A proof that Hitler did monkey business on my work and not vice versa

John Bjarne Grover

It seems that the entire political system of the present day is built around the single event in Hütteldorfer Strasse on 12 april 2021 - the apparently dead woman in the street and the two males next to her. It was under the traffic lights on the corner to Wiener Stadthalle, on the opposite side of the road relative to the furniture seller XXXLutz, cp. Hitler's minister of finance 'Lutz Graf Schwerin von Krosingk', a name which seems to herald the 12 april 2021 event in Hitler's government. In a traditional world the two men at her side - apparently guards at the coronavirus test station there - one kneeling at her side and pushing on her upper arm, the other standing and waving a hand in the air as for calling for attention from other guards further into the square in front of the Stadthalle - seem to have been conceived as the 'Barmhertzige Brüder' - a role probably harvesting much sympathy in the people untill it was couped by Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler, names telling of these two men at her side. I have guessed that the situation traditionally means 'jewish sexuality' and hence that the holocaust was an attempt to coup this. (Cp. also the alleged story of the first icelandic settlers - search this file for 'Frodadottir').

In addition, there is the story from Hütteldorfer Station (4 may 2021 at 17:22) with the slap on my mouth from a man approaching from behind. (I probably cannot exclude the possibility that even this could have been an 'archetype'). He reminded me of my once classmate William Moltzau. I stood on the platform waiting for the train when I spotted in the corner of the eye a man approaching from behind - then I started moving off the spot for avoiding dangers and a sudden light slap or tap on the mask over my mouth made by a hand from behind (curling around my head, that is) made me produce a short distinct shout.

It seems that my school class 1970-71 were composed of names that indexed the first situation plus one single name - William Moltzau - which could be seen to be for the second situation. The names in the class indexed the zebras with touchable body at the end, the traffic lights, the dead body. Examples: Rolf-Erik Johansen, Torild Jenvild, Vigdis Dattner.

I have guessed that the two british princes could be named after this: Harry for the Strasse situation and William for the Station.

If the apparently dead woman in the street be considered an archetype, by which two traditionally 'Barmhertzige Brüder' were identified as Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler who thereby (by their 'goodheartedness') were well received by the voters, one could speculate that she could be comparable to an unsolvable 'пожалуйста' = 'PO-zhalj'-STA' = 'unsolvable partial differential equation' = 'partial misrepresentation' / 'monkey business'? (It seems to be commonly assumed, perhaps since the 19th century, that ex nihilo matter can be conceived as 'derivatives', falling down one level or 'grade'). In the jewish sephirot, there are four 'worlds' with four 'trees', one tree in each, these four being overlapping: These could correspond to a 4th-grade differential equation landing the material body on the ground. It was shown by the norwegian mathematician Abel that equations of 5th grade and beyond generally are not solvable. Hence a freemason interpretation of the woman-in-the-street could be that since the equation is unsolvable, it is from a world beyond the four jewish worlds of the sephirot. The top node of the four worlds' tree, the socalled Jacob's ladder (Halevi 1974), are 'EHYEH ELOHIM YHVH' which a thereto inclined freemason could recognize as the beginning of the rewrite function of the Wiener Stadthalle plaque "iei ednewr tadthsalle". Voila! And the generally unsolvable equation could be a 5th-grader beyond this! - a propaganda program surfing on the demagogic idea that judaism cannot solve what christianity can - and hence the woman-in-the-street is likely to be jewish. But clearly this sort of logic is worthless nonsense. However, it could have been constructed for lending substance to the idea that Buckingham is something else of priority beyond Hitler.

Main teacher for the class 1970-71 was Jan-Roger Ulfeng, a name which could be telling of 'gave him Norge Rufang' or 'Ja, Norge er brystfang/brystvern' - here for the chinese RENWEI / RUFANG.

