More on the yellow metre

John Bjarne Grover

My 'Dornenstrauch' (DDS) contains the 'catalogue of mysteries' in part 1 ('Kinderhilfe'). It seems to be constituted by the deepest mysteries of human existence. 'Der Dornenstrauch' is the yellow metre in four parts - and the fourth part was finished in the late spring 2015. However, it took quite a while to complete the book in its final form, not the least with the studies of Rigveda and Moses in parallel, and the book in its final form was completed on one of the first days of november 2015 - could be on the day when I found the 'space traveller' piece of apparent ex nihilo matter. See this file (under 15) for some more details.

In this article I discuss another two examples from the yellow metre.

The yellow metre concerns the metaphysical phenomenon that Rigveda and Moses are parallel texts - a discovery many centuries old that rattled the christian self-confidence so much that the Vatican had (as goes my theory) to establish the Inquisition to battle it, and Protestantism later developed to cope with the fundamental doubt that arose from it.

An example of Rigveda/Moses correlation. DDS ('Kinderhilfe') poem #53:

Ich sah einen Mann auf der Straße.
Der trug ein Kind auf dem Arm.
Sein Arm war leer, doch er wusste
von was war kalt oder warm

im menschlichen Sein in der Straße
wenn Lehrer und Schüler sind weg.
Da kam eine Frau in der Gasse.
Sie scheint mir ganz einsam und schräg.

Wie trägt man sein Schicksal im Arme
wenn Winter ist hoch und hart?
Man kann sich dem Gott sich erbarme
und schaun um die Welt offenbart.

Line 11 is quite clearly counter intuitive. What is the reason? The mystery seems to be contained in a reason which can be read from the parallelism of Rigveda and Moses - and my book establishes 4-5 loops of correlations with Rigveda. Here is a study the relation between the main loop by the verses RV 1-7-6 and Moses 1-3-11.

RV 1-7-6 = sa vrisham amum carum satravadam apa vridhi asmabhyam apratishkutah = 10 words, and my line 11 out of 12 will span from 10 * 10/12 = word 8.33 to 10 * 11/12 = word 9.36, that means words 9-10:

asmabhyam = dative of 1pp = to/for us
apratishkutah = not to be kept off, unrestrainable
= not to be kept off from us

Moses 1-3-11 = 15 words, hence words 12.5-13.75 = words 13-14 = akal-mimenuu

akal = to eat, devour, enjoy
mimenuu = 3psm/1pp of MNN = to divide, to apportion
= we apportion (the) joy / to devour

Hence the 'error' of the poem is contained in the relation between

1) not to be kept off from us, and
2) we apportion (the) joy / to devour

tells of the human volition on partitive/genitive.

Compared with the poem, with particular view to line 11, 'Man kann sich dem Gott sich erbarme' tells of very high relevance on this political matter.

Could be it is german protestantism which protests against this grammar: "But, John, this is not correct grammar!" That could be the same protestantism which said that if Moses is the same as Rigveda, then one of them has to be false. This was a problem in those days when crusaders were sent out to christianize the whole world - since those who were not christians had to be wrong, was the theme of those days. Some religions say we come to heaven after life, other say it not, but both cannot be true? However, the discovery of the parallelism should really have been a gift to the human species - telling that since Rigveda and Moses seems to tell the same, it means that there is no reason for any religious hostilities. The wish to continue those hostilities was the name of Adolf Hitler - he said that Rigveda is right and Moses is a later fabrication, a mere copy and therefore false, and hence he used the indian swastika as his logo and tried to erase Moses from the earth.

It seems, from the examples I have studied, such as the present one of line 11 in poem 53, that the odd grammar in the book has an explanatory function relative to metaphysical theory on basis of the parallelisms between sanskrit and hebrew - apparently with high relevance in this sense of it.

The other example I will study here is the one from the previous article - I repeat the data on my own 'Dornenstrauch' part 1 ('Kinderhilfe' = mystery catalogue) poem #135:

Man steht von Lage auf
in tiefer Nacht.
Die Lampe scheinet drauf
woran man wacht.

Wie geht es durch die Welt
ein guter Grund:
Man lebt in vorläufigem Zelt
und ist gesund.

This compares well with Li Bai's famous poem - in many translations a la this:

Before my bed the moonlight shines
its double truth like hoarfrost on the ground
I lift my head to see the moon
I lower it and think of my homeland/birthplace

or in my variant

Embedded future is the faculty of vision like a moon
with double truth canvassing hoarfrost on the land:
The primary act is the seeing mind,
the secondary is to see the reason.

