Covid comedy

John Bjarne Grover

The global curves of new infections and deaths per day allow for the two correlates to the fundamental theorems - of logic = metaphysics in mortality (number of deaths per day divided with new infections per day) and of linguistics = physics in inverse mortality (number of new infections per day divided with deaths per day) - the data for the construction of the curves are from 'worldometer' and are averaged over a 21 day span for making the curves smooth (see also this file):

deaths/infections (mirrored)


It is seen that these look like two crocodiles that are balanced against each other and resemble the crocodile that attacked the pope in 1981.

When the two curves are the same, it means that the system has attained balance. Here they are the same when the first is mirrored in time.

Humans got scared when the crocodile attacked in 2020 with mortalities up to 30% between its impressive jaws. It quickly became clear that there was no means against the croco - it helped itself with another human whenever it wanted, picking from 'the other side', from the metaphysics. The panic spread and vaccines were developed in no time and were pumped into the humans - and the apparent fact that the vaccines only increased the dangers of disease and death was kept secret and the newspapers were full of the dangerous news every day. It is a very trivial piece of statistics - take the register of who are sick and who are vaccinated are match these against each other and you have the data - but this essential piece of statistical knowledge seems difficult to get to, probably held back from public attention because it shows that the vaccines do not function at all. On the contrary, as soon as the vaccinations started, the disease started spreading quicker than ever. See this study from Sweden - which also shows that among those who get in a serious condition from covid there is now a majority of unvaccinated folks (which is how a vaccine should function), but, among these, those who die are nearly only vaccinated folks (92%) - which is the surprise. It means that the croco picks another one and prefers those who are vaccinated. It means that vaccination increases the dangers of death.

"But this cannot be possible! Of course the vaccines must help!" it is said everywhere.

How is it possible? Ahja, it is the trivial and ah so human logic that the vaccines are more lethal than the croco and therefore they are a way of getting an upper hand on the beast and that is to get the pandemic under control. The one who has the strongest weapon wins.

It is not the croco that is the most dangerous - the vaccines are much stronger than the croco and then we have it all safely under control.

And people queue up for the injections. Pfizer is the best, they say.

Why arent these statistics published so that some quickhead can get to the bright idea that there is something we can do to stop the pandemic since there must be a reason for it - and if only we can find that we can stop the pandemic?

The croco prefers monkeys, it seems, not the chinese poultry with the korean beak. North Korea has so far not reported any cases of covid while South Korea is among the hardest hit - which means that the bird can open its beak for a new song.

The croco is a misbalance between physics and metaphysics, which means that one has credited the criminal and not the victim.

The restrictions hit hard against the economy and in Italy they are still not down - which means that it is not really possible yet to be a tourist in the country. What happens if a tourist tests positive? Jan 5, 2022: "There is a recent article in the Dallas Morning News about a couple who tested positive in Florence. They were taken by ambulance to Montecatini Terme where they are in a covid hotel. They are very unhappy with the hotel space, provided food, lack of services, and lack of medical followup".

The new restrictions in Italy from april are still of such a kind that unvaccinated people cannot travel to the country, for the simple reason that a return travel requires a test and if that is positive one has to quarantine for many days and that has to be done in some facility. This applies also to vaccinated people - if they test positive they have to quarantine - but since it is possible to pretend like nothing if symptoms should develop, it is perhaps possible for vaccinated people to be there, even if the feeling can be uncomfortable.

But it is a little hazard - like monkeys going down to the waterhole for some refreshing drink - and suddenly they are put to test.

It is not specified anywhere what facility that covid hotel is or if it exists at all or what it costs. If it costs, say, 800 euros per day and if it is up to the max of 21 days, as tells the law, unless one tests negative before that, it could cost some 16.800 euros.

The tourist couple referred to is probably one among many and it seems that there is no 'medical follow-up' which means test possibilities and that means that they are kept locked up for 21 days - and have to pay probably a lot for each night - and the food provisions seem to be poor. It is not likely that they are going to return for a second trip to Italy another time.

Why such conditions? Could be it is for being worse than the croco at the waterhole.

What are the restrictions for? The disease is now much less dangerous than a normal flue and the restrictions could have been terminated since long. Some idea that "we have to stop the spread" could be the reason.

Alas, lockdowns and quarantines are probably only a flagellante in the hope of pleasing the angry beast - "now you must be happy"?

It is likely that the reason for this covid is the attempts there could have been to build a world on basis of exploitation and abuse of the poet - a 'dritte Reich' with paying to somebody else than the one who should have got it, so the economy starts 'going round'. The chinese and korean data tell that it is the poetry that is abused. The brighthead could come to the conclusion: But why not put that old 'dritte Reich' behind and start paying the poet for his work? Start paying the worker for his work, not the swindler or abuser. Then maybe the disease goes down.

The attempt on the pope in 1981 seems to have been for dumping the blame on me - so that the italians should believe that I was the crocodile that attacked and then the eastern arm of the european swastika could be pumped full of my authorship and later swing down easily towards the croco in Italy 1981. Now it seems that the travel restrictions against covid in Italy from april in theory could be specially tailored for preventing me from entering the country ('high-speed train', 'travel across region borders' etc) - since although I probably can travel down there, I cannot be certain to be able to leave it again if that should be necessary without risking to land in such a covid hotel. That may seem like it prevents the croco from rising again. But it was not me who attacked the pope - even if your feeling may tell that these restrictions seem the best for our country. And it does not help to prevent me from travelling if it is the Black Sea Loop one does not want 90 degrees down.

But, John, you can travel to Hungary without problems. That is right - but that could be organized since 1970 precisely for a Black Sea Loop along the eastern arm by way of my authorship. It could be the same sort of intrigue - an attempt to get the croco under control by being worse than it: The Black Sea Loop is a horror which nobody wants - and if the plan were to run it through Ukraine, it is well possible that the current warfare is better for the ukrainians than such a loop would have been.

"But this cannot be right! Our politicians cannot allow for that!"

Ahja, it may be the same sort of logic.

Is it right that my novel "The Dreamer" is a massively plagiarized work? Is it the world's most plagiarized literary work? How many electronic pirate copies of my work (pages, books) have been circulated by the intelligence and other services? Were I abused in my childhood for making the 'dritte Reich' program of Adolf Hitler come through? Clearly all these things would be not only criminal but organized abuse of a single person. If I had been an agent for this politics, the circulated copies of my work would not have been the same sort of scandal. 'Dritte Reich' is a cheap trick of 'partial misrepresentation', which means 'monkey business'. Of course the abusers should have been arrested and the responsible parts of the states provided apologies - but it seems that this has not happened but they have paid to the criminals instead. That makes it feel like the economy is 'going round' - but of course it leads to covid and it is a crocodile that comes round from the metaphysics for having a little 'payment'. Hitler should have learnt the world that terror and monkey business is not smart and smart cheap tricks do not really exist. Alas, it is possible that the vaccines against covid, if they function wrong way such as the swedish data tell of, is but a variant of 'terror' for complementing the 'monkey business' that led to the crisis. But it is possible to solve the problem of monkey business by paying to the one who should have had the payment. It is not necessary with the terror.

© John Bjarne Grover
On the web 14 april 2022