Covid-19 and 'brexit' pantograph

John Bjarne Grover

The coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic is a common cold: Both are coronavirus, both are pandemic, both call for restrictions. The traditional cold has prompted the restrictions called 'weekend' and 'holiday' and other measures such as 'masks' on the feet and things like that. People die from normal cold as well - mainly elderly and sick people die - but the percentage is not alarming - probably around 0,1% or thereabout. One could certainly construct graphic curves following the development from day to day - but the media value of that is a little worn out and the new cold is far more interesting, even if there is little left of the sensational mortality from 2020 on a global scale. With the new omicron, which is a variant which spreads rapidly but leaves only small or no symptoms to be felt by the sick, the mortality is now about 0,2-0,3% and is approaching 0,1%. Hence the difference between the two types of cold is minimal. Then why all this panic?

If 'omicron' is the same as 'turnaround', the panic is that the new type of cold means that murder will be legalized: In Sweden they publish weekly how many of the new infections are vaccinated and how many are vaccinated in the population - the latter is currently around 84%: (82% have got two doses, 86% has one). 5-6 weeks ago 34% of the new infections were vaccinated, 3-4 weeks ago it was 54%, one week ago 74% and now it is 77% or more. Could be it is climbing towards 80%. In the moment when this percentage passes the population percentage of 84%, a vaccination program turns into a program which imposes disease and death onto the population. In Austria there are plans of a law of obligatory vaccination which is planned to start in february 2022: If the one ratio passes the other ratio, that means that 'murder is obligatory', so to speak.

It is an 'intelligence project', this means. The worst scenario is the one of the vans driving around for 'vaccinating' people on the doorsteps and the victims are left on the floor just inside - 'floored of the lies' could be the propaganda concept for the idea of those who had been hacked out of the electronic lists of 'vaccinated'. An even worse scenario is the one of the vans dragging people out of their homes and driving them to forced 'vaccination' with hostile chemicals. This could be what is called the 'Black Sea Loop'.

Of course the law could legalize only vaccination against covid-19 - but a law has also a principled value which in this case means that it can be abused for lending legal authority to 'liga' elements in public administration.

Why is it only Sweden that publishes these data 34-54-74...? The new omicron wave shot steeply up from 21 december 2021 on - and the graphs from Folkehälsomyndigheten in Sweden show that the delta went down and the omicron correspondingly up in a curve resembling the global curve after the internet release of the film 'Being the Ricardos' on 21 december 2021. Throughout the late autumn and the winter I had started getting problems with walking outdoors and had to use a stick because of big 'resistance' in the hip and innards which developed into a beginning hernia around the appendix region. It was when I put on an efficient truss that I could move freely again - but then I also came to resemble the archive photo from the end of the war of Henry Oliver Rinnan who was a 'gang-leader' who in modern circumstances could have been driving a van to hacked identities. It seemed that if the hernia that booped out down there on the righthand side was pressed in with a truss, it booped out again on the leftside eye. The british government cabinet has a certain connotation of 'hernia' in the names, and 'Henry Oliver Rinnan' is a name which resembles 'Henry the ate' or even 'Henry the ateth'. 'Rinnan' sounds like 'it ran' or 'fluid' - like drink to the meal or sperm ejaculated on an infant cortex by a 'kid-man' connection.

Is there a diagonal relation between appendix-region hernia and leftside 'shiner' phenomenon? As for 'lifting one level up'? Clearly a Rinnan gang cannot be much 'lifting'. Where is the trick?

The historic background

The 'trick' could be in the norwegian word for 'tram' which is 'trikk'. Norway was established in 1814 after centuries under danish rule: It was when Denmark introduced civil rights for jews that Norway broke out and declared an antisemitic state guaranteed free of any jews and jesuits in the new constitution of 17 may 1814. They went right into a union with Sweden which lasted until 1904 when Norway got its first king, a danish prince. In the mean time the scandalous antisemitic paragraph had been lifted in 1852, the year when my great-great-grandfather (or is there yet another 'great' there?) called 'Ole Devold' opened his 'trikotasje' = knitware factory in Langevåg at Ålesund. Search this file for 'family saga'. They produced what is called 'blå-trøyer' (blue shirts), a word which also echos 'blåtr øyer' = 'blackens/exposes the eyes', as if he produced 'shiners', and 'nisseluer' = 'knitted caps for elfs', such as Santa Claus uses. But after having heard 'A.Bendiksen's 'I want a blue balloon / one with hat and nose thereon' one could leap to the conclusion that the 'nisselue' is a hernia in the appendix region and the blue shirt is a 'shiner' like the one I got after having installed a truss. This diagonal could have a counterpart also in their product 'icelander' jumper - could be for a diagonal on 'israeli' documents - the old books of Moses and things like that: Are the icelandic sagas as old as it is said, or are the new fabrications? But then what about the books of Moses?

An interesting question is whether 'Ole Devold' were an intelligence project from e.g. England or other intelligence regions - could be as part of the shifting of the scandalous antisemitic paragraph in Norway. 'Devold-Eidsvig-Jensen-Grøver' is the line up to me. I have no knowledge of any such origin - I have got only the stories of normal people. Ole Devold and his sons accumulated a lot of money from this 'tricotage' factory and his son-in-law Bjarne Eidsvig sank the money into the running of an oyster farm on Sunnmøre where oysters otherwise do not thrive well. He is said to have sold some to Hotel Bristol in Oslo - could be more than that. (I spent some summers on the oyster farm and it is likely that they produced real things, whatever came out of it). Could be this were only for an 'Austria' farm of a 'double bottom' program, could be it was for a 'Hysteria' farm for a german counterpoint on the other side of Hitler's birthplace 'Braunau am Inn' - or 'Blackeye on Inn' after the hernia has been pressed inn again.

