Aspects of Gro Harlem Brundtland's career relative to mine

John Bjarne Grover

This article gives a brief overview of Gro Harlem Brundtland's career relative to mine and discusses also how this story could provide relevant information for the theory that I suffered one or more rapes in my puberty.

Gro Harlem Brundtland was born on Hitler's birthday 20 april 1939. Her father was Gudmund Harlem who was leader of the committee - which included my official mother Ragna Grøver - who/that defined the criteria for disability pension around 1970. In 1981 I went to Rome in the 2nd half of february and I came back in september-october, and in about exactly the same period she was PM in Norway. Thereafter she was PM from post-Chernobyl 1986 untill 1996 - except for the year 1989-1990 when the PM was the conservative Jan P.Syse - and from 1998 she was chief of WHO for 5 years. Her career runs in notable parallel with international terror:

20 April 1970 - Paul Celan disappeared and probably died on Hitler/Brundtland's birthday. Sachs died on 12 may 1970 - on Ragna Grøver's birthday. This was just before the family moved from Molde to Fredrikstad and Ragna Grøver was included into the committee of Gudmund Harlem.

22 February 1981 - the Hadeland murders took place probably around the day when my train choochooed out from Oslo train station going for Rome. 'Hade' was a standard expression for 'goodbye' - hence the murders could have signified my own 'goodbye, land' as I would be trying to escape from Norway, it could mean.

6 October 1981 - I had to give up the goodbye and return to Norway: On 6 October 1981 there was the murder of 'Anwar Sadat' = 'han var sedat' = 'he was sedate' - that is, he could not succeed with his goodbye, land.

I had tried to escape schedule once before - that was when I quit high school at christmas 1974 [6/9-21: Brundtland was minister of environment since september] in the hope of taking all exams privately in the spring 1975 and thereby escape to Oslo one year ahead of schedule - but no sooner had I quit school, I was attacked by first mononucleosis and thereafter a throat abscess by staphylococcae which easily are quenched with antibiotics but they probably did not have antibiotics in the house and I was taken to a specialist in a concrete basement in Oslo instead who tried to open the abscess in the throat - leading to not much more than a terrible experience it was, and when exam time came I was too exhausted and drained of forces ('han var sedat'?) and had to postpone the completion of the high school to normal schedule time a year later. In that summer 1975 I travelled to France along with Knut Stene Johansen. I dont remember exactly when we left but we were in France on national day 14 july and had then been there for some days. Looking up this overview of terror in 1975 I find on 4 july, which could have been around the time when we left, the bombing of Zion Square in Jerusalem: 'Sa John Grøver' = 'said John Grøver' could be in reference to the story with the last words of the first official father before he was replaced with a copy in probably the summer 1969: He said "e må pisse" = 'I have to piss' (and went behind a shed and another man came back some minutes later and took his place) which here could mean the 'Pillnitz Punctation', the story of how I forgot (it was an accident, I did not do that on purpose) a hatpin in the cushion of the TV chair of the new official father who had so far not presented his real identity (and hence if his 'pung' = 'scrotum' were 'punctated', it could have been a reference to the historic origin of the PTRSIM PIK phenomenon). Before we left for France, I had to get a passport - and hence 'I have to piss' could then be 'I have to pass[port]', or the second official father could have said 'I have two pass[ports]'. Our return from the trip with the 'interrail' pass which lasted for a month would have been around probably 5 august or so - there was a terror incident by 'JRA' at Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia followed by another terror incident a week later by 'IRA'. 'Kua la lumpur' in norwegian could mean 'kua slapp ku-kaker' and hence a reference to 'lax penis' which then could mean 'Anwar Sadat' in the sense of 'han var sedat'.

28 February 1986 - the Palme murder took place at the time when I had had some problems with the houseletter I rented a flat from. He lived on the first floor and let out two flats on the ground floor - one to me and one to another. In the winter 1985-86 he rang the doorbell at night and complained that I had not removed snow from the entrance path - used some voice and completed "now you can go back to your beauty sleep". The next day he had to 'ask for fair weather' - but it seemed that I had better hurry up and move out. He was a disability pensioner and told me (when in 1984 I moved in there) that he had been among the big ones in accountancy untill he got a problem with his head (I think he vibrated his palm at some cm distance from his head) and had to withdraw from professional life. I dont remember exactly when I moved out but it would have been probably in march 1986 - and the feeling of having to move out had then accumulated over some time. [7/9-21: The owner of the place also asked me that I should not mention the unfortunate incident for a certain 'prestefrue' since then his mother could come to learn about it. See also this file].

