Austria and the pandemic

John Bjarne Grover

The woman on the ground

Some months ago - years it is now - I came with the tram 49 from Penzing to step off at the station 'Beingasse' where it intersects with Märzstrasse. Many years ago there had been a woman with naked upper body leaning out of a high window there, with mobile phone at the ear, and if I stood waiting for the tram and lifted the eyes just a little up the house wall, males came pouring out from the lower shops.

It is only today that I can understand this mechanism: If one studies the 'adjacent' sign group in the 'Talking girl' poem of Qin Taoyu, the series of signs constituted by the following sign in Mathews, one seems a grim scenario of a person standing in a window on the verge to hop out with hands backbound on the lower back and these hands being attached to a rope for hanging: The person could even be a desperado who could do such for saying to the world "you must not do such things!". This desperado would be very much the opposite of the nice talking girl in the proper series of signs. People naturally shun such an idea of a self-destructive desperado in the window - and they are naturally attracted to the nice talking girl. I think I once saw a description of such a construction for hanging people up by way of their backbound hands - the human body is constructed in such a way that people do not want this idea. I think the apparatus was french and there was a name to it which I do not remember. The opposite could then be the english across the channel.

It is very possible that this is what started to function in the moment when I moved from Venice up to Vienna in late 2009 - then Italy could have gone into a despair which means that a fallout from the window or high shelf could have led to a tragic disruption at the border to Austria. The danger would have been the 'debt' = norwegian 'falldown', which could have been the reason why the 'debt' was driven up towards sky-high rather than ground-low heights.

I later stopped using the bus stop, not only since 'espionage' is forbidden and can lead to immediate responses, but also since the distance down to Urban Loritz Platz is about the same. Also, it had happened several times that if I stepped on the tram at Beingasse, the tram stopped at Urban Loritz Platz and everybody out please, wait for the next tram. (After Beatrix Karl had been in the Faymann government, I speculated if these stepouts were organized). When some months ago - years it is now - I came with the tram 49 from Penzing to step off at the station 'Beingasse', there was a group of people around something on the ground. It turned out to be a woman sitting on the ground, leaning against somebody else assisting her body's upright-sitting posture while gasping with a slightly blunted look in the eyes - and one could not escape the idea that she had been attacked by a passerby, e.g. with an injection with horror chemicals. A police car just arrived and parked and a policeman carried aluminium foil out for bringing to the victim - I supposed it was for forensic purposes but know not why. I guessed that the police had called for medical assistance and I left the place. Some time later I passed two males in Zinckgasse photographing each other up against a wall, after which I went downwards and took up Löhrgasse and a man was sitting on the ground between two cars with a rucksack nearby - I guessed from the mood that he was pretending something and left him there. Had he tried to imitate Caravaggio's 'St.Francis receiving the stigmata'?

One could guess that the attacker, if that were it, had struck against the woman in order to make this scene on the tram stop with her on the ground where I would arrive some minutes or seconds later - if there were such info of surveillance. If it even were 'political', it could have been for installing the feelings that would befall a person on the ground after such a leapout from a high window - when I was arriving. It could have been about making a tool for making people back out of the situation if I were in the coming.

The corona checkboxes

It was probably this spring (if not last year?) that a corona test station (a socalled 'checkbox') was put up in Goldschlagstrasse where it is intersecting with Preysinggasse, next to a fire hydrant that had been wrapped in aluminium foil, not only the hydrant itself but also the water hose that led from it into the temporary hut for the coronatest station. It looked like a person sitting on the ground, next to the corner of the street intersection - just like the woman on the Beingasse stop when I came with the tram from Penzing:

(Notice also the apparent similarity with the sculpture outside Wiener Stadthalle).

I went by the parliament and saw another similar corona test station with a similar aluminium-wrapped hydrant including hose to the temporary hut with the tests. It is between the parliament and Burgtheater.

I looked also at another two of the checkboxes of same type that have been put up around town, and it seemed that all of them had this architecture of aluminium-wrapped hydrant + hose (probably with insulation inside against the winter cold). It was also a question whether the locations indexed the 1957 story with assumed Kennedy and associated mythology.

