The western doubleworld

John Bjarne Grover

It is possible that the british queen had formulated an already existing embargo on the publishing of my work with the words "over my body". This could also have prevented me from turning homo in e.g. Austria. It would also, more importantly, have been for lifting me out of the norwegian 'curse' program of 'Gorne' = 'goes down' for 'Norge' = Norway who then, by hebrew opposition N/G, goes up: This is in accordance with the antisemitic norwegian constitution of 1814. The hebrew letters N = נ and G = ג are very similar, like some other letter pairs, and this sharp-eyed ambiguity is an important aspect of the hebrew alphabet. It is possible that 'Heimskringla' could have been constructed on basis of the word pair NOD which means 'divine grace' in norwegian and 'badsmelling flatulence' in hebrew vs GOD = 'good' in norwegian and in hebrew 'to fall upon' or 'leathern bottle'. That seems to be the NOD/GOD for NORGE vs GORNE. (Anne Sexton used a psychiatrist called 'Dr.Orne').

The philosophy is therefore that if I am a norwegian citizen and GO DOWN = GORNE, then the norwegians = NORGE will GO UP by a mechanism which is inherently antisemitic. The octogon could have been constructed as a 'badsmelling flatulence'. I believe this mechanism could have been part of the reason why I did not get any more support to my work after the 'UP' in the autumn 1992 - and then followed the 'DOWN' in Norderhovgata - I was then unemployed for two years and had to spend much time on searching and applying for work. This is probably also the reason why Norway could be inclined to accept abuse of me in my childhood (assumed to be a 1,2,3...8 program), since that makes me GO DOWN with my hebrew genetics (while they GO UP by antisemitism of 1814), and the Apollo program (that claimed to have put 'humans' on the 'moon') could have been constructed for telling that it is a matter of time: Norway has to come out with an apology for the abuse - not only for normal behavioural reasons if there has been abuse of this single person but also because this abuse is badly antisemitic and fuels nazism all over the world - not the least in Austria.

Buckingham could have been helpers for me, providing assistance to keep me out of the deepest pits of GORNE - but clearly it is also a question whether this total situation is a part of the construction with PTRSIM PIK since Mozart or 1814.

In Venice I lived for 7 months through the covid time and then it was shown that this was favourable for the development of the disease - it started going down immediately after I had crossed the border - and after my return to Austria there has been a dramatic increase towards the end of the year. A trip to Italy this year ended abruptly after only 2 days - when I had to return due to quarantine restrictions - seems to have led to disappointment by failed hopes and prompted a massive outbreak in North Korea, who otherwise had been still in good spirits and absolutely free of any covid up to that day.

My view is that covid is all and only this problem - that I have to live in Austria (where the party normally in government is ÖVP for whom Auschwitz could have been constructed by Hitler) because there is no other solution for me due to my limited economy (it does not GO DOWN below the pension but it does not GO UP either) - and it seems that the Hitler-friendly secret intelligences of Europe have been bisibisi with organizing Europe in such a way that Austria is my one and only chance and FREE CHOICE to live in. The rest are barred by housing politics that make it difficult or impossible for me (most countries can provide only self-owned homes, and not those reasonably safe and permanent letting contracts which they have in Austria and which can rescue me) or a double-taxation agreement with Norway which imposes tax on my pension and thereby makes it difficult or impossible for me due to the early head opening in 1957. After Norway turned disability pensions into the category of benefit in 2015 it became even more difficult - since the double taxation agreements seem to be more opaque for benefits in Hungary and Italy. If I have to pay tax, it could be a catastrophe due to the 1957 head opening and the massive global pressure there is by the politics related to it. (See e.g. the story from Toulouse 2012).

