The problem is probably solved

John Bjarne Grover

On 3 november 2021 I published two articles on this homepage which in sum probably suffice to dismantle the 20th century's power cramp called Hitler's nazism:

1) The article called 'The coronavirus pandemic and John Grover 1823/1843' explains the problem in the form of a complex intrigue hidden in three annotations by hand on the document by John Grover 1823 in British Library. I show how these inkblots probably were the basis for Hitler's Beer Hall Putsch and other power intrigues on a similar scale. There seems to be enormous global power built on this and this fact would count as a mystery: How can so much power arise from so little ink?

2) In the article on 'Mystic numbers' I give the explanation to this power mystery in the form of the solution which there should have been instead. This solution could also be the key to the secret of the chinese script.

It has long been a problem for me that my life seems to be under strange constraints which seem to have little rational explanation, and there seems to have been a 'spell' on me and my name in the form of a general ban on use of my name even where there should have been a reference to a work of mine. The solution to these strange constraints is now probably found by these two articles:

For example, it seems to have been a conception that I am assigned the role of PTRSIM PIK and it is of vital importance what this PIK is doing - and the world has been trembling with expectations that I should move out of Austria at my own cost and risk. However, my meagre economy and the complete lack of help to find an alternative has hampered the progress for a solution to this at least untill now - when the explanation is found in the phenomenon described in the first article ('The coronavirus pandemic and John Grover 1823/1843') by the hand annotation to page 6 in the John Grover 1823 document when it is aligned in parallel with the one generation younger document by John Grover 1843 where the mystery is solved by just this formulation: That John Grover 'jr' had to travel at own cost and risk.

It could not be more ridiculous, it seems. However, the principle seems to be that the enormous attention there has been to my person and work under the condition that my identity be not revealed seems to be to put the John Grover 1823 document with its hand annotations into action: It is a way of invoking the power in those hand annotations without giving people a chance to discover where the power is hidden. For example, it is possible that the contralateral 1843 'Lord Fitzroy Somerset' in segment 14 is the background of 'John Fitzgerald Kennedy'. Plagiarisms and references to my work in media, business, politics have probably had only this single function of enhancing the power in these hand annotations on the 1823 document - and it has no other function. Ideas of me as a PTRSIM PIK - a sort of Messiah who has come to judge living and dead in the role of a footstool for politics - is probably secondary to this primary powermill by the inkblots on the 1823 document.

But now it is found and that global powermill will be taken down and it is from now on permitted to tell my name and refer to my works. If you make use of anything from my work, you can now refer to them with my name.

That makes it also possible to have my works published. I hope a publisher will take interest in that and contact me for the rights. I cannot submit to peer review since that could still come to lead to an avalanche of terror and monkey business and be a very serious setback for me and the world.

The contract I prefer - in order to avoid selling the book out of the market for a certain number of years, and any contract can probably be sold on to Ditler, Pitler, Gitler Verlag selling to each other in chain manner - is that a publisher can buy the rights to a certain agreed-upon number of copies and pay me for those when it is in the print - a third or fourth of the price in the shop is likely to be a decent payment to me. When those agreed-upon number of copies are sold out, the agreement can give the publisher the right to renew the contract automatically, could be exclusive rights can be discussed if you are a sufficiently big and serious publisher, in which case the publisher also could administer translations and crack down on plagiarisms, but it must be the condition that the contract can be terminated with zero period of notice by both parts and the publisher will then have the right to sell out the copies that are already printed and paid for. I would also need the right to inspect and possibly veto the presentation format of the book before it is printed, just to avoid that it be sold as Hitler's bible and things like that.

My works exist in various libraries to which I have donated the copies I have made myself, home-printed and bound by hand, and can be consulted for peer reviews there if the publisher needs it. I hope the donated copies are not replaced with corrupt versions for the purpose of intrigue power. Please do not send me reviews that reject my work - send only a letter if you are interested in publishing them. I cannot guarantee that the postal connections to me (as PTRSIM PIK) function normally - which means that if you are a serious and decent publisher and send me a letter and get a sour reply telling that I am not interested, it could well be 'services' who want to uphold the old gloomy hand annotation power for yet some time - and therefore have annotated a false reply letter with my signature.

