Covid-19 and the roots of ÖVP

John Bjarne Grover

This article discusses a fragment of philosophical history as a possible background of the foundation of ÖVP ('Österreichische Volkspartei') in 1945 - it continues the discussion from the article Covid-19 caused by the homo marriage laws

From Copleston's 'A history of philosophy' vol.3 p.77-79 I get the following info and associations which I use for the speculative hypothesis that ÖVP could have been founded in 1945 on basis of a small group of philosophers: John Baptist von Helmont (1577-1644) - cp. JFK - was an adherent of Paracelsus concerned with chemistry, medicine and physiology, plus alchemy, whose son was Francis Mercury von Helmont (1618-99) 'with whom Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz was acquainted'. ('John Bjarne Klebniz', so to speak?). Francis Mercury von Helmont developed a monadology on a finite number of imperishable monads (an invincible seven or so?). (Wasnt it Leibniz who launched the idea of monads?) Copleston leads this discussion over onto Sebastian Franck (1499-1542) who was first a catholic but turned protestant, led a straying life etc. He was a near contemporary of Valentine Weigel (1533-88) - cp. 'Leopold Figl'. It was the natural phonological similarity of the name of Weigel with Figl that put me on the tracks of this association.

This photo from Krarup Nielsen's book could tell of the name of 'Francis Mercury von Helmont'. That could give another reason to the following associations.

It seems that the story of the founding of ÖVP in 1945, in an inherent apparent reference to the USA-witzes in The New Yorker - only 80 days after Auschwitz had been closed, could be conceived in terms of little fragment of the history of philosophy. As told and discussed in the article, ÖVP was founded on 17 april 1945 in Schottenstift (Schottenhof, 1. Bezirk) in Wien, with the following people present - the links to the philosophical history added tentatively by me:

Leopold Kunschak (Obmann) = Francis Mercury (von Helmont)
Hans Pernter (geschäftsführender Obmann) = John Baptist (von Helmont)
Lois Weinberger = Gottfried Leibniz
Leopold Figl = Valentine Weigel
Julius Raab = Paracelsus (backw)
Felix Hurdes (Generalsekretär) = Franck 'Hurz' Sebastian

The founding of the party was in Schottenstift, not its vowel-harmonic (Kennedy/Canada) counterpoint. Whether this means Roscelin and his nominalistic program of 'flatus vocis' ('get out of here!'), I dont know, but the general potential reference to 'USA-witz' in the 'flatus vocis' only 80 days after the closing of 'Auschwitz' could tell that Roscelin perhaps is the real issue. (See also the mention of 'Røskeland' in this article).

Little is left of the scriptures of Roscelin (1050-1120) - it seems that all is lost except for a letter to Abelard. Roscelin is famed mainly for his expression 'flatus vocis' - a 'breath of voice/sound' - initiating a medieval program of philosophy associated with the label of 'nominalism'. Could be this story of Roscelin is the background of the fire at Geirr Tveitt - could be because of the name. 'Get out of here', said the flatulence.

Some theorists would perhaps postulate a possible link from a 'flaulence vocis' via Thomas (= 'Obamas'?) of Erfurt whose scholastic semiotics could allow for ideas of 'meaning' that is 'inherent' in the form of the expression to Franck/Weigel/Figl. This would not count as serious philosophy but some could perhaps find it usable nevertheless. It would probably seem utterly flatulence-orientated. Thomas of Erfurt is, though, a very interesting philosopher whose ideas could not be based on such concepts.

If the founding of ÖVP in 1945 should be about a historic 'flatus vocis', it could suggest a political program of quite dubious character - one could think of a program of pulling people out of their homes (and driving them off in vans?) or things like that. People are (necessarily?) encouraged to wear masks and wash their hands during the covid-19 pandemic. That it should be a program founded in 1945 for getting me out of Zinckgasse is not thinkable - but it could have been about a program a la a Black Sea Loop - selecting people by 'nominalistic' indexes of names and addresses in a chain from Turkey around the Black Sea towards Paris - for sending an underearth wave of panic along the eastern arm of the swastika on Europe for turning it 90 degrees for creating a wave of 'overearth pane-ic' = fascism in Italy, from Sicily up towards Paris. This 90 degrees angle and its turn could be contained in e.g. the pølse' (sausage) + 'følse' (feeling).

This could in principle be the background of the coronavirus pandemic (a disease in the 'flatus' system of respiration) which occurred at the time of Sebastian Kurz' (ÖVP) second government (7 january 2020) and England's brexit (end of janury 2020).

England has this problem that if Henry VIII believed that the pope mistook Henry's inner presence for God's, it meant not that Henry should break with the Vatican (brexit) but rather that England should have closed down its kingdom. This could have been the problem ever since - that they had ideas about a 'divine kingdom'.

PTRSIM PIK could be this idea that England tries to make it look as if PTRSIM PIK is from Heaven and has come to Earth to sanction the british kingdom. I dont think such a sanction is a good idea. I think England should close down its kingdom and turn republican. To make a quasi-divine PTRSIM PIK with quasi-divine sperm Klebnizing on his brain for pronouncing the british throne as quasi 'divine' or 'sanctioned by divine authority' is getting too aldmodisch nowadays. It is better to close in time before the panic gets too intense. It does not help to create a panic in the other end of Europe.

