The coronavirus pandemic and John Grover 1823/1843

John Bjarne Grover

The article discusses a phenomenon of three small annotations by hand in the pamphlet of John Grover 1823 in British Library as the basis for Hitler's Beer Hall Putsch, the Gandhi assassinations and other things - in a manner which could be of value for understanding the mechanisms in the ongoing 'coronavirus' pandemic relative to my person and authorship.

Club-7 and the Kennedy assassination

In this article I mentioned the background with the sumerian for 'onion' = 'garash-tulla' having a potential co-reference in sumerian 'KUShU' = 'Taschenkrebs' (the ordinary 'crab', cp. the english poet George Crabbe and his apparent Beachy Head mysticism) while the incident on KLUBShU then would make it look like 'Tlabschenkrebs' = 'Trab-schenk-rebs' = 'Schenk-KUNGS-tra-Brebs' = 'Schenkungs-Urkunde' = the Ostarrichi document (with its 'zidalweidun' peculiarity) as a historic 'tra-breb' or 'zwischen-Brief' for the foundation of Austria which thereby would have its phonological secret in the relation between the sumerian KUShU and the osloish KLUBShu. Hence the 'Club-7' incident could be found to be of somewhat essential importance for the development of the history as far as this mythos and PTRSIM PIK is concerned.

The incident was that Fjellheim and I were at 'Club-7', an in-place for intellectuals run by a hungarian with name 'Attila', when Torleif Grue arrived and expressed his wish (as far as I understood) to be able to be at the place without meeting me there. He mentioned the idea of knocking my teeth out (something which could have been a quote from something I had written in my bedsit home on coloured paper) and seemed to suggest a fist-fight outside, something which I said was not a good idea since he could come to 'crush' me = 'knuse meg'. Fjellheim put his hand on Grue's shoulder (could be on the upper arm, but close to and probably also including the shoulder I think it was - appr where people get their vaccines these days) and said: "Ligg unna kameraten min" = 'stay away from my comrade' and Grue seemed to withdraw from the suggested attempt.

It seems that 'li gunna kamera tenmin' could have been the format of 'administrative' use of this story.

The theory which is assessed here is the idea that this correlates with certain historic facts - most notably the Kennedy assassination wherein the amateur film by Abraham Zapruder had an important role in the investigation. Zapruder was a producer and seller of women's overbody underwear, over-under-wear, and hence was an expert in assessing form and contents of women's breasts. If his name is put over-under = upside down, it looks like 'japanese wayergo' and if the 'japanese' is turned around again it could look like 'assymmetric'. (These ideas could have been spurred by some events in Szolnok). Hence his name could be a reference to the leftsided gynaecomasty of mine since 1970-71 and hence possibly a link from him to me - probably via the 'genetic' factor.

1970-71 was the year when my puberty started and the theory has articulated itself that I could have been subjected to rapes from the official mother. There is little empirical basis for the theory of such rapes in drugged condition, including the idea of a sanitary towel with menstrual blood held before my mouth and nose during the rapes. The official mother spent a few days in a hospital in Sarpsborg in the summer 1970 and could in theory have been rebuilt to 'trans' on that occasion, but I have little or no reason to believe that. The theory is that the contents of my penis could have been replaced with contents from another person while my own penis contents was installed in a 'trans' penis on her - this would have produced the socalled 'Kennedy curse' which could have been the story. Search this file for the word 'curse' to get the political basis for such a theory under the heading 'Austria' - I repeat the text here:

If Jungholz in the west is recognized as the pimple at the root of the nosewing of the lapis philosophorum, while the fischamend tooth of the same lapis philosophorum is considered to be Pamhagen in the east, then a peculiar function applies from this lapis to the outlines of the map of Austria: On the lapis, these two parts are opposites about the same place, which means that Pamhagen would have been appr right south of Jungholz (on the border to Switzerland - around Compatsch/Samnaun - cp. Riezlem and Mittelberg - as in the border crossing restrictions above? - in the comparable austrian part) if Austria were a normal lapis. But when this lefthand part is moved eastwards to have the tooth at Pamhagen, it means the same as a penis of a puberty boy being transplanted (a la a 'curse') onto another as rapist, and if Jungholz is the pimple on the root of the nosewing, it means that the upwardspointing nose is in Germany and not in Austria this either. (This 'wrap-in' of the nose part could be the third dimension on the breadslice - see below - and it could be the meaning of the socalled 'Umband' - from Grimm's 'Wörterbuch'). These two items will thereby be recognized as 'custody authority'. It is probably from this that the theory arises that my puberty penis (or its contents) could have been transplanted onto the custody mother who could have raped me with it while the Jungholz parametre would have been a sanitary towel soaked with her menstrual blood and pressed against my nose and mouth during the rape. This theory makes sense of these placenames, outlines on the map and possibly angloamerican strategies on Europe and Austria. It would mean that Austria = me, if this story should obtain, being under 'custody authority' of, well, EU maybe - or would it be angloamerican? I notice the function of the cartoons in 'The New Yorker' which could look like such a 'custody authority' function.

It was in 1974 that I developed a white spot at the root of the penis, extending from a little up the penis down to and a little under the pubic hairs, as far as I remember. Would this have had any value for understanding the political history? I notice that Indira Gandhi also developed a white spot at the root of her black hair, and Michail Gorbatchov could also be a name to recall. One could speculate that this could have been about the combination of a spurt on my cortex in 1957 and the socalled 'Kennedy curse' which I have speculated on for 1970.

