Umberto Eco and the crocodile

John Bjarne Grover

In Calle Pedrocchi in Venice in 2008 or 2009 I made a comment to somebody about Umberto Eco as potential 'agent' and this seems possibly to have led to some turbulence. I had not read Eco but I had got his book "The name of the rose" from Ragna Grøver in the early 1980's and that would have been the background of this idea - plus the fact that my own work seemed to be extensively plagiarized. Is my own novel "The Dreamer" from 1995 (self-published in 2008) among the world's most plagiarized works? I once stood in a Libro shop in Vienna and leafed through the beginning and end of novels of type Jessica Gorsam's 'Flaming desire' (I dont know if that exists) or Dan Brown's 'The lost symbol' and it seemed that they followed the pattern in my novel - at least in the beginning and end. Brown has earned 1,5 billion dollars from his novels, I have so far earned none.

The story from Calle Pedrocchi was likely that my The Endmorgan Quartet (2008) was not published but Obama came 'instead' (and Israel retaliated for the palestinian intifadas). Why could I not be published? Probably because they would not let the cat out of the sack - and that is likely to have been the background for my comment on Eco. This comment was a little across the permitted border because it was perhaps not equipped with sufficient conditionalis and modal auxiliaries, and of course I did not know if he were an agent, but how long can one wait for getting the truth up which I and the italian people have the most self-evident right to get? Of course Italy is rather desperately in need of getting these details up in daylight before a war breaks out - and that could be the reason for this story.

If Norway should have granted asylum to Hitler and his government after the war, say, if Hitler e.g. re-arose in sheep's clothing in the form of my official father being replaced with a copy in 1969, apparently pre-heralded by the Pigs Bay invasion of 1961, that would have been not an official thing. Pigs Bay was an official US action, but there was no mention of Hitler and even if Norway could have been in no doubt that it was US intention to allow for Hitler in Norway, nobody in Norway today can guess what would happen if they should come out with such a confession now - I would guess that not the prime minister, not the king, not Stoltenberg in NATO can guess what would happen if they should let 'the cat out of the sack': Will they be thrown out of NATO and the russians be coming? Will all greater powers who have suffered norwegian-affiliated terror join in the bombing campaign? Will there be a rathunt on every norwegian citizen? If this is the story, it is likely that they do not dare to confess it now - but it is clear that Italy and I have the right to the info in time. Norway may have been established in 1814 with a geographic shape resembling the swastika-rotary counterpoint to Italy on the map for precisely the reason of a british desire to take the catholic Italy.

Is there any proof that Grøver could have been Hitler? The AIDSHIV pandemic could have been a socalled proof - by the logic that 'Hardon AIDSHIV' = 'Aron Eidsvig' my granduncle who could have resembled Hitler a little - so his photo would have 'smelt burnt' and hence was identified as his brother Bernt Eidsvig - because, it means, 'burnt child shuns fire' and 'Shun Fire' = 'John Grøver' who by the proverbial construction is 'Burnt Child' = 'Bernt Eidsvig' since the child (me) was not legitimate. But 'wolf in sheeps clothing' is also proverbial, hm, and that is the link - since a wolf is 'a doll fitler', sort of. The proof is admittedly weak, not the least since Aron Eidsvig could have been only marginally similar to Hitler - but the proof can perhaps be assessed by the question: Why is it called 'hardon'? If the strange word is not too old, then it could have been a construction for such reasons. A more serious counterevidence could have been that the 'John Grøver' from 1969 appeared too young to be Hitler - when he officially died in 1990, he would have been 101, which was not a likely age unless such rejuvenation were possible in the 1960's.

There is a reason why it could be felt as urgent to rewind the story and come out with the truth - and that is the problem that it seems that all politics on earth of today risk becoming susceptible to the single simple formula "das dritte Reich". My theory is that "das dritte Reich" is a formula for the 'reich' of a penis erection towards a rectum with 'dritt' = 'excrements' - and that the construction is the rape of a puberty boy whose penis contents has been transplanted onto a 'trans' custody mother who uses it for raping the drugged boy. The secret is then that the penis contents (not the head, apparently) comes from the boy himself and then the 'smart' trick is to claim that it was the boy who was the rapist, not the mother. This cheap trick could have been Hitler's concept as a parody on the PTRSIM PIK construction which could be summed up in the form of flatulence emitted by folks who blame the weather gods for the bad smells and thereby feel entitled to feel 'divine', due to the 'divine' sulphurous smells. It is the same cheap trick - but material instead of gasous - and Hitler could have launched his concept as a parody on the british need for quasi-divine status of their royals after the french revolution had relativized the authority of the royals.