It is very important that my works be available in legal format - not the least in order to avoid that they be handed out free and electronically by 'intelligence services' to anybody interested in them. Such pirate copies could lead to the false idea that such 'intelligence services' have the copyright to them or in any way are affiliated with them - which is a very false conception and it must be emphasized very strongly that my works are my intellectual property only and nobody else has any right to make any copies of them. Since there seem to be much interest in them and people may have got free copies from the 'intelligence services' or whoever it is who produce the pirate copies, there is a very urgent need for making legal copies available - and those who have pirate copies in their possession should be encouraged to buy a legal copy in order to cleanse their conscience and avoid persecution by the police.

Much western power seem to be interested in keeping it going in the same manner since China is still an eldorado for romantic political crusaders who hope to storm the 'promised land' on horseback - but I believe that I now have described the reason for the very extensive abuse there seem to have been of my works: It is in the mechanism of those two articles and when the solution is found the bottom will soon go out of the power program of Hitler and his comrades.

Some will perhaps say that it is too early to conclude on anything before the correlation of the '20 Gedichte' with the Catalan constant is verified. I point to the end of the article on 'Mystic numbers' for the theory of the fundamental correlation principles being contained in the first 25 decimales of this constant relative to my title: A closer study of this shows that the correlation will converge on the cuneiform wedges (vertical in the first 6 decimals, horizontal in the 6 next, slant in the next 6 and the big wedge or upwards-slant in the final 7) and on volume 3 page 303 I have mentioned the observation of an apparent phenomenon of mirror symmetry in cuneiform: If mirror symmetry also applies to the correlation principles one can perhaps already now take these ideas for more than guesswork. See also the symmetric 'cochlea'. Of course, if anybody finds an interesting significant correlation, I would be happy to hear about it.

Added on 8 november 2021:

It must be noticed that the significant progress there could be in the two first-mentioned articles of mine is due to the empirical data in my poetic work "20 Gedichte" which could be a step towards a 'decipherment' of the 1-step and 5-step levels of knowledge in the relation between the alphabet and the chinese script - see also the conclusions on part I, II, III and IV towards the end of this file. This is something very different from a form of administrative logic which could have been developed on basis of similar concepts: I have guessed that there could exist an administrative strategy which consists in defining relations between people's social condition and the money they pay - for example, if in a house person A pays a houserent which 'means' the social problems of another person B in the same house, and this person B pays a houserent which 'means' the social problems of another person C etc, then an impressive 'Wankel motor' (or somerthing like that) could perhaps be constructed in the social space, of house, district, town etc. The problem is then how to define the dependency relation between houserent and 'problems' - and of course it is possible to construct simple systems with human associations to the numerals 3, 5, 9 in the houserent number - and also parts of these digits. Notably one could think of such a system applying to a Stammbaum of a PTRSIM PIK, for example - and that could lead to claims on being in control with this person's genetically conditioned conception of and relation to the world. But this would be a semiotic conception very opposite to my ideas - I would guess that such a Stammbaum control relative to history and other things could come in the category associated with nazi philosophy. The purpose with such a 'social machine' could be e.g. to make claims that my poetry is conditioned by a PTRSIM PIK Stammbaum of mine - while I would deny any such conditioning. Of course, if my '20 Gedichte' follow significantly the decimals of the Catalan constant (the article among these articles) - and other constants - that cannot be due to any Stammbaum composition under administrative control. Likewise function 14 of TEQ is a proof that my poetry is not under such administrative control but rather should be understood as a level 4 phenomenon - which means a prophetic language function (also mentioned in volume 4) which can be essential to poetry and has nothing to do with any PTRSIM PIK theory or construction. Since I believe that there are no monkeys, divines or dirty beasts in my genetic Stammbaum, but that there are only normal human beings there, I claim that I am not more PTRSIM PIK than you are - and any such 'social machine' which matches the 'meaning' of money sums against social problems of any kind is something totally unrelated to my poetry or work or life in general.

This means that my semiotic theory is the very opposite of any attempts to attach gloomy superstitious ideas of a PTRSIM PIK conditioning onto people and is the very opposite of attempts to construct political power machines by way of subsymbolic aspects of the relation between numerals and alphabetic letters. Such a 'subsymbolic' political power machine is but a variant of the power constructed on basis of the inkblots in John Grover 1823 and must count as a historic error which should not be continued.