The idea of this white spot ('pigment displacement' it was probably called in my medical file after a visit to a doctor a few years later - at least he called it so to me) at the root of the penis could then be speculated to be a reflex of a '1-2-3' abuse of a small child - the combination of 1) head opening with spurt of semen on the cortex a few days after birth, 2) rape at age 6 months and 3) injection of horror chemicals at age 18 months. This could correspond to the names of the three Kennedy brothers. It would then be by a 'Kennedy curse' that this comes to leave a white spot at the root of the penis. (This white spot developed after a sexual intercourse with Mai Kosberg, who was my second girlfriend - when the Grövers arrived in Fredrikstad in 1970 we looked first at a site for building a house in 'Oredalsåsen' but discarded it due to the high-voltage lines going just above it - when I later was with Mai to her home in 'Oredalsåsen' it is not impossible - although not certain - that it was just the same site - it would anyhow have been the same streetname and not so far from it).

Some fat started to accumulate under my leftside nipple in 1970 or 1971. The theory would then have been that this slight 'leftsided gynaecomasty' could have had its origins in this idea of a 'Kennedy curse' on background of a 1-2-3 in early childhood. That would be the 'women's overbody underwear' parametre by Abraham Zapruder in 1963.

White spot at the root of the penis = telling of the spurt of semen onto my cortex in 1957 - possibly by just the same John F.Kennedy who in the assassination was said to have got a 'Silberstrahl' in return on his own brain? If 'root of the penis' means 'genetic origin', it would concern the complex of this evidence suggesting that Nelly Sachs is my genetic mother. She sometimes signed letters with the shortened form 'Li'. That would have been the 'LI' part of the construction ('Li gunna kamera tenmin').

The third part of a hypothetic 1-2-3 - the injection of horror chemicals - would have been in Hammerfest in 1959, if this theory is right. The official parents have admitted that I nearly died from an allergic attack including asthma problems with respiration, but they said that I had done it myself since I had found a walnut on the floor and put it in the mouth and I am very allergic to nuts. It was in Hammerfest (age 1-2) that I first came to know Jan-Egil Nygård, whose father also was a doctor, like mine: He counts as 'my comrade' in this story. We met again in Molde in 1962-64 when we lived in neighbouring houses and went to kindergarden together - then we were 'best friends'. (We met again a third time when we came in the same high school class in Fredrikstad in 1973). His father was a gun enthusiast and often went hunting. I think he had rifles in the basement. I recall once I was in their home he tried one of his guns by shooting out the balcony door on some low leaves on a tree outside - luckily nobody passed by just then. It was probably an air-driven gun. My memory of this is weak but I fancy (although this must count as uncertain data here) that he had a brother ('za-bruder') called Gunnar. (In fact Jan-Egil was perhaps a little similar to Wittgenstein). In the genetic files on the internet I find the name of a person called Osvald Nygård born in 1918 - that was the same age as my official father born in 1916. I do not remember the name of Jan-Egil's father but of course if it should have been 'Osvald' the redundancy would have been striking and the theory of a 'pulker' from Dallas could have been reinforced.

I had just learnt to read possibly not so long before the Kennedy assassination when my official father showed me the meanings and signs in the word 'PANNEKAKE' on some printed matter. It is possible that the Kennedy assassination was designed to imitate this word: Kennedy was hit by a bullet that went from the back of his neck through the neck and throat and out on the front of his throat - and even if he had has head lowered a little the bullet did not scratch his chin: My chin (jaw) is underdeveloped possibly as an effect of the childhood story but it nevertheless has a line which could resemble Nelly Sachs' chin. If Kennedy's chin had been more developed, a longer or lower jaw, the bullet could have struck even on his chin. It could mean 'ikke hake' = 'not chin'. The second bullet hit his brain - which here could mean 'panne'. (There is something called 'the single-bullet theory' which - concerning the nature of the bullet that went through his neck - could suggest that the theory of a second bullet is what in german is called 'Panne', a 'mistake'). In sum, PANNEKAKE (= 'pancake') could have been the concept: The bullet that allegedly hit Kennedy's head was fired from behind and hit him not in the 'forehead' = 'panne', but the entire problemshift could serve to turn this around. (Isnt there also a theory that Jacqueline Kennedy climbed backwards on the limousine for catching up her husband's 'brain'?) When I learnt to read this word, we were seated at the table at the balcony door with the trees outside on the righthand side: The two houses, Jan-Egil's and mine, were 'twin houses' and even they lived on the ground floor - it means that when his father was shooting out the balcony door, he would have been on the location corresponding to me when I learnt to read.

In short, it is possible that the entire Kennedy assassination was with complete intention and attention onto my person - could be for contributing to create the mystery called 'PTRSIM PIK'.

Fjellheim touched Grue's shoulder when he said the words 'ligg unna kameraten min'. The story of the Kennedy assassination seems to possibly involve the amateur film of Zapruder which then means a 'kamera': 'Li - gunna - kamera-Tenmin' would then have got a reflex in the people's movement called 'Fremtiden i våre hender' ('The future in our hands') that was started in 1974, that is 8 years before the Club-7 incident in 1982. It was also the year when my white spot developed. The movement was started by 'Erik Damman' - cp. the TENMIN of 'kamera TENMIN'. In short, 'Li gunna kamera DAMMAN'. The hand up on the shoulder of Grue at Club-7 plus the people's movement of Damman could then be interpreted in the form of the phenomenon of 'jazz ballet'. The idea comes not only from the idea of a 'jazz bullet' in Dallas 1963 (the bullet that created as much as 7 openings in various body parts) but also from the fact that my elder sister Vibeke Gröver went to some 'jazz ballet' exercises in the first half of the 1970's - and from the following considerations for which further evidential support must be added if it shall be assigned value:

Assume that Fjellheim putting his hand on Grue's shoulder really should have been in imitation of Raffael's 'Double portrait', then it would have meant that Fjellheim would turn around nearly 180 degrees - like Nansen did rather quickly after Lenin's death: Fridthjof Nansen who was a warm supporter of the bolshevik revolution up to Lenin's death after which his sympathies reportedly turned 180 degrees around into antibolshevism - and hence he would put his hand on his friend Grue's shoulder and say to me: "Ligg unna kameraten min" = 'stay away from my comrade' - that is, stay away from this publisher's editor.