The historic fact is probably that the people of England are very republican and catholic but Henry made the mistake and there have been problems ever since.

I dont think I am from heaven more than you are but it may have been the plan that my genetic origin should have remained hidden and 'mysterious'. I probably met both Paul Celan and Nelly Sachs in my childhood and these two died in 1970 - and my career has remaíned close to zero.

I think England should close its kingdom. There is a potential link via Ted Hughes who was poet laureate and thereby 'entertainer' for the british monarch via Sylvia Plath to the the 'octogon'. I think the authorities should come out with the agency status of those who were involved if that were the story. I am not and never was an agent but there is the chance that some of those involved could have been.

(When in 1975 I suffered a throat abscess caused by staffylococcae, they probably had no antibiotics in the house so I was driven to a 'specialist' in a suburban basement in Oslo. Was it for telling that I had no choice but participating in the octogon? Or was it a piece of 'revenge' because I had forgotten a needle in Gröver/'Mengele's TV chair in the autumn 1973 - I dont know if he sat down on it? It was probably on my 16th birthday 29 june 1973 that I should have been informed about why the official father was replaced by a copy in the late 1960's - but I did not get an explanation. Hungarian for 'trout' is 'pisztrang', in norwegian that means 'e må pisse', german 'die Forelle' - while norwegian for 'those parents' = 'de foreldre'. He had so to speak been pulled out of the white beetle by the need for letting the water out and a copy returned and took his place - as if he had been pulled out of his teeth by the ladle of betting the water out. (There is a 'gamal-dam' = 'old lady' on the white stone - which turns a little 'homo' if she is pulled out). I still have not got an explanation. Would it have been about a 'hår-svart'? Ragna Gröver acquired a black beetle in the 70's. I forgot the needle by sheer accident but see today of course a possible 'subconscious' reason in this story).

The international mafia (the interests of the US Kennedy party, the english kingdom, the international secret intelligences) do perhaps want me to live in Austria under austrian USA-witz authority - say, Sebastian 'Hurdes' authority, could have been the plan with 'ÖVP' - probably for my work to be sucked up in the Auschwitz pump for abuse in global power making. Of course I cannot continue to write poetry for such abuse purposes. If 'get out of here!' is a UK/US 'Kennedy' command to the austrians because the international power mafia wants to pump the 'mystic' Burgenland power out of the country, I have probably solved this 'mystery' and it is likely that the international interest will go out of the inflated power balloon. ÖVP is probably an illegal party and could perhaps be closed by an international court, but otherwise I will probably have to move to another country. The international secret intelligences do perhaps plan to make things difficult for me there (in another country) in the hope that I will move back to either Austria (for making more power) or England (for pronouncing their quasi-divine superiority). That should not happen, though. Brigate Rosse can have been formed in Italy for making the italians believe that I am the terrorist movement in case I should try and settle there, or Baader Meinhof in Germany. This could have been made simply for the italians and germans to say 'get out of here!' to me - in agreement with the apparent ÖVP foundation on a [Brigate] 'Rosse-Lind' basis. (A 'bridge' is sort of the opposite of the NILe - it could combine via this 'symbolic speculum' with 'Rosse' to the female archetype - and would this also define nominalistic indexes of a planned eastern 'loop'?). That could serve to send the overearth pane-ic of fascism up from Italy to Germany for new nazi panic there by way of the same formula of 'get out of here!'. But the world cannot continue with these things and should not allow for such politics.

Was it England who vetoed something on 14-15 april - could be because they wanted my work to be couped by the Auschwitz pump for extending their powers globally? The world cannot continue with such ideas. I am particularly not interested in letting my work be abused by such powers.

Of course the coronavirus epidemic is a mighty challenge to the world attention and China and USA have been accusing each other of being the possible source of the immensely expensive pandemic.

The shooting spree by a 'Gabriel Wortmann' in Nova Scotia on 18-19 april lasted for 12 hours and it shot 16 people - plus himself as 17th. One suspects that it could have been about my 64-poem 'Stillhetens åndedrag' and the imprint of meaning on the white stone to poem #5 mid stanza as the key to a vaccine. (The alignment with Luigi Nono's string quartet starts at #17 - one quarter from the beginning).

Henry VIII could have made a mega-spoon with his misunderstanding - and the Madonna of Fatima told of the need for 'Rusia' to turn around. Or did she say 'Lucia'?

In the following list from Worldometer 21 june 2020 the countries are ranked by number of covid-19 deaths per million people - that is by percentage of people who have died in a country due to the disease. It seems that homo marriage laws is a potentially prominent factor. There are 28 countries in the world that have allowed for homo marriage (Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Denmark, Ecuador, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, South Africa, Sweden, Taiwan, United Kingdom, United States, Uruguay) and 17 of these are among the 40 countries that have death rate above the world average of 60 per million. Here is the list of these top 40 countries - those who allow for homo marriage are marked by an 'x'. The top entry is San Marino - which could be symbolic of 'san mariggio' - cp. also 'andorra'. 'Isle of Man' = 'I love man' is also high up. 'Montserrat' = 'san married'?

