The doublebottomed suitcase

John Bjarne Grover

On my return from Venice on 2 march 2021, I found when I opened the refridgerator (which had been off for 7 months, with all fuses including main fuse disconnected) that there was a good lump of brown substance on the bottom glass plate, just over the vegetable box under it, and some white seeds or rice had been spurted around on walls and ceiling inside the cold chamber but not on its 'floor'. The main fuse was also miraculously out of order and an electrician came and changed it. Some days later a volcano erupted on Iceland.

It seems that there could be reasons to believe that this complex could be essential for political 'theory' - under an old belief that the relation between the probably ex nihilo occurrences in the fridge and the volcano is not coincidental.

The next time I was abroad it was for a day in Szolnok in Hungary and on my return the fuses were intact but a volcano erupted nevertheless on La Palma a few days later.

I have guessed that this complex is the basis for the phenomenon called 'double-bottomed suitcase' and possibly defining for the establishment of the state of Norway in 1814 after royal power had gone nervous that the french revolution would tell the people that royal power had no longer any legitimacy. The construction with Norway could then have been intended to serve to smuggle 'spirits' from a mobbed PTRSIM PIK in Austria over Norway and via Shetland down to London. This could have been the reason why the former Christianity was renamed 'Oslo' - possibly for 'ass-low' = 'double bottom'.

The brown substance on the bottom glass plate, over the deeper vegetable box in the bottom underneath, would invoke associations to excrements but it gave off no odour when I shuffled it into the toilet. It was not excrements - it was too amorphous for that, more resembling 'muddy' chocolate pudding or something like that. The white seeds could look like small rice seeds or perhaps millet and was peculiar in the way they stuck rather well to the ceiling and walls and it seemed that not any of them had fallen down. It means a strange glue-like stickyness which was hard to understand.

Norwegian for 'excreted' = 'dreit' (informal style)
Norwegian for 'on' = 'på'.

The 'Double portrait' of 'RAFF-a-el' is likely to be a part of this construction:

Double på-dreit = the brown substance in the fridge
Double bottom = it was in the upper transparent bottom, not the lower
Double/doorbell på-tom = the rice that had been 'ejaculated' around

It is not likely that they had fridge-cupboards in former days - but they had normal cupboards.

'Ligg unna kameraten min' = 'stay away from my comrade' could be an articulation of e.g. the royal massacre of Nepal. It is possible that 'ligg unna kameraten min' as a strategy for scaring the viruses off from the humans could be what makes the vaccinations start turning against the ones who have them instead of against the viruses. Of course vaccinations should be on a purely medical basis without any politics or threatening 'power' involved. If it turns out that among the new infections registered nowadays there are relatively more vaccinated ones than unvaccinated, then the reason could be in just an attempt to scare the viruses off with 'jabs' in the shoulders.

It is of course important that the old smugglerware construction does not lead to higher mortality among vaccinated people.

It can be observed from the poem of Nelly Sachs with a high explanatory value relative to my poem on the theme of poetic 'trinity' that the political complex really could be about a critical breakdown of the trinity or 'acoustic reality'. This tells of the poetic relation between the elements ('the white rice/millet seeds' = 'die Weissagungen in die Elemente sät' etc). It means that when this is turned into a political construction for smugglerware, it suggests a breakdown of the trinity value - which then turns into a triangular phenomenon, cp. the 'octogon' - perhaps unless the royal power be considered 'divine'.

The brown substance on the glass plate could invoke associations to 'was Menschen fraßen' - but that does not make it 'divine'!

Classic hubris it looks like. Of course it does not help much to say that oldfashioned creeds are replaced with new streamlined technology (cp. the 'Strohm'-lined fridge).

The state of Norway should not feel obliged to defend these old british needs in order to find a justification for its independence.

Neither should it be necessary for Italy to carry out temperature controls (cp. the last lines of Sachs' poem) on the platforms (or in the 'post offices') to find out what sort of 'fridge' this is. Italy must understand that 'kameraten min' not necessarily is the right way of understanding this. Of course I could not handle the situation at Club-7 and had to be happy for Fjellheim's 'jab' on Grue's shoulder with the words 'ligg unna kameraten min' - even if 'politics' on this story could try and turn Fjellheim around to a posture a la Raffael on his 'Double portrait', thereby telling this 'stay away from my comrade' to me rather than to Grue - but Italy should not listen to the terror-propaganda telling 'take the war' by putting up such temperature controls in such a way that it is not possible for me to travel to Italy (since anybody, vaccinated or not, can attract covid and get a temperature and then one cannot travel back again and cannot check into a hotel but has to remain outdoors in the winter cold untill the temperature is down again - and therefore anybody lacking sufficient hubris has to give up such a travel). My line 'Und vorbei gehn sie eilend' points to the first and last line of Sachs, and her 'in einer Veilchenträne duftet' points to the first and last in mine. Could be the italian temperature controls (on platforms to lines with border mid way) interpret this phenomenon in an attempt to keep the 'turnaround' of Raffael under control and keep the 'trinity' up and intact. But it is a pity if this prevents me from travel to Italy and the corona even could be about my presence in the political 'double-bottomed suitcase' construction.

