John Bjarne Grover

In the work with this political matter I have arrived at the theory that I am assigned the role of PTRSIM PIK and that this means being the locus of international intrigues based on abuse of my life and work in politics, business, media - a dense mythos-making for abuse in many fields of social life. These abuses started, according to the theory, 1223 = 12 years 2 months and 3 weeks after the formation of the austrian ÖVP, a few days after my birth, with the opening of my head and a male masturbating a spurt on my cortex. There exists some evidence for this theory, notably the brainscan which tells that a part of my lower occipital lobe probably was scissored away in 1957 while the skull itself is intact today - and this article proves that there is a role assigned to my person in high international political intrigue. Systematic abuses, tells this theory, continued throughout my childhood for making this 'artificial Jesus', and the theory goes that one of these abuses was in the form of rapes of me from onset of my puberty 1970: The theory (for which I have little evidence but some mythos redundancies exist - say, the house number 58 related to 'Decameron 5-8' - or what about the present 'Equinor' story? A new big oil field was discovered in the north sea in 2010 and production started in 2019 and it was named after Johan Sverdrup - see also my novel 'The Dreamer' for 8.5.95 - with 'Sverdrups Gate' and a name which could mean 'she/hen in gandersen' - the first mention of 'Sverdrups Gate' is 96,15% through the book - this novel was completed in 1995 and self-published in 2008) suggests that the official mother was rebuilt to trans with elements from my own penis - for a 'Kennedy curse' effect in the form of the idea of me being the rapist. (If so, I must have got some material for my own penis from somebody else, say, from some 'Peterson' or something like that). She was to a hospital in Sarpsborg for some days in the late summer or early autumn 1970 and the family visited her there. She was a little pale - and one could have guessed that it could have been an abortion for which the scandal was minimized by being in the neighbour town Sarpsborg rather than in the local hospital where she herself worked and her husband was (or maybe that was a little later) in the abortion committee - but I dont know what it was.

Less hypothetical, or, rather, a hard fact it is that at this time of 1970-71, I was subjected to destruction of my teeth by the school dentist who drilled away most of the core of my then white and fine teeth. The dentist would probably have claimed that there was caries in the teeth and that this had to be drilled away - but I inspected the teeth thoroughly in the mirror and there was only white to see. He showed me an X-ray and pointed to some shades - it looked rather normal to me but I could not evaluate an X-ray and there should have at least been something to see on the teeth, I think, if there should have been a reason to drill away nearly everything - the result was a sort of tram lines running down the jaws flanked by some fine calcium plates on each side. The school dentist Aulie ('olje' is norwegian for 'oil') told me that he had drilled 31 holes and put in 52 'flater' (I think the word normally is 'plater').

31 = 'number of days in a month' - cp. 'Gudmund Harlem'
52 = 'number of weeks in a year' - cp. 'Einar Gerhardsen'

The official custody mother Ragna Grøver was from 1970 a member of Gudmund Harlem's 'committee for the care of the disableds' which put up new guidelines for criteria for disability pensions. (Chinese for 'wheelchair' is 'lunyi'). Harlem (father of later PM Gro Harlem Brundtland) was minister of guns (defence) at the time of the Kennedy assassination when Gerhardsen was PM - and Jens Boyesen was appointed member ('statssekretær') of the government on 22 november 1963, probably some hours before the shots sounded in Dallas.

The drilling in my mouth went on for many weeks and continued (as far as I remember) into 1971. I dared not tell about it at home since I had a bad conscience for such bad teeth (could 'high treason' have been the reason?), but I may have suspected that the parents were involved somehow and did perhaps not want to have it too explicitly. The official mother started using the school dentist as her personal dentist after the treatment was over and she paid him from her private money.

I have computed on basis of weak data that the commercial oil drilling in the norwegian north sea could have started on the day or at leat around the time when 'drilling' could have started in my own behind - and the school dentist started drilling up my teeth some weeks into the autumn semester 1970.

Now yesterday I discovered that the norwegian national oil company Statoil (founded in the early 1970's) changed name and logo to 'Equinor' on 15 may 2018 - the logo and name could look like a parallel to the cover of my 'Der Dornenstrauch' - here my book front page (annotated with a red sign) to the left and the Equinor name and logo to the right - from this internet source:

The logo to the right could perhaps suggest a comparison with the symbolic Vienna-Berlin axis mentioned in this file. I discovered also a couple of days ago that the Oslo terror 10 years ago could apply to the attempt to put Gryfice in the mid point of an axis in parallel with the Vienna-Berlin axis - between the parliaments of Oslo and Budapest - in order to reach that you must lift the axis north-west some kilometres - could be out to Utøya in Norway or 'Pilisvörösvár' in Hungary. ('E-bilor' is the new trend - and are there 'svör & svar' here?). I wrote on my home computer about these things in the night to 22 july, the 10 year's anniversary of the Oslo terror, and the next day I photographed this ad - could be it had come up in the morning 22 july, could be it had been there some days already. 'Skiblander' - not 'Skibladner' could be a 'funny' name on 'Holmenkollbanen' from courses in norwegian language.

If my head were opened in july 1957, could it have been on 22 july? '1223' in the sense of 12 years, 2 months and 3 weeks could suggest something like that.

The cover photo to my Dornenstrauch seems to combine three themes - the Caruso singer, a fenris dog and the horsehead who has come into a lightbeam - could be this later calls forth associations to the horseskull I found in the forest outskirts in the early 1970's. (A new graffiti has come up in a nearby street - P.Max is I think a furniture and kitchen - or something like that - seller in Vienna). The back page of the cover could (inside the circle added here) resemble the 'poultry' outlines of China on the map - with korean beak and vietnamese legs.

