Stephen Saunders

John Bjarne Grover

In Vilnius in 2000 I had tried to attach a telephone for the first time since 1988 (except for some weeks in 1991). After one telephone, which told that I could come and get a residence permit, some days later another telephone rang and a voice said a few words which I believed was a quote from my then yet unpublished novel "The Dreamer" and hung up. Later in the day there were the news that Stephen Saunders, british military attache to Athens, had been shot in his car on his way to work - around the time of the telephone, I think it was. I called the british embassy to tell of it - and had to detach the telephone again.

As I now understand it, this alleged assassination could have been an 'intelligence project' for turning the european swastika 90 degrees by way of Horace and the chinese radical 95. The attackers used, tells the report, an Heckler & Kock G3 rifle which 'jammed' after 1 bullet and then switched to a .45 Colt M1911 pistol. This seems to be the evidence that it be about Horace and radicals and the 94-95 symbolism shown in the intro logo to Zelensky's TV series (one episode here): 'Heckler & Koch G3' could be about the 'brothel and the greasy cookshop' and the .45 Colt M1911 e-'pistle' seems to point to line 19 alphabetic letter 11 = last line on page 338 in the Loeb edition (Fairclough) which means the word 'amoena' which in the translation 'lovely' wraps over onto the next page 340-341 (cp. 94-95 of the ukrainian TV series). (If the intro logo should be about a possible surveillance scene from the 'studio' I rented for some weeks in 2008 in a 'kvartal' in Athens, it was the 'kvartal' called 'Kypseli'). The report tells that Saunders died soon thereafter in hospital, which (if an 'intelligence project') could mean the brothel of 'fornix tibi et uncta popina' - cp. the bomb in the waiting room of Bologna central bus station in 1980 at the time of the publication of Eco's novel. Here are pages 338-341 in the Loeb edition:

This probably suffices for suggesting that the 94-95 in the TV series could be about the Horace-radical mystery used for pulling the eastern arm of a Black Sea Loop down towards the southern.

The page-turn at 'quae tu pulchra putas' could also be a background of the film 'The bridge across Kwai' - turning over from 'qui sentit et odit' on the previous page. I think there is a whistling tune in the film. Hence it is about this Loeb edition. It could be that page-turn from 94-95 in the intro logo to the ukrainian TV series. The french film 'Bilitis' (David Hamilton, 1977) seems likewise to encode a 'fornix tibi et uncta popina' ('brothel and greasy cookshop' - or even 'stiff in sauna'?) possibly about the moment when I discovered that the official father was replaced with a copy in 1969 - when he 'popped into' the car after the first had left a few moments earlier with the word 'e må pisse'. ('Bil i tiss' = 'car in pee'). See also the chinese sign of 'kurz' = 短 = TON - the man behind the square wheel, in 'Tiananman Square' behind the shed etc. If 'Tian-TON-MEN' it could be taken as 短們 - and indeed 'Bilitis' twice 'kisses' the man in brown pullover with the 'men' behind him - the one she meets at 46:47-48 (half of 94-95 of the ukrainian TV series logo?) at the cafe table standing in a doorway like 們 - at 48:20 (and the men at 48:40) and at 1:02:45. (Could this film have been a background of the 'Centre for technology and human values' in Oslo where I had stipend in late 1992? I saw the film in the late 1970's).

If this Black Sea Loop (which could be a british enterprise) is what the russian attack tries to stop, everybody agree to that, of course. It is likely to be the same 'international secret intelligence service' symbolism as 'John Grøver' may have referred to when he said 'e må pisse' and stepped out of the car (cp. Saunders) and who could have been Adolf Hitler who came back instead of him.

It could be argued that the Stephen Saunders case could have been organized by England themselves because the millenium turn had been trespassed and there was still monkey business on my life and work going on. Therefore there was no other option than to start the preparations - and 'Stiven Sauna' could mean 'Sweden Finland' - for the present situation after Ukraine and with these states being relevant as 'military attaches' to NATO 'on the other side'. This prompt reaction to the presence of continued monkey business on my life and work after midnight to 1 january 2000 could look like strong support to me.

