The zombies

John Bjarne Grover

It is likely that nazi philosophy such as Hitler's antisemitism was rooted in the idea that people such as jews (the people of Israel) have an 'intramental' community wherein they share knowledge and experiences. Or just ordinary people who feel that they share something. 'Felt her nalle' could have been the concept.

This could perhaps by nazi philosophy be called 'the presence of zombie-like appearances in the collective space' and considered a problem and a threat against the security of the state.

However, it is easy to explain it within the framework of PTRSIM PIK: If the history of ÖVP is constituted by an interval of 1223 = 12 years, 2 months and 3 weeks between cartoons in 'The New Yorker' and defining events in ÖVP ('Österreichische Volks-Partei'), deriving (as goes the theory here) from the 12 years, 2 months and 3 weeks between their constitutive meeting in 1945 and the opening of my head in 1957, it could have been this 1223 dependency which is felt as the presence of a strange and alien power in the public space. It would be the PTRSIM PIK who is recognized as the carrier of it. ÖVP was constituted (had its founding meeting) 80 days after Auschwitz closed - which could mean '8 Daisy' = an octogon of 'Daisy' females such as the one on the ground outside the corner to Wiener Stadthalle could have been symbolic of. Then Auschwitz = USA-witz-e-blatt.

Then it would have been the octogon that carries the innermost secret.

But this is not a problem of judaism in the culture - it is rather that there is the presence of an alien power factor in the government of the country if ÖVP has the government.

Is it called a 'VOLKS'-partei because Wittgenstein, after the rejection game on his Tractatus, got his 'Wörterbuch für Volksschulen' accepted by the austrian government? It was published in 1926 with official stamp from the ministry of education. Hence it was the legal government that rescued his publication history. It is true that the 8 Kennedy siblings seem to have names that meet a certain graphic (!) pattern in this book, even if some or most of the Kennedys were born before the book was published in 1926.

But some will say that ÖVP has a justified role to play (and it may be that they give a not so bad impression) and that the alien control only gradually will fade out: After the war, Austria could not rebuild its society on its own but needed guidance from abroad, was probably the reason. It was a mild punishment for Hitler and all the austrian 'biz' on Wittgenstein that could have made Hitler's career in Germany, could have been the reason. But then it is important that the 'alien presence' be not understood as 'presence of jews' or something like that.

This means also that if there seem to be a certain statistic relation between the coronavirus pandemic and my presence in Austria or abroad (I was in Austria from the spring 2019, that is before the beginning of the pandemic, untill 27 july 2020 when I travelled down to Venice and stayed there untill 2 march 2021 when I returned to Vienna and I have been here since then, not the least due to shortage of economic means to be abroad during these times of the corona crisis), the reason for this is not likely to be that I am such a Dirty Beast or a PTRSIM PIK of british interests or anything the like - it is rather that the 'strange and alien power' that perhaps could be felt as present would be derived from the completely essential role of the (assumed) opening of my head in 1957 with an 'intramental' masturbation spurt onto my newborn cortex - and this 'moment of truth' was apparently (as goes my theory) turned into a grandiose power factor on a global scale.

It is high time to get all secrets in this story into daylight for an end to any traditions of political power on basis of such 'PTRSIM PIK', as it seems to be called.

It was Erik Berstad who called for forced psychiatric treatment of me on 22 november 1999.

Added 17 november 2021: It is seen that the strategy seems to be to turn things totally around - so that the 'zombies' are the ones of the power and not of the jews etc. Advertisement seems to spy on me and try and harass my best and loveliest intramental life in ads on the walls and posters. Then they do perhaps feel on the things in their own minds and if it feels right and well then they could attack it with abusive use - like a Beer Hall Putsch. That turns it 180 degrees around in themselves for a total 360 degree effect - and so the abusive power machine is not even discovered by the democratic voters.

If it is a good line of poetry I have written which is subjected to such abuse-by-surveillance, it follows that it becomes almost impossible to continue the work as poet.

However, it may be that this mobbing of the intramental life of PTRSIM PIK can be felt also by neighbours so that they e.g. believe that the PTRSIM PIK masturbates as a 'zombie' with their daughters in mind (hence this 'throbbing' feeling in the deep night and in the depth of the soul which perhaps could be experienced for the time being). That is not true - and I have no reason to believe so - it would be the ad business which is the problem - if they spy on me (or people generally), it is not I (or people generally) who spy on the neighbour's daughters.

But if a houserent is constructed in such a way that the houserent digits contains the relevant indexes of neighbours (daughters etc), it means that it will be felt as if one pays compensation/reparation money for the alleged masturbation (really the abuse-by-surveillance) and then things are okay again and are not even discovered by the democratic voters. Or it may suffice with a normal contracted houserent.

This will therefore maintain an apparent zero effect in the power structure of the 'zombies' (the 'intramental' spurt?) - and this motor (will it be a Wanckel motor?) can run smoothly, generating power for the government or the society in general - even if it must count as illegal power based on abuse.

Could be the 1929 'claps on walls treat' was a way of demolishing people's dreams by way of this principle of 'advertisement' = 'walls treat'? Is this the 'western world'?

I dont know if this is a principle in current use and if the pandemic mortality or even new infections are seen as related to it.

It was in 2021 that my houserent was adjusted down relative to the contract - and it is true that the mortality in Austria for the time being is around only 0,3% - like a normal flue. That is also why I possibly (if this is a factor) should not claim to have the payments back on normal level before the crisis is over - and then I can hopefully afterwards pay me back up on contract level.

Added 18 november 2021: The turnaround of the shoulder-injection of 'ligg unna kameraten min' is perhaps planned to be via the 'double-bottomed suitcase' ('Heim-skrin-gla' +'ostra-chisti') which could smuggle spirits from the PTRSIM PIK in Vienna over the 'Klipra connection' to London. 'Oslo' got its name in 1924, could be precisely because a 'double bottom' = 'ass low', in which case it turns around by 'Double portrait' = 'double po-TREIT' (of Raffael) vs 'double bo-TOM' of Oslo: It would be assumed to turn around in the hip region ('dreit' = 'excreted' while the 'tom' ejaculates 'zombies'), such that 'stay away from my comrade' would turn around from being Fjellheim's words to Grue (telling him to stay away from me as his comrade) to being Fjellheim's words to me (telling me to stay away from the publisher, his comrade Grue). But that could mean just this turnaround from the health personnel (injecting the vaccine) telling the virus to stay away from the fellow human being who gets the vaccine to the health personnel telling the humans to stay away from the virus (including the ones they got in the vaccine?). Did Hitler make his 1933-1945 holocaust concentration camps for lending 'concentrated' force and vigor to the spurt of 'zombies' onto the newborn cortex? Then it is a pity with this 1924 'ass-low' name.

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