As usual, this 'we all have to follow the rules, Mr.Grover' could be answered with my 'very well, then pay me the millions for all the illegal plagiarisms and then I can afford to travel since I could afford to rent or buy a flat for quarantining the temperature down again'. It was my meagre economy which presented the solution for escape by a cheap adobe house in Szolnok - but that, as it turned out to seem, was only to go in the trap once again. It is this 'humble economy' of mine which seems to be the secret of history.

- How could it happen again?
- That is History, madam. It is not possible to avoid Adollf this century either.

What nonsense! It could be only because I dont have enough money. What sort of 'History' is that?

And Italy should turn out to be the 'triggering cause' - a sort of 'faschism' - by their temperature controls which eventually led to a new Adolf in Germany? What nonsense. This is not 'History' at all. It is only that 'History' wants to be able to tremble its indexes towards me after the catastrophes: "Youu, Mr.Grover, are to blame for all this". Could be it would be enough that I had money enough to travel and the historic problems were solved. But as long as other people seem to be earning money from the work I have done, that is plagiarism, it is difficult for me to earn those money by own efforts.

The socalled 'intelligence services' may be more political than just informative and therefore it is absolutely possible that they have deviced a longterm strategy of 'forgetting' all the plagiarisms of my work, published or not - such that after some years it will be difficult or impossible to find evidence of it - and then the indexes can tremble with ease. The documentation should be done and made publically available now before it is too late - unless it already is too late.

Added 26 november 2021:

A few somewhat unorganized and partly rather unfounded speculations and observations can be added. Much of the following are my own speculations only and it is not much elaborated.

Studying the verse 3:7 in the book of Ruth shows something interesting: Where she lays down at Boaz after having 'uncovered his feet' on the threshing floor seems (by this theory) to contain a possible 'secret' of the state of Norway in this woman on the ground of Hütteldorfer Strasse. The last word 'and she lay down' = ותשכב = 'UTShKB' which (Klein) derives from שכב = ShKB = lay with, also from arabic 'sakaba' = 'he poured out', and it can mean 'the lower millstone' - that is, one of the 'double bottoms'.

תגל = TGL = 'uncovered' derives from גלה = 'GLH' = uncover, appear, bowl-shaped capital of column, fountain, spring or גיל = 'GIL' = rejoice, gladness, age (possibly the 'gay' of 'Nor-ge[y]').

תגלית = TGLIT = discovery
מרגלית = MRGLIT = pearl, gem, jewel
מרג = MRG = to thresh (as for the threshing floor)
לית = LIT = 'there is not' or derivations with 'lithos' = 'stone', as for the lower millstone

A quote from Klein 1987:

Hence from the word 'uncovered' = 'discovered' and 'laid down' there is a somewhat vague - albeit possible to postulate - connection to the concepts of 'puree' and 'rice, millet' (the 'gems') of the fridge. The interpretation would have been 'sexual' and possibly postulating an anal intercourse.

The phenomenon of the woman on the ground could be related to the 'puree' and 'seeds' in the fridge and seems to be found in the phenomenon of an obstacle that is hard to push through, albeit possible to get around. It could be called 'no way' - and by inserting an R it turns into NORWAY with the alternative NOR-ge[y] = NORGE as the name of the country. This could explain why anal intercourse is related to the word 'gay'. The insertion of the R could relate to מרגלית / תגלית = TGLIT / MRGLIT.

One notices also the 'expertise' which perhaps could be associated with a market of empirical 'stocks', that is the expertise needed for assessing ups and downs of stocks/shares, and the evident relation of this תםחית = TMhIT (expertise) to the form תםט = TMt = 'collapse' could have been the background of the stockmarket crash in 1929 - for bringing these forms together in the global consciousness.

The purpose would then have been to give shape to the double-bottomed suitcase of the Austria-Norway connection ending in England.