The hernia can be spotted in the names of the british cabinet: 'Rishi Sunak' could mean a 'riss' in the 'naked su', 'Priti Patel' could mean a bump on one side of the 'pity brother', a 'truss' is what you keep it inn with. Then if 'Dominic Raab' can mean the 'en-graving' or 'calli-graph-y' of the 'chin-ese crypt', my article on a poetic grammar shows that there is a connection between an anglophonic language of my TEQ and the chinese script, which suggests that anglophony could be the reference of the PM name Boris Johnson. 'Anglophony' is the concept for Burgenland border to Hungary with a counterpoint in these german data. See also my translation of Ouyang Xiu - where there is a special effect to be observed in the fifth part - which is a paraphrase of the chinese phonetics in pinyin form paralleled with maximal phonetic identity onto the corresponding english translation - and the result is not a very bad translation: This part suggests that there could be some sort of hidden 'poetic-phonological' connection between the two languages, whether that be interesting or not. Could be this 'Coca-Cola' effect is a part of a political program?

'Trikk-o-ta-sje' suggests 'trick of take-spoon' ('ta skje' = 'take spoon'), see also my poem 'Hello' = TEQ book 13 poem 114 which suggests a role to 'Ta[nn]skje' = 'tooth-spoon'.

The spoon in question for the present story could be found in the spoon on the name of 'Boris Johnson' which comes out as 'jor[d]-i-spunsen' = 'earth/soil in the cork/bung' (to the barrel from which the holy communion finds the wine to serve?) and which could be the simple explanation to the high mortality of covid-19 in the weeks after England 'brexited' from the European Union - which could have been conceived by the people of the earth as another anglican breach with the catholicism of the Vatican - one of the most disastrous-laden events of history. The difference between the two churches rising from the breach is typically defined as the conception of 'transubstantiation': Catholicism claims that the biscuit of the holy communion is transubstantiated into the body of Christ when it glides down the gullet, while the new anglican church of Henry VIII claimed that it only is the body of Christ only 'symbolically' and not for real - that question of 'matter' is the difference, it is said. Hence catholicism will see the body of Christ as being present in the gullet as a piece of 'earth' = hebrew 'Adam' for the 'red soil', while anglicanism denies this interpretation. But 'soil/earth in the bung/cork' could mean just that the gullet has been corked/filled with such soil, which is just the catholic stance. But that is the spoon - the unspooned name of Boris Johnson would then rather, in comparison, mean the alternative pipe down the throat - the respiration channel which is the typical problem of one who dies from covid-19. In catholic Italy and France, there was reportedly a mortality up towards 30% in the weeks of the spring 2020 - when people died from respiration complications in the throat/lungs. Bungs in lungs.

The alarming curve could be called the 'panto-graph' - spooned to the 'grant-of-paph', the bread administered by the pope. The bread is digested in the intestines.

This could have been the pantograph of the 'tram' = 'trikk' of that 'tricotage' factory of Ole Devold founded in 1852. The US republican party was founded in 1854 - could be in response to just that?

It would have been the 'pantograph' of a tram or 'trikk' which magnifies this problem of spiritualism into a global dimension by way of the classic pantograph. It would have been all those catholics who had invested goodwill into an understanding attitude towards the anglicanism as an acceptable alternative who could have lost their breaths with this apparent new british challenge by the brexit from the union.

Mexico held a rather constant mortality of 10% through much of the year 2020. The initial numbers seem to have been adjusted recently. Here is the curve of ratio number of deaths per day divided with number of new infections per day, both averaged over 7 days. I made this on basis of the data in from Johns Hopkins - to the left the curve as it was on 17 march 2021, to the right the curve as it looks today - why the initial weeks have been edited I dont know. I have added the line of 10% mortality to show that it seems to be the average rule throughout most of the period:

(Graphs by Microsoft Works-Tabellenkalkulation)

Why should the mortality of Mexico be on 10%? Mexico is about 90% catholic. As I showed in this file, the country name and border outlines seems to be of somewhat importance for the spread of this pandemic. 'Mexico' is that classic 'with X in co' - that re-swap the butterfly back again or something like that.

My 'Labyrinth 101' on the female archetype has the transition between end of poem 9 and beginning of poem 10 as follows:

Here stops the old red tramway car
and lowers its step metal.
A man in jacket moves forwards
inside the vehicle.


Our life is like a staple
uniting wife and man.
And I - I'm stuffing paper
in wastebin with left hand.

Hence if you apply a staple to unite end of 9 with beginning of 10 and divide it with the average mortality of covid in Mexico, you can probably get close to the Catalan constant - which I have postulated is essential to numerality in human language. That is my chapter 7 in SNEEFT COEIL - and stapling that onto chapter 6 'Die Verwandlung' for the ethnologic parametre which accounts for the relations paradox, with Italy as the last #16 and Hungary-Austria being #2-3, there is the basis for understanding 'brexit' as the cause of covid-19. 'Die Verwandlung' would then be the thigh muscles that attach to the hip for walking ('wandlung' around) - for the ethnologic parametre - while the numerality would be closer to the genitals - and when the staple that held these together from the italian to the british ethnology detached with 'brexit', the confusion that arose resembling a 'hernia' in the lower abdomen, not far from the appendix of 'A.Bendiksen' or 'Apenes' by 'Aldo Moro' etc, gave rise to the covid-19 disease in its extreme mortality panic in the western and southern part of Europe.

It can be pressed in again with a 'truss', though - in which case it re-arises up in the north? See this study of the relation between the map of Europe with the 'higher graphic logic' of my '23 photos' recognized in the chinese film from 1963. It is the last image in the film which corresponds to my photo #2 on the chinese sign WO: Notice the 'appendix' or even 'catalan' gap in the lower lefthand side close to the 'roman patellas' - and the steep 'omicron' wave on the last image of the chinese film rising up to the masked cancan dancer with footware against the cold - over the 'Kosovo' hook below - up in the northern parts of Europe. The apparent 'head-rolling' from England down onto the continent will be the 'trick-of-take-spoon' - the spoon mixes the head-of-construction in the first element with the following word.