Jazz ballet

RAFF av L means 'replace L with RAFF' in such logic.

Jazz ballet → jazz-ba-RAFF-et = jazz bara fe-t

Orderud farm (of the 'Orderud Paust case') was presented in the news as belonging to 'Fet' municipality but seems now to have been in the neighbouring 'Sørum' municipality.

There was this story from the cafe in 1985 in Fred.Olsen Gate in Oslo. Fred.Olsen Shipping is just around the corner, it could have been a few metres away only - and I recall that I read on the internet the obituary of Jan P.Syse, PM in Norway in 1989-90, where it was mentioned that he had worked for Fred.Olsen Shipping in his earlier career. Now it seems that these details are removed from the internet - it says that he worked as a lawyer for Wilh.Wilhelmsen Shipping (some 180 degrees from Fred.Olsen?), or at least partly so. I very explicitly remember that probably the obituary told that he had a career in Fred.Olsen Shipping because I rather immediately associated with this story from the cafe in Fred.Olsen Gate in 1985.

I was having a coffee in that cafe while waiting for the once-or-twice-an-hour bus out to my home on Kolbotn (where later PM Bondevik, not Bolshevik, lived not far away), and in the empty cafe another couple of people came in and sat down at a table not far from me. The woman asked the man: "Hva skal du gjøre i påsken?" = 'what are you going to do in Easter?' and he answered "bara drekka" = 'only drink'. (The word forms are a little abnormal to norwegian ears - 'bare drekke' could be normal but the final a's are not).

'Hva skal du JØRe-I-KEN' = 'hva skal du, Jørgen?' = 'what are you doing, Jørgen?' - which could have been a question to the son Jørgen of Gro Harlem Brundtland who suicided in 1992 while his mother (then PM) Gro Harlem Brundtland was in Brussels and his father Olav Brundtland to a meeting of NATO at Kolsås: 'NATO-Brussel' suggests 'NABO-trussel' = 'threat from the neighbour'.

But an extra 'I' remains and this can be turned into an 'S' by my analysis of Raffael's 'Grabtragung' - or by the IS terror in Syria - hence shifted over onto FE-T for FEST = PARTY, like the PM shifted from Brundtland over onto Syse for a year = 'easter' = 'påske' - hence

Bara PARTY = Bara FEST = Bara Drekka

Sanskrit 'DREKA' (with long final 'a') looks in devanagari like 'FEST' and it means the plant 'Melia Sempervireus' which could call forth associations to the coronavirus pandemic (to the MELody of 'Sanger av Bjarne Eidsvig'?). It could mean the turnaround of Fjellheim around Grue. Sanskrit 'BARA' as alternative to 'BALA' can mean 'to breathe, to live' - with aspiration and long vowel it can mean 'a burden'. 'Bara' as pronounced in the cafe could mean 'opening/aperture' (cp. also the 'jazz bullet' of Dallas 1963).

There was the story of Dereka Mikula - she was born around the time of the short dialogue in the cafe in Fred.Olsen street and died in Son at age 16 or so. She was alone home with her boyfriend and they fell asleep on the floor and when he woke up she lay dead next to him. He claimed that he was innocent but was sentenced to 13 years in prison. 'Wilh.Wilhelmsen' is probably not the explanation - although it seems that wounds to her 'helm' were the cause of death. (I dont know if the Visegrad Group could explain it).

Fjellheim was born Olsen - and when I met him in 1977 he was still called Freddy Olsen but he changed his name to Fjellheim after some months.

'Jazz P.Nyse' ('jazz on the sneeze') could suggest 'jazz-ballet'?

'Fjellheim' → 'Fje-RAFF-heim' = 'fjer av fame' ('feather of fame') which perhaps could relate to 'F-Heimskringla' = 'fame-skrin-G-la' (about me?) - and thereby F-Israel, F-Ingrid Betancourt etc. Also, if the socalled 'Ostarrichi document' is taken to constitute an 'ostracistic' basis for the state, the 'oster-a-kisti' shares 'kiste' = 'skrin' (or 'coffin') with 'Heimskringla' - cp. the union of Norway and Sweden 1814-1905 and the austrohungarian 'Doppelmarchie'. Such 'ostracism', if a defining trait of a non-violence defence system ('ligg unna kameraten min'), could also constitute a basis for a national socialism.

The vaccinations against the 'sempervirus' corona is in the shoulder which could mean that the entire world should turn around against me for saying "ligg unna kameraten min" - that could mean they support the wigwam system which could mean 'legitimizing terror' - such as a threatening needle - like in Hammerfest 1959? Or an attempt to turn the whole world against the jewish genetics?

As if I were the coronavirus - such as in the Nepal royal massacre? But that is not right - I am not a coronavirus. It may be that my genetic Stammbaum could have been constructed with a view to the PTRSIM PIK matrix - but that does not make me more coronavirus or 'holy' or 'heir to the throne' than you are.