I speculated even if the locations could have been selected by some aspect of my life. For example, the one in Felbigergasse (at the intersection to Kefergasse) could by streetname invoke associations to the situation in the 1980's on a hungarian course with Eva Csato - she talked of hungarian 'félcipö' = 'half-shoe' that it meant 'small shoe', like in spring-summer not winter shoe, and I said that is how it is in norwegian as well. But that is not entirely true: In norwegian the springshoe feeling is called 'småsko' = 'small-shoe' but not 'half-shoe' = 'halv-sko'. A bluffer? I dont know if this were only a stray association to this location or if it would apply more generally.

In Bezirk 16 there is a checkbox at Mildeplatz near Seitenberggasse.

In short, the theory articulates itself that the corona checkboxes put up around Vienna, of same type as in Goldschlagstrasse, serve to index the assumed scene in 1957 - when (as it is here assumed) my rather newborn skullcap was lifted off my head and possibly John F.Kennedy masturbated a spurt of semen onto my young cortex before the skullcap was put on again (with traumatic days of healing following). This is the 1957 moment in history which it seems that ÖVP is defined in terms of - via the '1223' formula - the interval of 12 years, 2 months and 3 weeks - which was the interval from the founding meeting of ÖVP in 1945 and this moment in 1957. This means that the corona checkboxes around town could serve to enhance the public 'attachment' to ÖVP - could be even via the symbolism in 'the woman on the ground' in the intersection Märzstrasse/Beingasse. The corona checkbox addresses are listed on the internet:

See also the story from 2005 in Bratislava when I had photographed a wooden shed (cp. the checkboxes) - and a man resembling Fjellheim or the possibly swedish pianist from Paris came from behind with finger lifted for a hard knock in my back - after which I fell but touched down only with the left hand before I swung myself up again - like on the photo. The shed can be called 'bu' in norwegian (like german 'Bude'), and hence if the tram stop be seen as a bus stop, there is 'buss-stoppe-stedet' or 'bust-up-is-Tedet' as well as 'bu-stå-piss-stedet/Tedet' - for the man with the lifted finger at the 'bu' in Safarikova in Bratislava. This could have been a background of the incident with the woman-on-the-ground at Beingasse station.

I am a very peaceful person and it happened only once that I hit somebody - that is when I hit my elder sister in the back - in the 1960's. I had been trying to read when she repeatedly swung a teasing guitar in the air between me and the book untill I lost my temper and I ran after her and hit her with my fist in her back - not like that fist in Safarikova in Bratislava, though. (She started yelling that I had 'drusa te' = 'hit her', and I noticed some 'drusian' news from I think Lebanon around those times). 'Teases' is norwegian 'erter', like the vegetable 'peas' - albeit with a different toneme. (Is this the 'guitar'?)

(It could have been around the time when she invited me to play '52 pick up' = '52 plukk opp', a card game I did not know but I said okay, then she threw the pack of cards on the kitchen floor and said 'pick them up'. If 'PIK' = '6', would it mean 52+6 = 58? Liese Prokop was in Schüssel's government - and ) .

The checkbox in Goldschlagstrasse is on the corner to Preysinggasse, just on the other side of the road intersection to where there used to be a 'Vienna Style' hairdresser salon which now seems to have changed name to 'Lattakia Style' hairdresser salon. With the 'LATTE' = 'milk' plus the 'TAK' = 'roof' that conjecturally had been lifted off my head (also, 'tak i a' = 'grip on her/it'), one could spot a certain reference to the 1957 event even here. I suppose the hairdresser is not involved but it is visavis this checkbox in Goldschlagstrasse.

Search this file for the form 'Das Gold'. This poem of Rilke is immediately followed in 'Neue Gedichte' second part by his poem 'Der Stylit' - cp. the phenomenon of adjacency relative to 'chinese-Mathews' / 'Genesis-Matthew'. Cp. also the guitar 'tease' = 'ert' for 'ein Erz ist über allen Erzen'.

