8 february 2022: Yet another covid theory

John Bjarne Grover

The 'Formula' seems to describe the relation between physics and metaphysics - the information flux from eternity into history. It is therefore at the heart of a new information technology or new knowledge generally - and it should be of utmost importance for sensible work in these fields.

But there is also another sort of interester who is out for this - and that is those who are out for vestiging their authority in the glory of divine powers fluxing in from eternity. Hence it would also be easy prey for the field of interest called the PTRSIM PIK program.

If the identity in the 'Formula' does not obtain, that is, when there is not complete equiprobability in the occurrences (which is history), then there is a bias in the flux which continues untill identity is regained. If the historic development cannot continue, for this or that reason, then the flux is stopped by viruses which people do not like. Then equiprobability must be established - that stops the erroneous historic development which must be adjusted and after the pause History can be restarted in a new direction. There are two main political interpretations: Equi-probability of occurrences is one political solution, equi-importance is another. Equi-importance is the question of how to understand a symbol or occurrence, equi-probability is how to count it. If not all occurrences are equi-important, that is when there is a 'curse' on some of them - old superstition lowers its shadows over the minds, an Ole Devil is in the root of the Stammbaum. Rationality is based on equi-importance. Communism lends equal importance to everybody in the society, the opposite politics claims the rights to shift your values into mine - that is the question of how to count the occurrences. The PTRSIM PIK program - assumed to be for lending historic legitimacy to royal powers, that is, for claiming a royal to be more important than you are - maximizes the differences between people by blaming the victim of the rape for the rape ("if you had not been there, there would not have been any rape") and hence supporting the rapist, even if it is a child who is the victim and the caretaker who is the rapist. The PTRSIM PIK program trembles its indexes towards the child: "Youu are to blame for this cruel rape". Bias is maximized - that was also the program of Hitler to be a maximal bajas - and one tries to obtain 'equi-propp-ability' - by using the child's own stolen penis contents - shifted surgically over to the 'trans' mother while the child is sleeping - for the rapes. Equi-probability in a non-communist sense seems to tell that we cannot tell the truth but we can tell the probability - and we try to be equally 'probable' in all matters: Not telling the full 'truth' but smoothing and smearing the probability out so that it is equally probable all over.

From the swedish data on the vaccination program against covid-19, it is shown that the ratio of how many among the infections were vaccinated was low compared with the ratio of how many of the population was vaccinated. There was a gap between these two ratios while the curve of infections was low - but suddenly a steep rise in the curve of new infections occurred when the one ratio approached the other and started approximating equiprobability: When the peak of the curve was reached, 77% of the infections were vaccinated while 82% of the population was vaccinated. If the two ratios become the same, then it looks as if the vaccines have no effect - and when the lower oversteps the higher the program turns into a weapon against the population. Then a law of obligatory vaccination looks like a legalizing of state-controlled liquidations of the population. This seems to be a phenomenon of some interest at a time when the strange 'verandah' or 'carnap' curve is constructed for the new U2 underground line in Vienna. Rudolf Carnap died at the time when a school dentist started a genocide on my puberty teeth or 'tutsies' in 1970. Whether my penis contents also was edited at that time, I dont know.

Here is the global curve up to 3 february 2022 (source https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/). It looks like a near 90 degrees turning of the curve. Is it a Bumra[ng]?

It seems that the lower ratio approached the higher in the steep rise.

There are various ratios that can be more or less equi-probable: The ratio of vaccinations among deaths, the ratio of vaccinations among infections, the ratio of vaccinations in the population etc. If equi-probability is reached for all these, it may be that it is to halt the galloping horse - since otherwise the population would die out.

Covid-19 could have been a disease prompted by the need for stopping the massive monkey business on my life and work - to stop the rape.

If vaccination is a variant of rape, the disease is halted when it comes to the need for halting the vaccinations. But vaccination should not be a rape by law.

Clearly the ratio of vaccinations among infections is not the same as the ratio of vaccinations in the population - but it is natural to believe that these are interdependent. However, if the divine influx from eternity is halted by way of reaching equiprobability - that is when the 'Formula' attains validity by identity on both sides - it means that the factual reason for the disease - the holy rage from divine authorities in heaven - is attenuated and the influx is halted and History can find another course which does not inflame the divines with rage. See the introductory lines of the Iliad.

Therefore the society tries to reach equiprobability in such a way that it means that the disease stops.

The fact remains: In the west, the more people are vaccinated the more infections and deaths are there. In communist China, the more people are vaccinated the less infections and deaths are there.

It could mean that the west tries to obtain equi-probability while China (communism) goes for equi-importance.

In North Korea there is reportedly hardly any covid at all.