A quote from my ABC:

In Studs Terkel's study of the collapse of Wall Street in 1929, he asked Arthur A. Robertson - a man with good contacts in the White House and owner of industries in Germany in those days - if he had felt the collapse of 24 October 1929 in advance, and he said that he had felt it in May 1929. Could have been that he felt it on 12 May, of course. He sold much of his shares already then and therefore did not suffer much from the later depression. One can guess that the catastrophic economic collapse was arranged by the US government for making much out of the birth of Ragna Eidsvig as the first child in the Klipra connection and thereby preparing for Hitler (a later uncle?) in Germany 1933: The depression followed 6 years after the massive inflation in Germany before the Beer Hall Putsch in 1923 and it could have been a part of a method for engineering nazism in Germany - and Robertson's comment could be suggestive of the idea that one wanted to link it to the birth of the first child of the Eidsvig couple. The depression lasted untill 1934 - untill Hitler was well installed in Berlin. Could be it would not have come to an end if Hitler had not been elected in 1933.

This means that when Beer Hall Putsch was Hitler running off with PTRSIM PIK Wittgenstein's woman, the Wall Street collapse could have been an attempted engineering of the next PTRSIM PIK's 'trans' - which even could have been Hitler's 'niece' (this is by the rather unfounded theory that Adolf Hitler changed identity to Aron Eidsvig after the war - this theory is not well founded empirically but it has some explanatory value, such as the name of the 'hardon' AIDSHIV pandemic). Ah ja, it is high time that politicians start publishing their knowledges in a format which people can understand so that we can get around these problems instead of building a world on basis of them.

Heraclitus' fragment DK 125 ('Even the barley drink disengages unless you stir [in] it') seems to tell that this story is known also from greek: 'κυκεων = 'a drink or potion based on barley-meal, grated cheese and Pramnian wine' (Liddell & Scott) while 'διισταται' = 'disengages', including what resembles Sachs' 'Martermeilen'. The barley is the threshing-floor, the drink is the corner of the drinking horn and the 'disengagement' is the shady light that detaches from the ceiling and descends over her. (This aspect could also suggest that Ruth was not barren and hence also that ideas of 'anal intercourse' are rather modern stray thoughts without much basis).

From the above examples from Klein (p.691):

תגלית = TaGLIT = discovery
תדחית = TaDhIT = moratorium
תדמית = TaDMIT = model, pattern, image
תחזית = TahZIT = forecast, spectrum
תמחית = TaMhIT = expertise
תמחית = TaMhIT = puree
תצפית = TaTsPIT = observation

to which can be added (Klein p.691):

תגליף = TGLiP = 'engraver', could be the origin of 'John Grover'?
תגלחת = TGLhT = 'shaving', could be the origin of 'Bjarne'?

When I published my discovery on virus pulver, or at least described how it could be developed (forecast), I gave it a parallel to studies of 'bacillae' which could exemplify an 'expertise' somewhat doublebottomed with 'puree', and it seemed that the world would take this as 'model, pattern, image' for further work without crediting the source (another doublebottom), and Trump had declared a moratorium on WHO membership some days earlier.

Now the תצפית = TaTsPIT = 'taken the spit' is the issue everywhere - have you taken the vaccine? Or 'touch-spit' for the (Notre-Dame-du)-'Risban' theme of the attempt to rescue the migrants (it was 'Christopher Robin' who rejected my book submission of TEQ book 1 'Hammerfest' to Faber in 1997). I recall the story told by ceramist 'Vegard' in the Old Town of Fredrikstad of the garbage-carrying worker with the garbage sack on his back which contained a piece of broken window glass.

This is precisely the theme of the 'strotzenden Früchte' which by the parametre of 'fruit' imposes a 'T' into the 'observation' for an 'Obst-ervation' = 'OBST-er-vei-sjøen' = the 30 migrants that died at Calais, or alternatively 'OB-starvation' about the nature of the OBST, the fruits (harvest) of the 'Urgefilden' of Sachs. When I wrote the poem, this word 'strotzenden' was perhaps the only word I needed to search around for when my norwegian sprachgefühl suggested the word 'bugnende' which has no good correlate in german: In norwegian it is a purely generous attitude of the 'table' with the fruits of the harvest, while in german and latin and other parallels it has a tinge of pride and battleship - in latin it is the TUMOR when 'bugen ende' comes, the end of the 'buk/bug' = the belly, the stomach, due to e.g. a tumor.