After the war there would have been the quasi gap between these two very similar constructions - and a theory could be that I could be both PTRSIM PIK as well as 'das dritte Reich'. If there had been extensive plagiarisms of my novel, the reason could have been in this status. I have not been informed about this status if that should be the case and I have not much evidence in favour in the theory - but there are, to repeat it once again, at least the following two pieces of evidence: 1) This proof that there is a role for my person in high international political mythos, and 2) this MRT scan (from MRT Mariahilf, Wien) showing that a part of my occipital lobe is scissored off while my skull is intact - which proves, if laser can be looked apart from (and if it cannot then possible viruses in the scan machine will always relativize any evidence on a similar scale) - that my skull was opened not long after birth and a part of the brain scissored away. The theory is that it could have been John F.Kennedy who held the scissors in july 1957 - and that would have been a piece of history which would have deserved public attention and not secrecy classification.

This gap between 'PTRSIM PIK' and 'das dritte Reich' could have been the situation of postwar knowledge - and since it is clear that 'the two fundamental theorems is the only really interesting part to be extracted therefrom, which means that 'PTRSIM PIK' thereby can be drained of any murky mythos and perverse-religious shadows, it follows that these theorems are the real reason for the idea of 'two dirty beasts of the revelation'.

These seem to be the three labels that could have alternated on being pasted onto me like pieces of paper glued with adhesive tape onto my back by quasi-friendly 'slaps on shoulders' (or would it be about slaps in the face?): PTRSIM PIK, dirty beast, dritte Reich.

It seems that postwar 'semiotics' is a field of study that could have been developed in order to put sheep's clothing onto these wolves of history.

Could the semiotician Umberto Eco have been an agent? Could he have been a bigga agent from e.g. England? It is a fact that the Bologna bomb and the attempt on the pope could have served to launch his book "The name of the rose" as an international bestseller - could be for precisely the political concept of 'das dritte Reich'. This could be the reason why the word 'agent' pronounced in the context of Eco could elicit emotions in Italy. Eco counts as perhaps their foremost intellectual and to find that he could have been an agent for the nazis supporting the attempt against the pope would be quite a disappointment.

It is all this underwood of 'secret intelligence mythos' which must up in daylight.

Of course I cannot and do not claim that Eco was an agent - since I have no such knowledge. But I have reasons to ask. And it is clear that since the cat is not yet out of the sack, italian and other international media - including perhaps Eco - could have made a lot of money on things affiliated with me but I cannot get to grips with that because the cat is not let out of the sack and the whole circus continues like a secret intrigue. Such moneymaking is not legal - but it is hard to take since security reasons protect it.

Nelly Sachs was born 'Leonie Sachs' which could have meant 'the cat out of the sack'. That cat was perhaps me - and the constructors could have tried to prevent the cat from escaping the sack - and 'containing the beast' seems to have been a US policy from after WWII, even if it could have been communism they had in mind.

If my little comment en passent in Calle Pedrocchi were not equipped with sufficient conditionalis and modal auxiliaries and that could have led to the circulation of the rumour that "Mr.Grover claims that Eco is a secret agent", the theory could even be articulated that Eco could have written his novel 'The cemetery of Prague' in the course of half a year in 2010 - after the aircrash of Smolensk (where the whole top administration of Poland died in the crash during landing in foggy weather) some days or weeks after I had written my book title "POLAKK English Bloggi" in my notebook - and if Eco's novel title should have been as a quasi imitation of my book title, and the reason also why he later wrote a book together with Jean Claude Carriere - as if it should have been me who had 'claude' on his career (if it were not the other way round), it could have been about this single little utterance of mine in Calle Pedrocchi: But why should that be so interesting? Little me whom nobody has heard of? Could it have been that alarming - with that little lack of some conditionalis seasoning? It would have been enough to ask what I meant more precisely and the problem was down: Of course I had no such data - but I had got Eco's novel from Ragna Grøver and if 'das dritte Reich' were a label pasted onto my back, it could well have been my 'name' that was in the penis that 'rose' (as a 'moral backbone') behind my back. I suppose Eco could have used more than 6 months for writing his 'Cemetery of Prague' but this I dont know anything about. As I noticed in an earlier file, it could be that italian banking could have been somewhat influenced by this Calle Pedrocchi comment from those days. It is also possible that it is this 'cemetery' which is the theme of today's news of the alleged mass graves behind a church in Butja in Ukraine - now not so long before the presidential election in France. What does this mean?