The fenris dog could be the theme of new terror propaganda: I was once up in a small town in Hungary where there was a lot of big stray dogs around - much bigger than the schoolchildren on the way to school with their schoolbags - I speculated that no sooner do these children turn 18 they move in to Budapest. The place is suffereing from depopulation and the factory which used to produce shoes had closed some years ago. Could this have been the theme of the factory fire in Bangladesh where 52 workers burnt to death some time ago? Rabies is now out of the world but maybe new viruses and bacteria have been made for other 'truckload' problems.

The new logo name and logo of Statoil was introduced on 15 may 2018 - I did not know that (and nobody has told a word to me about this so far, as of today 25 july 2021) but on 22 may 2018 I published this file.

I later fell ill (late 2018) and have not really recovered fully from it yet.

The logo and name could be seen to combine 'equus' = 'horse' plus 'nor' = the fenris wolf - plus a 'sing-hole' in the midst of the logo. (Sangfu[g]l = sanggull = sanghull?). Is it symbolic of a churchrat hole? Down the stairs, the hunchback of Notre Dame?

I published on my web homepage on 16 may 2017 my translation of Ouyang Xiu's 10 poems - and included there (at the end of the file) a link to the photo of the cover to 'Der Dornenstrauch'. Could be the translation was not so bad and they did not like that?

16 may 2017 - my translation of Ouyang Xiu + ddscover.jpg on the web
15 may 2018 - the new name and logo of Equinor was announced
15 april 2019 - the fire in Notre Dame starting at 18:18

I have been waiting for reparation money from the state of Norway - for assumed abuse including such things as this drilling of 1970-71 etc. The fire in Notre Dame takes a lot of reparation money.

There seems to exist the idea that I shall get my 'reparation' in the form of terror - which punishes those who have been doing wrong and lifts my self-esteem up by the respect that such terror invokes. What a sad idea that would be - only escalating the abuse and exploitation of my work.

The train crash at Åsta (which can mean 'åste[d]'/'åsta[d]' = 'the place of a serious crime' - it is also a norwegian female name) around the time when I was in forced psychiatric custody in january 2000 took place at 13:13. I was forced to eat 'olanzapin' and the then norwegian train chief was 'Osmund Ueland'.

Search this file for the words "any such role" - the following case 2) could tell of further echos. There is also an 'X-i-bikkjen' (cp. 'exhibition') = 'X in the dog' in the cover photo - assuming a 'fenris' dog - the 'X' there tells of the semantics contained in the photo - a mouse sleeping in the fenriswolf gap up left, a rat fleeing around a corner down right, Venus in marble up right, Venus in sprawl down left etc.

This file used to be on my homepage - it is possible that it was me who removed it some time ago (for reasons which I cannot remember, and I cannot remember that I removed it but I cannot exclude that) but when I recently looked for it, it was anyhow not there and I put it back out on the web. See also mention of this 'Exhibition' file in this file.

This could concern the form 'se, der danser bestefar' from Zhang Jiuling's poem #1 in '300 Tang poems' - the 3-step semiotics including the 'lai' = articulatory X in the oral space etc. Which means that if the fire in Notre Dame had been intended arson, it could have been for the purpose of an attempt to claim that my authorship should have been written by Tone Helene Grøver - at least such an intrigue could have been a possible interpretation from these data.

I refer also to the drilling in Mariahilferstrasse and Lindengasse in Vienna for the time being. The construction of a tunnel for U2 via Neubaugasse to Pilgramgasse will go on untill 2028, tell the plans. The area of the current drilling is just outside Barnabitenkirche where I lost a rucksack 2 years ago.

Is it the norwegian plan to install all important aspects of my literary work into national programs and then sink my whole work into some deep oblivion? I hope that is not the program. I am not an intelligence project.

PS 26 july 2021: I dont know what sort of drilling it is that is going on outside the entrance to Barnabitenkirche. The steel tubes have been going up and down for many weeks, I think, could be months, and it seems to be a matter of only a few square metres just outside the church, as far as I can determine. Some 30-40 square metres or so? In norwegian the frontyard before a house (at least in rural areas) is called 'tun' (definite form 'tune[t]') - and when the steel tubes are going up and down it could be called 'Tune Helene' ('hele ne[d]' = 'the whole down'). 'But if 'hele-ne' is a sign of 'women' (by the down-hanging breasts), this drilling on some square metres just outside the entrance to Barnabitenkirche could perhaps even be called 'Tun-E-kvinnor' in the sense of 'Tune Helene'. There is something similarly (drilling) going on in Lindengasse a few metres up Kirchengasse. I do not know anything about how such construction work is done, but it looks strange to me. If the point is to launch a new 'hitler' in Germany on basis of my poetry, e.g. what is contained in the poetry notebooks I lost in that church in the summer 2019, it is high time for the austrian community to realize what is going on. It is not certain that the state of Austria can survive another round of 'hitler'.

The drilling in the street makes it perhaps a sort of 'Moering-gasse' - 'mør' = 'tender', said of beef, while 'tender' is norwegian for 'puts light/fire to' - such as e.g. in Notre Dame? It was hopefully not a sort of 'Mariahilfer' who put fire to Notre Dame.

A little further down in Mariahilferstrasse there are houses pulled down in (Karl) Schweighofergasse - see this photo and this photo. I hope it is not me who has not yet contacted a lawyer for having the abuse stopped but wait and hope the best ('schweig-hofer').

The U-Bahn station Museumsquartier will hopefully not be closed. Would it have been easier to build the U-Bahn extension from Museumsquartier to Pilgramgasse?

Just in case this city solution should happen to be conceived by some as 'totally crazy', so to speak, it is not me who am in such condition.

PS 27 july 2021: 'Equi-nor' could also be seen in reference to the balance between the 4 parts of DDS - as in a motion from a faraway universe, into the gravity of earth, then encircling the planet before it dives into the historic reality. Part I = 294 poems, part II = 66 poems, part III = 64 poems, part IV = 16 poems. When these are in balance, as if part 1 balances against part 4, a cosmic harmony is the result.

