Rolv Wesenlund and Harald Heide Steen

John Bjarne Grover

This comedian duo (often called 'Wesensteen') worked together - often on TV - in the late 60's up to 1971 when they split. It can be seen as a dating of these videos - if they are with Rolv Wesenlund and Harald Heide Steen they are likely to be from before 1971-1972.

It seems that they generally were all and only (as is my guess) about these two incidents of 1) Hütteldorfer Strasse + 2) Hütteldorfer Station that took place 50 years later. They are, that will mean, a documentation of the details that were planned at least 50 years in advance. These details were therefore probably planned to constitute the cornerstones of a new political intrigue of great magnitude.

As I have shown in 'A proof that Hitler did monkey business on my work and not vice versa', there is no longer any reason to go in the centennial ditch which these plans seem to suggest. They are probably oldfashioned monarchic aspirations for ruling the world - but the monarchy has long been on its way out as a principle of rule and the world will not thrive well under the gloomy vaults which these plans seem to be on.

Is it Buckingham (or its 'secret intelligences') who want these plans? My view is that England should dismantle its monarchy. Could be that is what Europe told them and then they brexited instead - could be in the hope of conquering China.

Ah ja, what is all this conquering for? In particular when stockmarket crashes and other grandissimo disasters could be seen as needed for getting to grips with it? The coronavirus crisis can be only ripples on the water compared with the oceanic breakers that can be planned. It is much better to leave all such megalomania behind and turn towards a lighter and better future without these intrigues.

Power is downdrift, a version of the ditch, while truth is forwards.

The following videos were made in the late 60's or early 70's probably for pretelling the essentials in the construction. It is likely that the organizers of this political intrigue wanted me to have my residence in Zinckasse in Vienna untill this was over - for installing the gloomy superstition they hope to rule the world with.

Hütteldorfer Station

The incident at Hütteldorfer Station happened not long after the news of the death of prince Philip of England, the duke of Edinburg: I stood on the platform waiting for the train when I spotted in the corner of the eye a man approaching from behind - then I started moving off the spot for avoiding dangers and a sudden light slap or tap on the mask over my mouth made by a hand from behind (curling around my head, that is) made me produce a short distinct shout. I went some steps around to avoid the situation, then turned and saw that the man, who now stood on the spot where I had been standing a few moments earlier, at the platform just before the rails where the train would soon be coming in, reminded me of my once 1970-71 classmate William Moltzau. It is true that 'sville' is norwegian for the sleepers that the rails are running across, and the man who had taken my place on the platform could be seen to be a 'dukke' (= 'doll') of 'is-your-burg'. The incident is understood as imitated in the chinese sign for RENWEI = = to 'consider' (as when considering these graphic signs on the surface of reading). The essences of this brief incident - the 'magic' of 'taking-the-place' - can be seen as told in the 'Wesensteen' sketch on spanish magician 'El Finko' - about taking the place with a smart trick:

The man who tries to walk across the platform in the background could look like the chinese word for 'consider' = 'REN-WEI' = .

The success of the spanish magician is tentatively imitated in a sketch (made probably some years later) by the Heide-Steen character 'Sylfest Strutle' who could be about the type s-'Trulte' - and hence s-'ylv-set' = s-'wolf-set':

One notices the poor imitation by Strutle of the eminent bravura of El Finko and the pitiful jokes on norwegian language and culture - like squeezing the norwegian nationality out of some orifice - like a 'flatus vocis' or something like that. Would 'join f.kennedy' be the idea? I hope the plan is not to replace me with a Kennedy copy.

Added on 20 july 2021: I cannot remember neither 'El Finko' nor this imitation by 'Strutle' from norwegian TV of the 60-70's. The 'El Finko' sketch should have been very famous. Is it made recently for taking my fundamental theorem, discussed in my volume 4 of 2019? I completed volume 4 in late november 2018 just before I fell ill - but it is also a part of the discussion at the end of the 2017 edition of my "Stillhetens åndedrag" - the discussion on pages 141-150. And, it can be added, when the Wesensteen duo split in 1971 it could have been for the explicit purpose of a safe dating of the material in their sketches - if all sketches with this duo necessarily were from before 1972 (the year when 'Norske Byggeklosser' was launched). This crumbles if the 'El Finko' sketch is new but is accepted today as 1969. Neither can I remember the 'Akkar' mentioned below - and the puzzling similarity with 'Khashoggi' could perhaps call for the question whether it could have been made after the 'Khashoggi' case.

Hütteldorfer Strasse

The incident at Hütteldorfer Strasse (the apparently dead woman in the street at the corner of Wiener Stadthalle, at the curbstone under the traffic lights at the end of the zebras, with one man kneeling at her side and pushing on her upper arm, the other standing and waving in the air as for calling for attention from somebody else - the two men appeared to be guards at the conronavirus test station in the Stadthalle - although other guards there seemed strangely uninterested) is told in a series of well known sketches.