Hungary had the highest death rate for a while and is still in the top: They have the socalled 'édesanya' = 'sweetmother' phenomenon which is based on the principle of putting the mother's birthname onto all official documents of a person. I have suspected that this has been introduced for the purpose of lending emphasis to the birthname of my official custody mother (1970 etc) Ragna Grøver - since the birthname 'Eidsvig Ragna' is similar to Hitler's 'Aktion Reinhard' (= Sobibor, Treblinka, Belcez). That would be to lend a very large priority to the caretaker role for the PTRSIM PIK program - and could be tainted with unfortunate associations a la 'sucking sweets' or even 'sucking candies/Kennedys/zombies' being the reason for the alleged caries that had to be repaired by the school dentist - an explanation which thereby would serve to dump the blame on the child.

This means that if everybody are vaccinated and the disease breaks out again, then the disease will try to either infect everybody or the society has to turn 'communist', that is, value each and every member as equally 'important' - which means that the exploitation of the poet is no longer permitted: The poet must be credited for the poetic revelation which his or her work could have led to - even if politicians could have wanted to annex it via smart 'intelligence intrigues' for presenting it to the public under the slogan: "Look what a good reality I can offer". PTRSIM PIK could be that simple program via child abuse.

Equi-importance as a fundamental basis for e.g. logic means that every symbol in the derivation has equal 'importance'. If a math be developed which recognizes a 'curse' in some numbers and therefore tries to avoid these numbers, then the math is not well suited for solving certain problems. PTRSIM PIK seems to be based on such ideas of a 'curse' or 'evil' in the Stammbaum.

Covid is perhaps only that the world does not want more of the perverse PTRSIM PIK ideas - such as this idea that I am the problem because I am PTRSIM PIK.

The PTRSIM PIK program tells that royals are more important than normal people because they have access to a divine information flux from eternity. (But wasn't that what protestantism blamed catholicism and its pope of?) Terror tells that some people (the terrorists) are more important than the victims.

Were the homo marriages that spread in various states a background of covid-19? Marriage exists in all cultures for granting judicial rights to the children who are conceived in the marital conjunction, but if the marital conjunction cannot create children, the judicial rights of children are no longer protected by the institution. But now a new computer technology can offer new protection by security in surveillance system and slap the uncle who touches the children too much. However, this surveillance is also what lifts the authorship from the poet's workdesk and spreads it by monkey business long before it is finished on the workdesk, and if the police cannot stop this History, a disease will have to do it. Also, if the pathetic reason for homo marriage is that one shall not suppress minorities but grant equi-importance to everybody, then the History had to be halted before also pedos, sodos, kleptos and all the other 'minorities' could come to claim their 'rights'.

It is likely that PTRSIM PIK was the reason for covid-19. That program cannot continue.

A study of the 'Treblinka' photo I took in Vilnius shows a 'propp-ability' down left, could be an 'importance' up right - and many of the other elements mentioned here (the tutsies, the carnap-verandah curve etc). See also this study. Could be covid-19 means that the poet must be credited for his work in making the poetic revelation - even if a STORM was what felled the tree in this way. Politics may be out for abusing Shijing #90 in its abuse program: #89 is the name of my elder sister, #91 the name of my younger, and hence #90 should have been my name - but it is the name of my official custody mother whose full birthname (cp. the hungarian 'édesanya' = 'sweetmother' phenomenon) was Ragna August Devold Eidsvig - cp. 'rain and gusts of devil's treason'. My name, on the other hand, means 'Treblinka' (while the elder sister's name could mean 'Sobibor' and the younger's perhaps 'Belcez'). The question is whether this apparent PTRSIM PIK program is by the principle of non-equi-importance of people by 'influx of divine authority' (!) from eternity - in such a way that earthen administration can coup the poetic revelation from the poet.

Pop entertainment business is often a propaganda mill for more or less exploitative politics. I recall from the time around 1970 the name of a pop group called 'Creedence Clearwater Revival' (I was not informed at all but some 'info' such as that name reached me via the schoolbags of the girls in the class) which could have been about just this idea of replacement of penis contents of the PTRSIM PIK: With an 'ole devil' in the Stammbaum there could be a swartwater or toilet water in the baptism (the family went by 'Caravelle' to London in 1972 and stayed for some days at I think 'Bayswater Hotel' - 11/2-22: It may be, tells my memory, although it is perhaps not entirely certain, that it could have been 'Park Avenue Bayswater Inn Hotel' in the Prince/Dawson area near Bayswater Road / Hyde Park), opposite to the 'sweetwater'.

This whole PTRSIM PIK program is probably only a way for 'politics' to squeeze poetic revelation out of the poet and make claims of ownership to it and thereby legitimacy in presenting it to the democratic people - on basis of the philosophical stance that 'some people are more important than others'. It seems that the world of 'politics' is still to a large extent dominated by this abuse of my work - that is, the work of the PTRSIM PIK. Covid-19 could have been only that this cannot continue.