The bathtub is where I made (by rubbing) the cover illustration to DDS. Bathtub = norw. 'bad-e-kar'. Karl-Schweighofergasse = Kar-l 'schwei-gofer-gasse' = 'bad-e-Karl'-gasse?

29 july 2021: More on 'Equinor' as developed from 'Statoil'

I think it was when I came back from Italy in early march this year that I observed a new marketing campaign for ÖBB, the austrian railway company 'Österreichische Bundes-Bahn', apparently on the theme of 'start-toil[et]':

1) OEBB ad 1
2) OEBB ad 2
3) OEBB ad 3
4) OEBB ad 4

The idea in the ads could be that somebody is seated with naked behind on a loo and somebody down there is pushing a finger up = ÖBB in the rectum - 'ronkr røver' it could mean.

(14/8-21: I have got some email info from 'FONDAZIONE ARCHIVIO LUIGI NONO' - with email headings that could resemble aspects of these ads - see also below on 'Cinzano' etc - are the ads propaganda for Hitler's NSDAP? See the 1955 Staatsvertrag article 9).

'Bahn' seems etymologically to go back to a concept of 'destruction of something', in norwegian it is still called 'banesår' when a wound against some intended continuation is lethal. In this sense of it, 'Bundes-Bahn' would mean a lethal wound against the Bund - the end of its story.

It is possible that the socalled 'Reichsdeputationshauptschluss' of 25 february 1803 leading to the end of the 'Heiliges Römisches Reich' is the intrigue on me - including the leftsided gynaecomastia which started to develop (vaguely) in late 1970 or early 1971 - corresponding to the role of the 'linksrheinischen' vs 'rechtsrheinischen' territories. It was when I came to Venice in late 2018 (just after having completed my volume 4 that I quickly developed a trombosis in the left leg which made it difficult to move the left leg forwards and eventually made it impossible to stand on it and I was admitted to hospital for serious problems with digestion, blood and urine tract condition - plus this trombosis - which can be spotted in the same story of the 'Reichsdeputationshauptschluss': "Zugleich erhielten die Fürsten von Salzburg, Württemberg, Baden und Hessen-Kassel die Kurfürstenwürde der erloschenen linksrheinischen Kurfürstentümer Köln, Trier und Kurpfalz" (Eschenhagen 2005). 'Kur' is a word that can mean 'member of electorate for an emperor' but it can also mean 'medical treatment' and other things.

"Zur Ausarbeitung einer Entschädigungsregelung für die von der Abtretung betroffenen Reichsfürsten setzte der Reichstag 1801 einen Ausschuss (Deputation) ein, dessen Vorschlag er 1803 akzeptierte". [...] "Für die katholische Kirche bedeutete der Reichsdeputationshauptschluss den größten Verlust seit der Reformation" (Eschenhagen 2005).

It is possible that this story could have been interpreted as the essence of the attempt on the pope in 1981, 180 years = 180 degrees on the european swastika (Norway-Italy) after the 1801 'Ausschuss'.

'Ausschuss' can mean three things, which perhaps could have been activated in this interpretation of the 1981 attempt on the pope, could be not the least for dumping the blame for that on me:

1) A deputation
2) A bullet hole
3) An errorware (sorted off in the production)

It seems that these could be matched against the 'hunchback-punchback' and 'rathole' of the 'church rat' of Notre Dame which could be in the logo of Equinor - for the four ads compared with the 'Wesenlund/bestefar' of the Zhang Jiuling poem:

WAI-HAI = Punchback-Hunchback
ZU-SHANG (+ Gee-Bees gHIBs) = rathole
LAI-FU = Me-X-i-co semiotics of my cover photo        

'E-ror-war[e]' = 'E-qui-nor'? That is, 'Equinor = ex nihilo matter'?

The ladies in the ads have extraordinary goodlooking teeth. (Not so long after I moved into Zinckgasse I bought a lot of white errorware shirts for 1,- euro per shirt).

The program (of 'Equinor' or 'ÖBB') could seem to be that John Grøver is penniless as a 'hunchback church rat' - while the business is running off with the riches. Not so very moral! Who is going to tidy up in the CEO's boyroom?

It is possible that a marketing program of 'Equinor' could be 'Statoil i støtet' (because 'den sitter som bare det!'). Star-toil[et] is not 'tötet' but maybe 'tottet'.

Could be the ads contain elements positive for me, but it cannot continue with ads going up and down and up and down: The bureaus should rather pay compensation money to me for their abusive campaigns and thereafter keep their fingers off my life and work.

On the assumption that I was raped in 1970 or 1971

The theory can be articulated - on basis of various redundancies (see below for some examples) - that commercial oil drilling in the norwegian north sea could have started (intentionally) in the moment when a rape of me was started in 1970 - if that is the story.

Assume that it would have been coordinated by way of 'semaphory' = 'Heinrich Himmler' waving his hand in the air next to the 'brüder' at the female body qua 'Adolf Hitler'.

The 'Silberstrahl' on Kennedy in 1963 could have been for being just that drilling of 1970 - if it were planned already then - cp. Jens Boyesen entering the norwegian government.

When I arrived to Vienna on 1 july 2004 and the houseletter, with whom I had in advance appointed to arrive that day, said in the doorphone: "Warten Sie bitte 15 Minuten, ich habe hier zwei Sterbend" (I have earlier speculated that he said 'Serben' but to my ear it sounded in fact like 'Sterbend'), I waited and have never had a worse nausea in my life - I stood leaning against a container with hands up its wall and waited for the 100 year wave but it passed without the big breaker.

I soon had to go to the Meldeamt to report my new address and president Klestil fell unconscious around the very moment when I entered the premises in the early morning (soon after they opened at 08:00 on that monday morning) and he died the following day.