Germany is an alternative but my attempt to live there failed in 2004 - and it may have been the program that I would have to give it up and move to Austria anyhow - could be because it had been planned for me since the 1960's. WANG YU-XUE = VANNE I HUSE = 'the water in the house' is spooned or turned around (there is water inside the adobe walls but not inside the house proper) so that it comes out as YANG WU-XUE, the third folding ('ptusso') of Yijing, with the Andre von Drei = the second of those three is 'fei-dun-wubu-li' = the 'zidalweidun' factor. This is precisely what makes 'would-you ball' and things like that whip up mass psychosis in Austria. If I come to Italy from Austria, the problem may be acute - since it is not only that the blue ecstasy is mistaken in the form of the swindle on the 'zidalweidun' document - the political trick is to mistake religious 'blue ecstasy' as equivalent with swindle - but it is even that Austria is not protestant - they are catholics and that makes for the most desperate conclusion in Italy that catholicism is justified because it is swindle. I cannot write poetry in such circumstances since it would be wind in the sails of this program declaring catholicism as the ultimate swindle of the world.

But even if my 7 months in Italy clearly was favourable for curbing the pandemic it was nevertheless not enough to solve my need for a place to live in Italy - I had in october 2018 applied for the one and only solution there could be under the current economic limitations but it failed on formal basis (I did not fill the formal criteria) - I should have moved down there long ago and then perhaps there would not have been any covid at all. But while I stayed at the friendly hotel in Venice through the 7 months, there was the need for an available place to quarantine in case I should get sick - and the hotal owners knew a person in the vicinity who had an empty flat that could be used in case there would be the need for it. But of course I could not pay for it constantly and it was a matter of luck and good chances that it still was free in case it would be needed. Hence there was an element of hazard but as long as this was an open option, my stay was legal - and positive for curbing the pandemic. However, when the thermometers were put up in the post offices - so that access to my post, which formerly was in PO Box style but these had been closed in Venice and only PO Box in the form of 'poste restante' was possible, I could not get to the post if I had to test for temperature. They got me cornered there, and the problem was that the administration who had decided on this probably (as I guess) had done it due to the feeling it created of having got the covid problem under control - a feeling nourished by thereby controlling the access to the post office for what could have appeared as the supreme head of the anglican church, and the anglican breach with the Vatican is intuitionally considered the beginning of the end of the story in Italy: They probably felt that they could take the entire covid pandemic by these thermometres. But of course it was only me they took there - due to that little element of hazard. "We all have to follow the rules, Mr.Grover". Very well, but where is the cash they owe me? Bertolucci's "Dreamers" seems to be a plagiarism of my "Dreamer" - or call it a 'comment', hence the same title - but my manuscript (then called 'The Dream' because it was autobiographical) was strictly private and unpublished - it existed in only one printout (simple binding) in my bookshelf - untill 2008 when I released it for the public, while Bertolucci's film is from 2004, which means that it would have 'commented on' a stolen manuscript - which Bertolucci possibly could have got easily from the secret intelligences who considered me their playground and 'intelligence project'.

The theme of Bertolucci's film seems to be just this phenomenon of film in parallel with 'the real world', that is, with my book or in the film with another film, shown clearly for a minute around 27:10-28:10. It seems that my novel manuscript could be the parallel 'film' to Bertolucci's. The question is which manuscript was used - the one of the 2008 edition, which counts as the official one today, is 250.267 words, but the one which Bertolucci could have used is the 1998 edition that I had printed out in one paper copy which was in my bookshelf and which was a little shorter - it was 250081 words and could have been the one he used if he had tiptoed in to help himself with a copy while I was out. I tried to divide the film and this original version into some significant ratios. If one counts the film up to (but not including) the credits that start rolling at the end, see also this excerpt from the end of the book about 'credits', the film is appr 104,83 minutes long. Some examples (the ratio points are marked with **********):

Example 1: At ratio 1/3 = 83360 words which corresponds to the film at 00:34:56:

I strolled around still some more time, since I had another half hour to spend. As I went up another road, as I approached a big Chevrolet van, it felt as if somebody else had an orgasm. I was hesitant as to whether I should pass it or not, but I eventually did, with a growing feeling of uneasiness in my back. As I returned to the house where I should see the flat, another similar van was ********* parked outside with running engine and lights on. / I then took the bus downtown. As it reached the Central station, a car with number DF 77666 passed just in front of the bus. This is extremely close to CC 77666 which I saw earlier today and related to L.