San Marino
Sint Maarten
Isle of Man
Channel Islands
North Macedonia
Saint Martin
Dominican Republic        
Homo marriage










But in addition to the theory that covid-19 had been set in circulation for political reasons, there exists another interpretation which I should mention: It is well possible that I had done a very magnificent poetic work and that everybody were thriving all over the world and the economy was on its way up everywhere and poverty was about to fade out - but when administration could not help me out of the 'Auschwitz trap' and the poetry notebooks (much of it written in Italy) were stolen instead of a big thanks, then things turned around and the poetically wellfunctioning world started to collapse by such an 'Auschwitz coup': If I had remained in Italy, things would have been going optimally - but when I lived in Austria it turned the wrong way because of the Auschwitz power that could relate directly onto my person. Therefore the table above shows 'homo' data or 'homo' jokes in all places except for Italy - because that is where I should have been. This interpretation presumes that the corona virus normally is everywhere but there was a reason why it suddenly started growing. It is even possible that this explanation could be the factual truth while the political interpretation can also be invoked and that adds force to the hijacking of my poetic authorship. I dont know if the epidemic were set in circulation on purpose.

There exists a proof that my poetry can have a welldoing function: The word 'f*ck' used to be a slap in the face - now there isnt much left of that. That could relate to my work.

If it be the case that trillions of money could be saved with me being in Italy instead of in Austria, then it can be observed that any administration could buy a little housie (without houserent that can be driven sky high by agents) in Italy and sell it to me for 1,- euro with a sales contract that guarantees them the right to buy it back for the same price when I sell or exit. There could be socalled 'goodenough reasons' for that sort of contract. But I dont know if post functions.

I have always moved much around and this place in Zinckgasse in Vienna is the first place in my life where I have resided as long as ten years - so it is a very nice place and that is not the problem.

Added on 26 june 2020:

The big facade can be seen to tell the name of 'Trygve Bratteli', norwegian PM in the 70's and second leader of norwegian Labour since 1945: If you stand with your back (ryg[g]-ve) towards the facade (bratte-li = steep-hillside) you will look down towards Zinckgasse. You will then be standing just outside the entrance to Wien Stadthalle. "Wien's ta-tallet" could be that number on the facade: TEL.Y 14-2- could perhaps signify 'marry a neighbour at TEL.Y' = 'Marianne Bratteli', the daughter of Trygve Bratteli, in which case the remaining part of the number + 33 could be taken to mean her cousin Kirsten Ribu - cp. 'kisten ri-på' = 'the coffin ride-on' = the 'wood' of the body riding upon the 'wood' of the coffin = '33'.(Kirsten Ribu's mother was news presenter in norwegian TV). There is an associative link to 'Jim Morrison' of 'The Doors' in the story. If one looks up the concordia/concordance of Genesis / Matthew by the principles described in this article for that number '14-2', one finds Matthew chapter 14 verse 2 under #455, and there are the forms WIMLU WILK. There used to be two main characters in the norwegian political arena in the 80's after Bratteli - that was Gro Harlem Brundtland (Labour, same as Bratteli) and Kåre Willoch (conservative): If one takes WIMLU as 'womens room/loo', there could perhaps be a KORE there, and then the rest is WILeK = Willoch. Looking further down for chapter 14 verse 33 it is at entry 486 WIShKN WISh, which could be 'wish can wish' = 'it was butte dream' = 'Dream Orison' = 'Jim Morrison'. Aha, I go to photograph the entrance gate or DOOR to Moeringg.12 and find that there are socalled 'speculums' ('mirrors' = ornamental squares): There are two or three of these - one long above the doors and one upper in each door plus what could be a quasi mirror below in each door - the upper edge of the two upper ones (the one above the doors and the upper one in the door) relate to the distance down to the ground like the ratio 948/1071: That is PTRSIM PIK in this 2/3 = Mr.666. This can be reached also by moving the end of 48-6 to the beginning inverted = 9-48. (Well, the lower 'mirror' of the three is not really a mirror - it is only a square form). Now computing the breadth of the two upper mirrors against the distance down to the ground takes it to 1) the upper breadth being 58/1071 of the distance - that is the pair #58 = ARD ARDH which probably can be read as 'Aron Eidsvig', and the breadth of the lower mirror takes it to #158 = BTsANK BTsL = (roughly) 'födt som födsel' = 'born as/like birth' - which could mean 'A doll fitler'. Aha, so the mirrors in 'The Door' tell that Adolf Hitler changed identity to Aron Eidsvig (the brother of my official grandfather - that is, the granduncle of me as PTRSIM PIK) after the war. (I had guessed it). But how could he continue to live there after the war without being taken by the britons? They must have known about it?

