The role of ex nihilo matter

John Bjarne Grover

When the body grows, or an organ must be repaired, or it just renews itself, the cells continue dividing untill the organ is complete, then it stops or slows down. But how can a cell in the periphery of an organ know that the rest of the cells on the other side of the organ are sufficient and it is not necessary to continue the divisions? Is there a 'messenger' going from another part of the body to this part telling that it is enough? 'It is in the DNA', tells the paradigm. But the cell with the DNA cannot know what the other cells know, and if every cell in the body should be in communication via physical particles with every other cell, the billions times billions signal particles and receptors would soon grow beyond any measure. It follows that since this is impossible for combinatorial reasons, the physical DNA in each cell has to stand in a relation of balance with a metaphysical state of knowledge - and it is this balance which tells when to start dividing and when to stop.

My epidemiological theory of 14 april 2020 is the following exerpt from that file (which again is an excerpt from this file):

Above I showed that the virus epidemic probably spreads in such a way that the distribution interprets the relation between some peculiarity in the linguistic 'identity' relative to the shape of the border. This need not be the country border, of course, but would be about the border to another reality. My 'fundamental theorem of linguistics' tells that only 2 items can be the same across different realities. The metaphysics goes as follows: Two items e1 and e2 from 2 different realities are recognized by the human spirit as the same item and thereby they reduce to one existential being (referent) x1 plus one semantic meaning s1 attached thereto like a shadow it is hard to run away from. This theory tells that this is what existence is. However, if culture develops into a state which takes history astray (the example was the state of Austria in late 2019 - I mean at the Steiermark election, not Bierlein's government), it must reverse the development and start over again from an earlier point. That means turning x1 into 2 items e1-e2 in two different realities - that will turn the history. But for a virus that means to divide x1 into two new items that then count as e1 and e2 - and since the meaning s1 still remains, it comes as a third element when considering the distribution: It is by this that the two new realities are two and not only one. Hence for a probability distribution there are now 3 items for computing e.g. the entropy, but only 2 of these have real existence - and that means that summing their probabilities will not take it to 1,0 but only 0,67. Therefore at least one of them must divide again in order to fill in the missing slot. In this way, the former realities will be tentatively accessed and the cultural condition in the collective consciousness reversed - and the state of the existential being who hosts them will be weakened and possibly even die and buried and it is gone - and in this development a gap between the realities of the linguistic centre and the border will be levelled out untill equilibrium is reached. In the state of formation, there are two forms of existence - one real existence and one meaning-existence and the probabilities of these will sum to 1,0 but the sum of real probabilities only (without the meanings) will be less than 1,0. In order to remedy for this, new reduplications will speed up the number of existences in an attempt to reach 1,0 for the entropy function - a sort of vacuum pump that will be - untill the host cell bursts. The difference between ontological and epistemological existence, as it could be called, corresponds to the difference between the knockings that could be recorded on 15 january 2020 and 20 january 2020 and those that could not (a week or two later) - that is, the border to silence - the later knockings had 'meaning' only but not enough material existence to leave traces on recording equipment. Could be such virological existence could be called the border to white noise - or just a variant feature of that silence.

How then is the epidemic stopped? By creating a substance that can fill in the slot of the meaning s1 with existing substance - could be by studying the distribution of viruses in their multiplication and recognize same clusters and establish a formal lexicon by my TEQ function 14 and grammar that can engineer the same distribution - a distribution or lexicon-grammar modelled in a complex organic molecule that takes the place of the existence qua meaning of the viruses - their 'shadows', so to speak - and thereby prevent these from multiplying into new existences. The crux of this theory of mine is that the virus has a brief existence on the border between eternity and history - a 'diagonal' existence straddling eternity and history, two different realities - wherein it is 'meaning' only but fills in the form of 'existence' - and if the shadow which is called 'meaning' can be filled with other substances, the virus will not reproduce. It is the entropy function that interprets the flux of information from eternity to history.