Example 2: The ratio 2/3 = 166721 words which corresponds to the film at 01:09:41:

In the moment when I give in to this, the reference behavior of my fellow beings comes to a halt, and the voices silence. I then become 'normal', and my thoughts and my behavior is under supervision and control by the society, and overt control becomes superfluous. I see things 'correctly' and need not be guided by overt control, since the control now is internalized. I behave ********* correctly and 'know' how to answer a question ('it's seven o'clock'). In the moment when I no longer feel controlled, then I behave as I am guided to do: Then I really am controlled, but it is proper to deny it. This is the function of all the silent referential control mecahnisms: To excert control and to deny its presence.

Example 3: The ratio 4/5 = 200065 words which corresponds to the film at 01:23:52:

This is perhaps why vehicles can attract such attention to small children. / Technology is a formalization of these processes - the in and out of the social space. / If this is it, then perhaps the technological level ********* in Norway is part of the reason why people move around like automata and pop up exactly there and then.

Example 1 follows after a minute or two with music by Janis Joplin, including a discussion of Keaton or Chaplin (search this file for 'Keats and Coleridge' - while my story would have been the 'kitchen colerinse').

Example 2 is in the context of a discussion of Jimi Hendrix, following after the female has emptied a ceramic socket of ashes in the wastebin (cp. the 'T.Berset-AS' = 'Ta[ke] Belcez' of the scene 05:20-05:55). The theme is Vietnam - and the answer to the question - 'it's even knock-lock' looks precise.

Example 3 is in the context of music by probably Jim Morrison and 'The Doors' - at the time point 01:23:52 she starts moving into the 'social space' through the door. (Were she kissed in re-bu?)

Example 4: I add also the case 3/4 = 187561 words and film at 01:18:37:

"With tears for his coronaichon, such as engines weep. Was ********* liffe worth leaving? Nej!" (Joyce p.230).

The film shows a scene from a cinema with kissing on the back row while the film 'quoted' is a male telling "sorry I cant stay".

For another example see the beginning of the 2004 film compared with the beginning of the 2009 Dan Brown's 'The lost symbol' told in this file.

The conclusion is likely to be that the film could be a plagiarism of my book - although this is a matter of evaluation. Could be somebody has an empirical answer to this question.

21 september 2022: By coincidence I came across today a photo I took some years ago from a heap of dry leaves in the corner of an outdoor wall of my house in Sziget Utca in Szolnok - it shows a piece of 'angelic computation' which had landed there - it is not impossible that it had been made by somebody on the back side of a paper that followed an item I had bought in a shop and thrown outside. The computation anyhow seems to suggest that the interesting 'credits' (an 'aparte bon'?) are found when subtracting 10 minutes in the film. The end of the film is then at 1:34:50 - when he hands her the cheque - and considering the time point 25% there is the interesting car number 5978 UM 75 that starts leaving but if you check for the moment when subtracting 10 minutes from this there is the moment of sucking the cigarette = 'Sziget Utca' where I found this paper 'handed over', so to speak.

There are probably loads of this Bertolucci phenomenon around the world, in particular the publishing industry could be brimming over with it - and where is the money - if we all shall follow the rules? If I were an intelligence project there would not have been any rules which we all have to follow, calling for repair of those 'comments' and plagiarisms - but I am only a private person who GOES DOWN when they copy illegally from my work and that should have been repaired economically if we shall all follow the rules, Mr.Grover. Those plagiarisms are only abuse of me - but maybe the plagiarists feel that they take the evil at the root? The secret intelligences consider me their playground and 'intelligence project' and do not feel for a need to repair the damages made by all this surveillance and the 'communication' with the poet through the public and media world.

It is this sort of problem which is rather desperate.

'Services' stand there like small children and watch grandfather (me) make his bottleships - and they like to be there standing watching his work. The world is so bad otherwise and grandfather is a friendly and nice soul, so they do not want him to go away from them.

But grandfather needs money to move from Austria to Italy and when the knollototts stand there in mythomaniac fantasies, there are no chances at all.

I cannot beat them up either since that would only make them whine and it would be only much worse thereafter.

Could be the war in Ukraine is that sort of box on the ear: Wake up, you children!!! Pack down that mythomaniac behaviour and come to the senses.

Does it help?

It was only this little thing all the time through many years that I need some more money to be able to move back to Italy. The world owes me a lot of money - but they think it is supposed to be like that - standing there watching grandfather making his bottleships. So bad if he gets angry with them - then they start whining and feel so unhappy, but it will soon get well again, certainly it will.