However, there is a background story which could explain this in another way: It happened in probably the 1980's if not 1970's that Ragna Grøver made a reference to an episode in a TV series with a character called 'Stephen' - but she pronounced it with a certain norwegian articulation so that it sounded like 'stiven' = 'the stiff one', and there was an undertone of some recommendation there - as if 'stiven sa unders' = 'the stiff said unders' could have been the idea. However, if there also were a taint of 'get away' in it, which there could have been, it could have been a 'stiven sa unna' = 'the stiff said get away'. This happened in the fireplace room = 'peis-e-stua', which by an N-insertion due to the stiff association could be associated with 'penis-stua' = 'the penis room'. The comment took place not many metres from the place where I had forgotten a needle in the cushion of the TV chair of John Grøver in the autumn 1973 - he had then still not yet told his identity after he took over from the original father in 1969 - and when I turned 16 on 29 june 1973 I had the right to get that identity. I could not guess that maybe he could not tell his real identity if that should have been Adolf Hitler. If this event was before or after the Yom Kippur war, I do not remember but it would have been in the same autumn. I had forgotten the needle there by accident, not by intention, but there could of course have been a subconscious motive there - since there was no doubt about the fact that it was a new person but for once he was accepted by his wife and secondly there is no way to solve this for a young person - one has to pretend that these are aspects of 'adult life' which one does not yet understand, and the problem has to be postponed and suppressed from conscious deliberation. But in the autumn 1973, which was four years after the replacement, it could have been a subconscious element in me forgetting the needle in the TV chair cushion.

Could be, therefore, a 'stiven sa unna' could have been what I said (or rather did) in 1973 - and with Yom Kippur war around the same times it could have been in allusion also to another potential aspect of 'John Grøver' as 'Adolf Hitler' if one assumes that the Hitler story goes in cycles of 21 years: If he came to an education for the 'Jensen Grøver' job in Norway in 1948, there would have been 21 years untill he took over the role in the summer 1969: He had this role untill 1990 when he officially died. If the Oslo terror (bomb in central Oslo at the governmental building (PM office), shooting of young people on Utøya cp. Ut-øya or U-tøya) meant that the problem had been shifted over onto e.g. England, that was another 21 years. Wenche Stray and Jostein Simble are two names from my life in Norway - both lived in Son which means 'to serve a sentence (in prison)' - and hence 'serve as Jensen' could have meant 'serve a sentence' of 21 years for his war crimes. Then 'serve a sentence in prison' could mean 'serve as Jensen imp-risen' in the sense of 'Yohn Slipper[s]', the 'un-stiff' man in the slippers. Hence if a reference to the autumn 1973 would have been included in an interpretation of the mention of TV character 'stiven' but 'sa unna', it could have been taken to mean just 'serve as Jensen imp-risen'. The incident of Ragna Grøver referring to this 'Stephen' in an episode of a TV series could have been taken to mean a switch of roles there - as if she were telling that 'John Grøver' is 'Adolf Hitler' and hence he cannot say his identity. (If 'John Grøver' really were 'Adolf Hitler', I could have been told in this way - but that does not help much, of course). Cp. also the TV series with Zelensky in Ukraine. 'P-nisse-tua' could have been the story from the summer 2021 with the woman lying in the street - for the idea that 'nisse' = 'leprechaun' (not 'depression') had come up from the P-house, the parking house, the garage under Wiener Stadthalle, these 'nisser' clustering in the street to look like the woman lying there. 'Penis-stua' could also have been contained in a quasi hernia which could have mistaken the appendix for a penis, as if 'the bash to an kurz' could have tried to get out that way, stuffing itself into what it could have believed were a 'P-nisse'.

Cp. also the story from the socalled 'Kaffistova' (could be the name was something else - it was on the floor above a farmacy on lower Karl Johan Street) in the late 1980's - between the last telephone in late 1988 and his official death in 1990 that would have been. If there were a 'get away' in this mention of 'stiven', that could have been taken to be an advice to me on basis of the (earlier) custody relation to me - but 'John Grøver' himself was not really in a custody or 'care' relation to his wife when he told me this at Kaffistova. (He were in such a relation in late 1980, though, when his wife after having visited me with a man to whom she had a relation - as she also told me after the car accident in 1981 - probably was the one who had taken initiative to get him hospitalized because of too much drinking - it was also her authority which seems to have been used for getting me hospitalized for psychiatric treatment against my will in 1999).

I fancy that the reason why they want to have me in Vienna could be that there could be a lot of such intrigues and events planned with me in one of the roles. "Then in 2025 there will be this and that happening and then Mr.Grover must be present - this is vital for a smooth running of the Black Sea Loop and other terror programs, stockmarket collapse and other 'intelligence projects' - and there are already many people under education with identities specially tailored for these events". Of course such intrigues are illegal and should not be accepted by the police, and of course I do not want to take part in them.