This could be what in norwegian is called Galdhøpiggen, the highest mountain peak of the country, claimed to be 2469 metres high, while some say that if you subtract the ice and snow on top of the mountains, the nearby Glittertind is higher. 'GALLE-PIGGEN' would be that pride and battleship tinge of 'strotzende' etc which could be the story of what is hard to get around - like that drinkinghorn corner.

I refer also to the T instead of the R ('obsR-vation' vs 'ObsT-rvation') in the apparent 'Kirkeby' dictionary intrigue which seems to surround the death of Gandhi. That could leave a pitiful tinge of terror to the power.

For the 'strotzenden Früchte', this is my counterpoint to the fruits of the Urgefilden:

Engel auf den Urgefilden
die ihr den Anfang losbindet,
die Weissagungen in die Elemente sät

which accounts for one part (the holy ghost) of the trinity solution in the parallel of Sachs' poem with mine. It could be a part of the old dispute of anglicanism vs catholicism which here concerns the difference between triangles (octogon) and trinity.

The immense power that has been erected on the observation of the inkblots in the John Grover 1823 document could be about just this phenomenon. The author John Grover 1823 author is called 'Minister of the Trinity'.

If power cannot reach the equilibrium and 'cosmic harmony' of the trinity, it could come to reach for terror instead, which of course does not establish 'cosmic harmony'.

The problem of 'evil': It is called a problem of 'evil' if this explanation of mine, presented in the above, is read by some administration which starts planning activities for jacking it off its course - say, they start constructing an intrigue which makes 'moratorium' appear in my exposition as if it were about 'mor-a-tor-i-um' = a trans mother ejaculating in the rectum of a son: This is what Mr.Grover tries to argue for, the power therein, could be the intrigue: It intends to make the reader reach this conclusion after having read through my exposition - that this is what Mr.Grover tries to argue for.

That is the problem of 'evil'. It jacks it off its course, takes it astray, for pretending to have a better alternative for you.

Could be it is 'to take your cat'. The cat is what is left unexplained, undefined, but in a common understanding based on shared cultural assumptions - which, though, are sufficiently unexact to take the cat out on night-time extravagancies now and then.

'Evil' intentions lead to nervousness in those who write such studies since it is hard to find the right words, and a 'bigamy' (who said that word in the air?) develops which leads to articles which have the one and only function of smuggling in some concept, say, 'more-rat-of-rium', the rats fleeing the sinking ship on the undulating sea. It is not explained anywhere but emerges from the overall flora of associations in the article.

A student who reads this will feel the smell of intrigue and there is no use in reading such garbage.

All this leads to a bad culture of pretentions and doublebottomed reasons and rationales - which could be just where nazism starts. Nazism was a jungle of such offroad constructions which had only one reason and rationale - and that was power instead of truth. Any truth that could be led astray would be a potential source of power.

'Treblinka' seems to have been an old jewish-philosophical mystery of great beauty - such as Botticelli's 'Birth of Venus' - but after Hitler it was only 'mass murder' and 'death camp'.

Or has 'Treblinka' a version in the socalled 'Judenbuche'? I refer to MLR oct 1978 where Droste-Hülshoff's 'Die Judenbuche' is discussed by Jane K.Brown (cp. 'gene K. brown' of the seeds-and-brown-substance of the fridge) in title 9 while the mirror title 3 is about 'Tropes and blocks' by John Bayley - like the woman dropped on the ground and the obstacles of the corner of 'galle-piggen' described by 'John barley/Bali': A submarine sank just off Bali some days before the woman appeared on the ground in Hütteldorfer Strasse. Is there a doublebottomed suitcase in title 5? Its mirror title 7 tells of a 'book trade'.

The theme of the vaccinations against covid-19 - the pandemic which started when Boris Johnson took over in England at the time of brexit - has started to accumulate a new problemshift from the development of a strange pattern in the statistics of vaccinations - that new infections are now about 50-50% of vaccinated vs unvaccinated people. If this percentage of vaccinated people among the new infections of covid continues to rise and even exceeds the overall percentage of vaccinated people in the population, then it means that the vaccine functions wrong way - as a sort of poison - and if the entire population is vaccinated, there could be a stage of mass murder on a very large scale prepared.