My theory is that Eco as a semiotician necessarily had to navigate in the muddy postwar waters of PTRSIM PIK and dritte Reich and therefore could not escape the problemshift but could not lift the secrecy on the matter. That does not make an agent out of him but the question could necessarily come to arise.

Rocky Raccoon was a song by the Beatles from 1968 and it could in theory have foreshadowed the replacement of my official father in 1969 by the utterance 'e må pisse' in the sense of Horace's 'Epistles'. ('Black Mountain Hills' = 'Black Heart Roman'?) Would Eco have had an oeko-sack to carry on his back ('um-ber-to') - with accompanying 'cartoon' ideas of the smallcrook burglar with sack on his back and raccoon-mask on his face? In 1972 the Grøvers were in London and then Eco was a visiting professor at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois - which could have been about the 'Ivanhoe' of the 'Schenkungs-Urkunde' of Austria - possibly invoked also by the Kings Bay affair of 1963. Ragna Grøver once mentioned 'Evinrude' outboard motors for some reason or other - and I recall the joke told (by John Grøver or were it by uncle Arthur?) on Vågstranda in the 1960's about the man who had picked so much berries ('multer' on 'Finnmarksvidda') that he had to put them in a barrel and whip them with an outboard motor installed inside it and to soften the vibrations he put the barrel on the bed but the barrel disintegrated in the tremble and the angry and dangerous motor hopped around and whipped berries and bedclothes all over and could not even be shot dead. Illinois = terrible noise, like Katzenjammer from the cat in the sack. This Eco in Illinois could in theory have been a softening of me in the context of the London trip (in a 'Caravelle' airplane 'sack'). In 1969 he was at Milan Polytechnic - could be it was around that time that the official father learnt the children - while driving the untapped VW - the song about the canary bird: "Jeg hadde en gang en kanarifugl / med trebein og gummihjul / den tralla og sang hele dagen lang / til slutt så blei den gul". Eco was at Yale and Columbia which could mean that 'he had been in prison and that gave a lump in the throat' - which could have been Hitler in Landsberg prison after the Beer Hall Putsch as a surprise story element in the background of John Grøver. (Could you feel his past?) But these are elements which Eco had only accepted as natural offers and had of course not engineered himself.

Would Eco at Yale, Columbia, Evanston have been a political whisper (from e.g. the italian state) that Grøver was Hitler? But then the problem would have been the political asylum in swastika-counterpoint Norway. Or would it have been a way of pretending that Grøver was Hitler - say, in extension from Grøver as possible 'agent' for the idea that he was dritte-Reich Hitler relative to my person? If that should have been the story, then Eco would have worked for Grøver's interests in his quasi imitation of the possible idea - but clearly that would not have been as nazi as if it were Hitler himself.

But 'um-ber to echo' could also mean 'apologizes' - which could have been a more likely hint if Norway gave asylum to Hitler after the war,

Eco's 'Theory of semiotics' is perhaps a little 'impressive' in the way it discusses Pierce and Saussure etc. If the question should come up whether Eco could have served the function of an agent, what would it have been for?

It may be that there is such a mythology attached to my person - the idea (for which I have no empirical basis) that in 1970 (after the official father had been replaced with a copy in 1969) my official mother was rebuilt to a 'trans' by way of material from my own penis. It is true that she was in a hospital in Sarpsborg (twin town to Fredrikstad, appr like Kiev and Butja?) for a few days in the summer 1970 but we were not told why - but that does not, of course, have to mean that she was rebuilt to trans, although it could have been the story. If 'dritte Reich' were the 'project', the idea that it could have been Hitler himself who assisted in holding the drugged boy during the rapes could be a natural association - and a possible origin of the idea that post-1969 Grøver was Hitler. It is a theory of mine that I could have been subjected to 8 cases of major child abuse during my childhood - including opening of the head with 'zombie' ejaculation soon after birth, rape at age 6 months, chemicals at age 18 etc - including the rape(s) of 'dritte Reich' character at age 13 and 'pulver' stopping my muscle growth before 18 (see introductory logo for 'Studio Kvartal 94-95' for Zelensky's TV series). If there were 8 such cases of child abuse, for which I have evidence only of the first in the form of the MRT scan, corresponding e.g. to the 8 Kennedy siblings, these could be considered insults against me from e.g. the international secret intelligence services for which the octogon could have been constructed for me to 'repeat' or 'retaliate' these 8 insults - by marital infidelity being an insult against the social institution of marriage. It could have been a construction of 8 such cases of marital infidelity corresponding to 8 cases of child abuse of me - and possibly also 8 Kennedy siblings.

