ho-dre[i]-gasse' (= 'she turns gasse') could mean something like 'Az-[h]er-bai-jian' (of 'Azerbaijan') - could be also the female character on the lapis philosophorum I made in 2014. There was also a puppet on children's TV in Norway in probably the 1970's called 'Titten Tei Andre von Drei' who used to talk with 'sjonkel Rolf'.

And where is the Chanson de Roland in this story? I recall my official grandmother Laura (Devold) Eidsvig showing me a photo of herself with 'charleston' hat on Champs-Elysees in 1923 or 1924 when she was there after high school for learning french and becoming mundane. See the theory on how it could be possible that she could have accompanied Vidkun Quisling to Gorkij to shoot Lenin around the same times, if that is the story - Quisling had just married 'Alexandra', a young woman about the age of Laura Devold (while it is said that his marriage with 'Maria' was not properly dissolved). 'Champs-Elysees' could mean just those fields of "Mark und Grafschaft des Grafen Heinrich, des Sohnes des Markgrafen Liutpald, in dem Ort, der Niuvanhova genannt wird, das hei▀t mit eben diesem Hofe" = "Ostarrichi in marcha et in comitatu Heinrici comitis filii Liutpaldi marchionis in loco Niuuanhova dicto, id est cum eadem curte". For the Decameron proem, this could correspond to "Essi, se alcuna malinconia o gravezza di pensieri gli affligge, hanno molti modi da alleggiare o da passar quello, per ci˛ che a loro". In my high school class from 1973 there was also classmate 'Lore Diab', a name which in principle could mean this "per ci˛ che a loro" - 'tjokke' is norwegian for 'fat' (about a plurality, such as 'tjokke i låra' = 'fat in the thighs'). But that could also be the idea of an erection in the foundations.

But this photo from Champs-Elysees (= Chanson de Roland) would have been with a camera = De-cameron = ten days = tender [beef] - hence it turns around among the 'drei' (the word 'drei' means 'turn-around!' in norwegian).

Are the deaths of Mao and Gandhi similar counterpoints to the Ostarrichi document and the Decameron?

I tell this story which could be about 'ho starr i key' and 'dictionary', but maybe it is not anything worth: Tone Grøver visited me in Rome in the summer 1981. She sat on the verandah reading Dagbladet, a copy she probably had bought before she left Oslo - if it were not a special print. It had a big front page headline - taking up nearly the entire front page - saying "I full fart" = "at top speed" - a story about some daredevil driver, I think it was. (A briton who also was present on the verandah pointed to it with a glint in eye). She also gave me the two dictionaries, one of which ('norwegian-english') had the top left error of a T instead of an R. If 'Indira Gandhi' were the reference somehow, it turns by T/R into 'in Rita gunnery' which 'I full fart' turns into 'if ull farn'. I recall one day in school 1970-71 when Rita sitting next to me looked pensively down on her fingers - 'ho starr i key'? - and one could understand that it could have been that she had been in a sexual relation to somebody the day before, in spite of her young official age 13-14 (at least I thought she was my age). Could be she had had underpants on - of 'ull' = 'wool' - but the question seemed to be if she could have got pregnant anyhow = 'if ull / i full farn' = 'in full father'. (Or could it mean 'Mao ze-Dong'?) Or could it even have been about me - being in a 'sexual relation'?)

I remember this only very vaguely and I may perhaps be mistaken, but it occurs to me that it happened in that class once - if not in the 8th or 9th grade - that some student asked the teacher in a christendom lecture - there was talk of Jesus turning water into wine - couldnt it mean adding water to whisky for turning it into a sort of 'wine'? With recent news in mind, that could mean 'Saskatchavan' = 'sa scotch og/av vann' = 'said scotch and/of water' - cp. the story with the many dead children found buried in the ground outside a school in the 'Saskatchavan' district of Canada. But maybe this gets too farfetched. It could have been about 'trene godt' = 'exercise well' - I recall Tone exercised with Tae-kwon-do karate, cp. 'tai Gandhi', while the story of Rita (or me) could perhaps be called 'rep er i mande'? Rita used a shoulder bag - the children normally used ordinary schoolbags but she and a couple of the other girls in class used shoulderbags - like the woman coming on top of the water knee in the 'Treblinka' (or is it called 'Judenbuche'?) photo corresponding to Botticelli's 'Birth of Venus'.

If the de-Camera-on combines with this young woman, it could mean the 'spy-dear' - as for 'Ostarrichi' - which was the innermost 'cause' in the story from Vilnius.

My friend Petter and I visited my younger sister Tone at Frysja or was it Ribstonveien - we were drinking coffee at the kitchen table when she suddenly and unmotivatedly pulled her jumper off and was naked on the upperbody. Petter was a little taken back but she turned around for finding another jumper to put on. When it is told that Indira Gandhi was on her way to an interview with Peter Ustinov when she was shot, that could perhaps be spotted in the author names? Should it insinuate that I should be an agent? I am not an agent!