The mirror poem to #135 = abs 224 is abs 205 = rel #116:

Einmal schau ich nach den golden-braunen Jacke.
Zweimal schau ich - dann ist sie nicht mehr dieselbe
sondern eine Dame ist da drinnen, die mit schwarzem Haar
entspricht das Glück eines Wissentschaftlers
der unsre Notwendigkeiten auseinander pflückt.

In so einer schönen Tag wird der Himmel blauer,
die Wände glücklicher, die Ausschmückungen edler.

The two poems (mine as well as Li Bai's) clearly share important elements - such as the detachment of and original relation between light and matter.

There is an important political history contained in this mystery - or hiding itself behind the mystery. It is that political history of Adolf Hitler and the question whether he could have been an agent for the allieds or one of them. Or, more relevantly, whether he lived in Norway after the war - with protection from the allied forces, making it impossible for the germans (or, say, the jews of new state Israel) to take him. It was the parallelism of Moses with Rigveda that had created all major political problems of Europe since it was discovered around 1000 AD (my guess) and Hitler went for the option that Moses was a mere copy of Rigveda and therefore false. But the solution to the parallelism is not there - it is in the insight that (since both are stuedies of the metaphysical basis in human semiotics for the same historic reality) both are right and therefore can coexist side by side without problems - which also should be the outcome of the world war. After the war, Germany was flattened and England celebrated its victory for many decades. If, though, Hitler had been an agent for England, then it would have looked a little different - then it could be that it was (one of) the allieds who claimed that Moses was wrong - and that the germans were only suffering from normal 'protestantism'. The apparent proof that Hitler lived in Norway under allied protection after the war was in the german choice of Bonn as its administrative centre after the war. That means 'klampen i Bonn', a norwegian expression for the name of Adolf Hitler - and for the idea of 'the government is in Bonn'. This clearly had a significant effect on the harvesting of the political results of the war for the allieds - and therefore they seem to have constructed a postwar program of comparable size for battling the idea arising from Bonn as new german capital that Hitler could have been an agent for (one of) the allieds. This program is built on just that formula 'klampen i Bonn' - and is of the most disgusting kind: It is based on the idea of strangulation of a female by a male during orgasm in anal coitus - with 'klampen' as the ring formed by the strangulator's two hands around her neck as well as her own ring muscle in the 'bottom' = 'Bonn'. There are ring muscles in the body (as far as I know) only in the anus and around the lenses of the eyes - and the eyes of the victim of strangulation will stand forth due to the pressure and strangulation such that what initially could have been narrow 'chinese'-looking eyes thereafter will look more 'american' - for which reason the forensic evidence will conclude that the victim was american and the strangulator had to be an enemy from China. This naive program seems to be launched under the pretext of a program of the west against the east - but is more likely a method of preventing the postwar evidence that Hitler was an agent for (one of) the allieds from coming through - by way of the mysteries contained in DDS #116 and #135.

Since 'klampen i Bonn' could have been the reason for the german government in Bonn, for telling where he was and that the germans would have liked to have him arrested, with this new 'disgusting' postwar political program based on the same formula 'klampen i Bonn', it looks rather as if that were the reason for the german government in Bonn - the wish to run Hitler once again - rather than the opposite.

One of the main 'pressures' on european culture for accepting the genuinely german rooting of Hitler could be in the nuclear accelerators such as CERN - a giant ring muscle for studying the behaviour of matter near the speed of light by crashing protons or neurons together (if ever they meet, I dont know if the tiny particles ever do). 'Klampen i Bonn' means also 'gas pedal down into the bottom, into the floor' = 'full speed' - that is the accelerator. It is fully possible that these accelerators are but hilarious money drains as a way of putting political pressure on the european community - by way of science gone astray. Here from 'Kinderhilfe' #116:

          ...das Glück eines Wissentschaftlers
der unsre Notwendigkeiten auseinander pflückt

seems to be about this. The science studies the 'Not-wendig-keiten'. The word 'NOT' = 'need' comes from 'nau', 'neu', indo-european 'NU' = 'bis zur Erschöpfung abquälen, ermattet zusammensinken' (Kluge). 'Quälen' is a word which via norwegian ('klampen' etc) also tells of strangulation - and then 'zur Erschöpfung' echos the return to heaven. Old church slavonic 'naviti' = 'ermüden', lithuanian 'novyti' = 'quälen', Sanskrit 'noda' = 'pushing away', while 'nodin' = 'driving away'. The form NAU means either 1) enclitic accusative/dative/genitive dualis of 1st person pronoun, or 2) ship, boat, vessel. Monier-Williams sanskrit dictionary comments that a prayer is conceived as a vessel (NAU) leading to heaven, or NAU derives from the root NU = to praise - cp. 'preys', the preyers.