Meroe (cp. also 'Märzstrasse') is some kilometers north-east of Khartoum. Sudan was divided some years ago (for what reason?). Would that compare to the force of a division in the austrian-italian border by that #222 of the 300 Tang poems in a 'chinese-Mathews' sense - that is a 'Genesis-Matthew' sense of PTRSIM PIK?

The checkboxes are supposed to function as test stations for a while and thereafter they will be turned into vaccination stations, tells the web. Then people can go there and get their 'jabs'. Not in the back, rather in the 'shoulder' (like that turning-point of the austria-italian border?).

And not with 'horror chemicals', though. Such errors shall not take place. But of course there could be some political power in the idea.

Three freedoms

The issue could come up relative to the question articulated in the articles 'My epidemiological theory (april 2020)' and 'How to construct a medication against covid-19: What happened on 14 april 2020?'. In short, if it should turn out that my person has something to do with the coronavirus vaccines, it could come to be very dangerous. This terrible threat must be battled off, could be the intended conclusion - and one guesses that it is the international secret intelligence services who are running this campaign - not the least in order to continue the 'project' (as I have guessed) which claims that I (according to plans?) could be an alcoholic who is rather incapable of anything but being drunk (I do not drink alcohol at all, though) - but whom they try to help as well as they can. It is likely that these 'intelligences' try to identify with me (such as conjecturally in all the 'dubious cookies' on the web against the rather isolated serious pages of the 'wiki' type) - here that would be in order also to identify with the source of the terrible threat from injections with horror chemicals. If anybody should be so unfortunate as to fall victim of anything such, they should recall that it came from those 'intelligence services', could be the theme. That is power.

People are vaccinated all over the world and there is a massive power potential in this threat of shoulder injection. I have suggested that the world could get corona free in the course of a few weeks if one follows the procedure of 'three freedoms': 1) The freedom to choose vaccination station, 2) the freedom to choose which queue to line up in, and 3) the freedom to choose from the table which syringe to use. That means that anybody with aspirations to gain power from the possibility that you could be targeted personally by horror chemicals hiding inside the vaccine dosis is diminished as far as possible, and then certainly the vast power potential there is in this pandemic would be down rather quickly.

Stop all the nonsense with 'prenotazione' and 'trust me': It is just to get the fluid under the skin and that can be done on the belly with a 6 mm syringe tip plunged into the bottom by own hands - it takes max 20 seconds - after which one goes to the copyer machine and puts the ID on the glass plate and a proof is printed out and the data sent to the central register. It takes a minute per person and the whole country is vaccinated in the course of a few days. It's like a referendum. Vaccines can be made quickly on licence (news recently told that an indian firm will start production of russian 'Sputnik' vaccines on licence) and the addresses of the official vaccination stations (say, in the foyers to or sheds at hospitals etc) are pasted up on telephone poles and can be verified on the big poster outside the city hall. Stop all that power nonsense about trusting the webmaster.

But then there is no power to gain from the pandemic, and, as the power-freaks probably say, 'we need more power in order to battle the terrible threat from the pandemic'.

In the present case, the constructions with the aluminium-foiled 'hydrant' sitting on the ground just outside a coronavirus station seems to suggest that it is me - Mr.Grover - who is the threat against our society, while the credits for the work which I have done even could be lifted via the '1223' construction over onto political administration out for more power. In the present case, that seems (could be simply because this is the only apparent evidence I have) to mean primarily 'ÖVP', but it is possible that there exist parallels here and there around the world.

(The big crisis would be if they - say, on behalf of England? - could try and construct a 'Black Sea Loop' - which would be to construct new german nazism - like the 'Endlösung' of the Wannsee conference? - possibly via overearth panic in Italy - and such strategies should therefore be strictly forbidden by the austrian constitution).

Have politicians agreed to consider me the secret truth that must not be revealed too early to the public? It may be urgent to get out of the dense fog of mythomania.

What is ÖVP?

I here consider my own theoretic role relative to the recent history of Austria.

