Blue metre, space, time and linebreak

John Bjarne Grover

The article discusses some political issues that seem really to be scientific things discussed in my article about my work

The problem of plagiarisms of my work

During my work with 'Der Dornenstrauch', considering it relative to parallel texts of Rigveda and Moses (in original languages), I came across the puzzling discovery that these two ancient texts seemed to go in strange parallel - and that those points of convergence which seemed to contain knowledge of essential importance for understanding certain aspects of the cultural history also tended to coincide with grammatical 'errors' (relative to the norm of Duden) in my book.

I eventually concluded that the discovery of these parallels of the ancient texts, although generally unknown to the average public, probably dates back at least one millenium and gave rise to a wildfire of scandalous suspicion (namely, that Moses could be an outright plagiarism of Rigveda and hence that this assumed fraud was the basis for christianity which thereby was not well founded) which spread as a terrible religious doubt in the cultural landscape and prompted the Vatican to establish the Inquisition (13th century) in order to quench the wildfire - they later turned it into 'Opus Dei' as the explanation to the phenomenon - and Martin Luther to define his reformation which imposes a critical view on the text. Even Christopher Columbus was probably sent out by be the european governments in order to discover the 'indians' who were the plagiarisms of Rigveda - that means an american correlate to Moses - and thereby gave the historic impetus to the pogroms on the american indians on basis of this old scandal.

Hitler continued this and tried to erase the alleged plagiarist fraud of Moses from earth - under the banner of the swastika which probably has its origin in rigvedic philosophy.

It seems to be a very trivial and very easy history - but is still apparently not publically available.

My work showed that the parallelism of Rigveda and Moses proves not that any of them is a copy of the other - on the contrary it is a proof that both of them are authentic and deal with closely related matters of metaphysical theory - and it is the format of the alphabetic technology which leads to the necessary parallelism thereby.

The germans are an easy prey to demagogic misunderstandings with their national protestantism - and it is easy to whip up new nazism on precisely that basis.

Therefore: It seems that my book 'Der Dornenstrauch' can mend this wound in the german culture - but not without certain costs for the grammatical feelings. Strangely enough, it seems that much of the healthy effect of the work will lose some of its force if the grammatical errors are corrected. Alas, it may be even that modern german has developed in relation to this old doubt - which could make my book even more important.

My blue metre book "PEB" was completed in 2010 and could have stopped the crisis of Syria if it had been published in time - but it seems that certain political interesters tried to stop the publication of it and could even have imposed a secrecy clause on it - otherwise the tragic destruction of Syria could have been avoided. I felt this very strongly in the summer 2010. I wrote the title to the work in my notebook on 8 february 2010 and already on 10 april 2010 the entire top administration of Poland was erased by the aircrash in Smolensk - which could have been an attack on my work if it were a case of sabotage/terror - which could have been by precisely the same interesters who wanted the 'rebel' warfare in Syria.

It was in early 2014 that I discovered that a similar attack had taken place on my book 'Kinderhilfe' which is part 1 of 'Der Dornenstrauch' - and this was felt by me as an even heavier blow. It is easy for me to understand what this is: If my book could contribute to prevent the outbreak of new nazism or nazi intrigue in Germany, if those same intrigue-makers want to prevent this and want to see the book weakened by plagiarisms, that could be a heavy loss indeed.

It is when I see the apparent plagiarism (if that is what it is) of 'Kinderhilfe' (part 1 of DDS) in the socalled 'Gesammelte Gedichte' of Bobrowski that I understand how urgent it can be to have such plagiarisms stopped. The edition of Bobrowsky tells that the relevant poems (appr. 187 of them, same number as the enumeration in my 'Kinderhilfe') are not previously published and have not been found among Bobrowsky's own papers but have been collected by the editor from loose papers found among his friends and relatives. This sounds arguably somewhat strange or suspicious - and it would of course be a grave insult against Bobrowsky if such plagiarisms are presented as his work for the celebration of his 100th birthday.

