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John Bjarne Grover

On 1 november 2017 at 23:01 and 23:03 local time, 22:03 UCT, I added the following to my web file called 'About my work':

The non-metric and the metric work

The Endmorgan Quartet is non-metric poetry going the long way up to the top of the mountain of transfiguration, and the four works of metric poetry, the four metres blue, red, yellow and white, are the long walk down again. Somebody said that Plotinus came as high up on the mount of enlightenment as one can come - only the greatest wisdom he did not reach - that is to go down again.

The fragment was stored on my web account on the file 'About my work', just before the part 'Prospects for further work', but somehow did not surface on the web. The file remained 'last updated 26 july 2017' on the web and did not accept the new addition which I had made to my file.

My guess is that this could be about local 'services' who panicked and called it 'funny' and could have organized more or less invisible terror in the mean time - between my publication of it on the web account untill it eventually surfaces factually on the web. The reason could be the simple one that this fragment contains the entire history of the 'services' and their intrigues for couping the power by divide-and-conquer - and, by their toughest tool, their complete inability to understand what this be about. The fragment is not 'funny' - it tells of that mystic orientation which the 'services' try to blunt and make 'funny' in order to compile power for themselves.

It is important to understand how dangerous the 'services' could be for the general development of the world: They could have been organizing a new Hitler under the pretext for themselves and for the rest of the world that the problem is a 'Plot in US' - and everybody believe them on the bottom of the hearts because spirituality is more or less intrigued off with divide-and-conquer in the west. Platto, har i stol til S?

My guess is that there has been much terror, visible or invisible, over the night on this fragment - in order to maintain the illusion that the problem is a 'plot in US' who is too far up for us to be able to do anything with it.

Do I get post? Or is post of any value for me sent off to some other location - who even could answer in my name? That is what this phenomenon looks like. The annual tax report was sent from Norway on 25 october 2017 but has not, by 31 october, not yet reached me. Instead there has been some reports on 'Zinsen' which could have been for 'Sinsenkrysset', a large roundabout in a road intersection sorting traffic in the north of Oslo. Could be it is there in the PO Box today but I would doubt it - if it is then it should have been there by 31 october. You cannot find it more official than this letter - and when that has not arrived in time, it suggests that the post to me does not function. Do the letters I send reach their addressee - or is it only threats containing elements from my letters which reach the addressees? It would be the same phenomenon - that the 'Plot in US' has not yet reached the web - at 06:30 local time (05:30 UTC) in the morning 2 november 2017 it has not yet reached the surface of the web even if it was put into the file on my web account, which was updated in the last line to 'Last updated 1 november 2017' but still is on 'Last updated 26 july 2017'.

Is it supposed to have been hidden by a 'hul-diggende' Frau? (One of my nipples was removed in hospital in 1978 and there is a little 'hole' left after it under the surface of the skin).

There was a woman who accompanied a chap up from an atrium (with a cafe) towards Mariahilferstrasse - he seemed to try and tell me something with a lifted hand but I did not catch his intention. They were not asleep, and neither were they the entertainers ('to show') of avatar type.

Is there any progress in the THAAD matter, the very addressees? Or is it considered difficult due to 'Plot in US'?

This understanding of Plotinus is what is left of the spirituality of modern times: They dont understand anything of what this is.

There is a hugely revolutionary potential in my work which must reach the public and lay people and academics - and not be confined to the tragic 'services' who probably want to keep it reserved for their own power intrigues - of that type, making Hitler on basis of the back-freeze potentiality in the fragment I published on 1 nov.

Stop the International Secret Intelligence Services! Stop the local intelligence services involved in those. All extended authorities to interact with the society granted from the parliament to the 'services' should be withdrawn.

It is of utmost importance that my books be published - and that should happen now and not when it is too late.

PS The annual tax report arrived on 3 nov 2017.

John Bjarne Grover
On the web 3 november 2017