This 'staple' straddling 'grammatical' paradoxes recognized in tramway symbolism could find its interpretation in James Sidis' work on 'Streetcar transfers' which he published under the pseudonym of 'Frank Folupa'.

The panic has calmed down and now there is little left of the high mortality in the first weeks. The average mortality is probably already below flue and will likely reach normal cold level in some days or weeks' time. The world could just let all restrictions go and forget the whole thing and the only result would probably be that the average person catches a cold for a few days once every 14-15 years. The authorities could continue to monitor the spread of the disease with tests that do not call for quarantine if positive - and if some alarm level is reached one could return to the present alert level.

The alarm would be a 'turnaround' of the vaccines - to the effect that the vaccinations could start imposing disease and death onto those who are vaccinated but not onto those who are not. The theory is around that an essential part of this 'turnaround' is contained in the idea that the 'octogon' could be an intelligence project with a very high secrecy classification so that it should be difficult or impossible for me to escape the blame for intrusion into 8 married couples (even if many of these were only formally so - in a state of separation) onto me: "Youu, Mr.Grover, are to blame for these disasters". If the fact were that the octogon were an intelligence project for turning it around on my person and this should be what made the vaccination program turn around, then clearly to tell it as a fact that it was an intelligence project would be to stop the turnaround and then state-level murder would not be legalized. It is possible that this could be contained in Trump's choice of CIA director 'Gina Cheri Walker Haspel' as the 'hasp' that could open this secret of the intelligence project - by the sumerian 'gina' = 'Tur.Dis[h]' = quasi '16' = 'Sexton' - on the theory that 'Tordis Skjærven Søderlind' who was octogon #2 could have been in a special relation to Anne Sexton, either as being the same person or being the same project, so to speak. (I do not have much reason to believe that 'Tordis Skjærven Søderlind' was involved with such a political project). It is a fact that many of Sexton's poetic lines seem to encode the name of 'Tordis Skjærven Søderlind', like many of Sylvia Plath's lines seem to encode the name of 'Tonje Aanonsen' [Added 2022: 'Tonje Kolle' is the real name]. It would be the sunnmørian origin of Ole Devold's knitware factory in 1852 rather soon after Henry Cheswicke Rawlinson had published his pioneering decipherment of sumerian (in 1851, was it?) that makes for this logical nexus with Haspel. One could even speculate on a coordinated british origin of Devold's sunnmørian role in Rawlinson's decipherment. It was a big thing in those days and one had probably hopes of finding the origins to human culture and societies in that most ancient script - and there were large amounts of it in wellpreserved form on the burnt clay tablets.

Breathtaking news

The news from Sweden on vaccination are really breathtaking: Now 77% of the new infections are vaccinated and when the percentage goes beyond the percentage of vaccinated in the population, an austrian law of obligatory vaccination means that the state has a legal right to puncture the skin of a person (by a 'Düttelsharf') and inject potentially lethal fluids. If this means that 'murder is legalized', it clearly could be about a state-level 'intelligence project' for unconstitutional power. How come only Sweden publishes these news - why isnt this climbing ratio top news everywhere? Trembling nerves when the one ratio approaches the other? Then everybody will shout "stop the vaccinations!" - but if nobody knows anything and everybody believe that a vaccine can do nothing but good, it continues across the border.

How come nobody else touches the matter?

My theory is that this is an 'intelligence project' that has been prepared through decades - since it could not lead to any 'legalization of murder' if the news told these things. This intelligence project could also have a general effect of trying to prevent a russian 'transgression of the border' in the moment when the one ratio transgresses the border of the other ratio.

My guess is that this 'intelligence project' is based on Tom Kristensen's "Hærverk" = 'Havoc' with the poem "Asiatisk i vælde er angsten" interpreting the line 'asian vaccine' = 'vaccin-ation' followed by the line 'den er modnet med umodne år' = 'it has matured in immature years' for 'program' etc. If this novel title and poem lines and author identity were the real contents or 'undertext code' of the AIDSHIV pandemic, that could suffice for keeping attention off this essential theme. Search this file for 'MLR October 1978' - the titles of Modern Language Review just preceding the assumed vaccinations against hepatitis-B which could have contained also the virus of AIDSHIV - since all the first cases of AIDSHIV reportedly could be traced back to this test vaccination. Norwegian 'hei' (in 'havoc') = 'hello', see title 1. 'Sacred and profane' = 'Kristensen Tom' in title 6 etc. "Hærverk" = 'Havoc', 'hær' = 'army'. 'Tarm' = 'intestine'. 'Vsevolod Meyerhold' of title 11 could be the 'bric-e-brac' of the 'hernia' which in comedy reappears up on left eye side as a 'shiner'. (This seems to be a standard combination of commedia dell'arte). 'Wok' - isnt that an 'asian' dish introduced into Europe some decades ago? 'Hiv[e]' is norwegian for 'to throw away', 'heiv' is the preterite. 'Hiv' means 'throw it away!'

If 'Aron Eidsvig' were the name associated with a postwar Adolf Hitler, this '[h]ar[d]on AIDSHIV' would be impressive also in that sense of it. People do not want Hitler once again.

If AIDSHIV were put in circulation deliberately in order to prevent that the 'turnaround' - when the one ratio crosses over the other ratio - came to be discovered by the public, then of course it could be about a rather largescaled 'intelligence' project - probably for the purpose of lending more power to those unconstitutional elements of administration. It is likely that Hitler was a representative of those interests.