26 april 1986 - the Chernobyl meltdown - starting at 01:23 - possibly telling of a 'kjære Nobel' = 'dear Nobel', the swedish academy of Palme's goodbye land.

9 may 1986 - GHB started as PM 13 days after Chernobyl. Remove the 'B' from the name and you have a sort of 'chetoyl' - or 'Statoil'.

7 August 1986 - 'Petter Andre Syversen' died in Botswana, at Gabarone = 'gape around it'

Autumn 1992 - GHB's son 'suicided' when his parents were at NATO-Brussel and I started a short stipend. 'Nabo-trussel' means 'threat from a neighbour'. Were it supposed to look like a revenge action from neighbouring Sweden? But then the time point would have been unfortunate, wouldn't it?

4 November 1995 - Yitzkhak Rabin murdered. Since Olof Palme had been murdered not long after I had met Ragin Wenck-Wolff at Ragnar Söderlind, the idea of 'Ketchup Ragin' could mean that Palme had pretended death only (I dont believe that) - that it was a 'blod-fattig' (cp. 'bluff-attic') assassination. It would mean that the ketchup bottle was in the Palme of an Olof who had participated in a demonstration against US Vietnam war involvement. As far as this theory of 'Ketchup Ragin' is concerned, if the mythos were about the Stradivarius and its insurance, I notice that the terror in Kuala Lumpur on 5 august 1975 was against the 'American Insurance Association'.

22 october 1996 - Jacques Chirac visited the Olof part of Jerusalem and got into some tumults whereby he reached his 'palme' out and pushed a security man = 'ketchup reaching' = 'Ketchup Ragin'.

23 October 1996 - Gro Harlem Brundtland resigned as PM.

7 august 1998 - the bombing of the US embassies in Dar-es-Salaam ('there is the salami/hotdog') and Nairobi ('now it is up in it') on the day 12 years after the death of Petter Andre Syversen at Gabarone = 'gape around [the hotdog]'. Including the ketchup? These US embassy bombings plus Omagh meant that my appeal for accept of the rejected doctorate - I was writing the appeal just then around the first half of august 1998 - was expressed in terror - the terror apparently telling "[the doctorate] rejected on a political basis". Gro Harlem Brundtland had then just been called to chief of WHO.

In short, it looks like the terror has served to push me (PTRSIM PIK) backwards and Brundtland forwards. Why this apparent Brundtland series of terror? The theme of the terror seems to be HOTDOG + KETCHUP. A theory of some interest is that the contents of my own penis in 1970 could have been transplanted over onto the custody mother Ragna Grøver who (in the late summer 1970 she was hospitalized for some days in 'Sarp'-sborg) could have been rebuilt to 'trans' (the 'HOTDOG') for raping me in drugged condition while holding a sanitary towel soaked with menstrual blood (the 'KETCHUP') in front of my mouth and nose - possibly even around the time when the first commercial drilling started in the North Sea. If the 'KETCHUP' had 'been laid' on my drugged respiration, a SENAP could have been telling of the anaesthesia drug of the puberty boy - could be installed in the global consciousness by the Challenger space shuttle disaster on 28 Januar 1986, one month exactly before the Palme murder - the space shuttle exploded during SEND-UP and the poor astronauts were jolted in their capsule out into cosmic space without a chance to return. Hotdogs are served in hotdog bread or in a sort of potato pancake which in norwegian is called 'lompe' or 'lumpe', cp. 'Kuala Lumpur'. It is even possible that the attack of 11 september 2001 on USA could have been for these concepts - if the twin towers on Manhattan were for a 'hotdog bread'(?), the Pentagon the 'ketchup' and the crash in Lambertsville a 'LOMPE-rtsville'. [6/9-21: Or, rather, this being on the other side of the millenium shift, one could say that LAMPe is not LOMPe (nor PALMe), Pentagon is not ketchup and the twin towers no hotdog].

This penis phenomenon could then have been called a GROW HARLEM in BRUNDTLAND use - and hence (in light of this theory that the penis contents were simply originally mine) I would be the 'Gro Harlem Brundtland'.

