How did I arrive at my epidemiological theory?

John Bjarne Grover

Around mid april 2020 I defined a theory on how to stop the spread of virus infections in human bodies. The theory is outlined in the two files

1) My epidemiological theory (april 2020)
2) How to construct a medication against covid-19: What happened on 14 april 2020?

It seems that something happened which indicated that the theory had a great potential for stopping virus spread - and that included thereby also stopping the spread of the dirty power contained in biological warfare.

Why did I take interest in formulating my theory?

The reason why the question arose was in the discovery of the apparently systematic relation between the spread of the virus in regions and countries (by names and border outlines) and the elements of my prose text 'And hang under the Justcan keys' (january 2012). This is explained in some files:

1. The reason for the corona epidemic crisis - this contains the two excerpts from my prose text - chapter 5. The border and chapter 24. What happened later - with following examples
2. My epidemiological theory (april 2020) - this is the one referred to above - but see the examples under '25 april 2020'
3. search for "ranking" and see the following examples

I concluded that there was a correlation between aspects of the borders and the linguistic properties of my text. The prose text 'And hang under the Justcan keys' is contained in the red metre - it is the same archetype as the story of the two dogs on the other side of the railway relative to the 'traversari' man in white.

I was just about to complete this work (through christmas 2011 and just into the new year 2012) when Costa Concordia shipwrecked on the tuscan coast. I believed also that I saw some reflexes in Modern Language Review 1 january 2012.

The essential matter - why I took interest in formulating the theory - is in the status of the inner poetic articulations which form the basis for this correlation: Where do they come from? The question is 'the amount of metaphysics' contained in the origin of the inner poetic articulations: How 'transcendent' are they?

They come from the poet's poetic understanding, whether that be based on personal skill and historic experience or if it comes from universals filtered through the poet's mind.

The question resembles also the nature of historical linguistics and the spread of 'isoglosses' on the map: Are languages related in genetic families by historic-geographic continuity and contiguity, such as is the traditional view, or is everything typological? Hittite has a lexicon which resembles indoeuropean (including 'austrian') and a grammar which looks hungarian, and the question naturally arises whether this is but a joke on 'hitlerite language' only. Hittite was deciphered in 1915.

Here is a quote from my volume 3 p.328 (a chapter which was not in the original 1997 version of 'A waist of time' but it was included in the 1999 edition I made of the book):

However, when we add the two following facts of the received reading of cuneiform

1. it is scientifically unsound (or at least weak),
2. in the case of Hittite, it outputs a consistent IE language,

then in fact the sum total of these is that the laryngeal theory defines a language type which constrains a certain group of languages as Indo-European not by historical or geographical continuity or contiguity, but rather by typological parameter values which determine a certain linguistic distribution. This certainly has corollaries for any theory of origin of the IE language.

My epidemiological theory proposes that viruses take shape ex nihilo for levelling out a misbalance between physical and metaphysical reality - that is when the historical condition of a cultural cramp has started to hinder the natural ebb and flow back and forth in the balance between physics and metaphysics. When such a condition enters the system that it prevents the cat from escaping the sack, the misbalance starts pumping in viruses for weakening the cramp untill it dissolves. The basic assumption is that the human reality is a reduced reality compared with the total metaphysical reality - birds constitute a proof that bigger realities exist.

The epidemiological theory is based on theoretic corollaries from my poetic work which developed through the natural stages:

1. The Endmorgan Quartet (1997-2008) = purely inner poetic articulations
2. The blue metre (2008-2010) = the logic of the collective-historic consciousness
3. The red metre (2010-2012) = the (arche)types (= 'typologies'?)
4. The yellow metre (2009-2015) = mysticism (radicals & ex nihilo & esthetics)
5. The white metre (2016-2018) = harmony & counterpoint

There is a natural stepwise progress in this series. The study on the spread of the distance '1823' tells of the mystery object with a form like the white metre book ('Stillhetens åndedrag') which models how the reduced human reality (psyche) relates to the bigger metaphysical reality - and how that spreads out on the map. The book has the second title "And wages we got the distance from" which means that this 1823 is a distance which comes as wages for faith - and every human has a faith in order to stay conscious - and the function of faith is to be self-reinforcing on your reality: If you believe that all is cheating and lies in this world, so it is and you certainly will come to be right in the end - that is why humans have constructed formal creeds for making it better than that: The good creed lifts people out of misery - their wages for faith are on the positive. This phenomenon of a reality-building faculty of faith in the human psyche is due to the limited human reality.