Gandhi was shot at Halloween and in that autumn semester I studied latin at the university - we were 4 students on the course and I used to read along with Sindre Bostad (then a novice at the dominican monastery) who was another of the 4. Some days after the death of Gandhi there was the big cyanide disaster of Bhopal - which hence seemed to tell that her death had something to do with me (this I could understand only many years later). But of course those who organized her death could have organized even Bhopal for precisely the reason of associating it with me.

For Mao and my elder sister there is the story of how she came home late in the evening and the housedoor was locked so she peeped in my window and woke me up and asked if I could go and open the door. I was still sleepy and said "what? I cannot let you in if you dont have an identification paper, a passport or something" and she was surprised and said stop joking, wont you open the door? I continued claiming that she had to show an ID - untill I suddenly 'woke up' and said, ah yes, of course, just a moment and I went and opened the door. 'Sjansen dør o[g] land' = 'the chance door and land' it could mean - but I would guess that this is a value that could have been ascribed to the situation by later 'constructors of intrigue' - could be for pretending that she was scheduled to murder Mao after having passed a door guard who would let her in. But this is likely to be something which is assigned to the story in order to make a coherent system out of it. Unless the door had been locked while she was out for precisely the reason of making such a system.

It is possible to see the name of Francois Mitterand as telling of this event: Brother & sister, in the midst of a [window]frame.

The door-'vakt'= 'guard' = 'phylax' (me, in this story) could be in reference to the two 'guards' at the woman-in-the-street - the two who could have been the background of the names of Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler.

Camera + privacy + the chance - could be the intrigue is based on surveillance of me in that window or through the window. The chance to take the place. A pity it is with this perennial obsession of the planners of intrigue that their conception of the aim of human life seems to be to take somebody else's place and values. The chance to be a thief, a swindler. But such plans are probably made for being not goodenough.

This idea of three high-level assassinations (Lenin, Mao, Gandhi) associated with three females of my family could be for this idea that Norway should be a sort of 'super-power' of viking type. Ah ja, that could mean the reason for making Norway in 1814. But did the vikings really exist? Of course there were folks around the fjord and they knew how to build boats etc.

'Norske Byggeklosser' is a film from 1972 (made by Pål Bang-Hansen) which seems possibly to be about my adobe house in Szolnok - burglared in 2019. 'Skar lett me[d] hånden' = 'cut easily through with the hand' - could mean the house in Szolnok but not the destruction of Palmyra. There are apparently water pipes inside the fragile sundried clay-and-straw walls but not inside the house itself, and if those who control the water taps open them, the house collapses. There may have been a refrain around that the terror in Syria - including the tragic destruction of Palmyra when the ancient ruins were detonated by explosives triggered by hand-send electricity - after which one hopes perhaps to put the 'byggeklosser' together again to look as before - would not have come about if I had moved away from Zinckgasse in time, even if I were not given any sign of such in advance - in spite of all the time I have spent on trying to unwind the intrigues by these writings on the internet (such as the present page). But that would probably have been the same wherever I lived, and in this sense it could perhaps be said that I were 'responsible' for the terror in Syria. If this is what they mean with the females of the family being responsible for the high-level assassinations, it is of course possible that they were 'responsible' for it. But the film 'Norske Byggeklosser' could perhaps also be taken to mean something like that - not only that the house would collapse if I masturbated ('palm-myra') 'jewish genetics'. (It seems difficult to find the entire film on the internet, but it exists in bits and pieces). 'Langmyra' was a school in Molde in the 60's - one of three main schools (Sellanrå Langmyra, Elvebakken) as far as I recall. If Langmyra = Palmyra, the Elvebakken could be the 'L-web-akken' as the 'LJ' of the chinese RU-FANG sign for female breasts?

But even if it can be said as a joke that I was 'responsible' for the destruction of Palmyra because I had not moved away from Zinckgasse in time, what is meant by such a joke is probably that the construction could lend much 'responsibility' to ÍVP (via '1223') - and therefore it could be that this would not have come about if I had moved out of Austria in time. It is true that I do not masturbate, but there was an overflow in the summer 2015 and this was followed not long after with an overflow of mid east (could be mainly syrian) refugees into Europe - around 800.000 or so were received in Germany, if I understood it right, or was it Europe in total. It could have been about Palmyra - and hence also Meroë and 'Kurti' - and hence possibly the eczemas in my righthand palm - which blossom up when I am inside Austria but calm down quickly outside.

The conclusion could be that it is even possible that the terror in Syria 2011-2018 could have been for mainly this tragic destruction of Palmyra - and that it even could have been for lending quasi 'superpower' status to Norway as an archimedian turning point for british monarchy aspirations for global power. But this I know little about.

© John Bjarne Grover
On the web 13 july 2021
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