A 'negative imprint' of the semantics is found on the mirror point of function 14 - for a theory of a 'poetic logic' on the other side of the rainbow. But me as 'grandmother' shooting Lenin or sth like that is not relevant for understanding this turnaround of meaning and substance for stopping the epidemic.

The metaphysical balance is the phenomenon that some parts of the organism in cells carrying the DNA shuttle back and forth in status between physical (ontology) and metaphysical (epistemology). If the physical x1 is converted into the physical-metaphysical e1/e2, these 2 units could retain their 1 semantic unit s1 for a total of 3 units because they swap back and forth across the border to the metaphysics in order to check for and behave in accordance with the balance. If, therefore, 's1' is a delivery system for 'divine matter' - such that s1 applies to e1/e2 as one of three because it forwards divine meaning or matter - 'Meaning qua divine revelation' - that is, shuttles back and forth across the border to the metaphysics, that explains why e1/e2 make up for only 0,67 of the distribution - and have to produce another element in an attempt to fill in the remaining distribution up to 1,0.

It is apparently this control system of metaphysical balance which is ill when the balance is not reached and the vacuum pump continues untill the host cell bursts.

The medication I am suggesting is of the kind that can make matter fill in the place of meaning - if one can find such a magic formula - for helping the system reach 1,0 (= 100%) and the pump stops. I have suggested that my function 14 can be used for constructing such a molecule as a formal semantics. This will not be a vaccine but rather a chemical substance that performs what the immune body otherwise does with viruses which are encapsulated and brought to a standstill of multiplication. It is even possible that if s1 is what causes e1/e2 to multiply in an attempt to reach probabiliy 1,00 from 0,67, the next element e3 can be such an attempt but only expands the percentage a little up to 0,75. If this continues and the viruses are pressing towards 0,999 without making it but the cell bursts instead, it is possible that very little is needed of the medication through the respiratory system - which could be the organism's intuitive understanding of the border to the metaphysics, like whales on the surface of the sea - for the multiplication to stop.

There is a metaphysical balance in the body - not all cells can communicate with all cells by way of physical receptors and signal carriers - and so the DNA must interface somehow with a metaphysical condition in a system which can be called 'cybernetic'. This was probably a concept en vogue some decades ago, if I remember right.

See the chapter in the 'abc' on 'British spiritualism' for understanding how similar ideas were implemented by the nazis in the form of ideas of rusk crumbs in the colon could - since they, being very hard and resistant to fluids, could have reached the end of the digestion channel without dissolving and still be able to suck fluids out of the colon wall rather than being sucked in there themselves - and this should 'turn time around', could have been the logic, since it apparently turns the time-unidirectional metabolism around. For reaching this 'metaphysical balance', they seem to have made the mass execution site at Paneriu (like fish fingers, 'panettes' etc) outside Vilnius: The jews had dug the mass graves themselves and were lined up on the brink to these and shot down into the graves by machine gun projectiles: They would then still be alive when they fell over the brink and into the grave but would go into the 'metaphysical' world when the fell into the 'physical' grave. Many dozen thousands of jews were murdered in this program. This hilarious parody on philosophy of metaphyics could, though, probably have had not much more function than proving that 'Vilnius' = the 'vagina' is behind at the colon where such 'metaphysics' takes place (the metabolism is otherwise not active in the vagina). It is such homo philosophy which correlates with nazism.

But why did they shoot just jews into the mass graves?