Bertolucci is probably a drop in the ocean of plagiarisms. The tip of an iceberg. But the children have forgotten that now.

Of course if some compensation money were paid to me for one of those plagiarisms, I could have bought my own home in Italy and then the quarantine was no problem any longer. Could be the thermometres went useless then. There is a mix of reasons there.

The box on the ear does not help and hard words do not help - because the problem is the feeling of dark chaos behind the screen and then it is important to have something nice and cosy to believe in - that is the only thing which helps.

Those small children are the intelligence services sorting directly under the prime minister. It is not I who should have spent a day or two with Bertolucci data - it is the intelligence services who should have cried up in the media "but this is pure crime - why is this Bertolucci chief of the film festival in Venice - when he is such a thief?" They leave it to me to tidy up in all this dirt - and as long as the services of the state support this theft from me, it spreads like fire throughout the media businesses.

Many people in media, business, advertisement, politics, arts, literature etc etc probably know that there has been much abuse of Mr.Grover's work in the public space (could be it is not as bad now as it was - but where is the documentation?) and none of it has been credited as having its origins in Mr.Grover's work - but none of these people say anything. There should have been newspaper articles about this - now the literary author so-and-so can confirm that he knows that "Mr.Grover's work has been the basis for several published works but none of these have credited Mr.Grover". Another, say, a literary theorist, can confirm e.g. that in the genre of the thriller, which has sold an enormous lot, as much as at least x % were pure plagiarisms from Mr.Grover through a period of time. Some 'cultural worker' could tell in an article that Grover's 'The dreamer' is probably the world's most plagiarized book - or maybe it is for the time being - but, strangely, this seems not to be mentioned anywhere. Things like that should have been up in the public space.

But nobody dares to say that since they have families and the secret intelligences have 'extended authorities' and may be using the paragraph of 'security of the state' to murder people, often (as is my guess) only for making a project 'go', and so I am in the sinkhole of secret intelligence intrigues who find their rationale in the norwegian antisemitism of 1814.

The western world is a totalitarian system without freedom of speech and thought, this could mean.

Why isnt my work published? There could be strong reasons why it should have been published. The answer is likely to be that the western world still is a totalitarian system without freedom of speech and thought. Hopefully it will become possible to have my work published in the authentic original version - without the jungle of errors that could be the publisher's or pirate edition's temptation due to political pressure. What would reputation beyond the hopping be? Complete nonsense that would be. I have handmade and self-financed with my pension 30 copies of the 4 volumes that I have completed so far - and sent these to libraries - and I hope the parcels have not been stopped by 'extended authorities' in the 'intelligence services' and replaced with such erroneous 'hopping' editions. They want to have the original because there is grandfather's love in it and that helps against the roaring chaos that rose after last time the extended authorities were used. A few of those original copies I have delivered personally to libraries but my economic resources do not suffice for much travel and of course no library can withstand the 'extended authorities' if they tiptoe in for replacing the original with a smelly 'hopping' copy. I think the world should consider itself mature enough to be able to produce some more copies of the original version - to ensure the preservation of the original and authentic versions which could be of importance as source of new knowledge. This could be more important than to let the intelligences secure access to a bulwark against the roaring chaos.

If I go out the door and the administration has parked a car with attention-requiring features there, or a driver starts the engine in just that moment, it is for getting grandfather's attention on the line while he is building his bottleships - otherwise the administration feels threatened by the chaos of doubt beyond the screen of existence - but they have always good reasons, always good reasons. Now they have closed twitter on my internet connection again - and certainly found many a reason therefore. Will grandfather move away and leave the children alone - in that dark and cynical world? Look at all that fine and friendly love that is hand-made into the original copies - that is something to have in this dark and gloomy world and then 'extended authorities' are a help for securing some of it.