In my vol.4 p.1017-1020 I provide a doubleword study of my own book 4 'Cardiff/Harding' on the poetic philosophy of political governance. I list the 238 words that occur twice and only twice in The Endmorgan Quartet ('TEQ') book 4 against the enumeration of the poems of Der Dornenstrauch ('DDS') - when I worked it out in 2018 I concluded that I had to list them both forwards and backwards - and that associates the chinese radical #209 = = 'NOSE' with four words:

For poem #120/120 = 'breast', 'thymes'
For poem #131/120 = 'consider', 'stuff'

To make the story short: The chinese sign for female breast is RU-FANG = 乳房 which can be analyzed into three parts corresponding to the three persons at the scene of Hütteldorfer Strasse - with the mid part looking like LJ for the woman's breasts. They are not even-sized in the script (L vs J) - and this could be a part of the reason for the historic role of the leftsided gynaecomasty. The other chinese sign is the one for 'consider' which is RENWEI = 认为 which looks like a graphic drawing explaining what happened in the incident at the station of Hütteldorf. It rewrites to NORWAY in the british tongue. In bigger lettering:

= 'female breast'
= 'consider'

Hence a postulated british play with Norway/Sweden could find a counterpoint in the chinese radicals - and that could be the ultimate purpose with it - to have a scandinavian control with the logic of the chinese script - possibly via the factor of 'Heimskringla'. A role for the speech act of 'пожалуйста' = 'PO-zhalj'-STA' could be to stretch Norway towards Russia (in accordance with the second secret of Fatima) rather than towards England or Sweden and hence harvest popular global support thereby.

But this is apparently an old political program which seems to lend rationality to itself from political experience and history when interpreted in the format of the NOSE or nazism. The mystery arises in explanatory format when it is shown that exactly the two words CONSIDER and BREAST in fact are found in my distributional table for doublewords of TEQ book 4 under the entry for NOSE on place #209. This fact is a mystery which is hard to understand - and which comes down to the role of my fundamental theorem of linguistics. It is not about a Mr.Divine who also is a PTRSIM PIK - it is rather a piece of scientific knowledge which is hard to find and which took many years and work to make - and for which the author of the book should be credited. It solves the political problem and can relieve us of the unhealthy faith in Adolf Hitler.

But there are two more words in the quadrant: THYMES and STUFF.

THYMES = sumerian HARHAR can be explained by the 1823 km from the erupting Nyiragongo volcano to HARARE in Zimbabwe - the same distance (which 'we got the wages from') as the distance of 1823 km from the icelandic volcano near REKAVIK ('Reykjavik') to the mystery object at REKVIKA at Troms in Norway.

STUFF ('Staub') = sumerian SAHAR = - that is Sahara (Libyan desert) 1823 km north of Nyiragongo. Hence the 'sobibor' drill goes up and down from THYMES to STUFF.

The BARDUN (typically a rope holding a tent to a peg, or a high drill upright by a bardun to the ground) from Rekvika to Rekavik (1823 km) has a counterpoint in an eastern BARDUN going the other way to Ural - on my Microsoft Encarta map it is called Ust'-Malyy-Patok, a small place in the Urals (1823 km from Rekvika). 'Ustvedtveien' is a placename in my novel vol.1 p.94 at the mention of a map in the cloudy sky showing Italy with the football wrong way - east instead of west - three lads and Mercury street. (I noticed recently the origin of 'Remdesivir').

BARDUL = sumerian for 'STOFF', the STUFF

The 6 acoustic features (here acoustic 'BARDUN') distribute in the circulation of the sobibor drill in such a way that the redundancy is created which gives a blue-metre form to language.

The 6 acoustic features control the 64 poems of the white metre.

Hence the story of the solved political issue is in the transform from the yellow metre (electromagnetism) to the white metre (gravity).

Gravity is the nature of the white metre - hence the apparent political concerns with ideas of 'down-puller' ('nedtrekker', 'Niedertracht'). But that problem is solved when it is understood that this is a physical parametre which can be given a scientific handling and not be the parametre of gloomy aberglaubish politics.