The story is probably the simple one of fear of ex nihilo matter - like Spielberg's 'Jurassic park': If terrible ex nihilo monsters can come running up the main street, then we must find a method for scaring such ex nihilo off from our reality. The answer to the mystery is likely to be that jews have a natural relation to ex nihilo phenomena while other creeds could nourish suspicions that it be a matter of Satan. Or, rather, that is the 'folk mythology' ruling the world of 'Besserwissenschaft' which could be essentially based on the stern principle that 'ex nihilo matter doesnt exist at all'. How could they otherwise be based on a methodology that tells that the experiment can be repeated and then the result must be the same, otherwise it is not a 'scientific' result. If suddenly some ex nihilo matter burdens the left side of a balance down while it was up the first time, how can it be the same upon repetition? This is what is called 'scientific method' which even could be a part of the background of Hitler's nazism.

It is easy to read Wittgenstein's 'Tractatus logico-philosophicus' in such a way that it really handles the logical problems or resources in matter ex nihilo. This could have been a part of the reason for Hitler's program. See Wittgenstein and 'his panic' flue - even the spanish flue could have been triggered by the 'scientific' rejection of matter ex nihilo.

The construction of a modern mythology for controlling the formation of ex nihilo matter

It is possible that my role as PTRSIM PIK is the reason why public authorities do not want to release my work for the book market - simply because they hope to keep me going as a 'metaphysical' being whose work they can abuse for solving these problems. It is then probable that this abuse is the same as antisemitism having its motivation in fear of ex nihilo matter. This modern mythology role even seems to be surrounded by a fire-spewing dragon called the super-power Norway whereby my sisters and grandmother are credited mythologically with the assassinations of Lenin, Mao, Gandhi. This fire-spewing dragon of terrible authority guards the metaphysical being's works from reaching the public - and thereby the phenomenon of 'ex nihilo matter' can be seen to be under control when the world of besserwissenschaft indulges in an abuse of these potentially threatening works. Alas, this looks as hilarious as Hitler's attempt to turn the 'time' in Vilnius around to the other side.

It could be that very little such 'pollen' (the medication I have suggested) in the air is needed for stopping or slowing down the virus multiplications - but one probably has to find the exact chemical substance, otherwise it is a futile attempt. But how come they do not ask me for help to find it - even if I made the theory and function 14? Is it that I 'do not exist'?

An example of how this mythology - for trying to get the difficult ex nihilo matter under control - seems to rule the field of epidemiological science (or 'besserwissenschaft') is told in the following:

I quote from the article

A ribonucleic acid (RNA) vaccine or messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccine is a type of vaccine that uses a copy of a molecule called messenger RNA (mRNA) to produce an immune response.[1] The vaccine transfects molecules of synthetic RNA into immunity cells. Once inside the immune cells, the vaccine's RNA functions as mRNA, causing the cells to build the foreign protein that would normally be produced by a pathogen (such as a virus) or by a cancer cell. These protein molecules stimulate an adaptive immune response which teaches the body how to identify and destroy the corresponding pathogen or cancer cells.[1] The delivery of mRNA is achieved by a co-formulation of the molecule into lipid nanoparticles which protect the RNA strands and helps their absorption into the cells.[2][3]

The model of virus multiplication which I have suggested is based on the idea of turning around the border between physics and metaphysics - and the empirical basis for this is found in the data on the spread of the pandemic according to the 'semantics' of the geographic and administrative region borders. For example, if India after the division from Pakistan and Bangladesh looks like a man who tries to kick a door open, cp. 'the opening door' in the Rigveda, that could be strangely relevant to the spread of the pandemic. The reason for this would, tells my theory, be that these borders serve to represent the border between physics and metaphysics relative to the phenomenon of semantics. They are 'the borders to the unknown'.

For the RNA vaccines, this could mean introducing mRNA in the format of 'lipid nanoparticles' through the outer membrane into the zytoplasma - instead of the normal way through the membrane to the inner nucleus of the cell. Whether this is about turning metaphysics and physics around, I dont know, but the vaccines seem anyhow to be able to achieve a balance in the metaphysical state of the body.

More interesting is the problem whether the scientific paradigm rests on a mythology for stopping ex nihilo formation.

Such ex nihilo tends to trigger nerves in parts of the population, and some people start talking about Satan. A terrible curse... A brazen lamp...