Now there are traces of this complex in Eco's semiotics. I quote from the concluding lines at the end of his "A theory of semiotics" from 1976 - here from the 1979 edition of Indiana University Press, page 317:

Assuming that 'dritte Reich' is the underlying theoretic construction, the third last section could be recognized as me 'displaying labour' in the form of the naked behind during a drugged rape - producing 'octogonal farts' etc.

The second last section would then tell of the 'maternal expressions' - the one who holds the copyright by way of the ejaculated sperm coming from down under, running through the 'stem' of the penis borrowed from the puberty boy and out through the head of the penis, possibly from yet some other donor of 'material' stuff. (Tonje Kolle worked as teacher in preschool/kindergarden = 'førskole' in norwegian, 'förskola' in swedish. Hungarian 'föiskola' = 'main school', 'head school').

The last section tells how the 'Jesus' child as victim of such rape is the 'semiotic' FORM holding the maternal/material CONTENTS of the 'dritte Reich'. The 'tremendously important' conclusion terminates the book.

This could therefore, in theory, be a way that PTRSIM PIK as a catholic riddle is transformed into a 'dritte Reich' of Adolf Hitler - a theory which thereby could prepare for new fascism in Italy and new nazism in Germany.

But is this a relevant reading - or is it unjustified mock only? 'To segment content' in the third last section is perhaps a little alarming. Why should he call it so if not for the idea that 'the boy had segmented the penis contents himself'?

1) To physically produce expressions = the octogonal farter

2) To correlate them to content = the octogon that correlates the 8 child abuses against the 'subject' which the services could have organized, including the 8 Kennedy siblings, being contained in the 'content' of the penis stem

3) To segment content = the segmentation of the penis contents which separates the head from the stem - by the logic and control of the 'correlated contents'

and this is what eventually allows for the conclusion that 'Mr.Grover had himself raped the child and had himself stolen the penis contents and transplanted it onto the custody mother'. This mythological beast is too incredible to believe in. It could be the intended reason why Generali has so far not yet paid the insurance money for the burglary of my house in 2019 - could be because 'he had done it himself'. (Or, more probably, they expect that those reponsible for the burglary shall return the stolen matter).

This 'physical testability' could perhaps be the gesture which nowadays could be seen when politicians stand there holding hands cupped before their own thoraxes - for the idea of 'maternal expressions'.

Here is an excerpt from Eco page 315 - telling of how the semiotic enquiry (the rape?) is the same as the semiotic subject (the victim of the rape?) by just this 'segmentation':

If Eco should have been an agent, it would have been for this program of finding a 'semiotic' reason for lifting the PTRSIM PIK program over into a nazi 'Endlösung' - which even could have been for a british program of proving that catholicism is the only real danger to the world's spirituality.

Why would Eco have been a specialist in medieval philosophy - if he were an agent who had planned his career in advance for such specific purposes? That could have been because the 'dritte Reich' as the 'semiotic fact' mid way between the form and the contents - between the penis head and the originally female 'Eve' or 'evil' body - is what belonged to the boy before the transplantation - it would have been what was credited with the crime but not with the 'evil' profit of it, so to speak.

A very deplorable conclusion that would be - if one should conclude that Eco were an agent. Of course this perverse interpretation of Eco - if it is possible - could mean only that it is a possible interpretation and hence a trap for modern semiotics - which could suffer from the problem of navigating in such muddy waters between PTRSIM PIK and dritte Reich where the dirty beast finds its realm.

'Segmenting contents' is perhaps the alarm. The rest could perhaps be acceptable. Segmenting would be for explaining how it could be that 'he had done it himself'. Of course 'contents' can be explained as 'segmented' such as on page 73 in his book:

'Segmenting contents' can be rescued by this logic - but if one does, then the unfortunate conclusion could be that human semiotics is inherently nazi. Or at least the field of scholarly semiotics could be.

This segmentation could correspond to the spike in the coffin - like a titanium strip on the runway of the Concorde or the hole in the flank of the Costa Concordia: 'Kong Cordia' could then be simply the Stammbaum of me as PTRSIM PIK.

A good career could have been offered Eco for being that raccoon-masked burglar with sack on his back - accepting offers at Yale, Columbia etc - and that is a normal career which serves as 'agent' for these nazi interests of the Black Sea Loop. But that is not the same as signing a contract with such services. It isnt? Probably not. Here is the full formal definition of 'agent' in Shorter Oxford English Dictionary (2 volumes):

The normal 'informal' use of the word in calling people 'agent' if they receive money for acting on others' behalf, possibly against own conviction and being bound by formal dependency regulations is contained in the third part - the 'deputy'.