It is very easy to see what would be the purpose with such plagiarism: It would be to create new nazism, a new Hitler or equivalent, in Germany. Clearly the edition could have been made for the upcoming election for chancellor in Germany (could be e.g. for contributing to the campaign of 'Martin Schulz' = 'my art in skjultes' = 'my art in the hidden').

All such plagiarisms are of course very deeply disappointing and insulting to me and constitute a very serious burden to my life and work. I have of course never given any permission for use of my work for any such purposes and would always claim that my work must be explicitly and clearly cited as the source if other works have been derived from mine. Copies of any kind are very unwanted (unless they are according to the law of limited citations and explicitly credit my work as the source).

In particular when they seem to go in parallel with a systematic suppression of the source for the specific purpose of making a new Hitler with new nazism in Germany. Such plagiarisms, if austrian, could even be in conflict with the Staatsvertrag §10.

It may be urgent with stopping all those plagiarist works. It may be very very urgent and important and there may be no time to lose.

And where is the publisher - if all publishers of any size indulge in such plagiarisms in the vain protection of their national protestantism? Which means the vain protection of Hitler?

My guess is that intrigues against my authorship could have been constructed from those secret intelligence organizations who hope to get more of an unconstitutional upper hand - by precisely such illegal means.

In addition, a plagiarism is a 'homo' work. There are some reasons to believe that my person could have been abused for the formula 'der Raum' = 'derra [h]om[o]' = 'trembled the homo' vs 'die Zeit' = 'dit, sa IT' = 'thither, said IT' - combined to the formula of the hungarian word for 'police main station' = (hungarian) 'rendör-fö-kapitányság' = 'ren dör fök up - it any sag' = 'ra-der-homo - IT dit sa' = 'der Raum - die Zeit' if the 'homo' is 'fökd up' - that is, if the market is flooded with plagiarisms of my works - that can go 'any [way]' = 'dit' = 'thither'. So it doesn't help against this formula that the plagiarisms could serve to prove the authenticity of my authorship in the long run - for example, if the presentation of a plagiarist Bobrowsky (if it is plagiarist, that is) is made in such a way that it can be used to prove 1) that there is a dependent relation between the two texts and 2) that my text necessarily was composed first - and hence provide for a quasi protection of the authenticity of my work against a wave of plagiarisms: Such a quasi protection is likely to mean just that 'DIT' ('thither') = 'any' [way] (direction) and hence be in conformity with the political formula for preparation for new nazism. The formula thereby makes for a joint interpretation in the linguistically very unrelated languages hungarian and german, like the hebrew of Moses and the indo-european sanskrit or vedic of Rigveda - and probably serves to prepare for a repeat of the political development that made it possible for Hitler to run a war against the jews under the banner of the ancient 'vedic' swastika.

For my norwegian background I can also mention the historic background in 'Heimskringla' (the collection of sagas on norwegian kings from the middle ages) of the norwegian constitution of 1814 - it seems that 'Heimskringla' is not an authentic historic document but may have been composed on basis of hebrew-norwegian/danish word pairs many centuries after its official date - those word pairs seems to have had a joint reference in concepts related to excrements and prompted norwegian feelings that the hebrew had to be expelled from the territory in order to get rid of unpleasant smell. It is my 'PEB' which can prove the date of writing of this 'Heimskringla' - and hence that it seems to be deliberately composed from hebrew-norwegian word pairs in order to be a correlate to the parallelism of Moses and Rigveda. The 'rendör-fö-kapitányság' of 'der Raum / die Zeit' is a variant of this - leaving 'homo' as the link between the hungarian and german - could be the modern 'homo wave' of recent years is mainly for that 'service power' interest.

Of course I want to have my work published as soon as possible - but when the Smolensk aircrash ('service power'?) and the destruction of Syria seemed to be the style of 'response' or development under Obama / Joe Biden ('jOhnbjarna'?), my optimism has been low so far but is on the strong increase since Trump took over. I have hopes that the new political situation will make it possible to see a publication of my work within reasonable time - and to go for plagiarisms ('homo') of my work 'while waiting' for a normal publication of them must be considered a form of madness. In addition, plagiarisms are outright forbidden by the law, which is no minor point.