These are centered around the area outside Wiener Stadthalle, including the plaque with the text in 5-place rewrite - search this file for 'iei' - and the image on the bathroom wall told of in this file.


One of the most famous is the TV report on the 'Soup Council' = 'Supperådet', a state council whose task it is to inform about soups:

They publish a magazine called 'Suppe i sentrum' ('Soup in the center/focus') which invokes associations to 'Suppestasjon' ('soup station') for poor people and hence 'puppe STA sjon' = the bathroom image with 'Elvira' and the 'STA' phenomenon:

(For a systematic role of 'STA' which in norwegian means 'stubborn', see also the famous 'Wesensteen' sketch 'At the dentist').

If this be essential for the 'soup/pup station', it could mean 'S-P-an[d]sk magi' (of El Finko) - for the combination of the incident at Hütteldorfer Station with the incident at the Hütteldorfer Strasse in terms of the 'guards' = 'VAKTER' being phonologically close to 'VAKTEL' = 'quail' (see the sketch below on the 'zoological garden') = chinese CHUN = 鶉. The sketch on the soup council seems to tell some puzzling phenomena:

0:30 - 'bare Tveter'?
1:40 - 'suppen hører med til postboksen' = 'the soup is a part of / belongs to the PO Box'
2:00 - 'og så sier de fra seg ansvaret' = 'and then they renounce on the responsibility' = plaque telling of agents of octogon? (There is something added about 'sex', is it?)

'Bare Tveter' could mean the 'RU-FANG REN-WEI' ('rasse asian'?): My first girlfriend Mona Arnesen and I were together for some weeks in late 1973 untill she met Bjørn Tveter whom I think she also married. 'B-jørn' could mean 'on the corner' (hungarian 'sarkon'), as at Wiener Stadthalle. For seeing the potential relevance of this, I make the following observations:


Although it seems that the name of Pål Danielsen can be read from the plaque outside Wiener Stadthalle when all onsets are moved 5 places rightwards, there is a more interesting cue to the same form in the socalled 'Ostarrichi' document (discussed in 'this file'). I notice the alleged origins of Austria in the 'markgraf' status for this document being concerned with certain properties of land "in regione vulgari vocabulo Ostarrichi in marcha et in comitatu Heinrici comitis filii Liutpaldi marchionis in loco Niuuanhova dicto" = "gewisse Besitzungen unseres Rechts in der Gegend, die in der Volkssprache Ostarrichi heißt, in der Mark und Grafschaft des Grafen Heinrich, des Sohnes des Markgrafen Liutpald, in dem Ort, der Niuvanhova genannt wird". Here the essential form is in "filii Liutpaldi marchionis [in loco Niuuanhova dicto]" which rewrites by 5-place movement of onsets into "ilii f iutpalldi archimonis" which then allows for recognition of a form similar to "rifiut Pall Diarchimonis" - hence suggestive of 'refute Pall Danielsen' for this 'po' vs. english 'no'. (A similar 5-place movement of the text following the 'fiutpalld' seems suggestive of the names of my first girlfriends - cp. also the character 'overlege Torvald Komastuen' - which could be about 'archimonis nocoi iuluannhova ictoddstiuem' - of Harald Heide Steen). This means that it is not really this name but rather the link between the two texts - which thereby puts emphasis on the 'mark-graf' in the 'Ostarrichi' document. (I recall a TV series for children in my 1960's childhood, a british production called 'Ivanhoe' which could be about this 'Niuvanhova', at the time of Richard 'Ringo Starr' Starkey and his comrades in The Beatles). This suggests that 'marketing' could be the big thing - recognizable also in the russian word 'pozhal'sta' - cp. the 'Marshall help' after WWII. The question is whether the archetypal events in Hütteldorfer Strasse (man-on-wagon, woman-in-street at 'Wiener Stadthalle', fourth archetype) really all are about 'marketing' - and indeed even the concept of 'archetype' could in theory have been formed on basis of the rewrite form 'archimonis'. The archetypal events are in the 'mark' - and this seems to be the essential cue to a potential swindle which mythologically or historically or symbolically has granted the land to the austrians. The question is furthermore if this even could be the origins of these archetypes - the 'desperate' need for adjusting a swindle to the assumed reality - or if they rather are the cognitive format which could be the solution for the austrian national identity to the extent that this is founded on a swindle document.

