The thresholded mythos world

John Bjarne Grover

Recently 'all covid travel restrictions' have been ended in EU, but the obligation to quarantine in case of positive test is still there.

It means that if you travel to e.g. Italy, you risk being thrown into some prison hole without food for 3 weeks and have to pay 21000 euros for it - and if the travel was not strictly necessary, the social insurance will not cover these expenses.

And the newspapers are filled with the question of masks on and off - new restrictions reduce it to trains but not trams, now new restrictions require masks in farmacies but not in supers etc etc. But this single one of quarantine is not touched upon anywhere. You search everywhere for an answer but it is nowhere. Only the ministerial document of 30 december 2021 which has such repercussive effect seems still to be in force. It may have been prompted by the sudden extreme rise in the global covid curve after Pfizer launched its 'Paxlovid' accompanied by the film 'Being the Ricardos' on 21 december 2021.

This problem could be 'because it prevents turistic movement and hence spread of the disease', but it should have been explicit what are the conditions if the situation shall not be only for the abuse of future totalitarian regimes. It would have to tell "if you get positive while travelling in Italy and have to quarantine, you can rent a container hut for up to 3 weeks with catering services against XX euros per day" - and then a tourist can evaluate if one can afford to take the chance or not. If there are container huts available - otherwise the alternatives should be specified. For the time being covid is only a propaganda megaphone for a future totalitarianism.

It is as crazy as this covid prison for 3 weeks without food - because the question is this: If one has to test for covid, say, a tourist has to go to a doctor because one has got a sudden problem and the doctor tests your covid and it is 'positive albeit asymptomatic', then what shall you do? "You have to quarantine untill you are negative, up to 3 weeks". But a traveller has only a reservation for a few days in a hotel and cannot be there throughout the quarantine time? Then what shall one do? Where and how are the accomodation facilities for this situation - a room with toilet and catering services bringing the food to your room? "This problem you have to solve yourself", is seemingly the answer. So people cannot solve it - and what happens? They are not allowed to enter a train or airplane for going home for quarantining there - and what happens if one cannot solve the problem? One has to be prepared for being driven in ambulance to a 'Covid Croco Star' hotel wherein somebody hopefully will come with some food to your room, but you have no guarantees for that, and somebody will hopefully bring a test for the chance of turning negative to escape the imprisonment - and you cannot protest against the bill for the accomodation that is presented at the end of the imprisonment: If there is a respirator on each corridor and there is medical personnel, the bill can be a thousand euros per night. You have no guarantee that this is not the bill and conditions for the hotel if it is not explicated in advance - and you have no choice, tells the rules.

It means that future totalitarianism is the program for the time being - "and we have no other choice".

Covid is for the time being and has been for a long time already as innocent as a normal common cold. Mortality is on 0,1% while normal winter flue is 0,3%, and the symptoms are often so mild you cannot discover it without a test. If one were to test and monitor globally the pandemic called common cold and the deaths that result from this 'dangerous disease', it is likely that the common cold could be even more dangerous than covid. Pneumonia can be a direct result of the cold - and people die like banana flies.

And covid is a 'rhinovirus' of same type as the common cold which you can attract 'ex nihilo' from wet socks. It is a common cold and that is what it is. Should the world lockdown in the hope of battling the spread of the common cold?

It is the monkey business that causes the covid - not the contact between people.

But it had a high mortality for some time? Influenza can also be extremely dangerous - such as in 1918 - but that does not mean quarantine during the normal winter flue.

The data from Sweden tell that the covid vaccines are now seemingly the major source of the disease - since the percentage of those who get sick or die from it is higher than the percentage of the population that are vaccinated. It is very possible that this continues untill only vaccinated people get sick and die from the disease. I have found these data only in Sweden - but there is also a dataset to be downloaded from the US health authorities - if you click this link there will come some data down from somewhere but you dont know if it is from the 'services' who have adjusted the data - however, the data run only up to april 2022 and the gap between vaccinated and unvaccinated seems to have closed and there is now probably little to gain as far as statistical chance for avoiding the disease is concerned by vaccinating. The essential information should be one or two small percentage numbers only - and should have been on the web page for everybody to see. In every national health service that monitor and report on the development of the disease: How many of those who are sick and die from covid are vaccinated? That is a few numbers only and should be on the front pages of every health autority's website. But these are held secret it seems, or can at best be downloaded from some ex nihilo source, could be.

