20 february 2018

John Bjarne Grover

This article continues from the previous one called More on Euler and the natural basis for the unit of the centimetre.

It seems that the hungarian fence law is ambiguous on an expression 'az útról nézve' = 'seen from the street' which probably should have been 'az útról nézendö' = 'seeing from the street' for being unambiguous. For example, I have a house in Sziget Utca in Szolnok and the fence needs 'rehab', but it seems difficult to find out whose responsibility it is.

Around 1971 I played some clarinet in Fredrikstad, Norway, and the teacher was Magne Nesöen who played clarinet in 'Gardemusikken' at the royal castle in Oslo - the king's 'garde' orchestra.

That is probably not the same unit of that royal 'garde' wherein Anders Behring Breivik of the Oslo terror (a 'neve' on the 'nese' of Oslo) worked or had been appointed, but the same royal 'garde' it probably is. Could be there is a fence between the two units?

The hungarian fence law tells that, 'az útról nézve', it is the neighbour to the right or left who shall rehab the fence.

Had it said 'az útról nézendö', it would have been unambiguous - but with the law text 'az útról nézve' it can mean either that if one stands on or at or by the fence in the garden and is seen (by somebody else) from the street (and could be it also means that oneself faces the street from the fence?) then it is the one neighbour - but if it means that oneself stands in the street and looks into the gardens at the fence then it is the other neighbour.

Strictly speaking, the hungarian expression probably means 'seen from the street' in the sense of being in the garden and being seen from somebody else in the street, or the street (austrian 'GASSE) is looking into the garden, but it may be that the everyday use is pragmatic and not too strict on the grammar and takes the look to go the other way.

The teaching of Nesöen was with two clarinets: He had his and I had mine and there was no need for me to blow or suck on his.

'Det er Nesöen, det'.

'Utro' is norwegian for 'infidel'.

'Oszlop' is hungarian for 'pillar', 'post'.

Seen from the Rwanda? The visual nerves cross in the brain.

Knytt[e]-neve = fist, like that terror in the face of Oslo
Knytt[e]-nese = 'J-sus X-tus'. One of the beasts of the revelation of John was blasphemic.

It is called GROSS-buchstaben, GRĹs-buchstaben, crossing in the brain. GRĹ-sprit-annien, not RŘD-sprit-annien.

The capitols could be from that Böhme RA.RA.RP of AM.R[ican].P[resident] of Lee Harvey Oswald 1963.

It could be the world of secret intelligence services who tries to tell the world that it has not the right to be in a defining position a la Kennedy as president.

The Kennedy assassination was a mistake, all this means. That is very true. Kennedy was shot at long range - with 'tele'-lens.

The mafia could have grabbed the opportunity in 1963 but do no want to have the power any longer since it is not right and since they cannot make much out of it after all.

Suggestion: One could rehab the hungarian fence law and change 'nézve' into e.g. 'nézendö' for making it less ambiguous.

My piece of ex nihilo recursive matter called 'the wigwam' tells perhaps the details of what this 'nézve' vs 'nézendö' could be about. It shows on the top a man who seems to be urinating on the cliff while looking intently for a long-distance view - what could be contained in the russian word 'pisatelj'. The lower scene shows a man with hat peeping at what could be a woman inserting a possibly more or less frozen long object into the mouth - 'tél' is hungarian for 'winter', norwegian for 'frozen ground', like sibirian tundra. 'Tćl' is norwegian for 'punch', 'force'. This allows for a confusion between the upper and the lower man. Notice also that the lower man (the 'chaikovsky', so to speak) is ambiguous and could also be a clerical looking rightwards with a long dripping nose - as if the 'tél' is about to thaw. 'Kjöle-tö' = 'frozen-thaw' in norwegian, 'kjöretöy' is 'vehicle for driving/transportation'. 'Költö' is hungarian for 'poet', a sort of 'pisatelj'.

Wolga used to be the high status vehicle in the Soviet Union. Wolga-broder-sdorf-OLK could be the theme.

Pĺ kjöletöet skal storfolk kjennes?

'E mĺ pisse' was the last thing Gröver/'Mengele' said before he stepped out of the Volkswagen in 1968 or 1969 and another man returned in his place.

In short, if the project is from 1970, it is not impossible that CIA then knew that the Soviet Union would come to dissolve and offered Hungary a joint 'pisatelj' program based on Sziget Utca in Szolnok - which could be not for helping them out of the Soviet Union but on the contrary for helping them avoid a new habsburg union with the west - and that could be obtained via a 'pisaltelj' program. This could leave Hungary of today in a somewhat paradoxical state - contained in the nézendö/nézve ambiguity of the law. If there is a concept of the ownership of my house being more or less contained under the authority of the official mother Ragna Gröver, that could be an element created for the one and only purpose of hiding the story element of hungarian authority being subsumed under the russian - that is for preventing the hungarians from discovering what is the real purpose with this project.

