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John Bjarne Grover

Some years ago, when I worked a little with the attempt to find a second cycle for the blue metre and speculated if the monasterial rule for the benedictine order could be such a cycle in itself, I took my blue metre PEB and travelled (according to my diary) on 19 january 2018 by train to the traditional centre of the benedictine order in Austria, that is in Melk, in the monastery there. (I think this could have been part of the story in Eco's 'Name of the rose'). I gave them my PEB and travelled with train back again. Some days later I observed the news that the prior Wilfried Kowarik of the monastery in Melk had died that day, and one has to wonder if it were terror - a laser beam or whatever - because I had been there and given them my blue PEB. In the obituary or a sort of press release it was mentioned that he had a passion for trains. (Now I find it not again but I find this on the web). If it were terror, it would have been a sad case of a very bad kind. Of course my book was not a responsibility claim on his death - it was for improving the conditions of their order - if, for example, my book could contribute to settle the date of writing of their 'Regula'.

Assume that the coronavirus pandemic is nothing but just that kind of story - that it comes from the worldwide panic by the abuse of the PTRSIM PIK and the memory of Adolf Hitler's work - and that the panic is because a private individual is badly abused in that way under the very dirty pretext of a weird idea called 'PTRSIM PIK'. The panic would not be because a 'holy' PTRSIM PIK is abused - on the contrary it would be because such a bad idea as this PTRSIM PIK program is used as pretext for harassing a single private person who has nothing to do with such things. Wittgenstein was perhaps abused by Hitler for such reasons and that could have been a substantial part of the reason for why Hitler got the power to do his work. Assume that the current pandemic is because my authorship is used for terrorist purposes instead of a peaceful development of the new knowledge (which it is intended for). Then the following statistics is interesting (I copied it from the newspaper 'Kurier' of today 30 october 2021 page 4):

Melk is the administrative centre and probably most populous part of the administrative region called Bezirk Melk in Niederösterreich. It is seen from the statistics that Melk has a sensationally high Inzidenz among the probably 94 such regions of Austria, and that even if Niederösterreich is the second best vaccinated part of Austria (among the 9 Bundesländer), it has one of the worst 7-days Inzidenz values.

Could be the story of the prior tells the whole story of the pandemic and why it now seems to be rising again.

Could it be the whole pandemic is simply because there has been probably nearly 12 years of apparent abuse in advertisement in this country? As late as yesterday and today 30 october 2021 I photographed two public ads which could have been based on the principle of abuse relative to me: 1) Some weeks ago I had to renew the 'karabine' with which I attach the key chain to my trousers - but the new one which I bought is a little too efficient and cumbersome to get easily on and off the little textile belt strap that holds it. Yesterday I photographed this ad in the tram shed in Camillo Sitte-Gasse - it is an ad for Wiener Linien, the public transportation in Vienna - with this essential detail. 2) Today I photographed in Rosinagasse this ad for Raiffeisen Bank - in the lower left part it looks like a 'grover' who is not pointing ahead but maybe is shooting himself? - or is that what the boy to the left is doing? The tree looks like an imitation of this photo from Vilnius (it was on my homepage some years ago in an article 'officialwebside.htm' called 'The official webside and the apparition mail') of the fallen tree that revealed the back page photo on my 'The Endmorgan Quartet' - the apparent 'Treblinka' photo. It seems that the light in the shining eyes of the 'supercrocodile' is associated with the yellow logo to Raiffeisen Bank. Here an annotation in the lower left, and here an annotation in the lower right. Could be 'RAFF-a-eL' is the code - as if 'Leisen' = 'sorry' is no longer the theme but rather 'RAFF-eisen' is?

It is my impression (although I have not the overview and talk from a general impression) that most if not simply all ads up in Vienna get their themes inspired from something that can be associated with me - in what consequently could be called a giant 'AD-old-fitler' program. It is probable that this is not in conformity with the Staatsvertrag paragraph 9.

The pandemic seems to hesistate for the moment and it could look as if it now considers another wave - in which case it could even look as if the vaccinations arent much efficient and that could drive the panic up again. But if the pandemic should come from such abuse of the single individual, weren't it a good idea to terminate the abuse - rather than going for a serious recession and maybe depression?

I hope to be able to move to another country but my economy is for the time being not strong enough for finding a lasting solution and if it should make me even more vulberable to intrigue it could make it just worse. I hope to get some help for finding a solution.

© John Bjarne Grover
On the web 30 october 2021