Why Covid-19 could be because I had a telephone switched on

John Bjarne Grover

The reasoning consists in the following elements:

1) There seems to be a massive rejection campaign on basis of my poem 10
2) The Vienna terror 2 nov 2020 is part of this
3) The story of the telephones

1) See the file Some comments on 11 june 2021 for a few remarks on examples of an apparent rejection campaign on poem 10 in my german poetry bok 'SNEEFT COEIL'. I took this photo of a graffiti apparently on my book title - and notice that the similarity of the 'coil' with burmese script could be seen as related to the condition of coup there?

2) I have only my little pension and cannot pay much to a lawyer. I was some years ago in contact with a lawyer (who probably got economic support from the state) - he had a view from his window down to the spot where the Vienna terror probably started on 2 november 2020. Trump had - as was the feeling I had - been elected in 2016 on the program of ensuring that my books came to be published, so I was in a good and optimistic mood after that election, but as the months and years passed by I had to understand that he could not take the chance on seeing them published and therefore lose the next election, so it would have to be just after the election to the second period. But, I may have thought, he would at least have to mention my name in public so that he did not receive re-election on the program of never having heard about him in the second period. That could of course well have been the reason why he was not re-elected - the progress of my career was still zero at the end of his period (except for some better feelings, perhaps) - and this logic could anyhow have been the reason why the shooting in Vienna started a few hours before the polling stations opened in USA on 3 november - it started in the evening 2 november 2020 at 20:00 - that is the moment when it would have been too late for the election to mention my name in public and so the shooting started in the jewish district, as if to say "Now I have to contact my lawyer" could have been the logic. But that fire could have been just this persecution program on the single line - 'in offene See stechen' - in poem 10 from my SNEEFT COEIL. The shooting could even have been a part of this apparently largescaled campaign based on that single line 'in offene See stechen'. It is probably possible to make an analysis that suggests that the Vienna terror of 2 november 2020 was what made the election tilt over - and hence some could argue that it was because of the rejection program against my book (with this poem 10) that the world got a US democrat president instead of the republican.

3) To tell the story once again, I have not had a telephone since the telephone terror 1986-1988 ended in november or december 1988. There had been silent telephones and when the last came just before I moved to a phoneless place, it was only some days before the assassin on Indira Gandhi was hanged. (The theory that the silent phones were 'reminders' telling that there was still time to confess I cannot evaluate - it is more probable that it was an intrigue against my person, lending extra weight from the probable myth on the story about Gandhi). I had towards the end of the series concluded from the cycles of the silent phones that it had to be my official mother who was calling and I could predict the last phone at 19:38 - which was right. I went to the police for help to stop it. The police could not help me (were it an 'intelligence project'?). I have not had a phone since then, except for two brief periods: i) Some weeks or months in Budapest in the spring 1991 when there was a telephone in the flat which I rented there - in that spring of 1991 there came I think only one telephone and that was from Teresa Cheung who said she had two tickets for Rigoletto and invited me to join her - I declined the offer, having just got ahead with my thesis. (Could be that was a mistake?) ii) Vilnius 2000 was the next time I had a telephone, which first was a great success when a woman at the immigration office called and said I had got a residence permit, you can come and get it, but some days later the phone called again and a male voice said a few words which I believed I recognized from my own and then very unpublished and strictly private manuscript to my novel 'The Dreamer' - and hung up. Later in the day there were the news that (british military attache in Athens) Stephen Saunders had been shot around the time when the phone came, as I then computed the time point: He was on his way to work in a white Rover car and was shot by two men riding a motorcycle (= 'two tickets for ri go letto'?) - and I recall that I fancied that the phone had come just before the shots in Athens. "I declined the offer [= the 'sacrifice'], having just got 'ahead' with my thesis [i.e., my novel manuscript?]"

When I moved out of the flat in Budapest, the owner (or was it a 'service representative' accompanying her) told that FBI would move in under (which I think they also later did). It is not impossible that it is this story which is used for the 'F be eye' on the 10th poem of my SNEEFT COEIL. My description of the houseletting dentist in the opening passages of my novel could perhaps be called 'stiv-bent' ('stiff-legged') - and he was even a 'regulation' ('rigoletto'?) dentist. The assassination of Saunders could perhaps be seen as a revenge from a jealous 'mothercycle' because I had got a residence permit in Vilnius from a friendly woman - and hence the 'ri-go-lettos' on the 'mothercycle' would apply to the phone in Budapest. And what would that mean - what could happen - if I should attach a phone again and wait or hope for a friendly female to call? If the same 'revenge from the interests of Frau Grøver' could come to take place, it could mean that 're-sidencepermi-TV-ilnius' could be taken to be that hatpin I forgot in the TV chair of the man who claimed to be my official father after he had taken his place in the late 60's. It could mean a 'global' vaccination program. And how to achieve that? By way of a pandemic.