It may be normal to associate Asia with a lynx: Asia looks perhaps like a cat or a lynx, with kazakh and mongol eyes, a tibetan snout and himalayan teeth.

The idea of Asia as a lynx could have been contained in a phrase Fredrik Otto Lindeman once used: "[Folk] med følere inn i forskningsrådene" = "[people] with feelers/sensors into the research councils" - here the hairy ears crossing the norwegian border in the far north. 'Leningrad' would have been the 'research council', the ear - possibly contained even in the idea of a role of Halmrast's hymn in the construction of my house in Szolnok - the entrance room seems to lean against the adobe house. The 'shiner' that shone on my face on Good Friday was on the lefthand side, but if it should be an asian lynx face Europe would have been the righthand side of Asia - and a certain cognitive left-right swap would be needed. One could speculate that this is the inside-outside the skull which the 'zombies' of my 1957 life are about.

There seem to be ad campaigns up in Vienna these days possibly relating to my studies of empirical matter relative to the Catalan constant. One of these could be a paraphrase on my 'invention' of using loopaper around the penis and beyond for avoiding 'sprudlwasser' on the trouser leg during urination, the other could be an indirect reference to Fredrik Otto Lindeman - or the wrong order of the names 'Otto Fredrik Lindeman' - by a brief incidence at the linguistics institute in Oslo: I was talking with Lindeman in the corridor when Kirsti Kock Christensen (cp. the 'Gouda') came and asked Lindeman for a signature and had written his name in the wrong order. It is not impossible that this could be the basis for the later Anne Orderud Paust case - when Lindeman corrected the order of the names it was 'an order you paused' - the order of the names were 'paused' if I were the order, since it was my conversation with Lindeman that was 'paused' - and hence the situation could have been interpreted in light of the one about 'Stephen' in 'peisestua'.

Christensen later became rector at the university of Bergen and member of the 4-strong board of Statoil.

This 'Gouda' of the ad could refer to the name of 'Kirsti Kock Christensen' (as for Horace Epistle I.xiv.14,4-30,6 with 'links' to chinese radical 95), and it could also refer to the relevant 'gå ut d-a' = 'doorbell-a' = 'double-a'. Cp. also Umberto Eco's "Name of the rose" with relevance for the holiday called 'Fronleichnam' - for the 'nam' of the 'rose' - with reference to monastery in 'Melk' etc.

There was a chemical weapons attack on the suburb of Ghouta outside Damascus on 21 august 2013, claiming hundreds of lives. The gas was of type SARIN. My interpretation is this: It happened once that I was about to walk down from the university and was offered a ride by Lindeman in his car - a door on his car had been knocked somewhat in as if it had been kicked by a solid boot. It also happened once I talked with him on the telephone, from a telephone box in Bergen - that the door was pulled up behind me standing in the box and a person said, loudly enough probably for Lindeman to hear, if I wanted the skull knocked in, I think it was. I took it that it was an impatient person in urgent need of telephone - but clearly there was some structural similarity with the car door. The idea could have been this "følere inn i forskningsrådene" = "feelers/sensors into the research councils". That could have been the CAR expanding SARIN to SAKKARIN - or 'SA KAR IN' = 'said man in' the telephone box. 'Saccharin' is a replacement substance or agent for sugar - and this 'stiven sa unna' it could have be taken to be in reference of the self-sucking ('autofellatio') which I had agreed to for a few times in 1971 (possibly on background also of Shijing #37 and the Vietnam war). After 'Pigs Bay' (1961) cp. 'Vikebukt' and 'Cuban missile crisis' (1962), cp. 'das dritte Reich', there had been the 'Kings Bay' (1963) affair which could have meant that my elder sister could be involved in making potato balls ('kartoffel-atio') in Kongensgate 8 in 1970-71 - and the question is whether this impressive series could have been a part of my relations to my own erection. Would 'stiven sa unna' mean the sexual drive in general, or would it have meant that I did not really find it a good solution with such concessions? Whatever the meaning, this could have been shifted over onto Ragna Grøver in 'peisestua' with this brief mention of 'Stephen' in a TV series - which later perhaps could be recognized in the Anne Orderud Paust case and the ukrainian TV series. This scene in 'peisestua' would have been on the other side of the wall or rather the TV set relative to the original 1971 scene with the 'unders' - hence 'TV'n a unders' could have described the location, plus some 'SS'. It could be about a strategy for hijacking 'authorship'?