It seems that the austrian borders could have been settled in 1919 on basis of my person qua PTRSIM PIK. The reason for this was the enormous catastrophe that would follow from the rejection of then PTRSIM PIK Wittgenstein's Tractatus = Logisch-PhilosoPHISCHE Abhandlung - therefore the eastern border follows the PHISCHE-mand outlines. The catastrophes followed from rejection by Siegel & Jahoda --> holocaust, by Reclam --> Klaps on Walls Treat, Braumüller --> new world war - massive terror and monkey business by Hitler - a phenomenon of austrian kind which seems to have been developed from the role of the Ostarrichi document (including e.g. Markt-eting of advertisement). One guessed perhaps in 1919 that the catastrophes were inevitable due to the big but coupable historic support in the PTRSIM PIK. The reason for the border setting relative to my person in 1919 would then have been that Austria would get one more chance to rescue the disastrous relations with the rest of the world - by not going in the same trap with me. This seems to have been the reason why I should live in Austria.

ÖVP was founded in 1945 only 80 days after Auschwitz was closed - apparently on a program of monkey business on my person in a '1223' relation to me via John F.Kennedy 1957. The current corona checkboxes are a good example. But how could this be possible - if the purpose with my relations relative to Austria since 1919 would be just the opposite - for giving Austria the chance of undoing the errors of Hitler by not going in the same trap again?

The logic behind the formation of ÖVP in 1945 would then probably have been that Hitler basically was right anyhow - and so it was not a big defeat. But how could anybody mean that? Because in 1945 there had been no answer to the question of the authenticity of the Ostarrichi document, in spite of the war. This view tells that Napoleon collected his empire and let the britons win at Waterloo in order to tell as clearly as possible that 'the war was not for winning it - it was for getting the truth about the Chanson de Roland'. That was the entire purpose with Napoleon - and the britons confirmed this by sending him to St.Helene = 'sangen til Helena' = 'Chanson de Roland'.

Then Hitler would have been 'right', tells this reasoning, when he did the same for getting the truth about the Ostarrichi document - and in 1945 it would have been said in Vienna that he made the entire WWII for the sole purpose of losing it in the same way as Napoleon had done. (Austria won WWII, that sort of suggests). Therefore Hitler was transported (as tells my very unconfirmed hypothesis) to Ålesund and the Klipra connection (cp. 'Sorgschrofen' as a 'Klipra' connection to Jungholz - 'Schrofen' means a cliff, not so steep and with some vegetation) - this very unconfirmed hypothesis of mine furthermore suggests that he took on the new name of my granduncle 'Aron Eidsvig' = 'Aron Ostarrichi', the brother of my grandfather Bjarne Eidsvig who also could have been another austrian by name Adolf Eichmann. The only real proof I have found that Eidsvig could have been Hitler is in the strange word 'hardon' and the 'AIDSHIV' epidemic (for 'hardon AIDSHIV' / 'Aron Eidsvig'). Another but weaker 'proof' could be in just that role of the cliff of 'Sorgschrofen' in the opening to the 'pimple' or 'bulb' of Jungholz - it is well possible that this was a part of the definition of the eastern border when this was drawn up by anglophone interests in 1919 - and if, as goes the even more daring hypothesis, WWI could have served the purpose of putting the Klipra connection on the global history map, the puzzling Jungholz border could have been established around the time and intentions of, say, the Devold knitting ('trikotasje') 'fabrication' factory in Langevåg at Ålesund and the establishment of the US republican party - but this is an even more daring hypothesis. (I notice the 'Vögelein singend im Walde' - if 'curtio' is attested only in this book but more commonly from the form 'curcus' or 'curvus', there is a potential link to Josef Mengele's origins in 'Günzburg': 'Byens skurk' = the crook/Schurke of the town (by 'Langevåg' / 'Mengele') could then relate to 'byens kurv' in a sense concerning the original name of 'Martin Luder'. This 'spoonerism' would then be a 'trick of ta-sje' of the Ole Devold - cp. also the tramline stop with the 'woman-on-the-ground'.

