Covid-19 explained

John Bjarne Grover

A human being has his/her own genetic code or genome. It was reported around 2000 that the human genome had been described - which means a long string of digits or letters containing the unique genetic identity of a person. It is likely that each country is building their own databases of the genetic code for each and every member of the society. Hopefully these have not gone astray to 'marketing' by internet cookies etc, thereby opening for extensive abuse of genetic identities.

I have fancied that there now exist weapons (of electronic computer type) that can scramble or turn the identity values of the genetic code of a person around, for example on the background of the genetic distribution in that person's society, and that this could lead to disease or death of the person while it could remain quite difficult to detect where the turnaround was made. Respiration problems is a natural guess.

Hence a theory on the coronavirus pandemic could be that 'brexit' - England's exodus from the European Union - amounts to the same as such a turnaround of the genetic code "Pro pertius" - per person - and hence it meant the same as the application of such a weapon against the global community. This theory must include the module that such a massive use of the turnaround principle (hence considered a potential 'weapon of mass destruction') can elicit the emergence of viruses stepping over from the metaphysics to the physics - through the border constituted by the balance organ called the DNA - to the effect that a contagious disease starts spreading.

Therefore, this could mean, covid-19 started at the time of 'brexit', soon after the election in Steiermark had started. The disease was highly lethal in the beginning weeks and months - up to 20-30% - but this mortality has been constantly and gradually falling untill it now is globally comparable to a mild flue. It will probably continue sinking towards null and the disease will disappear by the effects of the detachment of England from the European Union.

Why has the disease hardly spread in China? For once, China (or, say, its mandarin language) is traditionally one fourth of the world's population - which means by definition a sort of 'turned-around' featural subset. Secondly, one could speculate if China has developed this weapon to some level of sophistication which could have allowed them to turn the genetic code features back again - leaving them rather immune against the effects of the 'brexit'. For example, the relevant 'weapon' - or simply, some database structure of some kind - could have been employed on e.g. Propertius' (or other) work relative to some average (= 'pro person') of the population. In China (at least some chinese media) the disease is commonly called "the novel coronavirus disease". Why 'novel'? Could be it is about my novel "The Dreamer" about the person who goes schizophrenic when he starts writing a diary - an envoy from heaven, that is, who has come to write a report on the state of the art on earth - and believes that he has discovered a hidden code in the distribution of car numbers.

It can be observed that the spread of the disease seemed in the beginning to follow aspects of my authorship. There was also the story with the poetry notebooks that I forgot in a rucksack left on a bench in Barnabiten church, and in the moment when I - a good hour later - returned to look for it, a shooting spree started (the videoed event started with the shooter shooting his own sister as the first victim, as she took up smiling position for the event, before he continued untill he himself was shot dead) in a Walmarts in El Paso (USA-Mexico border), apparently encoding one of the notebooks which was blank in the second half except for a password on the last page. The other notebook had dates annotated to the poems - and a similar shooting spree took place in Dayton in USA some hours later. This could mean that 1) they could have had surveillance scans of the notebooks in advance, and 2) there could have been some 'sophisticated mind control' prompting my forgetting of the rucksack on a churchbench. Notre Dame de Paris went on fire in the spring 2019 - some weeks before this event in the church. In christmas 2018-2019 I had been treated in the hospital in Venice for a number of organic problems, including ulchers in the abdomen in their 'gastro-lab' on 24 december, after which I was not allowed to eat or swallow water for a few days, but I was allowed to chew wet gauze (bandages) for keeping the oral space humid while the body was on intravenal support.

The british government (in the structure of the names of the cabinet) can be seen to suffer from 'hernia' because there is a 'tric-o-ta-ge' factory in its constitution - that could mean 'Ole Devold' at the root of their 'formation'. I have speculated that when Ole Devold opened his tricotage factory in Langevåg at Ålesund on Sunnmøre in 1852 or thereabout, it was (for some reason or other) after Rawlinson had deciphered the sumerian of the Behistun wall. The US republican party was founded in 1854, Jungholz as a 'pimple' on the border Austria/Germany (cp. 'El Paso') around the same time. (This could be part of the reason for my ideas of an association of 'pimple' = norw. 'filipens' with 'Philip prince' on the background of the hieroglyphic 'everlasting prince'. I think the word 'filipens' for 'pimple' exists only in norwegian and danish).