In Molde in the 1960's I used to go home from school along with a classmate of mine called Lars. Once in a downhill curve of the road near his home he showed me a small fireplace made of stones in a circle - with still hot ashes inside, as far as I remember. This sort of fireplace is called 'grue'. Near the place (either on the same occasion or at some time not too distant) we also found a 'Cocktail' porn leaf with photos of ladies. A strange photo showed two ladies licking one upstanding erection - it occurred strange - what should have been the reason?

'Saul Bellow' - cp. the 'soul below' on the 'wigwam' while the 'soul above' → 'torlef o' which resembles 'torleif grue') backwards is 'Wohl-Leb-Blues[h]' which could have been this porn leaf at the 'bluss' of the fireplace. Could be I recognize a taint of 'Wohl-Leb-Blues[h]' also in the name of 'Arvid Voldnes' who was a co-leader of the MUSIKUS project. (A 'Leb-Bluss' goes through the nose or gets its oxygen therefrom). See also this file for 'Ole-Johan Dahl' backwards - however, this backwards reading of his name is so convincing in light of my recent findings that it rather counts as elements independent of intrigue.

It is of course not impossible that this little story was the name of Lars Gunnar Lie in Syse's government. 'Li' can mean a hillside, and it was sometimes used by Nelly Sachs as signature. There was a 'Solveig Sollie' (cp. 'Saul Bei[g]so-Li') in Syse's government. There are apparently traces of this story with Lars and the fireplace and the porn leaf photo in his government.

On the wigwam there are some 'camera eyes' on the 'soul below' which could apply to the formula 'Li gunna kamera tenmin'.

Were Syse's government concerned with the theory of a norwegian involvement in the assassination of Indira Gandhi?

In 1981 I got a dictionary 'Norsk-Engelsk' ('norwegian-english') from my younger official sister which contained a printing error which later seemed to be of significance for the construction of the entire intrigue:

What appears as relevant to the situation in may 2021 in Hütteldorferstrasse - the woman lying apparently dead on the ground at the corner to Wiener Stadthalle - is the peculiar association of an erection in temporal vicinty to it as potentially characterized as invoking associations to a wooden stick: That could be called a 'tre-pre-man'. 'Treprimande' it could be called. Similarly, 'trene-gat[e]' would mean 'exercise street' - for the crossover on the zebras. It is the potential association of the person kneeling next to her with Adolf Hitler that calls for attention. 'Renegat' could perhaps be that 'camera eye' peeping off the grounds.

Another reason why this could be worth the attention is the heading in the same book on p.370 - which could be seen as highly relevant to the Orderud Paust case if that has its rooting in the forest road arrangements at Austmarka where I lived in 1983-84 - see the 'stretch of forests' where the forest roads apparently had been reordered:

When I in the summer 1981 got this dictionary from the younger sister, who met her later husband Lars Andreas Loe around those times, my elder sister told me that even she had then just met her later husband, and these went for a year to Chicago (not 'lumbago'! cp. the 'jazz bullet' of Kennedy 1963) - I dont remember if that were before or after 1984. (She told me in probably the late 70's that she had a neighbour at the student town corridor who played in the music group 'Lumbago').

In Venice there is a certain lack of storage facilities - there have come some on Mestre but they are, I think, of more temporary kind - and the only bigger such facility I have found is in fact in Padova and can be reached by bus. It turned out that the facility was owned by 'Norske Skog' = 'Norwegian Forest', who thereby control the access to such storage possibilities. When I left Austria and went to Athens in 2008, I had put my things in a storage facility in Vienna and the monthly rent would be drawn by agreement from my bank account. Not long after I had arrived in Athens I got a message from them that some unexpected Gebühr (less than 10 euros, I think it was) also had to be paid and that was not included in the bank withdrawal agreement and therefore I was notified that unless this was paid quickly, my things would be thrown out etc. I was in a hurry to solve the problem and I think I sent banknotes from Athens in an envelope - 10 euros probably. The story with the post coup at new year 2020-2021 was possibly of the same kind - it told that my dispatch from Venice of some euros in an envelope could not rescue the situation and they told that the envelope had not arrived - and hence if I put my things in a storage facility in Vienna and move to a small housing in the Venice region, the things will not be safe there in Vienna - hence I have to transport them down to Venice. The burglaries in Szolnok could have been for the same reasons - otherwise I could have had my things there. In short, the only solution as far as I know could be to put them in Padova and that means Norske Skog and hence possibly also the Orderud Paust case. (It is little me struggling against the big power interests).

The problem was the banknotes sent in an envelope. This was also a main theme in the spy case against Treholt - they had found the socalled 'money proof' - an envelope containing a substantial sum of money in banknotes. Even the military coup in Burma on 1 february 2021 could be seen as significationally related to this - if my PO Box (which was closed and the 7 months of post therein returned to sender - a 'putsch' of my post for 7 months) were considered a 'Burma'.

The Gandhis and the hand annotations to 'John Grover 1823'

On the document allegedly published by John Grover in Brighton in 1823, a pamphlet claiming to be about the coronation of George IV, there are a few annotations by hand - on page 6, page 16 and page 30:

1) Annotation on page 6 - it is a little hard to decipher what it means, but it seems that 'Jacob' is deleted and something like 'Iobale' added with pen: :

2) Annotation on page 16 - the handwriting seems to tell 'Croft' or 'Crofs' or even 'Crofis' - just before the line with 'Prebendary':

3) Annotation on page 30 - it is written on the margin of the paper - something like 'aettoe' instead of 'Achor' or 'Athor' - and it seems that the paper originally has been bigger and then cut - like 'discontinuity' which could be what it is used for in political intrigue:

It seems that the annotation on page 16 could have been used for the deaths or assassinations of Sanjay, Indira and Rajiv Gandhi: Sanjay Gandhi fell down in an aircraft, not air-Croft, and on a closer inspection it is perhaps possible to read the annotation as 'Erofis'. The 'Priyadarshini' is in the 'Prebendary' (with 'T-reprimande') while the name of 'Rajiv' could be seen in C-Rajiv - he was even educated a pilot.