I tell an example: The 'triple murder' of the Orderuds in the spring 1999 was only few days after the bombing of the chinese embassy in Belgrade which was the day after Per Paust (husband of Anne Orderud Paust who was personal secretary to the norwegian defense minister since 1985) died from cancer - the Orderuds were allegedly shot some days later. Not long after this came up in the news, there were also news of an electric network that had been found (source 'Dagbladet' see upper righthand corner) in the vicinity of the home of the Pausts in Oslo by a neighbour called Hans Rasta. The younger brother Per Orderud was suspected of having made the threat against and eventual murder of his elder sister Anne Orderud Paust (cp. me and my elder sister Vibeke Grøver who has not written my books). If there should have been an electronic network in the surroundings of my home in Zinckgasse in Vienna, it could have forwarded info from my home computer to a more or less international network of media and business, including advertisement, and it is not self-evident that police would have had this under their control. Hackengasse is parallel street to Zinckgasse, with Pelzgasse as parallel on the other side. One could fancy that the hand annotation on John Grover 1823 page 6 could have been subjected to electronic microscopy and the details of the ink in the fibres of the paper been analyzed in its small network details.

Is such a power machine driven by manipulation of 'G' and 'D' (insertions, deletions, movements) in order to make references to ordinary religious ideas - including ideas of 'the acoustic reality', archetypes a la the woman on the ground in Hütteldorferstrasse etc? I refer to Fjellheim's first and anonymous book "1.Olsens bok" (Gyldendal Norsk Forlag Oslo 1983) - the third story about an apparent dog called called 'Billepelsen' wherein he mentions 'duG' = 'doG', a possible variant of 'God'.

The italian vegetable BROCCOLI was imported to Norway probably around 1960 - I recall the family went to buy some of it from a farmer. Nelly Sachs died 10 years later from colon cancer or 'CA.COLI' as it is written in the official document by doctor 'Pär Lindell', if I remember the name right. In 1977 there was the blowout disaster of the oil rig BRAVO in the North Sea - which by a D/G manipulation could have been interpreted as BROKT DOLI = 'brukket dårlig' = some bad/weak part had broken in the rig and hence the blowout. I think it was ten years later (around the time when my 'career' got a little upswing with the participation in the MUSIKUS project - that my cousin Hans Frode Nedregård died allegedly when he tried to cross a mountain in bad winter weather - cp. 'Hacken Språket nereor' = potentially 'on yar nerover' for my 'John Bjarne Grover' onset truncated. (When I was subjected to forced psychiatric treatment in 1999-2000, the reason was, as it was said in the beginning, that I had been a promising student in school but dropped out in 1975 and it had been going downwards since then - I think was the wording. The signature of Ragna Grøver - with whom I had not been in contact for years even if she continued to stalk me with letters which I for many years returned unopened to sender before I started to destroy them unread - had been needed for making the hospitalization legal and it may be that it was a quote from her).

It is important to understand that such politics is nothing but precisely the John Grover 1823/1843 hand annotation politics however much they could make use of 'subsymbolic' values. It would be exactly the opposite of my theory.

Now the coronavirus pandemic is shooting up again in spite of the vaccinations and today 8 november 2021 the number of new infections in Hungary are 17000, some 1,5 of the highest value registered so far since the pandemic started, even if the country is among the best vaccinated ones. What is the reason? I was in Hungary some time ago and asked in a foyer to a hospital how to get a vaccine and was told that first one must line up for registration and thereafter one would be called - could be at another time - to the vaccination. I have asked myself "why dont they sell the vaccines in the farmacies and offer antibody tests to check your immunity - instead of all these PCR or whatsitcalled"? I believed that it was because antibody testing is so difficult - but that is very to the contrary, it is easy and takes only one drop of blood - in England they seem to get them for free if needed. But then why dont they hand out or sell the self-vaccinations in the hospital foyer - at a table where people can choose themselves from among some dozen prefilled syringes on a table - to be injected by the self at home once or twice a year - on the belly 5 cm from the bellybutton with 5-6-7 mm tip - and offer test certificates by antibody test for proving you have taken the vaccine? Three freedoms principle - but then there is no power involved in the vaccination. The reason is probably that people believe in the political power mythos such that they believe that the purpose with the vaccinations is to inject a powerful stuff into the shoulder which tells to the viruses "ligg unna kameraten min" = 'stay away from my comrade', a formula which will scare the viruses off. And then the power must be injected in the shoulder - otherwise there is no purpose in it. (And is the vaccine a 'Li3Gu2Na4Ca4...'?) It is just to provide self-vaccination chances and antibody tests and the pandemic will probably soon go down. But people cannot vaccinate themselves in the shoulder and if they can choose freely themselves which syringe to use, then there is no power in it.

