Some considerations on seismic and semiotic data

John Bjarne Grover

On 25 march 2017 I completed and stored a computer file with a translation of what some will call the world's most beautiful poem - by the chinese poet Li Bai - often called the most famous chinese poem - and the computer file shows that it was stored on my computer at 11:05:36 Vienna time. I closed the computer and went downtown and was attacked by a most horrible itch and was in a terrible condition. For some reason I came to think of looking up the earthquakes of the day and found that there had been an earthquake in Oklahoma at 11:05:34,4 UTC. It was a 3.5 quake at 36.27N 97.57W ('centi' scale) which is at a small place called Hayward - mid way between Etna and Orlando, and mid way between Midway (!) and Garber/Cropper (!) in an intersecting dimension. Computer search? Homo symbolism? But are the seismic data real? It takes a few milliseconds from the finger presses the computer button till the file is stored and it is likely that the earthquake took place exactly on the millisecond 1 hour after my finger pressed itself into the plastic surface of the keyboard. If 'Greenwich Middle Time' is considered 'the same' as Vienna local time, the quake would be considered to have been out 1,6 seconds before my file was stored - that could be in the moment when I pressed the finger on the button.

It can be added that the giant Oklahoma bombing in downtown Oklahoma city in 1995 was in the immediate context of the rejection of my first book submission and seemed to serve to lend extra punch to the rejection effect.

I then wondered if this phenomenon of quake harassment of my interface to the computer workspace was unique or if it happens more frequently - and looked up another file I had stored the day before, under the same directory - here first from my own computer:

and here from the database of seismic data, updated very quickly, on the internet under (see this file):

The other file on my computer, called 'Blue metre line 1', about the function of the blue metre in line 1 of the sonnets, was stored at 10:59:42 local time on my computer (that is computer time - the computer clock need not be very precise of course) - and indeed there had been a quake in Nevada on that minute, this time 40,3 seconds earlier than me - plus that hour delay. The 2,4 quake was close to two 'populated places' called Diessner and Beulah - some 50 km NW of 'Chinatown' (these are not my 'finger-rövelser') - but on the other side of the fence to 'Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge'. It may be true - as could be evidenced in my work - that I am a genius of a rare kind and that I should have had optimal working conditions all the time. See also the two lines from my PEB telling of the 'axis of evil' - including that 'walking couple' - PEB 307 has the lines "I follow after / a walking couple. // She's a madam, / he wears a bowler".

Could be (speculations this) that this 'earthquake harassment' is a widespread phenomenon - and one would have to question the validity of the earthquake data. If indeed they are considered valid, one can guess (for the moment discarding the option of 'coincidences') that there could be electronic 'service' networking on the seismic institutes - either adding to their published data or the data stored at the institutes or even putting false microvolts into the electric cord from the seismic copper plates (is it?) dug down in the earth of the garden to those institutes. But it would have to be done quickly - if the Oklahoma or Nevada quakes should have been 'rockpedos', the local sheriff would have needed to have the metalware present in the backroom of his station and, getting a telephone call, grab one of them and drive quickly out to launch the preprogrammed rockpedo on the local place within minutes after the file was stored, but the depth is recorded at some kilometres and it would have had to be within the course of one hour and this sounds very unlikely. Which could suggest fraud in the seismic data rather than real 'mechanic' quakes.

For engineering that 'divine presence' of my person which otherwise could be spotted in media, politics, business, science? 'He pressed the button' - or, perhaps even worse, 'it wasnt him who pressed the button'? Well this sort of data suggest not much more than the presence of brute force in the science. I certainly protest most strongly against abuse of my person and work for such horrendous 'political' programs as constructing a 'divine presence' under 'service control' for controlling 'democracy' and its elections with terror and 'signification' - and my work should not be reserved for such bad purposes.

And, trivially, to engineer such 'coincidences' in the course of an hour my computer, would have to be under constant surveillance and attention - and I have never given any permission to that. And I certainly do not send these data to anybody!

The 'political' program - if these correlations are controlled - could be to engineer that 'quasi-divine presence' in the space of public attention and coup it by various means - and therefore my work is not yet published because the 'services' would feel it easier to coup it thereby. The Oklahoma bombing in 1995 at the time of my first book submission to publisher is nothing compared with what could break out of warfare and terror if I were to send my PEB to a publisher - consider that aircrash of Smolensk, for example - so there is no other solution than for me to self-publish them in the economic format which I can afford and distribute it to libraries and then wait for the letter from the publisher who want to publish the book. For the time being it seems that the official administration of USA, Russia, China, India and other of the great political powers (Germany, France, England?) are on my side in this battle for truth and progress of culture - and will it be possible to win this battle against who was it? Labråten 58 was it? I think there are reasons for optimism these days and I am confident that a letter one day will arrive and the books be published in decent form and format.