Jörg Haider died on the day in 2008 when my application for residence permit in Venice was accepted.

Jörg Haider-Bau - is that the Bauarbeiten in the centre these days - outside the Barnarbeiten church? ('Jörg Haidbauer' was the pupil of Wittgenstein who died after a box on the ear, tells the biography - however true or false that may be - the theory that I should have murdered Inger Johanne Apenes in the night when Aldo Moro probably died is false).

In the moment (so to speak, or at least the same day) when I entered the office for social housing in Venice in january this year, PM Conte decided to announce his resignation the following day (and I got an email that next day from that office telling of a phone number to call on issues related 'all'assenza di dimora').

A coordination of an introduction of a penis into my behind and a lowering of the steel tube in the north sea could have gone via the 'semaphory' of a 'Heinrich Himmler' (waving his hand in the air - at the body on the street).

Hence the whole story would have been for Adolf Hitler raping the jewish genetics - with jewish penis materials. Sobibor, Treblinka, Belcez...

In short, the theory articulates itself: Klestil fell unconscious approximately on the same minute as I entered the premises and he died the following day - does that mean that the commercial drill was touching the bottom of the north sea in the moment when a penis was inserted into my rectum - and oil for sale spurted up on the following day?

The 'superpower'

So it looks like austrian and italian authorities, and maybe many others as well, are pressing on as well as they can on the norwegians in an attempt to make them confess and apologize and pay a sum of reparation money to me, and that looks good.

But why doesnt it lead to anything?

It is possible to analyze history in such a way that the conclusions are given:

1) Napoleon expanded his empire untill he had to give in for english power and spent the rest of his life on St.Helena - which could be for telling that the whole story was for the one and only purpose of getting the truth of the possibly fraudulent document 'Chanson de Roland' out of the britons. Had they created the document for cheating the french people? Had France developed their honor code because of that Chanson? Napoleon was not for winning but for getting the truth, that means.

2) Hitler could have led his WWII similarly in order to force the confession out of the britons on the Ostarrichi document. It was for losing the war and giving the badtasting victory to England.

3) And now Heimskringla of Norway could be on the agenda: If it were constructed at the time of Alexander Pope, cp. the attempt on the pope, will it be possible to force a confession out of the britons?

It may be that the plan is, just as for Napoleon and Hitler, that the entire world presses on for the norwegian 'superpower' to confess and apologize, but they do not give in to the pressure and England wins the 'war' again.

Why should Norway be such a 'superpower' (could be on behalf of England)?

By far the biggest party in Norway for decades is the norwegian labour party = 'Det Norske Arbeiderparti' = 'DNA', also called 'AP' = 'Arbeiderpartiet'. They have their headquarters on Youngstorvet in Oslo. As I showed in this article, the whole circus around my person can be seen to be the question of the status of ex nihilo matter - and it is highly probable that ex nihilo matter is a function of the DNA as a balance organ between physics and metaphysics: Now and then it becomes a little biased and then some ex nihilo matter can slip in (and out?), and hence the variation of it is within the scope of the DNA = the constitution of the human reality - and there is no reason to panic. Dinosaurs and Star Wars are not on the agenda.

Norway was established in 1814 and Napoleon lost at Waterloo in 1815.

It is this DNA which is the real story - even if that is only an abbreviation for a political party.

But 'DNA' (the norwegian labour party) is sometimes called 'AP' pronounced like 'ape', and that is when it comes out wrong to consider this a solution to this historic matter. I mean, it is wrong to wage this global pressure battle against Norway for the purposes of nobody being powerful enough to squeeze the money out of them - for the conclusion that Norway was right and hence 'AP' = 'ape' = 'copies of humans' should be taken as the right solution.

Hence it is not for making Norway a superpower that other countries press on in vain for the solution - it could be for reaching this single conclusion on ex nihilo and DNA.

Could be the plan is for international secret intelligence and security services to organize a global terror control and to call this empire for 'the superpower of Norway' - which, though, probably will be under british control in terms of the role of Heimskringla and thereby count as an intended 'global kingdom'. The honor of the monarch is defended by the international services.

It is possible to articulate these things very explicitly and it is therefore possible to stop the development of this international global terrorist network.

On my view, it is a lost game to wait for Norway to pay reparation money to me - but many other states can be seen to owe me a lot of money due to lots of plagiarisms in the culture and illegal copies in the administration. Some of these could pay to me - on basis of very explicit reasons - and then the bottom falls out of the 'norwegian superpower' program. Then one does not have to lend them so much sympathy in order to elicit a regret and apology from them - a program which could be planned to fail after many years of sympathy-pumping. Alas, in vain - but the sympathies could come to remain there for new generations after all the years of pumping and then the story of the hypothetical exploitation of me could seem only right and just.

I dont think I have seen anywhere data which could indicate that commercial drilling in the north sea started in 1970, but if that were the case and if it were coordinated with a rape of me, then one could say that a certain 'semaphory' would have been the link. That means 'Heinrich Himmler' waving his arm in the air next to 'Adolf Hitler' pushing on the woman's biceps-triceps in the street. This means, therefore, that if a new quasi religion is tentatively constructed with a 'madonna' in the form of Ragna Gröver, if she were the one identified as the hypothetical rapist in 1970 - it means that the identity of the new divinity is called Adolf Hitler. The Madonna would not be Hitler but the name and historic identity of Hitler would be very closely associated with this 'madonna'.

That 'Hitler' is probably the name of this international superpower terror network program.

If, therefore, the foundations are sufficiently 'moeringg.' here in Vienna centrum, it is not impossible that a new Hitler rising in Berlin will sail on the winds from a mysterious source - and nazism is soon rising under the banner of a quasi-divine Ostarrichi-austrian 'Hitler' - and the germans are marching again.