This structure of names in the british government could then apply to the structure from 2002-2004:

26 december 2002: The handwritten manuscripts to my "The Endmorgan Quartet" books 11 and 12 were registered for copyright in Washington

26 december 2003 at 01:56 UTC: The dreadful earthquake of Bam in Iran - it destroyed the ancient city and claimed a number of lives

26 december 2004 at 00:58 UTC: The dreadful earthquake of Banda Aceh - its tsunami claimed some 200.000 lives or thereabout

which then makes it look as if there is an 'Ole Devold' in the 'Stamm-Ba[u]m' of my authorship but this can be subjected to a coup by the condition of 'hernia' (see below) calling for application of a 'bandage'. Could be the british government feels that there is an 'ole devold' there way back in history - not as old as Propertius perhaps but something like that nevertheless.

This theory includes the idea that England had a secret called 'Propertius' which tells that 1) the name is A-doll fitler, and 2) the names of most british PM's (= governments) find a reflex in some poem in the work of Propertius. I don't know if the latter is the case - but the first poems of Liber Primus seem to suggest so for the most recent PM names relative to the cartoon of Handelsman in The New Yorker 12 years 2 months and 3 weeks before Sebastian Kurz was included into the austrian government. It is possible that this cartoon is based on poems of Propertius.

Some would perhaps say that England could not continue in EU without telling this story which could have been the secret of WWII and therefore they had to break out of the union. Therefore covid-19 started immediately after the Steiermark election started, just before 'brexit' started on 1 february 2020. The law of obligatory vaccination against covid-19 in Austria starts now on 1 february 2022. (On 1 february 2021 there was a military coup in Burma (Myanmar) - see also #22 below).

The disease is a pandemic, which corresponds to my name with R/N alternation - including a V/M it gives: John Bjarne Grover → Jor[d] Banner Gnomen = Earth Banner Leprechaun. Hopefully an Earth Banner Depression can be avoided - but that does not mean having to suppress me, say, by a coup of my authorship.

I notice the rhyme 'hans genome' (= 'his genome') vs 'hanskerom' = 'glove-room/space' = the small niche in a car dashboard for storage of gloves, maps etc. (Cp. also the name form 'Arnuldo' which could have been implied in ado about Karl-Heinz Grasser some years ago). 'Hanske-Rom' = 'glove-Rome' could have been the essential contents of the landslide in Ask, Gjerdrum, Romerike in Norway in christmas 2020.

This R/N could be quite essential also for that 'Steiermark' which seems to have prompted the first attested coronavirus case:

Steienmank = the question of the territorial rights to the stone I found and which can be seen to contain the proof of the german evidence. Could I take the pebble with me - leaving the territory there as a 'Steinenmank' (see below)? Or should I consider the chance that the pebble belonged to a participant in an introductory course in gemology at the gemological society just down the street? Whether this or that, it could be called 'bor i chansen'. I left the pebble on the ground, on the territory, but when I returned a few hours later to see if it were still there, it had been picked up by somebody. Would it have been somebody anxious about territorial rights?

Theory: Propertius is a function 4 poet - by my definition of the poetic functions (see this discussion of line 4 in my PEB). In my vol.3 I have studied on pages 1131-1151 (= 'Poetic semiosis' chapter 23) five examples of the local (not global) function 14 in works of five poets (Celan, Mandelstam, Michelangelo, Ritsos, Weöres). It is not impossible that if one studies the distribution of words in e.g. a german newspaper through the same time interval as I wrote my TEQ (from 25-02-1997 to 21-07-2008), one could find a certain correlation of some clusters of density in spread of some words with aspects of e.g. Celan's 'Fadensonnen' along the same principles as I have shown for my own TEQ. But then one must credit me as the source!