Partial misrepresentation = monkey business
Partial differential equations

(The material to the following paragraph is also in this file): If the apparently dead woman in the street be considered an archetype, by which two traditionally 'Barmhertzige Brüder' were identified as Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler who thereby were well received by the voters, one could speculate that she could be comparable to an 'unsolvable partial differential equation'. (It seems to be commonly assumed, perhaps since the 19th century, that ex nihilo matter can be conceived as 'derivatives', falling down one level or 'grade'). In the jewish sephirot, there are four 'worlds' with four 'trees', one tree in each, these four being overlapping: These could correspond to a 4th-grade differential equation landing the material body on the ground. It was shown by the norwegian mathematician Abel that equations of 5th grade and beyond generally are not solvable. Hence a freemason interpretation of the woman-in-the-street could be that since the equation is unsolvable, it is from a world beyond the four jewish worlds of the sephirot. The top node of the four worlds' tree, the socalled Jacob's ladder (Halevi 1974), are 'EHYEH ELOHIM YHVH' which a thereto inclined freemason could recognize as the beginning of the rewrite function of the Wiener Stadthalle plaque "iei ednewr tadthsalle". Voila! And the generally unsolvable equation could be a 5th-grader beyond this! - a propaganda program surfing on the demagogic idea that judaism cannot solve what christianity can - and hence the woman-in-the-street is likely to be jewish. But clearly this sort of logic is worthless nonsense.

It would be an unserious mix of unrelated theoretic fields for giving space to immature moral problems. It is likely that much better poetic matrices of explanatory value exist.

And the propaganda function could be to conceive of the 'Ostarrichi' document as and beyond the sephirotic Jacob ladder - which is when the austrians got their land by divine allotment. That is territorial rights that could be felt as something worth. In particular if it be a piece of british swindle.

It would suggest that to the extent that the austrians can fill in the form of 'pozhal'sta', their homeland is secured. But that includes the 'partial misrepresentation' which is the monkey business of Hitler's terror. It is the story of the tragedy of the 20th century.

'Marketing' could be the field where 'pozhalsta' is thriving particularly.

The borders of Austria were settled in 1919 apparently after PTRSIM PIK Wittgenstein had got his Tractatus ('Logisch-Philosophische Abhandlung') rejected by Siegel & Jahoda - and it could have been understood that a very large cultural tragedy could not be avoided, when it was decided that the austrians would get another chance when PTRSIM PIK John Grover (me, that is) would come and live in their country nearly a hundred years later: Then they would get the chance to repair the damage from 1919, and hence the borders were settled accordingly. Did they succeed, or has the monkey business been prevailing again? It seems that the austrians may have mistaken the situation as being about optimizing the 'pozhalsta' once again. For years it seemed that my workdesk was under surveillance and ideas and material from my work were echoed in outdoor advertisment, could be also in media and business generally. This outdoor advertisment could have been a matter of 'marketing' - leading up to the occurrence of the apparently dead woman in the 'mark[et]'.

For seeing how 'bare Tveter' could apply to this, it is the (supposedly) historically completely essential role of the "filii Liutpaldi marchionis" for the austrian national identity and territorial rights based on a potential swindle document (as assumed to be the history behind Adolf Hitler) contained in the '5-place movement' (compare the italian 'Movimento 5 Stelle') into "ilii f iutpalldi archimonis" for the 'fiutball' indexation of my first girlfriend 'Arnesen Mona' that makes sense for this puzzling comment of soup information consultant 'Balle Clorin' (cp. fiut-'palldi archim'-onis).

I remember this sketch from TV in the late 60'-s very well. The TV set was in the living room just next to the window out towards neighbour Thomassen. I cannot recall the details but the sketch was certainly the same.

If 'Bjørn Tveter' should have been the reference in the comment 'bare Tveter', I refer also to the role of 'Bjørn Sand' in this story of the norwegian humour. 'San' can mean 'he said' - hence 'Bjørn he said'. Bjørn Sand is famous for his 'Stutum' character - cp. the character 'overlege Torvald Komastuen' - which could be about 'archimonis nocoi iuluannhova ictoddstiuem' of Heide Steen. (The NOKo also recurs in the sketch about the bank chief Walter Gode Gude). 'Doktor med Torvald Komastuen' could have been a potential reference to the hypothetical injection of horror chemicals in me in Hammerfest around 20 january 1959 (as I have guessed) - the custody parents have admitted that there was an allergic attack I nearly died from but they say I did it myself by putting a nut I found on the floor in the mouth). 'Stuen' = 'the living room', like where the TV set was in Molde. 'Kom a[v]' = 'came from', 'was caused by'. If politicians are known for 'finger language', 'Sri Lanka' so to speak, would that have been in reference to some finger signs presented for me at age 18 months before the injection - and hence a symbol of 'political power' of that type? 'Stutum' could be seen as a reference to this 'stiuem' - and the 'todd' just preceding it could then be seen in the character overingeniør Fritjof Gløgg - see discussion in this file - which again suggests that the text on the plaque has its onsets moved 5 places rightwards.

'Bjørn Sand' as 'Stutum' used to appear along with 'Totto Osvold' whose name suggests '2-2 osvold' which again could tell of '2-2-3-1' if the '1' be taken in the sense of 'vold' = 'mound', 'violence'. See the sketch on bank chief Walter Gode Gude for the gesture of a '1' pointing up at the mouth/nose, telling 'it was just a joke'. Hence 'Totto Osvold' is a name which could tell of the role of 1223 - presumably me, that seems to mean. Totto Osvold appears also along with Heide-Steen in the wellknown sketch on the russian submarine captain or in the 'Spantax' sketch.