4) When Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated in 1948, were there traces of these things? If the name of the assassin 'Nathuram Vinayak Godse' is turned upside-down in devanagari script, it could perhaps resemble the three hand annotations from 1823 - 'Iobale', 'gettoe' and 'Crofs':

Are there even traces of 'Halle Wiener Stadt' etc there? I dont know.

It is possible that the intrigues use the contralateral element in John Grover 1843 to some extent. For example, the annotation 'Iobale' on page 6 is in parallel-section 13 of 1823 which has its correlate in section 13 of the 1843 document: "proposing to go to Bokhara, at my / own cost and risk, to ascertain the fate, and attempt the / release, of my friend Lieutenant-Colonel Stoddart". Notice that this is nearly the same wording as on top of the same page. It could also be taken to be the unspoken reason why it has been difficult for me to receive economic and other help to move to another country. The graphically contralateral part of the page is rather in section 14: "I have this moment received a note from Lord Fitzroy Somerset, in which he suggests that I should address myself to your Lordship on the subject".

Beer Hall Putsch and Mein Kampf

The historically strongest case of use of these annotations in John Grover 1823 is probably Hitler's Beer Hall Putsch of 1923. This putsch is the basis for his preface to 'Mein Kampf' from which I here quote with annotations from my interpretation of the Talmud Erubin (discussed in this file) about the burial of an unknown soldier:

"Am 9. November 1923, 12 Uhr 30 Minuten nachmittags, fielen vor der Feldherrnhalle sowie im Hofe des ehemaligen Kriegsministeriums zu München folgende Männer im treuen Glauben an die Wiederauferstehung ihres Volkes.

Alfarth, Felix, Kaufmann, geb. 5. Juli 1901 = allfarvei = on a common road
Bauriedl, Andreas, Hutmacher, geb. 4. Mai 1879 = bauerns/farmers and land-areas
Casella, Theodor, Bankbeamter, geb. 8. Aug. 1900 = the odour of the corpse
Ehrlich, Wilhelm, Bankbeamter, geb. 19. Aug. 1894 = an honest person
Faust, Martin, Bankbeamter, geb. 27. Januar 1901 = touches the body to see if it is dead
Hechenberger, Ant, Schlosser, geb. 28. Sept. 1902 = and looks for a place in the roadside:
Körner, Oskar, Kaufmann, geb. 4. Januar 1875 = there is a corn field
Kuhn, Karl, Oberkellner, geb. 26. Juli 1897 = and there is a hay field
Laforce, Karl, stud. ing., geb. 28. Oktober 1904 = and over there a fallow field = 'Brachfeld'
Neubauer, Kurt, Diener, geb. 27. März 1899 = here is a peasant's field, looks ideal
Pape, Claus von, Kaufmann, geb. 16. Aug. 1904 = has he buriers/inheritors who can bury him?
Pfordten, Theodor von der, Rat am obersten Landesgericht, geb. 14. Mai 1873 = dig hole for dead
Rickmers, Joh., Rittmeister a.D., geb. 7. Mai 1881 = and put him in the hole
Scheubner-Richter, Max Erwin von, Dr. ing., geb. 9. Januar 1884 = and then shuffle earth over it
Stransky, Lorenz, Ritter von, Ingenieur, geb. 14. März 1899 = better read a verse from the bible
Wolf, Wilhelm, Kaufmann, geb. 19. Oktober 1898 = and uncover the head in respect for the dead

Sogenannte nationale Behörden verweigerten den toten Helden ein gemeinsames Grab.

So widme ich ihnen zur gemeinsamen Erinnerung den ersten Band dieses Werkes, als dessen Blutzeugen sie den Anhängern unserer Bewegung dauernd voranleuchten mögen.

Landsberg a.L., Festungshaftanstalt, 16. Oktober 1924

Adolf Hitler"

The theory is that the Beer Hall Putsch had the one and only function of couping PTRSIM PIK's = Wittgenstein's 'woman' (cp. the 'wigwam' complex). If Wittgenstein's mother had been a jew, he could have called himself a jew - but the fact is that he was 3/4 of jewish descent but only his mother's mother's was not a jewish person - and his parents were christians (his father by conversion). This means that he was strongly jewishly encoded except for that little detail which is accepted by judaism as definition of your chance to call yourself a jew (in addition to normal conversion): The requirement is said to be that the woman who gave birth to you was a jew - and here it seems that everything in Wittgenstein's background was 'jewish' except for this little detail. The conclusion is likely to be that the story of the fallen soldier who must be touched and buried is the gender-conversion of the woman on the ground in Hütteldorfer Strasse (at Wiener Stadthalle) - and the touching of her (by the man who kneels by her and pushes with strange movements on her biceps or triceps) is the name of Adolf Hitler ('a doll fitler').