'Bro[r] bertius' could then find an echo for the Steiermark election (democracy by vote/voice per person) - half a year after the burglary of my house in Szolnok - also via my name on the form of the tour of residences in my childhood: After the idea of an initial 1-2-3 contained in the first home towns Molde-Oslo-Hammerfest there followed Odda as for a 'jarnegg' and then 'Molde-Volda-Molde' for the 'røver' part of my name. Should this mean that I had burglared the house myself - like it was claimed by the custody parents that I had put a nut in my mouth myself in Hammerfest and therefore the asthma attack that nearly claimed my life? Of course I had not burglared the house myself - but the hungarian police could not find the burglar and the insurance company has, as far as I know, not paid any insurance money even if they got the police confirmation after the forensic evidence had been collected.


'Bro bertius' suggests 'bridge excremental' and hence the staple as a bridge between the gender organ and the appendix - that is where the 'hernia' protrudes and must be kept in shape by a 'truss' or 'bandage' if the 'bridge excremental' = 'Pro perz' = 'A-doll fitler' disappears - here with 'brexit'. Was this pandemic the british confession that Adolf Hitler was their man and he worked for their victory in WWII? Could be, but not necessarily: The correlation of 'Adolf Hitler' as the undertext of Propertius (if you read the first poem(s) of Liber Primus, then you can afterwards understand why it is called 'A-doll fitler') with the names of british PM's could have its explanation in 1) Propertius as a 'function 4' poet by my definition, and 2) the apparent tendency for british PM's to be named by the buttock region of the body. But it could also mean a certain confession - although a proof it could hardly be. If the political situation was that England could not continue in EU without confessing Hitler, it could be that they could not break out of the union either without such a historic link surfacing rather visibly. It could be said that Napoleon was not out for the victory, only the truth about Chanson de Roland, and therefore he landed on St.Helene, and if Hitler likewise were driven mainly by the need for having the authenticity of the ostarrichi 'Schenkungs-Urkunde' confirmed, that is, the territorial rights to the 'Properties', a certain link to the british PM names could not have been avoided due to the universals of the 'function 4' in my definition.

However, if one assumes that 'A-doll fitler' is the tacit undercode of Propertius, and if one searches for a link to the british PM names, it could be that a german translation would make it easier to recognize relevance. I have used the Philipp Reclam jun.Stuttgart 1993 bilingual edition by Burkhard Mojsisch, Hans-Horst Schwarz, Isabel J.Tautz and Dominique Kappert, and by consulting the beginning line of the german translation I think it is relevant to observe a certain relevance of the following british PM names with corresponding poems of Liber Primus + first of Liber Secundus - most of these are quite simple but the list could not be solved before I found the 'nose-like' broken stone near the place where also the (hieroglyphically) 'everlasting prince' or alternative could have been standing (here follow quotes from the 1993 Reclam edition):

Liber primus
1-10 = The 'Handelsman cartoon' complex
11 = Gordon Brown = 'Ob dich, Cynthia, wohl, da du mitten in Baiae säumst" etc
12 = Tony Blair ('an-tho-nible ear') = 'Warum hörst du nicht auf, mich fälschlich des Müßiggangs zu beschuldigen, weil du, mitwissendes Rom, mich aufhälts" etc
13 = John Major = "Du wirst dich, was du oft zu tun pflegst, über mein Mißgeschick freuen, Gallus, weil ich völlig allein bin, da mir die Geliebte aus den Händen gerissen wurde" etc
14 = Margareth Hilda Thatcher = "Magst du auch, behaglich hingestreckt am Wasser des Tiber, aus Mentorgefäß lesbischen Wein schlürfen" etc
15 = James Callaghan = "Oft fürchtete ich viel Widerwärtiges ob deines flatterhaften Wesens, doch dieses hatte ich ausgeschlossen, Cynthia, deine Treulosigkeit" etc
16 = Harold Wilson (spoon?) = "Ich, eine Tür, die einst großen Triumphen geöffnet worden ist, bekannt wegen der tarpejischen Keuschheit" etc
17 = Edward Heath = ed ward hernia (on the righthand side, near the appendix) = "Und zu Recht, da ich es vermochte, mein Mädchen zu fliehen, spreche ich nun zu den verlassenen Eisvögeln" etc
17 = Harold Wilson → backwards = 'nose-lived lorah' = the 'nose-like' stone I found = (ditto)
17 = Alexander Douglas-Home = try forwards again, however meandric = (ditto)
18 = Harold Macmillan = spoon 'marr-old high chillan' = "Dies ist mit Sicherheit ein verlassener und für einen Klagenden verschwiegener Ort" etc
19 = Anthony Eden = "Nicht scheue ich jetzt, meine Cynthia, die bitteren Manen, und nicht halte ich das Geschick auf, das am Ende dem Scheiterhaufen geschuldet ist" etc
20 = Winston Churchill = Hitler's postcard - see back page = "Entsprechend unserer ununterbrochenen Liebe will ich dich, Gallus, daran erinnern (dies möge dir nicht aus deinem sorglosen Sinn gehen)" etc
21 = Clement Richard Attlee = "Du, der du eilst, grausamem Geschick zu entkommen, Soldat, der du verwundet von den etruskischen Wällen kommst" etc
22 = Winston Churchill = "Wer ich sei, woher ich stammte und welche Heimat ich hätte, fragst du, Tullus, in Anbetracht unserer beständigen Freundschaft" etc