It is understood that the sketch on 'Supperådet' could have a quite essential function. It could be about an advice to either me - recall the octogon - or, as is perhaps more likely - 'recall that the octogon was organized by the state' - as is my theory on the history. 'Soup' is a likely reference to this octogon. But clearly there could be other soups as well - such as the russian submarine could be indicative of.


The sketch on 'Supperådet' had a counterpoint in a 'copy' which in those days was called 'Grønnsakrådet' = 'The Vegetable Council', another state information council with 3000 employees testing and informing about vegetables. Even this consultant interviewed is called 'Balle', which is not really a possible norwegian name - but it could have its origins in the 'fiutpalld' of the rewrite of the 'Ostarrichi' document - hence both the soup council and the vegetable council - which I recall well from the 1960's - could have a function of telling me that the octogon was sort of pretold in advance. The apparent comment in the sketch at 2:00 - it is a little hard to hear what is said but it appears to be 'og så sier de fra seg ansvaret' = 'and then they renounce on the responsibility' - could be telling of just a role of agency. The apparent comment at 1:40 that the soup is a part of (is contained in) the PO Box could be about the same: To reach the PO Box I have to pass Wiener Stadthalle and Moeringgasse for reaching the Lugner Center. The post office used to be in Löschenkohlgasse before it was moved down to Lugner Center and there were some activities trying to prevent this - the post office had been in Löschenkohlgasse for ages and people wanted it to remain there.

Today the 'vegetable council' sketch is on the web under the title 'Rotfruktrådet' - it is not impossible that this was the title presented on TV but it was generally referred to in those days as 'Grønnsakrådet':

'Rotfruktrådet' = 'roots council' (carrots etc), possibly in the sense of 'rot-fylling' ('root filling') = 'rot-bløyte' (soaking the root, used about binge) --> 'roper leute' which could be about the 'Heinrich Himmler' male at the woman on the ground ('roper' = 'shouts' would then be qua 'sri lanka'): He waves his hand and tries to call for attention from others. If so, the other and parallel 'Supperådet' could be about the other 'barmhertzige Brüder' in the new historic form of Adolf Hitler. The new name 'rotfruktrådet' could even suggest 'Rotenturmstrasse' in Vienna, at the root of which there was the terror of 2 november 2020 - with potential reference to the white spot ('pigment displacement') there was in the 1970's at the root of my penis? See also the probably later sketch of Harald Heide-Steen on the 'akkar' - it seems that 'octogon' could be the theme - although the natural association is in '[st]akkars [li]ten' = 'poor little boy/chap' -->'akkars teen'-ager? The interviewed character has a somewhat striking similarity with the iranian journalist 'Khashoggi'. It is of course possible that this video was made only recently, but if it is some decades old, which it probably is, it is not impossible that the world-wide top news of 'Khashoggi' could have served to tell the interesting newspiece that 'you know it very well' - with reference to these norwegian sketches from the 60's-70's. Is it about theoretic rapes of me as puberty boy? 'Akkar' in this sketch could also contain a reference to 'phylax' = greek for 'guard' = VAKT-er, holding the custody authority. When 'Wesensteen' split in 1971, and hence the 'Wesensteen' sketches can be dated to be before this split, it was later said to have been because of 'alkoholen' = 'the alcohol'. 'Fylla' is norwegian for 'binge'. 'Laks' = 'salmon'.

The scapegoat

There seems to exist the idea that I should be blamed for the incident at Hütteldorfer Strasse with the two guards (Barmhertzige Brüder) at the body of the woman in the street, with the apparent systematic and gloomy idea around that 'if this archetypal event comes to take place, it means the end of judaism, could be for a completion of an 'Endlösung'. This tragic way of thinking could, if it be around, have been launched for the idea of using me as a scapegoat for a new persecution program - and then it may be that the systematic reason they could invoke for blaming me of this would be that the naive idea that the archetypal incident of the woman's body in the street could be because somebody had masturbated too strongly - and then the idea seems to be based on an idea that I should be standing in a window masturbating on passersby women - could be for the reason of this 'suppe-STA-sjon/puppe-STA-sjon'. Hence the two sketches on the councils (soup and vegetable) start with a zoom-in on a high window. This is nonsense and a grotesquely naive world - which could be just 'the world of secret intelligence' and their apparent mythomania. For once, I do not masturbate, and secondly I do not stand in the window watching females pass by - but they may have been convinced that because of the scrabble on 'suppe-STA-sjon/puppe-STA-sjon' they had the triumph in the pocket already in the 1960's of this being the safely preheralded reason for a new holocaust triggered by the fallout of the woman-in-the-street from a high metaphysical reality. Could be the plan was that the pressure from the octogon should be sufficient reason for me to masturbate in a window since that could decrease the pressure by leading to an indication (a chain of reasoning) that the octogon was organized by the state.