[9/11-21:] Hungary and Peru were for months on the world top of covid-19 mortality per capita and it is very possible that this is due to ideas that the only thing which can stop the pandemic is the substance Li1Gu22Na3Ca4Mer18Min = 'ligg unna kameraten min' injected into the shoulders. Of course 'gulatium' and 'mer' could be thought of as powerful against such 'viruses'. I notice also the story of the chinese tripods and soup tureens.

Is this a too ridiculous interpretation? It is probably not: It would mean that peruvians and hungarians sacrifice themselves in order to try and help getting the pandemic down again because 'ligg unna kameraten min' is the power-theme of the shoulder-touch, and when they first have to register and thereafter wait while the administration is scanning the registers to see why the person has come to get an injection, the person waiting for the injection cannot escape scanning own conscience registers and the question is what GU- can mean in hungarian. Adding to LI- for a 'lignum vitae', it is a fact that many of those words touch upon just matters of sex - such as 'gumi' for 'condom', 'gulyas' for 'shepherd' (or 'gulash'), 'gurgula' = (by Benkö) 'walzen- oder rohr-förmiger Gegenstand'. For the words on GU- discussed in Benkö (1984), it may be that 'gulash' is a folk-etymological summary for such 'ultimate matters' while waiting for the Registers to complete their work. Benkö tells that 'gulash' was first attested in 1886. For the blue metre of my 'POLAKK English Bloggi', this means poem #46 = (2009-1886)*0,366 = 45,018 = poem #46 which seems to tell just this story - which thereby confirms not only that the story could be about my blue metre but also possibly essentially that it be about the fact that my books should have been published and not stopped by the power interests of politics and 'intelligence interests'. Here is #46, which I here generously quote for your gratis reading and enlightenment on these eschatological issues:

The walking pair, the man, the firm
woman in her gray coat turns
when she feels the scent of sperm
leftwards towards the child of hers.

Geographic - she inspects
all my passport's worth to see,
lifts her eyes to the injects
of her gray-clothed birth and be.

You must choose and choose the par,
says the asian girl
horizontally striped behind the bar.

In an intersecting valley
making 4 the world
she's the fourth, she's in an alley.

Those hungarian words on GU- could, many of them, recognize the situation when the couple with child walk in the street and a 'third' man passes and leaves a sudden gust of semen in the air. In a 'wigwam' valley? It is possible that such ideas, which could leap out from the Registers while waiting for the injection, in hungarian can be summed up in the words on GU which again can be summed up in the form 'gulyas' which again would be that 'GU' of the formula which is needed for beating the dangerous pandemic back again. People have sinned and the pandemic is a punishment therefore - but the new vaccines should be able to stop it. What is the problem? It is what is called 'breach of copyright' - and that is just the story of my authorship which should have been presented to the people in legally published format and not be reserved for the language of power (gulash-22, meer-18 etc) in the 'intelligence services'.

However, if vaccines are offered for people to get them without registration and scrutiny of your conscience but can be injected easily by oneself at the home kitchen table, the purpose would be simply to stop the viruses and that is not the same language of exploitative power which knows how to flex its muscles with your sinful nature.

My books should be published - making legal copies available (and how many illegal copies have been circulated by the 'intelligence services'? - they do not have the copyright!) - and I should move to another country - but I cannot find a lasting solution or continue making my own books (for gratis donations) with my meagre economic resources and I cannot carry with me e.g. those 4 volumes of Benkö et al. if I have to move from bedsit to bedsit and then I cannot have my work properly done.

Adding to the observations in this file on 4 ex nihilo pieces, the fourth piece was this one which has a puzzling similarity with a small beetle that apparently had crushed itself flat inbetween the cover cardboard and the first leaf of my poetry notebook with studies and translations from 'Shijing'. I found it when I opened it for consulting 'Shijing #139' relative to the introductory lines from my own 'The Endmorgan Quartet' = TEQ poem #8 "Attempt to become a member of the poetry society":

Good morning, this is the Grove.