GeoVax got a patent accepted on 2 march 2022 for a 'vaccine against cancer', as it is called. In may-june 2020 I drafted on my home computer some ideas on how to make a medication against cancer based on the fundamental idea that the uncontrolled cell growth results from a jam of righthand contexts from the cultural stack of generative-anthropological (Hoem) contexts - so that a person whose life does not function in this respect of well-ordered queueing on the stack of righthand contexts loses control with matching cultural righthand parantheses to lefthands in the organismic DNA balance between physics and metaphysics and then starts an uncontrolled pump of cell growth for matching them nevertheless. I worked also with ideas related to this in the form of the territorial outlines of Panama on basis of its isomorphy with the ex nihilo 'curve' which I had found in probably 2016 in the context of three small pellets that likewise seemed to be 'ex nihilo' but I did not make more out of the theory and left it there and had to escape from the accumulating pressure of apparent KAR-KAR-KAR 'signification' - a pump of righthand contexts it could have been - by travelling down to Italy on 27 july 2020.

Now the patent which GeoVax got registered on 2 march 2022 looks from a brief scan like some sort of potential 'plagiarism' of this idea of mine - it looks like a righthand pump which goes in an infinite cycle - as if Panama had been folded up for completing the cycle of ups and downs. Although I cannot evaluate this product or patent or its relevance for its purposes, there could be a trend somehow as if a product could be selling on the idea of being a 'plagiarism from Mr.Grover's workdesk' - and that could helps against your problem - like covid vaccines that could be hardboiled monkey business - enough for pushing the avalance of virus outbreak back into the cupboard again for yet some time - functioning like a morning drink against a hangover for a habitual drinker. It helps, no doubt about it, at least for a while.

On that same day 2 march 2022 (when the patent was registered) there was a mass shooting in the intersection of North Dukeland Street and Walbrook Avenue in Baltimore Maryland - three people wounded and one dead. There could be some similarities with the titles of Modern Language Review for april 1978 with the Apenes and Aldo Moro murders in probably the same night to 6 may 1978 - and if the Apenes murder is associated with or even was the main 'meaning' of the Cuban Missile Crisis, then it is highlevel terror-and-monkey-business which could be the real theme. The dead person in the 2 march 2022 mass shooting was the 32 year old called Thomas Alvin Epps Jr. - see the article by Hinrich Siefken - which recalls to my mind the situation when I entered the train (the last wagon closest to the stairs one came up from) to Oslo on Fredrikstad train station in the late 70's, probably not the early 80's, and Raino Malnes was sitting alone in the first compartment reading a book: He looked up at me and said, as to explain why he preferred to travel alone, that "I sit here reading Thomas Hobbes", so I got the point and went for another compartment. I dont remember if I had seen him go in there before me or even if he had been on the train from Sarpsborg, which perhaps he had. The meeting was too brief for me now to be able to tell if it could have been a 'service copy' of Raino (somebody resembling him) - but I think I remember that his voice was his - in which case it could have had a general 'preventive' function, but the problem is perhaps not essential for the question whether the concept of 'fat Raino' = 'tjukk Raino' = 'Ukraine' could have been around. He was not fat at all and probably still is not, but the concept could probably be invoked by other means anyhow.

The fact is that 'Raino' is pronounced like 'rhino'-virus - the source of the covid disease and the normal common cold. And if the 'rhino' Malnes means 'rhino-virus' NES = NOSE, the issue of 'fat Raino' could be simply about the idea of male erection - such as 'hopps'.

It is therefore possible that Thomas Epps could have been shot for this reason. I think the police reports on the web told that he had been found 'in a sidestreet' and therefore one could think of him having been shot in advance and dumped aside.

In the same intersection - could be the location of the shooting - there is also a small church called 'Open Bible Gospel Church' with a logo which resembles the logo of the israeli national library - and this again resembles the logo to the TOPS supermarket (if you read the logo to the israeli library from right to left, it could resemble TOPS - plus that graphic form) in Buffalo where there was a mass shooting against only coloured people on 14 may 2022: The address to this supermarket is 1275 Jefferson Avenue and there was also a mass shooting on 1 may 2022 in 500 Jefferson Street in Lafayette, Louisiana. There was even a third mass shooting at a Jefferson Street - in 1500 Bouvier Street near Temple University in Philadelphia - the Jefferson Street would then have been just a little down the road and around the corner. Bouvier was the name of Jacqueline Bouvier when she married John F.Kennedy - and the link to the present story goes via the ministerial replacement in Austria - and the fact that the shooting in Baltimore and the GeoVax patent registration was on 2 march 2022 - which was just precisely 3 months before the british queen's 'platinum' anniversary on 2 june 2022. [13/6-22: The anniversary for the monarch was on 6 february - when several 'mass shootings' could have indexed my person and a Bowler cp. 'Panama hat', but if Kennedy and/or '1223' is the issue, the coronation date 2 june - even if a year later - is perhaps more relevant]. One could speculate that the timing of the events against the anniversary was not irrelevant - and one can find that by comparing the addresses of Jefferson Streets (500, 1275, 1500) against the 3/4 of the year and the turning of a european swastika on the map. The mass shooting in Jefferson Streets were on 1 and 14 may, and the one in the parallel Bouvier on 18 may - the day after the norwegian constitution day 17 may. Add this single day to the interval 13 days from 1 to 14 may and to the 20 days from 14 may to 2 june and you get ratios of 2/3 and 3/4 etc in the computations.