I do not know whether the woman-in-the-street were an archetype or a real body put out there just before my arrival on the way to the PO Box - I had exceptionally started to cross by the other zebra so I could not determine the nature of the incident. For example, the body was not on arm's length from me (cp. the school class name of 'Rolf-Erik Johansen' as if telling of a 'jo-handsen' at the end of the zebra quasi ironmade 'fe-rist' - cp. also the giant 'Stucky' Hilton on Giudecca in Venice) - and there were lots of guards around and the two males were certainly concerned with her bodily health so I left it there and continued. But it is true that the strange disinterest of the other guards was puzzling and could be indicative of an archetypal status. (By the way, I recall some student in 1970-71, I think it was Rolf-Erik sitting by the window - by the other students often called 'Doffen' - asking the teacher how to spell 'interest' and the teacher explained it by latin 'inter-est' in the sense of what is between things of interest - not 'innte-rest' = 'what is next to remains'. Rolf-Erik Johansen has a brother called Ivar Johansen who was and maybe still is a wellknown critic of the secret services in Norway - who control them, was the issue - he aroused some interest and public alarm by his reports on the Loran C system, as far as I remember. Rolf-Erik was a keen creator of electronic circuitries, also for amateur radio by which he communicated with other amateur radio enthusiasts around the world).


The sketch by Heide-Steen on 'overlege Torvald Komastuen' lecturing on 'Edelhagens [p]syke' ('edel-hagen' = 'the nobel/precious garden') in norwegian (tells 'Komastuen') called 'vaktelkløe' = 'quail itch', cp. the two 'guards' = 'VAKTER' of Barmhertzige Brüder (vs. 'vaktel' = 'quail' = chinese CHUN = 鶉 = telling of the PO-zhalj-STA with the LJ of 'zhalj' in the mid forming the chinese RU-FANG = = 'female breast') at the body of the woman in the street, one of whom was 'itching' = activating ('masturbating'?) her upper arm (biceps/triceps) in a strangely disinterested manner (see also this file on the name 'John Otto Haug'), like pushing on a doll, sort of:

For this sketch, the doctor first looking quite pale, could be as if worn and torn by a childhood injection of horror chemicals, before they go into the neighbouring room and he regains his vitality, the same 'Liutpaldi' fragment from the 'Ostarrichi' document seems quite defining:

"...filii Liutpaldi marchionis in loco Niuuanhova dicto, id est cum eadem curte et in proximo confinio adiacentes triginta regales hobas cum terris cultis et incultis pratis pascuis silvis aedificiis aquis aquarumve decursibus venationibus..."

'Komastuen' refers to a medical case they had recently got in - a 'kurd' (cp. 'est cum eadem curte' - and current austrian chancellor is 'Sebastian Kurz') called 'Ahmed Hetmed Hymd al Faemi' on room #214 - before they go into the neighbouring room = 'in proximo confinio adiacentes' and perform a 'Hitler' cult ending in a 'HEI'-(littler?). Komastuen seems to be suffering from a quasi 'Kennedy curse' whereby 'things' (the idea could be my puberty penis transplanted over onto a rapist who raped me in drugged condition with it, while my own penis was stuffed with material from Kennedy, as tells a possible logic) are moved around irrationally - he points to the shoulder bone and calls it the hip bone - 'Gudbrandsdalsost' = 'brown cheese', cp. the STA once again. If 'Ahmed Hetmed Hymd al Faemi' should mean 'Heinrich Himmler' for one of the 'Barmhertzige Brüder', the other brüder 'in proximo confinio adiacentes' subjected to 'cultis' would then be 'Adolf Hitler' - hence the HEI.

'Overlege Torvald Komastuen' is also shown in the shorter video on what probably is meant to be 'nedtrekker' - as for a place or administrative strategy for pulling a person down into gloomy mythos.

The logic

To retell the above mention of the 'quails, it seems that the 'intelligence' (or is it 'royal'?) proof of the 'graphic' logic in the chinese RUFANG - could be in the naive faith that this would cause masturbation in window - seems to come down to

VAKTER = 'guards', like the two at her body
VAKTEL = 'quail'

I computed from this 'Komastuen' video and the more strongly suggestive one about the 'VAKT'-er who behaves like 'VAKT'-el = quail, including the introductory images of the 'duck' = 'and' (cp. the SP-AN[d]sk MAGI/FLUE):

that if you subtract the 'graphically imitating' 'LJ' from the RU-FANG combination, what is left will be chinese for VAKTEL = 'quail'. I therefore looked up 'quail' and found

CHUN = 鶉

- indeed very close to what is framing the 'LJ' breast-shappes in the

RU-FANG = 乳房

Indeed this 'quail' = CHUN = 鶉 can be seen to contain the graphic components in the 'пожалуйста' = 'po-zha-LJ-STA' - that is, the quasi logical rationale for 'partial misrepresentation' (= 'monkey business'?) - which, again, perhaps could be associated with masturbation. Even more, the slanting strokes in the upper left part of the chinese 乳房 could look like the woman's hair as she is lying in the street - I saw her only from a distance but noticed particularly her blonde slanting hair as it fell from her head down towards the ground.