Liber secundus
1 = Arthur Neville Chamberlain = "Ihr fragt, warum ich so oft Liebesgedichte verfasse, warum mein Buch sanft euch vor Augen kommt" etc.

The conclusion is that the thrill there could have been in installing this complex into History is but a variant of what tentatively could have been postulated as 'blue transcendence' via swindle on historic documents - swindle that could have been so perfect that even those who made them could have believed it: According to my theory, a normal author has - by the inherent logic in the script technology - to submit to the rules of narration in the historic time point of writing: Therefore a text can, as by a carbon-14 (cp. 'covid-19'), be dated with impressive precision by way of its narrative structure. However, a 'blue transcendence' would mean that the author enters into a state of ecstasy wherein the author believes that s/he writes in a different time, as by a time machine having been transposed into another part of History, and there writes like they did in those days. Then the swindle is perfect and anybody - be it frenchmen who have to take faith in Chanson de Roland or austrians in the Schenkungs-Urkunde - has to believe in its authenticity - otherwise their noses could have been pulled so far that they risked being torn off - as in #17 above. This 'blue transcendence' could have been developed in England after the breach with the Vatican whereby they lost the catholic revelation in history but constructed an alternative in this form of swindle ecstasy. The list of PM's since at least the war but maybe also before that could therefore have been the installation of this 'triumph' since it means an imitation of line 4 in the blue metre.

And what are the britons going for now when the blue metre of Properz draws towards its end, that is, its beginning? Hm, the red metre maybe? How old is the lightbeam? Swindle on all sorts of things, revelations (for example qua 'anal coitus' rape of puberty) etc for maximizing the 'transcendence'?

There is this idea that if you have four absolutely parallel and flat plates in succession, if the distances between them is absolutely precise down to the smallest laser-controlled nanometre and a multiplum of, say, a 'prime number', you can get a clear image up on the last of these of something far away in the multiplum. By using two such with two different multipla or prime numbers, the bacillae can be seen on a faraway planet. Swindle + swindle = truth, that could mean. 'New science' it could be called so tragically. 'Very old' would have been a better term. Would you see the Emperor of the Universe there in the far end of it? And even hear the voice - telling things from data from rapes of the early 1970's?

Stop the PTRSIM PIK nonsense! It is time to return to reality. This whole story must be told out loud.

On this background, I think I have the right to ask for exemption from the obligatory 'knitware' vaccination and a green pass with which I can travel where I need.

It must be understood that it is very possible that England tries to dump an old alliance with Adolf Hitler onto me and grab my authorship in 'exchange' - a very bad offence against me that would have been. I have computed that the next step could be planned to be that the 'intelligence services' can reveal that Adolf Hitler's postwar identity was my official custody father - and then to tremble their indexes against me: "Youu, Mr.Grover, was in a secret alliance with Hitler and did not report it to the police!" - and to spread the rumour that I were son of Hitler. An endless series of intrigues this would look like.