It could have been this background which led to the formation of ÖVP in 1945 - they had lost the war but indeed they felt that they were still right! They had even lost on purpose for being right! It was the britons who were wrong - they had fabricated the swindle documents which were so disastrous and they had not done what they could to repair the damage. This would have been the mood which gave the austrian party new optimism and public support in 1945 - and the party seems to have been founded in concert with the planned opening of my newborn head in 1957 with John F.Kennedy present - could be this 'Kennedy' serves to mean a representative of the international secret intelligence services who seem to be an offspring from the story of the dubious historic documents of potentially british origins.

'1223' is therefore the name of the spurt of semen onto my young cortex - the moment which constitutes the link between JFK and me 1957 - and ÖVP - and, it seems, which could be in constant maintainence via The New Yorker. Could be it is called a 'trick-of-ta-sje' - and monkey business on my life and work could then be compared with the idea of a 'trick-of-ta-sje' factory: Ole Devold (an official great-great-...-grandfather of mine) seems to have founded this factory at the time (around 1852) when the antisemitic paragraph was lifted from the norwegian constitution. If this removed one of the two ridiculous aspects of the (assumed) founding reasons for the state of Norway in 1814, the only potential source of ridicule left would have been in other (assumed) founding reason - the idea that the norwegians once was a global superpower #1 in the viking times, when they controlled the world from Vinland to Constantinopel (= 'Wien-land'?). It is perhaps not certain that the vikings existed at all - but if they were a (british?) joke (of 'strand'-hoax?) only, the dubious authenticity for the state of Norway could compare with the dubious authenticity of the Ostarrichi document for the state of Austria. Fischamend, fantasms, the Geisel of Dorcas - is that the 'strand'-hoax?

My sexual person

There is the theory that I was raped (Fischamend/classmates, fantasms/filmroom, the Geisel of Dorcas/Tabithi at dentist times?) in my early puberty 1970-71 and this could be the basis for political exploitation of my sexual person.

This file discusses an aspect of it based on my first experience of some fascination by the other sex - in fact probably around the time of the Kennedy assassination (or in the preceding summer). A second chapter with potential political 'interests' is the story from the forest outskirts in 1972-73 when I was about to turn 16.

Why should politics take interest in my sexual person? I notice the name of current chancellor and ÖVP chief Sebastian Kurz - that this name could be in reference to the Ostarrichi document in the phrase 'id est eadem curte': Here 'curte' seems to be about 'running' (including 'wagon') and apparently even (by Walde) 'viper' and hence 'the running viper' (see this excerpt from Walde-Hofman p.316 to the left plus some lines to the right from p.317, the article on 'curvus' - Benita Ferrero-Waldner was also in Schüssel's second government) makes little sense except perhaps in a sexual sense of it. And then 1223 - the moment of 1957 - could be just the method of hijack for monkey business.

It is a little difficult to verify this 'curtio' except in this excerpt from Walde-Hofmann. Is there a saying 'Die Vögelein singen im Walde'? There is a saying 'running off with the circus' - and 'running off with the curvus' could be the historic origins (called 'Martin Luder') of a stategy of 'running off' with the inner attention of my sexual interests if such administration feels that these could be relevantly identified as 'curvus'-es - which then probably could be suggestive of the idea of 'secret intelligence' - say, as a field of more or less platonic sexuality. Are the germans very sensitive on that idea - that Martin 'Luder' was so called because he could have been a british agent as part of the Henry VIII separatism from the Vatican? As with other suspected cases of british swindle - such as Ostarrichi, Chanson de Roland, Decameron, Heimskringla - this could be a point whereon very much control is attached - and even if it is not possible to prove that Martin Luther was an agent for England, even if it should have been possible it would perhaps not really have changed very much since it is not Luther they believe in but their faith is shaped by him. But it could be a very sensitive point/joint - why his name was 'Luder'.