'Frank/Figl' could perhaps also be associated with this '33' - in which case the '14' of the TEL.Y could associate with 'Roscelin' in the sense of a flatulence of horse-size. And then the '2' could be about 'Tho-mass of Erfurt' (cp. the Schottenstift etc). 'Kisten ri-på' could also suggest 'ripe i lakken' = 'a scratched stripe in the lacquer', a standard expression for a burden to the honour, the goodlooking facade being reduced by the exposure of an onr-ovr story. Do they mean the octogon? Or Ragna Gröver's story with somebody? Or maybe Adolf Hitle in Norway after the war? Therefore the g-OO-dlooking = the OOThomas / OOObamas facade with a stripe running horizontally and then vertically? Could be it was the style in those days when this facade or this political project was made that such stories necessarily had to reside under the surface of public attention and the exposure of them would bring the subject down like the arrow to the left on the facade. This could be the POWER which the 'secret intelligences' possess. But the secret could be that (some of) the participants in the octogon were agents from those services and therefore the TEL.Y = 'tell why' would be my expression, so to speak: 'Tell why the octogon' - tell that it was a secret intelligence project. This could then have been planned to be my innermost wish - because it would rescue me from a fall like the leftwards down arrow in social estimate. Jewish genetics in falling esteem because of Adolf Hitler's role?

The answer to the mystery could be that after the '14' of 'Roscelin' there follows the '2-33' = THO-MAS[s] = dream orison. There are 'speculums' in the doors. Could be this 14-2-33 is meant to tell of the human archetypes such as in my red metre. If this should mean 'Brigate Rosse', there are aspects of the 'Baader-Meinhof' in the 'MOSSBACHER' sign to the left. (See chapter 25 verse 1 = #865 = MoShPaCHUT MRDH - [28 jun 2020: I notice also that when I got a bank card in the austrian postbank in 2004 it had PIN code 3221 - this postbank was later merged with BAWAG]).

My guess is that this possibly giant onr-ovr construction could be an attempt to solve the problems of the mega-spoon of Henry VIII: It really is the other way round and it turns on the archetypes, could be the logic. If the intestines that store the excrements are conceived as a KUGEL U.ROLLENLAGER, the dramatic moment when the excrements break off from the body and fall down into the abyss could be the 'mystery' which contains this story of Henry VIII and what it led to when the anglican church broke off from the main catholic 'body' of Rome and went its own ways. George Crabbe could be the poet of these national problems. Ludwig Wittgenstein could be the name interpreting this. Could be the facade of Moeringg.10-12 tells of this Wittgenstein name and hence the phenomenon of PTRSIM PIK, really the correlation of numbers of Genesis for Matthews etc. In 1945 the story could have been that Kennedy would be coming up as president but there was an onr-ovr aspect in a story from Sandveien in Molde in july 1957. The secrecy of this could have been under the authority of the secret intelligences who thereby had more power than the US president, so to speak.

I point also to the role of 'XU' in Norway during the war. This could have been contained in WIEN XV of this facade already then.

Could be the story is that the facade told of an onr-ovr in the sense that Adolf Hitler could have been an agent for England. The mega-spoon.

The link to me would be via my granduncle Aron Eidsvig - but Hitler's onrovr is not my onrovr! - even if I suffered a brainstroke after having read the news of the abduction of Ingrid Betancourt - cp. #158 = BTsANK BTsL in 2002, something which perhaps could have been about merging Hitler into my organism if the bleeding were triggered by a laser. ('The beast stank of Hitler/bitsel/beetles'?) I felt that I could spot some links in the english Modern Language Review for january 2002, more or less clear. There are traces of the name of Eidsvig in the concorde table #32 AIBIK. Taking 0.666 * 1071 = 714 = LBBK LAHZT. Should it be 'Labourback/paperback like ZT'? Some further photos from Krarup Nielsen's book seem to be about Penguins (this photo and that) plus another one which looks perhaps more like a 'schotten' whale. A 'LZTa Concordia? But that listing Costa Concordia at the tuscan coast (and my 'And hang under the Justcan keys') looked somewhat pre-heralded in the english MLR january 2012, as far as I could understand. Ah ja, we must hope the plan is not of these kinds - in the worst case as collecting public support for a program leaking that Hitler wasnt austrian or german politics but english - and then the program could turn out to be about the future and not the past! Penguins like listing whales? That is hopefully not the conclusion. I notice that the dollar was very stable on 7,14 norwegian 'kroner' (coronas?) for many years in the 60-70's.