It seems that the whole disgusting postwar program could be contained in this mystery of the Wissenschaftler. The politics hope to turn it around on that dualis of 1st person which also is a vessel leading to heaven - and after the preying on the nude, the strangulator pushes her away and then drives away. He flees overseas - for preventing that Hitler's connections come to be discovered.

"Es ist notwendig", said the germans after the war, to come up with the truth. That's right, said the allieds - and constructed the accelerators and the more or less bizarre theories of crashing matter? Maybe the germans could try and come with the historic truth?

It is likely that all this surfs on a genuine mystery of human existence. If one can find and understand the mystery, then perhaps the tragedies can be avoided.

Li Bai tells the chinese version in his most famous poem about the light lying like hoarfrost (not whore-frost though) on the ground. My translation tells that this is the phenomenon when the future can be seen from the now as in a deja-vu - in the future it will be possible to see the future in advance and what do you do then when you come to the future? Somebody has (if info can travel faster than light) seen it in advance and may be lying in ambush - you risk going in the trap. But this is precisely what Li Bai tells of and that is no novel chinese poet. It is the moon that is the faculty of vision from the 'larger' consciousness - it sends its previewing vision down like hoarfrost on the ground. This is the common sense of the female archetype who sends down on the ground her light from the vaginal tube extending from her face - and therefore it is - in the political abuse format - the 'whore'-frost you can see there on the ground - because she is a callgirl who has sent her light generously to the ground as from the moon.

The walls are getting 'glücklicher' when the 'Glück des Wissenschaftlers' comes about - that is when the theory collapses and turns into matter, the very theme of transubstantiation that split protestantism off from catholicism - on basis of this Moses / Rigveda parallelism. But the matter should not be the 'white stone' of a female lying dead (corpus) on the ground with 'white' inside - it should be the white stone itself. 'Die glücklichen Wände' - that is the moment of orgasm when the walls are 'happy' - before the strangulator drives away. The theory collapses when one looks for a second time and it is no longer the same. The matter which takes shape when the theory collapses is also 'simultaneous' with the origin of the light pulse that is sent out - and hence the hoarfrost light and the ground are originally one and the same thing - but philosophy can see how they are two in the struggles of the human existence. The light rises from the ground like the sleeper who wakes up and rises from the bed in #135 - that is to see the rising, the reason, the christian mystery of resurrection (here poem 116 and its mirror poem 135). Which is the salvation which stangulators had perhaps lost the faith in but hope to regain via helpless human struggle. 'Tell the truth' is, though, a good advice under such circumstances.

Hebrew for 'Not' (in the sense of 'Dringlichkeit') is ''dehifut" - cp. the he-foot ('klampen') of Adolf Hitler, the he-man, the Hymen of Catull. Dehifah = pushing, knocking down - into the bottom, 'klampen i Bonn'.

Now for the Moses-Rigveda correlations - on this single line with the essential 'Notwendigkeiten': For #116 there are (main loop) the Rigveda 1-21-3 and Moses 1-8-22. It is line 5 out of 7 in #116, which means that of the 8 words of RV words 5-6 ('ta havamahe') will be relevant:

tá (with long a) = 'these two' (according to this web page)
tada = mountain
tatarika = ear ornament (Ausschmückung)

hava = 1) burnt offering, sacrifice
          2) calling, invocation, command, order
          = 'call-girl'

mahe = gladden, exalt, arouse, excite, magnify, honour, delight

One notices the 'girl w/pearl' of Vermeer, turning to a call. 'Both these' could refer to the ring muscles of the lenses in the eyes. Or the light and the matter.