How could it happen again?

It is easy to stop it now. The mystery is not how it could rise again - the mystery would be why it wasnt stopped now. It is just to tell the truth.

If it is a lost game to wait for Norway to confess and regret, it may be urgent that other states publish the facts of abuse of me there could hypothetically have been - those which could have been taken for granted by administrations through decades but never pronounced in public - and if the whole story now be left in silence and sunk into oblivion, it could come to form the basis for a new and very sick mythos for new exploitation and abuse. But then the story must be told instead of waiting in vain.

Norwegian counties were restructured on 1 january 2020 - at the time of the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. Those new counties could be a sign that it is futile to wait for any confession and regret. It could be wise to return to the old county structure and drop that 'Viken' and 'Innlandet' and all that. Is it 'viken' inside my body - as a 'modern' idea?

And maybe 'Statoil' is a better name than 'Equinor'? My book is not even published yet! If the old and popular sketches by 'the Wesensteen duo' now are presented in reduced fashion, with their best parts deleted and replaced with uninspired things - but lifted into new swindle things pumped up by just that old quality stamp - is it the plan to do the same with my works? To delete their best parts and use these for making new swindle things of more 'modern' and 'impressive' kind? Nobody is served with that.

'Hikste' is a norwegian word - like the boys peeping on the princessa's behind in the loo and running off with 'hiksting' after having run a finger into her behind. Wasnt there a newspiece recently of somebody suffering from constant hickuping?

Two norwegian oil rigs were subjected to damages around 1986 with short interval - , one of them sank: Alexander Kielland and Henrik Ibsen. In handwriting this looks nearly the same - if one moves the 'a' of a-lexander Kielan to the 'i' of 'hender-i-Kibsen'. The movements of the vowel qualities could be about the FU-LAI relation of type 'X'. The meaning of these rig disasters could be that it was not 'Alexandra who Kiell-an', but rather 'Laura [Devold] who Killan' - and, could be, the idea is that females of my background family were involved in highlevel assassinations and therefore my books cannot be published. Could be the idea of the deaths of Mao and Gandhi add to this. But this could be just a program for hijacking my work and turn it into 'modern' and 'impressive' elaborations of their best parts. Hikste style that would be.

But then it is better to keep Norway low and let my books be published instead.

People should find a better future than that new hitlerish nazism once again.

30 july 2021: The apparent 'Wesensteen' phenomenon - of deleting the best or most significant parts of the popular 1960-70's sketches and pumping the removed material up by swindle to new 'modern and impressive' additional sketches (such as seems to have been the case with the glottal frictions at the end of a word in Heide-Steen's 'news in sami language' - these are removed from the currently available version but seem to have formed the basis for a series of new sketches) could be precisely the program on my lost poetry notebooks: Those constitute a very incomplete and rudimentary work which could add to the two poetry books in german language ('Der Dornenstrauch', 'SNEEFT COEIL') which I have completed and self-published. If, therefore, the most significant parts of the contents of the lost poetry notebooks is removed from my version and pumped up to additional material, could be in the style of the Bobrowski edition (search this file for 'Bobrowski') if that is such swindle, the result from my two completed german poetry books plus the incomplete material and 'invisible' or 'virtual' completion of the third could make it look like the chinese sign discussed in this file - the two completed plus one semi-completed side of a triangle - in which case it would be the 'temple' of the equus (even with a 'black see'?) which is the material made, possibly with computer, on basis of material from my lost poetry notebooks:

I have earlier speculated that there could have been 'sophisticated mind control' involved in my forgetting of the rucksack in the church in the summer 2019 - and there were even reasons to recognize two Notre-Dame-related aspects of the Equinor logo in the church. This could also explain the quickly organized terror in El Paso (see this file - and notice even the 'Delta'?) - it could not have been made in the course of an hour and a half but if there were several days in the planning it could perhaps have been possible.

I quickly asked the police for assistance to get the lost poetry notebooks back - see this file - and I have of course not given any permission to use any of the material therein. I hope the lost notebooks can be returned to me.

1 august 2021: Several of the formerly 19 norwegian counties were collapsed to larger and fewer (11) counties on 1 january 2020 - around the time of 'brexit' and the start of the coronavirus pandemic. 'Viken' became the name of the new supercounty around Oslo, while the former counties Hedmark and Oppland (just north of Viken) were collapsed to a new county called 'Innlandet'. (Would the combination mean something?) See this map in this file for a comparison of Kurpfalz-Kurmainz with the map of new norwegian counties (including Viken-Innlandet/Oslo). There used to be the two organists of some musical level in Fredrikstad: Egil Hovland in Glemmen church and Søren Gangfløt in the main church. The name 'Søren' is also used as a mild swearing when something has gone a little wrong, perhaps like a mild 'scheisse' (with mid and not low vowel, denoting that thoughts go on rails or rather not). 'Gangfløt' can mean that the cream went out. I rarely ejaculate but an overflow happened in the summer 2015 after which a massive stream of some 800.000 refugees or so from the middle east flooded Europe. Egil Hovland was (as I think he told me) first educated sausage maker (in his father's wartime workshop) but soon thereafter educated in composition by Aaron Copland, Luigi Dallapiccola and Vagn Holmboe. The name of Aaron Copland can perhaps be seen as the collapse of the two county names Hedmark + Oppland = 'heathen/heather-field Copland'. (Wrong Copland? 'Hed-ning' = 'heathen'). One notices the close similarity of 'Egi-Lovland' and 'Equi-nor'. I dont know how long time it takes to prepare county collapses but it is probably more than just a few months.

Finally, I met the 'madonna of Märzstrasse' (who could have been a heaven-sent hint about the later event in Hütteldorfer Strasse - I found the gold the following day) in the intersection to Beingasse. Spoon suggests 'Mainzgasse' vs 'Pfalzstrasse'.