The 1971 autofellatio ended with an ejaculation in the mouth which I spat into the sink in the bathroom. This sink is in norwegian called 'servant' - hence 'the servant of the people' - same word as 'serving a sentence'?

In 1981 I bought an indian-looking dress in an outdoor market in Via Fidene in Rome and gave it to my elder sister. If this should have meant 'SARIN' = 'the sari', I dont know why.

In this 1981 I lived for some months in this Via Fidene in the flat of Anne Abercrombie who shared it with Hiliry Harvey. Anne and I visited her father Keith Abercrombie who worked at FAO and told me that he knew only one norwegian politician and that was Thorvald Stoltenberg - if I had heard about him? I had - he had then just been defence minister and later FM. It could have been this mention which could have given rise to the rumours on Radio Free Service that Thorvald Stoltenberg's son Jens should have been into the flat while I was sleeping under a chemical attack of some gases and raped me in the mythos role of Ragna Grøver - and this should have been the promising start of his career. However, such ideas on Radio Free Service (the 'radio' telling news in your mind - not so very reliable perhaps but often with themes that could call for attention) could of course stem only from the names of the two females in the flat in this street - not the least on background of mobbing by John Grøver about 'longlegged women' (which also could have been a theme for the Oslo terror two years earlier). Jens Stoltenberg was appointed NATO chief in 2014, the year after the 2013 SARIN attack in Ghouta - and there were allegations that Assad's government had sent the rockets after the rebels, in which case such a claim could have received support from a theory that Stoltenberg would be sailing up as candidate for NATO chief after the danish Anders Fogh Rasmussen (!) - and there could have been speculations on 'similarities'. The wikipedia article tells that Stoltenberg was supported for NATO by Obama and Merkel. [4/5-22: I have no reason to believe that this theory has a rooting in reality]. [9/5-22: Rather, the theory could have arisen from such things as Viktor Orbán being chief of Fidesz in government when my house was burglared in Szolnok in 2019 - there had also been a small burglary some months after I bought it in 2015, a kitchen window being lifted carefully open, and the police in Vienna had later broken a window in my Vienna flat].

If one analyses Kings Bay, Cuban crisis and Pigs Bay ('pigebukten' = 'girlsbay'), one could land on the theory from the structure of Hitler's 'Aktion Reinhard' that if the official father could have been replaced by Adolf Hitler in 1969, the idea could be made that the younger sister later could have been replaced by John Fitzgerald Kennedy (I am not discussing the idea that she really could) . But that of course would have been about 'witzebay' or 'witzgerald' even if 'Angel Lamb Erkel' could have suggested that the 'zombies' were not only funny. Although this theory could have been the basis for the chemical attack on Ghouta in 2013, it would not really have meant an even heavier sort of 'reason' for Assad to have sent the rockets in order to leak a high secret, it would, I would guess, rather have been a heavy sort of reason why certain western powers could have been out for lending support to plans of an intended hijack of my authorship for crediting my younger sister Tone Helene Grøver with it - and then the chemical attack would have said that 'hah, it is John F.Kennedy who wants it' - and that should be some power. To speculate that this could have been part of the ukrainian crisis is therefore perhaps not completely farfetched - but it does not really mean that my younger sister hides Kennedy under the surface (like a 'sy-flesk trulte' of Heide Steen), it rather suggests that there could be interests out for the authorship, not the least for making this matter a theme or quasi 'reason' for a third world war (a la 'A[u]rthur James/hides Balfour'). The fact that the chemical attack was in Ghouta could then perhaps be traced back to this situation with Lindeman and Christensen in the corridor of the linguistics institute in Oslo. I notice also the name of 'Kirsti Kock Christensen' qua 'Keir Stick of Staur-ensen' as relevant to the name of current british Labour chief 'Keir Rodney Starmer'.

And this of course could have been the background of the Stephen Saunders story - and the ukrainian TV series of Zelensky.

As far as I remember, Signy Fardal was in my younger sister's wedding. She had borrowed my coffee strainer ('percolator') I think for the house she shared with several others but it broke and 'Erik', who was the toastmaster in the wedding, had been all over town for finding a new. She wore a 'jungle' dress and told me that she had been all over town for finding it [4/5-22: KJOLEN/KJELEN]. The glass bowl was also in the story about Hotel [Oslo] Plaza, over all the town of Oslo. I do not now remember which of these was first - the wedding or the Plaza bowl.