I dont think Jensen/Grøver after the replacement in the late 1960's was Hitler - and the idea is certainly new to me - but maybe it is not completely impossible. Would the one iris or the other iris from this photo be enough to determine it against available closeups of Hitler? I cannot find out of it. He would have been about 100 when I last met him if he were Hitler - although he could of course have got many new organs in the 1960's. The family went for a trip to London in the summer 1972 (or was it 1971) and stayed there for a week or so - on one of these days he was off for some other errand while the rest of the family went for museums etc. Did he tell that he was Hitler? I cannot remember that - but it happened some 2-3 times that there was a cake on the table and he said "I will have only a small piece" and he helped himself with nearly half of it - that could be called 'pro person' - but of course that could also be just normal family life.

The trick could be rooted in the double role of Winston Churchill seen above: 1) If I were raped in the 1970's with a penis whose contents were borrowed from myself, this Hitler's 'post'-card/hard of #20 could be said to be 'me' by that confusion. This 1924 postcard seems to have been intended for a coup of Lenin's revolution. 2) The second role of Churchill could then be about the confusion of the parental origins, which re-applies to #20. In fact the three parts of #22 could perhaps be recognized in the three elements 2002-2003-2004 of copyright and two earthquakes (Bam, Banda Aceh), and this again could have a counterpoint in 1) brexit of 1 february 2020, 2) a coup in Burma on 1 february 2021 and 3) the law of obligatory vaccination of 1 february 2022 - hence 'a coup in Austria'? Would it be for the same 'coup of the revolution'? (When my PO Box was emptied in early 2021, the contents were returned to sender - I had sent payment in time but the letter may have been held back in the post). The intrigue could be to try and make an identity of me with Hitler - cp. also the two 'divide camer-ons' on the Handelsman cartoon - and then it could be Winston Churchill (as in the background of the cartoon) who is the trick via Propertius - in which case the version in the front would be comparable to the postcard of #20 - which then could be the 'clowning' character.

I notice also that Nelly Sachs died on my official custody mother's birthday and Celan probably on Hitler's.

I remember back to 1958 - probably march 1958 - to the corridor in Brinken, Kampen, Oslo, and I am the same body and identity as then. I am not Hitler, neither in rebuilt form (the original identity of the penis I do perhaps not know, though - I would guess that also is mine) or any other sense of it.

Added on 31 january 2022:

The family was not many times abroad. There was this trip to 1) London and one to 2) Borås (with the zoological garden there) in Sweden and 3) to Gothenburg (Göteborg) (with the 'Liseberg' amusement park) plus some fumbling at the border to Sweden - standing with one foot on each side of the border etc. I do not remember if the trip to Borås was before or after Jensen/Grøver was replaced with the copy. This Borås Jensen could anyhow find a reflex in 'Boris Johnson' who then would mean not the trip to London - but maybe the trip to Vienna? Ah, it could mean my trip by train on 12 january 2010 from Venice to Vienna when apparently Gordon Brown stepped onto the train to be in the couchette compartment where I was (but I moved out of it). But that could be just precisely the 'diagonal replacement' function - and hence it may be that 'Boris Johnson' means just that. This could apply to the Winston Churchill factor on the Handelsman cartoon - which means the 'Churchill' seen in the background of the cartoon - it looks like the church of San Simeone Piccolo in Venice, just visavis the railway station, on the other side of the canal - alternatively the stiff and strange 'postcard' of the 'clowning's treat in the foreground. Is it the plan to launch a new Hitler - a 'moral backbone' or something like that - in Germany on basis of data from possible rapes of me in the 1970's or thereabout?

If Hitler should have been rebuilt once again for yet another career, it is not me!

