Black Heart Roman

John Bjarne Grover

My study of Horace and the chinese radicals tells why the world of 'anglican-related intelligence services' seem to believe that a Black Sea Loop is inevitable because otherwise the world cannot make sense of the new computer technology. My study tells why this idea has arisen and why it is a misunderstanding: It really is a Black Heart Roman that is needed for understanding the new technology - and that means the human sinners that are the basis for the catholic creed. The anglican revolt against this led to the idea that monarchy consisted in authority beyond this level - and for rescueing this after the french revolution they constructed the PTRSIM PIK program. The Black Sea Loop is likely to be a part of the same program.

The question is whether the alignment of Horace with the chinese radicals were known to the world of intelligence before I made it.

It is possible to come up with convincing evidence called '1-1-1' - but this is likely to be due to something else. I point to the two files:

1) The word 'hotaram' in Rigveda.
2) The rainbow by the foldovers of Rigveda in my DDS

The word 'hotaram' = 'holocaust, burnt-offering' occurs thrice in the parts of Rigveda available to me: In 1-1-1, in 1-12-1 and in 1-36-3. If the third is used to wrap over onto the first, what is left is 1-12-1 - and that is verse #111 - in my DDS this word 'hotaram' is precisely at the petrification points.

In addition, 'hotaram' is norwegian for 'she takes off his cover', 'she undresses him' and could be coupled with unfortunate ideas of lifting the skullcap off newborns.

This is likely to be the reason for the 'intelligence' obsession with this 111. My view is that the word denotes the flames in the thornbush of Moses - and that the world of intelligence hoped to coup the whole judaism and its philosophy by couping this single word over onto their authority - dressing them up in divine feathers like that PTRSIM PIK program - by way of a holocaust on the jews. It would have been in the interests of the british monarchy with its anglican church.

This means that the Black Sea Loop for an 'Endlösung' is probably not constructed on Horace's four occurrences of the Black Heart Roman - but the human semiotic constitutions in the services have intuited this on basis of their innate natural dispositions. They are human sinners, that means.

Causality is due to the redundancies in the semiotic constitution of the human nature - that is what a sinner is - these redundancies which lead to these causalities.

What Horace's four Black Heart Romans means is that the logic of the electronic computer can be made to coincide with the logic of the natural causalities by semiotic redundancies - and that is when the electronic computer comes to make sense in the human reality. This is the reason why it is needed - not that 'rebellious' PTRSIM PIK program. A Black Sea Loop is a very mistaken understanding. Could be the misunderstanding finds its bottom in a need for a monarch to feel that he can have some 'upper hand' authority from a divine source - some divine feathers clandestinally borrowed. If this need were behind Henry's revolt against the pope, it is time to see what disasters such a Loop could come to be: It would be to impose very large suffering on the humans for the one and only sake of teaching them how to be convinced that the monarch has the rights to be so from a divine authority - and that is why the logic wont really turn well around.

It is important to stop a Black Sea Loop. A loop is for making a new Hitler or even worse.

There was a Blackout when I was in Zagreb in 1983 on my way from Budapest to Rome. The town was in complete darkness - I think 3/4 of the place had simply switched off the main fuse for saving electricity - people walked around with candles and only occasional car headlights were sweeping through the darkness. Was this because I was there and somebody wanted to tell me the secret - that the Black Sea Loop is called Black Heart Roman? There are many of these examples and they probably have other reasons all of them - even if 'intelligences' could be quick to claim the opposite.

But it may be worse than this. Propertius (a contemporary of roman poet Horace) is a poet of much eroticism - but it may have been a long program of the same 'loopers' to get this under their control - see this file for the idea that all british governments through many decades have been constructed on basis of Propertius' elegies as a countdown, including Adolf Hitler whose name could have been on just that basis - to the Black Sea Loop - so that people could gain access to the eroticism and sensuality in Propertius' poetic logic only by accepting the british governments and their anglican predisposition. Propertius' eroticism is completely devoid of perversities or 'fallouts' - but it may be that the program with A-doll Fitler was to turn this into a source for perversities of all sorts - homos, sodos, pedos, kleptos, necros... This program could have been simply to claim that a Black Heart Roman is the same as a perverse disposition in the human nature - including the perverse idea that humans are called sinners because they are perverse - which is as mistaken as a Black Sea Loop would be. In short, if it is to go astray to believe that a Black Sea Loop is needed for making sense of the electronic computer, that does not mean that humans are sinners because they are perverse.

A Black Sea Loop is probably an attempt to get the sexual drive under service control on behalf of monarchic predispositions (could be simply because the monarch, after all, is only a human being who has to sign on this carte blanche declaration, please). It is likely to consist in a chain of horror constructed by indexes - a person name selects placename where there is a person name which selects a new placename or something like that - and these persons are lowered into chemicals that nobody wants. This horror would then move in a chain from Turkey around the Black Sea towards the 'syringe' of Austria where the concept is that the contents of the penis of the PTRSIM PIK has been moved onto the 'madonna' trans who rapes the little quasi jesus with it and the whole complex is ejaculated through 'spritzerland' into France. Since this whole construction would be under service control, it would be to get the sexual drive under such control - could be ultimately for the concept of 'Propertius' = a series or chain of british PMs. The eastern arm (around the Black Sea) of the european swastika would then turn 90 degrees and send shockwaves of panic up Italy - past Rome - and up towards Paris.

Frankly, I think the britons deeply regret Henry VIII's breach with the Vatican - such a royal god, however divinely feathered! - and try to get back into catholicism with this smart trick. Could be this is what they hope to sell in Germany as well?

A very deplorable program that Black Sea Loop would be and there are all good reasons to try and avoid it.

My guess is that the russian attack on Ukraine is for preventing a Black Sea Loop from taking place. Everybody are happy if this Black Sea Loop does not come about.

Black Heart Roman (?) in the Horace sense of what makes the CPU bottleneck of the electronic computer make sense for the human reality - is probably not the same as a Black Sea Loop, rather the opposite.

I think my study proves that we do not need a Black Sea Loop.

© John Bjarne Grover
On the web 11 march 2022