The above quotes from Eco's concluding lines on page 317 are from the short concluding chapter 4. "The subject of semiosis", which starts as follows on page 314:

The 'ghostly presence' would be in the 'octogonal farter' who then also is defined as the 'acting subject' - the subject who is the 'agent' in the essential definition of the word. The 'speech acts' would be 'octogonal farts' of this alleged protagonist who is also, strangely, both 'transcendental' as well as 'empirical'. Should there be reasons for a shrill alarm - a la a Black Sea Loop alarm - on these ideas of semiotic subjects being 'transcendental' as well as or 'empirical'? This 'figment' (cp the possible Concorde spike in the coffin) is by Eco allegedly also approached by psychoanalysis and related disciplines: In 1982 I was, on recommendation from Ragna Grøver, for a few consultations at psychotherepeut Per Mentzen - who died in 1986, allegedly due to 'a dangerous disease' ('en farlig sykdom'), as told the obituary. (It could, I was told, have been a matter of alcoholism, reportedly according to Ragna Grøver - he was a chain smoker also during the consultations = 'ghostly presence'?). The theory exists that drugged rapes around 1970 also could have included sanitary towels soaked in menstrual blood held before the respiration during the rapes - which here would have been the 'transcendental' and 'empirical' approach to the 'figment'.

Havent I got the right to get these details without secrecy classification if this really should be the story? Is 'Osama bin Laden' a name which is associated with such sanitary towel with menstrual blood for such respiration during drugged rape? Of course I have the right to get such information unclassified if this really should have been the story - but if I dont get them then it could mean either that there was no such story at all or that the state supports the criminals rather than the victim of such child abuse. To sit here deciphering the hidden mysteries in semiotic theory of Umberto Eco in such a way is not the sort of proof I need - if this story really should be the case. But there is evidence that there could be some muffins.

Now if not only the Bologna bomb but also the attempt on the pope could have been terror propelling the international sales of Eco's "Name of the rose" - and what about Brigate Rosse from about the time of such 'red respiration' of 1970? - it is clear that if Eco should have been an agent, or, say, 'propellar', for such 'politics' (international secret intelligence services), the 'ghostly presence' of such an 'octogonal farter' could then by his theory be recognized as the 'acting subject' - and the semiotic theory could thereby (if secret agency should be the case) serve to shift this role from him over onto me - who thereby could be blamed for involvement in the attempt on the pope and possibly other uncatholic acts of terror.

This clearly could have been the crocodile of 1980-81 - who now seems to have been the theme of the coronavirus pandemic. It would have been murky superstition and terror-orientated politics who would try and recognize the two fundamental theorems as 'dirty beast' - but China was quick to the place and put a rod in the gap of the crocodile.

Of course that crocodile isnt me.

[Added 14 april 2022: 'Krock' is swedish for 'collide', 'crash' as for autos. Ragna Grøver was in a car crash = swedish KROCK at the time of the attempt on the pope in 1981. I was in Oslo just then and was called to the hospital - she had crashed when she was driving near Oslo, they told. She had a clean cut across the forehead which looked not natural - it was reasonably deep but without any traces of being caused by an accident. It clearly was done by the doctors' 'reich' and could perhaps be called 'Ragna Hei-dritt' as for 'Reinhard Heydrich' and 'dritte Reich'. It could mean that she was 'edited' and that this is what 'John Grøver' told when he parked the VW in the roadside in lower Labråten and asked my opinion - if he should divorce from his wife. Clearly if the 'dritte Reich' mythos should apply to my person, it could mean the (mythological) transplantation of my penis contents in 1970. Hence on this background the 'krock' could be associated with me - in the sense of 'the other one', here the swedish relative to norwegian. Clearly this could be an inconvenient element in my relations with Italy - if they should believe 'in their hearts' that I should have been that crocodile - which of course I am not. See also this file].

Conclusion: It is probably legitimate to consider the option that Eco could have been an 'agent' in the sense of 'propellar for certain socio-historic processes' that drove the Hitler ship forwards, but that does not mean that he had signed a contract or was in a formal dependency relation to any intelligence organization. It is all this about the little formality of a signature - as small as the word 'agent' pronounced in a street. I can probably defend the word in this informal dictionary sense of it but not in that formal sense of a contract-signer. Not to speak of the little formal difference between the two utterances:

- We all have to follow the rules, Mr.Grover.
- We all have to follow the rules. Mr.Grover.