(I may add a few details: It was in the late 60's that my official father was replaced by a copy on Vikebukt ferry station. His wife did not seem to notice, though. But there was no doubt about it. However, I did not get his new identity or the reason, and when on my 16th birthday in 1973 I had the right to get it, I did not but an israeli diplomat in Maryland was shot when he stepped out of his car (I think on his garden lane) and the palestinian intelligence chief, I think it was, was also shot. (They had to 'pee'?) [Added 26/6-21:This story from Maryland and Paris = 'Location A/B' was mentioned briefly - and only partwise right - in this file - see this article and this. The first official father had in the 60's in Molde taken me for a car trip to 'Bud', and if the new official father were not informed, he could have had to update his info on it: "Må ha med Bud, ja" = "must include/update on Bud, yes". The name of Yosef Alon is in hebrew spelt יוסף אלון which right-left resembles 'Josef Mengele' and left-right looks more like 'John Grøver']. There came no explanation and when I some weeks/months later experimented with a hatpin in the cushion of his TV chair and somebody shouted 'dinner is ready', I forgot it there by sheer absent-mindedness - it was not left there on purpose. When I returned in the evening I was questioned about this needle, if I had left it there - which I had but of course unintentional - but nobody had, as far as I could remember, ever apologized for anything in that house, at least up to that day, so it would have looked pitifully theatrical if I should have produced anything such - I only had to hope the best. And I dont think the replacement of him in the late 60's were theatre. I later noticed that his nose sometimes flagged alarmingly leftwards - which today I could recognize in a popular TV series at that time about 'lager chief Fleksnes' - by 'Rolv Wesenlund' who also had another character called 'feriebiskop Fjertnes', cp. the idea of a 'ferry/holiday bishop'. I dont know if he really had been sitting down onto the hatpin. When I later suffered a throat abscess that would not go down, could be they had no antibiotics in the house, he took me by car to a specialist in Oslo, to his private suburban house where he had a room in the basement - I noticed the garden lane we parked on - where I was subjected to what must be called torture when he in vain tried to open the abscess. An antibiotics pill would have solved the problem. But I dont know the reason for this trip to Oslo - it could also have served to encode my third girlfiend's name - while the throat abscess was the second etc).

[Added on 18 june 2021: This video by Rolv Wesenlund and Harald Heide-Steen (called 'political nonsense/fog-talk') seems to be a joke about the text on the plaque outside Wiener Stadthalle when all onsets of words are moved 5 places rightwards - something which will produce approximately the following text: "iei ednewr tadthsalle eplangt ach ont nnd aurtehr riegskzeit ls eudgnzis erndgdeburochenen raft kes rdbeiatenden olkescv on ievn webangt ner iuidngjen reihe fit er eidmaht ls eraspvrechen ür infe echönsere ukunfzt ewidmget er ugdenjd iens wem odlk ver edpubdlik sterröeich nd lluena utgesginnten er eldt wls eaimshtatte es ridedflichen ettstwreites er ündstke nd esu pdortses usgefaührt uter uem ürgebrmeister ranz fonasj ndenu mdtes faührenden tadtrsaten ohannj esch rür ifnanfzwesen ans mahndlm ür ulftukr olksbvildung nd chuulswesen eopolld halletr ür aufanbgelegenheiten ach enn ldaneps es arcdhiatekten rof rp oldanrd ainerr nen iadhrjen 954-1958 1aulebitung ienerw tadtbsauamt". This text seems to be the conversation - such as at 1:15 'Anne Kvikksølv' = 'ans mahndlm ür' (cp. 'his almond-mother') etc. 'Overingeniør Fritjof Gløgg' = 'iuidngjen reihe fit er eidmaht'? The video starts with what looks like the adjustment of the nose - which could mean that the 'new father' since about 1969 - if an agent - could have had the job of talking this plaque rewrite as his undertext? It is of course possible that the real intertest would have been in a similar rewrite of the latin 'Ostarrichi document'].