The conclusion is that all this clusters for the radical #209 = = NOSE. That is a mystery indeed - that the 'nazis' seemed to spring out from monkey business on jewish-philosophical matter - while my theory is that Adolf Hitler was monkey business on my work! The theory tells that Hitler surfed on the historic support to PTRSIM PIK Wittgenstein and did monkey business on my work (a later PTRSIM PIK, is the theory) - and hence performed his work in the nexus inbetween.

The problem of nazism is solved when one understands this single point - and allows for a publication of my work instead of the abusive activities of Hitler.

That is another reason why my work must be published.

The israeli foreign ministry went 'on strike all over the world' when I mentioned on the web that the israeli national library could have a copy of my volumes 1-3. I wrote this soon after the volumes were completed and self-published in 2013. I could not find out of it - if this response meant that they stood prepared for 'strikes' if I tried to give them my books or if it meant something else. My incontinence started after I had bought the house in Szolnok in 2015 and culminated in a retention that started on the day when I made the first keystrokes for making vol.4 in 2018 - this volume was just completed when I landed in hospital in late 2018.

These books are my work and have nothing to do with the norwegians or americans or anybody else in the political-historical landscape - and it can be proven that my TEQ (with book 4) is not a function of remote and sophisticated thought control from the secret intelligences or anything the like. That is the essential conclusion. It is my work that must be accepted - and not Hitler's monkey business on it.

It must be understood that all these old angstridden political concepts on 'curse' can be put aside and replaced with the insight that Hitler did monkey business on my work - and an eminent example (radical 209 - discussed in this article) seems to have been raised historically to defining status (Hütteldorfer Strasse/Station). But to spend centuries with consolidating this defining status and an alleged 'curse' on it is backwater - or even 'backwards' - politics indeed.

All four volumes 1-4 must in fact be used for showing the nature of the eminent example.

It can be added that radical #209 corresponds to the two poems rel DDS I:120 & rel DDS I:131 which both can be seen to be about the up-and-down drill between THYMES and STUFF.


The house and the street and region of Zinckgasse up to Wiener Stadthalle are completely normal areas for which there is no reason to impose any theories of a 'curse' being the origins of the occurrence of the apparently dead woman in the street. My literary work likewise. It is when one launches the theory that my work (or life) is a function from the apparently dead woman in the Hütteldorfer Strasse that the idea of a 'curse' arises - while the actual fact is that Hitler seems to have done monkey business on my future work - that is, he subjected himself to an apparently backwards 'curse' spellbinding his ideas in the historic-logical nexus between Wittgenstein and me.

PS The 'пожалуйста' could be associated with the Madonna of Guadalupe in the sense of a type 'drubbe' in her real-world format, on basis of the idea of 'utru-be' = 'she asks for matrimonial infidelity' since she really is liaisoned with God. There exist studies of the 'purkinje' phenomenon in the Madonna's eyes. Trygve Madsen once told me about Goethe's colour theory = 'farve-lære', that it means that just like there are otoacustic emissions in the ear, Goethe meant that light also had to escape from the eyes - and this is articulated in the modern theory of Purkinje. In comparison to this 'farve-lære', there is the norwegian form 'farvel-ære' = 'goodbye, honor' = 'Onr Over', my name onset-truncated. Hence with such onset-truncation moved 5 places rightwards, there could be the unserious political program of recognizing the emissions = 'publications' of the 'Purke' as really coming from the 'Drubbe', for the unserious political conclusion that the publications of the 'Purke' really is the intellectual property of the 'Drubbe'. There could have been unserious quasi-political attempts to associate me with the 'Purke' (the word means 'she-pig' in norwegian), either on basis of a leftsided gynaecomasty that could go back to the opening of my head in newborn condition in 1957 or on basis of other arrangements attempting to associate me with '666' etc. Then it could be a quasi-political program trying to make claims that my work really is the intellectual property of a female 'Drubbe', whoever that could be. ('Trulte' is a third 'type' which could be in use. Cp. Harald Heide Steen's character 'Sylfest Strutle').

The discussion of the distance 1823 km continues in this article.


Halevi, Z'ev ben Shimon: Adam and the kabbalistic tree. Rider and company, London 1974.

© John Bjarne Grover
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