It is possible that the construction includes such a 'comfort pump' - pumping the values out of my relations with the female gender. See Heide-Steen's 'news in finnish language' - he comes during the opening, which could be called 'kom fort' = 'came quickly', and if the rest counts as a Fourier transform functioning like a quasi pump, or even as a pump a la the apparatus lifting people up and down by the arms backbound like the austrian-italian border symbolism, this combination of 'comfort' with 'pump' could mean that there could be little left of the 'love'. It is possible that this 'comfort pump' (running off with the 'curvus') was a concept documented nearly 50 years ago. It could be considered relevant to the epidemiological theory of mine on influx back and forth across the border to the metaphysics.

The hijacking of my sexual interests could then have been installed via rape of my puberty times, as is the unconfirmed hypothesis of mine, and it could have found its rooting in the names of the founding meeting of ÖVP in 1945:

Leopold Kunschak (Obmann), Hans Pernter (geschäftsführender Obmann - the assumed sanitary towel before mouth and nose, more recently like a corona-mask), Lois Weinberger, Leopold Figl, Julius Raab and Felix Hurdes (Generalsekretär) - and it would then have been this 'felix skurdes' who would have been that 's-curcus/curvus/curtio' factor of the Vögelein-Walde.

In short, it is possible that these years when Austria should have got the chance to get up on their feet again with me living and thriving in Austria have been going according to the plan and everybody have joined the work - except for a little catch about it - that it was not only me qua PTRSIM PIK who was going up again in these years in Zinckgasse but the curtio-Kurz 'instead', so to speak. It could mean that Austria did not pass the 1919 test of independence. The decade ended in the coronavirus pandemic.

Is 'vipera ekhidna/εχιδνα' conceived in the name of my elder sister 'Vibeke Grøver' - say, as the possible real reason for a polarization of the serious Wikipedia source on the web vs the ocean of unserious pages calling for your accept of their 'dubious cookies'?

A common view could be that the austrians should close down ÖVP. That could be a trivial conclusion if the pandemic is a simple result of the 1223 monkey business of ÖVP on my person - it should have been the other way round - to repair the damage from Wittgenstein. If the current outlines of intrigue on my epidemiological theory means that the plan is to hijack it from me onto some political interests, then it must be concluded that the damage since Hitler's monkey business on Wittgenstein is very far from repaired.

But maybe it wasnt for the repair? Was it for making a pump?

It has seemed to me that when I return from a trip abroad, austrian advertisement (could be other aspects of social life as well, but this I know little about) seems to have fished up moments of surveillance from my social life on the trip abroad - and if a woman gave me a smile somewhere, the situation could be subjected to reinterpretation in the public space for redirecting it to a smile to probably ÖVP rather than to me. This is only an impression I have got - I do not have proof. The homo wave could have been a part of this story - including the laws on homo marriage - also as a potential background of the coronavirus pandemic.

Von der Leyen was in Lithuania recently - here from her Twitter account.

It could mean that unless these activities be halted, there is only one possible solution for me and that is to find a lasting foothold outside Austria. The apparent effect on the mortality rate in Italy when I travelled down there in july 2020 (it fell from 15-20% to 2-3%) could be telling.

The woman-on-the-ground could be seen to be 'in the market', and this 'MARK' is the theme of the Ostarrichi document and the field of marketing/advertisement.

Is it about playing guitar or lute - as a Martin Luther? Heinrici comitis filii Liutpaldi marchionis in loco 'Safarikova' dicto?

It looks as if the trend is to convert me into a political phenomenon - that age-old sport of PTRSIM PIK as as technical Messiah whom the people vote for.

My lost poetry notebooks have not been retrieved. Under these circumstances, is that the pandemic?

Do they consider my work with poetry a 'curvus' which they can run off with? If I write a good line of poetry and it slaps my face from marketing poster around town a few hours later, of course I cannot live and thrive here. Some feel perhaps that a kiss at gunpoint is better than no kiss at all, but generally these are the fields of life which cannot be controlled too much without losing their value. The breath should go effortlessly in and out, without having to force the air in and out of the lungs. I did not leave the rucksack on the churchbench on purpose, but it got out of my control when I forgot it there. Had I gotten it back I could perhaps have continued working here.