It is likely that all this could be well preplanned and computed in advance - and if Thomas Epps did not happen to pass the 1600 North Dukeland Street with that church logo on just that day, he could have been shot in advance and dumped in a sidestreet - for this specific reference to Thomas Hobbes of 'Ukraine'.

If this is the story of all the mass shootings, that could be for setting a Black Sea Loop going through Ukraine and that could be the reason for the russian attack on Ukraine - for stopping this loop which could have been planned in the Wannsee conference of Hitler's nazis for an 'Endlösung' to the 'Judenfrage'.

Could be it be the same principle for all the mass shootings? There is this single story with Thomas Hobbes - but there were perhaps a few others with Raino in those days and there were lots of situations with the official custody mother Ragna Grøver which could have been used. Notably, if Hitler's 'dritte Reich' were the theory of my puberty penis being transplanted over onto a custody mother who used it for raping me in drugged condition from 1970 onwards, could be this theory also could be extended to a theory of a sanitary towel soaked with menstrual blood before my respiration channel during the rapes - this could then have been Hitler's 'Blut und Boden' as part of his 'dritte Reich' philosophy - the story of 'tjukk Ragna' in the sense of male erection could then be associated with the idea of dumping the blame for the rapes on me and my probably jewish genetics - if the penis originally had belonged to me - and, as is essential, the whole 'dritte Reich' philosophy would have been a parody in the element EARTH on the 'monarchic' AIR-elemental PTRSIM PIK philosophy. This would have been the 'tjukk' = 'fat' element - the male erection.

Once again, do I have any basis for such wild theories on Hitler's 'dritte Reich' and 'Blut und Boden'? There is no doubt that the official father 'John Grøver' born John Jensen on 27 october 1916 was replaced with a copy in the summer 1969 after the first had left with the comment "I have to piss" = 'e må pisse' (as the first time he used such unconventional word) - and when by my 16th birthday 29 june 1973 I had not got his true identity, there followed the Yom Kippur war which was not to 'peace' but more perhaps more to 'piss' for 'e gypt' and which lasted up to 26 october - as for 'John Slippers' = 'John Feetler' on the 27th. ('Kippur' sounds to a norwegian ear like 'slippers'). That could be heavy support for such a theory - since it would matter for Israel if Hitler was still up after the war and what was his new identity.

In addition to this, there is the phenomenon of the possible national swindle documents which seem to have lent national characteristics to the countries of Europe - such as the Decameron in Italy as the origin of the camorra or mafia, the Chanson de Roland for the origin of the honour code of France (could be they do not duel as before - but in most countries the president is a very humble new-bridge-band-cutting role compared with the PM as the strong man by the majority of the parliament - while in France the constitutional procedure makes the president the strong man of the country on basis of the choice of PM only), or Heimskringla in Norway as the basis for the glorious series of viking kings - recently refurbished with the new county 'Viken'. These three national peculiarities lending apparently strong colour to the cultures of Italy, Norway and France could be recognized in the names of the three british PM's D.Cameron, Teresa May (for 17 may 1814, the foundation day of the state of Norway) and Boris Johnson - which also seem to be at the end of the long countdown through Propertius's elegies backwards (through Cameron, May, Johnson as #4-3-2) towards the beginning which 'sit al way-done'. If you read the elegies, you may come to understand after the reading why the name of these elegies about the poet's relation to Cynthia could be about 'A-doll Fitler'. The 'sit al way-done' is the correlate in the austrian culture by the strange word 'zidalweidun' in the 'Schenkungs-Urkunde' which mythologically made the state by that 'ostarrichi' document which could be true, could be false: It is the allegedly latin word 'zidalweidun' (helplessly translated 'Bienenweide' due to the 'zzz-idalweidun' - but it seems that the word never existed) which tells that the document could be false and a fabrication for pulling the austrians by their noses. All this lends massive force to the word 'zidalweidun' - to the extent that it could have created a cultural peculiarity which could be recognized as 'sitting at the way-done' = at the end of your relations to the yinyang other side, at the end of your inner mental orientation to the 'other side': There, sitting at the end of the way done, is what you believe is your friend in the constitution of the historic reality - and then it turns out to be somebody else - say, from the austrian services! You have been cheated - but cannot discover it before it is a little late. The 'personator' had integrated into your other side by strategies of dressing up like the wolf in granny's indexical clothes when the little girl came to visit her - and with modern methods it is easy to scan the indexes of the communicational interface and install them in the national service computers. Why should they? It would be this single word 'zidalweidun' - for a strategy that is pretexted by the ridiculous or pathetic idea of 'male pride' justifying such 'competition' (of the wolf competing with granny for harvesting the little girl's sympathies and confidence) and this could have been implemented into tragic ideas of 'homo pride' etc.

