Why Adolf Hitler could have been a briton

John Bjarne Grover

If he should have been a briton, what would have been the logic?

It would have been that he was sent by England for taking Austria and this would have been the program since Leopold II could have murdered Mozart and the construction of the PTRSIM PIK started.

The extermination of the jews would then not have been for any other reason, and therefore England made Israel after the war - for repairing the damage. Hitler, by the theory that he could have been taking over from Jensen Grøver in 1969, could have "served a Jensen's" = 'served as my official father' for 21 years 1969-1990 for repairing his own guilt towards the jews, and the reason why this could have made sense would have been in my status as PTRSIM PIK.

Here is an excerpt from this file:

My first childhood memory is the poem Nelly Sachs sent to Paul Celan on 8 march 1958 - I am on all four, before I could walk, in the entrance hall to our flat in Brinken 2 on Kampen in Oslo, I look down in the floor, then lift my eyes to see the wall in the end of the corridor before I look up in the ceiling to the circular lamp shade there - the memory fragments of a brown-grey carpet on the floor and some dead flies inside the lampshade are uncertain - and I believe the memory is from Paul Celan finding her letter on the floor to his own entrance hall in 29 bis Rue de Montevideo and reading it right away. My birthday was 29 june 1957. Would this first memory tell of the 'Balfour declaration' of 1917? Celan published his translation of the first lines of Valery's 1917 'La jeune Parque' in 1959.

The poem Sachs had sent to Celan started:

Warum diese Traurigkeit?
Dieses Welt-zu-Ende-fliessen?
Warum in deinen Augen
das perlende Licht daraus Sterben sich zusammensetzt?

which was my first childhood memory. It seems that this could have caused or at least coincided with Celan's immediate work with Valery's 1917 'La jeune Parque' and hence corresponds with high precision to the communication from Balfour of the british wish to make a state of Israel.

This story could suggest why England/Hitler could have found it appropriate to think of "serving a Jensen's" of 21 years.

But there is still a little hook left: Would this really be enough 'punishment' for such a holocaust? The answer that some could present to this would be 'zionism' - the movement that got its name from the austrian Birnbaum and which aimed at regaining statehood for the people of Israel.

But would the zionists have agreed to sacrifice a good portion of the european jews for getting the state?

Could be some zionists would. If Hitler had been a briton, he could have been a jew as well - a zionist who had signed such a document.

© John Bjarne Grover
On the web 20 may 2022