- like those rules of plagiarisms and all that: If the countries pay me the money they owe me for all the abuse of the authorship, there is nothing left of this problem - but then the cat is out of the sack. That cat is the western doubletalk which finds it elegant and smart to lift the responsibility of the rape from the rapist onto the victim of the rape. Of course it is high time to come out with the story - even if (or, some would say, precisely because) that could mean that England has to close its monarchy and be turned into a republic.

What would have been the function of this agent, either formally or not? It could have been the role of the raccoon-masked burglar ('um-ber-to eco') which could mean 'Horace' (I got this dry-skinned raccoon-mask feeling around my eyes when I wrote the article on Horace and the chinese radicals - and when Zelensky's TV series has a logo on probably the producer called STUDIO KVARTAL 94/95 which shows 94 folding 'ordinally' (cp. the chinese radicals) over onto 95, that could be the 95 of the radical for the 'calle & ponte del forno', the frontibus and the fornix and all that. Would the 'porno' be contained in the Cuban missile crisis? If Horace raccoon + chinese radical 95 be the story, the necessary logical link between these could be what attracts the eastern arm of the swastika (ukrainian TV series) down on the southern. Which could sound like what could be recognized as the interests of the international secret intelligence services.

And, it must be added: I have never heard about anybody having seen the link between Horace and the chinese radicals before I made it recently - although there are reasons to speculate that this could be old however secret news. But it would surprise me - the function I have established on basis of my own 'Der Dornenstrauch' is a little complex and to find that it had been discovered in exactly the same form earlier is indeed a little surprising. But clearly the phenomenon, since it seems to exist, could spring forth from the very nature of the innate human semiotic endowment - and this springing-forth could be the reason both for my discovery and for various political activities even if they need not have been explicitly articulated. But clearly 'porno' + 'radical 95' looks not so unexact - see 'radical 95' for Horace Satire II.iii.240,6-256,5 and Epistle I.xiv.14,4-30,6 (that means exact measurements!) of this file and this.

Conclusion: It is not likely that Eco was a secret agent on a formal basis - but of course he could have functioned for the advancement of certain political interests by his theories and novels.

I cannot find the publication date of "The name of the rose" anywhere - it is normally easy to find but why is it so difficult with this novel?

If one considers the theoretic undertones of his semiotic theory in "A theory of semiotics" (1976) as telling of the mythological rape of the puberty boy (as discussed above) in extension from the cuban missile crisis (1962), it is probably possible to see the attempt on the pope - by a beastly crocodile - and the Bologna bomb - in the 'weiding room' at the Bologna central ('forti'?)-bus close to train station at 10:25 AM on 2 August 1980 - as fuelling the book sales of Eco's novel by temporality and other aspects. I think I read somewhere that Eco himself heard the bomb explosion while he was in his office at the university of Bologna - and the Oslo terror would not have been a late echo of this story from Italy 1980-81? Semiotics could be a field of study littered with this PTRSIM PIK and 'dritte Reich' symbolism - hiding under the pretext of being a quasi attempt to re-unify the basis for anglicanism and catholicism. The two fundamental theorems are the real interesting things in PTRSIM PIK, the rest is old structural superstition and things like that. The 3-2-1*56 construction of the attempt on the pope is of such a kind that it appeared that it was the pope himself who heroically put a rod into the gap of the terrible beast and thereby prevented the two fundamental theorems from coming into being as modern elaborations.

Does Eco's 1976 'Theory of semiotics' - such as outlined above - have a conceptual 'dritte Reich' as possible understructure - and does 'The name of the rose' have the 'Theory of semiotics' as its understructure? That could be a little interesting. It is perhaps not impossible to recognize a certain paragraph-by-paragraph parallelism between these two texts, although of course there will always be something similar between two texts - all texts are parallel texts - so I dont know. Clearly if there is one author to two books, they will naturally have some parallelisms. The last paragraph is easy parallelism between the two books, though. I have only the german translation available:

Kalt ist's im Skriptorium, der Daumen schmerzt mich. Ich gehe und hinterlasse dies Schreiben, ich weiß nicht, für wen, ich weiß auch nicht mehr, worüber: Stat rosa pristina nomine, nomina nuda tenemus.

It could have been this crocodile which rose again with covid-19.

Now the question is the following: When I was driven out of Italy in 2009, were that because of my en passent comment on Eco - or was it because England wanted me up to Vienna? When I moved out of Austria in 2008, Corazon Aquino got ill with cancer and when she died in 2009, I was forced to move back to Austria. A study of MLR july 2009 relative to MLR april 1981 could suggest that there could be some interconnections suggestive of the idea that it would be England more than Italy who wanted me in Austria.