The simple political trick is then that if people are not informed about this history, the role-swap of her career with mine is easily achieved, and if I am called 'the beast of terror', she could cash in on my achievements. I have written a lot of books which could be of considerable value for the community and the development of new knowledge - but why arent they published so far? My many attempts decades ago led to nothing - and hence it seems that this could have made it easy to swap roles with me.

This could in principle be the story of my epidemiological theory from april 2020: I am not informed about what happened, but there are some such reasons to guess that promising first tests (in, say, WHO) could have given rise to some optimism about constructing a medication against viruses generally - and then one could guess that this source of potential optimism for my 'career' quickly could have been quenched by the political phenomenon called (on background of the story told here) 'Gro Harlem Brundtland' who even had been chief of WHO 1998-2003 and in principle could have contacted the organization for convincing them of the need for channeling these things out of the hands of the careerless disability pensioner and in under their own professional control. Of course, if my theoretic work really could have given rise to the construction of such a wondercure against viruses, a coup of this kind would have been very substantial progress for a 'new hitler' program (a new 'zidalweidun') and the program of 'terror and monkey business' generally.

The PM career of Brundtland relative to me seems to have started with the 1975 Hadeland murders when my train choochooed out from Oslo towards Rome - the first time I went abroad with a theoretic chance of finding a possible residence there. Two bodies were found dead on a forest dustroad at Hadeland - they had been shot and 'landed' = 'dal' ('dale' means falling from a higher to a lower position) on the 'way-done' - 'the dal way-dun' = 'zidalweidun' it could be called - these were said to have belonged to a group of 'new nazis' - and the murders were (if I got it right) said to be a part of local power struggle in the group. If this is a part of an administrative (secret intelligence?) construction relative to me, the whole series of terror could have served to paste the label of NAZI on me - supported by the globally 'hardon' AIDSHIV-supported (!) rumour that my granduncle Aron Eidsvig could have been Adolf Hitler - while a new 'zidalweidun' Hitler in the coming years can develop unhindered in Germany being presented as were it me, not the least on background of this story of 'grow hardlimb brownland'. Of course the germans could be eager to repair the damages from the holocaust and therefore could be inclined to welcome such a 'jewish genetics' - while rejecting the 'nazi'.

My epidemiological theory - if interesting - could of course be a powerful stategy for those if it be presented under terror and monkey business swindle conditions.

'The Hadeland murders' in norwegian is called 'Hadelandsdrapene'. Is this the reason for the patent ado with the rucksack producer Bergan - who seems to have a world patent on 'meis', the metal rack which holds the sack well balanced against hip and scapulas? If so, it would be about the two 'Hadeland-strapene', adjustable 'the-dal-way-dun's. All over the world people are sweating under the tigthtclinging burdens on their backs - only those few who have a world-pantented Bergans rucksack go happily around with a comfortable and wellbalanced air condition on their backs. With this rucksack you can easily leave the country = 'ha de[t], land'. And with the straps you can adjust the level of it. I think I used a Bergans rucksack on the travel to France in 1975.

What is a politicians task? Is it to represent the people's interests or is it to collect as much power and admiration from glittering eyes they can get? Of course it is to be in the people's interests - and then cheating and swindle is totally unacceptable.

'Terror and monkey business' is no good idea. If the terror should have been commissioned by Gro Harlem Brundtland for facilitating this role-switch mechanism, then then historic annals must not associate the responsibility with me (in a murky mythos style of a strange maledetto beast radiating evil etc) but must tell very explicitly in publically available sources that the terror was commissioned by Gro Harlem Brundtland.

A very deplorable aspect of the story is that those who organize such roleswap intrigues ('monkey business') and possibly also terror associated with it could find it convenient to 'take it for granted' (without asking me) that I participate in it - they probably could say among themselves that 'he was initiated into the mysteries by his father on the footwalks they made at Skaret in the 1960's and is informed about all aspects of the story including his own role: Therefore we know that he is here in order to be part of the political program and is happy when we lift some info from his computer for installing in our programs" etc etc. "It is not necessary to ask him - he is fully informed from his parents". That is not true, of course - I have never been informed with a single word about this story - and it may have been the plan that I should never understand anything of it. These parents could of course have been doubletalking about things which could have 'meant' things - but they (or anybody else) never told anything in clear wording.