Austria has apparently a problem of abuse which it probably is difficult to overcome: It is when the poet starts writing (which is to be working) and so does the surveillance (working) when (probably) they hand the fresh poetry over to the advertisement business ('writing' in public). Then after the poet has taken the chance on confidence and written for some time, it turns out that it has all been abused once again and that was their last chance and he is the victim of treason once again and has to terminate the confidence for a longer time: Then the society who has been enjoying this poetic confidence for this brief interlude believes that they are the poet and therefore they start rejecting the poet for reasons of feeling cheated in their abused confidence - and if the poet comes with the material in self-published form they organize mass rejection and buffering mechanisms and the socalled intelligence starts largescaled rejection mechanisms - such a sneeft coeil! - while the illegally surveyed material is glaring from advertisement campaigns all over the country. (I have no proof that such is going on in advertisement but I have observed many cases which I believed had such an origin - although perhaps I cannot exclude completely the chance that all of them were 'coincidences' or 'cultural correlations').

There are two reasons why this is an abnormally acute problem in Austria relative to me and probably cannot be solved: 1) The one is that I probably was raped in the childhood by abuse of custody authority (this is a theory inferred from redundancies in media - I have otherwise little or no reason for it - but of course should have had if it were the case) and that is why the society believes they are me as the abused confidence who starts rejecting the poet when the advertisement campaigns start, and 2) the other is what is called the 'Schenkungs-Urkunde' with its 'zidalweidun' mystery: They believe that they have the right to this abuse (" Wiesen, Weiden, Wäldern, Gebäuden, mit Quellen und Wasserläufen, mit Jagden, Bienenweiden, Fischwässern, Mühlen..." = "...pratis pascuis silvis aedificiis aquis aquarumve decursibus venationibus zidalweidun piscationibus molendinis..." in possibly systematic parallel to the full name of Mozart which was "...Johannes Chrysostomos Wolfangus Theophilus Mozart...") and that it is the poet who abuses them. It is the national trauma that they could have been cheated and raped in their confidence by this 'Urkunde' - if it were a mere 'fabrication', that is - and cannot understand that it could have been a murder of Mozart which prompted it as quasi punishment of the nation (or as a clever trick) and therefore they panic that the territory can get lost in the moment when the poet starts pulling out of the confidence and the ad campaigns start on basis of nosepoking by illegal surveillance material. It is this panic that the territory could get lost which could be the reason why either personal problems or secret intelligence intrigue is at play when the termin is Donnerstag 9:30 but the written appointment is the date before as a paraphrase of the poet's own 'Vorrede' to his 'Der Dornenstrauch' (not 'Der Donnerstag'!) part 2 (they open at 8:00) - and therefore the administration feels insulted and cheated: "Fingen wir wieder an / neue Termine zu machen / mit der Weltgeschichte / die unsere Kindheit / nicht betrogen hat". The poet feels very tired when he cannot write such words without knowing that "it is unfortunately probable that these words cannot escape abuse" but the poet takes the chance nevertheless, even if the inner sigh tells "ah ja, now I probably get problems with termin-machen". If it is organized by the national intelligence intentionally, that could be because the words say 'dont bite the hook of this 'Schenkungs-Urkunde' and that is why they bite the hook - because they hope to be declared innocent relative to having accepted the 'Schenkungs-Urkunde' as the basis for the territorial rights.

The society hopes that they can turn roles with the poet - in a turnaround mechanism (instead of by published book) which can have been planned to apply even for the covid-19 - because they feel disappointed and cheated by the 'Schenkungs-Urkunde'. That is why they could be spying on the poet who finds a pebble and when he leaves it on the ground because it could belong to an aspiring gemologist, even if the pebble could be the poet's own creation of 'matter ex nihilo' and therefore this little piece of territory probably belongs to the poet, it seems that somebody had gone to the place after he has left and picked it up - as if for securing the rights to this little piece of territory. The fact is that the rights are secured by leaving it there - not the other way round! That is as for surveillance data.

Even worse if this problem is shifted over onto beerhallputsching - that is when they find it on surveillance and feel that they have the right to this territory. It could have been this problem which was Hitler.

The problem is perhaps ultimately rooted in the national norwegian administrative problem if they have organized childhood rapes of the poet intentionally by the secret intelligences and hope to escape having to admit it. But an administrative principle based on child abuse - that cannot last! Even if the child was drugged and cannot discover it? Of course that makes it only worse.

It is the combination of these two factors which go together in a butterflying 'Havoc' principle (the drunk poet etc) which is called 'double bottom': One anus in Oslo, one in Vienna, and when these two 'intelligences' are considered 'the same', that is when the PTRSIM PIK program can continue under the pretext that "the fundamental theorem of linguistics cannot be discovered". But PTRSIM PIK is of course nothing but a cheap and somewhat blasphemic pretext for abuse which some may feel comfortable - it has no value neither philosophically nor religiously.

Hence the problem is that the national identities have been cheated by taking confidence in the historic document - and then it turns out to be a fabrication! What a disappointment! Heimskringla, Schenkungs-Urkunde... The child was drugged during the rapes and therefore the document swindle cannot be discovered and therefore a Havoc is inavoidable and the only possible solution? The Künstlerleben has to include some binge now and then?

But now I have written the blue metre PEB which can date these documents and then these fundamental problems can be solved. Is my 'carbon-14' which solves these problems misconceived as a 'covid-19'?

- I cannot continue my poetic work in Austria.
- Then travel to some other country.

- Yeah, but the borders are closed for the unvaccinated.
- Then go have yourself vaccinated.

- Yeah, that but could make the whole vaccination program tturn around.

