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John Bjarne Grover

ABC of politics
This is a book manuscript which tells the story of my own historic background over 7 chapters. The book contains some important elements in the historic background: Why my real and genetic parents seem to have been jewish and my official and custody parents seem to have been affiliated with nazism and why all this in fact means that Hitler's government probably acted on direct order from London. While the role assigned to me seems to have been a walking ad for the jewish-genetic diaspora as the source of nazi evil, the book tells in chapter 2 why this source of nazism justly is recognized in Downing Street 10 - and that could even be the reason why the government is just there. The book contains material which suggests that the plan is to turn Italy into a new Vietnam relative to USA or England, with Iraq as an intermediate stage.

Neutrinos, Heimskringla and poetic logic
Some words on my PEB and the political situation.

Was ist ein Agent?
Etwas über Demokratie und ein besseres poetisches Verständnis davon in drei Gedichten von Kavafis

The super-scandal
What could be the worst scandal in political history could be going on today as part of the construction of the british monarchic world of myths

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