Clearly if this story has a rooting in reality, it must count as highly surprising that I have paid tax to Norway - if indeed it be the case that I was opened in the head in 1957, 12 years 2 months and 3 weeks after the foundation of ÖVP. I have the evidence in the magnet-resonance scan of my brain which was made in Vienna several years ago - it shows that the lower part of the righthand occipital lobe has been scissored off while the skull is intact - and hence it must have happened before 6 months age in 1957. Could it have been done with a laser? It cannot (or course it can): For once, my person is probably under so much surveillance that one would have known it since long if that had happened, secondly the story with the opened head in 1957 is probably in intelligence archives all over the world and has been a part of the political arena since then. Thirdly, there is no use in complementing these data with e.g. a 'long scan' since if a laser could have done it then a virus in the long-scan machine could do it even better. It is probably enough with political common sense for the conclusion that the head was opened in 1957 - and then paying tax to Norway would probably increase the 'monkey business' effect on this story (of swapping me with once WHO-chief and norwegian PM through many years 'Gro Harlem Brundtland') very substantially.

But does the world sit there waiting for me to launch an application and hope the best? Of course such a rejected application would maximize the effect even more. I did in fact (some years ago) send a request or 'question' to the tax office in Norway about the chances for taxfreedom for this withhold tax - and they would have the evidence themselves in their archives - but I got only the answer that it was not a relevant issue.

Of course somebody else must launch this application on my behalf.

What happened with my epidemiological theory? They have no right to take over my work and ideas!

In particular if the real reason is that large tragedies and terrible epidemics - 'burning cities and races on the run', pure havoc - have been planned for the next Zidalweidun Hitler - and if such a pulver be invented there is little left of the gripping History that has been planned to take place. Is that why they want to stop it - since such grandiose tragedies (such as the holocaust in the previous century) could have the effect of inflating much new power into ailing monarchies wherein 'secret intelligences' enjoy quasi 'royal immunity' as long as the monarch signs the request (or even has granted general 'carte blanche')?

A terrible mistake it would be to relegate confidence to such people.

Why did I not remain in Paris after having got my pension in 2003? I still dont know if the swedish el-pianist's sounds of impressive decibel level were a mirage or a reality - I had been squeezed out of society and when I got the pension and tried to get under roof again, the swedish el-piano started from the ceiling above whenever I sat down to work. (It was a temporary flat but significant signals anyhow). I asked him to use headphones but he said he had 'pupils' and therfore could not. Did he believe I accused him of masturbation (I did not)? Or was he really teaching el-piano for his pupils? It was in fact not possible to find out of it. 'El-piano' sounds like my own ganglion (my brain with its electronic states) - cp. the ads with a quasi Yang Lian. I could in 2003 not avoid the possibility - which I could not refute - that the pianist had been installed there by the french authorities who thereby asked me in that way to leave the country. I believe they did not but how could I prove it? Of course it would have been more probable that it was 'Brundtland', so to speak, who had installed the swedish palme-reacher above me. But I did not take the chance that I understood 'diplomacy' and therefore moved out of the country in march 2003. Gro Harlem Brundtland resigned as chief of WHO some months later and moved to France. Should I have taken the chance that 'diplomacy' cannot be that sort of 'palme-reaching' - cp. the story with Chirac in Jerusalem 1996? If I could have taken the chance, the swapping mechanism from me being squeezed out and Brundtland moving into the country 'instead' would probably not have been that efficient - but nobody said a word.

'Fidelito' Castro, told the news, suffered a rape during psychiatric custody and thereafter suicided. I hope that is not contained in the IKEA campaign - but if it should be, it could be for hijacking my xylophone. Is it 'pure hallucination' (like that el-piano?) and hence a 'case of psychiatry', as could be the 'norwegian' problem? But not if the 'hallucinations' can be recorded? Well, if such potential recordings are secrecy stamped, that should mean that there is no (factual) available basis for a reality in the hallucinations? Ah ja, such ideas are not the future.

I quote from the article of 26 november 2020 :

I lived in Zinckgasse in Vienna in the spring 2020 and then the mortality of covid-19 went up to 20-30% in Italy, the home of catholicism. I travelled out of Austria as soon as the borders were opened and have been there since then - and now the mortality is so low (less than 0,5%) it resembles ordinary average. The infections and mortality started shooting up on 3 february 2020 with the nomination campaign in the US democrat party.