This article tells of how the meaning of the mid stanza of poem #5 could be seen in the form of the white stone that took shape while I wrote the book. But, as the article continues, the yawn and lisp which are mentioned there could also be seen in the somewhat white stone sculptures at the entrance door to the academy of music in Venice - where they learn harmony and counterpoint - so the question is, again:

Does this 'outer poetic articulation' (of a white stone found on the ground) come from the poet's poetic understanding based on personal skill and historic experience (here 'distributional semantics') - or is it from universals filtered through the poet's mind?

There is the interesting story of how I found the poem #222 in '300 Tang poems' some days ago: I had just read some news about a fire in the underground station 'Elephant and Castle' in London before I went into my study and pulled out a book from the bookshelf and opened it coincidentally - #222 opened up and that was the answer to the mystery - see this article.

Jesus walked on water in Matthew 14:22-36. It looks like my story of the 12 basketfuls leftover of numerality bread (Matth.14:13-21) as wages for faith when Jesus thereafter walked on the fine surface of infinite trigonometric precision in the Catalan constant: It would have been his faith that kept up the distance to the bottom of the sea, and when Peter tried to do the same, he got weak in the faith and started sinking under the burden of doubt but was rescued by Jesus.

It is possible that the inner poetic articulations come from such transcendent decimal expansions, so to speak. That would resemble the 'Rüste' in my DDS 1:136 for the chinese radical #204: It would be this 'Rüste' which touches onto the ground of the coast and turns the boat lightly around before it detaches again and in this turnaround of a fragment of the infinite decimal series it receives the arbitrary value which surfaces in the form of an inner poetic articulation.

The boat goes, like the sinking Peter, down into the water but it goes up again on the other side (floating on faith), like the needle does in embroidery (radical 204). The faith of the wood can be seen also in the botticellian 'Treblinka' mystery.

But how can this lead to a logic which corresponds with the spread of an epidemic? Could be it is the underwater map which gives the distances and creates the isoglosses of epidemic spread relative to the inner logic in the prose based on such inner poetic articulations.

When administrative borders seem to obtain also for the spread of viruses, one could see a connection to the inner poetic articulations by assuming that social borders are regulated under the control of the attachment authority which applies with guiding function (also) in the course of early language acquisition - and then the question is what level of authority is that guiding function - in such a way that its principles can serve as the theoretic basis also for understanding the nature of the inner poetic articulations of TEQ. Here is a quote (on the theme of significational irregularity in the period of attachment) which I have presented several times from my 'Submorphemic signification' (1995) (vol.1 p.84):

When, however, the interdependency between social and perceptual features is dissolved (or attenuated) as the space falls apart, the result is that

1) social features are relegated to dialogue, while
2) sensorially perceptual features are relegated to reference

This surfaces in the simultaneous appearance of an enhanced capacity for dialogue and for referential labelling, as these become independent. Personality structure and social role as well as referential signification are narrowed down in the same moment as these two domains gain relative independence from each other.

This development - which takes place under a guiding authority (of some level) - is what will create the administrative and cultural borders that seemed to be defining for the spread of the coronavirus pandemic at least in the early phases of 2020.

The basis for my fundamental theorem is in the phenomenon of 1344 doublewords in TEQ books 13-16 and 1344 lines of the white metre Stillheten - with obvious mutual relevance.

This article tells of the state of the art in march 2019 - a central idea is that linguistic meaning is a revelation of aspects of the metaphysical reality. Search this article for 'front page logo' - the story of how I had just started to read the manuscript to my TEQ book 12 on a parkbench in Paris when a woman came with a book in hand and sat down next to me - and the following half hour or so later seemed to be just my manuscript backwards:

This is the meaning of book 12 - with the zifferblatt as the front page logo. (I have later speculated that her reality went my manuscript backwards - from the end to the beginning in terms of its meaning - hence the walk down the boulevard, passing a mirror of Sorbonne on the way).

This tells of the above lines:

It would be this 'Rüste' which touches onto the ground of the coast and turns the boat lightly around before it detaches again and in this turnaround of a fragment of the infinite decimal series receives the arbitrary value which surfaces in the form of an inner poetic articulation.