This is of course only mistaken ideas of 'male pride' which are prompted by the historic uncertainty in the 'ostarrichi' document - resulting in a problem (a la camorra or duels or vikings) that could be called 'parasiting' - the wolf is parasiting on the little girl's sympathies and confidence.

The modern myth that current NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg could have been into the flat in Via Fidene in Rome in 1981 and raped me while I slept there - and this should have been the start of his political career - would find its pretext there in this 'zidalweidun' in the sense of 'parra sitt Eng'-land (= 'copulated his/her Eng'-land) - for me as the PTRSIM PIK secret of the british monarchic aspirations of accumulation of a godgiven or natural justification for power. Evidence of the impressive force of this myth (I have no reason to believe that there is a reality behind it) is seen in e.g. the recent spring when swedish PM Andersson announced that she had to take a very difficult decision - and it later emerged that Sweden had to apply for membership in NATO. In the mean time, I think it was, Orban's 'Fidesz' party in Hungary (in alliance with KDNP) made a historic election by getting 2/3 of the votes in the parliamentary election and thereby (probably) securing what could be the chance for changing the constitution by a decision in the party headquarter only. Were it rooted in a 'fidese' in Via Fidene in 1981? This could be telling of the possible force of the myth - fuelled of course by the hungarian memories from the Soviet Union and the current warfare in Ukraine.

It is possible that Norway runs an 'ex nihilo' philosophy via its 'norwegian' = 'from no-where' index as implemented in e.g. my own career: It seems that the more progress I make in my work, the worse my career gets. This is a wrongway result of my work which could find its origins in such an 'ex nihilo' strategy - for the not so very fresh idea that Jesus was a sort of 'ex nihilo' god on earth and this is refreshed by the eucharist in the holy communion - in the sense of catholic 'transubstantian' being a sort of 'ex nihilo' formation from heaven. The anglicans since Henry VIII have disliked this idea - but it could be that they only moved it up to Norway for fetching it via Shetlands-Larsen and things like that. A doublebottomed link to Austria could then explain the role of me qua PTRSIM PIK at the end of the 1223-rainbow to the mass shootings in USA - the golden opportunity for those involevd or indexed by this terror and potentially currently invoking the ukrainian factor in Europe (such as the story of this Thomas Epps vs Thomas Hobbes). The Big Business could then be called Black Sea Loop. Of course I should not have been residing in Austria at all - but then somebody must help me find another solution and not leave it to my slim wallet to rescue (like some Redeemer, the Saviour) the world from the apocalypse - by battling the intrigues from the international 'services' who could have constructed the whole machine - including welltimed mass shootings in USA with indexes that could have been planned and prepared through many decades.

I took up Nelly Sachs' poetry some days ago and it may have been this 'lå sange-les' that could have triggered what could have been a car attack against the schoolchildren in Tauenziehenstrasse in Berlin - at about 'half eleven' - which in theory could have been for wedging with wolfy 'zidalweidun' dressup into this 'other-side inspiration of my poetic world' - with apparent follow-ups for blocking the wedge-in out that could have been prepared for a long time. My guess is that there could be many such 'latent' performances of terror that could be triggered in case the quasi-divine PTRSIM PIK does this or that. And it follows that it is very difficult for me to have anything interesting done as long as I reside in Austria if these are the circumstances.

Why Tauenziehenstrasse? I only guess - that it could have been inspired by my own translation of Ouyang Xiu's poems with the fourth part telling

corrections in registers changed a rose
like dew that curls around in water hose

if this were accompanied by a change in registers - such as swindle change in the registration of my intellectual properties, my authorship in copyright registers or legal deposit - for example in a swindle attempt to lift my authorship over onto somebody else such as John F.Kennedy if he has an offprint in some later person. I am not so far aware of any such registration change - but there was a blackout of the A1 internet for a few hours I think the day after which could have corresponded to a symbolic anaesthesia - and if somebody could have managed to replace a part of my urine channel (between kidneys and bladder) with a piece of e.g. the lungpipe or aesophagus from Kennedy or Frau Grøver or something like that, it could have given fuel to sick ideas of an 'inner poetic articulation' which could have been associated with an inner burp (a wrongway 'Belcez'?) which in norwegian is called RAP. I notice that there is a Raab in both the english and the austrian governments - and ÖVP was founded with Figl and Raab 80 days after Auschwitz closed. I do not really believe that a part of the inner urine channel has been replaced with a fragment from somebody else - it is only the principled idea which seems to have some echos.