This 0,5% was a classic error of statistics which I made, derived from taking the number of people in serious or critical condition relative to the number of currently ill people: If you took all those ill of those days, how many would get in a serious or critical condition? The answer was 0,5%. But if you afterwards take the number of dead people (through a time interval) and divide with the number of ill people (in that same interval), the ratio would then have been 2-3-4%. In the spring 2020 it was as much as 20-30%. So it was an error of statistics in my article - even if the truth was not so very far from it.

However, throughout 2021 the factual mortality rate has fallen dramatically and it has now for a longer time been on just 0,5% in those countries which had 20% and more in the spring 2020 - so maybe it was not so very wrong after all.

Is that because the PTRSIM PIK writes prophetic poetry - and hence the volcano on Iceland provides the needed proof that the xylophone in Venice was authentically ex nihilo? A very 'eruptive' poet?

Does this mean that PTRSIM PIK is quasi 'divine' - in line with the assumed preconditions for the PTRSIM PIK program since the early 19th century? Of course not - it means that I have worked systematically with poetic logic and language for about 25 years and have a theoretic basis for my poetic works and in particular 'The Endmorgan Quartet' is constituted by 'sheer integrity of poetic voice' in each of its more than 23000 lines and therefore the poet can have reached a level which perhaps could be called a 'matter of coincidence', or, say, 'matter of simultaneity' - something which in a metaphysical sense could approximate what in the physical is called 'causality'. Of course the volcano is not 'caused' by my poetry - but my poetry could be concerned with aspects of historic reality which has a rooting in the metaphysics in such a way that my poetry comes to be 'about' it.

But if there are 'service' plans of forced psychiatric custody, it could be for making a very deep insult on this 'eruptive PIK' in order to pump much royal power ('majesty'?) out of it. I hope that wont come about. Such 'service plans' should not be accepted - if they exist at all - which I hope they dont. (The article of 26 november 2020 refers also to the idea of a 'gjeng-enhet' = 'gang-unit').

It must be noticed that such extensive apparent terror programs as I have described here can have an effect on people's ideas about the world beyond what they can be conscious about - and therefore if it appears as rather obvious that theory that Gro Harlem Brundtland commissioned the terror has a rooting in reality, it is fully possible that this only makes things more difficult for me. But that is only to the extent that I remain unknown to the public - and so far my name has remained very unmentioned and I think it may even have been the case that organizers of culture etc have encouraged people to use of my things without crediting me as the source. That of course would be rather massive fuel for a new 'zidalweidun hitler' if that is in the planning. It can be important to know about this potential phenomenon.

Added 6 september 2021:

The beginning lines above were originally: "Her father was Gudmund Harlem who was leader of the committee - which included my official mother Ragna Grøver - who defined the criteria for disability pension around 1970". The 1970 committee was (according to my memory) called 'The council for the care of the disableds' and Ragna Grøver complained at home (in 1970 or first half of 1971) that it seemed to be 'The council for the care of Gudmund Harlem'. An early 'WHO'? Gudmund Harlem himself had been minister of defence in Einar Gerhardsen's government at the time of the Kennedy assassination - and Jens A.Boyesen was appointed to the norwegian government probably a few hours before the shots in Dallas - and when the school dentist Aulie in 1970-71 drilled, as he said, 31 holes in my teeth which he filled with I think 52 'plater' (I think the normal word is 'flater', or was it the other way round), that could have meant 'the number of days in a month' = quasi 'gudmund harlem' and 'the number of weeks in a year' = quasi 'einar gerhardsen'.