A bar-'G' has a certain comparison.
We have very wide-spanned legs
which I could traverse
if only shall it be,
and registered
as a united Rachel infinity.

As I have come to see,
people are not same where
recursive iteration on the particular object
is to invoke Venus' car [registration] number.


The 'bar-G' could perhaps apply to the logic of the mystic-poetic numbers' - such as the decimals 7-12 of the Catalan constant. The wide-spanned legs could of course be the idea that acoustics and graphics are approaching mutual mirror-symmetry in phrases of mystic-poetic number matters - such as my title written 'Wine 2*' which is pronounced 'Boston 2 Wine'.

It is possible that the 'zidalweidun' issue is essential to the vaccination program.

Advertisement in Austria seems to be running a massive campaign against my life and work - as if I were the threat against 'my comrade' - and this seems to have been going on for more than a decade. This is an important part of the reason why I have to move to another country and I dont think I have much choice. That could be what the coronavirus pandemic tells. Yesterday I observed from a bus window a poster which I believed had been pasted up on a bus stop shed just recently and which seemed to be a mirrored comment on the ex nihilo piece #2 which I had published the day before - but mirrored due to principles that could not be found without detailed scrutiny of my private workspace, the movements of my body over the workdesk and my mumbling to myself (here it could mean 'Nürnberg' instead of 'Stockholm'). They seem to be constantly stepping or rather 'beerhallputsching' around in my shoes and it seems that the authorities are not doing anything to stop it and it is not possible to continue here in Austria. If this apparently massive campaign is driving the world into a new holocaust and other disasters (the pandemic?) and the authorities think that if I do not do anything to stop it - beyond writing here on the internet - then they can afterwards tremble their index fingers for a 'youu are to blame, Mr.Grover, since you have not contacted a lawyer for having it stopped'. Of course that is not proper logic - of course it is the authorities themselves who have to stop such advertisement behaviour without being explicitly asked about it - otherwise abuse of electronic surveillance data can be going on for years and decades before the victim has the chance to discover it and then it can be all too late to repair and counterbalance it.

10 november 2021: Adding to the above observations on the first lines of my poem TEQ #8 "Attempt to become a member of the poetry society", it can be noticed that if the Catalan constant - conventionally called 'G' - is considered the secret key to the prism that unites lexicality and syntax, at least on the level of numerality in natural language, then the 'bar-'G'' of the poem could be the introductory 'G = 0,...' as a transform of the '20 Ge-' of my title "20 Gedichte in September und Oktober" (chapter 7 of 'SNEEFT COEIL'), then the 'long-spanned legs' could be the following 9 Catalan decimals mirrored against the text: '915 965 594' = 'dichte in Sep' mirrored → 'pes nieth cid', in a mapping to the decimals for which there is some graphic-semiotic rationality available - with 9 decimals spanning longer than the 'phrase' of the first 'cuneiform wedge' that can be seen as contained in the first 6 decimals (when studying the relation between the 25 first decimals and the title text). But this 'pes nieth cid' could be just the address 'Betterton Street' of the London Poetry Society which the poem tells of - and furthermore the phrase 'which I could' of the next line (plus 'traverse' = 'temper' etc). This correlation was entirely intuitive when I wrote the poem in 1997 - but today I could invoke such phenomena as indicative of the relevance of my theory of the Catalan constant for my '20 Gedichte' and natural language generally.

This '915 965 594' → 'pes nieth cid' could also be the explanation to the surprising historic-political success of the 'zidalweidun' story - in the form of the 9 first Catalan decimals containing an apparent secret of high value - but poetry must not mistake the 'zidalweidun' factor as a guiding light of poetry - the 'zidalweidun' is probably swindle for making the double-bottomed suitcase that can smuggle royal-power-enhancing quasi divinity obtained from mobbing of the PTRSIM PIK (now in advertisements with an AD-old-fitler function etc) from Austria via Norway to England - from 'oster-reich' via 'norder-reich' - this sort of 'zidalweidun' swindle could have been produced in the heydays of a 'transcendence-transfiguration via a blue metre' obtained in such 'perfect swindle' as an alternative to the spirituality of classic catholicism - the swindler of those days probably undergoing a mystic transformation that revealed with apparent mystic clarity the secrets of the natural language contained in what later was discovered as the Catalan constant. Cp. my 1999 letter to the Poetry Society in just this 'Betterton Street'.