I therefore hope that the relevant authorities can do what they can to stop the spread of plagiarisms of my work. In particular, I hope the 'police main station' will not lose their courage in view of the tsunami of plagiarisms that could come to arise from my work.

Added on my problem with eczemas

After I moved to Vienna in late 2009 I gradually did develop some eczemas on my skin (I had a little of it in the childhood I remember and reportedly quite much of it in Hammerfest around 1958-59) - but under reasonable control and mainly off and on on the typical places such as inside of thigh near the knees etc - which could be socalled 'normal' eczema. In february-march 2014 I started doing some bodily exercises - I had developed a little belly to hold the trousers up and tried to get it in by putting a rod over a door opening and take a few liftups per day - 3-4-5 per day, very little but enough to get the spine up and belly in. But suddenly I collapsed very seriously and could not understand why - and the very serious eczema that developed has been persistent untill the present day and cannot be endured without cortizon. One explanation is that I collapsed due to overworkedness - and it is true that the more I rest, the better my skin gets - and if I work too much in the course of a day, then the night can be quite difficult due to tough itch and eczemas developing from it. However, it is a puzzling fact that the eczemas today are on those parts of the body that could have developed in muscle with that door-over crossbar if I had continued in 2014. It is also true that I have tried a couple of times earlier in my life with a little muscle training but soon given it up due to unpleasant feelings (foggy mind etc which I have ascribed to distraction from my spiritual orientation and constitution).

The explanation could in principle be of the following kind - and it is based on two presumptions: Had I continued the training in early 2014, I could have developed to HE-MAN = HYMEN = Adolf Hitler qua Catullus. This means that the resistance to my muscles is 'Hitler' in the culture. Presumption 1: If I were given PULVER in e.g. 1975 that stopped or hampered the bodily development of my muscles, it means that the PULVER is the same as Hitler - as tells the current distribution of my eczemas. Presumption 2: If 'Syria' = '75', for which there are reasons in the general 'meaning of placenames' in Syria, as I have confirmed by a rough inspection of a map (meaning of placenames often seems to be 3/4, 75% etc), it means also that the (cortizon) SALVEs is the SALVEs of the Syrian rebels = PULVER in the form of gunpowder. But that means that the rebels of Syria 'mean' Hitler - and hence, if the 2011 revolutions converging on Syria meant an Adolf Eichmann family tree, it could mean that 'jewish genetics' would be paradoxical in the form of 1) me smearing salve on the eczemas, and 2) the other jewish genetics considering me the Hitler. That paradox could be the red colour that develops on my skin - of 'american indian type' - not the least since the skin goes a little amok in eczemas without the cortizon salve. (In addition, there are the streetnames around my address in Vienna - Beingasse, Hackengasse. Zinckgasse, Pelzgasse, Löhrgasse - which can be taken to mean 1) hydro cortizon and 2) the female HYMEN archetype (with 'Röhr' in front of the face) smeared on the skin.

There is also the 15% withhold tax imposed on my pension since 2009 and the 75% top tax in France. If I were opened in the skull soon after birth, paying tax could (if I have undertstood it right) be quite a burden on my social functionality and could add to the eczemas in Vienna - but I have so far not been informed about any such opening in early childhood. I dont know if this is relevant.

'The Iliad' = ΙΛΙΑΔΟΣ = ΙΙΟΣ = Catullus 188 + ΛΑΔ = the three levels of water in the salt in my kitchen before the lapis philosophorum emerged - in the order Δ-Α-Λ - first low level, then mid and then high - going even beyond the salt itself. DAL - hungarian for SONG - like the Iliad song 1,2,3. ΙΙΟΣ reads backwards for 'Catullus 188'. Notice also the devanagari 'A' = '31', long 'A' = '311'.

Lapis philosophorum = Christ - or the original vedic indian religion based on SOMA with white stones. Hence the essential of the american intrigue based on the indian colour of skin.

But american indians are not so very red really and the chinese not so yellow - what does it mean? Could be it means the metres - red metre, yellow metre - and white metre for the 'european race'?