Tomorrow is one year since the coup in Burma and news tell that Aung San Suu Kyi is now accused of election fraud. One guesses that the coup could have been in extension of the 'post coup' one month earlier in 2021: The agreement with the post when the PO Box was opened in late 2009 was that I would not risk losing any post if I forgot to pay - I would only have to pay the fee first. Hence the dismantling of the PO Box was a sort of violence = norw. 'vold' against the original agreement - a sort of 'de-vold' that could have been called. It is seen that the letter from the post office is signed with something resembling 'Ole': Hence the story could be recognized as an 'Ole Devold' - followed up by the coup in Burma one month later. This could then correspond to the mid of the three elements in #22 above: "woher ich stammte" = the 'Ole Devold' in the Stammbaum. One guesses that the military coup thereby could have been in extension of british interests in couping my authorship - which would be in a fraudulent way by claiming that I should be fraudulent. I am not fraudulent.

It seems that the trick is centered on the idea that although there is today not so much left of the intrigue force in the PTRSIM PIK program since it is easily understood that it reduces to the idea of a Stammbaum built over some verses from the Bible, which sounds not so interesting, it is something nevertheless if one could make claims that there is an 'old devil' in the Stammbaum. There is not an old devil but Ole Devold is a name in the official Stammbaum. But that is a trick of the name about as clever as claiming that Boris Johnson must be a spy because his name is russian. Clearly such logic is not much worth and then the story reduces to the trick of the turnaround. Accusing Aung San Suu Kyi of election fraud could be related to ideas of using the matter of guilt ('responsibility' = 'ansvar') in the 'octogon' for turning a vaccination program around (if, that is, the 'octogon' were organized by political interests - I am not a political interest, even if some may think that PTRSIM PIK is). Were the burglary of my house in Szolnok in 2019 a piece of 'election fraud' for the Steiermark election in november 2019 - 2 days before the first coronavirus case was attested? Bur-MA and bur-GLARY could combine to 'Margareth' (Thatcher) at #14 above - "behaglich hingestreckt am Wasser des Tiber". My PO Box could perhaps be seen as 'burglared', according to the initial agreement.

Why continue with all these intrigues? It should be possible to get the facts up in daylight - and to avoid a third world war over the theme of authorship to my work.

In the post today 31 january 2022, two letters: One from the norwegian pensions office NAV with overview of the payments 2021, dated 7 january, the other a 'debetoppgave' from a bank. This morning I looked over the news in the swedish and saw a newspiece about Joe Biden and Olivia Rodrigo lifting sun glasses to their noses - here is the photo shown - when I after having got the letter looked for the newspiece again, it turned out to be from october last year. Two days ago there was in the same newspaper an article about the norwegian crown prince couple photographed in national costumes - and I caught a glimpse of a headline about "bedrager fra USA" = "swindler from USA". This newspiece seems difficult to find again but there is one about a 'Waleed Ahmed' who had served a sentence of 10 years in USA for swindle and now is released - he is presented as 'Norway's Mark Zuckerberg'. The 'debet' and 'Biden' is easy and 'USA' and 'NAV' likewise. These headings could of course have counterpointed the 'Ole'-similar signature on the letter from the post last year. I dont know if these articles really were in that swedish newspaper today (and two days ago) or if they had been inserted by local administration. These newspieces are launched about the same time as the news of the accusations against Aung San Suu Kyi about alleged election fraud.

There has been no answer from 'Bürgerservice'.

Added on 1 february 2022:

Today I found the original black-and-white paper copies of photos of John Grøver which I got sent to me in the post from the archives of the newspaper Frediksstad Blad ('his left eye' = the righthand eye on the newspaper photo of him - the third is a microscope camera with some specks on the lens):

His left eye 1
His left eye 2
His left eye 3
His right eye 1
His right eye 2

When I talked with them on the phone, I asked for a photo of him along with the politician Kåre Kristiansen on top of the roof of the hospital - I recalled this from the newspaper. But they said they could not find it - but they had these three in their archives which they kindly sent to me.

Here are some high-resolution photos of Hitler for comparison - it seems not to be the same iris, as far as I can determine.


Properz: Sämtliche Gedichte. Lateinisch/Deutsch. Übersetzt und herausgegeben von Burkhard Mojsisch, Hans-Horst Schwarz, Isabel J.Tautz und Dominique Kappert. Philipp Reclam jun.Stuttgart 1993.

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