I hope there has not been a raab of my authorship in some library? I hope the originals I gave to libraries are not replaced with false service copies containing deplorable printing errors or completely new material. My little wallet and limited work capacies for these kitchenbench editions has the right to some help - but it could be tradition to point to Norway with its potential ex nihilo designation to be a possible source of such assistance.

It is urgent for me to find a permanent solution outside the 'zidalweidun' Austria - but I cannot find that permanent solution on my own. It can rescue the world from an apocalypse - but drama-hungry services who could organize it will of course dislike that and could have been working with plans for preventing it. Hopefully that is not the tumbleplace of potential service intrigue called 'Schengen' - the area where I have a natural right to reside without having to apply for residence permits and their renewals. My guess is that also England could house some of those potentially apocalyptic 'zidalweidun' interests - and that the ultimate plans since before Hitler could have been to see England rise like a phoenix bird from the ashes of Europe for a global 'kingdom come'.

The thresholded mythological reality

The conclusion tells that EARTH, AIR and WATER could have been run through by the intrigues on the format of PTRSIM PIK, and then only FIRE remains when the end of the countdown of the Propertius is reached. Is the revival of another Hitler to be staged as a Black Sea Loop?

It is very possible to stop this before it is too late and cannot be stopped. That is done by telling all the details of the story for the public. If Hitler and Kennedy were living an afterlife in Norway, that must of course be told out loud and in very explicit form. That will stop the Black Sea Loop and the world can avoid the apocalypse.

The secret is that I am not involved in the intrigues at all but go around like some switchboard for the mythomaniacs. What helps is to tell THE TRUTH and to take those who organize the crimes.

It is probably that even England is about to lose its guts as far as the enthusiasm about a global royal rule is concerned. The reason is that there used to be the faith in a godgiven justification for the monarchy in the created human semiotic constitution of reality - but it is likely that this apparent godgiven justification is a misunderstanding that has risen from the similarites of the european map with certain aspects of the human semiotics of thresholding. See this file with this map of Europe - including the Lamb of Berlin - with its catholic patellas - as a mythos element thresholded from this original colour photo - which seems to tell that Beachy Head is the proof of a royal rule - compared with the evidence in this study which concludes on the same 'coronation' from the same ancient bronze - but there is no such royal rule on the map of China. Is it where the poultry lays (or 'rolls down') its eggs? No, the film is not a secret rebelling against 'King Mao' - it is about a misunderstanding that the outlines of territories are godgiven in the human semiotic constitution. This is also what the world answered when England brexited: See this study (and there is also some interesting data in this file) about the first and most dramatic stages in the pandemic - which tells that it is about the outlines of territories on the map - and the naive human identification of these as resembling familiar shapes. That is no godgiven justification for a royal rule.

It is likely that mythological reality is more or less the same as the progress of the 'stories' told in the thresholded black-and-white reduction of the full colour version - like Plato's classic shadows dancing on the cave wall - and that religious philosophy is built up beyond these mythological forest stories.

Notice that this observation which I present in a few lines here could be of quite grandiose dimensions - if mythological reality and its form is described exhaustively by a thresholded version scanned from the image flashing over the visual screen - like the map of Europe thresholded from this original 'arbitrary' colour photo - the stories told and interpolated between the highlights of recognition of certain archetypal 'semiotic' forms therein - that is no small discovery that would apply to many fields of study, not only theory of religion - and whether it has been made before or not you should credit this file of mine from the internet if you work with the theory - otherwise the covid will only flare up again: That is likely to be precisely the coronavirus pandemic - a result of the ex nihilo strategies of the shetlandslarsened Norway with its doublebottomed counterpart in Austria. These political intrigues are probably attempts to imitate just the human semiotic constitution - such as will tend to recognize this thresholded photo in the greek parallel to this poem of mine while the poem itself will be spotted more from the original unthresholded colour photo - hence the poem is what flashes over your visual screen of arbitrary signification while the thresholded 'plato-cave' format will tell of the mythological basis in the religious understanding of it. Evidence is found in this file - compare with this image from the film and notice the 'archetypal' burning raft or clotheshorse in the upper lefthand corner.

I mention also an example of more complex interaction - the poem TEQ #614 following immediately after this poem #613 starts as follows:

TEQ #614
Exodus 17:9
  ויאמר משה אל-יהושע בחר-לנו אאנשים וצא הלחם בעמלק מחר אנכי נצב על-ראש הגבעה ומטה האלהים בידי


There was this soul of influence
   flew over the macramé.
Barn-papers burn their brought,
hit one manually there.