But where is the blue metre?

The 'Engelbert Dollfuß' (austrian prewar politician) comes on top of all this and seems to be an offer for turning the whole paradox around so that it 'looks right'. That could mean that the Dollfuß is a naive form of the blue metre - exactly what we desperately need etc.


I did develop a 'Dollfuß' on my inside right underarm near the wrist soon after my collapse - apparently due to the SENSICUTAN salve I had bought in 90 degrees angle from where the police car stopped against the wall after the car crash up the street on 13 march 2012 - the two police cars crashed in 90 degrees angle in the intersection Märzstrasse / Schweglerstrasse just a few metres in front of me - they danced together for some 30-40 metres up Schweglerstrasse before the smaller car slammed into the housewall and the van stopped in the middle of the street - and a policewoman stepped out of it some half or maybe a full minute later with a huge swelling in the forehead = KUL-I-PANNEN. I bought the SENSICUTAN salve without cortizon against eczema some 40-50 metres up the street in 90 degrees angle. Take the greek S and turn it 90 degrees - and you have the reason why it is not dental any longer. But is it velar? ER IKKE K = is not K - then it is labial - the M - but if it is, then the MORBID MORBUß (the mother-bus with the KUL-I-PANNEN) would be a CORBUN, IA - due to the work of ΣIA?

IA = Ingrid Betancourt 2002 on the Engelberty factor - cp. the name of 'Angela Merkel'.

In short, there are reasons to believe that the blue metre (here on the form 'Carbon 14') is the real story - and that politics feel entitled to almost any sacrifices if only we can reach this knowledge of such immense importance for the development of our global culture.

But it is found! It was found by me (after 13 years of constant work!) in the summer 2010 - and British Labour quickly found in september 2010 a new leader in Ed Miliband - whose name could mean 1) my blue metre as the millenial cycle we badly need, and 2) a sewing table with its 'milliband' meaning 'Syria' - suggesting that the politicians do not feel comfortable with giving the whole thing away to poets and semioticians but want to solve the problem themselves.

Could be this lends meaning to the two presumptions as well?

I add that 'KUL-I-PANNEN' = 'swelling in the forehead' (say, if you have banged your forehead in a cupboard edge there can come such a swelling - put on a cool frying spatula or spoon to get it down) while 'KULe-I-PANNEN' = 'bullet in the forehead' - fired e.g. with gunpowder PULVER. The word KLOMPEN ('the lump') can be used about that swelling in the forehead and hence 'the swelling in the forehead' = 'KLOMPEN-I-PANNen' which spoons to 'KLAMPEN-I-BONN' - which could have been for the german capital in Bonn after the war. (One of the important newspapers in Norway is called 'Klassekampen' = 'the class struggle' - the newspaper used to be communist - while 'Kasseklampen' could mean 'klampen i Bonn' - which some would say even could mean that Adolf Hitler lived in Norway after the war).

It is easy to see how all this political ado really could be a desperate struggle for reaching the CARBON-14 equivalent that is called (by me) the BLUE METRE! The invention of carbon-14 dating of organic material could not bring the political intrigue to an end - since the real interest is in my blue metre on literary texts as a correlate to one of the fundamental four forces of physics. Those things are real gunpowder!

This is likely to be the desperate response from politics in terms of e.g. the aircrash of Smolensk in 2010 if that were sabotage - for stopping the publication of my work since it seems to take the entire bottom out of all the political intrigue. Likewise the rejection of my PhD dissertation in 1997 could be on a similar basis.