So what do I do? I spend the days of waiting with writing articles such as the present one, but yesterday morning I urinated blood again and I speculate if my recent article on poetic grammar has been hijacked by administration who wants to launch it via another author for legalizing murder in order to facilitate easier power manifestations and who plan to use my 'The Endmorgan Quartet' for making such abusive power more goodlooking.

Does even Austria have a bad conscience and feel that they need a little Black Sea Loop in order to get a welldeserved punishment? It may be that Norway should not have tried to deny child abuse if that is what was going on in my childhood in order to make for this 'turnaround' program, but then the 'double bottom program' could be about a swap of such things.

It may be that there would have been no Hitler if there had been no abuse of Wittgenstein. Now it must not happen again.

Of course it is not I - or eye - who should have told these things, but the politicians! Many years I have spent with these things instead of doing my important poetic work - see this article for understanding how only the poetic work has value - but it is left to little me to tidy up in these things and I am now rather exhausted and have gone the wrong way in all too many years. That is not good politics! Is it the dream of being in the new upper class that drives them? Why isnt there any political authority that could publish the simple fact that

"There is a book of poetry called 'The Endmorgan Quartet' written by John Bjarne Grover that currently is raped by political powers who work with installing this poetic logic into their power and the plan has for many years already been to swindle Mr.Grover and claim that somebody else has written it - thereby completing the rape and cynically consolidating the power therewith: It can be announced already now that it is Mr.Grover who has written the book in the period 1997-2008 and is the proper author of this work".

Why isnt there anybody doing that - thereby preventing the next (preplanned) chess move of a pawn to G7 that topples the poet's work? Is it because everybody are afraid of losing their future seats in the Global Upper Class Management Board? Is it for preventing that my TEQ comes to be credited with me that allows by the logic of political games for a hijack of my article on poetic grammar by letting somebody else be credited with the discovery? Otherwise I should since long have been exempted from obligatory vaccination and got a green pass and been in some other country for continueing my work. It has been on a standstill for all too many years already.

The conclusion to the 'double bottom' problems is that it could be about 'Me-X-i-co' and that could be traced down to a 'Catalan constant', cp. the work of Sidis. The problem is perhaps that I was raped in my childhood by a custody authority who even could have been paid for the work by the state and therefore the austrian society could mistake the signals in their heart that it is right to say thanks to my work on that level - not on the level where the work is released for publication in book form by my independent authority. If the state of Norway had admitted it, apologized and tried to repair the damage, then I could probably have continued working in Austria, otherwise it seems difficult.

If you see the point, I am only more attached after having told this 'secret'. That is the problem. Is it only a problem of normal social games? It is a problem of following the law of copyright and intellectual property, and those laws are not made for having something to breach and rape for easier administrative attachment. I do not write the poetry for obtaining social attachment - nor for supporting international politics or secret intelligence services.

Administrative attachment could be a desired condition on background of faulty territorial rights on basis of the 'Schenkungs-Urkunde'. It is noticed that the poem 'Asian in might...' in Kristensen's 'Havoc' is just a sort of 'Schenkungs-Urkunde' - announcing the reason why more drink is served on the order from Nature. But it is a mistake to solve this by serving more 'drink' from the workdesk of Mr.Grover via announcements or advertisements in public space.

Some hieroglyphs (from Wallis Budge) could be telling:

= the convex 'boob-form' 𓂋on the appendix region of the abdomen prompting the need for a truss or bandage to be bound around.

= the resulting turnaround of this into the inverse with an 𓂃 = 'eyebrow' form under or after the 𓂋 = 'boob'-shape - causing a swollen eye under the eyebrow - this 'announcement of the drinking' is written also with the glyph 𓀁 of a man seated for a meal - eat or drink. The 'order' or 'announcement' resembles in its meaning the chinese MING = 命 = the will of God, a command, a decree, to command, fate, destiny, life, to name, governmental notification. Hence it is the will of God invoked by the 'asian awe' of the 'Havoc' poem. By Gardiner's Egyptian grammar:

telling that the bolt used to be voiced 'z', the cloth unvoiced 's', before they merged to one.

The cloth looks like the (possibly 'ex nihilo') black textile I found on a tramway seat at the Ring near the austrian government - it was one of two possibly identical such black textiles but I looked closer at only one of them, which had such a fold. Norwegian for such 'seats' is 'seter' or 'setr'. (Sidis coined the word 'peridromophily' to the hobby of collecting streetcar transfers). The bolt, in comparison, could resemble more the broken stone or pebble I found on the ground not far from the place where I fancied that prince Philip could have been standing - after his death: An 'everlasting prince' is also called SER, same word as 'order' or 'announcement' in an alternative form:

The giraffe seems to mean 'to foretell' = 'to announce'.

Cp. also this fragment from the ancient chinese bronze discussed in this file and with mention also in this file (towards the end). Associations with prince Philip could stem from such a peculiarity 𓎛𓇳𓎛 in the ancient scripts of such diverse formats as the egyptian and chinese. Also, a lower hernia and an upper black eye on the other side - like egg-yptian and chin-ese - could be the classic elements of commedia dell'arte. (Is it the theme even of the film released on the internet on 21 december 2021?)

For the question of the hernia that turns into a quasi 'shiner', see also this facade of the cliff 'Prekestolen' (here in a quote from the same source) - with a potential reference in Gorbatchov's 'Perestroika' - or this front page of my 'Der Dornenstrauch'.

It is this idea of 'the will of God' which must be handled with care relative to ideas of a PTRSIM PIK.