Added on 27 june 2020: On saturday 3 august 2019 around 17:00 local Vienna time I left the Barnabiten church and had forgotten the rucksack with the 2-3 poetry notebooks on a churchbench there. I discovered it at home after about an hour and ran back to the church but it was gone. It could have been around 18:30 or some minutes later (say, 18:35-40) that I entered the church. It seems that a shooting started in a Walmarts supermarket in El Paso appr. in the moment when I re-entered the church, and another similar shooting took place in downtown Dayton in the county of Liberty some hours later (7-8 hours or so). One of my notebooks was only half written, the second half was blank except for a password on the last page, the other notebook had dates annotated to the poems there. Hence I had to associate with these two shooting sprees in Texas. Now the alarm has gone off in Texas, tell the news, because of a sudden increase in number of infections. I look up this source on 26 june 2020 and find that among the 254 counties in Texas, the absolutely top (according to this source - but these data seem to be errors) when ranked by number of infections in percentage of population is Denton on 11,95% (2417 sick out of 20226 inhabitants), with Deaf Smith on second place with 5,06% (268 out of 5298). Ranking by deaths in percentage gives, surprise!, the same two counties only in opposite order: Deaf Smith tops the list with 0,30% of the population allegedly dead with Denton second with 0,18%. Deaf Smith is in the Texas panhandle, Denton outside. I naturally spot these two Texas names in the other two Texas names - Dayton and El Paso. Looking these two up on the list shows that El Paso is #35 and #37 on the two ranking lists, with #36 Jefferson and #36 Callahan inbetween, while Dayton is in the county of Liberty which is, surprise, the same #107 on both lists: Among the 131 counties where there are deaths at all, this is the only one on the same place in both lists. Apart from the top pair of names, there are only 3 counties on place next to itself in the other ranking. Deaf Smith in the panhandle is the area at Hereford with the smaller places Bootleg, Walcott, Simms, Milo Center, Westway, Dawn and Joel. However, a closer study of the source reveals that there has been a 'computer glitsch' (comparable to the one discussed in my vol.4) in the list from Dawson ('Doors-on'?) or DeWitt to Denton (the population numbers are not correct according to other sources) so the data are probably not so interesting - unless the population data follow the infections and fatality data but then it probably is about the one next to it (cp. the above 'marry a neighbour at telly'). The data over these counties which I used from this source were the following excerpt:

Deaf Smith          

The loss of my rucksack in the summer 2019 may have been preprogrammed. It was in Barnabiten church which could have served as an o-'Bama-Biten' church, a series of student concerts called 'Kreisleriana'. This had been held also a couple of years earlier when there was a wave of gyro playthings around: People were sitting in parks and downtown benches spinning the gyros in their hands. The trick for the sophisticated mind control that was needed for making me 'ejaculate' the rucksack on the churchbench (if that is the story) could then have been by way of a 'gyro-comanty' (-mancy) for my 'gynae-comasty' under a hypothetical 'Kennedy' control in 1957. There were some influences in the church which made me hop from place to place a few times and I forgot the sack on one of those benches and I heard the end of the concert in the far end of the church. Greek 'manteia' = 'prophesying', 'power of divination', 'manteion' = 'seat of an oracle'. It may be that the gyros had made me forget the rucksack on one of those seats - like I had forgotten the needle in the TV chair of Gröver/'Mengele' in 1973. 'Black beetle' (strassenhilfe), 'needle-black', 'ruck-sack'. The proof that the forgetting had been pre-prophesi[s]ed was in the shooting of El Paso since it would not have been possible to first find the rucksack, search through the notebook for a characteristic sign, finding the password on the last page, telephoning this to a contact in USA who thereafter found a volunteer (with volunteering sister!) in El Paso who could take up position in a Walmarts and wait there untill I returned to the church - in the course of only one hour and a half. It means that 1) they had scanned my notebook by electronic surveillance in advance and 2) they probably even knew that I had no copy of it. The shooting therefore meant that they had organized or 'prophesi[s]ed' my forgetting in advance and that they did not need the artifact for getting hold of the contents - and that it was PTRSIM PIK who left the 'rucksack' on the 'oracle seat'. When I have not even got a surveillance copy - even if it is proven that such copies exist - it probably is meant to mean that I am the only one in the society who cannot get a copy [in some sense of it or other] of the contents but everybody else can for MOCK purposes. It meant that everybody would have more 'rights' to it than me. This will define the society and the holder of the artifactual rucksack could hope to win the election thereby - being in charge of more 'divine' powers than even PTRSIM PIK. The seat of the 'oracle' was in the o-'Barna-biten' church in Mariahilferstrasse. The conclusion is that if I could get a surveillance copy of the notebooks, the magic would be out of the corona balloon. (One also hopes to develop a vaccine against the corona). I have asked the police for help to get a surveillance copy but have not got it so far.

But this is perhaps only the quasi reason for a real reason that I should have continued my work in Italy and things went wrong way in this respect in Austria: See above on the names of norwegian politics Willoch / (Gro Harlem) Brundtland = Villach / Tarvisio Boscoverde, the border between Austria and Italy.

I dont know where the artifactual notebooks are. Of course I forgot the rucksack on the churchbench - I did not leave it there on purpose. And of course nobody would organize such a remote-controlled forgetting under the guidance of only own volition.

The bombings of churches and hotels ('hot' is swedish for 'threat', while 'hotaram' is norwegian for 'she takes it off him' - often about taking a clothespiece or something like that off somebody) on Sri Lanka was on easter sunday 2019 when there also was a presidential election in Ukraina - cp. the idea of 'own volition in the head'. Were the volition 'press-idential'? Had she taken it off the head in 1957?

If it were Josef Mengele who could have been sitting down in the TV chair, it was his 'theme', so to speak, but if it were not him, it could have been a copy - in which case he had no right to sit there if he could not tell his identity. There was a mass in the church when I returned - could be somebody had been sitting down on the rucksack? (See my comment on the footballer Zidane). Balnabiten and the Madonna of Fatima?

But if somebody sat down on it, it would have been flat? But I needed a flat - in Italy. For me and my things. Well, I dont know if this is a good explanation. It is a little 'flat', maybe.