'Ujabb Gripen baleset' - if that is the undertext of Zelensky's government - could be in reference of the idea of the 'name' not necessarily being in conformity with the 'rose'.

I recall from Volda 1964-65 the name of two doctors living in the doctor house just up the street - Kort and Fardahl were the names.

A lynx has hairs on the ears which thereby could include Norway but this is of course not really a part of Asia - but left eye Mongolia is and therefore, if Downing Street thinks of itself as representable by 'Mongolia', these are proper parts of the asian lynx.

Einar Gerhardsen was PM in Norway constantly fo the 20 years 1945-65 - interrupted only for a few weeks by John Lyng's government just before the Kennedy assassination, in the context of the Kings Bay affair. (For this 'John Lyng's', cp. also the later 'Yom Kippur' - I think the Beatles had a song from the 1960's called 'Day Tripper').

I woke up on Good Friday with a big 'shiner' which perhaps could be about just this lynx face by the fact that Norway is not really a part of its asian face but Downing Street ('Mongolia'?) is. Could be the lynx is the secret of the british strategy - precisely by way of this 'feelers into the research council'? But those 'feelers' could of course be taken to be the mythos of a 'trans penis' into my puberty 'research council' and hence the secret of the british strategy.

Kirsti Kock Christensen was the one who was responsible for my stipend which brought me to Hungary in the spring 1991. She was also at the beginning of my 'career' in linguistics as the one I consulted on the subject in I think late 1984 if not early 1985. A 'Kirsti Christensen' (from Celan 'Correspondance' vol.II p.189) is mentioned in the commentary to the published correspondence of Paul Celan with his wife - Christensen (I dont know if it is the same person) had apparently in a letter from the norwegian student organization in Oslo of 30 december 1964 asked for permission to reproduce some of his work for an anthology, which he seems not to have agreed to.

'Kock' could also be the 'greasy cookshop' (also by this 'lynx') of Horace Epistle I.xiv.14,4-30,6 with 'links' to chinese radical 95 - for the 90 degrees turning of the swastika from Ukraine ('tjukk Ragna' = 'fat Ragna', the 'trans' mythos) down onto Rome with the pope in the Vatican.

I conclude on this discussion about the brief signature event in the corridor of the linguistics institute in Oslo with the mention of the probable root of this in Frederik Alexander Lindemann who was chief of the scientific intelligence of England during WWII and who is a main character in the story of the socalled Oslo Report. In this report there was mention of a cathode ray tube. If the cat-head ('lynx') is a 'sheep' - could be with a wolf inside - it could in 'western' dialect ('Gunsmoke'?) have been called a 'smalahove' = 'narrow head'.

It is of vital importance that a perverse mythology of Ragna Grøver and me be not installed into administration but be understood as a forbidden nazi intrigue called 'das dritte Reich' - there is no basis beyond such interests for it. 'Das dritte Reich' was Hitler's project - and mythos based on such a perverse 'care' relation of Ragna Grøver to me as a child is not of any good.

Politicians probably trade in such theatre tailored for cheating the democratic public to vote this and that. There is no legal basis for that, though, and I certainly do not participate in anything such. It is vital for me to escape from any further such intrigues - and even if there should have been thousands of such secret intelligence agents educated to partake in some 'coincidences' around me, and those year-long educations cost a lot of money, of course that makes it only more urgent for me to escape it. The purpose with all that is probably only to make it possible to run new extermination programs for harvesting the profit from it and dumping the blame on others.

Of course it would have been illegal of the Grøvers to construct and sell such 'episodes' of my life - and clearly it is very possible that those people should only have been arrested for child abuse and all such politics denounced as criminal and qualifying for exclusion from international organizations. It seems that when I do not protest that is because I agree to it - of course not, it is only that I have never been informed about this.

It is possible that the ukrainian crisis is developed from the idea of 'Ukraina' = 'tjukk Ragna' = 'fat Ragna' if Ragna Grøver were rebuilt to trans (e.g. by material from my own penis) and raped me (drugged) in my puberty. (There is also a 'tjukk Raino' Malnes in the sense of a 'Reynold / Milnes' of Modern Language Review october 1977). The historic basis for the present situation is then perhaps planned to be an incomprehensible mystery which can get its explanation only through a very small and hidden-mysterious prism called the myth of the unio mystica of the ejaculation of Ragna Grøver into my excrements. Such plans could even have been the background of Reinhard Heydrich = 'Ragna Hei-dritt' whose name is the basis for Hitler's 'Aktion Reinhard' = Sobibor, Treblinka and Belcez death camps.