Moses 1-8-22 has 14 words, two connected, I say words 8-11 are of importance:

&HM = to do violence, injure, father-in-law
&QITs = abhor, fear, awake, rise, cut-off, thornbush, summer
&HRF = pass the autumn, winter
&IOM = day, light on ground

The latter of these is due to a strong mirror symmetry in the verse 1-8-22 - which leaves DAY = light in symmetry with LAND

'Winter princess' (title of TEQ book 11) is the concept of the two latter of these. One notices the COLD winter of hebrew against the MOUNTAIN of sanskrit - even if that requires an additional -DA - which it can obtain in similar 'symmetry' as the hebrew 'light on ground' - here symmetric TA with DA. This is what leads to #135 - the resurrection. Ah, the transfiguration on the mountain! The ressurection - as one of the fundamental human mysteries.

The thornbush is burning hot like the summer.

This could tell of the tragic misinterpretations in the disgusting political program - whereby the strangulation of the callgirl means 'burnt-offering' = 'holocaust'.

Vienna (the springboard of Adolf Hitler) is famed for its wonderful streetnames - such as Siebensterngasse, Mondscheingasse, Leibenfrostgasse.

Reception problems for DDS?

Although one understands the potentially large political gains there could be for not the least german interests in the attempts to avoid a new round of nazism - or simply the international concerns in the fundamental need there is for coming to grips with the truth of history in order to make it possible to continue into a new civilized millenium, there nevertheless seems to be problems with the reception of my yellow metre 'Dornenstrauch' - although, as I noticed in the previous article, there should be space for optimism.

On 29 march 2017 (the day Theresa May 'triggered Brexit'), I found in a bookshop Johannes Bobrowski: "Gesammelte Gedichte" that recently had been published on DVA (Deutsche Verlags-Anstalt) in München. I did not buy it right away, and when in the afternoon I started suspecting that it could be containing plagiarisms of my yellow metre 'Dornenstrauch', since it had left some such ideas when I leafed in it in the bookshop, I went back in the evening to buy it, but shops were closed. The next day, after having written the above on the moonlight on the ground, I went downtown and bought a copy. (When I came home, the lights were on - although I believed that they were off when I went out - however, one is never certain about such things unless one notices it particularly, so I cannot tell if there had been intruders). The book turned out, it seemed to me, to present traces of or similarities with my own Dornenstrauch, part 1 = 'Kinderhilfe', for whatever reason. Part 1 of the book by Bobrowski contains formerly published poems and looks 'safe', but part 2 contains what seems to be less easily evidenced material from the 'Nachlass' from 1950 onwards. It seems that some poems in this part of the book in theory have been 'imitations' - that is a sort of plagiarisms - from my 'Der Dornenstrauch'. The editor Eberhard Haufe writes in the postscript (Teil III, p.26):

"Ab 1950 sind alle im Nachlass erhaltenen ungedruckten Gedichte aufgenommen. Unberücksichtigt blieben nur, mit wenigen Ausnahmen, ältere Fassungen, einschließlich derjenigen von solchen Gedichten, die Bobrowski selbst veröffentlichte; sie werden in dem Kommentarband zur Lyrik mitgeteilt. Eine größere Zahl von Gedichten ist nur in den Händen von Verwandten und von Freunden erhalten, also von Bobrowski selbst offenbar vernichtet worden"

which could mean that at least some of these poems have been found on separate disparate papers after the death of the poet without being immediately associated with the poet. It seems that there are appr. 187 such poems of more or less unclear origins in the Nachlass after 1950 (Teil II). My 'Kinderhilfe' contains 187 poems of relative enumeration. These appr 187 poems of alleged Bobrowski have also, it seems to me, a somewhat different 'tone' compared with Bobrowski's own poetry in Teil I. I therefore felt somewhat justified in wondering whether somebody could have used my 'Kinderhilfe' as a source of inspiration and written poems in parallel (!) with my poems. The parallelism seems to go backwards ('homo' symbolism?) - starting on 'Bobrowski' Teil II p.165 (first poem in 'Gedichte aus den Jahren 1950 bis 1952') with the poem 'Erinnerungen an ein flämisches Lied' which would be the parallel to the last poem - #187 - in my 'Kinderhilfe':

'Bobrowski': 'Erinnerungen...'

