19 december 2017

John Bjarne Grover

Newspieces, combined and uncombined

On 4 december 2014 I went down Kärntnerstrasse to Friedrichstrasse at Karlsplatz, then up Getreidemarkt and back to Opernring. I went the walk to find out where the newspaper 'Österreich' was located and concluded that it was on 'Karlsplatz'. Could be that means in 'Hauptbibliothek' on Urban Loritz Platz - I mean, as far as maps and politics are concerned?

Later in the day there were the news that recent yemeni president Ali Abdullah Saleh had been assassinated that same day - could be the news told of time points that could be a little later in the day. I mean, could be the assassination was before I went for the walk. I developed an oedema on the lower righthand thigh (femur, so to speak), a little up from the knee - it has gone gradually down again but was not pleasant.

Gerhard Ruiss is the chief of the interest organization of authors in Austria and annually or biannually sends out in the second half of december or so a 'Ladung zu Regional-Versammlung' a month or so later. To my norwegian ear, his name always sounds like an outright threat with a 'hardware' - but in passive form so that it sounds as if it is he who is threatened by me. That is not true - I am not threatening him.

The annual 'Ladung' came by email on 14 december 2017 at 14:37, and it seems that Ragna Gröver sent 10.000 NOK to my norwegian bank account on the same day - at 15:39 (according to the bank). The commentary field told that it was from 'Ragna Devold', a christmas gift. It is, as usual, returned to sender as unwanted attention. I found the money transference on my bank account on 14 december, only few hours after the money had gone in (the very bad mood I was thrown into by some mystic forces around 2-3 o'clock PM could have been the reason why I checked the account), and called the bank the next day and asked to have the money returned to sender.

On 12 december there were the news that former norwegian PM Jens Stoltenberg had been asked to continue as chief of NATO for another term. How formal the request was, I dont know, but one guesses that it be about renewal of term from 1 october 2018 onwards.

That cannot count as a crediting of me for my work.

It is possible that the 'Regional-Versammlung', to which I had got a 'Ladung', is the annual or biannual event wherein Ruiss can be asked to continue for another term - I dont know how that goes on but could guess so. It could mean that the news on Stoltenberg and renewal of term could swipswap with Ruiss: I emphasize that I have not threatened Stoltenberg with the heavy arms of NATO. One of my two thighs got a little heavy with muscle-water, though, after the news of the assassination of Saleh.

The new austrian government was sworn in on 18 december 2017. 'Kanzleramt' is Gernot Blümel, a name of some similarity with 'Gerhard Ruiss'. To a norwegian ear, 'Kanzleramt' sounds like 'breast-fed the chancellor'. (There is also a potential 'GÍDIM' on the map of Vilnius at Pylimo Gatve). This could be a function of 'formynderen' = 'the custody holder' in the sense of 'guardian'. My authority is not reduced, I am not under 'formynder' authority. There came yet another letter from Ragna Gröver on the same day 18 december 2017, returned to Norway as usual. I suppose it must count as 'repeat of criminal act'.

An OMV petrol station took fire not far from the border to 'Österreich' - at 'Gänserndorf'. The well of petrol burnt with a giant flame. It is the other side ('just as well') of the country relative to München and 'for-münchren'. If I have taken nazism at the root with a sling of my PEBle, this 'David and Goliath' could have been tentatively turned around.

There were also the news that norwegian defense authorities had allowed for russian inspection of their new F-35 fighter jets stationed on [abd?] Ørland. It seems that Russia had requested such inspection in late november. Therefore the assassination of Saleh could have been made for pretending russian 'snuff'.

I repeat that it is very important that I be credited for my work and that it is not channeled into politics - such channeling-into-politics is not to credit me for my work, it could just as well be to hijack it.

The fat wallet? My wallet is not so fat.


The back of of the letter
The pale post stamp on the letter
The front page of letter?

Rebecca Dykes of the british embassy in Beirut was found dead in a roadside in the morning when the letter arrived. (I got a 'spam' email that same morning at 02:58 AM from an 'admin@hcstonecraft' something - the news tell that a taxi driver - is it this taxi driver? - was arrested at 03:00 that morning, only 2 minutes later could mean, plus the one hour time zone difference). It could have meant 'rum-PEB-allen' - unless it simply would have been about a 'phrase structure' reduction of head - with 'short circuitries'. I did observe a person resembling my elder official sister some time ago - it certainly was not her, though.

In short, reading a 'snu-front' page of letter would not be the thing. News-rumpf? Clearly my books should be published with my name on the front page - but that is another matter.


I hope the christmas and new year turn are safe enough.

PS As I was about to go out from the house now around 13:50 on 19 december 2017 after having put the above out on the internet, I was met with the washingman (from probably TOP D&D, unless there is a new washing firm) who held the door open and greeted me repeatedly. If I wanted to avoid contact I had to 'snu-rundt', turn around. I went back and added this to the file. Is there an associative link between 'Ingrid Leodolter' and 'Vasgereben'? The new Pflegeheim up the street is named after 'Ingrid Leodolter'. For several years I had to either stay indoors or be out of Vienna for the hours when the washing of the house could be going on, and I had hoped that these years were over now. More than 300 people were shot dead during prayer in a mosque in Egypt - that is no small matter. If the theory should be right that I was served 'powder' (e.g. 'blü-Mehl') which stopped my muscle growth, it could even have been for reasons of not occupying too much space when passing the washingman in the corridor. If it also was the real reason why I was relieved of military service, the reason could have been that the military leaders otherwise could have used the opportunity to tell me a few secrets I badly needed to know in order to make sense of my life.

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