The Concorde that crashed in Paris in 2000 was filled with only german people. When I came to Berlin in 2003-2004 there was the assassination of 'Akhmad Kadyrov' = 'ah food how expensive'. 'Konk' is a norwegian 'word' = 'orde[t]' for 'bankrupt' - hence 'konk-orde[t]' = 'bankruptcy'. It could perhaps be seen to be about '52 plater'? I lived in Rhinstrasse in Berlin at that time - hence it is not impossible that the Kadyrov case could have served to turn the roles relative to the one who could have believed he was blamed of masturbation (Paris 2003) - the 'key issue', so to speak. The question of 1970-71 - at the time of the 'Council for the care...' - could have been if there really were 'caries' in my white teeth - and the folk issue could then have been whether the boy had masturbated too much - to which I can tell that I had not masturbated at all at that time - to which perhaps the answer could be planned to be that "well, that only means that it is not you the story is about". But then WHO? Would the story then have been about 'Gudmund Harlem' instead, so to speak? The general idea of the Concorde crash could then be about he who tried to run off but was too sedate[d], so to speak. Could the 2003 temporary Paris flat (in Rue des Vertus) with the neighbour above with swedish-sounding name and apparent el-piano have been planned for me in advance? I lived for only 2-3 months in that flat and it was after I had moved in there that I saw the (then fresh, I think) US film "Mr.Deeds" with Adam Sandler. If the little studette had been for sale, I could have afforded it with the afterpay of pension (since day of presentation of the claim in 2001) - but with such a decibellish el-piano above it was not possible to live there. However, if the sounds were more 'ganglion' than real decibels, I could of course probably have lived there anyhow, and the decibels would then probably have calmed down.

As far as I have understood, Gro Harlem Brundtland quit her work as chief of WHO and took up residence in France after I had left France in march 2003.

I have written two norwegian poetry books and there have been two burglaries in my adobe house in Szolnok. If I had taken up residence in France in 2003, it is not likely that I would have acquired the house in Szolnok - even if it could have been planned for me since 1970, if that were the story. The issue could have been particularly difficult if the Palme assassination were planned to be systematically connected with the recent destruction of Palmyra - cp. the film 'Norske Byggeklosser' of 1972. There were also a few norwegian poems in the notebooks I lost in Barnabitenkirche in 2019, but I do not have copies of all of it.

In 2020 there was the suggestion in the norwegian parliament for a law on a new 'gjeng-enhet' = 'gang-unit' on that day 19 november when there were 6 weeks left of the year (and thereby the chances for tax freedom for reparation money from Norway to me if I have been for more than half a year in Austria). I hope 1999 will not be repeated - then I was driven to forced psychiatric hospital on 22 november - the anniversary of the Kennedy assassination - cp. the idea of 'Gudmund Harlem' as minister of defence (or 'guns') in Gerhardsen's government. However, the psychiatrist had not the time on 22 november so I was held over the night there untill the psychiatrist had the time the next day 23 november and decided on forced treatment. Cp. also the 1996 story from Jerusalem. See this article for the idea that 'John, Fitzgerald, Kennedy' is encoded with 'identify, persecute, silence' and the idea that the Kennedy assassination could have been preheralded in MLR october 1963 by just those concepts in article titles 1-2-3 plus a 'Silberstrahl' in title 4. It could have been the 'norwegian justification' for the assassination that Kennedy would have been in Sandveien 4 and masturbated a 'Silberstrahl' on my brain in 1957. Could be titles 5-6-7 encode the same three concepts in association with another name?

Is the Kennedy assassination 'unsolvable'? I refer to Ellermeier's Sumerische Lauwerte (Lieferung 2) p.695 where one finds the following ('Neuassyrische Zeichenform' to the left, 'Zeichenname' in the mid and 'Lautwert' to the right):

Hübner/Reizammer gives for 'eshemen' = 'Springseil', 'Spiel', 'spielen' and for 'in' = 'Beleidigung, Beschimpfung, Schmach, Häcksel, Stroh, Spreu, Anschlag, in unruhige Bewegung geraten, Distrikt, Planung'. Which could suggest that if the Kennedy assassination looked like 'Spiel', it was perhaps not?

'Izi-gar' = 'Strahlenglanz', 'Ofen'

'Gan' = 'Aussatz, Räude, (Fallsucht?), All, Gesamtheit, Band, Bindung, Gestell, Ständer, gebären, leibliche Mutter, erzeugen, zeugen, Vereinigung, vollkommen'


Ellermeier, F.: Sumerisches Glossar, Band 1, Teil 1. Sumerische Lautwerte, Lieferung 2. Theologische und orientalische Arbeiten aus Göttingen 4. Selbstverlag Dr.Friedrich Ellermeier. Nörten-Hardenberg bei Göttingen 1980.

Hübner, B. & Reizammer, A.: Inim Kiengi. Sumerisch-Deutsches Glossar. Selbstverlag Dipl.-Ing.Univ. Albert Reizammer, Wichernstr. 3, 8590 Marktredwitz 1985.

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