2 august 2021: I have not the overview of the matter but it seems that there could be a complex around Aaron Copland at Tanglewood (a sort of 'Hütteldorf' after Nathaniel Hawthorne)? Could be the standard joke is about 'Hardon Copulation', for which reason there is a fricative (not a sausage!) that falls out. Serge Koussevitzky was conductor at Tanglewood - and there could be many such 'SeeKouitzky' = 'security' jokes. One of them could be 'Hardon AIDSHIV' or maybe 'Aron Eidsvig', for all I know. Would the celebrated but totally unspoken joke have been that Adolf Hitler was an 'american patriot'? (Copland is known for his 'Fanfare to the common man' from the time when the US defense centre Pentagon was made and it is mentioned that the premiere of the fanfare coincided with the 'income tax year', cp. my ideas that 'Pamhagen' on the 'hymen' power-generating border between Hungary and Austria is the origin of the name of 'Pentagon'. (I was in the mid 80's asked by Arne Nordheim to write out the parts to his 'Recall and signal[s]', a 'fanfare' that was to be played from I think a boat gliding down the Hudson river or thereabout commissioned for an anniversary of the Statue of Liberty, if I got it right - see also this file). This article lists the 'pupils' of 'Aaron Copland'. If the 'Koussevitzky' is 'Serge', then 'Egg i lovland'? And would 'Leonard Bern[s]tein' be 'Jostein Børtnes'? Hovland had also studied with 'Vagn Holmboe' - and Luigi Dallapiccola who was not a sami or 'lapp' composer. I think I read on the internet some time ago that Michael Tilson Thomas studied at Copland - but now it seems to have been removed from the web, if it really were there. The name is arguably interesting by the 'Thomas' of Moeringgasse, the facade that emerged when an old house (could be from Hitler's times) was pulled down some time ago. (Trygve Bratteli was norwegian PM in the 1970's - could be his daughter's name Marianne Bratteli can be seen to mean the telephone number exposed on the house wall when the house was pulled down). The name of 'Dag Diesen' made quite an impact on me when I worked for the MUSIKUS project in the 1980's - today it could look like a reference to the theory of a certain day when the drillings (north sea? dentistry? 'copulation' rape?) started. If the project is to credit me with the murder of Inger Johanne Apenes in the night when (probably) Aldo Moro was murdered in Rome - which would be very false - I never murdered anybody - the dirty trick of the name could be to consider this a 'my chil' whose poetic work was 'tilsendt home-as' = 'was sent to the home as...'. It is because the new counties of Norway seem to index this name that it is permitted to make this observation: 'Viken' turns by the road intersection spoons (Mainz-Pfalz) into 'Michael' while 'Innlandet' = 'Hedmark-Oppland' could mean 'har ronka opp land' = 'has masturbated the country up' (cp. 'hardon' Copland) = 'tills-on to-mass' (if the 'land' is 'mass', but, it could be added, 'heathens' do not celebrate 'mass'?). But it cannot be that 'ridiculous' (= 'latterli[g]') - cp. 'trygg web latterli[g]' = 'safe web ridiculous' of former PM Trygve Bratteli - that Norway has altered its county structure in order to paste the label of 'swindler' or 'agent' (as 'murderer' who got the intellectual work sent to him in the post) on me by way of the name of an american conductor? It may be that such a trick - which then, if a rape of me by some 'secret intelligence representative', whether an official custody authority of my childhood or not, were the case, alternatively could have served to substantiate a fantasy claim that my work really should have been ghost-authored by e.g. the 'secret intelligences' who had 'inspired' to them by various forms of abuse, something which my function 14 refutes on a principled basis - would be fuelled by the name of my official granduncle Aron Eidsvig (see this file) if he really were Adolf Hitler with new identity after the war, or if that were the unspoken but most celebrated joke somehow, but it would still be a rather poor reason for county restructuring. But of course the plans for such 'state-toil' could be old and name structures and other phonologies could be only secondary effects. (I could add that the web tells that Tilson Thomas is married to a 'Joshua Robison': I was to a school psychologist in Molde in the 1960's and I think he took a 'Roschach test' on me - if this should have been a part of the basis for my disability pension from 2002, which perhaps is doubtful, if the psychologist were found to be not sufficiently professional in his evaluations but rather a 'hobby'-man, one could fancy that the pension could be endangered - an idea which perhaps could be associated with the name of 'Søren Gangfløt' - "a pity the 'money' go out"). 'Viken' means 'the bay' but it means also 'the parting of the hair' - such as the apparently standard photo of Josef Mengele - see this file where I also mention the role of 'viken' = 'the parting' in his hair (cp. also the idea of early child opening as for the '1223') in the sense of 'Vikebukt' where my official father was replaced with a copy in the late 1960's. If such old plans of attempted hijack of my work by way of smart tricks (such as here on names of people) were the reason for the county restructuring, I think Norway should put such ideas aside and try and orientate towards the real world.