If he did sit down on the needle, it would have hit him on the one side = norw. 'po-e-sie', not on both, and it would have sent a signal of alarm up a nerve to the central nervous system: This could be called 'not-e-buk'. The sum of this could be called 'onesided gynae-kom-e-sti' - it came up a path. This alarm from the central nervous system could have triggered rounds of shooting in Walmarts. See the dictionary for 'gyromancy' (by 'csíra', 'Schwindelgefühl', 'staggers') etc. I had been dashing back for my 'habers' when I found that it was gone. (Shot-out bullets are sometimes called 'excrements'). Gröver/'Mengele' once told that he had given a speech for a congregation of doctors and said about social medicine that "det er vanskelig å få tannkremen tilbake på tuben" = 'it is difficult to get the toothpaste back into the tube': The norwegian expression contains both 'tanke-re[i]men' = 'the thought-strap' that is the metallic 'milliband' (cp. Ed Miliband of british Labour of 2010) in the banknotes as well as the 'pot' of 'u-ben' - a 'tea-pot'. (I notice also the deaths of Klestil and Haider - and had I mentioned this in my own diary of 1998 or thereabout?) Det er tann-skully, det er vann-skully: This could have been contained in my retention problems that started in late 2018.

On the facade of Moeringgasse there is what could look like a bi-cycle on top, with the two circles. But is the chain for driving the wheel the only solution for energy transference? There is the possibility of pedals that go up and down like treading water with an archimedian transference of the energy to a smart cogwheeled system behind (a la the entrance doors with the 'mirrors' to the matrix of Genesis-Matthew). This system could perhaps have looked like the two black strips/straps on the wall hinged on the Mossbacher sign. I thought of inventing such a bicycle and call it 'Trilobite' (due to the 'virtual' mid wheel of velocipedic character) but then I understood that of course it was already invented and patented so I gave it up - but this idea is how I understood the relevance of it for the facade of Moeringg.

Added on 28 june 2020:

On 5 april 2019 I wrote in my diary in Venice:

It may be that I will have to go back to Vienna to complete my vol.4 - I dont think there is any sense in sitting here waiting for a positive answer from LEV - "yes, we would like to publish your 4 volumes on basis of buying the rights to a certain number of copies". That of course would be the only right thing - the Vatican publisher because this is a global project that has gone for 100 years on basis of the catholic revelations of Fatima - but the response by the book of Bolletti probably tells that it is a futile game.

I was not much tempted to write vol.4 - it costs me too much. I have long since transgressed that boundary - of waiting with writing the next book untill the former is accepted and published. It may be that even reading books costs me too much - like that story of Houellebecq's poetry - simply because the response is too meagre or even rejective. This is the poet's problem - that the work can lead to a lifting of the culture and then other members of the society gets a veritable go but they dont recognize the poet's work as part of it - and then it may happen that the poet is suppressed or rejected for hiding the facts. Then it can be too expensive for the poet to write vol.4 - and 7 weeks in hospital was what he got for it. The kidneys went off the rails already on the second day of work (19 oct) but I managed to get it completed (late nov) before I collapsed (dec). Of course the society would profit much from not childishly rejecting the poet but providing for conditions for further work.

The reference to Bolletti was about a book by Riccardo Bollati "Il potere del denaro per il bene comune" published in january 2019 on Libreria Editrice Vaticana (LEV). I fancied that this could have been published as an explanation to why they could not publish mine (for the front page illustration, I notice my vol.3 p.1203-1204, my poem on the syllable KAR called 'The Great Bear'). But I did not have much denari - in case the 'intelligence services' had told them so, for example that I should have been an agent. I was not and never was an agent - and my denari did not even suffice for a proper self-publication in 30 copies of my vol.4. (See below for another interpretation of the possible 'perils'). [Added on 1 july 2020: This 'KAR' could even be contained in the 'Let Kar' and 'Karachi' things. For the book title on LEV I refer to the Lev Xylongabang poem.

I concluded after having tried here and there in Italy that I could not make the 1311 page book there, not even by hand etc - so I went back to Vienna to print it out on own home laser printer and handbound the 30 copies there. (People probably do not understand the problems I have - when I handmade 30 volumes of vols.1-3 I bought laser tone for the printer which probably contained a virus and could have been correlated with the Boston marathon bombing - this time it turned out to be equally difficult and toner arrived in unoriginal packing - but I just made it with old cartridges from 2013 even if the print was not optimal). I went back from Venice to Vienna on 11 april - and the bombing of Sri Lanka was on 21 april.

Is that the entire story - that the 'intelligence' had informed relevant people (say, the LEV or comparables) that I should have been an agent? If, say, the state of England or Norway asks other countries to participate in the PTRSIM PIK program on me, they must of course not do that - it is vital to the health of the world that this insane political program be packed down and the embargo on my person be lifted.