My epidemiological theory proposes that the viruses behave like 'semantic units' which take shape when they cross the border from metaphysics to physics and there meet the conditions of the historic-distributional semantics which behaves in a way which is comparable to how the immune system detects and encapsulates a hostile virus and transports it to the door. It is because this distributional historic semantics arises as a strong structure in the corpus of text constituted exclusively by such inner poetic articulations that this theoretic model of semantics can be an important contribution that deserves serious attention - this model of signification is otherwise hard to deduct from empirical speech or script data and it is always easy to make up goodlooking theoretic models that cannot really be verified. It is also of very essential importance that it seems that this model of semantics gives rise to a rainbow form which seems to contain aspects of the phonological form in the mirror half of the rainbow - could be the semiotic form meets its semiotic contents where the rainbow turns. This could be very essential progress for linguistic theory - and it is hard to propose it except on an empirical basis. The thousands of lines in my TEQ (written 1997-2008) are what makes it possible to construct the theory. I could not take one day off through the 11 years it took to write it.

It is when this makes sense relative to the immune system that it is possible to postulate an epidemiological theory on basis of it. Basically, my epidemiological theory proposes that a molecule can be constructed (on basis of the principles of my distributional semantics) that functions like the immune system after it has attuned to a virus inserted in vaccine form.

Outlines of intrigue

After I made the theory there seem to have been work of an empirical character started, probably in the hope of finding the promising substance - but I have not been informed about this.

Modern science makes very slow progress, it seems: If anybody comes with something new, he is thrown into the ditch and the bandits grab his achievements for claiming that they have done it themselves. Therefore nobody dares to come up with anything new - and modern science lumps together in network groups which should serve to bring some security against such for the participants but which, alas, also could come to end up with lumps of just such bandits. Do they get their material from secret surveillance of talents - material tapped by secret intelligences - before these talents are thrown into the ditch? Clearly such angstridden scholarly communities are not the right way. It is a society organized by power struggle which takes on that form. Were the society organized by truth and rationality, nobody would steal other people's work or ideas.

Are the international secret intelligence services constructing an intrigue for lifting my theory off from my authority - for claiming that they are the salvator mundis who brought this boon to mankind?

Recent news (around 5 july 2021) told about fantastic underwater fire in the Mexican Gulf and the Caspian Sea - like eyes of 'purkinje fire' measuring the distance from the bottom up - from some Leviathan or similar sea monster. Photos showed a huge cloud of flame, as from a gas emission, up from the Caspian Sea - it resembled the fireball that escaped the Elephant & Castle underground station reportedly on 28 june 2021. Other news sources called the phenomenon at Azerbaijan ('as her by John'?) a 'mud volcano', like some sort of 'celestial eye'. It could have been on background of this logic related to my epidemiological theory understood via the suggestive imagery of the boat with the 'Rüste'. Greek for 'the boat is sailing [floating on water]' is 'το πλοιον πλει'. These are the first words in the elementary course in greek which I read at the university in 1985 (in fact while I also attended Lindemann's lectures in indoeuropean and hittite) in the course book 'Reading Greek' published by the 'Joint Association of Classical Teachers', on Cambridge University Press. (Has cannabis been legalized?) The first page in this course book was a short story called 'The insurance fraud'. (Cp. the name of my cousin 'Nedregård Hans Frode' who died in the mountains not long after I had been attached to the MUSIKUS project in Oslo).

See this file and that file for the name 'Valerie Giscard d'Estaing' relative to my epidemiological theory: It seems that he during an interview with a female journalist (Ann-Kathrin Stracke) reportedly had grabbed 3 times after 1 of the journalist's 2 buttocks (Giscard d'Estaing himself could not remember this, told the news). The newspiece seemed to present some evidence of a role for "a 'pi' demi of logical theory" - and it could have meant that the progress of the story went under a classified flag so that it would not be available to the public. A pity indeed.

Now this means that a purpose with putting fire to the 'Elephant & Castle underground station' (see also the station story from Hütteldorf) could be to try and hijack this discovery of mine over onto british interests:

Valerie Giscard d'Estaing
alevant giscard d'estier
elefant & castle fire

which could be suggestive of the idea that it is the other way round, that it was I who grabbed improperly for a female buttock in 'journal' conversation = 'as her by John' in the gaspian see by way of 'me X i Co' gulf.

I have not peeped 'gaspingly' into other people's manuscripts.