The conclusion to this is that there could be a problem of 'Schenkungs-Urkunde' which means that the territory, be it even only a small pebble, could be of uncertain status, and if the will of God is allowed to define, the case should be settled. But that is just the dirty trick with PTRSIM PIK which should not obtain. PTRSIM PIK is not God - it is an old clever trick (be that trikk #49 or whatever) by permutational fancy on verses from the Bible assigned to the Stammbaum of the person who is recognized as 'PTRSIM PIK' - and it does not mean that the austrians have got their territory if PTRSIM PIK (the word is hebrew for a region just across the border to Egypt) leaves the ex nihilo broken pebble there on the ground for surveillance to come and pick-the-pebble thereafter. It is fully possible that the 'Schenkungs-Urkunde' for the austrian territorial rights could be a political trick or gag constructed in deliberate parallel with the PTRSIM PIK intrigue. It is not wise to continue austrian advertisement under such a program - the wrong form of 'attachment' that could come to be. Hitler could have been an offspring of these problems.

(By the way, the pebble I found on the ground was only a stone's throw or two from the house where the egyptian vocabulary (by Wallis Budge) had been printed by Adolf Holzhausen, 19-21 Kandlgasse, Vienna).

Ex nihilo formations belong to the one who made them by intellectual achievement - must be the natural conclusion. Not to surveillance who spied on the formation and finding. Xylophone, black textiles, broken pebble etc.

Child abuse of me could have been for preparing for the big turnaround. That is why I should not be vaccinated - in order to prevent the turnaround.

Clearly the solution, in absence of any apologies from Norway, if child abuse did take place as part of state-involved activities, is that I get an exemption and a green pass.


The conclusion is that for making this one ratio cross over the other without anybody touching it in the media, the 'Schenkungs-Urkunde' has been used in a norwegian sense (by 'double bottom') in the sense of a 'skjenkings-stamkunde' - 'stam-kunde' = 'stamm-ba-um' = the standard regular customer who asks for 'the usual drink' = 'stam-gjest'. I think there used to be a chain of cafes in Austria called 'Stambula' - or at least some years ago there were still some neon lights or signs up for it, if it were not simply a type of coffee - 'Stambula' is in norwegian just a place of slightly murky character where the same people meet more or less every evening for drinking and celebrating. Such 'Schenkungs-Urkunde' Havoc could make Austria soft and allow for the law of obligatory vaccination which is what lends more unconstitutional power to such parts of the administration.

It was because of the very high mortalities in the beginning of the pandemic that it was decided to develop vaccines and that the pandemic would not be considered battled before these were efficient. However, if the real reason were 'brexit' ('pantographic' type) and this calmed its nerves down after some months, then it is not likely to rise again - and when the mortality now is about as low as a normal cold, there is no reason to continue the restrictions. England seems to have terminated all or most restrictions. The infection numbers get high - but probably not much higher than the normal cold, at least now in winter time, so it is time to end this media gag.

What is left is the vaccination theme. Of course if this is a normal cold and the high mortality was due to 'brexit' while the panic is now over and will not return again, then there is no reason for the vaccinations. If 85% of the population is vaccinated, and if among new infections or new deaths there are 86% vaccinated, that means that the vaccines are not only inefficient: Then they are outright dangerous - and obligatory vaccination turns into exertion of power abuse by the state. That is the same as a strengthening of unconstitutional power in the state, and that is what paves the way for a new Hitler.

The question is therefore whether the latter ratio will cross the border of the first ratio. Strictly speaking that is completely uninteresting - if the pandemic is as innocent as a normal cold and the vaccines so completely inefficient as 84%, which means only 1% efficiency, then of course obligatory vaccination is completely illegal by all normal standards since the ratio can at any time come to glide across the border. Then there is nothing left of such an obligatory vaccination program than a method of strengthening unconstitutional power in the state - and that is probably illegal in Austria by the Staatsvertrag of 1955.

It is all this 'Schenkungs-Urkunde' and 'Heimskringla' (including 'heim-skrin-gla[d]' = quasi 'coffin-glad') which is the story. And if the 'Stamm-ba-um' is supposed to get the blame for this 'start of a new Hitler', it could be that it is my status of PTRSIM PIK, which means a Stammbaum imitating a function from the old to the new testament a la a quasi technical Messiah, which could be planned to get the blame. Could be that means 'Judenblut'. Of course I do not agree to such a role - and if that is the only purpose with the vaccination program, possibly even in extension from a 1223 program, then it clearly is not an acceptable law: It is then probably an illegal law.

The interests of the 'intelligence business' is not my interests. I do not share the interests of those who want to abuse my poetic logic for increasing or refining administrative power strategies. I do not support the obligatory vaccination program unless it has a sensible medical basis - and that seems to be rather weak for the time being. However, of course it is important to try and see an end to the extensive 'monkey business' that there seem to have been on my work.

My view - on basis of the information available to me - is that vaccines can be made available prescription free in the farmacies (5 mm needle and injection on the belly, at the kitchen table - for those who want) and that all restrictions should be terminated and that the authorities can continue monitoring the behaviour of the pandemic by way of infection and antibody tests the results of which should not have to lead to any quarantine or other restrictions but be solely for the overview purposes. If the mortality should start rising in an alarming way again, then of course one can return to restrictions.

Summa summarum: It may be that the 'Schenkungs-Urkunde' means the same as the phenomenon that PTRSIM PIK gets the blame (or, say, is the theme). Would that also imply that the covid mortality is the same as the 'brexit' pantograph? If so, one could perhaps speculate that it was England who made the 'Schenkungs-Urkunde' - say, after the french revolution - and, that could mean, the PTRSIM PIK being as Stammbaum-based as the royals.

18/1-22: Briefly, it may be that the earthquakes of Banda Aceh + Bam + my authorship mean simply the 'truss' against the hernia + the 'ba-um' = 'asked-for' (as by regular guest) of the PTRSIM PIK Stammbaum for the corresponding eye of commedia dell'arte + my authorship.