It may be important to understand that the essential aspect of the PTRSIM PIK program is to take the air out of what those states consider 'illusions' as far as religious inspiration is concerned: "Hah, so you think it is God who speaks through your inner poetic articulations? Of course it is our intelligence services who speak". This is of potentially very high relevance to the reason for the anglican brexit from the catholic church - this 'hah' may have been just what Henry VIII said to the Vatican. And for making this program invulnerable, the religious problems therein are wrapped in political intrigue which makes it look like a pure power program which affects the religious-poetic aspects only by coincidence - as if the politician were the demiurge whose powers only happened to touch upon the religious-poetic echos - and it seems that I am surrounded by intrigue anywhere I go. My solution is to throw those quasi-'political' intrigues aside while rescueing the healthy religious and poetic inspiration. Fatima was about just that balance. I mention on p.997 in vol.4 - discussing the four levels - that the title "The Endmorgan Quartet" well can be interpreted to mean 'a proof of God'. This may be in conflict with the political program apparently based on the Zheng chapter of Shijing - could be including the 'Schengen agreement'. In fact the Zheng chapter politics could have been installed for reasons of dribbling the Fatima revelations.

Some of the story is in this file which I put out on the internet on 30 july when the book could be considered finished. I lost the rucksack in the church on 3 august. My feelings in those days was that there was an enormous lot of work and struggle of mine for reaching a state of the art which could lead to a mutual understanding - but the response was very meagre. Today I can see that the poles could have been those who send a laser beam on my brain for identifying me with #158 Adolf Hitler as PTRSIM PIK, and those who do not want that PTRSIM PIK. It is this field which must be tidied up - and please do not use me as a 'Jesus' who suffers for making things easier for you. It is fully possible to find out of these problems. In light of the positive effect which my work has on the world situation, I had believed that it should be possible to have some support for the publication of the fourth volume - but had to realize that I had to self-publish even this - by printing, sorting, folding, pressing, perforating, sewing, glueing, binding the 30 copies I could make - nearly 40 thousand pages which is nearly 2 and a half metres in the bookshelf. That was quite a lot of work I had done in the summer 2019 (after having written the 1311 pages). I should not have gone to the concert in the public space even if it was gratis. (Look e.g. at all the 'homo' wave that inundated bakeries after I wrote most of 'Der Dornenstrauch' on coffee points at bakers shops - that is, in the public space - but I felt that my home space was under secret surveillance and would not contribute to an 'intelligence project').

What would have happened if I had not made the fourth volume as book? Then all my work would probably have been turned into propaganda for the secret 'intelligence project' launching PTRSIM PIK for a british mega-gap program which could be nothing but a new Goliath Hitler (in a possibly secret liaison with England?) to be battled by british David heros. "This is an intelligence project", they say perhaps about my work. "It is not an intelligence project!", says my vol.4.

It is this aspect of vol.4 which may have been the reason for the bombings of Sri Lanka - in an attempt to create false ideas that a Jesus Messiah should be in the coming - potentially signified by the toothpaste back on the tube. (If Sri Lanka were about the scriptures of mine by choices in the 'Cranium', would the same apply to the 'bene comune' and its 'perils'?) Italy may have been running a program of making it hard for me (with economic resources of only a disability pensioner) to come back into the italian tube, thereby suggesting that it is me and not an upcoming politician who is the Jesus. Or, if it is the intelligence services who make for these difficulties, it could even be the other way round - that it is the intelligence service who tells me that a Messiah politician is in the coming and they are his disciples, not mine. Brigate Rosse and Baader Meinhof could even have been for just such purposes - and then the deaths of Thomas Klestil (who fell unconscious 'ti på åtte' = 'ten to eight' in the morning) and Jörg Haider (who was squeezed in his car that got out of control when he tried to drive past a slow truck on his way home from his mother's anniversary birthday party - and this 'metallstripe' in the banknote could have been the contents also of Costa Concordia - a 'teapot'? - and the death of Petter Andre Syversen in Botswana) could have been made for creating the impression that even if it looks like a political program installed by politicians then, in 2004 and 2008, these were only late reflexes of a control installed with the comment from Gröver/'Mengele' (on behalf of international intelligence services, it could have been) in probably the 70's if not early 80's. It was in the mid 1980's that I marvelled the mystic warm (opium-tainted?) light from a teapot and in 1998 that I saw the same in a banknote in my hand in a Midland bank at Stamford Hill in London. I have concluded that this mystic light could have been traditionally conceived as a 'conception light' meaning that somebody had been conceived and the embryo started to grow. But why I have associated it with opium I dont know - would it have been about a phonological similarity of 'morphine' with 'Messiah'? I think it would have been more than 12 years and 2 months between the teapot and the banknote, but I am not entirely certain when I saw the teapot light. It could have been 13 years or so between them. If there were 500 months from my conception when I saw the banknote light in the spring 1998, this could divide with 150 months = 12,5 years to 3,33 - the converse (like morphine/Messiah) of '666' (and hence that the role of PTRSIM PIK as a quasi Messiah can be couped or lifted over from Mr.666 by an administrative intrigue on the interval of 12 years and some months - cp. also the Genesis-Matthew matrix associated with Betancourt and my brainstroke at #158 = BTsANK BTsL = (roughly) 'födt som födsel' = 'born as/like birth' - which could mean 'A doll fitler' - but possible to associate formally also with the hebrew for the top node of the mystic sephirot as God in the sense of 'ehyeh asher ehyeh' = 'I am that I am'). It could perhaps have been something like that. (Is there a myth that I was born 2 months and some days before my official birthday?)

