Hans-Henrik Holm's poem 'Fråhaldskrav'

John Bjarne Grover

This poem 'Fråhaldskrav' is from Hans-Henrik Holm's 'Bygdir i solrøyk' VI (in vol.3 - p.80 in the second half of it) chapter X poem 10 - it is tentatively translated by me as follows:


Were the choice of sorrow's framing
or a game
in pleasant strife,
I would choose to do the same
in a short and shady life.

Who demands to be the hasting
will not taste
eternal bliss.
What our greediness is pasting
corresponds to what there is.

Let me fast the evil ladle
in my fiery
greedy bush.
Is the soul in highest cradle
is no burden hard to push.

(Of course the alternative is easy - 'frame', 'haste', 'can paste' - but it is probably best as alternative). From the article on Holm and the death of Lenin it can be assumed that Holm's poetry has been abused for shady political purposes since his youth - and the reason could be in a british-monarchic desire to vestige the throne with quasi-divine authority derived from the inner poetic articulation - via the revelation of Fatima 1917 where the Madonna occurred on a holm-oak - and the theory that Norway was established in 1814 for precisely such purposes of being a source of 'transcendent' royal power in England - apparently squeezed out of norwegian poetry and transported to England when the european swastika turns. A coup of Lenin's revolution could be seen in such a light. It is alarming if one tries to downtune Holm's qualities as poet (or in the worst case lock his work completely down) for the purpose of abusing his poetry for terror and related political 'intelligence' interests. When he died he left behind a 2-volume work 'Attljòd frå gamaltidi' = 'Echo from ancient times' which is so far not published - I have not even been able to find out if it is poetry or prose. Hopefully it will be published and not sunk down into an ocean of terror dressing up in his poetic philosophy like the wolf in granny's clothes.

The poem of Holm which exemplified this function was found somewhat arbitrarily, but it must be admitted that the evidence from the Willoch government is quite convincing. Could be such a role of his poetry also could have a sort of unsophisticated public appeal in Ukraina after the years of the Soviet Union.

It is not immediately probable that I have opened the arbitrary page once again, but it must be admitted that the poem 'Fråhaldskrav' = 'Absolution' balances on the verge of what in principle could have been abused for propaganda purposes in the ukrainian TV series 'Servant of the people' (an example here) that led or at least contributed to Zelensky's government by the election 2019 - by its introductory 'cradle' logo and program of apparent 'sameness' (theoretically relative to archive material from my life and work - this theory on this TV series is guesswork of mine based on some observations). If so, the theory of a connection to England and Brexit and the pandemic covid-19 is quite interesting - not the least in light of the possible abuse of Holm's poem in the hypothesized nature of the death of Lenin in 1924.

The first line 'Vert det val um sorg og kvide' means 'if there is choice/election about sorrow and undesire/unpleasantness' which in principle could have been a background of the terror on Sri Lanka on ukrainian election day 2019 - which was Easter sunday.

A problem in the translation and interpretation of this poem 'Absolution' is the philosophical stance of 'sameness' if it can be used for 'lide' in the sense of 'existential suffering' - whether it can be considered mystically appropriate to do 'the same'.

Propaganda abuse will say that 'to do the same' is to do monkey business while the mystic sense of it will be the two doorposts of being in this poem - between which the entrance to mystic reality leads.

'Krir' = 'eagerly desires/demands' - while 'i lyst seg make' is more ambiguous - it could be to make things pleasant for oneself without caring too much about others concerns, or it could be related to the idea of forcing oneself into a marriage.

'Rate' (which I translate 'lable') is a word which could be ambiguous - it could mean 'discard/sort' or 'scrap [metal]' - but probably also 'periodicity' of some kind.

Abusive interpretation could also say that it is 'mystically appropriate' with 'absolutistic' = 'despotic' power - which would be to pull the poetic philosophy by its nose.

Also, to 'fast the evil ladle in the fiery greedy bush' could perhaps be abusively interpreted as binding the jewish believer to the fire. There is no bush mentioned - the word 'yr' is in normal norwegian 'fine drizzle' or very small droplets of water in the air - but it would also often mean a multitude of disorder ('yrende folkeliv' is a common frozen phrase) and seems to derive from a word 'yrje' for 'slow wind in cloudy weather' (the word is explained as such in Holm's own word list - next to the word 'ysmeglime' = 'glittering sunsmoke') - hence a 'bush' could be an appropriate interpretation.