The dollfoot theory

There exists the theory that hyper-healing hormones had been extracted from human blood quite early - say, after the war - but was classified as secret and reserved for political intrigue. With such means one can swap two penises while the people are 'sleeping' (with the help of gas) and it is not even discovered when they wake up the next morning! The daring theory (my own theory, this) says that this happened with Paul Celan whose penis was swapped with Josef Mengele's - and that Gröver/'Mengele' raped me in the summer 1960 (or even december 1957 on 'Kampen in Oslo?) with Celan's penis - and when Celan came to visit me in Odda in the autumn 1960 (before he wrote his 'Meridian' lecture, could be on background of that visit), again assuming that this was the story, I had to believe that it was the rapist somehow. There seem to be speculations that it was a copy of him who went to Stockholm to visit Sachs while he went in secret to Odda, but that copy theory is probably not necessary - what is interesting is the letter he sent to his wife from Stockholm on 5 september 1960 - it seems to contain knowledge of this 'dollfoot' intrigue - via the 'norwegian words' that tremble underneath, as if they were a message to me 'on the other side' - 'Des gants blancs, cela veut dire: 'je lave mes mains dans l'innocence' - ich wasche meine Hände in Unschuld -, donc preuve de fausseté!!!' = 'de ga blanke fa[r]n - sjøløve med meins dans l'innonence - donc prøvde å få sett det'. Hence if I believed that he was a rapist, that could be the contents of my strong 'rathunt memory' from about 1960 when the rat who peeped out between the stones in the foundations of the house looked a little like Celan. The rathunt memory is this: I had 'grabbed a broom' = 'hold-a-kost' in the entrance room to the house and went rathunting with my friend ('bror-min' = 'my brother') Harald (who called himself Allal) behind the house - a big rat peeped out between the stones under the house with a friendly 'hello, John, nice to meet you' and I swung the mighty broom and hit the rat on one of its paws which started bleeding, after which it looked at me with a sad look in its eyes telling 'why did you do this to me?' - before it withdrew under the stones and I returned around the corner to the house when a terrible shame shot like flames up from my young shoulders - what a terrible mistake I had made.

But Celan was also quite similar to Bruno Kreisky - who was born (with that name!) in 1911, same year as Mengele was born. Kreisky was arrested under the government of Dollfuß in 1935-36 - while Dollfuß died due to a nazi putsch in 1934!

One notices that a political role of John F.Kennedy could have been to magnify the 'formula' of Celan's letter - turning into 'de ga Paul Celan as the father - sjøløve med Josef Mengele = Jonc Röver' - by the name of Kennedy covering both names - rather than he himself being present in my early childhood (which of course would have been theoretically possible although not probable). However that be, it could be of utmost importance for a healthy development of the global community and culture that my identity be not surpressed - for example as far as the publication of my works is concerned. Certain political interests could have seen it a desirable with a new round of 'dollfoot' mysticism - following a formula like this one:

der Raum - die Zeit
rendör-fö-kapitanysag (hungarian) - (ren dör fök up - IT any sag)
police main station (english)
polling main station           (of democratic power)
Pauling + Red Cross
Paul Celan Mengele, Josef = Gröver John

which means that the purpose with the Kennedy assassination soon after the Nobel peace prize announcements in 1963 to Linus Pauling and Red Cross could have been to provide for just that formula - for 'service' power controlling the development and role of democratic power.

'Josef Mengele' = 'good safe with the angels' = the assassinations of palestinian service chief Mouhamed Boudia and israeli military attache Josef Alon in Maryland around my 16th birthday 29 june 1973. That was the day when I should have been informed about some important aspects of the story - such as the obvious replacement of the official father with a copy in the late 60's - but was not (and the repeat of this could have been when I was declared unfit for military service). In Molde in the 1960's, Gröver/'Mengele' took me for a car ride to the small place called 'Bud' at the coast, stopped just before we reached the place and showed me with his hand - "This is Bud", he said - before he turned the car and we drove back again. It could have been some time before he probably was replaced with a copy on Vikebukt ferry station while we were waiting for the ferry to arrive.

This is still my condition - that I have never heard a single word about all this top-level international politics apparently interfacing with my humble historic person. But there is evidence which suffices and indeed that should mean that this political intrigue - which cannot be anything but a dead-end road - will come to an end. When will that be? That will be when it is understood that it is all and only about finding the blue (and the red, yellow, white) metres (and what is beyond) of human semiotics. Craving for power - such as the intermediate 'service' level of administration could tend to be tempted by - is always present as a weakness of the human constitution - but it is likely that the future is not arrived at by giving in to the weaknesses - rather it helps to get them under control and understand what is the real issue.