It could be the same attempt to get the intelligence 'Messiah' under control after Fatima that were the reason for installing the Zheng chapter of Shijing into european politics - and the Schengen agreement could have been for just such purposes - in an attempt to keep a political control up against the intelligence intrigue. It is noteworthy that Schengen is in a corner of Luxembourg, Germany and France resembling the position of Basel straddling Switzerland, Germany and France.

It is important to understand that although it could look as if my book (The Endmorgan Quartet) were a sort of Messiah work prophesi[s]ed by Shijing 3000 years ago and Fatima 100 years ago, it is only that it is a good book of poetry which can be valuable for poetic and also religious reasons - but the socalled 'intelligence intrigue' wants to use such aspects of poetry and mysticism to create a false Jesus that can lend them much power by the abuse of people's natural intuitions. This 'intelligence Jesus' (probably for the triangle of ÖVP. the Kennedy party and british interests) could come to be a mega-Hitler - and the world does not want that. This could be the background of the coronavirus crisis.

In vol.4 I discuss these aspects of my TEQ - that it was 'pre-heralded' by the Fatima revelations. If the political intrigue makes it difficult for the poet to see such aspects of the own writing, that means that the political intrigue has managed to wring the poetic inspiration out of the poet's hand, like Alexander the great according to legend wrestled the tabula smaragdina out of an old mummy's hand - who had 'adopted' it? Or was it 'adapted'? The 'modus' could have been installed into the intrigue by Thomas of Erfurt and the Roscelin-Helmont axis, and the Sun god could be the theme on basis of Hermes Trismegistus. But that clearly is probably abusive use of valuable mystic sources.

For making this Sun god, the mystic (opium-like?) light of the teapot and the banknote could be used by the intrigue.

The poet (and normal christian) should be able to understand the Fatima revelations as a mystic communication. My vol.4 tries to wrestle this out of the hand of the old political intrigue - precisely for preserving the integrity of the christian understanding of the Fatima revelations and the poetic integrity of my own work. Or, rather, it is about gaining the knowledge without wrestling with political 'intelligence' intrigue. It does not mean that I try to compete as quasi Messiah with an upcoming Hitler Jesus - on the contrary it means that it must be possible to work with poetry and be a true mystic without having the work intruded into by power intrigues - without being identified as a PTRSIM PIK functioning as an advertisement campaign for the state of England.

PTRSIM PIK is probably an intelligence project which tries to make political power out of the scriptures and to lend justification to Henry's brexit thereby. It may be important that my works be published - but then it must be in such a way that they do not function as a trumpet for the intelligence or 'Kennedy' intrigue on basis of a 'british' PTRSIM PIK function. The international intelligences may perhaps have tried to present the lie that my work is an 'intelligence project' (for those interests) - it certainly is not!

It may be that I should have translated the Zheng chapter in Italy and not in Austria. When I reside in Austria I am probably recognized as PTRSIM PIK as a part of the ÖVP-Kennedy-England triangle. I had no other choice than to put it out on the internet as soon as it was finished. The english BREXIT in the end of january could have commented on e.g. #88 - and the knockings that could be recorded first but not later (= 'bank-not'?) occurred after I had been to St.Pölten (= 'tea-poten'?) - cp. also the title of Riccardo Bollati's book published a year earlier - but it may be that the world's people are not convinced that the political involvement with Zheng is only for wrestling the power out of the hands of the intelligence: Could be it is for acquiring the power therefrom rather than by constitutional assignment of power by the people's election? Hitler was elected by normal democratic election but the Reichstagsbrand that occurred soon thereafter was the end of that.

The coronavirus crisis is probably people who die for the sake of rescueing the world from a new Hitler. When the Madonna in Fatima said to Lucia that 'Rusia must turn in time, otherwise she will spread her errors around the world', did she diplomatically hint to England with the mega-spoon? Another brexit could be alarming in such a light.

The russian revolution broke out a few days after the last Fatima revelation and it is possible that this 'commented' on the mega-spoon. The critics of eastern communism in the west have probably pointed to this mega-spoon, telling that the gap must be closed, not opened - while the hyper-western Kennedys could be associated with an opening of (the helmet protecting) my 'gigas' in 1957. All this could have been part of the use of the Zheng chapter in the west. It is a delicate soup which should not be opened even more. Is even the catholic church entangled in the soup of multiple east-west crossovers?

It is understood that I could not understand this history without myself solving the problem of PTRSIM PIK - that was a lot of work. Not to speak of the story with ÖVP and Kennedy. Why hasnt anybody told me? Probably because it is information bound by a secrecy stamp. I know little or nothing about such things but everybody probably take it for granted that a secrecy stamp is made on basis of a personal evaluation and that therefore there is always a signature with name and administrative authority on each such secrecy stamp. That person will then be personally responsible for the secrecy classification and the results of it - a classification which then is inheritable by the next occupier of the same position of administrative authority. If there isnt such a personal signature and the ministry is longsince closed and nobody knows whose authority it is under, it could be that the classification is not valid and therefore that the contents of it can be published?


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