whereby one recognizes the 'soul of influence' in the apparently open window of this original 'arbitrary' colour photo (thresholded to 'Europe's') flying over the macramé of the original unthresholded colour photo of this thresholded photo: This unfortunate Europe's, a genitive matter, thereby relates burnt barnpapers (cp. the story of Geirr Tveitt whose almost entire work from a lifetime of composing burnt tragically in the fire of the barn wherein he stored them) - however, the poem seems perhaps to turn the roles somewhat - it is the barn-papers that burn the 'brought', not the other way round - and could be the Lamb knows how to lift its legs as well. Hence the poem - which starts with referring to a quote of Moses to Joshua, hence another potential case of indirection - could be an interplay of levels of mythos elements formalized in the oiginal and thresholded photos. It is important, though, to notice that the poems were written many years before I took the photos by completely arbitrary procedure in the grove of the Danube Island - not the other way round, as tells perhaps also the lamb of Europe's. The lens was a 300 mm autofocus and went wildly back and forth with the slightest movement of the camera which was held down at the ground and I did not see what the camera photographed while I took the 23 photos in quick succession while moving the camera around in the shady and very 'arbitrary' grove. The phenomenon can be called poetic 'logic' - which is not the same as normal aristotelian logic.

This idea that mythology is on a thresholded level is indeed a strong theory - which is hard to develop and articulate except perhaps by my way of working - and if the results be tentatively hijacked and pirated by swindlers presenting it under false name due to quasi 'ex nihilo' ideas gone astray, then the covid pandemic arises - not the least for telling the britons what this is: They should not have to brexit for such eurocentric territorial reasons that caused the crisis of Henry VIII. It is probably the story.

If you read this and get a good idea which you develop, then you write "on basis of the observations in Grover's article so-and-so on the internet, I continued the study along the following lines" - and that is not only permitted, it is a perfectly good way of working. But if you pretend that you have "thought about similar things yourself" and hence suppress the source of your idea, then covid arises again - and a terrible crocodile could come and take you - or, even worse, a terrible totalitarianism could come to develop on the egocentric european continent. Political intrigue, alas, seems to reserve the scienticic and poetic observations for crimes - and it seems that just this example of the 'cranium' is up and going in terror - could be for the sake of the 'shetlandslarsened' reality that can be spotted therein.

But that does not lend justification to a hardpacked mythomaniac world a la NATO in Kosovo for a global english royal rule on basis of the european map.

And, voila, it was an apparently poetic background for the Beachy Head landslide - when the land crossed its threshold and went out to the lighthouse in the sea: And why were the rocks removed by coastal authorities? They would not have been removed if they told of such royal rights - then they would have been there still. And there is no royal rights in a zidalweidun takeover of rights of the poetic authorship. That is swindle only and that can give quick success but is nothing to build a world upon.

It was not PTRSIM PIK's Beachy Head landslide. It was the poet's landslide if it were related to the communication to the Poetry Society. I have absolutely nothing to do with all this political intrigue.

Conclusion on the rules of quarantine in Italy - is that the current status of these seem to be in the form of preparing for an accept of totalitarianism which can give rise to new fascism when the Black Sea Loop turns 90 degrees (a la the 3 months from 2 march to 2 june) for sending the underearth panic of the eastern arm like overearth pane-ic up the southern arm of the swastika on the european map. This totalitarianism seems to be prepared currently with the dangers of sudden and unexpected lockup for three weeks without food or other facilities and for a legalized state authority to carry out mass murders (if the vaccines function wrong way).

But there should not be any reason for such largescaled changes by the form of the map. Henry VIII and the anglican crisis was probably prompted by just that discovery that the eurocentric world was not the only world.

Why should preparations for a flagellantic new fascism be up and going in Italy? They have no reason at all to help England to extend their royal rule and anglicanism down to Italy? Ah, the reason would have to be that it seems inevitable because the human semiotic endowment cannot escape it - and therefore one has to bite the dust and accept the reality and try and get through it. But this is a mistake which is called the european territorial reason for a now outdated logic - and the Lamb leaping across this thresholded map could be what convinces even the italians.

But it is time to understand that there is no need for this. It is likely that even England does not want this royal and mythomaniac solution - since it is backwater which imposes totalitarianism on the society in order to function and that is no longer needed.

And I spend year after year with the endless toil of writing articles like this instead of being enabled to move out of the 'zidalweidun' zone wherein the writing of poetry is no longer possible - as told the car attack on the school children in Berlin recently. Coming home from a trip to Bratislava - the 'Reisetariff' is only 16 euros - I find a 32-page leaflet (same number as the age of Epps - publisher is specified on page 3) in my postbox which contained also this page (telling possibly of this parallel text - 'the horse and its rider he has hurled into the sea') and other references possibly to my life and interests - which could have been put in mythomaniac connection with an idea of a pedo crashing into some schoolchildren in Berlin or elsewhere.