3 august 2021: I retell this story: It was a few years ago I travelled as usual with tram 49 down to the Ring at the parliament where I stepped off - habitually I used to take the subwalk to the other side but this sunday I stopped and took the first tram down towards the centre. It was tram #1 that came first - I stepped in and the tram was nearly empty - only a black textile lay ('habitually'?) on a seat in front of a woman sitting just behind it. I asked if it were hers - she said no and I gave it to the driver for a lost-and-found. It was humid even if the day was sunny. The next sunday exactly the same happened - tram #1 came first, I stepped in and there lay a black textile on an empty seat. I think there was not a woman on the seat behind. Even this time it was humid. I laughed and gave it to the driver once again. (A third time did I see the same black textile - I was seated inside the tram and saw it through the tram window - it lay on the ground in water at a tram stop but I did not go out to take it). Then a few years or so later I came with tram 49 upwards and stepped off in Märzstrasse at Beingasse station - and it occurred to me that it was Ehud Olmert (although this person was perhaps not as tall as I believed Olmert is) who stood there apparently waiting for the other tram that also stops at this station - #9 to Gersthof. I think it was one week later that the same happened, but now it was not Olmert but a woman who resembled the Madonna of Guadalupe (see also this file) who stood apparently waiting (on the curb) along with a child for tram #9 Gersthof. '(Je[g] er stoff' = 'I am stuff/substance/matter'). (The piece of gold fell from my hand while I was trying to translate a sanskrit verse from Rigveda the following day). This happened on the other side of the road intersection (Beingasse/Märzstrasse) relative to where I some years earlier had met what I then believed was the female archetype - she had a tube in front of her face and initially scanned the asphalt of the road back and forth before she crossed the street, she was dressed in a skin-coloured tight overall and had long legs and very short or rather undeveloped arms. I looked in fact up her face-tube but there was nothing inside, only darkness. We walked together down to Hackengasse where we parted. This happened rather soon (in the end of february) after I had completed 'Labyrinth 101', the female part of the red metre. Now in the icon image left after the Madonna of Gudalupe, there is an angel at her feet under the black horns (the colour black corresponds perhaps to the black textiles I had found) - if that angel is called Michael one could say in norwegian that 'Michael tillent horna' = 'Michael leaning-towards the horns'.

'Gangfløt[e]' means 'gang-cream' - but if it should mean that the pension is gone, it is not normal to associate 'money' with 'cream'. Rather, 'money' associates with the seeds called 'gryn' (often a form of rice) in norwegian, a normal joke for 'money'. When I returned from Italy on 2 march this year, I found that the main fuse was kaputt and could not be repaired, and so was the refridgerator as well, as it turned out after the electrician had put in a new main fuse. The fridge had, though, been detached all the time since I left so it could not have been a normal electric short circuitry. Inside the fridge there lay on the lower glass plate a heap of unsmelly brown amorphous substance - it had nothing to do with excrements but could in theory perhaps have been some disintegrated potatoes - which I had not left there, though, and it was totally without structure and it was probably no food remains at all. In addition, it looked as if a portion of millet 'gryns' had exploded and the gryns were attached all over inside the ceiling and walls of the fridge but not on the bottom/floor. I guess that it was all 'ex nihilo' - in which case the name of 'Gangfløt[e]' could have been the theme as 'ganggryn' in the sense of 'ganglion' = 'bundle of nerve cells', the nerve cells being most densely packed in the ganglion called 'the brain'. A short circuitry in the main fuse could then apply to 'ganggryn', told this probably ex nihilo phenomenon, but not to 'gangfløt[e]'. (See 'Unter Gesellschaft #30' from DDS part II). The main fuse (the fusebox) is right above the fridge and an electric cable leads to the double outlet above the kitchen sink which had to be repaired by an electrician when I moved into the flat in 2009-2010. (It was in this sink drain that I found the lapis philosophorum in september/october 2014). I fancied that I recognized this double outlet in the volcano that soon erupted on Iceland - in what looked like two 'nostrils' or close craters.

'[Whipped] cream' is called '[Schlag]sahne' in german but in eastern Austria, in the district around Vienna, it is called '[Schlag]obers'. Probably not enough reason for the austrian Hitler from Vienna in Germany? It could apply to the phenomenon of anglophony, though. See also the chinese sign.

It was in the late 70's that I was for a few days on Söder in Stockholm in a flat I borrowed from Hans-Ove Granath - not far from where Nelly Sachs had lived some years earlier (down to Hornstull and a little up there to Bergsundstrand - cp. the Guadalupe icon). I bought a book by Aaron Copland in an antiquariat in Stockholm. It may have been on the way back from Stockholm that I lost a suitcase in Gothenburg - which I later got back by lost-and-found.

Willy Brandt was born Herbert Ernst Karl Frahm in Lübeck on 18 december 1913 (according to Microsoft Encarta).

If 'Willy Brandt' means 'Willy Granath', then Uuilligisi (from the Ostarrichi document) could mean 'Willy Ibiza-i'. And then 'Gerbert Ernst Farlk Rahm' = 'Søren Gangfløt'?

Uuilligisi archiepiscopi recognovi - the ARK (paper, like my poetry notebooks) of the church is recognized. (Is there a law telling that garbage - norwegian 'søppel', 'boss' - is the property of the administration?)

The new corona-restrictions from today 3 august tell that travellers from Spain, Cyprus and the Netherlands must do so and so ('Sonderregelung: Einreise aus Spanien, Zypern und den Niederlanden (ab 3. August)''). I mentioned Spain, Greece and Netherlands. The difference between Athens ('at hens = 'at poultry') and Nicosia ('Lübecke'?) could be the date 18 december 1913 - if the rest of the date could be spotted in the info paper behind the xylophonist at San Leonardo in Venice ('cercasi magazzino') . I hope it doesnt mean that 'impfo' = 'brandt'.

My PO Box was closed on 1 january and the coup in Burma was on 1 february. Drilling in Mariahilferstrasse started in the spring, tells info on the web.

5 august 2021: The story suggests not penic-illin but rather something else - like some virus medication. 'CHIUSO' could mean 'WHO uses it'.

If the coup in Burma on 1 february 2021 were an authentic effort by the local militaries and not coordinated with international interests, it could be noticed that there is a strong redundancy in the data from Beingasse/Märzstrasse (on background of Mainz/Pfalz) and the woman-in-the-Hütteldorferstrasse ('by Ampel' - cp. "Ich bin Ampel-Liner") for the idea of 'Beauty'/'Mutiny'. Hence if the PO Box at the end of 'Möringgasse' is of essential importance, one could think of a 'divine inspiration' for a 'mutiny' of the militaries in Burma/'Mörba'.