19 januar 2022: The coordinate system

As I had mentioned in this file, there has been a theory of a bedroom-toilet axis across the kitchen-bathroom axis in Labråten. The bedroom-toilet axis would point downwards in Labråten towards the lower end where 'doktor Hage' lived in the curve: One could not see as far as that but one could see the house of the Framholts: Anders Framholt was a classmate (or at least schoolmate) of mine in I think 1971-73. If 'Reinhard Heydrich' is a name meaning a 'pure heart' holding forth a drink for a cheers or hello, such as in 'Hey-WOK', 'held forth' = 'Framholt'. It could suggest that the question whether it was Heydrich or not (down there, not necessarily Hage) is of some interest, even if it could have been another one who 'held forth'. Visavis Framholt there was 'Pettersandåsen', cp. PTRSIM PIK[e], where another classmate Tone Lien lived, cp. '2-Nelly-1'. The kitchen-bathroom axis would lead to a look out the bathroom window (cp. the Beatles in the 1960's?): Up to the left there would be my 1973 high school biology teacher Tore Lauvstad who told in class that he had written his master's degree at the university on 'tege[r]', a type of bug, I think it was, called 'bille' or 'billa' in norwegian (cp. the grocer's shop 'Billa'). Down to the right seen from the same bathroom window, or to the left just before the Framholts seen from the other window, there lived my high school french teacher Aster.

As I have observed, it seems generally very difficult to find data published on the essential question: How many of the new infections registered every day are vaccinated? If there are 80% of a population vaccinated and if 81% of the new infections are vaccinated, it means that a vaccination gives an increased risk of infection - and then a law of obligatory vaccination is in fact a law imposing a threat against the health of the population and cannot be considered legal. Therefore, the data on how many of the new infections are vaccinated is of extreme importance for the public. But then why are they so difficult to find? They probably exist or are easy to make: You only take the register of infections and match against the register of the vaccinated and the computer finds the number immediately. Of course this essential data piece is of extreme importance. Why isnt it published? The only data I have found are the one from Sweden - and these show that among the new infections every day as much as 77% are vaccinated while 84% of the population are vaccinated. It means 1) that the efficiency of the vaccines is close to zero (or that there is a political-social factor at play in the spread), and 2) the gap between the two percentages has been closing steadily throughout the last weeks and the smaller is supposed to reach the bigger in a few days or weeks time. In the moment when the smaller percentage transgresses the bigger, the law is turned from a law protecting the health of the population into a law strengthening the unconstitutional powers in the administration - a factor which could come to lead to new Hitler - or in a shorter perspective to 'unconstitutional' power mechanisms in the society. Briefly, it could be about the secret intelligence services or related services who want more authority to and by the murder of people.

It is extremely alarming that these percentages are not published.

Swedish state epidemiologist is Anders Tegnell. The data on vaccinations among new infections are presented weekly by Folkhälsomyndigheten whose chief is Karin Tegmark Wisell.

See also this file for the 'TEGe' of the name 'Mette Gulbrandsen' on my driving licence with its fading photo.

The question is whether the coordinate system of Labråten is pantographed up on the map of Europe by the phenomenon of the two borders to eastern Europe: The Burgenland border to Hungary and 'Grense Jakobselv' border to Russia in the north of Norway.

The two dimensions on the coordinate system suggest that the 'hoved-fag'-oppgave = master thesis of Tore Lauvstad on the 'tege' billa could be seen as 'the same' as the 'hey-drich' that is 'held forth' in the other dimension. Flaktürme, 'Aktion Reinhard' = Sobibor, Treblinka, Belcez etc.

'Lore Tauvstad' could suggest the name of another classmate Lore Diab who was half danish half egyptian: 'To tug a boat' by 'a rope/cord' = 'tau', is called STA (see this file for photos of the 'STA' on B/W-photo 23 and the 'STA' = 'STA' on the 'bathroom window' of schimmel on the wall) in egyptian hieroglyphic language, here from Wallis Budge:

Hence 'tau-STA' means 'egyptian hieroglyphs'. [21 january 2022: Notice that 'to tug a boat' spoons to 'to bug at out' - cp. the idea of 'tege' bugs and bathroom window].

In recent weeks the antigen tests have gone more or less out of use and a large majority of the corona tests are now PCR - which means that the secret intelligences probably can adjust the number of new infections by a button on the back of the machine - if, that is, they control the electronics in the machines.

Is the coronavirus pandemic a coup d'etat of the intelligence services - planned snce about the 1960's or earlier? Gorbatchov suffered a coup.

On the map of Europe, the Grense Jakobselv is the upper righthand part. It is not impossible that the story simply is this 'everlasting prince' (cp. the 'Pinball Wizard' of the british rock group WHO from the early 1970's - a 'pimple' to be potentially squeezed would in norwegian in those days be called 'filipensen') of the signs 𓎛𓇳𓎛 of the two twisted ropes with a 'sun' sign between - seen in this fragment of the chinese bronze and this egyptian relative to the current british situation: The 'british monarch' up left, the 'prince consort' up right, the 'hernia' down left and the heir to the throne down right. (Cp. the idea of 'kiss the frog' from the end of this study - search '00:15:14'). That would produce an 'X-i-co' with one british diagonal for the royal heir succession and one chinese diagonal, like on a coordinate system for the anglophonic-chinese-script dimension of my poetic grammar, against one british anglican vs italian catholic diagonal by the 'hernia' of the british government including the 'black-out' of the 'prince consort' vs what then would be the italian-catholic on the other. Then if 'the will of God' is the theme, it suggests that the current political situation is about an attempt for a british take-over of the papal authority in the catholic church relative to the will of God. By 'jor[d]-i-spunsen' for the other pipe down the throat, there is this possible explanation to the high mortality of the covid-19 in the spring 2020 - telling also of a role for the anglophony as global language.