I have called for an international group of independent lawyers and culturati who could try and track down and bring to justice (payment of reparation money and explicit crediting of source - say, Mr.Grover's name should be at least in the rolling text at the end of Bertolucci's film but really it should have been on the front page - "based on a manuscript by John Grover") at least the tip of the iceberg of plagiarisms. 'We all have to follow the rules' could be the slogan for this group - but it is possible that nobody in the west dares work in such a group - for the simple reason that they fear for their lives and careers. This is telling of the totalitarian state of the western world. It would be a western state of public illusion which, when it starts to break apart and the truth could start becoming visible, could be pushed up again with a Black Sea Loop. Precisely because this 'loop' could serve the purpose of 'doublebottomed truth', many in the west could protest against such an attempt to stop it as Russia's attack on Ukraine could be. But this is on the assumption that this is the reason for the attack - about that I know little. What would be the problem if it were the reason? A Black Sea Loop could serve to create a political condition in which people are replaced with copies on a large scale - that could serve to uphold the double-bottomed reality - and it would soon silence protests against this system of doublebottomed reality.

I could be particularly concerned about this problem since it is likely that such a 'Black Sea Loop' - running from the Van Sea in Turkey (cp. the 1942 'Wannsee conference') around the Black Sea, across Ukraine towards Paris - would consist in the principle of more or less cheap copies of people (produced from agents in 'rebuilding facilities') taking the place of the original while the original is driven off to some secret facility for horrors. The indexes of this person would then have been selected by some logic which means that when it starts on a certain person's indexes, the next address and person there is selected by some sort of logic which is known to the deep collective historic consciousness only and not to the conscious individual. What I fear is that my literary work could have been intended for such a 'logic'. (In Ukraine there was a TV series that is said to have brought Zelensky to power, and if this series were based on intelligence data on my life and work, there is a potential function of such 'logic' therein). If this is the strategy, to use my literary work as the deep logic that determines the form of the chain of terror, to select the next victim and the next etc, and the iceberg of plagiarisms (Bertolucci etc) would have served to massage through several decades this literary logic invisibly into the collective global consciousness for terrorist control by way of the international secret intelligences, it could come to be recognized as 'the incarnation of evil' - and could be a label of 'jewish' could be pasted on it as well - to make the doubleness complete. Then the western world will tremble its index fingers with indignation and wrath against the doubleness and totalitarianism of the eastern world - but be at least doubly bad themselves. Certainly I do not want that fate for my work - and certainly my work is not evil. It must be published - then the world still has a chance. If such a 'loop' starts going, it will spread an underearth panic in the people and it is this which could have been intended to be swung down on Italy for an overearth pane-ic there - as with Mussolini a hundred years ago. 'Brigate Rosse' dominated italian public world for a while - now there is a 'bridge at the Russia' between Georgia and Ukraine (Donbass). It is important that my work be published so that it be not reserved for the intrigues from the international secret intelligence services.

Particularly bad looks the factor which is added to all this by the apparent accumulation of political intrigue on my person since Auschwitz - could be Auschwitz (and Treblinka etc!) even were made for this specific program only. Then it looks urgently important that I move out of Austria! But how on earth is it possible that nobody helps me with this?

I wrote this article in the course of some days and it is possible that it could have been tapped and the contents been used for giving design to the news of 'mass shootings in USA'. For example, on 18 sep 2022 there were a number of mass shootings which could have been suggestive of the idea that the queen of England had been responsible for the coronavirus by 'brexit' and therefore she took the responsibility and suicided 43 hours after the start of the Truss government, as could have been the philosophy of these newspieces. But this idea could be a rather biased paraphrase of the first line in the present article - and it is possible that much mass shooting is organized for the purpose of this 1-2-2-3 from Auschwitz. Do the data come from austrian administration? Does it mean that the american toll will be counterbalanced in Austria? It is possible that the Staatsvertrag of 1955 will have to mean, if Austria is involved in these problems, that either the state of Austria must be dissolved and not reopened, or Austria must pay the war reparation money which Germany paid after WWII, or the toll will be levelled out in similar ways. The handling of Austria after WWII was very mild indeed - but it is self-evident that this was on the condition that the same ingenius preparations and pre-intrigue organizations would not take place once again. On Sunday 18 sep there were almost only males selling loaves in the district where I live and it is well possible that this were coordinated with the mass shootings in USA that day. It was probably in such ways that they prepared for Hitler a hundred years ago. These accumulations must not be turned into history. Were the loaf-selling males turning the 'son-day' into a 'man-day' for reasons of a 4/5 that will be sent as a scholarly article to review in some scholarly periodical within short time, after tapping of the theories on my computer? The 2/3 mentioned in this article could be comparable - as part of my efforts to complete the work with the theory of grammar and semiotics outlined in my PhD dissertation of 1997.