Political intrigue on probably mainly 'service' level seems to be desperate about installing these things about carbon 14, Raum, Zeit and the male organ divided in two and the front part of it glued onto some other male for imposing confusion on the members of the society. This clearly is nothing but the blue metre and space and time parametres of my work - see under 'Prospects for further work' (the virtual camera/microphone of 'på lissom me inn-stasjon' that can see and hear events in remote space and time) and the socalled linebreak function that also can be seen to be the essence of the linebreaks of I Ching and hence the innermost secrets of the chinese script if the signs of this can be 'thresholded' from the 64 'I Ching' forms. Considering the theoretical contents of this, the conclusion is likely to be that 'nothing is more important in our time than to get these things through to the public' - and that is the reason why 'services' seem to integrate into my work for setting it 'through' with nearly any means. They are right! - and that is why they seem to give themselves such extended authorites. Of course it is right and just to understand the acute importance in getting these things through to the public level - but of course use of terror and violence cannot be the right way even if one understands why. The conclusion is that it is of utmost political importance to get my work published - and to stop further political intrigue on the matters.

For example, now there is a presidential election in France - the two frontrunners Macrone and Le Pen won the first round. In 1982 or early 1983 I wrote a handful pages or so of a poem about 'Markgrevens datter' (I recall the lines 'markgrevens datter rir i sitt land / brøkstrekens land' - but the manuscript is since long lost - I recall the lines also perhaps on background of Thomas Mann's 'B[r]uddenbrooks' which I bought in an antiquariat a few years ago but have not read). Clearly if this draft is used for giving shape to a presidential candidate in France, whoever be behind the 'shaping', the only reason there can be for it would be for the desperate need to get the essential elements of my work through to the public - but in a 'service format' that can only go astray since it could be like converting the most important philosophical and theoretic issues of our time into terror for 'getting them through' instead of realizing their general theoretic importance - could be also the 'services' are unwilling to understand that the blue metre, space, time and linebreak now must be moved over from the field of intrigue and action into the field of theory and academic integrity. Such abuse-based strategies must now come to an end - Europe cannot afford to continue with making a new Hitler for an orgy of unconstitutional power-making instead of that new sensible knowledge-space which it really shall be.

I refer also to my TEQ #1383 (poem #136 in TEQ book 14) and the similarity of 'Place de la Nation' and surrounding streets on map of Paris with a concept of the human consciousness as a meeting-place of many intersecting realities. The proper 2/3 of the 207 enumerated poems in book 14 is #138 - there was also some terror with a truck that drove into some people on Westminster Bridge in London some time ago after I had sent an email.

Added on 26 april 2017:

It is possible that History created me - with some decades of planning - for writing the metres of semiotics. That should have led to a mighty knowledge-revolution in all fields of science. But, alas, so unfortunate was History that the caretakers at an early stage ran me through the worst critical points - with skull opening, rape and injection etc - for the 'service' program of 'then we will get what he should have got'. Alas again, the grand knowledge-revolution therefore came out wrong and is today on the form of a bizarre 'service' mill filled with swindle and dirty tricks in the sciences - such as astronomy full of 'jokes' about celestial objects. It is well possible that this story is a tragedy so great that it hardly can be understood. Therefore a political revolution is necessary - and extremely urgently important - for getting all that service mill down and return to a reality wherein truth and integrity is a measure of science. That means also an end to all that 'service control' of administration.

It means that one of the most important points on the program of getting the service mill down is to have my works published under my name. To keep the works unpublished and reserved for 'biz' and swindle in science and administration and media could be a very great tragedy indeed.

The above examples of 'blue metre, space, time and linebreak' tell of what the reality looks like and what it should have been (see this article under 'Prospects for future work') - and it is very possible that the difference between these two extremes is precisely the difference between a skull closed and a skull opened soon after birth. But I dont know if this were the story - I mean, these ideas of mine of child abuse at an early age - I am not informed about whether that happened to me or not.

It is possible that this story is extremely absurd.

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