Körner, Oskar, Kaufmann, geb. 4. Januar 1875 = there is a corn field = Wiener Stadthalle corner
Kuhn, Karl, Oberkellner, geb. 26. Juli 1897 = and there is a hay field = Berufschule? Roland Rainer Platz?
Laforce, Karl, stud. ing., geb. 28. Oktober 1904 = and over there a fallow field = 'Brachfeld' = the garage
Neubauer, Kurt, Diener, geb. 27. März 1899 = here is a peasant's field, looks ideal = the park

Hence the 'Tre-pri-mande' - the wooden stick erection - is the same as the preface to Hitler's 'Mein Kampf'.

Am 9. November 1923, 12 Uhr 30 Minuten nachmittags, fielen vor der Feldherrnhalle sowie im Hofe des ehemaligen Kriegsministeriums zu München folgende Männer im treuen Glauben an die Wiederauferstehung ihres Volkes.

The 'Münchener felt-her-nalle' = the infant Wittgenstein was nursed by his mother and therefore he 'felt her nalle' = felt the presence of a female later in life. I dont think the word 'nalle' exists in norwegian, but in swedish it means a bear or teddybear - Winnie the Pooh is called 'Nalle Pu' - and 'nalla' means theft or petty theft. Later mobbing of Wittgenstein as 'Steppenwolf' would then have applied to the 'ehe-maligen Kriegsministeriums'. 'Ehe' = 'marriage', the 'mal-igen' = the repeated iteration of the 'kriegs-mini-stair-i-ums' of the adult as a reflex of his early career as 'münchener' when nursed by his mother. This comes out as 'the other side' - gender-converted with 'mini-stairs' - in the 'Beer Hall Putsch' relative to the PTRSIM PIK whose father was son of two jewish people and his mother of one, the father, while a classic definition of 'jewish' is that a person can call himself 'jew' if the mother is a jew.

The text from the preface tells that the Beer Hall Putsch took place at 9/11 in 1923, 12:30 after noon - I notice the Manhattan attack on 11/9 in USA - soon after 'noon' of 2000 - and the Tchernobyl meltdown at 12:30 after midnight. It also tells of the 1-2-3 which could be a hallmark of the PTRSIM PIK - if that were Wittgenstein's early story.

He was the youngest of 8 siblings - and it is a guess that 6 of them were adult agents but that his brother Paul was not. The three elder brothers Hans, Kurt and Rudi 'suicided' early, while brother Paul, who was a pianist, lost his right arm in the war. Ludwig played clarinet - and it is a guess that the story of the brothers were a part of an attempt to lure him into auto-fellatio ('self-sucking'), which could have been a part of the Beer Hall Putsch construction for couping his 'woman'.

Hans, Rudi, Kurt and Paul could be the four 'putsch' names

Körner, Oskar, Kaufmann
Kuhn, Karl, Oberkellner
Laforce, Karl, stud. ing.
Neubauer, Kurt, Diener
= Hans
= Rudi
= Kurt
= Paul

'Hands-on' would be the 'corner' of Wiener Stadthalle since the 'Halle' (male organ) is not long enough to reach the oral orifice and therefore manual assistance could be needed in order for the 'karl-kuhn' ('turkey') to reach itself. It is 'laforce' of the 'karl' that is 'kurz'. The case of such autofellatio seems to be that it, due to the 'kurz' nature of the male organ, cannot be obtained without the assistance of a hand or some technology (such as e.g. a shoelace) and therefore it naturally leads to a 'sided' shape of the body since both hands cannot be used on both heels.

The discontinued ('suicided') brothers could be the annotation on page 30:

while his 'surviving' sibling family could be the 'Erofis':

Alfarth, Felix, Kaufmann
Bauriedl, Andreas, Hutmacher

Casella, Theodor, Bankbeamter
Ehrlich, Wilhelm, Bankbeamter
Faust, Martin, Bankbeamter
Hechenberger, Ant, Schlosser
= father Karl
= mother Leopoldine

= sister Margaretha
= sister Hermine
= sister Helene
= Ludwig

As to this 'Erofis' it is said that Wittgenstein took an education as machine ingenieur in Berlin wherein he tried to build an aeroplane motor but gave it up - however, he is said to have constructed a propellar for aeroplanes and got a 'patent' for it.

The remaining names seem to be the annotation 'Iobale', interpreted from left to right in the graphics:

Pape, Claus von, Kaufmann
Pfordten, Theodor von der, Rat am obersten Landesgericht
Rickmers, Joh., Rittmeister a.D.
Scheubner-Richter, Max Erwin von, Dr. ing.
Stransky, Lorenz, Ritter von, Ingenieur
Wolf, Wilhelm, Kaufmann
= condom, fear of pregnancy = the 'I'
= choice of hole = the 'o'
= rückwärts = the 'l' of 'b'
= pushing in = the 'finger' of the 'b' in 'o'
= intercourse of the 'l' + 'e'
= ejaculation

The 'claus' of the initial 'I' stems from its surroundings which could make for various forms in the upper and lower part. If the dubious graphics under the final 'l' is considered as making it an 'f', there will be the 'job-afe', which could be an 'afe' at work - or as the 'poion eis Ioppen' of verses 2-5 in the 'keys to heaven'. Otherwise it could be 'iobale' for a sexual intercourse.

The conclusion is reached that Hitler's Beer Hall Putsch in 1923 was based on the annotations by hand in the pamphlet of John Grover of 1823 in order to putsch PTRSIM PIK Wittgenstein's 'woman' - the inner field or feel of spiritual presence of her, or whatever it is called - by way of his 'jewishness' or its converse - shown in the excerpt from Talmud Erubin folio 17.

I notice also the possible role of these hand annotations in the socalled Orderud Paust case: An essential element was the socalled 'christmas party' which could compare with 'io-le-balle[t]', and a gas canister attached to a door handle could compare with the idea of '[a]ero-fis' etc.

