Covid-19 vaccine efficiency in Sweden

John Bjarne Grover

Data for the following two diagrams are from the national swedish health authority Folkhälsomyndigheten

Under this link ('Underlag för veckorapport covid-19, vecka 28 2022' - in the lower part 'Antal fall per vecka' and 'Antal avlidna per vecka') are found the following data:

1) Weekly number of new infections and how many of these were already fully vaccinated. The following diagram shows the number of vaccinated people divided with new infections - that is the percentage of vaccinateds among the new cases - in the time period from the beginning of 2021 up to now, the end of july 2022:

The diagram means that it has stabilized on appr. 85% of the new infections being fully vaccinated. Average diagram value for the last 21 weeks (that is for 2022 week 7-27) is 84,0%. When the percentage of vaccination in the population above 11 years of age is about 85%, it means that the efficiency of the vaccines is close to zero: They have absolutely no effect at all.

However, it seems that only swedes above 11 years of age are recommened vaccination, and the vaccination percentage for the entire population will then be only appr. 73,5%, which could mean that the effect of the vaccinations is statistically quite negative.

'Vaccinated' means in these statistics at least 2 or more doses, the last of these at least 14 days before outbreak.

2) The second diagram shows the weekly number of (laboratory-confirmed) covid deaths and how many of these were vaccinated - by the number of vaccinated deaths divided with total number of deaths (data are lacking for week 25-30 in 2021):

It seems that the curve has stabilized around 85-90% - which means that among those who die from covid-19, as much as 85-90% are fully vaccinated. Average for weeks 7-27 this year is 88,6% which means that the vaccines have no effect at all or even could have negative effect. However, since the percentage of vaccination among the older people is higher than the population (above age 11) average 85% , and since those who die from covid-19 are mainly older people, it is possible that the conclusion is zero effect even here.

It can also be stated as population average vaccination 73,5% against death vaccinateds 88,6% - which would be quite alarming numbers.

The proper analysis of the diagram for new infections is probably the following: It shows a smooth curve going from 0% vaccinated among the new infections up to a level which is identically the same as the people who are vaccinated. That means that the vaccines have some effect in the beginning months but they soon reach zero efficiency and remain there.

There are only two bumps on this smooth curve - two bumps where the vaccine efficiency drops quite radically for a period of time: These two bumps seem to be somewhat identical with the two bumps described in this file (search 'Paxlovid') for the following diagram:

Excerpt from this file - for the pointing to the date 21 december 2021:

Pfizer launched its anti-covid 'Paxlovid' pill on 21 december 2021 - look at the skyrocketing covid curve from that day on (source One really could guess that the pill is based on imitation of some ideas of mine without crediting of the source - and would the steeply rising curve be an after-effect of the vaccination program - as if this had accumulated only more avalanche to be released with the pill?

My epidemiologial theory of april 2020 presupposes an ex nihilo origin of virus due to such metaphysical misbalance under certain cultural circumstances: Apparent spread by bodily proximity would then arise from a temporary shared (and very local but intensified) cultural context and not from hopping of bubbles through the air. It would be the same 'bodily presence' that looks like the formation of virus by 'multiplication' under the electronic microscope but which has its triggering factors hidden inside the 'interface' between the material bodies: It would be this interface that contains its 'generating' potential with an isomorphy in the multiplication data in such a way that it can be 'blocked' by a substance filling in the 'vacuum' in the pumping mechanism by way of a distributional analysis based on dependency defined by a distribution that steers towards a semantically balanced distribution. Thereby cause and effect are compromised as far as 'bodily proximity' is concerned - and this could be precisely where the vacuum pump has its source and force. It would look like normal multiplication due to chemical processes - but the difference between the multiplication of a virus and a bacteria could then be just in the principle of mix of cause and effect in the interface. Or, say, it could be beyond that cause and effect level.

However, since the global mortality of covid-19 has been sinking constantly since the first wild days in the spring 2020, and it is today down on 0,22% which is well below normal influenza, the vaccination efficiency should not be very alarming. The conclusion is likely to be that the vaccines of today must be considered without any efficiency but since the disease is by now so very harmless it can by now probably be left out of attention. There was a triggering factor in 2019 or early 2020.

Added 13 october 2022: The swedish data are telling. Less than 75% of the population are fully vaccinated (these data tell 72,9% by 5 october 222 - that percentage includes probably also those below 12 years of age in the count) while 'breakthrough' (new infection in spite of being fully vaccinated) is now about 90% or more (search the document for 'genombrott'). Among those who die (see 'Underlag för veckorapport covid-19' - 'Antal avlidna per vecka') the percentage of complete vaccination is also about 90% (the 5 last weeks had 315 covid deaths in Sweden and 278 of those were fully vaccinated), and the numbers seem to have stabilized around 90%. Reinfections (new infection more than 6 months after previous infection - it concerns absence of natural immunity) is now about 24%. It means statistically that the disease is going strong by those who are vaccinated and that what is left of the pandemic is largely vaccine-driven. If it were not for the vaccination program, the pandemic were probably out of the world, these numbers seem to tell. That is because vaccination against virus probably is a matter of placebo only and then it helps for a brief while because people are pulled by their noses and their confidence in the medical authority but after some time it starts going wrong way when people start suspecting that they have been pulled by the noses and that it was only the medical authority that seemed to help and not the vaccine itself. But since the mortality seems to have stabilized on 0,25% - yesterday there were about 1000 people globally who died who also had covid in the body - while about 400.000 new covid infections were registered - which means that the disease is less dangerous than a normal winter flue - and the pandemic can probably be forgotten as a historic period only.



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