Even the current 'bankado' surrounding this apparently dead woman in the street seems to have been preheralded - in fact a reason I had for cancelling the bank accounts was their call for my signature on new 'Geschäftsbedingungen' around the time when this woman appeared in the street. I dont know how old this video is but it could be that it is not new:

It looks as if both a 'minibank' (the 'card complete Service Bank' = the bank in which I closed my bank accounts on 30 april is perhaps not a big bank) and the ordinary bank I have used through more than a decade seem to have a reference in the sketch - the signs around the chief of the bank. Alarming it could be that the chief of the bank seems to grab the 'golden umbrella' (which could be the economic compensation for me after the abuse stories) and run off with it. I hope the plan is not to follow such old plans and claim that 'the money has been sent' even if they have not surfaced in my bank account. The 'coup' of the post by the closure of the PO Box (even if I had sent payment for the annual fee) could have been an organized intrigue for such ideas - that the norwegian state had sent a letter telling of the economic compensation I had got that would be sent to my austrian bank account but the letter disappeared and the money were guided into a side track - and it was even supposed to have a shade of 'legitimacy' with this offroading of the sum of money because I had just signed on 'Geschäftsbedingungen' - which, for all I know, could contain absurd clauses hidden in juristic jargon allowing them to store the money offroad or something like that. A childish intrigue that would be.

Some other sketches

The idea of the 'flying woman' coming down from high metaphysics can be recognized in this sketch:

'Span-tax' could be telling of 'spanish magic' as the effect of 'tax': Could be the idea is taxation of a person (me, that is) who had been opened in the head in the early childhood. In my case it could have been about 'withhold tax' (15%) imposed on my pension from 2010 - that is tax paid to the norwegian state who also issue the pension - and the pension was redefined to 'benefit' from 2014, I think it was. 'En spansk en' = 'a spanish one'?

A theory could also be articulated that this withhold tax could be part of the functionality of the coronavirus pandemic - and indeed there could be reasons for such a theory - but I cannot really decide on the validity or relevance of such a theory.

In this article there is also a brief discussion of the sketches on holiday bishop Fjertnes and overingeniør Fritjof Gløgg.

News in finnish language is a joke on all language being a 'Fourier transform', not the least the language in finnish news of a 'structural' kind. My name 'John Grover' in chinese sounds like 'lamb meat' ('fåre-kjøtt'). Hence the joke could be seen to tell my name in the 'finished' news, so to speak. Could be there is a vague hint about a PTRSIM PIK ('butterflying' between old and new testament) in the news as well.


It seems that the duo Rolv Wesenlund and Harald Heide Steen often called 'Wesensteen' is a safe dating before 1971-1972 of the main aspects of the two incidents 1) Hütteldorfer Strasse on 12 april 2021 + 2) Hütteldorfer Station on 4 may 2021 - with apparent relevance of mutual co-reference in the chinese script. One guesses that there could have been plans for an organized intrigue on a large scale - one guesses that the coronavirus pandemic could be but a pale forecast of possible plans. There are probably all good reasons to avoid such a ditching of the development towards a sensible development without intrigues and destructions.

As to my personal history, the apparent background 50 years ago, also in the form of my school class, could be the reason why it seems to have been considered important for political administration to keep me as resident in Zinckgasse in Vienna - in order to be the PTRSIM PIK around whose person this woman-in-the-street could appear. I was never told about these plans in any way and have spent a lot of time and work in trying to understand and report it in the present published form.

Is it even a part of the mythos pack that the fallout of the woman from a metaphysical reality down to Hütteldorfer Strasse can take place only in the context of a person (me, that would be) who was subjected to head opening in early childhood, including some masturbation onto the newborn cortex? And, as continues the insinuative logic, who nevertheless pays tax? I do not know the answer to these questions.

I am very tired of such intrigues which seem to surround my person wherever I go. I hope these intrigue people now can withdraw their projects from my life and surroundings.

As I have shown in the article 'A proof that Hitler did monkey business on my work and not vice versa ', the hitlerish program which could be contained in the whole intrigue is nothing but a ditching of the straight way forwards. Is it something that should have been told before we can continue? Well tell it loud out then instead of all this gloomy 'secret intelligence' so we can get off the spot and move towards a better and less intrigant future.

It is probably because I (the victim of this PTRSIM PIK intrigue) tell it and not responsible administration tells it that the world is threatened by new catastrophes. These can very well be avoided if only some sensible adminstration can get to the fact and publish the whole story - so that I can turn towards more sensible studies.

Is it for having somebody to dump the blame for the catastrophes on? Well that is not respectable politics! Then the society could need politicians who tell the truth - so that a successful scapegoating does not make new catastrophes possible.