There was a Johan Jakob Jakobsen in Syse's government.

The turnaround of the roles which perhaps could have been the intention with the pandemic prompting vaccinations in the shoulders could have been about turning those roles around for the Black Sea Loop philosophy.

Much better it would then have been with those 3 freedoms on the belly.

The pandemic

Through several years the advertisement business in Austria, which perhaps could be an offshot from or collaborate with austrian intelligence or administrative interests, seems (from my general impression and occasional case studies) to have lifted surveillance data from my life and work, my drafts to manuscripts on my workdesk, my mumbling to myself on the bed pillow, and used these for giving shape to their ads on huge posters all over the country. At the same time, there seem to have been a certain challenge on me from media, business, politics on a similar basis - probably quasi-justified by the role as PTRSIM PIK assigned to me. It is not impossible that surveillance data from my immediate work has been spurted around to media and the public world as if it were as worthless as it could be - and it could even seem that just any media channel has access to a copy of my latest writings, my private diary, and can consult these for their news at any time. For example, it is possible that this ad for some 'COS' (clothing, it seems) on the 'worldometer' internet page refers to my 'mystic constant' in the sense of CO2 in the sense of 'G=0,' vs '20 GE' - but this ad seems to have come up after I wrote my considerations on the 'mystic constant' on my home computer but before I published anything of it - or made anything of it available in any form to others: It was on my home computer only. If this material is the basis for this ad, it must be understood what a giant problem this is. If it should be based on tapping of my home computer, the organizers of this could have read it and thought: "This 'mystic constant' could be one of the biggest discoveries ever made - therefore we must hurry to prevent that Mr.Grover comes to be credited for it, otherwise our plans for using him as a scapegoat in our project to construct the new Hitler could come to fail". It may be as cynical and irresponsible as that - and is so incredible that people cannot understand it.

There goes a line of 'logic' through the history since Hitler's Beer Hall Putsch which associates him with the annotations in 'John Grover 1823' and it could be the intention in this to use me as a scapegoat for the terror and other burdens to the society which the political program organizes.

It may be that the people will have to storm the Bastille once again.

It is indeed an interesting idea whether the observations on the poem 'SXeBU' relative to the observations on the Feigenbaum constant could be seen as relevant for the spread and maybe even origins of the coronavirus: This work of mine is supposed to lead to new knowledge which can be a contribution to a sensible building of the global community - and it should not be used for turnaround strategies which can serve to dump the blame for terror-affiliated politics on me. In particular, the apparently enormous workload on the fine details of the handwritten annotation to the John Grover 1823 document in British Library could have been assigned a political function of rather dubious character - while the factual progress in knowledge could be about a 'subsymbolic' correlation principle in e.g. the chinese script which can lead to totally new information transmission and computation methods. Could be completely new information transmission through the universe can be constructed on this basis - and then it must not be used for shuffling traces of dubious power accumulation under the rug. It even seems that my attempts to get out of this network of intrigue must be done 'on my own cost and risk' - could be since that is the text in the contralateral fragment in the John Grover 1843 document (opposite the handwritten annotation in fragment 13 on this page) - could be in an attempt to imitate similar ways of reading fragments of Walde-Hofmann's 'Lateinisches Etymologisches Wörterbuch' (because 'die Vögelein singen im Walde'?). But that must count as puerile games only. That is when it is getting urgent with understanding that the power intrigue could receive support from participants because it is easy to misunderstand the graphic details of the 'Iobal' and 'Crofs' annotations as being of the same type as subsymbolic correlation principles of chinese. It could be these misunderstandings that are the coronavirus pandemic - and that is not very fortunate for the global economy. The knowledge potential in my work - TEQ, DDS, PEB etc - should have been used for a sensible development of the new knowledge - but it is possible that it has been tentatively hijacked by cynical power interests who have prevented a publication of it and tried to turn it into a tool for blamedumping and smart cheating of the public instead. It is very possible that this is just the coronavirus pandemic. My TEQ was completed in 2008 and should have been published then - but it is possible that these power interests tried to block for a possible publication of it in a wish to use it for power intrigues instead. That is when it can come out very wrong and people gasp for air under the burden of such horrendous mistakes: Such 'Iobale' and 'Crofis' basis for understanding the progress of knowledge leads only to new Hitler - but those who organize it do not understand this since 'it looks right' with such studies in subsymbolic structure. But clearly mystic inquiry cannot be understood right by Hitler-fans - even if they believe that they understand it and take Treblinka and lapis philosophorum as basis for their politics. Of course such 'mysticism' has nothing do to with the mystic inquiry needed for a sensible development of the new knowledge.

Years of advertisement in public space in such a form that it could have made me look like an 'AD-old fitler' - while my works are left unpublished and surveillance data from my workspace are sent around to media networks - could have been the simple reason for the pandemic. One hundred years ago it was PTRSIM PIK Wittgenstein who could have been abused. It is not that Wittgenstein or I should have been 'holy' PIKs and therefore the abuse led to pandemics - it is on the contrary because the world abuses one private person under the tragically pathetic program that 'he is a sort of Jesus' which could be the basis for the pandemic. The abuse of Wittgenstein led to Hitler's Beer Hall Putsch and the following holocaust and world wars: That is what can come out of such a 'COS' ad on the web if it is based on tapping of my workspace.