A part of the role and self-understanding of the international secret intelligence services seems to be to try and get this flexible but alas slippery phenomenon of ex nihilo matter under control - and not leave that control to the jewish communty. It may be that the jewish community had this role but could have abused it for expansive purposes or for gaining political control instead of enhancing transparency on the matter - my view is that judaism could be the proof that a healthy understanding of ex nihilo phenomena is to the best of everybody and calms the nerves of the population and they had an important role to play thereby - also as the foundations of christianity. Could be the current situation and construction of new mythology is about just this.

In the present case, that seems to be by the strategy of trying to identify the secret intelligence services as 'lipid nanoparticles' - could be even in the sense of 'leaped anus-particles' in the mythology, could be even the mythology around my puberty.

The way they try to get the pandemic under control is then by these 'service particles' waiting in the bushes of the roadside for a passing logistical transportation vehicle with new vaccines from the manufacturer on its way to the health administration centres, when the van's tyre suddenly flattens and the car stops - and the service folks leap out like nanoparticles from the bushes. This means that the vaccine which reaches the vaccination centres is not necessarily the same as the one which was sent from the manufacturer - and the difference could be seen as the 'ex nihilo' parametre 'under control'.

But that is too naive, isnt it. It isnt really ex nihilo, it is only secret intrigue.

This model of the research on 'lipid nanoparticles' is well described in an article - which seems to tell how the new matrix of packed particles is dressed up in pure power language. It refers to work by Pieter Cullis and Philip Felgner and the problem of 'delivery vehicles'.

"More than mRNA vaccines themselves, these lipid nanoparticles may portend big changes in pharmaceutical development. They can carry big molecular cargo like mRNA and other nucleic acids and deliver them with specificity. That ability to deliver targeted therapies could unleash a new wave of drugs with the potential to cure previously untreatable diseases".

The theories are presented as 'novel' vaccine theories. In my novel of 1995 I write:

22.9.94: Morning: I went out to make some telephone calls. In the moment when I am stepping out on the street outside the house, a car passes with number HJ 39666. I walk up to Carl Kjelsen's street. There passes a van with the following printed on its side: 'Budbil -Hjemmet Mortensen trykkeri'. This means: 'Messenger car - The home Mortensen printing works'. I recall that this printing press is situated in Frysjaveien: It is exactly outside this place that I have seen all the 777-occurrences in that street.

There could be secret details that count as a mythological control with the ex nihilo. Ahja, was it Kjell Carlsens Orkester who played the spanish music for el Finko? His stair-orke - the very storke or even ostrich for the novel discoveries and leaped anus-particles. Covid-19 started in China!

These problems may serve to derail the real interest and lift the difficult ex nihilo theme over onto the activities of the secret intelligences - who spring from the bush when it is the least expected.

But that cannot solve the issue of ex nihilo.

Ex nihilo could be an old problem which goes back to the anglican break with the Vatican - mainly on the topic of the status of the bread in the holy communion: Does the transubstantiation mean that it is like an ex nihilo body of Christ - or what was it? The modern phenomenon of such international bush-leapers taking the role of the ex nihilo formations could perhaps be an offspring from the interests of the british monarchy since the formation of the anglican church in its aspirations or at least desires for global political control. Is that why they could feel that they are 'carriers of ex nihilo meaning, like some mystic unit of unknown character'? And this mystic meaning is put into the delivery vehicle in the roadside while the driver is changing the tyre? Ex nihilo drugs? Like Jesus in the holy communion?

These are nervous responses which could come to be quite dominating in a research program on such metaphysical matters. But even if ex nihilo can be scared away by muscle language or even with terror in the news, it is not likely to stop the spread of a pandemic.