It is not necessary to follow the old gloomy plans of new rounds of mudbathing and dirt-throwing and mutual suspicions. As I have shown in this article, it is backwater only to remain in those broomriding ideas - while Asia is speeding up into the future, leaving behind what then could come to look as not much more than an old sinkhole called called Europe.

Added on 23 july 2021:

I mentioned above the possibility that the 'El Finko' sketch could have been swindle made more recently - for example, it could be quite simply be in imitation of the 2017 edition of my "Stillhetens åndedrag" wherein I present the alignment against the string quartet of Luigi Nono: 'Fragmente - Stille, an Diotima' (1980) in 1983 recording by LaSalle Quartet published on Deutsche Grammophon (1986) in a bilingual edition of norwegian original with literal english translation. It is this recording with my alignment which is the basis for the study 'More on the distance 1823'. If Heide-Steen's 'News in finnish language' should be modern swindle, it could be a construction on the following form: 'News' in norwegian = 'ny-heter', while 'nyh-eter' sounds like sami 'NYH' plus 'eter' = 'eater'. NYH sounds sami because it would have a strong aspiration at the end of the morph, which is a characteristic norwegians know from sami language and it does not exist in norwegian. 'Sami eater' could be a cheap joke on 'auto-fellatio', as onset-truncated 'K-artoffel-B-all' which my elder sister Vibeke Grøver made in 1970. Hence for reaching the news one has to remove initial K and inner B. One of the news is from an EXHIBITION - which then will come out as [e]K-si-B-ition which with delete of K and B comes out as SI-ITION or SI-ASIAN interpretated as SI-ROMPA ('low bottom'), the word pronounced in the context of the photo apparently from the opening of an exhibition. See also the photo of the man with the slanting eyes and possibly with an X-i-B on his face. Otherwise the three first still photos look like three of the concepts from my vol.4 p.1210 which I completed just before I fell ill in late 2018 and produced in 30 handmade copies in the summer 2019:

1) phone = the acoustic sound
2) lexis = 'phone engrammatos' = sound technologically represented
3) logos = the semantics to the phone, the meaning of speech
4) lekton = the anomalous event representation

'Logos' would then be the photo of the logs running from a lorry, the 'lekton' would be the artwork on the wall in the exhibition and 'lexis' the two men elbow-wrestling. Having completed this report, there is something missing, tells the 'phone' when it rings.

The essential cue to this is in the strong aspiration in the sami language. I cannot recall this finnish news from the heydays of Heide-Steen on TV, but I remember his 'news in sami language' from radio - for example, I recall the mention of the name of 'Sissel Rønbeck' (a member of parliament, I think she was) and 'Jahn Otto Johansa' (Jahn Otto Johansen was a wellknown political journalist in those days) and the expression 'dreitsegutifylla på Finnmarksvidda' which sifted through the aspirated sami-sounding language (could be that was a trait of those 'news in sami language' which there used to be five minutes of every day on norwegian radio - could be these news told otherwise untellable news in that way), but I recall also some very strong aspirations in the 'sami' radio news which are not present in the modern version on Instead it seems that they have removed these and filled in more norwegian words instead. 'Fylkesmanna' could have been used in the original I heard, but not all this talk of 'poltibila' and 'kyss-meg-i'. To me this modern version sounds like swindle wherein they have removed the essential strong aspiration (and filled in not so funny low-style language instead) and moved the aspiration over onto the news in finnish language on the format NYH-eter - whereby it seems that the essential joke comes from Vibeke Grøver making kartoffelballs. That could have been in accordance with the original plan from those who constructed the intrigue.

Similarly the sketch on 'Supperådet' was very famous in those days but seems now to be quite edited. For example, I recall that the interviewed consultant Balle Klorin laughed too much and had big problems with pulling himself together - there is little left of that and now it seems that he tells some details on the 'soup' which could be in the possible interest of mine - 'bare Tveter alt sammen', 'og så sier de fra seg ansvaret' etc - as if it should be me who tries to put in details which makes the octogon look like an intrigue constructed by somebody else, not my responsibility. Tveter was the one whom my first girlfriend Mona Arnesen chose 'instead' and later married (as far as I know) - while the word for '8' in hebrew is 'shemona' - and 'arnesen' would suggest 'the origins to'.

Likewise, the parallel sketch to 'Supperådet' in those days was called 'Grønnsakrådet', as far as I remember - now it is called 'Rotfruktrådet'.