What would have been the reasons for a 'coup' of my PO Box? The explanation that I had not paid seemed a little farfetched since 1) I had paid by sending 140 euros in banknotes in an envelope well in time for the expiry of the rental fee, and 2) when I opened the PO Box some years ago I was assured that I would not risk losing post if I forgot to pay the rent but I would have to pay the rent delayed, and, it could be added, 3) when I tried to find payment and contact details on the internet, it seemed that the contact details which I found were possibly rather unreliable - the one and only telephone number I found was changed several times in the course of a few days and did not respond to my calls - so it may be that somebody did not want me to reach them for clarifying this. But it can be noticed that I had written on the internet this article telling of how and why it could have been that the mortality fell in Italy when I travelled from Vienna to Venice - this article came on the web on 10 december 2020 and I believe that I included the URL in the letter of 14 december to the post office for explaining why I had been away for so long time and why it was difficult to come to Vienna to pay the houserent - and hence I hoped for meeting some flexibility contributing to a delimitation of the damages from the pandemic as much as possible and I therefore hoped they would accept payment by banknotes in an envelope, as seemed to be the only chance I had. It is possible that the article left the impression that the coronavirus pandemic could be seen as related to abuse of my person, and therefore that the apparent coup of the postbox and the drilling in the Mariahilferstrasse could have contributed to turn the roles so much that it could look as if the pandemic were caused by my person and not by abuse by others of my person and work. However, since I had suggested in this article that there could be a connection between the mortality of covid-19 and the homo factor (countries allowing for homo marriage had a higher mortality rate), there could also be a theoretic element of couping of the post on background of the idea that 'homo' = 'behind' = 'post' and therefore that 'no post' means 'no homo'. Hungary (who do not allow for homo marriage) had for quite a while the world's highest mortality per million inhabitants but have now introduced laws against explicitness of samesex attitudes (if I got it right) and the coronavirus is now almost totally absent from the country - since the beginning of july there have been rather constantly only 60 new infections and 1,9 dead per day among the nearly 10 million people - and Hungary is no longer the world's top mortality per million inhabitants but is only #2. (The ranking by this parametre shows that 5 of Austria's 8 neighbours are among the world's top 16 - Czechia is #4 - while Qatar is #122 and Montserrat is #123). But depriving me of the post (and this problem has continued through the present summer - I have had it confirmed that post had been sent from the bank but it did not reach me) is of course an element of abuse of my person so it may be that it can come out wrong after all. And the drilling in Mariahilferstrasse outside Barnabiten church looks not so unhomo, rather the opposite - and it seems possibly to lend priority to administration and its abuse for my poetic authorship in the lost poetry notebooks - and that could rather have been a background of the pandemic. And to just turn every feature around on me probably doesnt help at all - rather the opposite: In the worst case it can create the impression in the collective consciousness that it is now turned the right way but when new abusive effects be discovered by the global community it can perhaps lead to a rise in the mortality again. Re-establishing apparent public confidence in the secret intelligences can perhaps lead to a temporary improvement but not if the renewed confidence is based on intense swipswapping only. It was me who could have rescued hundreds of thousands of italian lives by travelling down to Italy and paying for the 7 months hotel by own money, could be that helped against abuse of my person in public space in Austria - and then it does not help to just turn these roles around. It seems that ads in public space is still of this type: A new ad for "Cinzano - il dolce aperitivo" could be telling of the need for a 'dolke-impfo' - and Kinn 'sa no' = 'said something' - about Richard Brautigan that 'han legger ikke fingrene imellom' (here from this probably exnihilo sunset rider). The detail could perhaps be spotted also in this ad from 27 july - with this detail resembling this. (Is the sitting man without toes?) An ad for a zoo with a tiger - while apparently telling of the need for a 'green pass' ('Ärzte tschüssen'?) - could tell of a recent discovery of mine on my home computer (chinese radical #141) relative to the complex in this file (mentioned along with the observation that tigers resemble zebras in some respects), in which case the potentially substantial scientific progress in sinology would have been illegally lifted from my computer, but the ad is perhaps old. (Otherwise turning the features could make me look like the thief?) This ad could be based on illegal surveillance of me for the concept of 'scarabé' = 'cut off B' and hence a 'cacob' trombosis (cp. also this 'caco'). I do not follow neither the news nor such ad campaigns but I have the feeling that [quasi]-commercial posters up in public space in Vienna could be much about abuse of my life and work. Last friday I got not the letter from the bank I had been promised on that day but a letter from Wien Energie ('instead'?) - 'the choice of a new generation'? Weren't it rather excessive and possibly insulting swipswapping that caused the pandemic? It does not help to replace a poetic interface with an administrative. There are good reasons to believe that the good reasons why I should live in Austria were that the failures by Wittgenstein-Hitler should not be repeated and that could help the whole world out of its despair after the holocaust and WWII - but the current pandemic could be telling of difficulties with this program. My need for moving out of Austria is as urgent as before - but I do not have enough money, in spite of much work. Have other people earned the money I could have earned from my work? And it takes a lot of time to write e.g. the present file.

I am not yet vaccinated and it may be that I should not do that in Austria. My chances for being contaminated are small, but a green pass could perhaps be needed for travelling. In at least Spain, Italy, France, Austria the mortality (measured by number of deaths per day divided by number of new infections per day, these being averaged over the last 7 days) has since mid july been far below a normal influenza (less than 0,5%) and there is for the time being no basis for restrictions in these countries.

All this PTRSIM PIK abuse must be brought to an end. There are reasons to believe that the opposite be the case - and even that the construction of a new 'hitler' in Germany could be the intention. That could well be the background of the pandemic.


Eschenhagen, Wieland: "Reichsdeputationshauptschluss". Microsoft Encarta Enzyklopädie 2005.

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