I notice from july 2009 article 2. "Erected Wit and Effeminate Repose: Philip Sidney's Postures of Reader-Response" by James A. Williams which could be suggestive of a semiotic theory contained in concepts of a 'dritte Reich', not to speak of article 1. "The Dignity of Langland's Meed" by Gerald Morgan - as if my 'Endmorgan Quartet' should be based on some such 'dritte Reich' semiotics. Title 6. "The Early Reception of Francis Jammes in Italy" by Shirley W. Vinall could even be suggestive of the idea of 'Katzenjammer in Italy' - as by a complaining cat in the burglar's bag of Umberto Eco. The element of 'Milan Polytechnic' in terms of the song "I once had a canary bird / with wooden legs and rubber wheels" could perhaps be spotted in the title to article 5. "Mourning and Photography in Contemporary French Literature" by Jutta Fortin: Mourning and Photography = 'Milan Polytechnic' and 'Contemporary French Literature' = canary bird wooden legs rubber wheels. 'Jula Far-din' = 'the wheels of your father'.

If Hitler's 1924 imprisonment in 1924 had left a stain on John Grøver's mind in the sense of a cue to his once possible identity, this could perhaps be recognized in title 8. "'Civibus aevi futuri': Panoramic Historiography in Fontane's Wanderungen durch die Mark Brandenburg" by Andrew Cusack - in the form of 'John Grøver': Adolf Hitler in Festungshaftanstalt am Lech Landsberg.

Title 9. "Arthur Schnitzler's Correspondence with Clara Katharina Pollaczek: A Reassessment" by Julian Preece could be telling of the "Theory of semiotics" = 'Clara Katharina Pollaczek' struggling with 'segmentation' underneath the 'Name of the rose'. Eco got the 'Strega' price for his novel.

Title 10. "'Ungelöste Gespenster'? Ghosts in Ruth Klüger's Autobiographical Project" by Catherine Smale could be telling of my novel 'The Dreamer' with its car numbers - here as quasi 'octogon'?

The two neighbours who died in 2009 (both of them were a little aged) were called Mario Zorzetto and E.Zuin - those are names which could be telling of the two 'fundamental theorems' that can be seen inbetween the PTRSIM PIK and the 'dritte Reich'.

I think this suffices for the interpretation - on basis of certain redundancies spotted in this literary periodical - that it could have been a british program to drive me out of Venice and up to Vienna again - on basis of the pretext that it could have been my insinuation of Eco as a potential agent that was the reason why I had to leave the country. This could have been in extension from the idea that the crocodile attacking the pope in 1981 were put in relation to me: The story of the 'berryman' of MLR april 1981 could suggest that the story with the joke about the outboard motor in the barrel could have been used as background for the attempt on the pope - and one reasons that since 'multer' or 'molter' = 'cloudberries' (?) is a word used also about police fines (spelt 'mulkter') for transgressions of the law or rules, it could have been about an old story of the pope used as pretext for the attempt. The joke was told in the 1960's. John Paul I's papacy lasted only for 33 days. If title 9. "Why Read Kafka?" by Martin Swales were the reference of the coffee spilt on Grøver's fly at 'Kaffistova', it could have been for telling of the 'wired' coffee if, as I think I read somewhere, John Paul I was found sitting dead and stiff in his bed. The 'Renaissance' in title 5 could perhaps be spotted in the 3,2,1 * 56 days - there are 56 verses in Luke 23.

If the 'berryman' joke that was told in the 1960's later could be seen as a relevant reference to the attempt on the pope in 1981 in the sense of being a part of the launch of Eco's novel, it could serve to indicate that Eco was an agent for these interests. Which could suggest that he was not. The old english problem could have been that the pope in Rome listened to his inner articulations which Henry VIII in London believed he controlled - and therefore he could not take faith in the pope. But wasnt it himself he doubted? Is that the 'proof' of title 12 (Burnett)? QED?

See also this file. If the story of the outboard motor in the disintegrating barrel is about human sexual drive, it can be noticed also that the '' could have a comparable reference.

The conclusion could be that it seems that british interests could have wanted me out of Italy and back to Austria in 2009 - but it was formed in such a way that it could be given the interpretation that Italy wanted me to leave because I had insulted their main intellectual. I dont think I had. Or if there should have been an extra conditionalis added, then one could also be detailed on the word's real meaning as listed in the dictionaries and then it is likely that my word was precise enough - albeit not hostile.