Excerpt from this file:

I should have been in Italy (Venice) over the winter or moved down there permanently but have not much money. If I travel down and stay on a hotel for even only one night, I risk getting ill with covid and then I cannot stay in a hotel or get on a train back (there are temperature controls on the platforms and often test requirements) and must be outdoors. (If they have 'covid hotels' these cost probably 300 per night - or 800 with medical personnel). It means that one cannot travel down there without having a short- or long-term rent of a flat (however small) where one can quarantine and I cannot manage to find that myself, not the least because I probably am under 'service' control and probably would not even get an answer - or my request could arrive only in an unfortunate form. So I would need help from somebody who can offer me a flat which I can afford - but I do not have much money even if probably every state in the world owe me money for illegal plagiarisms. (Could be the problems are rooted just there). In addition, there are restrictions on how long I can be away from my current tenancy agreement and it may be that this is not long time before the law allows ÖVP (or sth like that) to carry my things and manuscripts and poetry notebooks out under legal 'entrümpelung' protection. (Why did I agree to reduced houserent even if the paperbasis is a little weak? It is not permitted to protest if the houserent principle - in a 'wanckel motor' or what's it called - is what drives covid-19 up and forwards - could be this reason I have for (possibly temporarily) reduced houserent could be called 'house & neighbours' - however, I do not agree to use of terror - such as e.g. the bomb in Beirut). It is not possible for me to have more interesting work done in Austria because advertisement on the big outdoor posters are still apparently rooted in my recent work - 2-3 days ago two new ads (for TUI and Uniqa) came up that seemed to relate to my comments - written the day before I first observed these, could be that observation day also was the first day they were up - on my home computer on the chinese signs WO and KUA - based on a 'norwegian' reading of the text of the miraculous medal of 1830 (cp. also the 'por of præs/prær[i]' and the idea of a 'double-bottomed suitcase'). Could be the only possible solution for me is to get a small house for 1,- euro on a sales contract which returns the house to the seller when I exit - and then the seller should preferrably be of a lasting quality, however 'nepali'. Municipalities (not 'funny nepalities') and states are still somewhat lasting, and there exist other solid organizations as well.

At the time of the royal massacre in Nepal on 1 June 2001 I lived in Rinktines street in Vilnius, and if the purpose would have been to turn 'municipalities' into 'funny nepalities', it means that 'Rinktines' could have rewritten into 'tinkrines' or 'take-ringes' = 'ta krigen[s]' = 'take the war' (a la 'ta slagene' with ideas of 'ligg unna kameraten min'?): When I moved into Rinktines in the early spring 2000, I soon read the news that Norway had donated 2 warships to the state of Lithuania who then had a still not so blossoming ecomony. The following year the UK general election was originally planned to be on 7 May 2001, two years after the bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade, but it was postponed with one month due to the outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease, untill election day 7 June 2001. The date for the royal massacre in Nepal (1 june), while the british queen had just ended an official visit to Norway, could be she was even still on the airplane back to England when it happened, would then be one week before the election result could be presented on 8 June 2001, which would be one day after the election: On 8 june in the evening at 21:05 local time a car was pressed off the road by another car just outside my home in Rinktines street one hour exactly before Blair announced Jack Straw as new foreign minister. I don't know what happened there on stage, with perhaps a one minute fumbling with microphones (it was reported in the news from England - I think it was in The Times - the exact time point and the fact that there had been some fumbling with the microphones) and the pronounation of the appr. one second duration name started. Two young people died in the car crash, allegedly while 'rallying' against the other car, as seems to have been the explanation afterwards. I went out and saw one of the cars upside down with a crowd around it, and the other car was parked and it was apparently the driver who stood outside it holding his palm against the top of his head.

The idea of a 'double-bottomed suitcase' could perhaps also be spotted in the story of what happened when I moved from Venice to Vienna in late 2009 and early 2010 (I was shuttling up and down by train a few times, as was the cheapest way of moving my things): In the morning there was the disastrous earthquake of Port-au-Prince on Haiti and when I travelled with night train in the evening, the carriage attendant knocked on the door to my couchette department and it seemed to be Gordon Brown (then PM) who stood there next to her with a suitcase - an oldfashioned doctor's suitcase type - which resembled the one I had in the late 1970's. The combination of these two events could perhaps be summed up in the idea of 'double-bottomed' for the earthquake plus the 'suitcase' of the british PM. (I was asleep when it knocked on the door and I moved to another compartment but I had the feeling that it was not a dream or a 'vision'). I do not know the reason for the earthquake of Haiti but I do not believe that it was because the 'beast of the revelation' was 'changing grounds'.