Ich sah Cäcilie kommen -
ich stand und sah, sie kam.
Und beides, Seh'n und Kommen,               
verwob sich ganz und nahm

die späten Sommerfarben,
das sachte Licht im Gras,
Geflüster aus den Garben
im Feld, den Mond, der blaß

an einem Wolkenschiffe
wie eine Lampe hing,
dahinfuhr hart am Riffe
der Nacht und sich verfing

zuweilen schon an ihren
Gestaden - dies und auch
dier Augen mein und ihren,
Cäciliens, Gang (ein Hauch

schien's nur, so kühl und weich)
zusammen; nie vernommen
so und gesehn zugleich -
Ich sah Cäcilie kommen -
Kinderhilfe #187:

Zu früh ists noch zu schlafen,
zu spät zu fangen an
einen neuen Brief zu schreiben,
Gedichte an der Wand,

zu spüren wie der Daumen
sich um des Wassers Glas
sich schließt wie Bark dem Baume,
wie nackte Fuß im Gras.

Der schwarze Rabe wartet
in seiner Ewigkeit
am Tür, am Fenster startet
die neue Wirklichkeit.

Another example - the 3rd last in the relevant 'Nachlass' (the 13 'Entwürfe' at the end looked apart from) compared with my own Kinderhilfe #3:

'Bobrowski': Klagemauer

vor unsere Münder, vor
die Schwärze unserer Augen, geneigt
gegen die Nägel an unseren Händen, Mauer,               

deren Höhe dass Windlicht hält
über die Schatten, keiner
nimmt es herab.

Daniel trat vor die Wand.
Wir lesen Zeichen, eisern
die Feuer, Daniels Stimme
tönt, wir erchrecken nicht.
Kinderhilfe #3:

Ich schraube einen Kork aus einer Flasche.
Vom Alpen-Tal ich sehe in der Ferne
das blaue Licht von einem Auto-Masche
herunterfahren von der Schnee-Laterne.

Die Welt ist seit der Urbeginn gewählt
von einem langsam drehenden Ur-Univers
als ob mein Jahr und mein Geheimnis zählt
inmitten all das kreuz-und-quer Kommerz.

Ich komme hin von dem akustischen Wagen
der mich erzählt von einem und von andrem
und glaube dass ich wisse von dem Schweigen
das überall in Winter-Tal umwandern.

The 'tone' of these alleged Bobrowski poems is, it seems to me, somewhat different from the poems of his formerly published poetry in Teil I. I have not read those earlier and cannot decide on their authenticity but they should be properly published, I think.

There is a statement at the end of the book:

"Der Verlag weist ausdrücklich darauf hin, dass im Text enthaltene externe Links vom Verlag nur bis zum Zeitpunkt der Buchveröffentlichung eingesehen werden konnten. Auf spätere Veränderungen hat der Verlag keinerlei Einfluss. Eine Haftung des Verlags ist daher ausgeschlossen".

The question is simply whether the poems (from 1950 onwards) in the second part of this german edition of the alleged 'Bobrowski' are written in parallel with my yellow metre poems in order to integrate with unsmoothness into my theories of parallelisms between Rigveda and Moses: Hitler said that of these two, one was a plagiarism and that had to be Moses - and consequently if I should claim that 'Bobrowski's hitherto unpublished poems should be plagiarisms of mine, the same conclusion of Adolf Hitler could have been activated. If so, it could be about a political interest - in extension from the role which could have been assigned to me relative to Adolf Hitler - see one of the last paragraphs in 'Catull and the fundamental theorem of linguistics':

"Clearly all this runs together in the evidence of Kursk and Cole - for the idea that the plan could have been to swap me with Adolf Hitler - by the 'deed'/'dyd' and the HYMEN of Hitler. But that clearly would have been only for preserving the world of Catull as a tumble-place for the international secret intelligences - instead of moving into the new civilized world of the third millenium".

I am not the right to evaluate on this - and indeed I have made often it a point that there are universals on work level, although in this case the work level of 'Bobrowski' seems to be collected from papers here and there - but clearly if such attempts to swap order of me with Bobrowski, for example claiming that since Bobrowski is dead and cannot have plagiarized me (although these poems have not been published before, it seems), some could suspect that I had plagiarized him. I certainly have not - and the high precision in the metres of my work is something which should exclude that possibility anyhow - but clearly the idea could have been intended for the upcoming general election in Germany - if this be about political ideas. I notice also the 'electromagnetic' theories that can be founded on my yellow metre (great progress for science that should have been) - and my stories from Szolnok recently.

It is very unfair to involve me in such intrigues, if that is what it is. It is hyper critical with some positive response to my work and not this sort of thing, if it should be about abuse of my work. It may be urgent to have my work published - under my name. The work may be all too important for the development of new knowledge to fall victim of political interests.