The 'rein-hard hey-drink' could then, by the two dimensions, be recognized as Ragna Grøver's trans penis, if that were the story, and the new alternative 'religion' could have been thought to be identified as a perverse 'mystic union' of the custody mother raping me in drugged condition. A perverse religion that would be. Could be the plan were to say that the mystic inspiration of my poetry ("The Endmorgan Quartet") had its origins there - in such drugged rapes. That is nonsense - as my function 14 proves: The distribution of words in the work relative to the 'rainbow' in function 14 of the poetic grammar and relative to other aspects of the human semiotic constitution proves that the source is not in such origins of perversity.

In short, it is possible that the law of obligatory vaccination in 'Schenkung-Urkunde' Austria has been done on behalf of a wish of british monarchic politics in an attempt to set a Black Sea Loop (it was Heydrich who organized the Wannsee-conference) going like a 'tram 49' spooned to 'fam troturine' as the eastern arm on the other side of the british arm on the european swastika - with the northern and southern arms in Norway (with its border to Russia up far north) and in Sicily in the far south. The plan could be to prepare for a wave of panic going up Italy from south to north for creating new nazism in Germany. Austria would not be wise in agreeing to such politics. If the situation is a quasi coup d'etat of the socalled intelligence services, the name of this coup could be 'Reinhard Heydrich'.

All this intrigue, if it is such as outlined here, would be driven by a lot of secrecy which would be to nobody's gain. Clearly a political aim should be to see an end to all such conspiratory secrets which serve to drive a lot of people into miserable conditions and perverse spirituality.

20 january 2022: This is evidence of a mythos role for me in high international politics, and this is evidence that child abuse probably did take place on me from early age. The first tells of a big 'turnaround' in the geographic space in the field of a jewish origin of Jesus, the second of a big 'turnaround' in the political and mythological space when the mythological expectations of a Messiah born was imitated in my Stammbaum and hijacked by possibly John F.Kennedy for turning that expectation around. These two pieces of evidence should suffice for proving that the program on me could be precisely the attempt to construct a turnaround of a global vaccination program around so that those who are vaccinated will be more susceptible to disease and death than those who are not vaccinated. That is when the 77% in Sweden go beyond the 84% - and that may be a matter of days or weeks - and why on earth is it so difficult to find the data in other countries? It is not safe to take the chance that this attempt cannot succeed and therefore my request for exemption from obligatory vaccination + a green pass (with which I can live a normal life) is a part of an attempt to prevent these dangers.

'Anders fra Molde' could be the official custody father who was replaced with a copy in the late 1960's and hence mean 'the father of børen tage' (= 'the penis of child rape'?) which then could mean the Flaktürme and the injection of 'burnt garden' horror chemicals in Hammerfest. 'John fra Volda' is not the same as 'John fra Molde'.

If all the earliest cases of AIDSHIV could be traced back to a test vaccination in Greenwich Village in New York in 1978, it could be taken to mean 'green switch vil ikke' = 'the grin [s]witch does not want it' or 'does not want a green pass' and the 'grin witch' could then be the witch who weeps or VIPs.

In a few week's time the turnaround could start going across the border and then the panic spreads among those who are vaccinated, and then they could start forcing vaccinations onto those who are still unvaccinated (that would be the law of obligatory vaccination) in order to push it up to 100% because then you cannot see it any longer (= 'ostrich' policy). That is to hide the traces and that is cyber crime. That could have been the cyber attack on Ukraine some days ago.

I have sent my request for these to the austrian administration but of course my request sent by email is likely to have been derailed by intelligence interests who could be following me on surveillance, and I would guess that it could be difficult to reach anybody who could help me with it for such reasons, and a reception is not likely to understand the problem. "You must send it by post" - but of course such a letter cannot reach them and if they answer by post it is not likely to reach me. It is not safe to take the chance that the turnaround attempt cannot succeed and therefore this matter could be of very high urgency. The british government seems to have 'Düttelsharf' as codeword for its names in the cabinet - that could be just the moment when the vaccination syringe penetrates my skin - could be with 'fam' connotations to Hammerfest 1959 - and those who want 'to turn it around' could want the administration to be exempted from granting me an exemption + green pass and therefore hope that the letter with the request will not reach them but be derailed by a 'green pass'. I hope somebody can help me having this problem solved. Of course a normal doctor cannot understand the political history and therefore cannot help me with an exemption. I have sent a letter on 3 january 2022 to the '' with a request for these things, and on 19 january when there had come neither a reply nor even the normal confirmation of receipt I went by and gave them a paper copy of the email (see below). In the mean time, after 3 january, the international press has started to report that the british parliament is pressing on for Boris Johnson, depicted in the news under a rough hairdo, to resign. If in a 'Düttelsharf' cabinet 'Boris Johnson' means me as the author of the anglophonic TEQ, it could in theory be about a threat of finding another person to take the place if the 'Düttelsharf' does not get a chance to penetrate my skin in a vaccination. That of course would be quite uncivilized behaviour: I have done them nothing wrong and they have no rights in my authorship or any affiliations with my person - and they have certainly not got any permission from me to use my work for developing a 'poetic-logical power'.

Why are politics and intellectuals 'waiting to see what happens'? Then it often is too late. All this PTRSIM PIK nonsense must up in daylight and one must look with searchlights and torches for traces of who has been involved in it and all details must up for public attention. This must be done before a Black Sea Loop is started.


Wallis Budge, E.A.: Egyptian hieroglyphic dictionary. A hieroglyphic vocabulary to the theban recension of the book of the dead. Kegan, Trench, Trübner, London 1911. Printed by Adolf Holzhausen, 19-21 Kandlgasse, Vienna. Issued by Book Jungle, PO Box 2226, Champaign, IL 61825. Reprinted by Lightning Source UK Ltd, Milton Keynes UK on 02 December 2010.

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