Many film makers probably know that several of the films on this or that film festival or, say, works of art or published books have taken material from Mr.Grover as basis. Etc etc. I have not seen any such reports in public media but it is well possible that all cultural workers of the western world obligatorily have to hail Adolf Hitler ('Der Führer') with their work, that seems to suggest. (In the original manuscript to this article - in case it has been imitated in 'mass shootings in USA' - I wrote something like 'they all piss Adolf Hitler up his spine'). In Bertolucci's film, that seems to be the 'vin rouge' called 'Chateau Lafite' for 'Adolf Hitler' - who would be very pleased with a film plundering Mr.Grover's work without giving any credits to him. This is what I mean with those children who stand there gazing and cannot take it if grandfather gets angry. This could well be the reason for the war in Ukraine. The TV series that brought Zelensky to power is the best example, if my analysis is right: As far as I know, there has so far not been any published reports on this. Why arent there articles about this TV series as the basis for Zelensky's government? I am perhaps the only lone cultural worker who try to do anything with this grandiose problem and I have spent an enormous lot of time on wiping the dirts of nazi culture.

"There hasnt been any plagiarisms from Mr.Grover's work", tells the administration. "It is Mr.Grover who is a paranoid schizophrenic and sees his own work everywhere where there is none of it". This would serve to consolidate the western dominance over the eastern, could be the logic, says Mr.Grover. It is the east-west power balance. Why has Mr.Grover only his pension and not all the reparation money which he should have got? Not to speak of all the apparent surveillance and forwarding of the material to businesses of various sorts that would call for reparation money? Because if he had money then he would have moved out of the 1223 zone of Austria. But why hasnt he got a chance by some assistance in some other country - such as e.g. Italy? There seem to have been decades of planning of mechanisms for preventing this. But it is true - Mr.Grover says that if somebody sold a little housie (without houserent) to him in Italy for 1,- euro on the sales contract that they would get it back against the same sum when Mr.Grover exits from it, the world could be rescued.

'Over my body' there is the top lid that seems to have been the focus of attention in politics since 1957.

The intelligences have perhaps planned to make a religion out of me - therefore I walk around as in a glass bubble and fear that even post to me is censored. It is true that 'blue ecstasy' could be a phenomenon of genuinely mystic quality, but it seems historically to have been discovered via swindle on historic documents and that means the idea of the secret intelligences getting control with the unknown metaphysics by manipulating people's 'faculty of faith'. Clearly that can be nothing but mass psychosis and is a very dangerous mistake. Of course all attempts to make a religion out of this nazi construction with me as a 'hidden divinity', a 'deus absconditus', is a very dangerous mistake and the whole story in all its details of construction must be brought to full public daylight. That is extremely important. Of course I do not support these mythomaniac constructions in any sense of it. Get the whole story told and bring an end to power struggle by publishing secrets of political and mythological intrigue.

It looks not so difficult to understand - although this is not the only possible interpretation: A policy of replacement by copies and horror fates of the originals in a 'Black Sea Loop' is possibly considered an 'internal political matter' for a sovereign state. Trump asked for information on details in the 2019 election and was impeached for this 'interfering in Ukraine's internal matters'. If such rebuilding facilities exist in Ukraine, and if it has gone too far, then it could be only a military intervention that could stop it. Would the 'military operation' of Russia going on for the time being be the only way they would tell of it? If so, it could be that the mass graves with apparently badly abused individuals found in an area that had been occupied by Russia before they were driven out again could be of either ukrainian or russian origins. I do not know if I have understood the functionality of political reality in such circumstances, but it may be that the russian attacks are quite simply ways of telling of this. Then why should everybody in the west be so unhappy about it - shouldnt it then be quite the opposite? It could then be a matter of how Hitler-fans the western world really is - since e.g. the Wannsee conference of 1942 and all that.


Bertolucci, B.: Die Träumer. Concorde Home Entertainment, München 2003.
Joyce, J.: Finnegans Wake. Penguin 1978.

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