A new talent starts studies at the university, full of optimism at finally having reached a place which puts all that school nonsense aside and goes for the truth - but already in the first lecture is presented with the problemshift that unfortunately turned the career off the narrow path - a question which looks like intrigue language: "How do we get the vitamins out of the drug delivery system?" It could take the new talent years and a master thesis to crack this nut - 'scheisse, they meant the TYPE who looks like vitamin in logistics, a la purke and trulte, not the vitamin as a chemical substance' - and the solution to the riddle could come to be a little disappointing and maybe there is little left of the original enthusiasm for solving the problems of human existence. Will the supervisor for his master thesis - while the student is working on this biochemical problem - bring to the student the below reference 3. Verbeke R, Lentacker I, De Smedt SC, Dewitte H (October 2019). "Three decades of messenger RNA vaccine development". Nano Today. 28: 100766. doi:10.1016/j.nantod.2019.100766 as relevant for finding the answer to this 'scholarly' riddle? Unfortunately the problemshift could look more racist than rational - a 'vitamin' could then be associated with a certain look that associates with a certain social role - cp. purke, trulte... and perhaps also 'Idi Amin' in Uganda - cp. the above excerpt from my novel.

Where are the 'vitamins'? Is it me (in the role of the ostrich?) who must out of the drug delivery system? But it is my novel and my theory!

The task was to find a chemical substance that could take the place of the meaning s1 left behind when the original physical x1 split into two metaphysical units e1 and e2 in an attemp to rewind the formation of a cultural or spiritual state - but that does not mean that the research community should find ways to try and take the place (e.g. by plagiarisms) of me as author of this novel, for example (are there elements of plagiarism of this novel of mine in Dan Brown's 'The lost symbol'. A novel. (Doubleday, New York 2009)?), could be in the matrix of a quasi-religious mythology wherein the poet maybe doesnt even exist! Why dont they credit the source when they use my works?

If the reference 3. Verbeke R, Lentacker I, De Smedt SC, Dewitte H (October 2019). "Three decades of messenger RNA vaccine development" tells that it is I who am the racist who refer to the look of the person working in the services, while they are not racist since they talk about the important logistics and delivery systems in cell functionality, the roles could turn around on racism.

Peter de Vries was shot in Amsterdam on 6 july 2021 and died on the 15th. I started writing this article inbetween these dates.

The article lists 86 references on the topic - and these 86 references seem to tell this story - for its mythological basis, see this file including the story with my elder sister in the 'Mitterand' window:

The drug delivery van parks in the sun, but it aches in the moon - because a rudder of co-wall-ski is miaoing in the anderson bush, and Vibeke of the smith of the witte [resembles Mao's wife?] pardi the hogan of the weissman porter. The foundational cramp of the elder [Hitler's 'Mein Kampf' could have meant 'Mein Krampf' for just that Lenin theory] has the ISBN which means that UK authorises Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine. Now the Bogeyman on Halliday [something with Mao?] conditions the Authorisation for Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine when Food and Drug Administration Takes Key Action in Fight Against COVID-19 By Issuing Emergency Use. The seasoning of the FDA is the seasoning of the Carmichael Goodman etc etc.

How did the story end? When Rowland [see this file] sees the Tae Kwondo [see also 22. Peter Ustinov and the outline of India on the map], the Walde Hofmann of Ribosomen tells that the self-referential Detektimen is but a hydrochloroquine, a medication against malaria - like spitting thrice over the shoulder.

It is interesting to observe that the essential titles in this series of 86 references seems to be in title 3 from the beginning and title 5 from the end - 82 on something like 'Tae-kwon-do': That makes it look like an RNA itself.

For the story of Gandhi and potential references to my younger sister Tone Grøver, see the references 48 for the story of 'Sindre Bostad' and references 21-22 and (77)-78-79 for the 'Ustinov' story. Reference 8 likewise.