I am particularly not interested in being a motor for the 'disgusting' political program mentioned above.

If there is a jungle of such phenomena organized by networks etc, something which I would not have been informed about, so I dont know if that be the case, it may be urgent with some action from responsible persons who understand what this is about for the new science.

Johannes Bobrowski: "Gesammelte Gedichte", Herausgegeben von Eberhard Haufe, Mit einem Nachwort von Helmut Böttiger, DVA (Deutsche Verlags-Anstalt), München 2017. In der Verlagsgruppe Random House GmbH, Neumarkter Str. 28, 81673 München. ISBN 978-3-421-04762-5.

Added on 31 march 2017:

I bought the 'Bobrowski' book in Morawa bookshop and paid, according to the receipt, at 12:38 on 30 march 2017. That is 10:38 GMT or UTC. There is an earthquake Richter 3.3 recorded at 10:38:55 UTC, in the moment when I bought the book, that could mean, at 16.34N 98.27W in Oaxaca region in Mexico. The exact location seems to be near the small place called Cuadrilla, which could be analyzed as CU - for copper, the red metal - plus Achilles. It was in 1993 that I last talked with or was in contact with Ragna Gröver when I on the phone thanked her for the 100.000 NOK she had sent me in advance inheritance and she replied that it was 'rein jus' which could be taken to be a reference to the last words in the Oslo Report - 'Die Firma heisst Rheinmetall'. These could be taken to be the 100.000 NOK which was the sum I paid for the house in Szolnok. I hope the german socialist campaign is not about taking my house under the pretext that it is 'rein jus' - or that they feel entitled to go into my private spaces as if these were owned by or under the authority of Ragna Gröver. 'Achilles' I have personally analyzed, also on the web, as a name meaning that colour of yellow-green grass in the child dreams which Nelly Sachs wrote to Celan about on her return to Stockholm (Arlanda airport) from Paris - probably after having read the letter on board the airplane which she got from him on her departure from Paris. It seems or is possible that this letter contained secrets about me as their genetic child - and that it was this letter which later disappeared from her home - somebody from the 'services' or the 'mafia' could have been in and stolen it. She wrote to Celan, who seems to have told her to destroy the letter after having read through it, and he answered that there could have been some 'Ferkelchen' there and stolen it. When norwegian PM Per Borten later resigned out of schedule in 1971, it was on a date which put my 11th birthday in 1968 in the exact mid point of his prime ministry - his reason for resigning was what he called a 'GLIPP' when he had shown classified secrets to a journalist on board an airplane. Could be Nelly Sachs had read the letter on board the airplane and a spy had read it over her shoulder, that could mean. This story puts the end of Bortens government in associative connection with the death of Sachs, and his government started in 1965 in contexts (Ingeborg Lygren case in Moscow) which could be associatively connected with Celan and Ingeborg Bachmann (cp. the film 'Der dritte Mann'). All this lends to the name 'Per Borten' a gloomy shadow for my life - and if intended for a political campaign for chancellor election in Germany, the form Cuadrilla for 'CU-Achilles' it could mean partly that 'red colour' of the ex nihilo piece of matter which I found on the day when my Dornenstrauch book was ready for publication (I am still waiting for a letter from a sensible publisher), partly the only 'evidence' I have so far that Sachs and Celan are my genetic parents, a parenthood which it could be the plan to hijack over to the official custody parents, the Grövers. This could be also for the plan to swap me with Hitler - for making new Hitler in Germany, that would probably be - and it can be observed that if Adolf Hitler changed identity to Aron Eidsvig after the war, that would have been Ragna Gröver's uncle. It is of course fully possible that if I buy a house in Szolnok, somebody from some relevant 'service' or institution travels down there to talk with them - to inform them that 'he comes from the nazi environments of Hitler in Norway and has bought this house in order to install the strangulation and chemical horror program as the eastern arm of the european swastika in your region, and if young females are found strangulated in the thicket here, it could be because of his presence in the district - but this role of his is very top secret and info about this can be obtained only from the highest level of administration or from a political party chief in our country, and if you confront him with it he will certainly protest'. And soon the cutest sweethearts are found dead and badly abused in the thicket ('kjerr-liget' - for norwegian 'kjærlighet' = 'love', also as strange greek etymology on 'Syria') and bad emotions against me start boiling up. (I have not heard about any such intrigues though). The local e-on administration in Szolnok have their offices in Szigligeti Utca. Hungarian for 'thicket' is 'sürü bozót' which in norwegian sounds like 'sky-ry' = 'secret-rumour/fame' plus 'boss' = 'chief', 'garbage' - in the hungarian accusative - hence a 'szig' could perhaps be recognized in the complex. 'Szigony' = 'harpoon' - when the Rosetta spacecraft landet on the remote comet, it had to be 'harpooned' to it due to the very low gravity - however, it is permitted to doubt these data.