There is a rewrite basis for this potential wrong-way function of the vaccines in this complex around the royal massacre of Nepal with its background in the norwegian donation of two battleships (warships) to Lithuania when I arrived there in the spring 2000 and moved into 'Rinktines' street, intersecting not far away from Krokus Gatve. This rewrite tells

rink-tines → tink-rines → tank-ringes → ta krigen = take the war

In a similar way, there are the rewrites:

zinck-gasse → gin-ksasse → gan-ksasche → ga krakket = gave the stockmarket crash

boris johnson → joris bohnson → Charlie Boken = Tone Grøver's 'Historien of Charlie' = 'boken om Charlie', 'Charlie-boken' - cp. also the story of 'Charlie Hebdo'.

If the theory has a basis in reality, or anyhow the theory could exist in the political reality, like the improbable theory that Tone Grøver shot Indira Gandhi, that my official mother Ragna Grøver was rebuilt to trans with the penis contents lifted over from my puberty penis while I got somebody else's instead (JFK? Adolf Hitler?) - and that the trans mother used this borrowed penis contents for raping the puberty boy in drugged conditions - if this 'Kennedy curse' phenomenon should have a basis in some sort of theoretic or practical reality, it could be called 'mor-is-johnsen', 'mother is the john's-end' or even 'mother is john senior' = 'mother is John Jensen'. This could have the rewrites by the same rule

moris johnson → joris monson → Charles Manson

Manson was active in the late 60's and early 70's at the time of Jim Jones' Jonestown death cult program in the Guyana jungle - whereby he led hundreds of his followers into a mass suicide (going to heaven together or something like that) by a ritual consumption of some potion. I remember this as the story of Charles Manson who led hundreds of believers into swallowing the poison from an article I read in some magazine in those days around 1970 - was it 'Aktuell' or something like that.

Today it seems, though, from the internet information that Manson was not involved in Guyana and the Jonestown tragedy - but it is easy to establish this connection and potential mixmax by way of this John Jensen factor:

jim jones → jom genes → John Jensen

Mor is Johnson/Jensen would be just this mixmax possibility.

There is also the question of the potential role of Jim Morrison who died around just those years of 1970+ - the time of my puberty. (Jimi Hendrix = Jim-i mixmax?)

It is all this, which is held secret and unavailable to the public by the possible pretention that I am a very unimportant person etc, which could lead to the speculations arising these days whether 'Boris Johnson' is a name which 'means' the leader of a pandemic suicide cult whereby poison is injected into the shoulders for a 'ligg unna kameraten min' and a gradual turnaround by Raffael's 'Double portrait' for a global mass suicide by the pandemic.

Is it about a very dangerous death cult?

Moritz Schlick was murdered by nazis in the stairway of the university of Vienna - could be that was the same program adding a 'schlick' to the possible interpretation of what happened there on the threshing floor with Ruth and Boaz?

This could have been the same program as the Wall Street collapse if that were about lending historic weight to the role of Ragna Grøver.

Evening: I wrote the above addition of 26 november on my home computer in the morning today 26 november (the first parts the day before) and already in the evening there emerged the news that a new virus variant had been discovered in Africa, spreading quickly. England closes its borders. Are they the ones who came with these sensational news? If the vaccines cannot stop the disease from spreading, it could be because of this new socalled 'Nu' variant (or is it already 'omicron'?), or it could be because the failure of the vaccines to stop the pandemic could have been planned in advance. (I even mumbled for myself some time in the course of the day the joke that Österreichische Volks Partei could reboot without all these problems and start over again as a new and streamlined party - say, Österreichische Neu Partei or something like that - but I dont know if this were before or after the news of the new virus variant).

27/11-21: It seems from the exposition in 'Liberation' like the earliest mention of the variant «Nu» was at 09:48 on 26 november in this article. It seems to have been rebaptized to 'Omicron' in the course of the day. The question arising is of course whether new vaccine-resistant viruses are 'postulated' in order to explain why so many vaccinated people still get ill. Is it 'Gal dø piggen'? 'Rebaptized' - cp. 'Gal døp'. Cp. also the תגלית = TGLIT = discovery. Were the inflatable 'torpedoed' at Calais for 'Calais/Charlie heb-do'? Simply, is this british intrigue - threatening the whole world with an extermination of the vaccinated human species - for the program of crediting Tone Grøver with my authorship? (Or is it called 'credited for[d]'?) I got a postcard to Paris from her in late 2002 (see the Hebdo aspect, also of the Hableany, igen igen) or early 2003, telling that she would come to Paris. I had to move out of the country in march 2003. It seems also that Gro Harlem Brundtland resigned as chief of WHO in 2003 and moved her residence to France, at least for a while, I think I read somewhere.