In short, it would be surprising to see that I had found just the precise poem which could have been used for the logo of the ukrainian TV series, but if the same sort of poetic logic borrowed from Holm should have been used for engineering a Black Sea Loop (along the eastern arm of the european swastika), it could be of value to observe the relevance of this word 'bate' which seems to be normally translated 'advantage' but here by norw. 'fordel' (Holm) also in a temporal sense of 'cradle', with the placename Batman in Turkey - possibly assumed to be the 'cradle' = 'point of origin' of such a loop - when its mirror site would be in Jerusalem - on the other side of the terror in Syria 2011. Batman is not far from the Van Sea which could have been the theme of the Wannsee conference of the nazis if these were planning this 'loop' - a distance corresponding roughly to the distance from Jerusalem to the PTRSIM PIK area just across the border to Egypt.

The discussion shows that it is probable that Holm's poetry is of relevance for understanding the current political situation: This does not have to mean that precisely this poem was used for precisely this TV production - but it is likely that the relevance for the poetic work and its potential use in political 'intelligence' intrigue is of value for understanding the general aspects of the current situation.

The conclusion could be that it could be a great relief to the political situation if Holm's posthumous "Attljòd frå gamaltidi" came to be published in its authentic and original form. A great pity indeed it would be if this work should come to be sunk down into terror abuse e.g. under the idea of 'flatulence sounds in the old breasts' ('att-ljod' means 'behind-sound' = 'echo') or something like that - and under the pressure of 'clamphold' propaganda claiming that 'it is worthless poetry'. It is important to understand that it is the use of terror and violence for the purpose of making political strategy more efficient that leads to this sort of associations in the understanding of the poetic language. If the terror and violence stop, then the associations could also come to rise beyond such a level - and then there would be no need for abuse of a poetic work such as Holm's for lifting the political program that abuses it up behind the scenes in the democratic people's esteem. A covid crocodile it could then have come to look like.

Added 29 june 2022: As to the question of the 'cradle' in my translation of the poem, there is also a cradle ('cunabula') in Vergil's famous fourth eclogue line 23 - said to pretell the birth of Christ. See also the 'Fatima revelation' in the beginning (lines 4-10). 'Under the boughs/canopy of a spreading oak/beech' is the beginning line of the Eclogues/Bucolica and the end line of the Georgica - cp. the 'Stammbaum' symbolism. It is this sort of ideas that sail not well under a black pirate flag - and people should not support or vote for such sentimentalism in particular if comparable sentiments can be provoked or enhanced by certain horror chemicals. If the poem indeed is of essential importance for a political construction, there could also be a quasi 'reason' for the terror in Syria 2011 (governed by the Ba'ath party) in this word 'bate'. More generally, since the Ba'ath party seems to be pan-arabic, the concept of 'islamistic terror' could serve to lend emphasis onto this word 'bate' of Holm. In fact the word occurs in Torp's nynorsk etymological dictionary' on page 18 - and contralaterally on page 19 there is the word 'baas' = 'boosey' = 'krybbe' ('manger') which was the Jesus child's alternative to the 'vugge' = 'cradle'. The word 'bate' has contralateral form 'kornlade' = 'corn storage' like the one that exploded in Beirut in 2020. 'Binda korn' = 'fascies', like Mussolini's. One notices also the 'boosters' of covid-19 vaccines. Were there a 'cunabula' in the construction somewhere? 'Keith/Anne Abercrombie' 1981 could have been taken to be a 'cue-neighboura' by name to parts of the story, at least as far as my role is concerned. Cp. Beatles' 'Abbey Road' - with e.g. 'She came in through the bathroom window' - including 'silver spoon' for what I translated 'evil ladle'?