Therefore the idea of dissolving this law-text ambiguity could perhaps be very good if Hungary is interested in retaining its independence.

Added on 21 february 2018:

It is possible that if 'pisatelj' is the secret code word for the hungarian ambiguity of law, that is the ambiguity of their independence, the austrian correlate could be the form 'Wohnungsauflösung' - the dissolution of your home like selling everything and leaving with a suitcase and a few additional belongings. There is the option of 'homo' from the Burgenland border to Hungary when the white-stone tooth of Wulkaprodersdorf does not allow for an oldtime unification of the once Habsburg area except 'backwards', and the alternative thereby seems to be not 'Österreich' but 'W-Esterreich' - for which the basis seems to be such an 'W-Ohnungsauf-Lösung'. That is the 'reunification' with the hungarian 'pisatelj' - that Hungary could be subsumed under Russia and Austria under Germany. (If there are 'lobo' ideas or strategies around, they could perhaps be related to this problem).

There is one and only one solution to these problems and that is what the world has struggled with for decades if not even centuries - it is in the solution which I found after 30 years of lonely work - in the blue metre line 1 conceptualization of the hungarian language from an anglophonic viewpoint. Hungary and Austria should rejoice - the problem is solved and their future is rescued - instead of bothering me with more problems and garbage bags outside the house. 'Seen from the GASSE' is the problem nowadays. The hungarian bank (OTP) used to provide bank account printouts but then they suddenly stopped doing so and sent me some FATCA inquiries whether I am an agent. I have answered that I am not an agent and they know that well. Should I do my Wohnungsauflösung instead of them and move off to somewhere else - after I have found the long-sought-for solution to their problem - a solution which it well may be could not have been found by other means? I mean, simply, it is well possible that they could not have got this solution if I had not done it.

I have found that it may come to be necessary - in order to make it possible for me to move out of Austria - to close my gas, electricity and water accounts to the house in Szolnok and yesterday I sent an email in the early morning to ugyfelszolgalat.tigazdso@tigaz.hu which is given as the contact under www.tigazdso.hu/kapcsolat - and which seems to be the one and only possible contact point for the gas services. I sent the following mail in hungarian translation, and with this original included:

I have a gas account in Sziget Utca in Szolnok in Hungary but live in Wien. It is at least 5 hours travel. I have two questions for the case that I should want to close the account in Sziget Utca 21: 1) Do you have an email address and telephone number I can contact (also from Vienna) for appointing the closure? 2) How many days in advance must the appointment be made? Thanks and best wishes, John Bjarne Grover, Pf. 15, 1152 Wien, Austria.

There came the automated response that they would answer quickly, but no answer came in the course of the day, and I sent it once again in the following night, and once again there came an automated response which confirmed that the contact was in order - but far into the next day there has still come no answer to this very trivial inquiry.

Last late autumn (or early winter) I went for paying the PO Box rent for a year in advance in Szolnok before returning to Vienna, but the office was closed because of a public holiday. However, the surveillance cameras could have seen me and when I came the next day there was an exceptional male in the INFO counter. That has never happened before as far as I know. The PO Box department told me that they could not help me since, as they said, the rent for the next month to pay was not yet known with certainty, that was a few weeks in advance only, but they said I had to talk with the man in the INFO. There is otherwise normally females in the post office counters in Hungary - it is not like Austria with its apparent 'homeland' problem.

Is it on the background of the Kennedy assassination in 1963 that 'international services' still could try and consolidate their position with buffering me off? The 'homo' stategy could be felt like a personal challenge from Austria with their apparent 'homeland' problem. If there should come to be an official manifestation of an illegal status of Ragna Grövers unwanted letters to me - I hope that does not mean that the 'international intelligence services' respond with trying to make it difficult for me to communicate with others - that is, if she cannot send letters to me, then I cannot get answers from others either - because that concerns the position of the 'intelligence services' after 1963? Those 'intelligence services' seem to have been my problem throughout my life - and certainly I do not collaborate with them but on the contrary do what I can to get their influences out of my life. If e.g. the bank should have been told that I work for that sort of business, then they are very disinformed. It looks a little 180 degrees to me.

Could be one should not be so circumscriptional: With the antinomic relation of the 'services' relative to me since at least 1963 it may be that they want to present my solution to the national historic problems of Hungary as their own and therefore try to turn the roles around. And now there is a parliamentary election coming up in early april so there could be more than just the 'services' who are interested. It is a lifetime of work and a computer could not have found it and it is very critically urgent to find a publisher for this work of mine. Somebody should help me find that publisher.

Later: I sent the above to the same email account (as I had sent to yesterday and last night) - and the reply with the requested information came half an hour later, according to the annotation on the mail.

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