The norwegian enigma

The norwegian 'galle-piggen' is probably easy to explain: It is an effect of the hebrew alphabet relative to the stories of the old testament as a basis for the christian creed. The phenomenon is called 'kicking against the pricks' and is probably particularly strongly felt in Norway because of Heimskringla which could have been constructed (or 'fabricated') on basis of word pairs in hebrew and norwegian language. This 'kringle' was conjecturally made by England who understand these things much better than Norway. But why do to they make such tricky kringle if they understand it better? Ah, the answer is probably even easier: It could be because England constructed Norway as a smuggler route (hence Ruth etc) because they so bitterly regretted the exodus from the catholic creed and had to kick against the pricks thereafter, but it was too late to turn, and why shouldnt the britons have their own creed? Therefore they constructed Norway and the Klipra connection as a smuggler route in an attempt to smuggle themselves back into catholicism again via the catholic Austria - and the 'Ostarrichi document' could have been fine-tuned to just these needs. Could be they even murdered Mozart in an attempt to make an opening into catholic spirituality by way of the 'royal' genetics of his father Leopold - to find 'the way back into cat-holi-cism'. Therefore Shetlands-Larsen is the highest decorated marine officer of WWII - could be he made some real breakthroughs in this struggle to get back into catholicism again by transporting 'saboteurs' from England over the sea towards Norway etc. Heavy water in the baptismal font, falling from the 'Rjukan' of the priest - for a 'gal døp': Those daring 'sabs' who dare face the truth, or even those who 'sa bot tør'.

But it is hard to deceive the self and therefore England are superkickers against the pricks, most recently possibly even with the pandemic.

The craftsmen (norw. 'hånd-verkere') were, if I got it right, out for lunch when the roof fell down in Notre Dame, so everybody were invited to suspect that they had forgotten a fire there before they left: 'Hand-ry the ate' was to blame, that would mean. He had made a disastrous mistake! But the recent disaster at Calais could adjust this by suggesting that 'Notre-Dame-du-Risban' ('Notre Dame du ripped [s]ban', could be like a 'leser' beam/bim - and Tone Grøver once lived in 'Ribston'-veien) were to 'blame', although that could have been a dirty trick. Is this even the standard format of international terrorism?

But England may be desperados if they do not succeed in their clandestine struggle. Will they end up in the wrongway place?

The best solution for England is of course to close down the monarchy and thereby make way for the wisdom rising in the horizon that king Henry VIII made a mistake. Could be England has the last real state church in the world (or perhaps one of the last) with the monarch being the supreme head of the church? Norway also used to have (or is it 'be'?) such a state church system but dissolved state from church some years ago.

England may have constructed me as a PTRSIM PIK, a sort of king of the kingkings, and try to battle me instead of their own monarchy. That of course is not a truthful solution.

1 december 2021: Tentative brief conclusion

The general overview conclusion I reach is that the global political arena of current times consists in England on the background of Henry VIII being the leader of the power substructure which perhaps could be called the international secret intelligence services who probably constitute a percentage of every national intelligence all over the world and have their power from the fact that the governments are dependent on their services. One guesses that England aims at global control via this role of the 'services' and that will be a terror-controlled system based on power before truth.

The socalled 'galle-piggen' is probably a special variant of the bodily response to what is called a bad 'insult' - in the case of Norway the bad insult was 'Heimskringla' (the sagas from the golden age of the norwegian kingdom through the middle ages, assumed to be written by a Snorri Sturlusson in 1225) and the probably first norwegian king (1905) on this background called himself Håkon VII. It is, as tells my analysis, probable that the sagas were pure lies only.

This 'galle-piggen' principle or strategy is probably very efficient and could be felt like a sort of solar plexus. I recently read an article about an extensive collaboration agreement between England and Israel which promised british support in the context of Iran and the theme of nuclear threats. It is very possible that a background could be seen in the story of the 'three dates' at the end of this article when 'Al Quds' is arabic for 'Jerusalem' (as 'the holy place') as well as e.g. the iranian revolutionary guard which Soleimani (who on this archive photo invokes strong associations to my 1970 classmate and friend Roy Andersen) was leader of. The airplane was going to 'Kiev' in Ukraine - which, though, by british pre[s]sence in or on Israel, should not be mistaken to mean that the landing site of potential sperm on my newborn cortex in 1957 should indicate that it is a 'holy place' of a PTRSIM PIK who thereby has a role to play in international (secret intelligence) politics.