Do they consider it a 'curvus'? Where is the curvus? If England is out for finding a goodenough reason to close down the state forever, it does not help much to accuse me of it afterwards.


It is possible that the current activities going on relative to me is an attempt to create a global 'comfort pump' that will make people all over the world forced to receive the power as their rescue against the threat of a gallopping pandemic. This may have been planned to pump the comfort out of the woman on the ground and over onto the administration. This is probably the same as totalitarian administration exploiting the platonic relations between people since these constitute a threat against power and control. The 'woman on the ground' is probably just there - she is (on) the reasons you get for your deliberations - from the people and not from bigbrother administration. It is when administration be based on truth and rationality rather than power that the woman can thrive and live well.

It is just to tell the truth about PTRSIM PIK and stop the swindle.

The story of the potentially british swindle on historic documents seems to have created power by the single point that such fabrication cannot be verified.

But I have written the blue metre which can solve this problem and restore truth as the basis for administration. This solution is based on the assumption that the year of writing is left as an imprint in the form of the text and it cannot be done otherwise.

The british breakout (by Henry VIII) from the Vatican can have been motivated by the wish to break out of the confinements of the blue metre - by seeking quasi-religious cult ecstacy in the attempt to write text in another year than the one you are in. This ecstacy would resemble spiritism and automated writing from the dead etc. It would lead to the powerful mastering of swindle - a temptation indeed. A successful ecstacy would then be when the false historic document receives lasting confidence. 'Martin Luder' this could be called - and a part of the reason for 'Martin Luther' could be that although reliance on the text is all we have, as he says, it is possible to resist temptation and know the truth of the revelation nevertheless.

It could be this 'proximo confinio' (in the logic) of the blue metre that is the teaser to Germany. Of course the confinements of the blue metre is not history - rather on the contrary - the blue metre is logical aspects of history, and if one breaks out of these, that is more like a 'Kennedy' spurt on a young cortex or quite simply swindle to which confidence is called for.

If my blue book can prove that the Ostarrichi document is false, does that pull the territory away under the austrians? Could be that is why my poetry notebooks have not been retrieved so far. Is it that they do not want more of this? But of course my poetry cannot take the land away from the austrians.

Final remark

It seems that some politicians and administration take it for granted that the tradition of PTRSIM PIK should be allowed for and that there is no reason to stop it. That is very far from the truth: There is no reason at all for continueing the PTRSIM PIK tradition - it is only that it has been very secret and shrouded in quasi mystique (is it Jesus or what is it?) and therefore the abuse has not been stopped. It is only that some politicians find it convenient to have somebody to abuse because it feels comfortable and they can cheat a lot of people with it. It is very high time to stop all this lax morals and bring the whole story to daylight.

Am I kept low in the landscape of epidemiology for keeping me going as PTRSIM PIK in Zinckgasse - for the construction of global tools for constitutional or unconstitutional government? If I were taken seriously, I would have been informed about what is going on concerning my theory. I have spent all too much time on battling windmills.

A pity it is to talk in a low mood about the place and society one lives in - and I have to add that the austrian society is very well organized - and indeed I have never had a better place to live than in Zinckgasse. Some applause could also be needed for the 'soft landing' of my return to Austria in march when the houseletter did not draw houserent from my bank account in the first 6 months of the year. It was only when I was notified at summer solstice that they would start drawing rent again (and the rent for the first half year was drawn a few days ago) that the global curve of new infections turned and started going up again - but it is not the houseletter who is to blame for this. Of course it is not the houserent which is the problem. It must also be mentioned that the problem of advertisement is less than it was, even if there are still reflexes of it - such as this ad some weeks ago looks like a reference to this probably ex nihilo occurrence on my page with such samples - under #47 - but this is published matter. It is even possible that the number of outdoor ad posters has been reduced.


Walde, A.: Lateinisches etymologisches Wörterbuch. By J.B.Hofmann. Carl Winter Universitätsverlag, Heidelberg 1965.

© John Bjarne Grover
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