So it seems that there could be false data around on the seismic state of the earth (probably not from Labråten 58, though) and that these could be telling of itch and scratch on the surface when I press down the button on my keyboard. Could this be the reason for my eczemas and terrible itch from time to time? Do other people feel the same itch - due to false seismic = 'quasi-divine' data? The Lord speaks to you...

I had sent some emails to not seismic but semiotic institutes some years ago and now tried to look up on the internet Frederik Stjernfeldt's institute at the danish Aarhus University, I think it was (I did not find Stjernfeldt - whom I think is considered a serious scholar - at his once institute this time), when I discovered that Stjernfeldt was born on 6 july 1957 which was one week exactly after my birth - and on the day 58 (not 60!) years after the birth of my official grandfather Bjarne Eidsvig (born 6 july 1899). My speculations on whether he could have been the same person as Adolf Eichmann have not much empirical basis - beyond the fact that few if any photos exist of Eichmann, that Eidsvig was away from his home town Ålesund a considerable part of the war and allegedly had been imprisoned in the german nazi concentration camp Grini at Eiksmarka (cp. 'Eichmann'?) in Bærum at Oslo. It is the idea that his brother Aron Eidsvig could have been replaced with Adolf Hitler after the war, as could have been suggested by the west german choice of capital in Bonn as well as the AIDSHIV epidemic and things like that, which could have been the reason for this idea of a link between Eichmann and Eidsvig. It seems that I inherited my Bjarne mid way name from Eidsvig - and if Johnbjarne is comparable relevantly to the names of Obama / Joe Biden as well as Bond-James = Jond-Bjarnes, there could be some force in this idea.

The years are my nuts? I was hospitalized by force in psychiatric custody on 22 november 1999, 36 years exactly after the Kennedy assassination, although I felt that economic support to my work would have been more important and relevant than psychiatric. But maybe it was a little economic after all, in a wider perspective. I later got a disability pension which of course was of large importance for the progress of my work - although it must be considered a pity if the low status of this pension should be the background of such phenomena as the hypothetical 'earthquake data harassment' which I have discussed here - and many similar phenomena.

I had tried to send the URL to my new article 'Catull and the fundamental theorem of linguistics' to Stjernfeldt when it turned out that I could not find out of the new formations - and neither did I find his secretary Tina there. I have not stolen my work. I hope it is not with emails and other postal functions that they are delayed in waiting for a UTC phenomenon to be 'first' and then my communications come thereafter - if at all.

I notice the recent terror at Westminster in London - and hope it would not have been about the Postmaster. The great 'headon/Hadron' collider could be an important part of the theoretic and empirical background of my article - not the least for ideas of a 'bridge' between the two elements that are considered 'the same'. 'Klampen i Bonn' for the great accelerators (CERN etc) and the 'meeting place' in human consciousness between realities of protons, neutrons etc - that should not mean the same as Adolf Hitler, and physics should not consider my views to be on the wrong side of the demarcations lines there. I do not consider such nuclear accelerators hilarious money-drains only.

I learned modern math at private math teacher Steinsland in Molde in the 60's and he taught me the art of studying Venn diagrams. 'Steinsland' is a little place on 'Store Sotra' outside Bergen - not the nearby 'Stord' for a 'Stor-D' and a 'Steinslamp'. I recall he wrote the numeral '1' with such a long front up-stroke that it looked like an 'A' without querstrich (or 'klamp' or 'Venn' around the foot). I found the second pumice-type 'lapis philosophorum' in Szolnok on the ground next to the curled-up garden water hose.

Li Bai's famous 4-line poem exists in many translations, over a theme a la this one (my translation):

Before my bed the moon shines
its light like hoarfrost on the ground.
I lift my head to see the moon.
I lower it and think of my homeland/birthplace.

or in my altenative variant:

Embedded future is the faculty of vision like a moon
with double truth canvassing hoarfrost on the land:
The primary act is the seeing/observing mind,
the secondary is to see the reason.

My own 'Der Dornenstrauch' poem #135 is closely related:

Man steht von Lage auf
in tiefer Nacht.
Die Lampe scheinet drauf
woran man wacht.

Wie geht es durch die Welt
ein guter Grund:
Man lebt in vorläufigem Zelt
und ist gesund.

These three variants I had just completed when I stored the file at 11:05:36. But do you think this 'future' was embedded already in the quake 1,6 seconds earlier?

Indeed it is interesting to see how the technicalities in the formation of the two 'lapis philosophorums' (the first of 2014 reduced from 78 to 64 poems, the second of 2016 from 105 to 64) had been foreshadowed in my poem 'The curlings' = TEQ #1633 with the lines

We suddenly don't sing
and we don't ask for anything.
78th floor, vs. 105th,
was one of the large lefts
de la øccident.

But terror I do not support.

I emphasize that I do not have much more data for the considerations on correlations in this article than what I have presented here. I am overworked (or 'overhobbied') and should not have written even this file. It is of utmost importance that my books be published - with my name as the author - not 'auto'! - on the front page.

© John Bjarne Grover
On the web 26 march 2017