The chinese poem #222 from '300 Tang poems' is often translated as being about a poor girl (not a 'pork earl') under a thatched roof. If one studies this sympathetic poem relative to the signs presented in the immediate adjacency in Mathews chinese-english dictionary, the story which emerges from this immediate adjacency is rather the very opposite: One sees how this outlines a desperado standing in a window with hands bound behind on the back and onto a rope - in such a way that if the desperado jumps out the window, the bodily feeling of 'sympathy' is turned into a horror feeling of what the human anatomy does not want in the shoulder region when the body falls. It is possible that this effect of the chinese-Mathews (cp. the 'Genesis-Matthews' of PTRSIM PIK) adjacency has been systematically installed into the conception of Italy as such a window desperado - who could be leaping out for telling that 'it cannot continue in this way any longer'. The shoulder joint (cp. the classical teachers) would then be about the border between Austria and Italy - and it is indeed notable that the two most prominent norwegian politicians in the 1980's were Kåre Willoch (as for 'Villach' just on the austrian side of the border) and Gro Harlem Brundtland (as for 'Tarvisio Boscoverde' just on the other side of the same border). Italian economy was among the strongest in Europe in 2009 when I lived in Venice - but it started falling when I moved up to Vienna in late 2009 and the debt is now reportedly sky high: 'Dett' is norwegian for 'falldown' and the irony could be that it is better that the falldown under such circumstances of 'shoulders' is 'sky high' than 'ground low'.

(I think I read somewhere that a french apparatus of this type existed. It was called something - which I dont remember).

If so, I mean, if this poem #222 has this function of lending horror feelings to the presence of the 'Genesis-Matthew' PTRSIM PIK in Italy via the adjacency function on the chinese-Mathews dictionary, it is notable that Thatcher in England (around the same times as Willoch and Brundtland in Norway) could have been for the name of the one who made that 'sky high' roof of poem #222.

'Margaret Hilda Thatcher' was pronounced 'Baroness Thatcher of Kesteven':

Baroness Thatcher of Kesteven
a rombevenn of Giscard d'Estaing

= the 'buttock-friend' from that reported journalist interview.

(There were two Hestenes brothers or 'Brüders' in Norway - Olav who was a star lawyer, and Arne who was a star journalist, often in Cannes etc. When the #222 seems to include a possible reference to Myklebust, that could mean the lawyer).

The principle of adjacency in Mathews - if used for extensive political intrigue - is probably an attempt to move the principle of logical nexus between the chinese radicals (such as I have shown the probable reality of in my studies of my DDS part I = 'Kinderhilfe') over onto a domain defined by the name - as for lending defining value to the name, the favoured index of politics. Chinese Mathews = Genesis-Matthew = PTRSIM PIK. But that tells of how urgent it is to have all those PTRSIM PIK details published.

If the construction goes via Thatcher on that poem #222, it could serve to lend to me the role of the one who creates horror feelings in Italy - and thereby perhaps jack me out of the field of interest.

The story of Jesus walking on the water in Matthew 14:22f can be seen in light of the greek morph 'OPS' = ΟΨ which in classical times were about voice, sound, but also eye, face - as well as 'late, in the evening' (OPSe). OPSIS would be about the faculty of vision, even including 'purkinje' light and visual apparition. OPSON = anything eaten with bread, including fish and market-place (such as fish-market). In byzantine times (Trapp), possibly including the year 996 of the Ostarrichi document, OPSIS meant 1) 'sichbarer Zustand', 'Status', 2) 'Zukost' (= 'Beikost', additional expenses) and 3) 'Geisel' (hostage). It is likely that if the Ostarrichi document is swindle, it is built up around these undermat associations. Byzantine greek OPSARITES = fisher, while OSTIARIKIOS (which comes from latin 'ostiarius') = 'des Pförtners'. Latin 'ostiarius' = door-guard, 'ostiarium' = fee claimed by the porter. ('Dorcas' or 'Tabithi' - cp. the 'Zukost' - was the woman woken from death by Jesus). Hence 'Ostarrichi' could even mean something like a hotel where you can check in but not out (like those canadian schools?). This is likely to be the basis for the idea that if I shall move out of Austria, I have to do it on basis of own initiative, efforts and resources - but, alas, that seems to be motivated by the effect it would have of maximizing the 'secret intelligence power' engineered from this Ostarrichi document. It would, that could mean, maximize the effect of a 'comfort pump' from me to ÖVP - whether in that #222-adjacency or not. But that is just why somebody should help me. One notices that this complex naturally could come to be an important part of a situation for which the status of authenticity of the Ostarrichi document could come to be of importance.

Conclusion: It may look as if british interests try to hijack the epidemiological theory from me. But then it must be something worth? A pity, though, if state administration indulges in attempted swindle.

Have they done that before?

It could be noticed also the relevance of my epidemiological theory with the 'undermat'-philological basis for the state of Austria (in this Ostarrichi document). Clearly if England should want to see an end to the state of Austria, as they could have done since many centuries ago, the current situation could present some 'enhanced' opportunities.