11 november 2021: People probably cannot understand the logic that 'gulatium' in the vaccines should be the reason for the new upwards rise in the global curve of covid-19. "You cannot mean that we shall take that seriously?" Those who refuse to understand such logic - how people have registered and sit there anxiously waiting for the sentence and then the 'goulash door' goes up and they are being called in to the injection - are of course right: The reason is of course not that 'gulatium' is dangerous, it is that public administration more or less all over the world has accepted the mythos with Club-7 and 'ligg unna kameraten min' and all that as being defining for administrative power. It is the public administration that must confess and regret their use of these mythos elements - club-7 and taschenkrebs and garasjetulla and all that apparently encircling the idea of a new Adolf Hitler - and then the pandemic could start going down. Is 'garasjetulla' the big thing in current politics? Well that is what the 'gulatium' tells: Stop all that 'gulasjetulla' and tell the truth. Club-7 and 'ligg unna kameraten min' would be a mythos that comes from Norway, and it is a fact that the global curve of covid-19 was on its way down and everybody were happy that the vaccines finally had taken the pandemic and we could return to normal life - when the new norwegian government started on 14 october and it seems that the global curve turned upwards again for a new round. People do not want Hitler once again - that could be the global protest which is called 'covid-19'.

13 november 2021: More specifically, a new austrian government started on 11 october, which was the day when the global curve of new infections started turning upwards again, and the 7-day average curve turned on 14 october when the new norwegian government started. But this could mean only the 'double-bottomed suitcase' ('Heim-skrin-gla' +'ostra-chisti') which could smuggle spirits from the PTRSIM PIK in Vienna over the 'Klipra connection' to London - which could have been a royal program since the french revolution. If this curve-turn means 'no more Hitler', it could mean that Hitler was a 'royalist' concern. 'Shetlands-Larsen' (who shuttled 52 times between Norway and Shetland during the war) is allegedly the highest decorated marine officer of WWII.

17 november 2021: There are signs that among the people who get covid-19 these days there are almost as many vaccinated as there are unvaccinated - and it may be that some will come to say that the vaccines have little or no effect on the number of new infections. If one studies the complex in this file, it is seen that the power phenomenon could be only exclusively based on the principle of 'other-way-round' - and it may well be that Hitler's concentration camps were constructed in order to lend force to the 'silberstrahl' of the intramental 'zombie' spurt onto the cortex of a PTRSIM PIK. If so, and if the vaccination program is based on the principle of injection in the shoulders for a 'ligg unna kameraten min' for a long-term turnaround principle a la 'Raff-a-el', then the dangers could arise that even the vaccination parametre could turn around so that only vaccinated people get ill. Most critical that would be if this drains the normal confidence in the vaccines' general ability to ward off viruses and bacillae. We probably dont know if it is this confidence - built and refined since Pasteur - that keeps the viruses off from leaping through from the metaphysics or if it all is sheer physical mechanisms.

The question is this: Why dont they sell vaccines in the farmacies - for injection on the self, on the belly, for those who want - a glass with three doses in the course of a month or two and after the second dosis one goes to a laboratory and gets the certificate? Then there is no injection of mythos power, and then the mythos power cannot turn around either. Therefore the possibility should at least be around to acquire a glass for own vaccination.

Furthermore, if mythos is the real problem, shouldnt I (as assumed PTRSIM PIK) get some help to find a permanent lodging in another country? It is possible that political power do not want this - but that could be just the pandemic.

The real problem is this terrible nonsense which the PTRSIM PIK program is. It will necessarily have to be dismantled and all those old plans must be packed down. The worst turnaround is perhaps the idea that it is I who want this PTRSIM PIK. Of course I dont! It is probably hitlerish power who wants it - for its turnaround possibilities.


Benkö, Lorand: "A magyar nyelv történeti-etimológiai szótára, I-III", Akadémiai Kiadó, Budapest 1984.

Grover, John: "POLAKK English Bloggi", Wien 2013 - first edition Wien 2010.

Grover, John: "The Endmorgan Quartet", Wien 2013 - from book 1 'Hammerfest' first edition London 1997.

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