When I last travelled by train to München, which was in 2016, the socalled Meridian (!) train did not reach the Hauptbahnhof but had to stop on Ostbahnhof, as if it was not long enough. On the way back I also had to take an U-Bahn to Ostbahnhof because of 'repair work', even if this was unknown to the information at the Hauptbahnhof an hour or so before it left. There could have been an apparent cue given to me about this event while I was still in the train in Austria on the way towards Salzburg.

In short, if this train story should mean 'Deutsche Meridian-Angestellt' or something like that, instead of 'Deutsche Verlags-Anstalt' who has published the alleged 'Bobrowski' book, it could look as if the campaign of the planned 'socialist' (!) candidate for chancellor could be involved. I notice also Obama's tango with 'Mora Godoy' in Argentina - and perhaps even a certain role to Moshe Dayan - once israeli minister of 'force'?

Data on the piece of ex nihilo matter which I found on 5 november 2015, when my Dornenstrauch book was completed, I have never published before yesterday 30 march 2017. However, it seems that Frankfurter Allgemeine had an article on the web with a photo of some possible relevance - even before I published my photo - and how could they have gotten hold of it, if my photo was their template? Had data been stolen from my computer in the mean time? It is indeed getting rather hyper critical with some positive response to me - in this apparent jungle of intrigue. How can I relax and take a holiday under such circumstances? If I do not continue working overtime, will I have to face accusations that I have plagiarized the Bobrowski material in my Dornenstrauch? I do not want to come to Szolnok and find the house emptied and taken over by somebody else due to 'rein jus'. It could be urgent to have my work published before it is all abused for Hitler propaganda. If there are such intrigues against my work, or if people lock themselves in without permission, or if my post in and out are censored, somebody must tell it to me - in a friendly way - if I shall ever have the chance to become a normal member of the society. If the police cars crashed heroically in order to tell me that the power is too high for stopping such things, then it is high time to realize that all this must down to earth and a public level as soon as possible. For the time being it seems that my person is subjected to global attention in the form of abuse of private details in media, politics, business - cp. this public photo in the newspaper with this private photo of mine, I mean the 'angle' of the extremity - while it should have been my work which was to be subjected to such global attention in light of the potential in it for a knowledge-revolution. In light of this, to find an apparent 'parallel text' or even plagiarism, if that is what it is, to my book in a bookshop is a very bad experience for me - in particular since nobody informs me about what is going on. I have to spend time on working with these gloomy intrigue ideas also in order to battle off possible plagiarist accusations later on, even if my work reduce the historic basis for a new Hitler and therefore some could want to claim it as invalidated. There have been some signs of optimism and I have now been able to sleep more than an hour or two without waking up, but when the signs of optimism should mean that a letter should arrive from a publisher in my postbox, to find an apparent plagiarism of my work in the bookshop - for such reasons as nobody wants - and potentially for dumping the blames for bad intrigues on me - is not good.

I am not supporting any political intrigue and I have not given any permission to use or abuse of my work and I am not an agent of any kind. My authority is not reduced. If plagiarisms of my work are accepted by the society, that would be very very bad news indeed.

Westminster terror, postmaster error: Does the society feel that they 'have to' accept censorship of my communications - or illegal plagiarisms of my work? 'For the sake of his security' - well, that would have to count as a threat, wouldnt it?

It is not my person who is interesting - it is my work - and that could be of major importance for a knowledge-revolution which cannot be skipped for reasons of politics.

There have recently been repair works in the region here in Vienna - round the house - apparently replacing old thick copper wire (conductors) with new ones. It is NOTWENDIG to come out with the truth if the world is going to move into a civilized third millenium and to launch my work under another authorship 'for the sake of his security' is not the right solution. I hope of course that the reasons for optimism there has been recently also means that my work can be published under my name.

© John Bjarne Grover
On the web 30 march 2017
Last updated 31 march 2017