Is there additional evidence in favour of this theory that covid-19 is because of a telephone? If it is a leapfrog principle, there should be some 'rigoletto' in my childhood? There is the story of my friend Geir Hagbø who in the 60's got his teeth 'regulated' by way of a metal string bow going around from his neck and pressing gently towards (or pulling out from) his teeth - that could perhaps be called a sort of 'rigoletto'. But that would be just like the man on Hütteldorfer Station - who curved his hand around my neck and pressed it gently towards my mask/mouth. And there could have been a 1-2-3 in my early childhood. (How long back in time could it be traced? To Wuhan = Wilson 1919?)

Did I have a telephone switched on before covid-19 broke out? I did have a telephone for a brief time in Szolnok - I think there was first some ado about registering the SIM card, then it functioned, but then I was called to yet another registration, which I did not do, so it was only a brief interlude there. It is not impossible that I had to wait for an ingoing phone for matters of reading the gas metre, which I did personally with phone in hand, but this I do not recall clearly - if the contact was by in- or out-going phone. It is not impossible that it was an ingoing call - but I cannot be certain about it. Would that be covid-19 - reading of the GASp metre causing vaccinations 'globally'?

Hence it is not impossible that this could have been the reason if covid-19 were created in a 'security lab' and put in circulation on purpose. Then it could have started in Wuhan in China because that would 'mean' my PO Box in 1152. If so, it would add punch to the rejection program on my authorship - via that 'in offene See stechen'.

In short, it is possible that covid-19 is a rejection program (a la the one that was conducted against Wittgenstein) against the single line 'in offene See stechen' in this poem.

I refer also to the article A tentative dating of 'Chanson de Roland' - the quote from PEB #105 under the section 'Historic events in support of the +105 theory': "Of how to make a telephone" etc - there follows what could have been the basis for the role of the streetnames wherein the terror of Vienna on 2 november 2020 took place.

The worst abuse would be if my name and authorship be not mentioned and be not recognized as existing. For the time being I feel a certain urgency in the need for getting an answer to bring ambiguities down to earth, fearing that they will try and maximize the gamble on the all-or-none roulette which makes the winner take it all. And I am not the winner type.

In short, if Trump had been my friend he would have told the whole story including the PTRSIM PIK element. That would bring the story down to earth again. But maybe somebody else could do that. Elected representatives of the people in a democracy are not really allowed to keep such totally vital information secret: It is this sort of information which makes it possible to manipulate an election by means of terror and then the democratic voters have the right to get the info.

Example of reason why the story must be told can be found in the theory that there have been much plagiarisms (which then also mean much propaganda potential) on my work. Are Dan Brown's novels plagiarisms of my unpublished novel? (He has earned 1,5 billion dollars from the sales of his books, tell the news). I do not have enough data or knowledge to make such claims, but the question could come up already after one page of his 'The lost symbol' (2009). Here are the first lines of my novel:

26.6.94: Today's events: I was on my way back from town with the train, to go off at Kringsjå. Before we reached the station just before this, a young boy and his father stand close to me, the boy presses up against me in a sort of communicative way. He points out of the train window and says something to his father, who responds something (which I didn't notice), and who finally adds:

"I wouldn't go to the other side of the rails if I were you"

Then they both step out of the train. In the moment when he puts his foot on the platform, the father almost runs into an old woman in front of him, and he makes two or three fast steps to avoid her. It looks strange, like a sort of mechanic dance. etc

while Brown's 'The lost symbol' (2009) starts chapter 1 as follows:

It is probably easy to compare two such texts with computer and get a percentage of similarity on the display. I do not know if Brown's book is a plagiarism of mine - it looks the same style for yet some lines and paragraphs but then I lose the trail. It should be easy to find out of - but I cannot find out of it - and I do not have enough money for a lawyer and indeed it is not I who should pay for that.

Then why isnt there anybody doing something with it? There could be a big 'political' movement based on the single claim that I should be a big nazi who work for the interests of terror-and-monkey-business. The fact is likely to be that Hitler surfed on the historic support for Wittgenstein and hauled with much big BAIAS the eldorado of my own work - the philosophical land of the next PTRSIM PIK. As such, turning Treblinka and Sobibor etc into hallmarks of a most jewish-hostile terror, it could at hindsight - when one sees how he thereby came to look like me - came to look as if I look like Hitler: Hence the apparently strong misunderstanding that I should be or at least seem to be (under the surface of apparition?) a big nazi. This could be the historic fact which is hard but important to understand and therefore the politicians try to grant some value to it - by letting the ambiguities continue. But it should be possible to articulate just this and bring the ambiguities to an end - enough to make it possible to publish the whole story. To let the 'services' continue the abuse of and global campaign against my authorship under the pretext that 'it is a big nazi' is only to maximize the misunderstandings which can lead to new hitlerish hauling of the future land with construction of new nazism by way of inflation etc. This can be stopped by telling the story as it is.