Added 13 june 2022: As to the issue of where or how the idea of Stoltenberg raping me while I slept in Via Fidene in 1981 could have come from, I refer to the story of Fidesz and its alliance with the christian-democrat people's party KDNP - a success which has brought them to nearly 2/3 of the parliament since 2010. (My above ideas of a landslide breakthrough in 2022 derives from some newspaper article, I think - I now see that the situation has been rather stable on 2/3 since about 2010). KDNP is a reasonably small party led by Zsolt Semjén, a name which easily calls for a rewrite into 'Zsoltem-Jens', rather similar to 'Stolten-berg-Jens'. Semjén has been accused of academic misconduct by plagiarism to 40% of a dissertation in 1991. It is easy to see how these data could be suggestive of associations to the idea of Stoltenberg raping me in 1981 - in particular via this combination with 'Fidesz'. There was a referendum in Italy yesterday - see this file of 17 june 2019 with mention of "'Ramo di Turkish' or something like that in the Cannaregio district". Clearly when the italian referendum has a role for the socalled 'Cannabis Committee', it is clear that this in principle could allow for an association via the norwegian 'bisk' = 'dog' and hence 'bisk kom midt i' = 'the dog came in the middle' - suggestive perhaps of a potential reference to the hungarian situation with a political effect in a reference to this idea of a 1981 event - not the least since this would leave CANNA only for the RAMO di Turkish in the CANNA-regio = 'CANNA-bisk-kom-midt-i' - hence RAMO = Raino of the Ukraine issue. This means, though, that the socalled 'Cannabis Committee' in principle could constitute a popular alternative for those voters who do not feel happy about the NATO philosophies and an excellent opportunity to voice an opposition against that power block. But this again means only that in principle it could have been possible to get decisions through in a referendum or election which one otherwise could not have got through - simply by invoking people's sympathies against NATO. In principle, therefore, this strategy could therefore have allowed for a plurality in the vote for decisions which Stoltenberg himself or NATO would have preferred but otherwise only with difficulty could have arrived at - and this phenomenon could have been called a 'joint venture' strategy. But a 'joint venture' could furthermore be the very reason, of course, for the role of such a 'cannabis committee', sharing joints with opinions of various kinds in the political landscape. It is therefore very possible, even if I know nothing about this, that the idea is a 'wandergoose' which has the function of paving the way for opinions that otherwise only with difficulty could thrive in the landscape. I do not know anything about the 'Cannabis Committee' or other of the mentioned participants in the current scenario and of course these are likely to have their own independent reasons - but observe the possible phenomenon. I notice also that EPP is a phenomenon apparently related to this KDNP - and hence the idea of 'Thomas Epps' from 2 march 2022 could have been a way of referring to another aspect of 'joint ventures' of various kinds. I do not know what this is about. It could look like a political complex which some parts of the political landscape perhaps could prefer to leave unsolved. It is clear that this complex could be seen as a substantial part of my reasons for mentioning the idea - and even potentially the origin of this idea. But clearly if burglaries of my house in Szolnok could have led to the formation of new such 'joint venture' complexes or fuelled the effect of already existing ones, the whole story could in principle be of an unfortunate kind for me.

Added 14 june 2022: 2nd memory from Raino - in possibly 1986 (when I lived in Fredrikstad for a while) if not some years earlier I met him when he was on his way to visit his old parents, as I recall it - I met him in probably Ridehusgata probably near the intersection to Hans Jacob Nilsensgate - if it were not just around the corner. I was walking in the direction towards St.Croix and he came in the opposite direction, as far as I remember. He carried a bag and told that he would visit his parents who (if I remember right) were not his real parents but that they had been his foster or adoption parents. Were they even his grandparents? I dont remember this well but it is possible that the theme of 'adoption' could have been included somehow.

The situation was not surveyed by others but of course there could have been technology surveying it.

As far as I remember, the location would have been approximately where there on the street-view map on the internet now is a TATTOO shop - and I notice Thomas Epps' apparently tattooed look, according to the photo of him in the obituary on the internet.

Interesting observation: The location relative to the train station of the first memory would be approximately isomorphic on the map with Hotel Boston in Athens where I stayed for some time in 2008. In both places one could walk downwards toward the centre from the railway station (Larissa in Athens), along the train line, and after some time take in to the left: The Hotel Boston, where I stayed for some time in 2008, would then have been approximately isomorphic on the map relative to the location where I met Raino in the 1980's. I cannot find Hotel Boston on the map now - could be it was about the place where there now is a modern police station. The hotel was in the cheap category in 2008 and could be its heydays were in the past. It had a shower on each floor and that could have been high class when it was built. I have speculated that the 'octogon', if a political program, could have had something to do with Boston, but that is speculation only.