One could speculate that political interests do not want to publish the story of PTRSIM PIK but want to keep it secret for the purposes of intrigue - for continueing a 'negro slavery' function of the PTRSIM PIK - it is so convenient with such a gratis-worker etc. Of course use of PTRSM PIK must count as swindle. In the worst case, this story of the antivirus medication theory could come to be the main theme of a stockmarket crash and a third world war - driven by that single motive of keeping the PTRSIM PIK secret.

But then it is only to get the story out - to get the cat out of the sack: To publish my name as the author of my books and here as the origin of that epidemiological theory. The more the name and my works can be settled in public knowledge, the less the chances for a crash of economy and peaceful co-existence.

(I add another two observations from recent times for the assumption of a possible intrigue on my theory:

The bankado could perhaps be about 'a rombevenn of Giscard d'Estaing': Giscard would be the zebra stripes, d'Estaing would be the curbstone, and their unwillingness to let the contents of the accounts go could be the rombevenn.

The tariffado could perhaps also be a part of the same construction since 'Drei' in norwegian means 'turn around' - in principle to 'as her by John'. The reason for assuming this could be in the idea that the story since 1919 is about Jungholz, which is where there is a narrow constriction of a handful metres or so only - leading in to the 'pimple' of Jungholz - the narrow opening is on the cliff called Sorgschrofen: A few weeks ago I got a letter from Norway informing me about certain initiatives concerning 'verge'-mål (to be put under 'verge' = a person beyond 18 being put under custody administration = german 'sorge'-recht), and some days later another letter cancelling it. The latter told that this was 'not public matter' so I am not entitled to write about it - which could be about 'secret intelligence'? But I am not in 'secret intelligence'!

'Sorg' = 'sorrow' - and the news from Canada about mass graves with children tell of a 'mountain of sorrow'. Probably fake news for making the swindle go.

'Dverge' = 'dwarfs', a la the laren (norwegian 'nisse') which could be seen as related to the observation of the woman body at the curbstone at the end of the zebra stripes.

The story of the 'tariffado' could have been a challenge of my will, my volition. The computer changed tariff probably against my input: I had clicked on 'Aufladen' and typed in the number but it changed to new tariff. It is true that I used a computer with another SIM connection but the password was for the telephone. The change of tariff against my will cost me 20 euro - which 'Drei' should have updated on my 'Guthaben' along with a return to the old tariff but they have so far not done so.

Even the bank I have used through a decade seems to have some problems with some things.

The low mortality in England and Spain

England has announced that they will lift all restrictions on the coronavirus in july 2021 even if the number of new infections is rising dramatically these days - and the health authorities tell that the number of new infections will come to go into 100.000 to 200.000 per day. To lift the restrictions under such circumstances would have been madness if it were not for the fact that the mortality in England is exceptionally low - it is only appr 1 promilla which is far less than a normal flue. It seems that the same obtains for Spain - even if the mortality in most countries seems to be on the stable 2-3 percent which it has been most of the time. What is the reason? Herd immunity it probably cannot be. My guess is that England and Spain are test regions for spread of a new medication against viruses developed from my epidemiological theory - but so far without any credits to me. I guess that the chemical substance is turned into a pulver much finer than ordinary pollen and spread out in the airspace from various locations - and that very low concentration is needed for an almost complete stop in mortality. Something like this is likely to be the explanation - and if the results from England and Spain continue to hold against the pandemic, restrictions can be eased all over the world in some time.

But nobody has told me a word and that is alarming. The details told above could be telling that the plan is to suppress me as the origin of this and cash in the political profits and public support for themselves.

Final remark

It seems that some politicians and administration take it for granted that the tradition of a PTRSIM PIK to suppress and abuse should be allowed and that there is no reason to stop it. That is very far from the truth: There is no reason at all for continueing the tradition of abusing a PTRSIM PIK for being more goodlooking to the public opinion - it is only that it has been very secret and shrouded in quasi mystique (is it Jesus or what is it?) and therefore the abuse has not been stopped. It is oldfashioned slavery only, covered under very pathetic pretexts. It is only that some politicians find it convenient to have somebody to abuse because it feels comfortable and they can cheat a lot of people with it. It is very high time to stop all this lax morals and bring the whole story to daylight.


Reading Greek: 'Joint Association of Classical Teachers'. Cambridge Uniersity Press 1982.

Trapp, Erich: Lexikon zur byzantinischen Gräzität (besonders des 9.-12. Jahrhunderts). Verlag der Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften. Wien 2017

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On the web 8 july 2021