Added 7 july 2022: Alf Torp's "Nynorsk etymologisk ordbok" from 1919 could be a part of this story: The 'bate' is on page 18 and the word for 'cunabula' = 'cradle' = 'vogga/vugge' is rather mirror-symmetric in the book - on page 871. (Strictly speaking, the word 'vipling' is more precisely mirror-symmetric - cp. Wipplingerstrasse). The 'vimpel' law used to be the oldest law in Norway, as ar as I recall, but seems to have been removed recently (in an 'improvement' of the law?). All this is of course at best 'signals' only, but it is perhaps nevertheless noteworthy that the word 'boosy' for 'manger' cp. 'cradle' is contralaterally to this 'bate' = 'forbedring' = 'improvement' on p.18-19 in this 'Torp-Alf' dictionary - cp. 'Thorvald Stoltenberg', the father of current NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg and a name mentioned for me by Keith Abercrombie in 1981 (as the only norwegian politician he knew). See also the story from Safarikova in Bratislava after I had taken this photo of a refreshment 'Bude'. The 'vogga/vugge' is then - qua mirror-symmetric - rather about the latin 'cunabula' which in a quasi declension could have been a background of the earthquake of Bam in 2003. 'Ba-om' is norwegian for 'asked for (it)' and hence could have found a background in attempts to assign to me a role of the world's worst terrorist - as if I had asked for such a destruction by way of my copyright registration in USA. That is of course not true - my copyright is not disastrous and my 'asking for it' (cp. the 'octogon'?) is not 'royalist' even if it could have been genetic, like a Stammbaum of a PTRSIM PIK (or anybody else). It is not impossible that this is an 'international secret intelligence' program - to try and assign to me such a role of a 'beast of terror', which of course is nonsense: I am not an agent and do not partake in or support terror. 'Zidalweidun' is the key word from the 'ostarrichi' document - and it could also be that the same 'international secret intelligences' try and design a mythos (a world of gloomy mythomania for governing the world is apparently the program of the 'international secret intelligence' liga, if I have understood it right) wherein I should be an alleged agent for them or for 'royal totalitarian power' but so secret that it is not impossible to find out of it - but he would 'si d al way-dun' = 'he will tell it at the end of the road'. I am not a secret agent - I am not an agent for anybody! (Could it be that Hitler could have been such a tipetop british agent? If there are attempts to swipeswap me with Hitler, such 'zidalweidun' could have been the program). Werner Faymann was austrian chancellor for some years - I have speculated that Austria could be assigned the role of a 'canule' in a 'Black Sea Loop' symbolism by the same constructors of unconstitutional power - and it may be that the plan was to associate me with that austrian 'canule' - in the intersection between a 'Auschwitz-USA-witz' axis and a norwegian-austrian doublebottom axis - could be a Hitler-Kennedy intersection of british-monarchic interest type. (This adds to the idea that I should not have my residence in Austria). But this I know little or nothing about - I am only speculating.

I have also speculated that the book by Krarup Nielsen - or maybe the photos therein - cp. the Kennedy names - could have been (conceived as) an early sign of the title 'Att-ljod frå gamaltidi' (cp. 'gamme') by Holm (I have not tested this theory against these photos - this is only an idea). I got the Krarup Nielsen book from the official father 'John Grøver' in the late 1960's - probably while he was for a year specializing in social medicine at Gudmund Harlem's (father of the later norwegian PM Gro Harlem Brundtland) institute SAO in Oslo. (Abercrombie worked at FAO in Rome - I don't know if he were there even during the great chinese famine in Mao's China in the late 50's - could be around my birth when the 'crop' of the PTRSIM PIK - if that were the story - was very small). 'Echo-rup' (for 'Kra-rup' - cp. the current ukrainian crisis) could then turn my name into 'a cover' like that idea of the early opening of my cranium - and the question whether JFK could have been present. It is of course possible that this is an element in a program of 'kennedy power' - could be based on a program of mythomaniac government including such myths as the PTRSIM PIK and all that dark superstition - with 'beasts of terror' driven by '666 evil' and things like that. It is of course of utmost importance that the western world be not turned into a terrorist organization for such gloomy mythomania.


Holm, H.-H.: Bygdir i solrøyk V-VI. Gyldendal, Oslo 1951. (V-VI are bound in one volume).

Torp, A.: Nynorsk etymologisk ordbok, Oslo 1919.

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