Why should they harass the 'Wesensteens' posthumously with such edited versions? For once, if Wesenlund and Heide-Steen split in 1971 for making info contained in their collaboration safely dated to pre-1972, there is little left of this if swindle versions are accepted today. Were 'Norske Byggeklosser' really from 1972? Or is it from 2019 - after the destruction of Palmyra? My guess is that this is what they also could have planned to do with my work - or maybe already have done. I have sent my four volumes to the norwegian national library (or was it the university library) but I cannot know, of course, what could have happened with them on the way through the post. I personally gave a copy of the three first volumes to the Zentralbibliothek Zürich and a few days later there was a massacre on mountaineers in Himalaya, a sort of 'zentr-Alp-i-Blut-ek' and the library notified me that they did not want to take them into their collections after all - even if they had accepted many of my books earlier - could be they could not withstand the pressure. But most of the books I have given to libraries have gone through the post. I would not be surprised to learn that the packages had been stopped by the 'extended authorities' of the 'international secret intelligence services' who were out for the 'love' contained in all the handmade books - here from the production of volume 4 in the spring 2019 - it takes much work and time to make 30 copies of the fourr books (the 30 copies of the four volumes = 120 volumes are about 10 metres on the shelf - they are even printed on my home laser printer, and then I also had to check that each page was present) and it is hard to get hold of so much 'love' in ordinary machine-made books you can buy in a bookshop. Could be they had spied on little Johnnie sitting there through the spring and summer working and working and they were feeling it in their 'hearts' gee I want to have one of those handtouched books of his. I hope of course that my books were not stolen by 'extended authorities' in the post and replaced with mock versions - a la news in finnish language, since that could have been the basis for their original plans - that I would write such poetry as contained all and only their intrigues at the bottom - such as 'kartoffelball' and things like that - and then they could launch claims of being in possession of the copyright and being the owners of the 'project'. They had perhaps celebrated the triumph with champagne in advance - and now they feel cheated since it did not come out according to their plans - but with some editing and swindle they could make it follow the plans nevertheless. "It is our intelligence project", they say perhaps to themselves, "and we have to follow the plans".

It is possible that 'Wesensteen' could have got some classified intelligence for their jokes - such as the one on 'holiday bishop Fjertnes' which could be about Grøver/'Mengele' being replaced with a copy on Vikebukt ferry station in the late 1960's or Wesenlund's lager chief 'Fleksnes' which could be about the 1970's Grøver/'Mengele's nose sometimes slanting alarmingly leftwards but maybe not always - and hence if it now looks as if my poetry is in imitation or inspiration of the Wesensteens (such as my 2017 edition of 'Stillhetens åndedrag' in parallel with Nono's quartet apparently being backwards in inspiration of 'El Finko' claimed to be from 1969 - while the truth could be that it rather is the other way round, that El Finko could be a fresh production made after my 2017 edition) the secret intelligences could have planned to pretend that my poetry really had its inspiration in their intrigues (here it would have been that Wesensteen had got the data on the 'fundamental theorem of linguistics' contained in the construction of the PTRSIM PIK, a construction which could have been quite secret and therefore a part of the 'upper hand feelings' in the services, a part of their guarantees for an intrigue victory in advance) and therefore that they had the real copyright and ownership to the intellectual property: If the plans were to claim that somebody else - for example, one of their own agents - had the ownership to my authorship, it could have been planned to be on basis of such ideas - that I had only imitated their intrigues. That is nonsense - and it can even be shown with scientific rigor that my TEQ cannot be seen to relate to their intrigues and manipulations at all since my function 14 (book 14 - called "If you're going to København") is a proof that the work is internally consistent and coherent and therefore is not made on basis of any external impulses. Could be, therefore, that these 'services' have launched strategies in a hope of weakening the evidential force in my function 14. I have noticed the spread of the danish paper chain "Flying Tiger - Copenhagen" ('i fjør' is norwegian for 'in feathers', like birds, and maybe tigers are 'going to').

(About 'secret intelligences' I know not much or where they could be rooted, but there are reasons to assume that there are or could be such intrigues on my life, and official facts it is not, at least not so far, I would presume).

It can be added that function 14 is essential to the medication against viruses which I have suggested in my epidemiological theory. Such ideas that my work should be under the control of intrigue manipulations and 'kartoffelballs' and things like that are not interesting to my work, however much these 'services' had computed in advance that e.g. the replacement of the official father with a copy would have been such a terrible experience in the poet's life that it would come to leave an imprint on all his work - and therefore if this element of father replacement were under the control of manipulations from the services, these control mechanisms would necessarily have to leave traces in the poet's work. That is nonsense - those intrigue stories are very uninteresting to my poetic work. Of course I have the right to get the truth about those stories - but that is not literarily interesting. Could be the political intrigue was based on the naive assumption that a poet's work necessarily is rooted in his feelings and relations to his friends and family etc.

(Whether relevant or not, I add that I once went with Marianne Bratteli to Bristol bar in Oslo and Wesenlund was sitting there - she said "se, der sitter Wesenlund" - there was a once famous 'schläger' called 'se, der danser bestefar').

It may be a little urgent to make legal copies of my books available for sale for those who are interested. Some publisher should be able to produce some of those? However, that must be by appointment with me.

= 'Ostarrichi in marcha et in comitatu Heinrici'

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