Is piracy permitted? It is not.

I am paying the houserent by 'Einzugsermächtigung' which grants the houseletter the right to draw the sum from my account - a normal way of paying the rent. Is that the reason for covid-19 - that the houserent is paid that way? Of course not - but it could be a reason that surveyors draw (or 'suck') surveillance data from my workspace and spread it around the world. That would have been the story of my 1994-95 novel if it were the background of 2000 etc. Of course I have not granted any permission for that.

The will can give the rights to a work to a certain person but not (under standard legislation, I guess) under the condition that it be published. How can that be solved? An intellectual property (work) is more than only its commercial value.

The worst part of the story could be that my person and work are held 'secret' while the organizers of the nazi intrigue are sucking all values out of the work for turning it wrong way before it is released to the public (if released at all, that could mean!). I have never given any permission for that! - on the contrary, I have emphasized throughout the time since completion of the books the urgent need for having the work published. Of course the knowledge-potential in the yellow metre or the blue should not be 'sucked out' like Hitler did in advance. Those who do it probably want to do the same 'self-sucking' as Hitler did while blaming me for the crises that arise therefrom. There could be many who have 'sucked out' the values of my work by plagiarizing from them while I myself need money to find a solution to my need for staying in other countries. Of course I have never agreed to any plagiarisms.

Jungholz may be the 'Hütteldorf' of my home in Zinckgasse. It is possible that e.g. 'Nicolas Sarkozy' is a name that could be telling that the two Hütteldorfers - the Straße/AraBe and the Station - may be united in one political project. (There were also two 90 degrees car crashes where I was walking - in Vienna and Berlin). What was the unity, the project? Probably that Hitler was 'the same' as me - and hence the project was held secret for making it possible to swap roles. But that is just what Hitler did. That the two Hütteldorfers are 'the same' is probably only a hidden expression for my fundamental theorem of linguistics which is the real stuff - possibly making it possible to construct e.g. a medication against viruses, for example - while the PTRSIM PIK program is only a way of suppressing this. It is likely that Hitler - and his 'self-sucking' of the values of my future eldorado - was an effect of just that fact - that PTRSIM PIK is a way of suppressing the fundamental theorem of linguistics and not a way of promoting it.

Hence the conclusion is that the most important thing is to prevent a new round of Hitler - which can be done by publishing the facts and my work. To let new nazi interests be allowed to 'suck' the values out of my work and calling me a nazi is to open up for new catastrophes which have the one and only purpose of preventing the progress of sensible new knowledge. It is the reaction, of course. Time is over-ripe for a publication of the whole story. If there is a political program preventing that I come to knowledge of the story, it could be for preventing that people generally get to know it.

I should have written literary things and not all this nazipazi stuff - but I cannot sit here being ghostwriter for a new Hitler. It is high time that the story be published.

Covid-19 could be an attempted way of blocking the publication of my work in order to let new hitlers suck the values out of it instead. That is very wrong and cannot be right.

Power postulates a dogma on historic unidirectionality - that could have been the reason for the US involvement in the Vietnam war - that they wanted to be able to tell that Hitler was first and John Bjarne was second and therefore it must have been John Bjarne who copied from Hitler and not vice versa and that is what is called the self-sucker of type Shijing #37: It proves that John Bjarne is the big nazi - could be their logic.

But there exists another unidirectionality which could be the reason why some does not want to give up the PTRSIM PIK (by telling it in public - but shouldnt that really mean just the need for telling it?): That is the unidirectionality of the PTRSIM PIKs - 1,2,3... - which means that there is a transhistoric nexus from Wittgenstein to me which bridged beyond Hitler - and that is why one can say that Hitler copied from me and not vice versa.

This series of PTRSIM PIKs can be seen to resemble the chinese radicals in my poetic logic. It could be this logic which rescues the PTRSIM PIK: The human plush inside can hardly withstand the accusations of trembling political fingers - but the logic probably can. My poetry seems to have this poetic-logical quality which could mean that it can bridge across the intrigues of hitlers.

See DDS I:45 (absolute #56 for Kangxi radical #56 = ) as the continuation of #44 (absolute #55 for Kangxi radical #55 = ): The link from relative #44 to #45 is probably the link from the first half of #45 to the second. (The 'Duft der Intimität' in #45 would thereby be not of 'Heimskringle' kind but probably more a principled 'Gandhi' type - as if 'olfactory principles' are intimate - or vice versa?).


Brown, Dan: The lost symbol. A novel. Doubleday, New York 2009

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