When I was in Athens in 2008, I was surprised by the almost complete lack of estate agents in the 4 million city - people had to use the immobilien paper issued every second day. I had travelled via Italy and went for the superfast ferry from Bari - I ordered a ticket which I could get after an hour. On my return I got an envelope which should contain the ticket - it had a 4- or 5-digit number in big lettering on the envelope but no sooner had I got it, the person at the counter said it was a mistake and took it back and gave me the right one. Having arrived in Athens and realizing that I had to use the immobilien paper, I tried one ad which failed due to language problems but the next was a success, the person spoke english and I got an address to come to the next day. I went to look at the region in the afternoon and found the place - and there was the number from the envelope in Bari pasted up on the wall. Ah, just to give up. I trotted around for about a week and was just on the verge of leaving when I came up on Kypseli and found an estate agent who had a flat for me. It turned out to have belonged to or been used by a person called Themelis (there were two poets with similar names in Greece - George Seferis and George Themelis - but it was not this one). Now it is easy to find the story hidden in the mysterious 'Tabula Smaragdina' which I tried to translate and was stuck with the word 'telesmi' which I could not find out of - and I have come to understand that it could serve the same function in this 'Tabula Smaragdina' as the 'zidalweidun' could do in the Ostarrichi document.

'Telesmi' backwards = 'imselet' = 'Kypseli', while 'Themelis' is rather similar to 'Telesmi'. The theme of this 'Tabula Smaragdina' is apparently the similarity with or difference between the [ta]two words 'adoption' and adaption'. 'Adoption' seems to be the essential word - and could be one could allow oneself the speculation that the role of Athens - such as e.g. by Stephen Saunders and the issue of Sweden/Finland relative to NATO - could find its rooting in this brief meeting with Raino in the 1980's. It would be the 'Ukraino' element.

I believe it must count as a coincidence but I nevertheless point to the relevance of the title and last words of Holm's poem "Hélferd" = "In the hour of your death", or, alternatively, "Banetimen" (not "Barnetimen"!) with the last lines on 'smearing the boots' - here for 'Smaragdina' in the hour of the Tabula rasa. I would guess that it is a coincidence but cannot exclude the possibility that it is not. I notice the 1981-1986 norwegian minister of health / social affairs 'Leif Arne Heløe' which is a name which could mean "Hélferd". He was later 1991-2000 chief ('fylkesmann') of Troms county in the far north, a position his name furthermore could comment on - cp. also the idea of 'Banetimen/Barnetimen' and what could have been Hitler's postcard to 'Eugene Paisseau' cp. 'Ø kjempesår' = 'Ø giant wound'. It is possible that this was sent from Hamburg - while Hitler was held in Landsberg prison - as a responsibility claim on the death of Lenin some days later. I notice also the 'grip' in Holm's poem against the possible 'Gripen' in the making of the ukrainian election as a potential counterpoint to my own signing of the sales contract for the house in Szolnok in 2015.

It is possible that Raino carried the bag over his shoulder - or maybe did so when he was about to go on - like Kalle Solgård had done once around 1973-74 when I saw him coming out from the entrance to the high school Frydenberg Gymnas, crossing the schoolyard for leaving the place. If so, it could have been a part of the apparent intrigue on my poem 'Der Seemann'. One can already fancy swindle-driven literary theorists constructing new 'gunsmoke' parametres of analysis on basis of the links between Holm's and mine poems.

Otherwise I met Raino in several other contexts but then there were always other folks around. The one in the bookshop was probably surveyed - he said 'between the stalls' (cp. the supermarket stories such as the Buffalo TOPS recently) that he had been on sick leave for quite some time: He had worked too much - say, after a day in Oslo teaching in the afternoon in Molde, I think was the example, and had a collapse. But, ah yes, now I remember also the one in 'Spikersuppa' (the former 'Studenterlunden') in Oslo, but that may have been quite late, the 1990's perhaps, a sunday was it - there was some context of book or something and he mentioned he had read Adam Smith (I dont think I read him but may have mentioned his theory of language in my overview of the history of linguistics). The fourth incidence with handshake at the 'gangway' up to the university in Oslo was more probably surveyed - he sat no longer the whole day before the computer, as I think he said if that was not at another time. There was also some talk in the schoolyard at Frydenberg Gymnas and an evening at restaurant 'Bjørnen' - his girlfriend Astrid (Molvik? - cp. the bookshop story) was also present. (I think I also met her briefly - biking by perhaps, or she stepped/hopped off the bicycle - at the train station).

MLR oct 1977 reports on title 1. "A new Reynold - Milnes letter: Were there two meetings between Keats and Coleridge? By Donald Lange". Hence the question whether the 'kitchen coldrinse' in the house on Rekustad in the winter 1977-78 (when I had 'moved over' to the home of Jette Råboe Larsen not the least due to the winter cold) had been opened by a 'Reynold Milnes' - a sort 'fat Raino' = 'tjukk Raino' = 'Ukraina' Malnes?

'Rhino-Virus' = 'Raino Malnes'? Rhino-virus is the name of the coronavirus that for two years now has flooded the world after Brexit.

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