PS How come many or most mathematicians maybe cannot see the relevance of the 'Formula'? That would be because it constitutes the very basis for their profession and they dont like to see that disappear. Today most mathematics probably is about moving symbols around on the paper and then it is vital that these can be taken to 'mean' anything, otherwise it looks like a pitiful field of study.

It is seen from the exposition that I believe there are reasons to speculate if I in my puberty were raped (in drugged condition) by the custody mother after contents of my own penis had been transplanted over onto her as 'trans'. There are some redundancies (1, 2, etc) that could suggest this historic account but I have otherwise no empirical proofs of any such history, and, of course, one never knows what the redundancies really are telling of. It isnt me who should tidy up in this mess - somebody else should do that. I know the official custody father was replaced with a copy in probably 1969 but the official mother apparently did not notice any difference. Evidence suggests that some muffins there could have been.

Added 11 february 2022:

Now the covid-19 numbers are sinking in Sweden and the gap between the two ratios opens. The curve reached a peak not long after the narrowest gap had occurred - when 77% of the sick were vaccinated and 82% of the population were vaccinated. Now it is sinking and the gap between these ratios opens - the latest report tells of 70% of the sick and 73% of the covid-deaths are fully vaccinated while probably 82% or a little more of the population are.

It suggests that the extreme peak some days ago correlated with the extreme narrowness in the gap.

This suggests that if these ratios of vaccinations among sick and among population get close when the gap narrows, the infections can rise very steeply and high - along a 90 degrees axis. With the law of obligatory vaccination, if the ratio gets to 100% and the disease suddenly breaks out nevertheless, it means that with just a few outbreaks of the disease the two ratios will be identical (both will be 100%) and that means that the numbers of new infections can get extremely high - 'explode', so to speak. Therefore, tells this philosophy, any outbreak must be avoided after 100% is reached - even the smallest outbreak of the disease must be contained and one thinks of vans that could be driving around with a test gear which shoots the person dead if there is the smallest sign of the disease. This would be a state of 'total power and only power'.

But in actual fact it means not that even the smallest symptoms should be shot down - what it means is that the society has to stop its abusive activities. However, there probably always was in most societies a problem of 'dirty business' and this will probably not disappear overnight - those are businesses who try to make fast headway by exploitation of e.g. surveillance data and who could hire people for driving around under such pretext for shooting people if the lamp lights red on the gear. Terror-and-monkey-business that is called. That phenomenon is not so new but it is illegal and should of course be stopped by the police.

It is therefore not likely to be this crazy scenario after all - but a law of obligatory vaccination looks very crazy in such a light anyhow. If it serves to lend legitimacy to such dirty business, it probably counts as a nazi system.

Normally a vaccine protects in the form that 100% vaccination means that it breaks not out at all. But that is not the case if the reason can be 'political' (triggered by 'exploitation') - and if 'brexit' were the cause of covid-19 it was political but led to virus infections that spread by droplets in the air (probably). This is the reason why such a law could be ultra crazy - since it is not certain that vaccines stop the disease at all. I mean, if 77% of the infections and 73% of the deaths are fully vaccinated, it cannot be very efficient. And if everybody are vaccinated and it explodes with new numbers that must be shot dead, it could get very unsensible.

The numbers for how many of the infections and deaths during covid-19 were vaccinated should of course be published. Why is it so difficult to find these vital data? (I have found such data only in Sweden). Are the data elsewhere secret? Then the megaphones should tell it: "Downgrade these secrets".

It is likely that it is very futile to struggle with smart tricks against this phenomenon of 'political' cause of a disease - of course the only thing which helps is to stop the exploitation, not to increase it by such terror-and-monkey-business. Therefore also the data should not be secret.

Ah ja, the western world may have been pumping out Hitler propaganda in entertainment and many fields of social life ever since WWII - and people have believed that it was the opposite. This of course could have been a main source of this sort of panic. It is better to stop all that exploitation and tell the truth rather than maximizing crises - such as by 100% vaccination that can make the numbers 'explode' and therefore causing the need for instantaneous and efficient containments of new outbreaks by way of terror.

If the sudden steep rise in infections was due to a high percentage of vaccinations in the people, then it is better to stop the vaccinations now. It is a fact that the more people are vaccinated (at least in the west), the more infections and deaths have there been.

Stop abusing the poet (by smart 'beerhallputsching' and other plagiarisms). Stop the Hitler propaganda. That helps.