'Heimskringla' (here the 'solar plexus'), which presented the historic material which proved the medieval role of Norway as a 'superpower' which went down around the time of the black death, could probably be built up on basis of a matrix constituted by norwegian-hebrew homophones - imitating perhaps a sort of PTRSIM PIK old-new testament structure - also in the sense of quasi truth beyond power being able to show that it was a hoax only - purely nonsensical sagas created with clever fraudulent skill - which then could lead to the natural conclusion that there does not exist any historic reason at all for the existence of the state which was reconstituted after the many dark centuries under foreign rule.

I would not take any confidence in 'new research' which could come to reach the 'tentative brief conclusion' that the books of Moses were written by fraudulent scholars in 1223 and later distributed and institutionalized as the hoax of the millenium.

But it doesnt make sense, does it, that England should aspire towards a leading role in global terror-driven control? I dont know much about this but point to the royal massacre in Nepal (as described above) - and more recently it is of course possible or even probable that stories such as these (suggesting a role assigned to the 'car' in Vilnius in 2001 via Karachi and Let Kar) could be under the command of the socalled 'international secret intelligence services' or something like that.

It is possible that this whole global (possibly terror-driven) power structure still sails on the winds and wings of confidence from the people to 'the government's own intelligence service' - "it must be decent and serious people, dont you think so? - and if they ask for having one of their representatives at the counter in our supermarket shop for a few days, we have to agree to that, even if the representative has something bulky or pointed in his jacket pocket?" Is it this presence which could turn the vaccines around so that only vaccinated people get sick with covid - thereby making way for the threat of a global 'Jonestown' that reinforces the 'intramental control'? (There is a black jacket spurting in the Treblinka/Botticelli mystery spun by the webside of the spider in Vilnius, Rinktines, like the computer screen of mine - see end of this article for by 'Heute' apparently suggested possible ÖVP involvement - Fjellheim quoted his then recently deceased friend 'Ruth' - cp the 'woman on the ground' in Hütteldorfer Strasse at the corner to Wiener Stadthalle - by the wording 'hull & hair' = 'hull & hår' - as a variant of the norwegian 'hud & hår' - which perhaps could be a relevant description of what one sees when one observes her under the traffic lights - and did even Schüssel let his government fall down in the election - when I was in Vilnius and Natascha escaped from her confinements of an 'intelligence project'? - for being or quasi 'eliciting' the fertile lights from above - at appr. Ruth 2:9? My guess is that the diagonal on Spider's webside goes from the upper lefthand shoulder 'jabs' of the vaccines down to the righthand lower 'galle-piggen' not far from the appendix region - cp. 'Apenes' or 'a penis' + D/G, possibly even in sumerian - and this diagonal could perhaps be essential for turning the vaccines around). My political view - for the purpose of stopping the progress of this new possibly terror-driven political movement - is that the governments of Europe and elsewhere should terminate all intelligence projects (including all secret agents, all human copies etc) and annul all extended authorities of the intelligence and related services - which means minimizing the presence of these services among the people. Furthermore a priority could be given to prohibit all advertisement in public space except perhaps for a few most necessary information purposes such as the results of referendums and things like that pasted up on a special board outside the city's municipal council or mayor office, or special boards presenting timetables for cultural events: There is no need for any public advertisement any longer when the internet can contain a where you can look up your town and region and study the offers for mixmasters and where you can get one at the price and quality you want. (And if you like to watch ads you have not searched for yourself, there could be a button for that as well - surprising, fancy, smart ads etc). Modern advertisement is probably nothing but a heavy propaganda machine roaring at you from the walls everywhere - at least to some extent apparently based on material tapped illegally from the current PTRSIM PIK and possibly on behalf of terror-driven international secret intelligence services which could congregate as 'hirden' ('the king's-men bodyguards') - not 'hyrden' = 'the good shepherd' - around a british leadership. It is well possible that the political construction serves to present the british leadership as 'the good shepherd' by way of the very tacit swapping-role of a 'good-shepherd' PTRSIM PIK - and that is the 'double bottom' which allures the britons into believing that they can get back into catholicism and be rescued from doom if only they take confidence in[to] this construction. It is all this which must be brought to daylight - for showing that the construction of the PTRSIM PIK - assumed to be essentially a Stammbaum which matches probably names and placenames and titles and other indexes to tremble against certain verses from the Bible - is nothing but the same old freemasonry which has absolutely no value for any serious religious theory - and this hoax can have a political mythos role only to the extent that it is kept absolutely secret and given a 'convincing' role by way of systematic global terror.

2 december 2021


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