Of course such perverse mythos must be avoided and the details of its construction must be published. If England are the constructors of this mythos and on the surface appear like the opponents of its policies, this paradox can perhaps not be understood before one sees it through that perverse prism - which could have been constructed for enhancing the powers of the british monarchy on basis of PTRSIM PIK.

Of course the world cannot continue with such intrigues. England could turn republican and all such plans involving mythos around my person and a Black Sea Loop must be packed down.

Conclusion: It is the sexuality or eroticism of Propertius' Elegies installed into a countdown of the PM names of Downing Street towards probably a Black Sea Loop that associates England with Mongolia - and this swaps over left-right by the cognitive swap of the brain to the european part which is not a part of Asia. By this british strategy, democratic people take faith in the british intrigue even if it comes down to a loop of horror around the Black Sea, including Ukraina - for a tuning of the swastika for making fascism in Italy. It is likely to be this which is the ukrainian crisis.

The britons may perhaps struggle with bad conscience after Henry and the exodus from the catholic creed and do not feel comfortable with themselves. This is likely to be the reason for this apparent carnival on Propertius in Downing Street. It is not good behaviour to cheat people as badly as that - for harvesting public support for such a political program.

As to my own article on Propertius' Elegies: Does it look tragically schizophrenic? (When I now have consulted the 'Christensen' quote from Celan's correspondence, I suddenly can understand this 'fryser på ryggen' in a new light). It looks indeed pathetic with e.g this mention of a cork in the behind, but this is probably an inavoidable element in the current situation after the tragically unserious political development with a british RVA AMR role of Norway and things like that - the third secret of Fatima with a wooden cross of cork-oak in its origo. The political history seems to have related to PROPP-ERZ - as a cork in the behind - could be because such power is based on the trick of people not enduring the truth behind the strategies. However, the material discussed in the article - looking as schizophrenic as perhaps the political history is - is probably what is needed to come to Propertius' literary work without porn. If I had written an article about, say, one of his elegies, discussing his relation to Cynthia and the literary progression in the work, the article could perhaps have gone into a journal of literary theory and been used as a propellar for terror, but my article would not be suited for such journalism.

All this PTRSIM PIK nonsense must be brought to an end. It seems that the mythos makers had hoped to be in possession of archives with details from my life which they could use for engineering power and control - and those who had knowledge of a small detail from my life which was not in the archives could make a fast career. All this must be packed down - and the best way of doing it is by going for an administration based on truth.

Concluding remark

From the above it could follow that if Zelensky's TV series encodes the concept of KYPSELI = KU-SELLing = 'selling cow' or 'COUP-selling', selling coup, the idea could be that my poetry is written by the 'cow' of leftsided gynaecomasty which should derive from (who could have been) John F.Kennedy masturbating on my brain in july 1957. For once, I have shown by my distributional semantics of TEQ function 14 that this is not the case - but it could have been planned by the international secret intelligence services to be considered a hidden aspect of my work which I could not guess myself. Hence if I should be the one who tries to sell this KU, if it were the TV series who is 'selling KU/COUP' and if it were a 'coup' that prompted the need for a russian military involvement, it could be about dumping the blame for a coup on me. Secondly, if the mythos should extend to the idea that my younger sister should or could be 'JFK', it would suggest that the original ownership to the rights to my work should be hers - which of course is nonsense. The package could then be that if there should be launched claims that she is the author of my work, which would be swindle, it could imply a reinforced blame-dump of problems in Ukraine onto me. Of course the conception of the situation in terms of such a 'package' looks not so good.

Of course ideas that a quarter of the profit from Statoil went for international terror are probably the purest nonsense which, though, could have taken shape on Radio Free Service due to redundancies in the complex described above. During my months of low budget in Paris in 2002 I was granted some weeks free lodging at a refugee and homeless centre at Bourget airport.


Celan, P. & Celan-Lestrange, G.: Correspondance (I,II). Seuil 2001.

Horace: Satires, Epistles and Ars Poecitia. With an english translation by H.Rushton Fairclough. Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts / London, England 1978.

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