12/2-2022: An example: In april 2020 I launched a theory and suggestion how to make a 'pulver' which could stop an outbreak of covid-19 in a person - that would not be a vaccine which could balance on the brink of a precipice but on the contrary a simple and undramatic chemical substance which, as I believed, could stop the progress of the disease in a person and thereby make panic unnecessary. It seems that something happened rather immediately but it may be that my potential role was quickly subdued. I later refined the ideas of how to make the medication but nobody has so far said a word to me. If a largescaled program was launched for making this medicine without mentioning my name or crediting my work - under the pretext that 'this is too important to wait' -- it would be an excellent example of suppression of the poet. Around 21 december 2021 Pfizer launched a new pill called 'Paxlovid' as such a 'pulver' solution against covid. Indeed if this were constructed on the basis of my theory from april 2020, it would be a very strong example of suppression of the poet and it could explain the steep rise in covid infections on a global scale from precisely that day 21 december 2021 when the pill was launched. There followed an underwater volcanic eruption on Tonga... Of course such a massive rise in infections could lead to massive rise in sales of the pill - and if such a case of potential 'monkey business' would come to prompt the need for heavy terror, it could be an excellent example of the much better and simpler solution of crediting the poet for his work. It is very possible that covid is nothing but precisely the effects of suppression of my work - and that could be the whole story. This is also the reason why one should 1) first credit me for my work and 2) thereafter include me in the society - not the other way round, since if I am first included in the society then the crediting may come to look less necessary afterwards. This is a part of the reason why I should be granted a green pass and an exemption from the obligatory vaccination.

What is the 'beerhallputsching' of the poet? In the years 1997-2008 I wrote 'The Endmorgan Quartet' - more than 20.000 lines of poetry (1719 poems over 16 books) by inner articulation whereby I wrote nothing before it articulated itself in my mind. The poet believes that this constituted a form of 'prophetic language' of some 'revelational' kind - and precisely this function 14 can be used to prove that the inner articulations were not induced from administrative intrigue and involvement. When in the years 2009-2015 I wrote 'Der Dornenstrauch', it was not on basis of the same poetic principles of inner articulation: Rather I followed an intuition of getting the inspiration from events of sensorily available kind, which means that the inner articulations of my 'The Endmorgan Quartet' had started to be converted into a 'poetic revelation' in the historic reality of my surroundings and this constituted the revelational basis of the work. Since I had a feeling that my home was perhaps under surveillance, I wrote most or nearly all of the work at coffee points around town - bakers' shops with espresso machine and other available locations. After some time of this, it seemed that some part of the administration had detected the 'poetic revelation' of my historic circumstances and probably wanted to 'coup' this inspiration by going inbetween for a 'beerhallputsching' of my own poetic revelation and soon there started occurring hairy muscled males selling the white loaves in the bakers shops where there formerly had been females working. This seemed perhaps to constitute a by me highly unwelcomed integration into my poetic work and it seemed to spread all over Europe in the course of a few years: Suddenly there were males selling bread, ice cream, coffee, groceries - everywhere there were males in the immediate customer interfaces in the societies of Europe where there formerly had been females. What a tragic misunderstanding! It was the poet who wanted to convert the inner poetic revelation into an outer poetic revelation for the new work (in german language) but it was couped by probably 'services' who thereby could present it to politicians who could present it to the voting public under the slogan "look what a nice revelation in history I can offer". It could then have been couped from the poet and the origin of this nice revelation feeling had been suppressed. Thereafter followed covid-19 and nobody understood why? It may be a very simple explanation - and it does not help to screw the hysteria up for liquidation squads driving around shooting new covid outbreaks down again. Pfizer may perhaps sell more pills when the infections are rising - but it must be understood how mistaken such economy is.

It is probably these terror groups which people are afraid of when the hysteria spreads telling that "everybody must get vaccinated - there shall not be one single exception". What a mistake if this is precisely what can trigger the ex nihilo 'explosion' in virus outbreaks and there the terror squads are out again. "Covid-19 is a very dangerous disease" say the vaxohysterics: They may mean these terror squads are very dangerous. But why not credit the poet instead? In particular if Pfizer's new pill has been constructed on basis of the theory (function 14 - extremely difficult to detect in language corpuses but possible by my poetic strategy) that can be extracted from my poetic work "The Endmorgan Quartet"? It was this poetic work which were on the return qua 'historic revelation' to me when the 'homo wave' wanted to go between to be my historic revelation which could be presented to the public under the disguise of new political initiatives.

Could be the 'services' do not want this story up in daylight and therefore try to prevent the escape of the poet to another country. I hope to get an exemption and green pass before the 'executive response' by the new law starts taking hold. It is human to protect own interests but if Pfizer has borrowed from me they should credit the source - that is much better social economy - and the same applies to 'services' who could want me in this or that role for turning the 'poetic revelation' into theirs: That is not good social economy or administration. And administrative interests in installing my work into this or that political plan is of course extremely unfortunate.

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