The references may serve to canvas a panorama which ensures the community that 'ex nihilo is now under control' via the Klipra connection. But arent these serious scholars whose names have nothing to do with their work? Certainly that is generally the case - and the phenomenon could perhaps resemble the spread of the pandemic by the human associations to the outline of countries on the map - but it tells nevertheless of how the community tries to establish a mythology that can take the role of getting the ex nihilo matter under control. The control would not be efficient if the details of the construction were not 'secret' - see title 48 for the name of 'Sindre Bostad' ('residence' = 'bo-stad' = 'bo-pæl' cp. Bhopal and the cyanide disaster - and the new habit of banks to issue calls for FATCA information on 'tax residence') apparently via the name of 'Freddy Fjellheim' = 'cold mountains' - when 'jellheim' = 'indebted home'. 'Ulmer' means 'smoulders', 'glows with a low temperature'.

My younger sister Tone Grøver also worked for a while after the studies in a ministry with controlling and accepting toys for import. It is only after this mythos (of her having shot Gandhi) has taken form that one can recognize this as one who controls the 'toy' (i.e., the gun) before an assassination. Is this 'toy control' present in reference #1 - and even the last #86?

It seems that 'international secret intelligence services' think of themselves as being in that role - which jewish dispora culture formerly had, after Hitler's terrible attack. But what a poor mythology that is - leaping from the bushes onto the delivery van etc.

This is likely to be a part of the reason why it is so difficult to get my works published even if they seem to be abused on a large scale and even could have an immediate and necessary function - such as the need in many fields of science to come to an understanding of my blue metre.

Of course it must be permitted in science to call it what it is - science should be a quest for truth and not or murky propaganda. A scholarly article must be allowed to refer to 'Grover's semantic model' and discuss seriously whether the vacuum pump can be stopped by this and that method in the organization of the cells in the body. To refer to my name and theoretic model means that it is not necessary to go in the power trap of invoking gloomy mythology for scaring an ex nihilo Satan off. To keep me going as a metaphysical being (e1-e2) whose name must not be mentioned but whose place can be taken (s1) is just what makes the pandemic. Dont listen to the secret intelligence if these try to tell you otherwise. They may have an armada of scarecrow methods and some people would believe that they even could be murdering names on a large scale around the country - on the pretext of 'the security of the state' - for scaring the ex nihilo ghosts away - but that doesnt help at all.

For the medication against virus which I have suggested - will it be necessary to 'transport' it into the host cells of virus multiplication, or would it be enough to just get it inside the body? The reason why I was led to the theory was in just that phenomenon of an apparent correlation of the spread of the epidemic in terms of human associations to the outlines on the map - such as that indian door-kicker (Tae-kwon-do style) against the serial ordering of parts of my prose work "And hang under the Justcan keys". But the outline on the map is not something that anybody has seen - it is only the collective historic consciousness who could have enough birds-eye overview to spot the similarity in the landscape. This could be suggestive of the idea that it could be enough to get the medication 'into the location of the metaphysics' and not necessarily into the affected body cells - but, clearly, if the metaphysical balance really is measured against the body's DNA, then it may be that the chemical substance has to go inside the cell membranes somehow - although not necessarily inside all affected cells.

There should not be anything scaring about ex nihilo matter - it is probably even just a natural part of a balance organ to the metaphysical control which DNA is concerned with. The socalled lapis philosophorum could be a 'mystic standard' resembling the architecture or basic principles of the DNA, for example. But it is true that while I was reading quickly through my blue metre PEB, I had the feeling that a white sea ox was thrown up on the shore behind my swift-footed reading - and it took up the pursuit. I read quicker and quicker untill, alas, I was overtaken by the following sea monster and thrown in the ditch. Some days or even a few weeks later, there sprouted up a bush there made by flashing golden thunderbolts. Could be this is how the blue metre converts into the yellow. If it is this monster which is so scaring, it probably has not much with ex nihilo matter to do. But it may have something to do with the collective global consciousness.

I here quote the 86 references from the end of the article, from about 12 july 2021:

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