All over the world the vaccines have been injected into the shoulders - approximately on the place where Fjellheim put his hand on Grue's shoulder in 1982 - and that vaccination procedure could be an intelligence project for preparing globally for a people's accept of terror. The intelligences want perhaps to use surveillance data for an automatic conversion into terror - the surveillance computer records progress in my work with 'magic numbers' and automatically looks up the optimal representation of this and finds e.g. that there are three policemen with optimal names on a night duty in a US town and the computer sends a request to the local 'terror services' to make problems there, and this local incident in a US town is, tells the computer, the optimal resistance in the global space that can be made to my work - in particular if coupled with hijacking of my work, based on e.g. tapping of my computer - that is the strategy called 'terror and monkey business' - and so the progress of the work is halted or slowed down and the services increase their power and control and harvest public support for their representative in the election. The vaccination campaign against the pandemic is conducted in such a wigwam way that it lends public support to use of such terror (assuming, once again, that the ex nihilo wigwam or its principles has a universal character) - but of course the health workers would not have agreed to it if they knew what it was - then they would have gone for the three freedoms and injection on the belly instead. All this is probably only because the intelligences or other responsibles didnt tell the secret - and that is why the people may have to storm the Bastille archives once again.


Hitler seems to have installed the hand annotations to John Grover 1823 in his 1923 Beer Hall Putsch, which could have been a putsch of (what is assumed to be) PTRSIM PIK Wittgenstein's 'woman' - via the jewish factor in his most recent 'Stammbaum' - potentially being the terminal part of a more extensive PTRSIM PIK construction. Wittgenstein's 'Wörterbuch für Volksschulen' was published in 1926, and the names of the 8 Kennedy siblings (born between 1917 and 1932) seem to associate with a certain 'graffiti' pattern in this 'Wörterbuch'. If these graffiti patterns had been the result of Wittgenstein's own choices of words for his Wörterbuch and not the typographer's who made the page layout, then one could perhaps say that Hitler's 1923 Putsch had left an imprint on Wittgenstein's mind - but clearly there is little reason for that unless one postulates a chain of causality from Hitler to Wittgenstein to the Kennedy names. However, it could be that the name of 'Wallis Warfield Simpson' could be seen to contain such a reference to a school wall graffiti - that was a woman who, as it can be said, left an imprint on the mind of king Edward VIII.

When the Gandhi family came to get names resembling the hand annotation 'Crofs', it could thereby also be in reference to my first address in Sandveien in 1957 wherein there could have been a 'hand annotation' by Kennedy, reversed back onto Kennedy's own brain in 1963.

But why are these handwritten annotations and the tiny details therein so mightily powerful?

I have made the study in this article which tells why: It is not the annotations in themselves but the theory on graphic features in the alphabetic technology that is 'powerful', the fine and systematic details in e.g. the chinese script on a 1-step rather than a 5-step level, and the mafioso power that comes from the assassinations is the normal power by way of an understanding gone astray.

The conclusion to the story of the pandemic could be that my works such as TEQ and DDS and PEB should have been published but they were couped by international secret intelligence service interests instead - possibly for use in the construction of new nazism - while a role of an 'Adolf Hitler' (possibly not the least via 'AD-old-fitler' advertisement campaigns) were tentatively dumped onto me as scapegoat. Clearly the world health and economy will be much helped by terminating these coup attempts and finding a publisher to contact me for the rights to publish my books. Also, I can hardly have more interesting work done in Austria under such advertisement circumstances (and it may be that the country feel that they cannot tune them down if they are a part of the defence system) so I will need to move to another country.

There have also been some teasers on my volition in recent weeks - it is no longer I who decide if the doorbell is on or off, and the heating in the bathroom is rather unpredictable. Yesterday I should take a printout with four pages per paper but it surprisingly printed one page per paper only and left it as 'quer' on the printer control, and today the keyboard and mouse interface is very 'sensitive'. It is enough with a very slight cursor touch on a filename and it opens. I dont know if this is state or smallcrook level. I have my full authority. I am not an agent. I have not given my copyright to anybody. I have not given away the priority to any discovery of mine. I am not homo. Etc.

It must be understood that PTRSIM PIK cannot be used as a reason for suppressing and persecuting me - such as persecution in terms of extensive pirate copying or spread of surveillance data or plagiarisms. I am only a private person who has nothing to do with these weird ideas - a program that seems to have been made (probably not long after the french revolution) for lending quasi-divine justification to royal power - which in modern times probably means only secret intelligence power. If there were abuse of me in childhood times, there cannot be any justification for this in what is called PTRSIM PIK. It is of course possible that such ideas of PTRSIM PIK are invoked as 'secret intelligence' justification for keeping the files I publish on the internet edited (there occurred a 'security alert' on my computer screen when I published the above article a few hours ago) or they do not appear on the web at all except for where I look them up, or that there was a coup of my 7 months of post at new year 2021, or that ideas tapped from my computer are published under other people's names because the services say that 'he is PTRSIM PIK and that is the reason'. But that cannot be used as reason at all. If there is extensive abuse of me and my work in advertisement, or in administration or political party structure and things like that, such as drilling for months in Mariahilferstrasse for 'transforming itself into wine' or any reason like that, or, say, in a 'non-violence defense system', that is a very serious problem which the state has to tidy up in. Do they teach PTRSIM PIK at the trade or business or banking education? Well then a complete dishwash is needed. National secret intelligence services or political party strategies cannot use PTRSIM PIK as reason. And ideas that a PTRSIM PIK status should have any value for me must count as completely crazy: There are normal humans in my Stammbaum as it is in yours and if there is persecution of me due to 'PTRSIM PIK', that is of course only a problem for me. But I have never been informed about anything like this at all.

© John Bjarne Grover
On the web 3 november 2021