Blue ecstasy

John Bjarne Grover

When King Henry broke with the Vatican, it soon dawned to the britons what a mistake that had been. The reason, as goes my understanding of it, was that Henry had discovered that he could manipulate the inner divine articulations of the pope, and he therefore broke out and made his own church with himself as the supreme head.

However, there could have been a reason for it which they did not understand at that time - and that would have been what can be called the 'blue ecstasy'. According to my own blue metre, it is not possible to write a document without the historic time point leaving its imprint in the text - and this seems to be an inherent property of the alphabetic technology. If, though, a writer can transcend these semiotic limitations and write as by a time machine from another historic time, which would be the 'blue ecstasy', it would be a religious aspect in it which concerns the ability of humans to look beyond the innate limitations of the their nature and into a higher reality.

This would be the secret of protestantism against catholicism: That the protestants consider the biblical text a time machine with which they can encounter Christ directly.

It seems that this is what led to the enigmatically resistant 'fabrications' which culture simply cannot put aside because it displays a higher knowledge of strangely mystic quality. The Decameron is possibly a piece of 'fabrication', apparently assumed to be of british origins, but why cannot the italians just put it aside or at least leave it as dubious untill new methods can settle its authenticity? That is because one has to take faith in a document which is true according to the 'blue metre' therein. If, therefore, the writers lived in another time but stepped into the blue time machine when they wrote it, this left a mystic imprint on the text which cannot be ignored and which has to be respected at least untill the mystery is solved. This dilemma seems possibly to have led to the formation of the 'camorra', from the 'De-cameron', to keep its sway of alternative power untill the mystery is solved. The dilemma says that in the catholic country that we have to accept some protestant facts - and hence the catholic camorra 'in protest' against the constitutional society.

The austrian 'Schenkungs-Urkunde' allegedly from AD 996 is even more mysterious: There is only the single little word 'zidalweidun' which should ring the alarm bells, and why should one put any emphasis on such an old single little paper? Okay, if it were certain to be authentic, that would be an important document, but if not, that should be no serious loss.

The answer to the mystery is likely to be that the time machine is the same as the fundamental theorem of logic without any logical operators. However, the problem, which the italian camorra could be indicative of, is that a modelling of this theorem in terms of swindle cannot come out right. The mystic quest by way of crimes cannot be the right thing.

My epidemiological theory tells that a virus epidemic probably can be stopped if one finds the substance which counterbalances the multiplications. But the problem is that the parametres are too many and there is no other way to find it than by trial and error of substances against the particular virus culture - and then every new attempted solution must be tested and that takes much time. If, therefore, the scale of variation against each parametre dimension is more or less continuous, the problem is not solvable by trial and error.

It means that there is only one real solution and that is to find it by way of the new logic - as described in this article. Some would call it 'the method of lucky strike'. Others would call it 'the method of blue ecstasy'. Others again would say that arbitrarity is not about lucky strike but a deeper form of logical truth and then the method would go via arbitrarity of signification.

A virus epidemic is perhaps precisely that: A call for such a solution. If covid is put in circulation on purpose, it could have been for the 'goodenough reasons' of why the states in question could not easily put the swindle documents aside.

However, it may be that there exist many possible realities beyond the human metaphysics and if a virus is optimal for one such reality which is not good for the human reality, then it is unfortunate: Such a virus would be 'right' for some existences but not necessarily for the humans, and then it could be wise to develop a medication which adjusts history to what is friendly for the humans.

© John Bjarne Grover
On the web 15 september 2022