However, if the crocodile of 1981 were for driving me out of Italy, so to speak, for reserving PTRSIM PIK for royal interests rather than the italian republican, it can be that the coronavirus crocodile of 2019-2022 was for the reason that I had not yet managed to move back to Italy - or out of Austria - in spite of many attempts. The resources had not allowed for that.

Wittgenstein waited for the 'revelation' to his logic but this was blocked by 'Hitler' and the spanish flue broke out. My poetry has been attacked in a similar way (acus bacchus sneeft coeil organized graffiti mobbing under the main library of my poetry book title, search this file for '20.000' with following story - etc) and the 'chinese flue' broke out. Therefore I cannot write poetry here and wait for a chance to move elsewhere.

Would this have been a part of the reason why Trump were not re-elected in 2020? I mean, Austria got the 'pimple' called 'Jungholz' on its border to Germany around 1850, probably around the time when the US republicans were formed in 1854 - not so long after my 'great-great... grandfather' Ole Devold had started his 'sunnmørian' tricotage factory, which again was not so long after Rawlinson had deciphered 'sumerian'. It is possible that Rawlinson made some emendations which were published while he could have reserved the original for the 'royals' (but this I know little about) - for the emendations to count as the 'ole devil' in the Stammbaum of the PTRSIM PIK - in which case it could have been a part of the background of the formation of the US republicans. It is all this which must be brought to daylight. I do not support the intrigue called PTRSIM PIK - but my economic resources have been too meagre to allow for a return to Italy so far.

PS The first upload of this file onto internet on 7 april around 13:30 local Vienna time took abnormally long time (a couple of minutes or so, graphic files included) and at least one formatting was wrong on the screen (from the web) but right in the source code. I hope the text was not too scrambled or altered. I later uploaded it again and now it looks right.

9 april 2022:

It seems that the human semiotic attraction between chinese radical 95 and the fornix/frontibus/frondibus of Horace is the trick which british intelligence had planned to turn the swastika with.

This human semiotic attraction would be recognized as the same as the magic change in the 'schimmelbild' from the back of the 'indian' to the hand in front of his face. This change is the reason why Kennedy scissored in the back of my brain and why he pulled USA into the Vietnam war - in order to imitate Shijing #37 - for imitating the 'self-suck' in the magic appearance of the hand in front of the hand of the 'indian'.

רבא אמר = RVA AMR = 'rabbi/teacher said' is perhaps a normal expression from Talmud and could be the entire reason for the whole 'dritte Reich' - via the norwegian 'ræva ammer' = 'the arse is sucking' ('the arse is nursed/breast-fed').

רמא אבר = RMA AVR = 'reima av er' could mean that 'tank-remen' ('the toothpaste', 'the thought-strap') is off - it means making a cognitive leap in a chain of reasoning

These are likely to be the innermost secret in the 'dritte Reich' - it is not likely that this idea of the orally sucking child turned around to the puberty boy 'sucking' with his rectum on the breast of the mother - which had to be reformed into the form of a trans penis - has any value at all except as a form of nazi mock of hebrew. This latter short circuitry would be the spoonerism in RMA AVR

It is applied to the ex nihilo indian.

My theory is that the US republican party was formed in 1854 for helping me (the then future PTRSIM PIK who had been planned with Ole Devold and the puberty pimple of Jungholz) out of Austria. This is what Trump failed to do and that is why he lost the election.

Republicanism should be the most important counterbalance against the progress of the 'royal' secret intelligence power. Why did the US republicans call themselves 'Good Old Party'? For telling that 'RVA AMR' and 'RMA AVR' is the innermost secret in the nazi construction with its rooting in Norway - the 1814 formation of the european swastika made to resemble Italy in the south.

The ukrainian TV series is introduced by the logo of STUDIO KVARTAL 94-95 which is likely to contain this turning swastika secret of attraction between chinese radical 95 and Horace's 'fornix' - but the trick is hidden under what could be a surface pretext in terms of hebrew אבר which (in addition to 'ballast', 'bent', 'pressed' 'winged', 'membrum genitale' etc) also can mean 'town quarter' which then could look like STUDIO KVARTAL. A short circuitry.

I notice that for the song of the canary bird there is the ending line "til slutt så blei den gul" which could find a certain interpretation in "til slutt Joe Biden gul". But there could also be a certain 'joy button' - see the first 'quadrant' turn below, the female with 'joy button' framed by 'dog' and 'birden': Hebrew for '94' = צד which means 'join, side, border' with an extension in צדיב = 'yellow'. Hence the 'joy' of pressing the button from 94 to 95 could lead to 'yellow' - like in that canary song with its four lines:

See also the ex nihilo indian.


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